Arsenal Members day… what would your question be? One out, one in…

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… and a rip roaring good morning to you!

Today is the shareholders open day. We get to watch the players train, see all the shiny new restaurants and bars we’ve opened over the summer and we get a Q&A with the boss (providing he’s not doing deals). It’s funny, as bad as I feel right now about the squad, a Q+A at Arsenal does wonders for the inspiration. There’s every chance I’ll be on Le Grove later asking everyone to f*ck off and support Spurs…

I’m not sure what sort of question to ask the boss, so any that you have in mind that are reasonable will be welcomed! I reckon he’ll dodge anything transfer related, anything relating to individuals and anything relating to that Economics degree he bought off the internet in his twenties.

The good news is that the rumours about Spahic seem to have been quashed by the French club. I’m hoping that really is the case because I think a club that is selling gold plated seat plaques should be searching for players in slightly more luxurious markets.

Arsenal seem to be intent on giving the fans the Ritz service when it comes to the stadium but the service station sandwich when it comes to the team. They’re investing in everything to ensure our matchday experience is so good you book your seat for the night.

All very commendable… but I’d rather be standing in a shed with a corrugated roof watching world class players week in week out over having my name engraved on my seat. If I wanted to have my name on my seat, I’d carve ‘Pedro woz ere’ using a prison style shank made from a vuvuzela. Check out the Online Gooners take on the offer.

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… we’ve got plenty of very good players, it’s the dross that fills in for them that upsets me. When I was sifting through the muppets that were trying to get on the site yesterday, I found it staggering how many were happy with a signing of the Bosnian’s caliber. How many world class players get to 30 without being scouted by someone? Very few…

The retort by so many of the AKB brigade was that buying world class talent wasn’t the Arsenal way. That made me feel a bit sad because that means those people hadn’t supported Arseanl long enough to remember who kicked this revolution off. It wasn’t Arsene Wenger… it was Dennis Bergkamp in 1995. A world class signing at £7.5million. A true great. I still get excited even mentioning the great mans name. What a coup!

Wenger came into town and he had a solid base to work with, he shipped out the dross and brought in the French under 21 captain who couldn’t get a game at Milan but was highly rated all the same. He brought in France’s under 21 striking sensation, captain of the league winning Monaco side, Emmanuel Petit, he purchased the hugely exciting Marc Overmars of Ajax, he lured the Grimster over and the legendary Remi Garde! In his first full season we won the double.

That was done buying world class players, or players who were about to burst onto the scene. The key names all had pedigree. Even Remi Garde captained Lyon and had French caps. So when people come on here harping on about how me asking for world class players is anti-Arsenal, I wonder how long they’ve supported the team?

Wenger has a history of buying amazing players, Freddie was capped, Henry was joint top scorer at France 98, Pires was torn between Madrid and Arsenal, Sol was the hottest property in world football, Lauren was a young international, Gilberto was a world cup winner, Jens was a nutter, Reyes was lighting up La Liga and Wiltord a record signing and international.

The list goes on and on. Buying world class players IS the Arsenal way and always has been on our road to success. That’s why there was very little concern for Vermaelen last year. We knew he had pedigree and we likened him to Keown at the time. This year, there are no worries for Chamakh at all. He’s a class act. The jury is still out on Kozzer but so far so good, he might be uncapped but he’s young enough to improve.

Gooners grand expectations are so prominent becuase Wenger set the bar so high, not because of Chelsea, City or Man United. The Wenger way that worked was about signing world class players, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Talking of the boss, he missed his press conference yesterday for some unknown reason. I’d like to think it was because he was reprimanding Grimandi for dossing all season when he should have been scouting us some proper players…

‘What do you mean you only have two players on your list! WE PAY YOU TO SCOUT! What were you doing?’

‘Playstation 3 boss…’

Or he could have been doing a swap deal with Galatasary involving Thomas Rosicky and their giant centre back who goes by the name Servet Cetin. Now I’ve seen this guy play a few times as I’m an expert in Turkish football and I watch it whenever I can. What I can tell you is he is a bit of a beast, he’s 6ft 3, he weighs in at an impressive 84kg and he has quite a reputation.

‘He is known as ‘Bionic Servet’ for his determination and passion to push on playing despite serious injuries. In Euro 2008 Servet’s injuries included a torn groin, strained knee ligaments, a broken tooth and a bruised hip bone all at once. He received the nickname ayıboğan which literally means; a man who could choke a bear (sorry Geoff), due to his height and strength. Another nickname used for Çetin is ‘Terminator Servet’ due to the face-mask he obtained after his cheekbone was broken.’

Now this guy is a proper nutter. If you thought the Bosnian slapping a German was hard man stuff, this guy must in all probability feel like a war criminal to you. He was linked with a £10mill move to Marseille last year, he’s played in the Champions League, been part of a strong UEFA Cup run, he’s won the Turkish League twice with two different clubs, he’s an international, he dates a topless German model, all he’s any good at is defending and he’s incredibly strong.

Will he join? Very doubtful, but I’d take him over yesterdays offering and on the proviso Thomas Rosicky was replaced with Honda or a player of similar ilk. Haemorrhaging more experience before the start of the season would be folly in my opinion.

There are more stories in the media today about Cesc being able to leave for £50million if the offer comes in. Well, I’m suspecting Cesc only wants to go to one club and Barca don’t have that cash so he’s unlikely to leave. I’d seriously consider buying in Ozil or Gourcuff now because next year when we need a decent replacement, those two might be elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m off to comb my side parting in. I’ll report all the gossip I hear today in a Members Days Special report tomorrow morning!

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  1. Victorvosseun.NIGERIA

    Finaly our prodigal son (cecs) is back. He look some how old, he look like impostor……….let forget cecs for now and letz talk about signing goal keeper. Arsen wenger bean should know by now that we need good goal keeper. Enough of this baskets……

  2. Stu

    Can i be the first to point out that this isnt the usual G star. The avatars or whatever the fuck they are called is different to the usual G star/RTZ.

    Still though, 1 G star is enough, we dont need him having a copy cat. A copy and paste copy cat. JEEZ!

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    Stu – As long as the main players are here on Le Grove I don’t give a fuck about the rest of em…..

  4. Victorvosseun.NIGERIA

    Latest:…..ARSENAL SIGN JOE HART….Year undisclosed………cecs is back……barca vow to be back.

  5. A

    He’s a bit of a beast Arse&Nose but not sure he’s ready for the first team just yet! Guessing he’ll just train with the first team as Lansbury and Wilshere did at 16/17, can’t imagine we’ll actually see him play, doubtful even in the league cup, although maybe I guess

  6. Red Arse

    Chuks Anneke signed a professional contract when he reached 17 a couple of weeks back.

    Gambon, I understood every word you said. I didn’t understand them joined up, but what the hell! 🙂

  7. A

    I’m a little bit unsure about whether Afobe will make it with us, but both of them are certainly very talented.

    Could just see Afobe becoming a bit of a Darren Bent, but maybe his all round game will develop a bit more. Better dribbler probably as well.

    Aneke looked huge on Tuesday, mix of Diaby and JET I’d say

  8. Red Arse


    I have high hopes for Afobe. I’ve been really impressed when I have seen him in the flesh, so to speak, when playing for the youth teams.

  9. zeus

    Morning Grovers.

    Meh. Still no signings. And now Walcott is ‘gonna show what he can do.’ hmmmmmmmmmmm 🙁

  10. A

    Yeah Red Arse, gotta say for some reason I’m much more impressed when watching him in person than on TV, which is a bit weird.

    Not sure whether his all round game will be enough, but he certainly has alot of talent, very quick, good movement etc.

  11. Red Arse


    Anneke is a big lad at 184cms (6 ft 1″), but not as tall as Jet.

    He is quite lean and powerful. Def one for the future.

  12. Rohan

    I have to say though, if we do get a giant CB our spine will be very powerful, tall and strong what with Song, Bendtner, Diaby and Chamakh already there not to mention JET and RvP.

    All we need is a decent keeper and a legend of a CB and we’re ready to go. Our attacking prowess is unmatched in the league. The amount of goals our midfield have in them is staggering. If we can get atleast 4 of the fantastic 5 of Cesc, RvP , Song, Arshavin and Vermaelen fit, we’ll be going places this year.

  13. BillikenGooner

    With Cesc back in training, Wenger will soon say that keeping Fabregas is “like a new signing… a world class new signing at that.”

  14. arsenal4ever

    of course Tech9 ( best young GK talent ) will leave us!!
    What bullsh..!!! If he leaves on loan ok but not permanently!!!

  15. A

    Yeah Red Arse, but watching him up at Borehamwood he looked to me like he’s bulked up quite a bit, looked like something of a beast, in between Diaby and JET sort of size/power.

  16. Rohan

    I don’t rate JET frankly. His lack of a position coupled with his lack of workrate will fail him imo. Don’t even think he has Diaby’s speed over ground

  17. A

    Can’t agree at all there Rohan. Someone that size and strength, with really good feet, and good vision is something of an anomoly. Could be very useful, although his best position would be CM physically and technically, but not sure he’ll have the discipline/work rate for that. Still playing in a more offensive role he could be very good

  18. Goonerman

    Put Pedro out of his misery re the Bosnian, text from another BB:

    ‘ok a few facts, ronaldo was in wengers office literally about to sign his contract when his phone went and he said i have another offer i have to check out…he drove straight to manchester where he was offered a deal that nearly double the wages we offered and also had wage increases per year tied into it which we did not have….yes quieroz was the man who made the call on behalf of fergie, so u could say it was becoz of his link that he even entertained answering the call in the first place…if harry rednose at the lane had called i’m sure he would of ignored it…but……he was offered a better deal at a club where there was somsone he already knew well…so its both really,….we have lost out on loads of players where we have been outbid, chelsea love to pip us to a player, they got diarra, cech, kalou, drogba and kakuta to name a few from under our noses….we are restricted heavily financially there’s no denying it and it has cost us before….any spachic is bullshit not going to happen, we haven’t even made an enquiry and he’s not exactly aw’s type of player, pure paper noise….however mertesacker we r after as where we jagielka thats dead now, and werder said they have no intention of selling per as he has not asked for a transfer, maybe if he does they will negoiate but until then watch this space fokes…a cb and a gk is on aw’s radar whether we get who we want and whether its now is different he will wait if he has too he did it with arshavin and chamakh we’ll know in the next two weeks though….i love fabregas and our club and everyone involved and can’t wait for the new year’

  19. Red Arse


    Your 15:07. I agree, that with a new (big) CB, the physicality of the team will switch away from midget size.

    Can’t wait now.

    We have disagreed about JET before, I know, but watching him in the pre-seasons I am still convinced his skill will take him all the way. It’s his lack of focus off the pitch that worries me, although he is still v. young.

    Anyway, weren’t you supposed to be in the Gay Capital of the world by now? 🙂

  20. gambon


    I agree. JET is a good player, but no more than that.

    Id expect him to play at mid – lower end of the table level, unless he really changes his mentality.

  21. A

    I agree Red Arse, someone of that size with that skill is very rare. Same though – I do worry about his attitude etc, hope he doesn’t self destruct a la Pennant/Bentley/Richards

  22. Rohan

    Nope, still a few days. To put the record straight, I’m in the Bay area, but still 30 miles from San Fran, so that puts me out of the ‘gay’dius so to speak.

    Fair enough, A. Guess we’ll have to see but I still have my reservations.

  23. Morrison

    hahahahhah guess what? carlos vela has just been call up for a friendly MEXICO V SPAIN, along with cesc, there goes the start of the season for vela

  24. Rohan

    They’re playing in Europe though aren’t they Morrison?? So shouldn’t really be a problem. Hope he doesn’t get injured though.

  25. Morrison

    how can mexico get so much friendly games, I mean italy, england, argentina, netherlands, and now spain with the first team

  26. B

    Have the both been called up???????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    It’s in “estadio Azteca”, in Mexico City!!!

  27. zeus


    Hahahaha. Don’t think he was ever in the running for a start though. How many fooking games does Mexico play. I swear, its like they are in a league competition.

    Oh and now Adecunt wants Juve.

  28. Morrison

    hahaha who cesc? well vicente del bosque said: he could replace torres by playing llorente and iniesta bye playing guess who…. FABREGAS. when he was asked about the injuries

  29. Morrison

    and mexico is having a 3 games tournament against uruguay, colombia and chile on september, and it seems that has FIFA permission to have its european players

  30. Morrison

    oh one last thing cesc has to be in Los Angeles, on Monday for the game, guess he is not coming back until next weekend for trainings

  31. A

    That’s an absolute joke, can’t believe what a piss take it is!

    Cesc definitely won’t be starting then against Liverpool!


    Sagna Koscielny Vermy Clichy

    Nasri Song Diaby

    Theo Chamakh Arshavin

  32. Arse&Nose©

    Mexico have the most friendlies and Vela plays more for them than for Arsenal.

    Watch Hernandez the man utd mexican get Giggs-syndrome!

  33. choy

    FIFA are mad!

    These international Friendlies! Arghh.

    So everyone will go again won’t they.

    Nasri, Vela, Theo, Cesc, Wilshere, Gibbs!!

  34. Stu

    Im sick to fuck of our players being called up and playing in meaningless friendlies at important times for us. Why the fuck cant we have any players who dont want to play for their countries or who are hated by the manager like Pires was for france.

    Our players being so injury prone, coupled with the fact that Wenger never plays anyone who isnt 100% fit is ruining any chances we have of winning shit.

  35. Rohan

    Don’t even think Diaby will make it, A. It will be a midfield 3 of Nasri, Rosicky, Song which just might be a very good combo. Contrasting styles but I have a feeling that it might click.

  36. Stu

    Speaking of Song, where the fuck is he? He hasnt played in pre season either. We’re going into the first game of the season with none of our first choice midfield having played for us yet this season. Its fucking ridiculous!

  37. A

    I dunno Rohan, I reckon that might be a bit too attacking. I’d expect Nasri Song Denilson or maybe Nasri Denilson Frimpong if Song and Diaby don’t make it.

  38. Stu

    The shit just keeps hitting the fan! Bendtner out too? We might as well just skip the first month of the season and take the point deficit.

  39. gambon

    Im fed up with Wenger constantly lying about how long players will be out.

    He said bendtner was a few weeks, he always talks bullshit about when people will be back.

  40. Arse&Nose©

    FIFA are greedy=they make no money from national leagues, their income comes from pointless friendlies and tournaments

  41. Stu

    Denilson the prick hasnt played in pre seaosn either. This is sham-fucking-bolic!

    FUck it Wenger, you’re right, we dont need any more midfielders. We have Frimpong, Nasri and Rosicky to start the season. Never mind the others who are all injured or unavailable.

  42. Morrison

    mexico team has declared though, that is by any case the manager asked permission to keep one player as a command, they will take it on consideration. but doubt it since ferguson has already given hernandez permission

  43. A

    Rohan we played him through the injury first….

    Is very annoying though. I would imagine he means he’ll play in October though rather than just back in training then

  44. A

    gambon you really think wenger lies about injuries?! it’s just ridiculous what some people say – noone can know exactly how long injuries will take to heal. He said how long he thought it would be, but obviously didn’t know for sure, noone did or could have

  45. Rohan

    Our injury record be it bad luck or not is absolutely ridiculous. It’s beyond funny now. One more broken leg this season and I’m going to blow up.

  46. gambon

    Oh come off it A

    If it had happened once or twice you would have a valid point, but it happens constantly with every injury.

    Rosicky was gonna be back in November 2008, and that ended up being August 2009.

    Eduardos comeback was a few weeks away pretty much constantly.

    Last season Gibbs was always a few weeks away, but we never saw him.

    We were gonna see Diaby, Song & Denilson against Legia, now theyre injured still, or “a little bit short” as LeSenile likes to say.

    If he doesnt know how fucking hard is it to say “I dont know”.

  47. Ricky

    Gotta agree with charliegeorge, Since when have we ever had straight answers from wenger??

    I do reckon he’s waiting to see how this meeting goes before he decides wether to stay on or just see the reaminding yr of he’s contract out… Hate to sound like im calling for he’s head after all he done for us in the past but i believe he’s taken us as far as he can.

  48. A

    zeus I’d guess it was the fact he got it about 12 months ago, and has been played constantly despite it never healing fully. Not good at all.

  49. Stu

    It was the car crash, combined with always playing and knocking his royal bird up.

    Either way, the injuries at this club are the most annoying thing ever and its whats stopping us from winning anything.

  50. Matt

    Not only do we seem to get more injuries than other teams, we seem to be completley incapable of being able to provide an accurate return date.

    If Wenger has just been passing on what the medical team have been telling him, then the medical team are muppets and should be got rid of. If he is taking what the mdeical team are telling him and putting his own spin or opinion on it, then he is lying!

  51. A

    naive choy?! I just don’t buy in to the desperation to blame someone, usually Wenger, for things that he isn’t to blame for in the slightest!

    He tries to predict things that are unpredictable, as you have to as a football manager

  52. gambon


    I broke my Humerous and tore my rotator cuff in April, the doctor told me it would be 8 weeks before I could start physio and putting weight on it.

    Hey presto it was 8 weeks, and this was the NHS.

  53. Arse&Nose©

    Why are our players injured for our season, but always ok for their national team and international tournaments!

  54. Stu

    Well A, all he has to do is say he doesnt fucking know. Why predict someone will be back in 3 weeks if he wont and you have no clue when he will be back.

    I dont think Wenger is lying deliberatly but ffs noone is ever back when he says they will be.

  55. Red Arse

    If the rumour of the sale of Rosicky is true, and having already sold Dudu, now is the time to buy another forward, because we cannot take a risk on Bendy being out until the New Year again, which is possible with chronic injuries.

    What is Loic Remy like?

  56. A

    Well I got a kick on my thigh some 5 years ago now, and I was told I’d be back playing again in eight weeks, and despite a few physios, doctors, and specialists I still can’t play football properly and it comes back all the time….

    Some injuries can be much more complicated than others to diagnose and treat, put time lines on etc

  57. Mayank

    What the fuck?
    Way to kill the PL grand kick off FIFA!
    What a bunch of cunts, haven’t we had enough pointless national football?

  58. A

    Red Arse I agree, but I don’t think Rosicky will go. If he does then A forward would be a good idea, although we’d then have too many attacking players when everyone is fit!

  59. Red Arse


    I think you are right about the Giggs syndrome. All Manure players are scared of falling foul of Ferguson.

    Part of Vela’s problem is he does spend half of his time playing for Mexico and the other half flying to and fro, and then recovering! 🙁

  60. wardo


    I had a football injury on 3rd Feb. Had a knee op in march then had a complete anterior cruciate ligament replacement on 29th june !!

    Went to physio and within three weeks they said I was one week ahead of schedule even tho the physio work was very light and i still could not straighten my leg fully !!

    Unfortunately, when it rained i slipped over on my decking in the garden which tore my calf and hamstring (which had been cut away to make the new ACL)…….this little accident prevented my physio work and set me behind schedule by 2 weeks !!!

    Starnge things can happen with injuries……..

    although, do think a prefessional footie player for Arsenal wouldn’t be sneaking out for a fag in the rain and would not have slipped over !!

  61. Stu

    Dont be fucking stupid A. Too many players with everyone fit. When was the last time arsenal had a fully fit squad. It must be a few years now. You can never have too many players when you’re talking about arsenal.

  62. Red Arse

    With RVP in the squad, A, they will never all be fit at the same time!

    With injuries being such a problem, I asked my Bro’ in law, and he said recovery from a break or a hamstring can be predicted pretty accurately, but chronic injuries which give pain but are hard to diagnose (like Rosicky’s/Bendy’s) are notoriously difficult to predict and fall into the “how long is a piece of string! category.

    So both A and Gambon are right but for different reasons.

    We are all led to think Doctors know everything medical, the truth is v. different!

  63. wardo

    gambon……..could well be true.

    I’ll tell you something bout RVP !!…. i went to amsterdam a few years back..must be around 3 years ago.

    Gettin ght elast flight out of amsterdam on a sunday night with easyjet to luton….guess who was on my plane ??? yep RVP. Sat next to him in luggage lounge……he’d scored quite a few goals over that period and my mind went blank so i didn;t talk to him…….amsterdam was the nuts tho

    cheap git getting easyjet !! his car park ticket would have cost more

  64. Stu

    Honest Bill, lol i think Gambon was the first to call him spastic. Took quiet a while though. And true to form, just like i predicted, Jaguar called him Spashit. It was right in front of his french hating eyes and he didnt even see the glorious opportunity.

  65. Red Arse

    Andre, like all these flipping rumours I don’t know if the Rosicky one is true.

    Being cynical, Arsenal might think he will break down again and getting a few bob for him before that happens could be attractive!

  66. chippy

    Its such a short fly theres fuck all point going first class !! And besides if you smoke enough northern Soul you havent even got to worry about getting the plane back 🙂

  67. Mayank

    With Rosicky’s new haircut he looks lesser like an eastern European drug dealer hence will be injured less.

  68. Mayank

    No Incesc I meant how many of the liverpudlians are out?

    And I did not need to see that list.

    Seems like we’ll be having new signings all the way to November.

  69. Red Arse

    Honest Bill,

    Yesterday, there were some classical wordplays on Spahic, alluding to the Greek sapphic poetry. Blimey! 🙂

  70. A

    Stu I meant forward wise. It depends who we’d sign, from what I’ve heard Remy is someone who would play more wide, as not that great with his back to goal.

    We’ve currently got three players for that one role in the centre, to get another is overloading it a bit….

  71. Mayank

    Haha, Wardo I love RvP, it’s just the name-calling if it gets imaginative gets my creative juices flowing. Not saying RwP is remotely creative.

  72. Mayank

    Damn it! Why didn’t I think of it.
    He’s hardly a pussy though, fragile but a nutter nonetheless. Squared off with Verm at the Ajax tournie.

  73. Red Arse


    I was hoping that if Theo doesn’t come off this season, rather than sticking with him come what may, Tomas would have been used.

    Therefore if he goes, Remy maybe a good replacement with his extreme pace and muscular approach, to take over from Theo. Frankly, Bendy drives me bonkers anyway by playing out on the wings, even if Wenger instructs him to do so.

  74. wardo

    i know mayank…… wtf happened to the press conf then ????

    why have we still not signed a keeper……you know i have two spuds at work that now take the piss out of arsenals tranfer activity !!!


    anyway all… now – have good evening

  75. Mayank

    Rosicky is one of my favourite players in the team, runs like a dog, great passer, good feet and a good shot from range. Also he’s my favourite tackler, very clean. A decent run in the team could do him wonders.
    Great player for JW and Nasri to learn off of besides Cesc. More experienced too.

  76. Mayank

    Wardo, our transfer activity has been comparable to Man U and Chelsea’s and better than Spurs, what are they playing at?
    Anyway, have a good one.

  77. Red Arse


    Me too. I hope TR doesn’t get tfrd, but who the hell knows what the tfr policy is at the mo’? 🙁