Arsenal Members day… what would your question be? One out, one in…

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… and a rip roaring good morning to you!

Today is the shareholders open day. We get to watch the players train, see all the shiny new restaurants and bars we’ve opened over the summer and we get a Q&A with the boss (providing he’s not doing deals). It’s funny, as bad as I feel right now about the squad, a Q+A at Arsenal does wonders for the inspiration. There’s every chance I’ll be on Le Grove later asking everyone to f*ck off and support Spurs…

I’m not sure what sort of question to ask the boss, so any that you have in mind that are reasonable will be welcomed! I reckon he’ll dodge anything transfer related, anything relating to individuals and anything relating to that Economics degree he bought off the internet in his twenties.

The good news is that the rumours about Spahic seem to have been quashed by the French club. I’m hoping that really is the case because I think a club that is selling gold plated seat plaques should be searching for players in slightly more luxurious markets.

Arsenal seem to be intent on giving the fans the Ritz service when it comes to the stadium but the service station sandwich when it comes to the team. They’re investing in everything to ensure our matchday experience is so good you book your seat for the night.

All very commendable… but I’d rather be standing in a shed with a corrugated roof watching world class players week in week out over having my name engraved on my seat. If I wanted to have my name on my seat, I’d carve ‘Pedro woz ere’ using a prison style shank made from a vuvuzela. Check out the Online Gooners take on the offer.

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… we’ve got plenty of very good players, it’s the dross that fills in for them that upsets me. When I was sifting through the muppets that were trying to get on the site yesterday, I found it staggering how many were happy with a signing of the Bosnian’s caliber. How many world class players get to 30 without being scouted by someone? Very few…

The retort by so many of the AKB brigade was that buying world class talent wasn’t the Arsenal way. That made me feel a bit sad because that means those people hadn’t supported Arseanl long enough to remember who kicked this revolution off. It wasn’t Arsene Wenger… it was Dennis Bergkamp in 1995. A world class signing at £7.5million. A true great. I still get excited even mentioning the great mans name. What a coup!

Wenger came into town and he had a solid base to work with, he shipped out the dross and brought in the French under 21 captain who couldn’t get a game at Milan but was highly rated all the same. He brought in France’s under 21 striking sensation, captain of the league winning Monaco side, Emmanuel Petit, he purchased the hugely exciting Marc Overmars of Ajax, he lured the Grimster over and the legendary Remi Garde! In his first full season we won the double.

That was done buying world class players, or players who were about to burst onto the scene. The key names all had pedigree. Even Remi Garde captained Lyon and had French caps. So when people come on here harping on about how me asking for world class players is anti-Arsenal, I wonder how long they’ve supported the team?

Wenger has a history of buying amazing players, Freddie was capped, Henry was joint top scorer at France 98, Pires was torn between Madrid and Arsenal, Sol was the hottest property in world football, Lauren was a young international, Gilberto was a world cup winner, Jens was a nutter, Reyes was lighting up La Liga and Wiltord a record signing and international.

The list goes on and on. Buying world class players IS the Arsenal way and always has been on our road to success. That’s why there was very little concern for Vermaelen last year. We knew he had pedigree and we likened him to Keown at the time. This year, there are no worries for Chamakh at all. He’s a class act. The jury is still out on Kozzer but so far so good, he might be uncapped but he’s young enough to improve.

Gooners grand expectations are so prominent becuase Wenger set the bar so high, not because of Chelsea, City or Man United. The Wenger way that worked was about signing world class players, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Talking of the boss, he missed his press conference yesterday for some unknown reason. I’d like to think it was because he was reprimanding Grimandi for dossing all season when he should have been scouting us some proper players…

‘What do you mean you only have two players on your list! WE PAY YOU TO SCOUT! What were you doing?’

‘Playstation 3 boss…’

Or he could have been doing a swap deal with Galatasary involving Thomas Rosicky and their giant centre back who goes by the name Servet Cetin. Now I’ve seen this guy play a few times as I’m an expert in Turkish football and I watch it whenever I can. What I can tell you is he is a bit of a beast, he’s 6ft 3, he weighs in at an impressive 84kg and he has quite a reputation.

‘He is known as ‘Bionic Servet’ for his determination and passion to push on playing despite serious injuries. In Euro 2008 Servet’s injuries included a torn groin, strained knee ligaments, a broken tooth and a bruised hip bone all at once. He received the nickname ayıboğan which literally means; a man who could choke a bear (sorry Geoff), due to his height and strength. Another nickname used for Çetin is ‘Terminator Servet’ due to the face-mask he obtained after his cheekbone was broken.’

Now this guy is a proper nutter. If you thought the Bosnian slapping a German was hard man stuff, this guy must in all probability feel like a war criminal to you. He was linked with a £10mill move to Marseille last year, he’s played in the Champions League, been part of a strong UEFA Cup run, he’s won the Turkish League twice with two different clubs, he’s an international, he dates a topless German model, all he’s any good at is defending and he’s incredibly strong.

Will he join? Very doubtful, but I’d take him over yesterdays offering and on the proviso Thomas Rosicky was replaced with Honda or a player of similar ilk. Haemorrhaging more experience before the start of the season would be folly in my opinion.

There are more stories in the media today about Cesc being able to leave for £50million if the offer comes in. Well, I’m suspecting Cesc only wants to go to one club and Barca don’t have that cash so he’s unlikely to leave. I’d seriously consider buying in Ozil or Gourcuff now because next year when we need a decent replacement, those two might be elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m off to comb my side parting in. I’ll report all the gossip I hear today in a Members Days Special report tomorrow morning!

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973 Responses to “Arsenal Members day… what would your question be? One out, one in…”

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  1. gambon

    Simple question;

    “Mr Wenger……why are you so terrified of spending money?”


    “You said this time last year ‘Judge me in May’ – so when do we judge you now?”

  2. LAzer

    I don’t think it is beyond doubt gambon…no way will I ever discount Arsenal Football Club to not win the PL at the start of any season…ever.

    But I do agree there are reasons that point to us not winning. Lacking a GK and world class pairing at the back is an issue. Said this yesterday too, I am not worried about this Saphic fellow, what I am worried about is if this means Koscielny and TV or JD and TV are going to be that starting pair. That horrifies me right now.

  3. gambon

    Actually Pedro, please ask this if youre going

    “Mr Wenger, you dont seem to be willing to spend big money, so im guessing you arent being given enough….would you be prepared to take a pay cut to finance bringing players in, as you often mention that money isnt everything”

  4. B

    Good post Pedro!

    Would have to say that AA23 also falls into the category of a top signing, fairly recent one at that.

    I just wonder why Wenger is gambling so much, we could really become proper contenders with a combi of Mertesacker and Neuer/Frey/anyone other than Almunia

    Up front, we should have plenty to choose from, why does he not splash out for once and give us a REAL chance??

  5. Moray

    Morning all. Let’s get the season started asap. I’m tired of complaining about our squad and SO want to be proved wrong. Although I won’t eqat my words until we are lifting trophies next summer – and I don’t mean the Emirates Cup at the beginning of next season.

    BTW when do the Spuds’ opponents get drawn for the preliminary stages of the CL (still seems ridiculous to mention THAT team and THAT tournament in the same sentence without the word “never” in the middle)

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    Great right up Pedders!!

    I doubt anyone on Le Grove, even Jag*, would choose to bring in a new manager ahead of a 1998 vintage Wenger!!

    *Actually Jag probably would.

  7. Pedro

    Jag, if I see one more comment like that I will ban you.

    Simple as that today, you’ve had enough warnings.

  8. Jaguar

    Pedro,what was offensive about it?

    Wenger=Senile,has a loser’s attitude,and all a supporter want is to see his exit?How come my comment be censored?

  9. wattsy65

    Morning All, a bit more upbeat missive today, so I’ll bugger of to tennis with a smiley face.

    Dennis the Menace was the best signing ever, but not brought in by Wenger i believe.

    Question for Manager…… Who will be in goal against Liverpool. I might want to have a bet on the correct score, and this info could be vital.

  10. Arse&Nose©

    What time is the press thingy?

    I want to see Wenger and Cesc face the fans.
    I don’t want to see questions being watered down, I want strong questions i want them under the cosh, to feel the brunt of the fans fury.

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    If Wenger had done his job of making the right signings and strengthening year after year we would not be in the situation we are now where we need 4 very, very good players to push back towards the top.

    2 season ago we could have signed Alonso on the cheap! Even if it was for £20m (which would have forced Liverpool’s hand) and not the reported £14m it would still be £20m less than what Madrid paid 1 season later.

    Last season we could have signed Shay Given. Only a very few dislike Given but at £6m he would have been a great signing.

    These are just 2 examples of how a club like Arsenal should be looking to strengthen during each window.

  12. LAzer

    My question to Arsene:

    You have said in the past trophies are not everything? But do you not realize they are everything to the highest paying fans in football yet for five years now we have failed to come close. Perhaps a cup trophy may inspire this squad to something greater. What do you think?

  13. Gooby

    top post pedro!

    ask him how does he feel not wining any trophy for 5 fucking years, and if he thinks it is unusual?

    and please tell him to buy a keeper

  14. Rohan

    I hope no one goes and swears at him or abuses him or something. We’re a club with class..that shouldn’t change.

  15. gambon


    Great question

    I think Arsene underestimates how winning breeds winning.

    Didnt both Mourinho (2005), and Fergies rebuilt team (2006) win the league cup to kick start a successful period?

  16. Farrukh

    “Dear Mr Wenger,

    From sales/purchases of players + money saved on wages we have made an annual profit of £14m in this transfer window.

    So when you said we will finally spend the monies; was that yet more bullshit?”

  17. finestcuts

    How about “Mr. Wenger, playing the Arsenal way and style have been mentioned by you in the past, but does that not make us a tad predictable and inflexible?
    Would you sacrifice style in the name of pragmatism if it helped us win a few more games?”

  18. Jaguar

    Gooby,he has got his bonuses for the past five years,at the expense of our club.Why would he be sad about it?

  19. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    Great post and I’m sure you will ask the right question today, but one point you make today speaks volumes…

    We spent over 10mill on Wiltord in 2000. What would that be worth with the inflation of the premiership pound? And why has our spending remained in recession?

    Apparently Wenger has been away from training since Tuesday, hopefully (?) he will be deflecting criticism by unveiling a new signing

  20. Matt

    I would say, ‘Arsene, you have been quoted as saying you dont but stars, you create them. But what good is that if when the star has been created, they want to leave and play with other stars’?

    I’d also ask, where’s the bacon rolls?

  21. charliegeorge


    Wenger vintage 1998 is ancient history. As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  22. Jaguar

    Rohan,I hope some one abuses and swear at Wenger all day that Wenger would atleast get the feeling of the supporters

  23. B

    I would confront him with the “judge me in May” comment, I mean, if ever there was a comment of a man CONVINCED his squad would deliver the goods, I would love to hear his explanation and why he thinks that wouldn’t happen again this season.

    But I guess he would just say that the squad has more mental strength and is a year older, and everyone will improve etc etc etc

    Ok, how about confronting him with yesterday’s stats, Pedro? Surely he would have to admit we are lightweight at the back? Maybe offer to show a few highlights from the Chelsea games from last season on screen, with Drogba & co buldozing our defence… that was just embarassing…

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    Rohan – OK, maybe they shouldn’t swear at him or call him names but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge an irate fan his chance to really vent his anger at Wenger. Something along the lines of:

    “How can you refuse to spend any money on wages when you, yourself, are on a £6m contract!”

    “How can you justify not winning a trophy for 5 years?”

    “Arsenal clearly need a top GK, why haven’t you bought one yet?”

    There are soooo many points that should be put across and put across in a way that lets him know that he has people to answer too and isn’t untouchable!

  25. Gooby

    Gooby,he has got his bonuses for the past five years,at the expense of our club.Why would he be sad about it?

    because he is supposed to be a pro jag

  26. LeProf

    “…He is known as ‘Bionic Servet’…He received the nickname ayıboğan which literally means; a man who could choke a bear…he dates a topless German model…”

    Hmmm…Arsenal’s very own version of John Terry soon???

    Ok next, the new goalie please!

  27. finestcuts

    We should have bought David Villa when he said he wanted to play for Arsenal… Cesc is dreaming of assisting Villa and Messi up front.

    Can you imagine this forward lineup in a 4-4-2 diamond?

    Xavi ———- Fabregas———–Iniesta


    No defence in the world could live with that.

  28. rico

    B, he’s admitted we are lightweight at the back, he just hasn’t done anything about it… yet. He hasn’t got long left so best he pulls his socks up mighty quick!

  29. tonyadamsisgod

    B – Yeah good shout! Didn’t he in fact say “judge me in may” and then turn into “judge me at the end of next season”. Talk about moving the goal posts! I’d ask him what his judgement of it all was!

  30. Jaguar

    well said finestcuts mate.The hypocrite had said that he wanted to buy Villa in exchange for Shitvestre.what a fucking joke this man is.

  31. A

    taig the top one changes all the time though, and isn’t factual!

    People slag Wenger off half the time claiming that he pays people ridiculous wages, “how can theo be on £60k a week”, one of biggest wage bills in the league etc, then the rest of the time when convenient it’s that we don’t pay people big wages?!

    Keeper I agree, hopefully we’ll get an answer on it, or at least whether we’re in the market for a keeper

  32. gambon

    I think ive nailed it….

    “Wenger, every year you tell us you think we will win the league, yet every year we dont.

    Does this not mean your judgement on your players, and you own ability, is impaired??

    As such, from an objective point of view, do you agree your role has to be questioned?

    It is worth noting that Martin O Neil, David Moyes, and the Man City managers have never spoken of their ability to win the league”

  33. LeProf

    I mean, this Bear Choker with topless girlfriend simply the best spoof since that Kenyan interview ‘you prefer black’ LOL!!!

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    The best question to ask Wenger today is:

    What incentive is there for Fabregas to remain at Arsenal?

  35. BigL

    I would ask, why do you constantly build huge expectations around transfers and not act. Telling the fans that we have the funds to compete with Chelsea on transfers sets a level of justified expectations. You then sign a player on a free and another unknown defender, that is not competing with Chelsea on transfers. Signing world class, big name, established players is competing with Chelsea.

    Earlier in the year you said judge me in August on my transfer dealings, it’s now August. I give you a D-, how do you think you have performed.

  36. Doublegooner


    ‘ Mr Wenger, in your opinion if you are happy with your squad & will not be spending anymore this year, is it still necessary that we need a 60,000 seater stadium ? ‘

  37. LAzer

    Good questions on here…

    Yeah gambon, I grimace year after year when I see the shameful squad selections we make for FA and League cup games. It shows such negativity and weakness to the opposition, even Stoke is up for it seeing that team on paper.

    I see good squad depth developing FINALLY though. Wilshere and Frimpong should help but still the back four are a huge question mark.

    I remember when we added Arshavin, Fergie mentioned its odd Arsene doesn’t ever add defenders and keeps buying offensive players. And I don’t think it was the usual Fergie verbal knife, just a comment of amazement.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    A – I guess he’s never gonna comment with regards to his own pay anyway. Also, I’ve never been one to criticise what Theo earns. hell yeah its ludicrous that he does earn that much but that’s the market value of someone like him in football I think.

    As for the GK thing, someone should definitely ask that. My mate’s ST seat is very close to Wenger and he said fans were getting ejected for getting as close as they could to Wenger and shouting the GK question at him!! By now he should surely have to answer to someone on that front?

  39. B

    That is a very good one taig, what incentive is there for Cesc when it is all empty promises of a league title, and no proper signings to back it up!!

  40. Moray

    “Mr Wenger, for the last few seasons we have disintegrated defensively, letting in an increasing number of goals, particularly against strong opposition. You even recently mentioned we had problems in this area and that you would address them. Since then the club lost three experienced defenders and have replaced them with one greenhorn. How is this strengthening? Particularly with our injury record? Furthermore, are there plans to look at bringing in a dedicated defensive coach such as we had when we reached the CL final?”

  41. rico

    Mine –

    Arsene, bearing in mind the lack of depth and strength in our squad, is it not time your learned to be a more gracious loser??

  42. tonyadamsisgod

    Mr Wenger – Would you prefer to play in The Emirates stadium and create a huge revenue that you either cant or refuse to spend or would you prefer to be playing back at Highbury where spending money seemed to be no problem at all and where we won things??

  43. Red Arse

    Hi Pedro,

    From your stats yesterday, you could arrive at a mean for the optimum weight and age of a top class CB.

    They seem to show that our lads are a bit light weight and young. But what do you think a similar analysis of the CB’s of crap clubs like Wigan, Stoke, Hull etc would show?

    It would probably indicate that crap CB’s at crap clubs would be heavier than the best CB’s and younger than our CB’s.

    A bit confusing! 🙂 Then you never claimed these two stats were comprehensive.

    Maybe someone could produce such a table to see if the above surmise is correct. No, not me, I’m not smart enough! 🙂

  44. melvyn

    Excellent post – how on earth is Cesc being persuaded to stay by arriving and seeing the overpaid crew of Denilson/Diaby/Almunia/Bender still at Arsenal – As I said before Wenger is very busy on a new signing – contracts for a new house !!

  45. Maqitlarge

    Finest, not sure Wenger would pay for Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Villa! 🙂

    Seriosuly though. How much fucking sense would it be to get Joe Hart on loan this season?!!!

  46. Chris Beef

    Excellent post today Pedro!

    Ask him if you and Geoff can take over buying players as you two seem to know more about players and prices than Wenger does these days! We’ll all help you scout! lol

  47. charliegeorge

    Honestly folks, all these questions are pointless. When has AW ever listened to the fans? When has he ever listened to ex players? When has he ever listened to his coaching staff? He will brush off all and sundry with contempt, being the contemptuous man that he undeniably is. Save your breath. It’s better to go to the games (or not go to the games) and turn your backs on the players. But I suppose even that is pointless, given the man’s octopus-like grip on the club. So, so pointless.

  48. Pedro

    Red Arse, the stats weren’t meant to demonstrate that weight + age = great centre back.

    It demonstrated that if you want a to be in the top two, technical ability isn’t enough. You need power and experience.

  49. Doublegooner

    Breaking News:

    Arsene only wants AKN’s at the members day..Being reported that non Arsene worshippers will be refused entry today.

  50. B

    Good point Lazer, when, since Sol (who also came on a free) did we sign a class center back? Man U bought Rio, Chelsea bought Carvalho, he needs to spend big money on a CB for once

  51. Chris Beef

    Very true LAzer – we should go back to trying to win the cups with a full team out. Once they get the winning mentality back it will help them push for the league instead of crumbling as usual.

  52. tonyadamsisgod

    charliegeorge – 100% right! I think by the end of the day our anger towards Wenger will have doubled due to his refusal to answer the critical questions and the ever present delivery of such comments as:

    “I believe in this team”

    “This team has great mental strength”

    “We are still looking to strengthen”

    “We will not buy a player who is not better than what we already have”

    “We will not sign a player that will kill the progress of another”

    “We will not pay over the odds on transfers or wages”

    And so on………..

  53. gambon

    “Arsene, being that you refuse to spend money on strengthening the team, would you be behind lowering season ticket prices by 50% to make games more accessible?”

  54. finestcuts

    Maqitlarge, I just wanted to illustrate a possible lineup Fab4 would be in if he moved to Barca and that it’s really difficult to say no to, although I still want him to fully commit and lead us to a trophy but Fab4’s ominous silence leads me to believe he’s saying nothing because he doesn’t want to be an Arsenal player anymore.

  55. dennisdamenace

    A – It’s not the total wage bill in it’s self, it’s who are benefitting from this huge wage bill. For instance, Theo’s on £60k per week, based on what? That he can run fast!! Joe Cole is three times the player Theo is, and will ever likely to be, yet people baulked at offering JC £90k per week……yet they happily suffer Walcott’s slapstick performances week in week out!

  56. choy

    Ask him to take a pay cut since money is not available!

    He takes home one of the best salaries in the world mind you for a manager!

  57. LeProf


    “Mr.Wenger, do you believe that after introducing that GPS dildo thing, what if your next football innovation is having MONTHLY IQ TEST for all players? Look even if we sign big bastard bully defenders but with zero intelligence certainly Stoke never gone wrong with Robert Huth, eh??”

    “Mr.Wenger, seriously by having a topless girlfriend does it/ will it improve a defender’s performance as world class?”

  58. A

    ddm that’s relative though, vp, cesc, arshavin will be on way more than theo, whatever he’s on – obviously we don’t actually know what he’s really on. It’s also down to sell-on value, marketing etc, you’d expect Theo to be on a decent wage.

    I think people baulked at the fact Joe Cole wanted over £100k, £90k is what we supposedly offered for him!

  59. Red Arse


    I would like you to ask a multi-part question based on Wenger’s strategies over the last few years.

    ** We train for pre-season in Austria, rather than travel to Asia or the USA, this is apparently so that our players don’t get tired and will enable us to win the PL. Why hasn’t it worked?

    ** We play very young teams in the FA and Carling Cups, apparently to rest our seniors players to enable them to concentrate on winning the PL. Why hasn’t it worked?

    ** Since 2005, we haven’t bought “big name” players because this would be to the detriment of our young players, which in turn would prevent us winning the PL in the future. Why hasn’t it worked?

    ** Isn’t it about time you brought in some new “winning” strategies?

  60. Big Dave

    Their not stupid they know what questions will be asked of them and they will avoid it and swerve it like every trick in the book

  61. LAzer

    I was convinced we would invest properly in a CB with the departure of Gallas yet it hasn’t happened yet. Promoting JD who has been injury prone and never ever truly tested vs. world class opposition is a risk not worth taking imo.

    Spend 15 on a CB and 7-8 on a GK and show some ambition. If it goes wrong at least you won’t be looking back wondering I should have could have would have. IF you must let Rosicky move on, with Nasri, Wilshere and Cesc we should have enough in that position. I would rather keep him though and break into some of that transfer kitty for once. Its no coincidence in the past we had winning seasons when Arsene opened the vault doors a bit.

  62. chippy

    Dear Mr Wenger,
    Exactly when was it decided that Arsenal would become a bank rather than a Football club, Where balance sheets were heralded as the new trophy of choice ???

  63. tonyadamsisgod

    I’m presuming Wenger will have his ‘Bob Wilson Spam Filter’ turned onto its maximum level today?????

  64. gooner

    Rumours are that Liverpool are being taken over by the chinese government, some even say they may have up to 210billion to invest, and a transfer budget of £150 million.

    If this is true we are fucked

    It will be stingy arsenal vs 3 sugardaddies, an overly ambitious, but spending spurs, and a bankrupt club in the refs pay

    not good

  65. LAzer

    Wenger is saying to Cesc right now, look this is my last year here, give me one more year and then you will be free to go. I don’t know if Cesc bites.

  66. tonyadamsisgod

    Mr Wenger, when did mental strength become a more important attribute than actual footballing ability? Also do these player need great mental strength because you know they are likely to fall short in many aspects??

  67. Red Arse


    As I said yesterday I liked your table. It showed a mean for the best CB’ in Europe based on physical attributes and club success.

    My suggestion earlier waa to extend this to CB’s at crap clubs.

    We could then help Wenger by producing a statistical model of the best CB and perhaps get a Frankenstein type to produce the monster we want! 🙂

  68. Mr B

    I say get the seat plate with messages like

    “Spend some money”

    I hate the fucking administrations God Complex. they teat the supporters like shite.

  69. LAzer

    Liverpool don’t build a winning team in 3 weeks gooner. Lets not worry about the other teams too much, we have to build a squad capable of beating everyone twice, that’s the bottom line.

    Shitty didn’t even get CL after splashing away. You can buy the league in the long term as Roman proved but not in a season or two.

  70. A

    Liverpool have fucked up hiring Hodgson if they do have money suddenly! Bringing in someone because he’s good at working on a shoestring, guess he’d go pretty quickly though, which would be a pity for him.

    Who said Wenger is missing training? Is that confirmed?

  71. Moray

    I think we have put ourselves in a position where selling teams know we are desperate and therefore must pay over the odds. Ditto the players when it comes to salaries. We simply can’t start the season without a new goalkeeper and a CB, so we have our balls on the proverbial slab. This is a combination of 3-4 years of selling more than we brought in, a failure to properly blood the youngsters coming through (Vela is a case in point) and a summer of who-knows-what-we-have-been-doing? Whoever we sign now, it ain’t going to be cheap – look at Kosser.

    It is our own fault.

  72. Rohan

    There’s not too much of a point in having a sugar daddy now. City can outbid anyone they want. Then again, Liverpool probably are a more attractive proposotion because of their history.

  73. Arse&Nose©

    Today we find out if Cesc is a man or a boy..

    1) he’ll stand up and accept his responsibilities and say he is staying

    2) he’ll stand up and make clear his desire to leave, and apologise to fans for dragging this out

    3) he’ll avoid the questions and make no decisive comments which will leave fans in limbo until the close of the transfer window.

  74. Sue

    Those seat plaques are max 28 charcs 14 per line so could I have

    Buy a f*cking

    Buy a f*cking
    beast defender

    Get rid of tit

    Just a thought – love the questions options you are being offered have fun at the day

  75. rob green

    Wenger is a cunt!! I have wanted him out for the last couple of seasons now. Once again we have lost about 7 players and brought in 2 one of which was a free!! All the broken promises!! I have had enough!! The season starts soon and where is our keeper, centre back!! Cesc is the right idea!! Leave mate!!

  76. A

    Supporters DDM, which is why transfer fees and wages should be irrelevant to us!

    They’re left to the accountants to deal with….

  77. LAzer

    I think history is a bit overrated when it comes to players minds Rohan. Honestly no one world class may have been openly attracted to Chelsea but a combination of insane wages and a recent winning record does it. If City qualify for CL next year and win the PL the next I can guarantee anyone would be willing to move to them at the right price.

    It is testament to what great and loyal fans AFC has that we show up year after year despite the drought. Not many bandwagon boys left here since there hasn’t really been a bandwagon to get on for a while.

  78. tonyadamsisgod

    Mr Wenger, you say you wont pay over the odds or sign a player that will kill the progress of a current squad member. Please can you then explain the £10m signing of Laurent Koscielny??

  79. MickyDidIt89

    On a serious note, is it likely that this Mr Cetin would bring his girlfriend to matches in “work mode”?
    ie tackle out.

  80. Arse&Nose©

    Cesc will be at the press conference sitting besides Wenger…question is will Cesc have the balls to speak his mind?

  81. LAzer

    Was it really that much? We spent 10m on Koscielny?

    If that is the case then you know he will most likely be the starting pair with a rotation of JD. FUCKKKKKKKKKK.

    That is scary as FUCKKKKKKKKKK.

  82. Master P

    why the fuck are manure in for Ozil…and we are NOT???

    Seriously, this is getting really boring and overly depressing.

  83. dennisdamenace

    MP – How goes it buddy?

    I guess Theo’s been texting Cesc asking him if he can come with him to Barcelona, coz people are mean to him here, poor little love…….

  84. tonyadamsisgod

    As posted on yesterday’s comments, this what Ozil has to say about prospective new clubs:

    “There are four or five clubs in Europe that you would have to say as a player would be a dream to play for, Manchester United and Chelsea are very much two of them. When you are looking at moving clubs it’s impossible not to pay attention to the Premier League and even more impossible not to pay attention to Manchester United and Chelsea.

    “I am a winner and, when I am looking for a new club, I simply look at where I can be the most successful and where I can win the most trophies. If you look at the recent history of Manchester United and Chelsea then it’s clear that a player can be very successful there.

    “Of course, clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are of huge interest and the Premier League’s top two clubs are of serious interest to me when the time comes. I am under contract with Werder for another year and it is impossible for me to say if a deal will be done this summer. They may decide that they want to keep me for another season or they may decide to sell me this summer, so they can get some money for me. That is up to the club.”

  85. A

    taig you could’ve asked the same question last year but change koscielny’s name with vermaelen. Also that doesn’t work in terms of killing players, there isn’t anyone there to kill! We still need another centre back just to have a squad!

    Does anyone know if Wellington Silva is going to play at AFC Wimbledon?

  86. Gunner38

    Tonyadamsisgod – spot on! What is AW doing to keep Cesc? Other questions: “Where are the one or two super, super quality players?” ” Howcome Arsenal don’t have a #1 keeper?” “Why do we persist with players who never deliver?” PS…Please buy Joe Hart.

  87. Master P

    ddm! 😆 I’m good man, how’s you?

    any more info from your man on the inside?

    a contact i have reckons we are going to make a big signing which will make the fans and players very happy.

    im not convinced.

    ive been hearing that since july 1st!!!!

  88. LAzer

    The straw that breaks the camels back will be if Cesc departs and we buy

    NO ONE

    relying on Nasri, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky. I can see it happening…

  89. charliegeorge


    Absolute genius of an idea. My best guess would be they use the proceeds to build a bronze statue of AW, complete with a hole in his head – not so much as an indication of retardedness, but as a means of inserting coins.

  90. tonyadamsisgod

    A – He is directly hindering the progress of Djourou and even Nordveit, be it on an even level or in front of them. Stop hanging on every word I say, its getting boring…..