Possible new signing details…

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Arsenal are potentially in for Emir Spahic. Goonertalk have unearthed a story suggesting talks are going well with Arsenal.

I’d prefer to put this out there now because I don’t want to kick off tomorrow in a bad mood by talking about the worst piece of transfer gossip since Geoff thought the Silvestre story was a joke a couple of years ago.

Key Stats

  • Bosnian Captain
  • 29 years old
  • Averaged 14.8 games per season since 2006 (this includes internationals).
  • Has made around the same amount of first team appearances as Denilson has to date
  • Weight: 77kg, a whopping 2kg more than Kozzer
  • Height: 6ft
  • Career highlights: Finding a club willing to give him a full season in the first team at the age of 28.
  • Web Myth: That he got in the French team of the year.
  • Exciting video? Here he is slapping a German.

Compelling stuff eh? We’re after a player who will definitely be fresh on account of being a full-time bench warmer for 80% of his career.

So there you have it, a rumour that makes far more sense than Mertesacker and one that feels me full of dread. It’s incredible that his name has never been mentioned in the comments section of Le Grove. Someone always knows about a top player and I don’t think many have escaped analysis here at Le Grove.

Here’s hoping that turd from Man United is trying to merk all the Gooners on the web with this little horror story…

Pray to the footballing gods this isn’t Wenger’s idea of showing ambition in the transfer market…

Catch you tomorrow morning.

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  1. Stu

    People catching on late to this about Gallas being shit? Never played a full season and was a bit of a cunt. I wanted him gone last season because we would have gotten some money by selling him. This was we got nothing.

  2. A

    incesc I’d say he certainly gives us athleticism, covers alot of ground with his big gangly strides, is a big target to get past defensively, and breaks forwards deceivingly quickly, he can break through a midfield and create space for others.

    Last season he was very underrated imo, until towards the end when he was just dead on his feet

  3. incesc

    diabys good and bad games probably evened out quite evenly over last season making him distinctly average.

    another player who might do well…

    so many mights, ifs and maybes.

    if it all comes good it could be amazing, but how many times have we said that…

  4. Marty

    Why oh why do we get put through all this!

    I just wish the club would tell us A) Get excited we are bringing in a world class CB or B) We may add one more player but we will be going to the $2 store.

    I love Arsenal FC and I think Arsene is a genius and has been the best manager ever for us, and I am willing to go into this season with my mouth shut over the dissapointment this off season has been. But if we dont have a Fantastic year and challange on all fronts and end our trophy drought than surly it his AW last season.

  5. A

    Yeah pretty well Dale, you can see there’s something special there. Watching him is like watching early Diego or Robinho for the Brazilian youths, it’s like someone just presses fast forward when they get the ball, speed with which he moves and passes/shoots ridiculous, technically he looks awesome.

    He barely touched the ball for the first quarter hour after he came on at half time then he had a couple of very good dribbles, shot from 20-25 yards very well saved by the keeper, burnt the right back for pace so easily and put in a decent cross with the outside of his right foot, won a few free kicks.

    Also worked hard, won the ball back a few times really harrying the defenders.

    I can’t wait to see him in the first team, impact sub, and around the box he’s just so quick over 5 metres and so quick with low centre of gravity, although he isn’t Messi in terms of just getting the ball and dribbling in terms of trying to play one twos, or picking the ball up in ridiculously tight spaces and keeping it he looks really top notch

  6. Keyser

    Two things fucked us up last season, our attack against certain teams, that either sat back or we struggled to impose ourselves physically against, and our defence on the counter when we couldn’t break teams down, knowing that we needed all the points.

    Chamakh means another physical prescence up front against such teams and he’s technically good enough to play against all sorts of others teams.

    Koscielny should be a good back-up and for me the one place where we need a new player more than anywhere is Centre-back, other than that we have a decent squad.

    A lot of questions to be answered by many of the players but a decent squad.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    I hope Wellington makes games uneasy for Walcott and Vela early on as soon as he arrives, we need those two to up their game a notch.

  8. A

    I would be unsure as to whether we’d keep him, very skillfull and quick, some quality moments, but wasn’t on the same wavelength as the other players alot of the time, although expected seeing as he’s just on trial. Final ball wasn’t great a few times but quick, skillfull, worked hard, and could beat his man. Hitting the underside of the crossbar after a good run was his best moment I’d say, but second half he tired/lost confidence a bit. Still some talent there but I’m not sure whether he did enough to earn a deal, have to wait and see.

    As I got off the train at Borehamwood station there was a Japanese kid who couldn’t speak English with a boot bag, and he then proceeded to leg it towards the ground, thought it was him and he was late! It was just his mate though, who bizarely seemed to be speaking to him through the game, via bluetooth. Either that or he was making notes on a recordable bluetooth thing, but he kept speaking in Japanese into it, and it appeared to me like he was speaking to his mate on the pitch, although I couldn’t see an earpiece.

  9. A

    Essentially yes Dale! He loves his stepovers, and just is so quick over 5 metres he could be a real impact player. Seemed very intelligent too in both his movement and use of the ball, while having the quincy owusu-abeyie type technique

  10. A

    By the way the above not sure if we’ll keep him thing was talking about the Japanese fellow, not Wellington Silva, who we’ll definitely keep!

  11. Keyser

    incesc – Didn’t reply earlier, but people always look back on the past with nostalgia, I wasn’t really aware of the off-field antics of the team back in the days of Graham, but all you hear is gambling, shedloads of drinking, some drugs, loads more drinking, a criminal element, and more drinking.

    Graham had a team that won the league on the last day in one of the most exciting ways possible, how did that team go from doing that to finishing 12th in a season.

    You were talking about Adams wanting a drink soo badly that he shat his pants and still wandered around looking for pub, mate our players now might be loads of things, but I’m glad they’re not complete fuckwits and it still counts for something.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Nice, like i said, I wet my pants knowing we will have a talent like that, I saw one game with Fluminense, a no-look pass (he looked the opposite and passed a well timed ball for a shot on goal) I hope he doesn’t get home sick or the Real Madrids and Barca cunts don’t come disturbing us..unfortunately, i see him wanting a move as soon as he becomes really good. Denilson has said he wants to take him under his wings, do we really want that? we don’t want him to loose his skills rubbing off with Denilson…LOL

  13. Keyser

    Gallas was quality at times, he’s just a bit of a nuttah, he was the best defender Chelsea have had in the last 10 years or so, thing is his main assest was his athelticism, and when that fades, someone like him who you can physically see wants to win that much doesn’t knoq quite what to do with themselves and it comes out in frsutration.

    Gallas was decent for us, if we’d got him 5 years earlier he’d have been an absolute great.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Alright guys, i gotta roll, will look forward till tomorrow, hopefully we wrap the Spahic deal up and hope to get a goal keeper surprise! by the end of the week, hopefully it’s not the Moldovan kid, he adds squat to our current setup. I’d rather we stick Chesny in than get a 23 year old who only played 2 games for his country and no known qualities.

  15. Walking Wounded

    Apparently that Japanese kid was good, and at 17, work permit willing, will be good for us financially as well

  16. incesc

    “Graham had a team that won the league on the last day in one of the most exciting ways possible, how did that team go from doing that to finishing 12th in a season”

    It didnt happen that quickly we won the league in 89 and 91. Between that i dont think we were 12th? In 91 i seem to remember we only lost one game, to chelsea, that whole season. nEARLY DONE

    we also won the european cup winners cup a fantastic achievement and cup doubles in that whole era but it was up and down in the league…

    sucess was different then, the FA cup was much more of an acheivement.

    Adams drinking was appaling, that incident happened when he was in the grips of alcoholism, a very bad disease. It wasnt long after he hit rock bottom and sobered up and went on to win stuff under wenger.

    i just think it was another time and place, most footballers drank a lot so it affected all teams.

    im not sure if adams could drink like that and perform in todays game but im sure a lot of players do. Ledley king loves a drink…

    even tho they gambled and drunk, they were part of the community more and more real. Adams and a few others would sign autographs for ages after games and chat to anyone.

  17. incesc

    im sure i remember reading that before adams sobered up he never even checked his contracts or asked for more money. He just signed whenever he was asked to.


    maybe thats why he was the perfect arsenal captain

  18. Walking Wounded


    For all his faults, and he has many, Denilson is well respected in Brazil for raising lots of money for charity. He may be perfect for the nannying role with Wellington, as long as Wellington keeps him out of the team

  19. Keyser

    incesc – In 92/93 we dropped down to 10th, in 94/95 we were 12th, in between we did finsih 4th, but 21 points off top.

    You’re not sure if Adams could drink like that and perform in today’s game ?!

    Mate that sounds ridiculous, of course he couldn’t, I’d give crtedit to Adams because he hit rock bottom but then picked himself up again to get back to the top, but perfect Captain ? I can understand wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt about players in the past, and yeah it could be seen as a disease.

    Though on the flipside I don’t get how our players now get soo much stick, when you consider people love up players that did shit like that.

    People talking about comfort zones and shit like that just sounds soo fucking retarded, when at the same time they describe that as their perfect Arsenal Captain.

  20. incesc

    you are way off the mark keyser

    firstly alcoholism is a disease. not could be seen as a disease. This wasnt a few beers every weekend, read his book…

    during the times our league form dropped we were seen as cup specialists and the cups were worth something back then. We achieved success reguarly just not always in the league.

    THese days the players earn millions a year and float around the pitch with no real care for arsenal fans.

    adams had massive problems off the pitch but on it he was a brilliant captain, he was always a leader and inspired all of his team mates.

    i saw it so many times at highbury, it was awe inspiring at times how one man could change a game.

  21. Keyser

    incesc – I’m not wide of anything, I’m asking you why you seem to think there’s such a disparity between the players of today with seemingly not a care in the World, and you loving the players of yesteryear when they could do things like that.

    I didn’t really live through it, so how bad was the culture at the club ?, like Parlour or Merson or whoever else ? How deep did it go ?!

    Think about how much they could have won as opposed to fucking about in nightclubs getting rat arsed.

    I don’t want to get into the disease/ not a disease debate, I’m just wondering how can someone can excuse one and not the other.

    I’ve watched Bergkamp change games, Henry destroy teams, Vieira dominate whole midfields on his own, Adams was a great player and a leader, still say you need players to share the same attitude to get anywhere.

    Vermaelens spent one year with us and you can see how much it means to him to play a game for us, and thats after a season, you could see it against Celtic last year in the Champions League qualifiers.

  22. incesc

    i don’t know how deep it went. Dont ask me. They did win a lot though, they were relatively successful years, in spite of the drink.

    Adams lead arsenal to 4 league titles, 3 FA cups, 2 league cups and the cup winners cup.

    Pretty amazing career that!

    I loved adams as a captain the same way i loved vieira as a captain. Im sure vieira learnt a hell of a lot about what it means to captain arsenal from adams.

    fabregas could probably hold similar values if he wasnt so set on joining barcelona…

    when bergkamp came to arsenal he quickly learnt what an honour it was to play for the club from adams. Henry and vieira too im sure. They learnt that you have to give it all every time you play, their captain demanded it.

    seriously, i cant believe im arguing with someone how good a captain adams was. its madness.

    what he did off the pitch wasnt as bad in those days so its all relative. Are you saying Adams shouldnt be remembered as the great captain he was because he was a drunk?

    it was a different world…

  23. LAzer

    If this means Koz and JD are fighting for 1st choice that is the more worrisome aspect. I don’t have a problem with an experienced international captain willing to sit on the bench. I mean honestly what do people expect, which sort of 4th choice is going to satisfy them.

    But JD or Koz being first choice, now that one sounds like a problem.

  24. Keyser

    incesc – No, you plum, I’m wondering how people can love Adams, yet go on like Spaz’s about some of the players we have now saying it’s disgusting and a disgrace.

    I’m not saying he wasn’t a great Captain, I loved him as a player aswell, though I certinaly think that because you saw him in the flesh when you were younger, you have an affection for him that blinds you somewhat.

    Don’t take that to mean I’m diminishing his achievements again, I’m just saying that’s how most people are.

    You say it wasn’t so bad and it’s all relative, I say bollocks to that, also to say it was off the field doesn’t cut it either, if he was that good, whilst being an alcoholic imagine how good he’d have been without the drink.

    I ask because I never lived through it and I don’t understand how people excuse it, and talk of them players as if they were one of the lads, all these ex players have a job for life if they want it, and whether or not it’s part of todays world I’m glad our players do have some class and grace off the pitch.

  25. Keyser

    Yeah they’re not perfect, but it’s not as if the club has retained none of what’s made it such an historic and honourable club to follow.

  26. incesc

    maybe i am looking back romantically.


    i do like a lot of our players now, i’m sure i will always look back on fabregas well, i no longer hate henry for saying he will stay for life then fucking off. I like vermalaen as captain, he could be a new version of adams im sure.

    when you say go on about players today being a disgrace and disgusting are you talking about bentdner with his trousers down. 🙂 i loved that picture it cracked me up.

    i think money in the game naturally drives a wedge between players and fans today. I guess thats another matter, but im sure a lot of players and clubs hire people just to keep a lot of bad behaviour kept quiet.

  27. incesc

    can any one tell me how the mirror came up with assulin being rated at 34 million when he is available on a free.

    who rates a player that young with no experience at 34 million for fucks sake.

  28. Keyser

    incesc – It’s all relative and now for the sacrifices you make, you’re just as heavily compensated, no footballer in their right mind would turn up to training drunk, because it’s simply not worth it, it’s like when Gallas got photographes with a fag after leaving a club and the press tried to make something of it.

    People say these players are pampered and don’t give a shit, and there’s a comfort zone and an aura of obliviousness about them, but I just don’t see it, while it’s annoying at times I like that most of them seem like genuinely nice people who are happy to play for our club.

    When I talk of Adams, and he doesn’t seem to be the only one, it just seems weird to me that people speak of him with fond memories and say the players we have now don’t care half as much as the players of yesteryear, but at the same time these players aren’t wrecking their own careers or going on benders and whatever else that still has to count for something.

    Though that could be down to the people that like to keep things quiet for players, but then it doesn’t seem to stop Rooney or Terry doing silly stuff.

  29. incesc

    “It’s all relative and now for the sacrifices you make, you’re just as heavily compensated”


    playing football is the sacrifice you make for earning thousands of pounds a week!


    I could turn your argument around a say adams gave it all despite his drinking problem so why does someone like denilson not track back and bust a gut when he has been giving so much education in the game, fantastic training facilities, money to play and so on and so on…

  30. incesc

    walcott doesnt have to go through the hell of running around in bin bags for hours to sweat out all of the alcohol before he an train properly, so why cant he use the fantastic opportunity he has to work harder and learn to pass properly.

  31. Keyser

    See, that’s it..

    ‘So why does someone like Denilson track back and bust a gut..’

    Fuck me dude, that’s the comparison right there, it wasn’t just Adams was it ? I don’t really want to pick on him in isolation.

    If you don’t quite finish all the work you’ve been set, you’ll be asked why and you can be excused, turn up to work pissed, or snort lines of Coke and go into work you’ll be sacked.

    Your answer was that everyone was doing it, so why do the players we have get soo much stick when the money they earn is relative to what everyone else earns in the league.

    Even then we actually try to keep some sort of hold on it and impose a wage scale of sorts.

  32. Kipmonster

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    Please see …. http://www.goonerettesonline.co.uk/452/other/an-overview-of-the-cesc-saga-time-for-the-fans-to-bite-back/#more-452
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …….. ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  33. LeProf

    Pedro said: Gunnerfan, my stats are from ESPN… they’re never far off.

    ESPN eh? Bunch of Manure muppets aka Richard Keys and Andy Gray. For two years running ESPN football fantasy cover stopped showing Arsenal players except Manure, Chavs and Citeh.

    For the new signing stuff, looks like extra cover for CB is done and another keeper soon then that’s all. Plus the young guns JET, Wilshere, Frimpong, Nordveit our team can fucked off the 25-men squad rule.

    Seriously Wenger should sell off Cesc to Real Madrid for 60m if one more Barca cunt dare to moans again!

  34. bihgunner

    I am an arsenal fan and a bosnian so I understand that my views might be slightly biased. I have watched arsenal struggle defensively for years now and like many here believe that our defensive instability is the main reason for our lack of trophies. Spahic is exactly what we need. the man is a machine. plays with heart and effort regardless of who is on the other side. be it spain, lyon or san marino. he is great leader on the pitch that leads by example ie keane or viera. he is vocal, reads the game very well, physical in his approach and great in the air. all attributes that we’ve been missing since adams. To top it off, he can actually play as well. not the best passer or dribbler but that is not his job now, is it? I would say that bosnian team is a decent one but it is only so because of spahic, not dzeko as many would think. take what you want from this but I would be very happy if my beloved arsenal got him on.

  35. still king kolo

    Damn I wish i’d joined in this earlier on the Spahic story. Hands up who has seen the boy play? This has to be the most bizarre set of doom-mongers ever. Before the season even starts?? Really?? FFS Wenger is not a genius and he is not a dick either, he is a very good manager…I like my club with a bit of personality rather than some faceless manager does 3 years in the job signs a load of players the next guy won’t like… look at Citeh…selling Santa Cruz (well known in the Prem), selling Stephen Ireland so they can have David Silva (we’ll see how that works out)… get a frickin grip

  36. Ray in SF

    I know it’s trial-by-youtube, but I quite liked what I saw in the Spahic vids

    probably not at the expense of picking up Mertesacker/ Subotic / Zapata, though I could live with it

    and there’s still time for the ozil /gourcuff /hazard /remy /idol-de-jour fantasy buy

  37. MickyDidIt89

    Morning all.

    This Spahic stuff is a rumour. Joe Cole was a FACT. I shall wait.

    Just a suggestion: when you post updated news, why not leave off a new comments tag, then we all stay on the same page.

  38. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Morning ALL


    (AP- MOLDOVA – Aug 4) Arsenal’s bid to sign the talented Moldovan international goalkeeper Nilain Levroji in a bid to solve their ongoing goalkeeping crisis moved closer last night with the talented stopper flying to London for a medical.
    The 23-year-old from Iskra-Stal Ribnita will join the Gunners in a €5million deal to be completed on Thursday.
    Levroji has played twice for the Moldovan national team but has been rated as one of the top young keepers in European football.
    News of his transfer to Arsenal was confirmed on Moldovan TV yesterday (Sunday).
    Arsenal had been expected to sign Australian international goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer from fellow London team Fulham but the deal has fallen through with the West London club demanding €4million for the 37-year-old.
    Levroji will join fellow Eastern European Emir Spahic at the Emirates Stadium for the new season.
    Arsene Wenger has confirmed he is looking to bring in at least one more defender before the close of the transfer window and reports over the weekend suggested Spahic, 29, was a possible target.
    “The most important thing is that so far the negotiations go as planned and that the transfer could be completed soon,” Spahic told SportSport.ba.

  39. MickyDidIt89

    Good morning to you.
    What are political/religious relations like between Bosnians and Moldovians? Language could get colourful at the back!

  40. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    About the Bosnian Spahic ‘leg breaker’ LOL

    his team “Montpellier” finished 5th, 5 points ‘Above’ chamakh`s Bordeaux…

    Spahic obviously must have played against shamakh,and maybe shamakh can say something about this bosnian

  41. angeausarsenal

    Sab, you need to cach up and cheer up mate.That rumour wasposted and exposed as crap on here a few days ago.

  42. Sabeel Indian Gunner



    We are trying to reach a whole new “Perfectionist” stage..
    We have probably trying to outperfect ourselves in the field of signing Complete Unknowns…

    I wont be surprised if i see Best Bangalore footbal player/Neighbour, linked for a transfer..

  43. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Oh really,i didnt know abt that,becos these rumours surfaced only yesterday i think..

    do u have that link,where this link and rumour being scrapped..??

    it will help us in Not expecting us about this transfer

  44. MickyDidIt89

    Personally, I like the sound of this guy. Being Bosnian, he has at least one close relative that has been brutally murdered, and he even looks like one very angry young man. If he can welly the odd ball as well then that can only be a bonus.

  45. Rohan

    I posted that Nilain Levroji stuff 3 days ago FFS. I take credit for that…
    Levroji is apparently extremely highly rated by none other than Gigi Buffon who called him the most naturally taleented GK he’s seen whatever that means.
    He doesn’t have a pic on google images, As micky says, this is Wenger’s ultimate unknown signing.

    I do have an inkling that he’ll be out of thhis world though. Just this sixth sense of sorts.

  46. Rohan

    Apparently he WAS in the war, Micky. 😀
    He’s a proper nutter also from what reports are saying. I heard Kevin Davies is shitting his pants already. I jsut wish he was a couple inches taller.

  47. MickyDidIt89

    Some of the deadliest people I have met have been short. Don’t worry about that. He sounds like an excellent piece of business to me!

  48. Rohan

    Rohan says:
    August 1, 2010 at 10:50
    jeez, haven’t you guys heard?
    Wenger’s pulled another one out of his hat.
    Talented young goalkeeper Nilain Levroji is set for a move to UK Premiership club Arsenal (London) in August 2010. He will become the first Moldovan to play for the club. Levroji was described by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon as the most natural and talented goalkeeper he has seen in years.

    Arsenal are set to sign the talented Moldovan international goalkeeper Nilain Levroji this week in a bid to solve their ongoing goalkeeping crisis.
    The 23-year-old from Iskra-Stal Ribnita will join the Gunners in a €5million deal to be completed on Tuesday.
    Levroji has played twice for the Moldovan national team but has been rated as one of the top young keepers in European football.
    News of his transfer to Arsenal was confirmed on Moldovan TV yesterday (Sunday).
    Arsenal had been expected to sign Australian international goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer from fellow London team Fulham but the deal has fallen through with the West London club demanding €4million for the 37-year-old.

  49. rico

    Morning all…

    Seen this? Here’s our ‘new signing’ for central midfield….

    ARSENAL centre-back Johan Djourou wants to play in central midfield.

    And Djourou, 23, said: “I’ve been playing centre-back but midfield is a position I love.”

  50. Rohan

    I’d be happy if we got Mertesacker AND Spahic and then Djourou moved into backup CB/DM duty. That’d actually be very good. Djourou is pretty decent on the ball.

    Rico, you still think Levroji is going to happen? I have a sneaky suspicion he’ll turn out to be the next best thing.

  51. shedzy

    and exactly how many of you thought that vermaelen was shit before you saw him play?

    or petit?

    or vieira?

    we havent even bought this guy yet, and you’re already slating him.

    overmars was a crock when we bought him.

    as was bischoff 😉

    look, this guy is NOT a typical AW signing, he’s the kind that we’ve been talking aout for the last 4 years – EXPERIENCE + leadership, passion and fight rolled into one – even if he isnt going to be first choice (and maybe he will be, but might only play half our games because of injury/suspension) he’s what we need in the dressing room – someone with fight, heart, determination, and (possibly more than he deserves) – SELF BELIEF.

    I can’t believe how many people have ‘negativity’ as their default setting on here…… I would much prefer us to by this guy than not.

  52. rico

    Hull City are after Jay Simpson, £1.2M, big mistake I think, we should keep him…. think you are going to disagree though 😉

  53. Jamie England

    Not going to lie.. don’t know much about this chap.. but its another signing in a position where we’re desperately short.. soo lets give him a chance.. if hes as tenacious as what im seeing/reading then he might compliment what we’ve got.. Hes an international captain.. and hopefully then a natural leader.. worrys me hes not played a massive amount of games..? Is this purely becuz he wasnt getting picked.. or is he injury prone..!?

  54. gambon


    Hes not even close to the required level, so theres no point letting him rot on the bench, or loaning him out yet again.

    Mind you Walcott isnt at the right level, but he seems to keep his squad place.

  55. Rohan

    Jay Simpson is simply not good enough for us. I doubtful as to whether he’s good enough for the premier league as it is.
    I have my reservations over JET also. Does anyone know whatever happened to Henri Lansbury in the Ems Cup??

  56. dennisdamenace

    Is Jay Homer truly that bad??

    Think on it, is he any worse than ickle Theo? At least with Jay Homer you get a fucking end product, goals…….

  57. gambon


    Lansbury was injured. Although at the moment he’s way down the pecking order.

    Him and JET are gonna have to do a lot to stay at Arsenal.

  58. dennisdamenace

    gambon – I actually agree with you, the perplexing thing is why AW persists with Theo, but is happy to ‘offload’ J Homer????

    It can be only one of two reasosn, 1 J Homer is an out and out striker and we don’t have a place for him in the current line up, to which i would argue that maybe with the loss of Eddie there is a place!

    Or, 2 Theo gives better head!!!!

  59. gambon


    Erm you are so wrong there. What you shouldve said was “every time he plays in the reserves or pre season friendlies against part time teams”.

    If youd done your research youd see that he was on loan in the PL, and scored 2 goals in 16 games.

    Youd also see he played all last season in the championship, and scored 13 in 41 games.

    Not even close to good enough, bearing in mind Chamakh, Bendtner & RVP all would score 30 goals in that league.

    What utter rubbish.

  60. rico

    Hi dennis

    Personally, I’d keep Simpson, but I would play him too for one season, if if its just from the bench, he knows where the goal is and how many times do we not have someone in the box just to pull the trigger?

    who would you rather comes off the bench when we need a goal, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue…. or Simpson 😉

  61. gambon

    Not to mention he scored 8 goals in 45 league 1 games, where even a shit striker could score 15 goals a season.

  62. dennisdamenace

    gambon – Denilson doesn’t seem to have to do a lot to stay at The Arse, so why should it be any different for JET and Lansbury????

  63. tonyadamsisgod

    I hate Arsene Wenger. Like, really hate him. Like, I wanna squeeze his neck until his eyes pop out, hate him.

    Morning all……

  64. dennisdamenace

    rico – You little minx! I’m with you all the way 😉

    I’d feel much happier with J Homer coming off of the bench, if we needed a goal, than any of those monkies. Jesus! In fact i’d feel much happier if the bench itself pulled on a pair (or would it be two pairs??) of boots an came on!!

  65. dennisdamenace

    The last thing my mate told me about the ‘behind the scenes shennanigans’ was that even if one of the deals that we are in for comes off EVERYONE will be wowed by the level of player we’re now after!!!

    Well fuck me, are we that conditioned to cheap shit that we should be ‘wowed’ by our freebie boy (no matter how good he may become) and a lower league defender????

    Fucking two-bob management.

  66. arsene knows

    few comments to those that directed at me… re my ip i am in france… on holiday!

    re chelsea away when we one the league under GG and only lost one game all season, i was there standing on the old north stand, the cfc nutters charged us and mayehm outside.. thie rgoal was if i remember offisde, shame but arsene went one better and won it condeding none… remember my ‘arsene knows’ banner high on our corner at WHL

    re fairs cup final, yes i was there for that, young boy, east lower next to the northbank, when radford scored the place erupted, amazing scenes our first trophy for 18 years..

    this club has always done things ‘the arsenal way’, with class, with style, while others just buy so called names/stars/marquee signings, we have always created teams, chapman did it, bertie mee did it, GG did it and arsene too.. except arsene has done it like champman, re-built the stadium and turned our club into one of the very best in the world, you cant compare chavski to us, they are like west ham but with one man spending his ill gotten BILLION gains, we cant compete with that, as for manu they are £800m in debt, we are not, we are only borrowing to pay for a huge asset ie our stadium that is the biggest match day income in the world… arsene is the man that did all this… remarkable, who else could have done that? mourihno is a winner but its all about him, ferguson too but man utd have spent hundreds of millions compared to our zero

    arsene knows what he is doing, he is a genius, but he has to do it on a budget like the sperz do and credit to them for doing well, much as i hate them i respect them more than liverpool with thier wanker owners and man city spending should be banned, a joke…

    so for all those real gooners, the ones that go to west ham away or az alkmarr like me, keep the faith, keep perspective, in the 2nd half v barca at home we matched them and we took the lead in the nou camp – i was there too, we are close, when he does it for the 3rd time, all the idiots who dont get it will i hope remember this post…

    arsene knows

  67. dennisdamenace

    I’m with you there taig, we had our home broken into over the weekend on top of everything else!! I’d like to think it was Arsenal’s management team looking for things to sell to raise enough money to give our glorious leader a much deserved improved new deal.

    I mean who needs top quality players, when you got such an impressive management structure!

  68. gambon

    arsene knows

    Wow youve been well conditioned by Le Senile havent you.

    So let me get this right…

    – Buying big names & stars lacks class?

    – Buying cheap nobodys is classy & stylish?

    You arent an arsenal fan mate, you probably didnt watch a game til 1998/9 season, youre an Arsene fan.

  69. gambon

    I was gonna buy an Audi S5 the other day, then i decided to buy a 18 year old Sierra Sapphire cos I wanted to be classy.

  70. dennisdamenace

    Arsene Knows how to make money…..

    Arsene Knows how to balance the books…….

    Arsene Knows how to obtain bonuses….

    Arsene Doesn’t Know how for forge a winning team anymore……

    Arsene Doesn’t Know how to coach defending……

    Arsene Doesn’t Know how instill a winning mentality….

  71. dennisdamenace

    gambon – The moment i see that ‘persons’ blog name i just skip past it, much like switching the telly off when AW came out for his post match to impart his wisdom on how we managed to throw away a two goal lead against Wigan….

  72. dennisdamenace

    gambon – Not forgetting that no matter how much polish you pile on the Sierra Saphire, it’s never gonna be an Audi S5, it’s ALWAYS gonna be a Sierra Saphire……..if you get my drift?

  73. Cloggs

    @arsene knows,
    lol @ “we took the lead at barca at nou camp”
    Ask moaninho how to deal with Barca, moaninho knows, not wenger.

  74. dennisdamenace

    It certainly does rico, but what hurts the most is that Arsene Used To Know, i find it painful to think of him now compared to five+ years ago, he’s just a glorified book keeper now.

  75. Moray

    @arsene knows:

    Man Utd are in debt because they were bought out by funds taken out against the club. I’m sure if you look at Ferguson’s buying and selling records, then it’s not that much worse than ours…especially since they received so much for Ronaldo. We would never have paid the 12 or so million for him in the first place.

    It’s not so black and white as you state. If we are bought out soon by anyone, then we could equally end up as much in debt as Man U within a year or so.

  76. Cloggs

    Then again Inter had a class defence and GK ofcourse, Le Boss thinks we don’t need such as he invented his marvellous “score wun more than zee upponents” tactic.

  77. rico

    dennis, for the last five seasons i have had hope in the window, every summer/jan i am left disapointed, this is the summer of signings 😉

  78. roger

    Seen the guy play quite a few times..would be a good signing, he’s strong and aggressive and is just what we need..some of the fucks who haven’t seen him play but think he must be shit cause they haven’t heard of him…what the fuck is that all about

  79. DaleDaGooner

    Arsene Knows is clutching at thin air, I read his\her trolling and I laughed, ” in the 2nd half v barca at home we matched them and we took the lead in the nou camp”…Wow something to be proud of, mediocrity and failure…you are officially a joke and i cannot call you an Arsenal fan, maybe an Arsene Wenger fan. The man is right for the job as long as he takes to correction and respects the club fans! You speak of Man U and the Chavs, we can easily fall into that mess, all it takes is Silent Stan to borrow up and buy us or Usmanov getting Russian Rubles money oil and buys all the quality players available..either way, we are one step into that scenario..Arsene is running out of ideas, time to listen to others with fresh ideas, time for him to let his ego go, or he goes.

  80. arsene knows

    well im very up for this season, feeling very positive, im happy with our squad and the ins and outs, i love to support my beloved arsenal as i did in the bertie mee and don howe years when only 16,000 of us bothered… you lot who moan and go on about negative stuff, why dont you support another team, support man city as they are doing what you want, as for me… i love our manager and what he has done for our arsenal, i love our stadium, i love the way we play and i love the fact that we are doing it with this new brew many of who are kids so we have many years of greatness ahead like ferguson did 10 years ago, arsene did it pre emirates with bigger budgets and won it unbeaten at the lane, he will do it again with this his third great side and you negatives – i cant call you supporters – will all be remembering this post in may, come on you rip roaring gunners!

    arsene knows