Arsenal Members day… what would your question be? One out, one in…

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… and a rip roaring good morning to you!

Today is the shareholders open day. We get to watch the players train, see all the shiny new restaurants and bars we’ve opened over the summer and we get a Q&A with the boss (providing he’s not doing deals). It’s funny, as bad as I feel right now about the squad, a Q+A at Arsenal does wonders for the inspiration. There’s every chance I’ll be on Le Grove later asking everyone to f*ck off and support Spurs…

I’m not sure what sort of question to ask the boss, so any that you have in mind that are reasonable will be welcomed! I reckon he’ll dodge anything transfer related, anything relating to individuals and anything relating to that Economics degree he bought off the internet in his twenties.

The good news is that the rumours about Spahic seem to have been quashed by the French club. I’m hoping that really is the case because I think a club that is selling gold plated seat plaques should be searching for players in slightly more luxurious markets.

Arsenal seem to be intent on giving the fans the Ritz service when it comes to the stadium but the service station sandwich when it comes to the team. They’re investing in everything to ensure our matchday experience is so good you book your seat for the night.

All very commendable… but I’d rather be standing in a shed with a corrugated roof watching world class players week in week out over having my name engraved on my seat. If I wanted to have my name on my seat, I’d carve ‘Pedro woz ere’ using a prison style shank made from a vuvuzela. Check out the Online Gooners take on the offer.

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… we’ve got plenty of very good players, it’s the dross that fills in for them that upsets me. When I was sifting through the muppets that were trying to get on the site yesterday, I found it staggering how many were happy with a signing of the Bosnian’s caliber. How many world class players get to 30 without being scouted by someone? Very few…

The retort by so many of the AKB brigade was that buying world class talent wasn’t the Arsenal way. That made me feel a bit sad because that means those people hadn’t supported Arseanl long enough to remember who kicked this revolution off. It wasn’t Arsene Wenger… it was Dennis Bergkamp in 1995. A world class signing at £7.5million. A true great. I still get excited even mentioning the great mans name. What a coup!

Wenger came into town and he had a solid base to work with, he shipped out the dross and brought in the French under 21 captain who couldn’t get a game at Milan but was highly rated all the same. He brought in France’s under 21 striking sensation, captain of the league winning Monaco side, Emmanuel Petit, he purchased the hugely exciting Marc Overmars of Ajax, he lured the Grimster over and the legendary Remi Garde! In his first full season we won the double.

That was done buying world class players, or players who were about to burst onto the scene. The key names all had pedigree. Even Remi Garde captained Lyon and had French caps. So when people come on here harping on about how me asking for world class players is anti-Arsenal, I wonder how long they’ve supported the team?

Wenger has a history of buying amazing players, Freddie was capped, Henry was joint top scorer at France 98, Pires was torn between Madrid and Arsenal, Sol was the hottest property in world football, Lauren was a young international, Gilberto was a world cup winner, Jens was a nutter, Reyes was lighting up La Liga and Wiltord a record signing and international.

The list goes on and on. Buying world class players IS the Arsenal way and always has been on our road to success. That’s why there was very little concern for Vermaelen last year. We knew he had pedigree and we likened him to Keown at the time. This year, there are no worries for Chamakh at all. He’s a class act. The jury is still out on Kozzer but so far so good, he might be uncapped but he’s young enough to improve.

Gooners grand expectations are so prominent becuase Wenger set the bar so high, not because of Chelsea, City or Man United. The Wenger way that worked was about signing world class players, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Talking of the boss, he missed his press conference yesterday for some unknown reason. I’d like to think it was because he was reprimanding Grimandi for dossing all season when he should have been scouting us some proper players…

‘What do you mean you only have two players on your list! WE PAY YOU TO SCOUT! What were you doing?’

‘Playstation 3 boss…’

Or he could have been doing a swap deal with Galatasary involving Thomas Rosicky and their giant centre back who goes by the name Servet Cetin. Now I’ve seen this guy play a few times as I’m an expert in Turkish football and I watch it whenever I can. What I can tell you is he is a bit of a beast, he’s 6ft 3, he weighs in at an impressive 84kg and he has quite a reputation.

‘He is known as ‘Bionic Servet’ for his determination and passion to push on playing despite serious injuries. In Euro 2008 Servet’s injuries included a torn groin, strained knee ligaments, a broken tooth and a bruised hip bone all at once. He received the nickname ayıboğan which literally means; a man who could choke a bear (sorry Geoff), due to his height and strength. Another nickname used for Çetin is ‘Terminator Servet’ due to the face-mask he obtained after his cheekbone was broken.’

Now this guy is a proper nutter. If you thought the Bosnian slapping a German was hard man stuff, this guy must in all probability feel like a war criminal to you. He was linked with a £10mill move to Marseille last year, he’s played in the Champions League, been part of a strong UEFA Cup run, he’s won the Turkish League twice with two different clubs, he’s an international, he dates a topless German model, all he’s any good at is defending and he’s incredibly strong.

Will he join? Very doubtful, but I’d take him over yesterdays offering and on the proviso Thomas Rosicky was replaced with Honda or a player of similar ilk. Haemorrhaging more experience before the start of the season would be folly in my opinion.

There are more stories in the media today about Cesc being able to leave for £50million if the offer comes in. Well, I’m suspecting Cesc only wants to go to one club and Barca don’t have that cash so he’s unlikely to leave. I’d seriously consider buying in Ozil or Gourcuff now because next year when we need a decent replacement, those two might be elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m off to comb my side parting in. I’ll report all the gossip I hear today in a Members Days Special report tomorrow morning!

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  1. Pedro

    Suga, haven’t spoken to my man in the know for a couple of week… so I have no new gossip.

    Koz looked suspect today… Chamakh looked great though.

  2. incesc

    yeah i was thinking earlier that blanc not calling Koz up to the french B team is quite revealing on his talents.

    shame about the Q&A…

    what would you have asked?

  3. JJ

    I just read that the Monty President wants 23 million squid for Spahic. It is from which probably means that it is BS but I sympathize with Wenger a little if he is identifying targets and clubs are slapping ridiculous price tags like this on.

    Btw – Just because I sympathize, doesn’t mean I am ok with him no being able to make transfers happen. This is where I think Dein was good at closing the deal…

  4. SUGA3


    no Q&A? I wonder why…

    fucking totalitarian state at its best – don’t you dare questioning Our Glorious Leader you peasants – pay up and shut up…

  5. SUGA3


    no Q&A? I wonder why…

    fucking totalitarian state at its best – don’t you dare questioning OGL you peasants – pay up and shut up…

  6. SUGA3

    Wenger is like a child in the fog in the transfer market without DD…

    as I said a few times, Gazidis in Europe is like a boyscout compared to him…

  7. patthegooner

    Is there not supposed to be an official Q&A in August.

    Wenger postponed it and sent his puppet Gazidis to the AST one at the end of the season instead.

  8. patthegooner

    “We will be involved with Arsene in a lot of self-examination across all areas to work out how we can take the next step. We are not blind to where we fell short and we will take a realistic look at that”

  9. SUGA3

    it may go away quietly, but it leaves a bit of a distaste…

    a distaste which is a taste of things to come – you would think you will get less of a chickenshit for £5M+ per annum!

  10. patthegooner

    I just cant see it Pedro. If you think of the backlash and tricky questions that hit him last year, there is no way he will attend a Q&A now.

    Whilst Chamakh and Kosser may have appeased some Gooners, I would think that the number of gooners that think we have a chance of winning the PL this season will be at an all time low, and I think the majority of those will have the belief that we could and should have done more in the transfer window.

    Wengers last decision this summer will be whether to keep Almunia as number one or promote Fabianski and give him the shirt at Anfield.

    Eastmond and Frimpong has made his mind up at DM. Whilst we cry out for a Melo, we make do with an lad straight out of nappies. And whilst I have high hopes for both players, this is not the fucking youth team.

    I do think he is after a CB, but on his terms, and if those terms are not met (I.E Cheap as chips) then he will go with what he has got and Nordveillt will suffice a year or two earlier than preferred.

  11. alex

    Watched end of Montpellier match, went out on pens, swear it looked like Spahic may have been saying goodbye

    So was there a press conference today? don’t see anything on

  12. BillikenGooner


    I can’t wait until that late November, December run with Eastmond or Frimpong and Nordtveit having to play a ton.

    Maybe we can get Chelsea, Spuds, or United to play some of their kids, too.

  13. OxfordGooner

    PTG says:

    “I do think he is after a CB, but on his terms, and if those terms are not met (I.E Cheap as chips) then he will go with what he has got and Nordveillt will suffice a year or two earlier than preferred.”

    Shame there was no q&a – could and should be pointed out to AW that by being a stingy bastard in the transfer Market to avoid ‘killing’ the younger players is totally self defeating. A case in point is Denilson, he was brought in far too early because stingy refused to pay Market price to replace Paddy & Gilberto, as a result he has killed Denilson dead – there is no way back from that! Blooding players before they are ready is a shit or bust mentality that usually will end in bust. It may have worked with Cesc but he is a once in his generation player!

    Go spend our money you tight bastard, stop killing the kids and bring in players who can inspire them and who they can learn from…

    Rant over :o/

  14. southcoastGooner

    is this the worse defence we have ever had. only the signing of a proven international can prevent it being the worse ever defence. im not holding my breath though.

  15. SUGA3


    and this is precisely why the Q&A was scrapped – AW knew exactly that there would be more than one ‘geriatric’ style question and decided to bottle it…

    ‘judge me in May’ – then he sends his fucking Yank ‘yes man’ to do the talking, now he does not even have anything to promise us: signings, our captain staying and the like…

    God I wish he just fucked off – just pay him the last few million and get someone serious about his business in…

  16. SUGA3

    instead of building the club’s profile on nearly going all the way in CL in 2006, he just shat on it…

    if he was to leave now, the team would be in worse shape than when he came, IMO…

    if Cesc goes, this team has nothing – bunch of poncey kids and a few gems who are becoming more and more disillusioned…

  17. SUGA3


    good attacking lineup does not even win you enough games, let alone cups – this team can’t shut up shop to save their lives, now we have seriously weakened our defence…

  18. southcoastGooner

    i dont think its that bad, if we get rid of the two dicks in goal and get a fukin decent keeper and then a fukin decent defender then were good to go.

  19. choy

    I think as a defensive unit we are poor.

    Our defenders are too attacking and we get caught out at the back too much.

  20. SUGA3

    wake up, at best we will get one defender and that will be it…

    I am resigned to the fact that we will not get a GK, I just pray to whatever is holy and unholy that OGL does not get any ‘Fabianski no.1’ ideas, otherwise we will be absolutely fucked…

    Al pisses all over Fabianski, how that twat even came to Arse is beyond me…

  21. southcoastGooner

    yep i do agree that we might not get a keeper now. f*ck about the thought of al or fabianski in goal is depressing. we are going to get fu*ked when they do their benny hill routine. all coz wenger didnt want to pay more then £2m for schwarzer.

  22. SUGA3


    I guess it is the case of penny wise pound foolish shit yet again…

    we need a GK, yes?

    a good GK is worth 10 points, yes?

    so, what is the fucking problem then?

  23. walter

    why do you want to pay more than 2m for a 38 year old player who has never played at a big club in his live.
    A player who screwed things up in may right under my eyes against us when he played for Fulham.
    A player who has fucked it up at the wc for his country.
    I really don’t see in what he is better than what we have. Paying 4M for something you already have is bad investment.

    And also playing at Fulham is easy. They defend deep so there is not much room. But at Arsenal we defend high so the goalkeeper should be playing a lot of his line and come out a lot. And we all remember what great skill he had when he let the ball get off his feet against Arshavin. So Swharzer is used to a totaly different style of play compared to the Arsenal.

    So if you really want a keeper that can step in and be better at once you need a keeper that is used to play behind a defence that is playing a high line. And the ones who have never thought about that have never been a goalkeeper themselves or should consider if they know something about goalkeeping themselves.

  24. Stu

    The problem is exactly as you said. Noone wants to spend the money thats being asked so when we dont offer enough and get told to up our price we refuse and just leave it at that. Its time we offered whats asked and just get the player we need.

  25. SUGA3


    well, at least Schwarzer went to the fucking World Cup!

    whereas Almunia will never get a sniff of that and neither will Fabianski…

    fucking up for Fulham? you’re having a fucking laugh mate – I take you didn’t watch them a lot then…

    and playing high line is good when your defenders have an ounce of brains and pace – our fullbacks are usually somewhere around the oppo box when we are facing a counterattack and our current CBs are too lightweight to hold out on their own…

  26. Stu

    Walter, that is all true about the highline compared to Fulham and such. But the difference is that our defence has no confidence in Almunia or Fabianski and it shows when they play. The defence is nervous and they make mistakes.

    Schwarzer may not be used to the style we play but he is a better organiser than our current 2, would restore some confidence and clearly Arsenal think he is good enough, certainly better than what we have or else we wouldnt have bid for him.

    Im not entirely sure about signing schwarzer but if its a choice between what we have and him, i’d chose MS every time.

  27. GordoGunner

    Offer Fulham 20 million for Schwarzer and Hangeland.

    That would allow Hughes to sign some City castoffs he might be interested in, and we’d have our keeper and monster center back.

  28. SUGA3

    I would rather have Spahic over Hangeland – more of a nutter and this is exactly what we need: a hardman, a vocal bastard who does not take shit from anyone…

    no matter what you may say about Bosnian team, you have to be something else to be the captain there!

  29. JJ

    Walter – You’re a little harsh on Schwarzer. You can’t blame him for Australia’s WC. They had an entire back 4 over the age of 30 and they were trying to play a high line. Their defense was an absolute shambles and the midfield gave no cover. It may not be much different at Arsenal but he is still better than Al and Flapper.

  30. southcoastGooner

    again you have the same problem with hangeland then with the high line. he plays deep can he get high, play high i mean.

  31. GordoGunner

    But Spahic isn’t big enough to help with high balls and set pieces. Hangeland might not be worth 15 mil, or Schwarzer 5, but it would be nice to have a few areas sorted, and for an amount that Arsenal could definitely afford.

  32. SUGA3


    what we need is good organisation in defence – sure, some height would come in handy, but I just don’t like BH…

    I would love Cetin if that story has any legs, but not necessarily at the expense of losing TR, unless we are bringing in a replacement…

  33. JJ

    I don’t expect much from a Cesc statement…
    – I am an Arsenal player.
    – I want to win things with this club.
    – Wenger is like my Dad.
    Toss, toss, toss.

    He is not going to say anything like what people really want to hear.
    – Barca have been tapping me up all summer and they are bang out of order.
    – Barca have shown what they really think I am worth with that lame 29M squid offer.
    – I am going to stay at Arsenal and honour my contract because that is what contracts are for.
    – Yes, Pique and Puyol are poo-pirates.

  34. DB10

    Did anyone notice excluded Cesc from the pictures, and did not mention a SINGLE thing about hi????

  35. MickyDidIt89

    Morning Grovers,
    Today I am trying the positive outlook. A world class CB and ditto GK would give me real hope for the season. So, I’m hoping that Kos. will be the back-up to our new superstar CB.

  36. MickyDidIt89

    Was anything of interest said at Shareholders Meeting?
    I did not see a post here mentioning anything beyond the restaurant?

  37. MickyDidIt89

    Oh, yikes!
    Me? I would take the £40 (if that’s realistic) and buy someone good AND Hazard (or anyone that cross the friggin ball). On top of my classy CB and GK.

  38. MoKm

    Frustrating preseason so far as usual! While all the major teams are willing and dealing, Arsenal are engaged in the world of transfer roumors! During D.Dean’s time, we used to outmanouver all other clubs and that is why we won championships.