Are Arsenal statistically out of the Premiership challenge already?

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So I posted up my thoughts on the captain of Bosnia coming to join us yesterday evening to a crescendo of AKB angst.

After letting the dust settle, I thought I’d give you a more reasoned analysis as to why I’m still dead against his signing and why I won’t be blindly lapping up his move as a potentially shrewd piece of business.

Firstly, I don’t think a team with the most expensive season ticket in the Premiership should be sniffing around average teams for old defenders (He’s 30 in 3 weeks, he wouldn’t be getting anymore than a 1 year deal if he was currently with us) who’ve had one good season.

He’s clearly not the best defender in France, becuase last week anyone who’d caught one game of Ligue One was busy telling me Kozzer was the best defender out there. Interesting that neither of them appeared in the official French team of the year that Chamakh was in. It was Ciani and Diawara.

The key arguments yesterday seemed to run along the lines of…

1. Bosnia are a great team and he’s the captain of it.

Response: Bosnia are not a great team, they didn’t qualify for either of the last 2 major competitions. They are an average team with a good goalscorer. Without using Wikipedia, a majority of people in Europe would struggle to name 3 of their players. It’s also key to note that being the captain of a team does not mean you are the best player. Take Gary Neville for instance.

2. Trust Wenger to make the right signings

Response: I’ve been trusting Wenger to make the right signings for the past 5 years. Last season we needed a keeper, a  striker and a decent back up centre back. We didn’t sign any of those players and we paid for it when our squad came up short. If you go back over the past 5 years, Wenger has NEVER make the right signings despite our shortcomings being blatantly obvious.

Ask around your friends who support other teams what they think of Arsenal and their transfer policy. If they’re anything like mine, they’ll be chanting ‘de ja vu’ at you.

3. Montpellier fans rate him and I’ll trust them over you because they watch him week in week out.

Response: If you went into deepest darkest Brazil and met a native tribe and they told you the Amazon water was safe to drink, would you drink it?

No? How come? They drink out of that river everyday?

Montpellier fans do not watch world-class talent week in week out and it’s doubtful they are too heavily into Premiership football. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but France isn’t a football crazy nation. If they think he’s great, that has to be put in context… their fans are not used to seeing superb players and I’m pretty sure they thought Ibrahima Bakayoko was an excellent player until he bombed at Everton.

Ben over at Arsene knows (French based I understand) had this to say on him Spahic…

‘Spahic is ok. No more than ok. Could be little more than a slightly improved Silvestre.I’d be disappointed if we signed him’

Hardly a glowing reference from a guy who is into French football.

There is a big fear amongst certain sections of the fanbase when it comes to having an opinion on an Arsene bargain bucket player… you know, just incase they become a superstar. I don’t care how this guy turns out, I’m just disappointed we’re aiming so low in our quest to become the biggest club in the world and I’m pretty upset our season is being gambled on despite the millions pouring into the club every season.

If you think I’m acting like a spoilt child, take a look at what our captain has been up to all summer. Do you think he’s agitating for a move because the level of class in the dressing room is showing him up? Or do you think perhaps he sees another two bob signing as a complete lack of ambition on the Arsenal front?

4. Weight doesn’t matter, what are you talking about?

Response: Well, facts and figures do deliver, so I spent a bit of time doing some research and came up with some interesting evidence about weight and age.

This is a bit rough and ready, so please excuse me if I haven’t got the weights of each player here 100% correct. I’m in the ball park regardless and you can cross reference me against ESPN or the said players websites if you don’t have a life (says the man who compiled this dossier).

Right, firstly I took the weight and age of the first team centre back pairings of the top 2 clubs in each major European league (France, Spain, Italy, England).

Then I took my shoddy maths to the detail which gave me the following table.

Top two clubs league averages for weight and age

The above table shows you that youth can work for you in the Spanish league which perhaps gives you a good indicator as to why Pique failed at United. The emphasis is on technique, pace and passing… not really a power league. Ryan Garry told me that the reason defenders don’t make it until they’re in their mid twenties is because older players are so much stronger. In England and France, the average age of a successful partnership creeps up to 30 plus.

My final table compares the average to Arsenal’s and the difference.

Euro League's comparison to Arsenal

So Arsenal and their current set up are 10% lighter than the best defenders in Europe as it stands. Our centre backs average weight compared to Drogba alone is 23% lighter. The age differential is also huge. To reach to top two standard, ideally, if you took the figures literally, we’d require an additional 21% of ageing in the next few weeks. The average centre back pairing in Europe are a massive 4 years older than our main two of Kozzer and Vermaelen.

Even when you compare us to the Spanish teams, we’re still 7.5% off their averages.

You might point to our lack of success last year with the older heads of Gallas and Campbell in the team as being a spanner in my theory. Well Sol was clearly far too old but his experience was highly valued by all who watched him. Our moody Frenchman was doing pretty well until he picked up an injury late on in the season. If he’d stayed fit, the outcome of our league position may have been different.

My last revelation on the weight issue. How about our most successful partnerships weight average? Well, the 98 double winning pairing of Adams and Keown weighed in with an 86kg average and the invincible pairing of Kolo and Sol weighed in with and 83.5kg average.

So in short, I believe that I’ve conclusively proven that experience and the power that comes with weight DOES matter in top class football. So apologies for not reaching for the Champagne when I heard a 30 year old, 77kg Bosnian with one average year of football under his belt was heading our way…

Hopefully this is all one big lie, the trouble is, we all know this story probably has legs…

Have a good day Grovers, see you in the comments!

P.S. In case you were wondering… Mertesacker wouldn’t do much for our age differential but he’d put us within 1.4% of the European average for a top class centre back pairing.

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  1. gambon


    He basically just likes to argue and look for arguments that arent there.


    Maybe he thought he has a better chance of success at City than Arsenal, which is entirely understabdable.

  2. kev

    money is the bane of football its gone way out of control. cash is only part of it with ronaldo though – the lad loves himself he loves the spotlight. madrid is a circus so he feels right at home there.

    were doing it arseways pedro – instead of our youngsters earning big wages were just giving it to them. theo you hit row y instead of row z with a cross? here have another 10 grand a week

  3. Pedro

    Kev, you’re not wrong… I don’t have any evidence… but I wonder whether the cash and the pampered lifestyle so early on stunts their attitude?

  4. gambon

    Definately a bit jealous Pedro.

    They were already the best team in the PL and theyve done some v good business. They will be right up there no doubt.

  5. choy

    Just ask him what the target for the club this year is.

    Ask him to take the domestic cups more seriously, they are easier to win than the league or the CL.

    And to strip fabregas off the captaincy!

    Thanks Pedro!

  6. Pedro

    Did you see that guy on yesterday who said 5 out of 7 writers were backing Arsenal for the league in the racing post?

    If that’s true… that is crazy.

  7. kev

    most definitely – its a sense of entitlement and an attitude of “ive made it”. none of our young players should get big rises in pay until they actually do something in the game. walcott on around 60k a week when he cant cross a ball properly? disgusting. im not picking on theo just using him as an example.

  8. Stu

    Not jealous of Ramires or chelsea but annoyed that they sign a big name (kinda) for big money and they dont even need him but we need signings and are after bargains.

  9. kev

    theyre just trying to make the bookmakers some easy cash by tricking gullible people. 8/1? any takers from here?!

  10. Pedro

    I just had an incoming link from a forum… people were complaining my data set was too small to draw conclusions!

    Fuck me, do these people think I’m going to analyse every league in the world to make an obvious point!

  11. kev

    ive seen ramires a couple of times. cant really see what the fuss is about – he looks ok but i dunno. how much are they paying for him? benfica have huge buy out clauses in all their players contracts dont they? isnt that what turned maureen off of david luiz

  12. incesc

    was he playing in the world cup?

    i dont remember him, or was he injured?

    apologies if he was, i honestly have no idea who he is

  13. A

    I’m a big fan of Ramires to be fair, very athletic, although I was a big fan of Anderson before he arrived at Utd too

  14. choy

    They are paying almost 20 mill, he’s supposed to be a box to box MF.

    What are you saying Stu. Ballack was a class act back in the days. A cunt but a good player nonetheless.

  15. incesc

    spuds draw for friday

    AJ Auxerre (FRA)
    Werder Bremen (GER)
    UC Sampdoria (ITA)
    Sevilla FC (ESP)
    Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)
    BSC Young Boys (SUI)
    FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
    Rosenborg BK (NOR)
    AFC Ajax (NED)
    SC Braga (POR)
    Champions route
    Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
    RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
    FK Partizan (SRB)
    FC Zenit St. Petersburg (RUS)
    FC København (DEN)
    MŠK Žilina (SVK)
    FC Basel 1893 (SUI)
    AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
    FC Sheriff (MDV)
    FC Salzburg (AUT)

    plenty of teams to give them a game their 🙂

    pressure is going to be huge

  16. incesc

    actually is it just the top ones in their side of the draw?

    AJ Auxerre (FRA)
    Werder Bremen (GER)
    UC Sampdoria (ITA)
    Sevilla FC (ESP)
    Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)
    BSC Young Boys (SUI)
    FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
    Rosenborg BK (NOR)
    AFC Ajax (NED)
    SC Braga (POR)

  17. Gooneroo

    Goodmorning Everyone.

    Zapata’s agent confirmed that there is no interest from Arsenal, but if there was, he’d be interested in a move…PULL YOUR FINGER OUT WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. denis

    Kev, be sure that he is powerful, he is skinny but very strong ! He outmuscled Marseille’s midfield during the liga europa and he did very well vs liverpool !
    He is not a brazilian like Ronaldinho, Robinho, he is more like Melo or Gilberto silva !

  19. Stu

    Have they signed anyone besides Ramires? Hopefully cashley wll go to real. But then again Zhirkov is very good too and then they would have like 20m+ to spend on more players. Stupid fucking chavs with their good squad!!! 😡

  20. AA23

    Balotelli just went up in my opinion. He’s clearly a total shitcunt but trying to get Chav2.0 to pay him that sort of money endears me to him, how can you not love that?
    It comes naturally. Like that fat senile Maltese mug jaguar comes naturally into his fez each time I post!
    Just kidding jag!
    I know you love to call people names you fat, Maltese, fez abusing,lying about having a season ticket, rafa benitez lookalike.
    But I also know you can take a bit of abuse too.
    Gambon, BBK and DDM have told me all about how you love a bit of abuse!
    DDM even went as far as to tell me about how sick his “once great club” made you feel “that night!”
    Just kidding lads
    great blog by the way

  21. AA23

    I just got this from Phillipe Auclairs site and he’s normally bang on with Arsenal news…

    “you are teats le grove!”

    I think he means “twats” but other than that it seems spot on.
    Any French mugs that can confirm?

  22. LeProf

    Pedro said: Power and experience have everything to do with winning the league…

    Hmmm likewise the bastard bully and serial bonker will always get the hot chicks…

    Fine, perhaps that’s how the world as it is: full of fuckers as winners. This is the reality but somehow only Wenger would play the game on fair play basis (financially and morally) with monks as players. Call it artificial world of football but for how long Wenger can operate our club on monk standard while most league champions operate on fucker standard?

    Along the line, together with power and experience, the thin line of difference is still how smart the player is. Eg. That’s how Spain defeated Germany and Holland. Big bully like Schweinsteiger and Van Rommel are at best let running around until they run out of ideas. Got it? Drain your enemy mentally dry. Even with Ozil and Robben it was the same trick done by Spain. Same goes with defenders from Heitinga to Mertesacker they all kept on waiting and guessing when Villa gonna strike or Torres just a dummy. Both Holland and Germany thought they can round up Spain by blocking or match their quick passing game.

    This is an old trick of Sun Tzu – draw your enemy in your own turf. And exactly what Spain did. Let Holland and Germany show all of their trick trying to ape anything Spain’s style…until they instead running out of ideas and exhausted. And frustrated. And angry. Dragged them tired until a quick, very smart effortless pass from Cesc and the rest is fucking Paul correct tip.

    That’s how 21st century world champion done it. Defeat bullies with brains.

    So what the fuck, Stoke with their 10 brain-dead players simply park likea bus infront of Sorensen is all they need to defeat Arsenal?

    Go ahead buy me Robert Huth. Stop Drogba from laughing all the way scoring past Denilson and Almunia.

    Otherwise Wenger can keep on justifying his monk’s football standard afterall worth everything than fucker’s football standard.

  23. Ray in SF

    I think Cesc should reflect that the assist from him that you mention, that won spain the world cup was not credited to Cesc but to someone else

    this same iniesta that bays about how great it would be to have Cesc on the team

    on the team maybe, but on the bench and jealously undermined by his new teammates

  24. Rohan

    Pleeeasee, no, no, Wenger..not Tomas Rosicky. Hell no!
    On form, he is as good as anyone we have in midfield. He gives us a dynamism in midfield not to mention he’s experienced and knows what it takes to get the job done.
    Give Denilson to Galatasaray but not Tomas.

  25. charliegeorge

    News Alert:

    Barcelona have offered Arsenal 42m for Fabregas’ signature. Interesting, 40m was my valuation all along.

    Rohan, as regards Rosicky, what did you expect? We are a selling club, pure and simple. Get ready for another 17 year old to take his place.

    Such is life …..

  26. Rohan

    I don’t think he’ll leave. If he stays fit, he has a genuine chance of being a first 11 starter in place of Diaby.

  27. charliegeorge

    Galatasary have offered around 5m; Rijkaard is interested; Arsenal are a selling club – all the stars align.

    Let’s be honest, it’s just too tempting for the old goat to pass up. I wonder what cut of that transfer goes straight into his kicker? All off the record, of course, Mr. Judge Me In May.

  28. charliegeorge


    Na mate. I think he’ll jump at it. It’s about what he’s worth. If he said no, Fabregas will ask him for an official you know what.

  29. santino

    bosnian captain …:lol: 😆

    what are people doing in share holders meeting ??

    is phw running some kind of loan sharking ??

    where is the fucking MONEY????????

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    Well Chas me old ’71 hero, if Cesc goes now, the shite will hit the fan with a good deal of the fans, coz he won’t buy anyone to replace him IMO. I hope I’m wrong ofcourse but recent Wenger history means that he will just pay his kids more.

    The state of Arsenal is starting to get to more than a little bit worrying 😉

  31. charliegeorge

    santino, where is the fucking MONEY????

    One of two possibilities:

    Jerry “Show Me The Money” Maguire’s bank account, or

    Arsene “Take My Chequebook To The Euros” Wenger’s bank account.

    My guess:

    Well it aint Jerry Maguire.

  32. charliegeorge


    Been saying it for 3 years mate. Have I been wrong? One of Ramsey or Wilshere will most likely replace Cesc. History suggests the transfer funds will never see the light of day, save for a portion going into Basil Fawlty’s bank account.

  33. Ray in SF

    what was probably missing from Pedro’s analysis this morning and pointed out eloquently by QoS was an optimizing restriction to the size and age progression

    i.e., 30 stone, 80-somethings probably not ideal

    the optimizer is footballistic skills

    you have four quadrants, small and useless, small and skillful, big and useless, big and skillful

    our CBs, Vermaelen (on the basis of his first year) and Kosielny (admittedly on very limited observation) seem to be on the outer edge size-wise but well located skill-wise

    I’m not as worried about our CBs as others seem to be and certainly not as worried as I am about our inability to bring in a top-quality keeper

    a good squad CB (Spahic) and an excellent goalkeeper would be much better than an excellent CB (Mertesacker, etc.) and no goalkeeper

    ideally we would want the best available for every position but this is Arsenal under the Wenger regime

  34. dennisdamenace

    charliegeorge says:
    August 5, 2010 at 05:45
    News Alert:

    Barcelona have offered Arsenal 42m for Fabregas’ signature. Interesting, 40m was my valuation all along.

    Rohan, as regards Rosicky, what did you expect? We are a selling club, pure and simple. Get ready for another 17 year old to take his place.

    Such is life …..

    WTF??? Chaz, is this for real????

    And, Tomas? WTF is going on there fella??

  35. Jaguar

    ideally we would want the best available for every position but this is Arsenal under the Wenger regime
    Plight of one of the best clubs in the world,under a senile,egoistic,hypocritical,stubborn mug.

  36. Ray in SF

    I hope one day we get the ‘back story’

    I’d love to be around Wenger at some point when he was sh*t-faced, with his guard down, and with a need to tell his side of the story

    he’s a smart fellow, yet he rarely implements the obvious solution, there has to be a reason beyond ego and ‘my project youth’ (I hope)

  37. charliegeorge

    According to the news doing the rounds, that’s the current position, Dennis.

    What can you do?

    Only be shocked when he signs quality; do not be shocked when he sells quality.

    This ought to be our new mantra.

  38. Goonerman

    Pedro – its 4 out of 6 tipsters and it ain’t crazy at all:

    ‘For those who don’t trust Arsene Wenger.

    Racing Post Footbal tipsters:

    Who will win the PL?

    Mike Langdon: Arsenal
    Steve Davies: Arsenal
    Dan Childs: Chelsea
    James Milton: Arsenal
    Ian Wilkerson:Arsenal
    Kevin Pullein:Man Utd.

    Keep the Faith . Stop being negative. In Arsene We Rust.’

    We might not win it but we will go very close if Fabregas stays. 7/1 bet with Chelsea favourites.

  39. GoonerT1m

    He certainly is s bright fellow Ray, some might say too bright for football……it will be very bad for him if cesc leaves after his comments.

  40. dennisdamenace

    Hey Jag, now i know this is not gonna happen, but just for the hell of it, suppose, just suppose the Book Keeper does get in the two or three (however, for me it’s really four or five really as the mug has let the first team slip for so long now) top quality signings. Then he actually wins the league!!! Will you eat a slice of the ol’ humble pie?

    For what it’s worth, i think your diets safe!

  41. dennisdamenace

    charlie – Like i’ve said all along, why hold out for £50, £60 or £70m? Bottom line is it won’t go into making the first team stronger. Just like the Adebayor money, it ‘disappeared’!!

    All that will happen is that he will maek a ‘panic’ purchase of some relative nobody at the end of the window and promote from within…….

    One step forward, two steps back…….

  42. Jaguar

    I will DDM(gleefully knowing that the diet is safe and the greedy senile mug is more interested in his own bonuses and his shit love children than our club winning any silverware)

  43. dennisdamenace

    I must admit, i agree with you Jag, i don’t put it so colourfully as your good self, but i do agree.

    In fact i think he’s is in league with the board. Put simply, he’s their front man. He takes all the flack, but keeps quiet, and let’s be honest here why would he………….££££££££££’s that’s why!

  44. charliegeorge


    You are bang on. If the price paid were 100m it would simply be used to pay down more debt, never mind lining the pockets of Arsenal’s Fourth Reich.

  45. dennisdamenace

    I remember him bigging himself up about how he makes the club money!!! WTF?? How about bigging yourself up about winning some trophies, oh i forgot, you don’t do that anymore……

    Fucking 3rd place is a trophy, fucking mug, with that comment he disrepects all paying fans…..

  46. cesc rule


    wtf with ur yaya n makelele stats to replace cesc…with cesc..spain won the WC..periodd….

  47. dennisdamenace

    chaz – Don’t you believe it, that £100m would not all find it’s way to pay of the debt. AW would get a financial pat on the back, and he would in turn reward rubbish like Denilson with a new and improved deal…… buy his loyalty, which we have all seen how well that works with Fab4. The ONLY guarantee of loyalty is to produce a winning team ffs!

  48. charliegeorge


    Yeah mate. I agree. I should have explained it better. All those dirty pigs have their heads buried deep in the Arsenal trough.

  49. tonyadamsisgod

    dmm – Morning me old fruit!!

    Imagine how many thousands of children are automatically disregarding supporting Arsenal and going straight for either Utd, Chelsea or City. Imagine being an Arsenal fan and trying to get your son to support them too (not me by the way)! We’ll be feeling these effects of failure for a long time!!

  50. dennisdamenace

    It’s funny that taig, i was only discussing that very point with Pat Rice’s son yesterday!! The fact that we are missing out on future, long term supporters….

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsène Wenger said about 10 years ago that The Arsenal were punching above their weight. I guess the new stadium was the Le Remedy for that ideal.

    But because he refuses to bring in ready made quality players, The Club is still punching above its weight, a fact that he uses to justify his finishing 3rd or 4th all the time.

    I’m lost with his reasoning. I hope you all get mine 😀

  52. charliegeorge

    The famous tonyadamsisgod.

    What’s your realistic expectation re the Fabregas transfer saga? Will he go, or will he stay?

  53. tonyadamsisgod

    Yeah, after 5 trophy-less years and with us heading into a new season in the same fashion as the 5 before then to the reality is that we are most likely to end up empty handed again. This is still the most apt quote to sum up Wenger:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein.

  54. Jaguar

    The situation wont change as long as there are some mugs,who love the mug Wenger more than they love Arsenal.

    Whats the worst of this?Being called a AKB or a Spud?

  55. tonyadamsisgod

    charliegeorge – I’ve said all along that I think he will go. I think now it comes down to nothing else other than Wenger’s ego and whether he can handle looking weak if he gives in to Barca. If Cesc does go I am more than sure we wont replace him with a new signing. About a week or so ago I said that Cesc would leave with nasri, Wilshere and Ramsey fighting for his place in the team. Schwarzer would come in and that would be it. I did think Sol would stay so now I guess we could see a new CB come in. Then I said that we would fail on all fronts this season which I still believe and that Wenger will leave with a huge end of season bonus and blame the fans for being too demanding and making his position untenable.

  56. tonyadamsisgod

    Jag – Its not just down to those who love Wenger. I may not show it as much as you but I have wanted Wenger out for over 2 years now but until the majority of fans stand up and say something nothing will change. The ones who want him but aren’t doing anything about it are as much to blame as those who still want him.

  57. Jaguar

    TAIG,Did you read that news about the retard Wenger claiming how important Sol Campbell’s signing was?And the fucking mug,conveniently forgot that signing a striker in Jan would have helped us in winning the PL.

  58. abnet

    being called Jaguar !!! I wonder what will be your comments if ( that is a big if i know ) we won the league this season

  59. Jaguar

    TAIG,it wont happen as the mugs in the stadium would eject,any banner which goes against the mug Wenger.Moreover,its ridiculous that there are some retards like Shitwood who call Wenger as ‘Lord’.

    How low can a human being stoop down to?

  60. Jaguar

    Abnet,I would be one of the happiest supporters,if we win the league.But it wont happen as long as Wenger is here,because he is too busy trying to prove a point in vain,with his shit love children like Clownmoonia.

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Jag – If fans really wanted to protest against anything they could! Especially if it were done in mass! The stewards can’t chuck hundreds of people out.

  62. tonyadamsisgod

    Ozil on prospective new clubs:

    “There are four or five clubs in Europe that you would have to say as a player would be a dream to play for, Manchester United and Chelsea are very much two of them. When you are looking at moving clubs it’s impossible not to pay attention to the Premier League and even more impossible not to pay attention to Manchester United and Chelsea.

    “I am a winner and, when I am looking for a new club, I simply look at where I can be the most successful and where I can win the most trophies. If you look at the recent history of Manchester United and Chelsea then it’s clear that a player can be very successful there.

    “Of course, clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are of huge interest and the Premier League’s top two clubs are of serious interest to me when the time comes. I am under contract with Werder for another year and it is impossible for me to say if a deal will be done this summer. They may decide that they want to keep me for another season or they may decide to sell me this summer, so they can get some money for me. That is up to the club.”

  63. gambon


    Do you think maybe an Arsenal fan would be pretty delighted if we won the PL?

    Either way Wenger isnt the man for the job anymore, he’s so far out of his depth these days its scary.

  64. gambon

    Ozil pretty much says it all.

    We arent one of the elite clubs. We dont win anything, we dont sign big players, we arent particularly attractive to play for these days.

    I remember when we signed Reyes, he basically said he wanted to play for us so that he could play alongside Henry. Theres no-one around any more that people want to play with.

    Could you imagine it…”Ive always dreamt of playing with Laurent Koscielny!”

    We have the money and history to become a huge club, certainly bigger than Chelsea, but without ambition itll never happen.

  65. dennisdamenace

    taig – That is a damning idictment of where our club is right now in terms of the real pecking order….

  66. dennisdamenace

    gambon – I don’t think he’s out of his depth, it’s just his priorities have completely changed now, that making money and proving average players can be made into world beaters is now his priorities……unfortunately it’s at the detriment to Arsenal Football Club.

  67. abnet

    yes Gambon He may be is out of his depth and may he will go next year but disrespecting him with each comment does not have any importance with our chat about our club

  68. dennisdamenace

    taig – And, yet certain people will have nothing said against any of the management or the direction of the club, they follow like fucking sheep….

  69. A

    Why would anyone pick out someone like that to say they’d dreamt of playing with gambon?! They’d say VP, Cesc, Arshavin. Just as people going to Barca would say Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, not Dmytro Chigrynskiy.

    Ozil said earlier in the summer that he’d like to play for us didn’t he?!

  70. Cloggs

    My impression is that there’s still a widespread Wenger support in the rank and file. In the last match vs Fulham I witnessed some -not nice- words being exchanged between people in and around area 4 (who chanted there’s only on AW, the same who cynically cheered everytime flappyflopski grabbed a ball, which was some fun imho)and folk that left just before the “lap of honour”. The latter being in a slight but silent majority while some hardcore AKB were bullying down fans who dared to vent their frustration. When I told some of them I wasn’t impressed I got the usual “go fuck off and support the chavs if ya want trophies”. 🙂

  71. ardentgooner

    rosicky is not going anywhere… he is cesc’s best mate…… if he goes…surely wenger cant afford to piss him off anymore…

  72. gambon


    The thing is the PL is much harder to win than it was 10 years ago, and i dont think Wenger is capable of accepting this.

    You need a great defence, and i dont think Wenger is capable of accepting this or building a great defence.

    Wengers teams over the years tend to score 70-something points, which is a long way off what will win the PL.

    To get world class players you often have to spend big money, and he just wont do it, hes terrified of spending money on proven players.

    Wenger is a relic of an era that was easier than it is now.

  73. charliegeorge


    So I take it Ozil won’t be coming then ………….. that’s how pathetically low this club has fallen. While Wenger and his Fourth Reich are steering the ship, we will encounter further icebergs, with the mother of them all, missing out on the CL, waiting on the horizon.

  74. abnet

    No DDM the pools were flowing Benitez(the worst manager in big club football history to stay for more than 5 season with out being sacked) like king until the last time is that make them sheep

  75. LAzer

    The season hasn’t even started and everyone on here is sure we are going to get nowhere. If adding a player (4th choice CB) can convince us all it is doomsday before a single ball has been kicked for 2010-2011 isn’t that just a tad over the top?

    I know the usual responses already. 5 years, no ambition, etc etc. Wenger will be gone by the end of this year and maybe there will be a huge party on here. But what if we actually win something? Will everyone be putting their hands up and admit they now want him to stay and were wrong?

  76. gambon

    What makes me laugh is that a lot of AKBs seem to actually celebrate not spending money & not winning trophies, as if teams arent supposed to do that!

    Its madness how well Arsene has conditioned some fans.

    There was one post on here either yesterday or tuesday saying “We wont spend £20m on a player cos we’ve got class”

    What the fuck does that mean!

  77. Jaguar

    I wouldnt mind us playing in the UEFA Cup for a season,if it ensures that the senile serial loser Wenger will be replaced by a new manager,who could catapult us into a double the season after.

  78. gambon


    Thinking we wont win the PL doesnt mean we think we will “get nowhere”.

    Theres no doubt we probably wont win it, for numerous reasons.

  79. LAzer

    I think if anything Wengerball as they say is what has been found out. We have gone through an extensive rebuild of the squad and invested in youth that has sometimes not lived up to potential. We have been found to be mentally weak and tactically naive at certain times and we have been defensively pretty horrible. Not having a world class keeper is a problem and has been for a while now.

  80. dennisdamenace

    My only concern is Arsenal Football Club, i couldn’t give a flying fuck about any other club or what they do or don’t do….

  81. Jaguar

    LAzer,you have addressed the issue,and why do we have to trust the loser Wenger,when he hasnt given two shits to the real issues in the squad for the past five seasons.All he is interested is taking credit for ‘unearthing’ some unknown players,who are wanted by no top club,and ofcourse his own bonuses.

  82. LAzer

    I don’t think it is beyond doubt gambon…no way will I ever discount Arsenal Football Club to not win the PL at the start of any season…ever.

    But I do agree there are reasons that point to us not winning. Lacking a GK and world class pairing at the back is an issue. Said this yesterday too, I am not worried about this Saphic fellow, what I am worried about is if this means Koscielny and TV or JD and TV are going to be that starting pair. That horrifies me right now.

  83. Gooby

    the keeper situation is making me sick!

    hope koscienly can do the job better than gallas coz it doesn’t look like we are signing a proper first choice

  84. Cloggs

    that would be my finest hour, Wenger proving us wrong.
    I have nothing against him personally and I think the frequent low-level abuse towards him ain’t very classy.

    Then again, I support my club, not the manager. The AKB/IAWT-ers seem to mix that up constantly.