Shocking discovery at the Emirates, PuyolIniesta to go on my new home shirt and why Arsenal will win the league and Carling Cup.

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So Pedro and I went to Members day at the Emirates, as shareholders we got taken to the new WM club and were given a free lunch with wine, very nice of them indeed, would I pay out £10k to join it, no, it was like eating in the works canteen, lovely staff and reasonable food, but £10k, not a chance.

Not to mention the club level fans in that area have lost probably 10,000sq ft. of lounge area, shame on you Arsenal, you have tried to find another way of skinning the same fans and that’s not right. If it was a restaurant that you could pay at on the day, I would have applauded it, but it isn’t and that’s just greedy, there is only so much money the fans will keep on paying and Arsenal may have just found the tipping point. And they package it up like they are giving the fans something extra. Shameful.

I expect it to turn into a restaurant in a season or two. Mark my words.

We sat in our seats and had an official for company, he wasn’t a steward, but he was a top bloke, and strangely, shared our views on recent events, non signings and all things Arsenal, we all agreed the stadium was a great move and Arsenal do some stuff better than anyone, anyway, we watched the team picture being taken and waited to see the players train.

They all went in and were announced as they came out, first out was world cup winner and captain, Cesc Fabregas, he came out to a roar and he ran out like my son did when he played for the cubs, excited, smiling and his kness were hitting his shoulders, he was excited, happy and seemed delighted to be there, what the hell has been going on this summer? He sure didn’t look like he didn’t want to be there, then the crowd burst into ‘we got Cesc Fabregas’ he loved it and clapped back and smiled like he had just won the pools, top, top man. He’s back and he’s back to stay!

Onto the team, I was looking at the players and in particular Denilson, you all know my views, but he’s bulked up, I said to Pedro, what if he has a Flamster season, I remember Flamini and apart from his stint at left back, I thought he was rubbish, then he had a wonder season, when Milan played us last weekend, I thought how much I wish we had him, then I looked at Denilson and something happened to me, I thought supposing he comes good? Hmmm, let’s see, it could happen.

So why do I think that? Frimpong, he has had a great pre-season and for the first time, Song and Denilson have competition and are on the timer, I hope so, I really want those two to be what we lack, an enforcer, a dirty pair of little gits that will show the other teams not to mess with our stars. Watch this space.

Chamakh came on to a huge cheer as did Robin the boy wonder, so I looked at the kids and thought, they don’t look so young anymore and when we play in the Carling cup, they will beat anyone, I really think this will be our year.

As for having Puyol and Iniesta on my new shirt, I think those two tossers have done more for Wenger’s resolve that £80mil could have, I also think they have disrespected us and Cesc knows it, so a big thank you to the pair of them!

Now the shocking news was we discovered Sagna can actually cross a decent ball, he made three crosses that went above knee height and found JET and Chamakh each time, a sign of good things to come.

No, it wasn’t the wine, this all took place before the two bottles that piggy Pedro and I polished off. The down side was Almunia was announced as number 1, and that surprised me, Pedro, the official from Arsenal and I all agreed we need to get a keeper we can rely on, Mannone looked better than our number 1.

So in all, I was very happy with what I saw, I didn’t expect to be, but I was. So why do I think we’ll win the league? Well the Chavs and Mancs have hardly bought, Rooney can’t have another season like the last and both teams are getting older, Terry was shocking at the world cup as was fat Frank, I would be surprised if either of them finish above us. Liverpool will improve and the spuds will tread water as will Villa. Man City have bought way too many players and can’t really play like a team.

So our kids will have had another year together and have bulked up, Nasri looks world class, Robin and Cesc are, Wilshere and Rosicky will give us trickery, Chamakh will be our Drogba and I expect Frimpong, Song and Denilson to provide what we have previously lacked, bottle and aggression.

I also think that Theo will finally prove why Wenger rates him so highly, I know many of you think he’s no good, but I think he will have a great year and JET gives us options at last, don’t loan him out boss.

Koscielny and Vermaelen are great tacklers and read the game well but struggled with the high balls and Almunia doesn’t instill confidence, if Wenger can bring in a big world class (big) defender and a keeper that can catch a ball at set pieces, then I think we’ll clean up. And Arsenal legend Frank McLintock who was a special guest, agreed.

For some of you, me saying that will be the real shocking discovery and not the crossing ability of Sagna.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, we need to play Liverpool with our best team, and that means Cesc and Robin have to play. Finally I didn’t see Diaby, I hear he pulled a muscle getting out of his Ferrari on his way to the team photo shoot. Get well soon Apu, sorry I meant Abu. (not the owner of the quicki-mart in the Simpson’s)

Have a great day Grovers, I have a funny feeling this year.

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  1. tevmar92

    “If we can get past the play-off qualifier, I honestly think we will go further in the Champions League than Arsenal,” Defoe told the Daily Mirror. “No disrespect to Arsenal, because they have a good record in the Champions League and for them it’s become part of the furniture, part of their regular season, it’s the norm.

    Ha Delusion

  2. finestcuts

    Great post, and after all the experience our youths have had it’s time to win some silverware. Fabregas believes we can do it, so should we.

  3. Beezer No.8

    Good Post Geoff I have that Friday feeling now!!
    Now if Arsene could make my weekend by bringing in Joe Hart and a couple of world class centre backs I would be very happy.

  4. goonerT1m

    why did people think there would be a Q n A?..Nice job Geoff, good to see you had such a great time, its now or never for the kids, if it goes tits up then expect meltdown on le grove once again!

  5. Poppet

    Thank you, Geoff, for the update on the day(re club level I absolutely agree – you will have seen that they offered me a discount on that restaurant last week). More importantly, the (real) club, I agree that there are reasons to be optimistic with all our fabulous players but still am drading the arrival of no more players and the inevitable injuries. Fingers crossed we are all just too cynical and the players we need are coming in. Were the shareholders questions enlightening at all?

  6. Arse&Nose©

    Robin Van Pershit is 27 year old today and has never played close to a full season for us!!


  7. ashburton

    casual poster….i wish i could share ur optimism geoff. .. but for the past few years LE BOSS has reduced us to perrennial hopefuls instead of genuine title contenders. its a case of more of the same…. less in more out, we cant keep on banking on unproven players. Vermaelen was good, sagna abd eduardo also, but sometimes we need dat topclass player to signal our intent and prove to our opponents that were in it to win…. ship d dross out n replace them with class. it increases d competition and makes eben the best raise their game.

  8. Dave

    Diaby is a bitch to play against, and only needs confidence, and with Nasri steppin it up this season ( he’s gunna be huge ) Diaby has the right climate to come through. Diaby has a great first touch and turn, topped with a powerful run, and if his mind stops spinning, his passes can come through. He has proved this in the world cup already. He gets knocked by fans because he isn’t a play maker but he is needed in the bully boy games.

  9. gambon


    How many times exactly have you played against Diaby?

    Id imagine hes pretty easy to play against, you know hes gonna give the ball away, and you know he wont track your runs.

  10. wattsy65

    Morning Geoff

    Bloody hell where did all this optimism come from, so hope you are right. Hodgson is turning Liverpool into Fulham, and will be a disaster,if ever there is an overrated bloke it’s him. Think your views on the filth and Chelsea are pretty much spot on, so guess there is some foundation for your upbeat mood. Harry is already getting out of his pram and rattling on about winning titles, think he should increase his medication asap, the spuds over achieved big time last season, and as usual are getting ideas above their station. City and Villa will be nearly men again, so it all comes down now to how well the Arsenal youngsters perform, and if the seniors stay fit. Might get on your bandwagon, if we get a GK and a Gorilla in defence.

    In any event looking forward to it all as usual.

  11. ashburton

    casual poster….i wish i could share ur optimism geoff. .. but for the past few years LE BOSS has reduced us to perrennial hopefuls instead of genuine title contenders. its a case of more of the same…. less in more out, we cant keep on banking on unproven players. Vermaelen was good, sagna and eduardo also, but sometimes we need dat topclass player to signal our intent and prove to our opponents that were in it to win…. ship d dross out n replace them with class. it increases d competition and makes eben the best raise their game.

  12. chippy

    Has someone kidnapped Geoff ????? After next sunday the gloom will return mark my words 🙂 Cos without a Kepper and centrehalf we are fooked !!

  13. Doublegooner

    Barca NEVER made an official offer for Cesc. They just fed all this shit to the press.

    Thats from a well informed club source.

  14. Geoff

    Chippy, I’m trying hard, if he doesn’t play Cesc and Robin against Liverpool and we lose, it will return along with the red mist!

  15. B

    Great post Geoff, love the optimism!! Let’s hope he does actually bring in the CB and GK we so desperately need, if so, we might just be ok!

  16. Geoff

    Double they did, and Arsenal turned them down and said they wouldn’t welcome another, that was on

  17. MickyDidIt89

    Great Post Geoff.
    I think my brain is broken, as I reckon at 25 home games, each meal will cost £400!!! I am surly missing something. Special one-day friends thrown in?

  18. Nimz

    Good post Geoff, first bit of positive news I’ve heard since early April and a perfect time for it… COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

  19. Geoff

    Micky it’s a joke, and a greedy one at that.

    It was like sitting in a cheap bistro. And the food was ordinary.

  20. Jaguar reloaded

    Ashburton,Wenger would never drop the mugs Diaby and Denilson.So its going to be Diaby and Denilson against Essien and Ramires.

  21. Pedro

    Morning all! Top top post Geoff, has really got me fired up!

    It was a good day… we missed the Q&A apparently… big deal, no one I wanted to ask questions to was there!

    That wine was really nice… I think the waitress realised we liked it!

    Looking forward to the new season, would love a couple of signings to kick things off!

  22. gooner

    A really good positive post this morning. Lets just keep our fingers crossed on the GK and CB front!

    I do feel though, from watching the milan warm up game that Koz is going to be first choice, even though he has humbly stated that he is happy to rotate. Someone like this Saphic fellow sounds like he will be the type we go for. Either that or we are genuinely looking for a top, first choice CB. A lump like Mexes?

  23. Jaguar reloaded

    If we gointo the new season,with these unproven over rated players like Diaby,Denilson and Almunia,we will finish sixth.

  24. A

    Denilson is only a squad player anyways so he can’t be “dropped” as such….

    I don’t see there being any chance of Cesc starting against Liverpool unfortunately. VP could though

  25. Pierre

    I cannot believe Almunia will be our number 1 this year, I have banged on about how he’s just not good enough for years, and still we are left with this inept muppet in goal. And if we are to buy a new keeper, why wait till August, why not get him in before pre-season, before the Emerates cup, instead of making us all wait and wait and wait till August closes and we get no-one. Its going to be just like last season again. If we win nothing this season then Wenger really must go. There, all my gripes nailed in one rambling post.

  26. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedro,how is calling someone a mug an abuse?

    They are overpaid over rated professionals who dont do any justice to their jobs,and hence they deserve the abuse.

  27. LadyGooner

    Morning all.
    Great post Geoff. I hope your optimism is justified. I have a feeling that only 1 more signing will come in, a CB, meaning Vito, Chesny, Fabianski and Almunia will fight it out for no. 1…Doesn’t instill me with confidence but we’ll see.

    This what I imagine the squad will look like:

    GK: Almunia,Vito,Fab,Chesny
    CB: TV, Kos, JD, Nordveidt, CB X
    RB: Sagna, Eboue, (Nordveidt can also fill in)
    LB: Clichy, Gibbs, Traore
    DM: Song, Eastmond, Frimpong
    CM: Denilson, Lansbury, Rambo, Diaby
    AM: Cesc, Nasri, Wilshere, Rosicky
    Forwards: RVP, Chamakh, Theo, NikB, Arshavin, Vela

  28. gooner

    I seem to recall David Seaman saying that Wenger may not replace his keepers as he has faith

    I hope he is wrong.

    When was the last time a side won the league without a world class, or at least international class goalkeeper?

    answer: Blackburn

  29. A

    Pierre Almunia is our number one squad number wise, but I don’t see there being any way he’ll start ahead of Fabianski if we don’t get in someone.

  30. Rocky7

    I reckon geoff was shuffled into a private room with Paul mc Kenna yesterday at the emirates. Or did they play everyone a film with flashing lights and subliminal messages whilst you were eating that dinner geoff? – loving your confidence mate. But denilson coming good ,?, did the video say bendtner is going to get the european golden boot aswell ???

  31. A

    gooner i’d say utd did – you don’t necessarily need a world class keeper, but someone who is calm, organised, and reliable is the most important thing, and what we need desperately.

  32. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Babe, I’ve finally left that wanker Ashley and I’m on my way round to you big boy and I’m horny as fuck. Love you. Cheryl xx. (Carlsberg don’t do text messages but if they did…You’d be the last fucker she’d send that to!)

  33. Pedro

    Jaguar, I’m not arguing.

    You don’t need to add that in there, it doesn’t give your comment any more validity especially as you say the same thing every day over and over.

  34. Rohan

    van Pershit?? Are we fucking serious??? jeez, show some respect.

    Does anyone know when the champions league qualifaction draw is?? Hope Tottenham get Sampdoria or someone. It’ll be fucking hilarious if they get knocked out before the real thing starts. haha.

  35. B

    Tasci did not play for Stuttgart in either of their Europa League qualifiers with Molde, so he’s still “available”.

    Stekelenburg, Suarez and van der Wiel played in Ajax’ CL qualifiers againt PAOK.

    Werder Bremen are due to play in the CL play-offs, which could have an effect on possible transfers of Mertesacker and Ozil

  36. colonel mustard

    Yet again it will be lady luck with injuries to decide our fate. I fancy Wegner to make 2 more signings though.

  37. LadyGooner

    @Geoff and Pedro- Was Lansbury announced as the no.12? On the official website that’s what he was wearing…

  38. Rohan

    haha, Tottenham will in all probability play one of this bunch. I do fancy some of them you know
    Dynamo Kiev
    Sporting Braga

  39. gambon

    Dont worry Jag, im a believer.

    Maybe you need to work on your delivery, then you can get on talksport and tell it how it is.

  40. Rohan

    Fenerbahce could just fcuk them. Their inexperience in those big hostile games away from home could be their downfall.
    Sampdoria has to be the toughest one though. Hope Cassano rips them a new one.

    Thanks, A. Can’t wait.

  41. rico

    Top post Geoff, I feel a tad happier now going into the season, hope you are right about Denilson and his new found muscles don’t slow him down even more 😉

    Morning all..

  42. denis

    I m not so optimistic, the chavs still have a top class team to me.
    And to play vs lvpool on the first game isnt a good thing !! Especially if we don’t play with Cesc ! Let’s hope Arshavin ll put his shooting boots !!

  43. Rohan

    It would be typical Spurs to fuck everything up and go out at this stage. I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.

  44. Jaguar reloaded

    Lol Gambon.

    Rohan,Fenerbahce are shit.Even Diaby scored against them.Sampdoria and Kiev would do Spuds easily.How nice it would be if they get knocked out in the 93rd minute of the return match

  45. gambon

    Denilson has bulked up season on season since we signed him, but as of yet it hasnt translated onto the pitch.

  46. B

    Rohan, Fenerbahce got knocked out, Young Boys of Switzerland are there instead, and with our luck, the Spuds will probably get them…

  47. Jaguar reloaded

    Muscles mean nothing.Look at what happened with Diaby.The only time,he used his muscles was to injure Nasri.

  48. Rohan

    Fenerbahce are pretty decent imo. It’ll be the atmosphere that will be the biggest hurdle for the Spuds. Are they at full strength??

  49. gooner

    Almunia shouldnt even come into the argument, he is a bottom half of the table GK not a title challenging one, Flowers was probably the weakest of those that won, but is vastly better than that spanish clown

  50. A

    They can’t play fenebache I don’t think rohan.

    Sampa, Young Boys, Braga, Auxerre, Kiev/Rosenbourg I believe

  51. Pedro

    Jag, I’m sure I can rummage through the comments and find some of your pearlers that were massively wrong.

  52. arsenal4ever

    so no new GK and CB? I still can see Cesc leaving if fee is agreed! WE need a new manager, Wenger lost it you could see with his GK selections!!!

  53. denis

    I want the spuds to play the champions league.
    If they fall in a group like
    Inter, Lyon, Schalke 04
    They ll be raped !

  54. B

    Zenit are still in it though, unfortunately they are seeded and can’t face Sp#ds, can#t believe how Sp#ds can be seeded, no Euorpean history whatsoever…

  55. dennisdamenace

    Well, well, well……..

    I have just been reliably informed that Barcelona have never actually made an official financial bid for Fabregas!!!

    Reading back over the Arsenal official statement from earlier in the summer……

    Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about Cesc Fabregas:

    “Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

    “We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

    Reading it again with this information, it would ‘appear’ that the offer was probably players only!!

    Cheap, pikie, cocksucking, gypo wankers, call themselves a big club… they need a loan?

  56. B

    Denis, the further they get, the more they will get “used” to playing in it, and the more they will start bragging about it, I hope they get thrashed and do not make the top 4 in the EPL for the next ten years

  57. Queen of suburbia

    Funniest moment of the close season was jag begging to get let out of legrove jail. Gold.

    Great post today Geoff.

  58. Moray

    Denilson’s problem never was size, it was laziness.

    Will his new found strength translate into greater energy or commitment? That is the question.

    I still feel nervous, looking at that squad. It has the look of someone’s reserve team to me. On or two injuries to our first team and we are on to the unknowns.

    Still, it can’t be more depressing than last season, where we were playing for a result on the last day of the season to stay ahead of the Spuds.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedro,most of my predictions were right,than most of the people here,and its not a prediction,but just a fact that we wont win anything under Wenger.

  60. peter

    Morning mates, i think Spahic will be a huge signing for us….lets forget about the name or price attached to a player and consider their ability, commitment and work rate. The guy was excellent yesterday, he inspired confidence and marshaled the backline excellently….he is voiciferous and calm and uses both feet well although he is a left footer. he stepped up to take their first penalty and converted it with ease,he was the captain and the leader, i think we need him…..then Gyor’s keeper looked decent, he is matured enough, very confident and voiciferous….he is better than Almunia and any keeper thats better than Almunia can win us the league….Wenger, go for these two men and bring in experience and stability to our backline….we panic a lot there

  61. Moray

    DDM, re the swap deal – yeah, there’s no way we were going to pay those wages Messi wanted in the swap deal with Fab!

  62. gambon

    Our squad just looks the same as always.

    We will score a lot of goals, no doubt, 85+ id say. However do we have the players to keep them out, i dont think so.

  63. Joseph

    Hardly agree to anything that you had eve written but this time I do. Good piece. We will win the league. We just need a world class keeper and a backup CB. Cheers.

  64. LadyGooner

    @Gambon- I feel that the squad numbers are fairly indicative of who will be a part of the first team squad. If Lansbury were to have the no.12 then I doubt he will be going on loan

  65. gambon


    As long as he’s played well once we should sign him up asap.

    Maybe we could bring back Karel Poborsky, Stephane Guivarch, Jon Jensen & Glen Helder as well.

  66. Geezer1287

    We have a team full of quality, and we have strength on the bench! Bring on Anfield, will be good to see what Chamakh is made of, and whether Koscielny will be this years Vermaelen!

  67. gambon


    lansbury is well down the pecking order, rest assured.

    I dont think he will go on loan as i feel this is his make or break season. He is probably beyond being loaned now.

  68. A

    lol Jaguar, we won more games than we lost last season, and I’m pretty sure that before EVERY game you predicted that we’d lose, so you got much more wrong than right.

    I expect you to look incredibly silly with your “Chamakh won’t score more than 5 goals” prediction too

  69. N21 TONE

    Morning all – how the fuck are those spuds seeded? Anyway we want them to draw Kiev. Unbeaten this season in league and CL qualifiers.

  70. rico

    Defoe reckons Spuds will go futher than us in Europe, how does he know they will draw the teams in russia/turkey and we will travel to france and spain… 😉

  71. B

    If the squad numbers are indicative, we’ll keep Almunia as our number one GK… 🙁

    Wondering that if we do sign a new GK, and they give him the No 1 jersey, and demote Almunia to shirt no 73, will Arsenal FC be offering all those millions of fans who bought the new Almunia No 1 jersey the opportunity to change the shirt number?

  72. denis

    Gambon he played all the last season. He is a really good defender !
    FACT ! Everyone who saw him play told us he will be a good ad to the team !

  73. gambon


    I think the fact that he has played 1 & a half seasons on loan.

    Wenger needs to throw him in and make a decision on him. If he has another season loan he will basically be 21, and by then you have to look at whether they are gonna make it or not.

    What do you learn from 80 games on loan that you dont learn from 50?

  74. Ronan G

    Denilson being bulkier is just a question of physiology, not competition. Didn’t you notice Diaby and Song becoming a lot more dominant in the challenge last season? He were 22/23. Flamini was the same age when he matured into an excellent midfielder. Denilson is a little younger, I think he has just turned 22 recently, thus it’s natural he’s be stronger.

  75. A

    B they aren’t indicative, no way whilst someone was at the club still they’d be stripped of their number

    i dunno gambon, lansbury is only 19, and lost at least a year of his development because of injury and illness, so he’s still got at least one year if not two to develop imo before we were to give up on him!

    i’m a big fan of his, reckon he could be a quality player

  76. LadyGooner

    For me personally, its not the squad that’s the problem, its how we play as a team. We attack as a team but more importantly we don’t defend as a team. In terms of the attack almost everyone is involved but when have to defend, the forwards and the midfield, except for Song, leave the defence to fend for themselves.

    Look at ManUre’s defence for example: Vidic,Rio/Evans/Brown, Evra, O’shea/Rafael/Fabio. Player for player against our defence, I don’t think that they are that much stronger than us. But their midfield of Fletcher, Carrick/Scholes and Park etc, don’t leave them as exposed as we do ours.

    Until that is sorted out, it won’t really matter who we buy if we don’t defend well as a unit

  77. Moray

    B: “all those millions of fans who bought the new Almunia No 1 jersey the opportunity to change the shirt number?”

    I trust that was a joke?

    Actually, is there any information about the number of each player’s shirts sold every season?

  78. B

    Agree A, Lansbury can still be a great!

    Reckon that if a new GK were to come in, Almunia would go anyway, which might change the whole squad no situation

  79. Jet1970

    Great post but I just wish we had some new signings! We always seem to leave our signings sooo late. Every year at this time I tell myself the transfer window is still open so AW is bound to bring in 2-3 world class players to complete the team and give us a squad like the invincibles. Realistically you want to have your team sorted by pre-season which gives you time to ship out players who are surplus to requirements. I reckon the dodgy keepers cost us 8-10 points last season and we are the only big club who are relying on keepers who were meant as back ups and stop gaps. Yes we have some great young players and I get excited about them every year thinking we have another crop of Cesc’s (and dare I say it… cashley holes) but in truth the bulk of them don’t quite make the grade an can’t perform throughout the whole season (when it is cold and wet and we are playing teams up north). Anyway, back to my annual ritual, even as deadline day approaches I still think AW has something up his sleeve (as he makes the right noises about bringing in players). Then…when the window has shut I wake up excitedly the next day like a kid on Christmas day, tuning on Sky Sports news only to discover that my stocking is empty… Aargh!!! We should have bought Shay Given or Van der Sar when they were going cheap, we should have splashed the cash on Alonso – and if we had Cesc would never dream of leaving. I fear that like, me Cesc is starting to realise that AW is no father Christmas. He’s a great manager (and I wouldn’t want anyone else at the helm), he makes the right noises but I suspect his annual behaviour is driven by financial constraints and his comments and noises about new signings are designed to hide this fact, as the window draws to a close he will start saying he is happy with his squad. We may have a good start to the season and believe that AW was right not to block the progress of the young players. Cesc may go to Barcascuma next year (and will then realise he will never be loved there like he is here as most others who have left will testify) and will no longer have to go through the annual waiting for Father Christmas. As a gooner for life I will continue to believe that I will wake up one morning with a stocking full to the brim with a new keeper, a centre back and a midfield enforcer…all of them world class. After writing this I am starting to believe once more that Father Christmas is coming!

  80. gambon


    I like him, but being realistic he hasnt set the world alight at any level.

    He is playing for one of 2 positions, wither B2B midfielder or AM.

    The AM role is dominated by Cesc, with Nasri & Wilshere behind. The B2B role has Diaby & Ramsey, and players like Aneke are close to getting ahead of him.

    More importantly the likes of Wilshere & Ramsey are way ahead of him, so i dunno if he’d like to be a bench player for the rest of his career.

  81. Walking Wounded

    Bloody hell, Wenger has kidnapped Geoff and is posting in his name.

    Seriously though people like Wilson and McLintock, I would have thought would have to tow the party line, but if they are saying what they have been saying things may not be so gloomy. Welcome back Cesc, but I have a feeling that Vermaelen will be wearing the armband this year, mainly to take all the pressure of Fabregas in interviews etc.

  82. peter

    @Gambon, if you are a great follower of the beautiful game, you dont need to see a player 100 times to be able to predict wat he can do. I saw the Spahic of a guy, i took time to watch their game yesterday, even at extra time he was fighting hard to win the game without going into penalty shoot out, he is a box to box defender and is MOST IMPORTANTLY, DEFENSIVELY SOLID AND STRONG BOTH IN AIR AND HIS TACKLING. He radiates confidence and calm with the ball, I just pray we sign him…i will be very happy… As for Spuds, I wish they get Dynamo here in Kiev, so that they will be knocked out…I study in Kiev n Dynamo is red hot now…hahaha

  83. B

    Not sure Moray, could be interesting stats, Fab4 and RvP leading the way I guess

    I have actually never seen anyone(!!) with an Almunia shirt on (are they even sold in the Armoury?), so yes, it was an attempt at a joke…

  84. Goonerpower

    Do you know what jaguar, you piss me off with negative shitty comments no wonder they ban you. You honestly sound like a squawking little bitch who’s ‘friends’ keep taking your dinner money off you at break!! Go support the spuds they need Cock-Mouths like you. Now run along.