Possible new signing details…

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Arsenal are potentially in for Emir Spahic. Goonertalk have unearthed a story suggesting talks are going well with Arsenal.

I’d prefer to put this out there now because I don’t want to kick off tomorrow in a bad mood by talking about the worst piece of transfer gossip since Geoff thought the Silvestre story was a joke a couple of years ago.

Key Stats

  • Bosnian Captain
  • 29 years old
  • Averaged 14.8 games per season since 2006 (this includes internationals).
  • Has made around the same amount of first team appearances as Denilson has to date
  • Weight: 77kg, a whopping 2kg more than Kozzer
  • Height: 6ft
  • Career highlights: Finding a club willing to give him a full season in the first team at the age of 28.
  • Web Myth: That he got in the French team of the year.
  • Exciting video? Here he is slapping a German.

Compelling stuff eh? We’re after a player who will definitely be fresh on account of being a full-time bench warmer for 80% of his career.

So there you have it, a rumour that makes far more sense than Mertesacker and one that feels me full of dread. It’s incredible that his name has never been mentioned in the comments section of Le Grove. Someone always knows about a top player and I don’t think many have escaped analysis here at Le Grove.

Here’s hoping that turd from Man United is trying to merk all the Gooners on the web with this little horror story…

Pray to the footballing gods this isn’t Wenger’s idea of showing ambition in the transfer market…

Catch you tomorrow morning.

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  1. CanGunn444

    I fully agree… very frustrating being an Arsenal fan these last few years but if I got as angry and depressed as some of the people on this site I just don’t think it would be worth it anymore… I’d probably go support West Ham and be forever blowing bubbles…
    Last summer there was a huge cry for us to buy Cana, he was the solution, the midfield enforcer we always wanted… youtube compilations were flying around this site… Then he signs for Sunderland and he’s sold off to Galatasary… Wenger likes to takes risks and when he’s right he’s right and when he’s wrong he’s usually very wrong… Despite the recent lack of success he’s been right many more times than he’s been wrong so I still give him the benefit of the doubt…
    Would I like it if he would go Football Manager of EA SPORTS FIFA and buy only players with OVR’s of 90+, of course but how often do those players really change teams…
    Who is the best CB to have changed teams this summer? That’s the acknowledged backbone of every team right? So who? William Gallas? Jerome Boateng?

    We have money and I wish we bought more established stars but other than throwing goofy money around (see Milner, James) this just doesn’t happen that often…

    Ideally, IMO we would purchase Gary Cahill and Maarten Stekelenberg, maybe even Nigel De Jong but I’m not gonna lose my shit over rumored signings and/or the signings that we made before I see them in real competitive games, i.e: TV5

    I also agree that Kozzer has the upper body of a 12 year female gymnast so we’ll see…

  2. Stu

    Eh…lads, ye’re kind of in the wrong place. You’re supposed to be in the other post. This was just because Pedro didnt want to mention Spahic in tomorrows post.

  3. Archangel Arsene

    Respectfully… before we Gooners all spit the Dummy! Let us consider just for a moment…

    1. This is not confirmed(yet) “calm down, calm down”
    2. He may actually! be a worthwhile addition to the team roster albeit not the Name/Star buy we were all la-la-landing on.

    Lets reason:

    hmmm… experienced defender (age 29) so NOT another kid, International Team Captain (leadership), Not a Star therefore No more wantaway ego (Cesc), willing to sit on the bench(?), played in Croatia & Russia – Like playing away up North (serious xxx weather, dire pitches – Nutters!).

    Put into perspective he plays for a French Fulham a-like(?) qualified 5th in League 1 (4pts behind Lyon) ahead of 6th Bordeaux(Chamakh attack!), 7th Lorient(Kozza) and into the Europa League (Hangeland!).

    3. Some people in the know rate him


    Whats Goal.com opinion worth ‘who knows’ but then again… some peeps on here 🙁

    He may be shit – i will wait and see.

    Bosnian mate says he fought in the War (HARDCore).

  4. Dan,The Gooner.

    arse,en don’t know shit anymore,i wish the stewards would make you take your banner down it’s an embarrassment now,it was disgusting the way the sign in or sign off banner magically disappeared,the club are a disgrace doing that.

  5. Arsene Wenger

    Dan, The Gooner are you sure you are an Arsenal supporter, because you sound like a Tottenham supporter, you are meant to support me, I am bigger than the club, I have made the club, without me most of the players would leave.

  6. kev

    thats the thing man – all the top centre halves are with good clubs already. if i had my choice i wouldnt mind seeing alex in beside verm but that would never happen because wenger wouldnt make a decent offer for him and we wouldnt pay him big wages.

    did you ever see paolo cannavaro play? i seen him with napoli last season and i thought he was decent. very good in the air good on the ground and not afraid to get stuck in. think hes captain of napoli aswell – not 100% sure of that though so dont quote me!

  7. CanGunn444

    @kev- Alex from Chelsea, Alex?
    Never thought of that… He was good for PSV, havn’t seen much of him at Cheslki though…

    RE: Cannavaro- Don’t watch the Serie A… EPL and Bundesliga mainly…

    I think that other than Lucio switching from Bayern to Milan unless I’m forgetting someone, off the top of my head, the last really big CB signing/switch was Rio Ferdinand to ManU and when Fabio Cannavaro went to Madrid from demoted Juve… Other than that… You basically take risks on guys in that position and hope for the best (TV5) not the worst (Stepanovs)

  8. kev

    i remember alex scoring against us and knocking us out of the cl one year. he was superb in that game and ive liked him ever since

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Oh boy AKB Arsene Knows here to tell us about ARSENE WENGER’s achievement who he signed and how much he got out of DB10 and co…..what a cunt! I’m hopeful that “Spazic” is what we need, someone who can spaz out on Denilson when he does his customary jogging while a Stoke striker is carrying the ball towards Fabianski…

  10. Danish Gooner

    It is fine and dandy adding players like Koz and saphic when you have won a couple of trophies NOT when you struggle for the SIXTH season in a row to keep up with your opponents and you have promised us only the very best signings.I guess Wenger will always do it his way and it is admirable that he wants to save the club money but this penny pinching is becoming something of a disadvantage to us.Wenger stated that talking about this and that player would add 50 percent to the market prize,yet he have no problem paying almost 10 mil for a complete nobody,why on earth couldnt he put that money into someone decent instead.

  11. Wombledin

    FFS, Do we have a policy of ONLY signing Frogs! We have 25 scouts but we may as well sack them all and just have a couple in France.

  12. Pedro

    Arsene Knows, been going since 1967… yet you’ve missed the last 5 years because if any thing’s apparent it’s that Arsene doesn’t know…

  13. walter

    Maybe those who can speak French should read a few articles from the French press on this player.
    Montpellier came from the second division and he as their central defender and one of their best players and they ended in 5th place in the French ligue 1.
    Not a bad result I would say.
    He also scores a few goals as centre back so that ain’t bad either.
    Pedro, I think your statistics are very, very wrong. And if the foundations are wrong, well then the rest also could be wrong

  14. arsene knows

    some of you make good points, most should stick to thier play stations!

    i was at white hart lane in 71 and 2004 as well as anfield 89, old trafford 02, copenhagen 94 and just about every other game of any importance…

    this is england whats your views? remember the terry neil years? horrible, the don howe years when we finished 16th and had 18,000 crowds at highbury?

    some of the comments on this site and others are: ooh we should sign this star for £20m and this one from the world cup… what a load of rubbish

    arsene is building an incredible 3rd team while he built our stadium…

    support your club

  15. nigerian gunner

    goodevening mates,
    i think its better later than never…i think its better this guy comes in now than wenger tell us he failed in his bid to bring per in on sept 1st…thats wengers ways..
    from all reports the guy seems like a beast of a player..
    wouldnt mind if we get them both in..


    with these CBs we will go a long way.our attack is good enough,then schwartzer will be good for the posts…but wenger will never bring in 3 new players now

  16. Stu

    Arsene knows, there arent many, if any, serious posters on here than seriously want us to sign anyone based on the world cup. In fact with regards Gourcuff, i specifically remember during the WC that people were in favour of signing him despite his WC performances.

    I also resent the playstation comment. I play Xbox. :mrgreen:

  17. denis

    I’m French, and i can tell you that Emir Spahic is the best defender in the “Ligue 1″… better than Ciani, Cris and so on…
    I would prefer Mertesacker because we need a tall defender alongside TV !
    But Spahic is clearly better than Zapata and Tasci !

  18. This is England

    arsene these are without doubt the most exciting but frustrating years,had some great times at Highbury remember the fairs cup final.I understand peoples frustrations having to sit at The Emirates watching Chelsea and Man U dismantle us.What you will find home and away most supporters get behind the team in good and bad times.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    I was watching th trophy presentation for the EC again, a lot of the players looked embarrassed, it was so funny. I mean JET would not collect the trophy from Frimpong, and Almunia looked pissed, I’m sure he’s pissed at the fans mugging him off. He even took the medal off..but seriously, can’t be happy after a usuaul switch off at defense. Maybe Spahic can come in and slap some guys around.

  20. Stu

    Denis, its nice to have the perspective of someone who watches Lique 1 very closely but how can you be sure that he is better than those when he has only 1 season in Lique 1`. Maybe he just had a great season. I’ll trust your judgement though because i’ve never seen him play before.

  21. victorvosseun

    ahic claims
    Arsenal are in talks with his club
    Montpellier about a possible move.
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has
    admitted he is the market for
    defensive reinforcements after
    seeing Sol Campbell, William Gallas
    and Mikael Silvestre all leave the club
    this summer.
    Laurent Koscielny from Lorient is
    Wenger’s only addition to his central
    defence and Spahic is reported to be
    on his list of targets.
    The 29-year-old admits he would
    jump at the chance to join Arsenal
    and he hopes a deal can be agreed
    with Montpellier.
    “The most important thing is that so
    far the negotiations go as planned
    and that the transfer could be
    completed soon,” Spahic told
    “Arsenal is a great club, I’m an
    admirer of Arsene Wenger and I
    hope that Montpellier will
    Arsenal Specials. Click here to bet.
    Send to friend
    Save to

    Premier League

  22. Dutchman

    I have searched for information about this spahic, and everyone who is talking about him is saying that he is the best defender in the Ligue 1 and that he is worldclass. He would be ideal for arsenal. That’s what i heard from french people. So he will be good, i think.

  23. spahicissick

    whys every1 comparing him too stepanovs?.. I saw montpellier a few time towards the end of last season and spahic was recognised as one of the best defenders in france.. Hes a nutter aswel.. Exactly what we need a true leader figure!!.. Its obvious to me that kos n vt will be the new pairing anyway… And p.s. Mertesacker is pony !! Germanys worst player by a mile

  24. Stu

    Thats how it should be Dale. They shouldnt take too much pleasure from winning a trophy thats not even a competetive one. Nor should they be accepting of the shambolic defensive collapse. Granted it was mostly youths and reserves in defence at the time but its an all too common occurance when we have our first choice defence out too.

  25. denis

    Stu ! You are right… he has done only one great season… but to sign him won’t be risky ! To stay with Almunia will be RISKY !

  26. Pedro

    Arsene knows, firstly, it’s pretty easy to tell us all that you were there… etc etc…

    But you’re on the web. How do we know you’re not making it up for effect?

    I’m especially suspicious as your IP seems to be based in Limoges in France.

    Secondly, this incredible team you are talking about doesn’t seem to be doing so well… and interestingly, Cesc doesn’t seem to think it’s special enough to commit his future to us.

    If this centre back gets you excited, fair enough… but some of actually want to see top players coming into a poor defence.

  27. Pedro

    It’s also interesting that the supposed best defender in France hasn’t attracted any interest bar ours and no one was talking about him until yesterday.

    My suspicions? He’s not the best defender in France. I’ve heard that first hand from someone over there.

    I’ll talk about it more tomorrow.

  28. gnarleygeorge9

    Got this horrible feeling that Manchester City are going to do a Chelsea, i.e leap frog The Arsenal.

    All these so called super talented kids are, going into 2010/11, just that kids. They will just get brushed aside, & in doing so get injured all the time.

    Le Gaffers vision is long term, but for the immediate future he is visually impaired.

    Get ready for another frustrating outcome to the continuing story of Arsene The Frugal.

  29. denis

    “It’s also interesting that the supposed best defender in France hasn’t attracted any interest bar ours and no one was talking about him until yesterday.”

    Maybe because Arsenal has the best scouts teams ?

  30. Pedro

    … oh, and what happened to Kozzer being the best defender in France? I can’t remember many people pointing me in the direction of this Bosnian at the time to correct the hoards?

  31. Pedro

    Denis, you don’t need to be a good scout to flag the ‘best’ defender in France.

    Unless this poll was a secret one?

  32. OPG

    I noticed some people don’t want Melo because he’s a headcase, but they want this Spahic guy who’s apparently quite crazy?
    One thing is that it’s only a rumour atm and another is adapting to the Premier League, youtube compilations show their best moments but leave out mistakes and errors. I’ll wait to see if it’s true and whether he’s the real deal.

  33. Dutchman

    Pedro, i hate iot when people are saying that we are the only one after a player. Maybe we have looking for him for three years??? Just as vermaelen???
    Nobody was after RvP,fabregas etc. So??? And actually you are saying that spahic is no big name and therefore he is not good enough for arsenal. And that is what i hate about arsenal fans. All the arsenal fans are saying that players who are not-known are bad. Yes, we are signing too much unknown players but that makes them not bad, give those players a chance,please! Yes, i agree that we have to sign another CB after spahic and a GK too. But i believe that spahic will be very good and another CB will be signed after spahic. And it’s a pity but no GK will be signed i think, that’s my feeling.

  34. DaleDaGooner

    ok, this “arsen knows” person is annoying, we all know the down years, even my 10 year old nephew knows the down years, and he plays PS3 FIFA more than you would like. BUT No one on this blog is asking for a 20m rated star or WC performer, WE ONLY ASK FOR A COCK SURE QUALITY Signing, what Arsene does a lot of times is admirable, but you can’t tell me he gets it right everytime, what pisses people off is when the WHOLE world knows what needs to be done, he purposely defies reason just so he could say he did it his way, no matter how mental it is. I’d rather focus on winning the Carling Cup than winning the Champions fawking League with players like Denilson and Fabianski, I mean that’s the height of madness, he really thinks some of these players are that good to go against Barca, Manure and the Chavs. No one likes to be embarrassed into thinking we can actually win something while trying to develope. Matter of fact some of us would love to see some of the youngings out there if we can’t buy class players, but he ends up loaning the better ones out, leaving the crappy ones to back up the little class we have, or buying washed up players from Manure. The lack of a plan B, i mean we can go on, WE SUPPORT UR CLUB, that is why we won’t be fooled into believing that one man is bigger than our beloved ARSENAL!!!

  35. Dutchman

    Yeah, wenger is too stubborn and i know for 100% sure that we have the money to buy a Zapata or Mertesacker but wenger doesn’t like it. I hate that too!! But i think that this spahic will be a good signing!

  36. denis

    “Denis, you don’t need to be a good scout to flag the ‘best’ defender in France.”
    You just have to watch the french league to see it !
    He has everything to do the job for arsenal… he is fast, good header, and he is very STRONG !!!!

  37. SUGA3


    I haven’t seen a lot of this guy, but having advocated signing a few mentalists to show our pansy altar boys some fight and cojones, I am happy for him to come – I’d like to see someone in red & white roughing up Kevin Davieses of this world 😉

  38. DaleDaGooner

    Has anyone thought for a fact that a couple of quality signings help boost the squad morale? I mean WE SEE HOW WELL Arsh plays when RvP, Fabregas and Nasri are all on the field, do any one notice that or is it just me, or the fact that everyone knew Arshavin was world class, and once he joined up, we saved a season that we weren’t supposed to be in the top 4? Chavs had worse years, but you don’t see them digressing down to 13th position, every team is looking to be great, we have the platform, going 5 years TROPHY-LESS is unacceptable, friggin Spuds should not be laughing at us cause they one the CC in that space of time.

  39. DaleDaGooner

    Agree with SUGA3, By now, I’m not even hoping for a known name, I already accepted that Kozzer and VERM are first choice, adding “Spaz” would be beneficial, hope he slaps some of these softies into growing some defensive balls.

  40. Patt

    Spahic looks like a nutter and there are a lot of positive comments about him on other sites, so he must be good.

  41. Stu

    Denilson has a lot of positive comments about him over at ACLF. Doesnt mean he is top class.

    ie: comment sections on blogs dont really prove anything about a player.

    I hope if we do sign him that he is the rough defender we need.

    By the by, is he left footed or right? Watched the clip of him against Ghana for Bosnia and could tell which he was.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    He is a lefty, some decent touches, should do better than Silvestre. Maybe we can actually do well in the domestic cups, but with Fabianski still commanding Wenger into playing him….

  43. Stu

    Say it aint so Dale. Surely if he is left footed then he is coming in as a back up only (with little chance of being a starter unless Vermaelen is injured).

  44. tunde

    It’s nt a done deal yet but at this rate I will settle for a joe frazier over 2.5 cb with jst 10days to the start of d season

  45. DaleDaGooner

    How is it that Barca don’t bother to even tap Torres up? He committed his future to Liverpool, Europa and all. He wore Liverpool scarf after WC win, our captain couldn’t muster an Arsenal socks to complement the Barca rag they pulled over him…

  46. DaleDaGooner

    I saw him play with his left peg and he was comfortable, besides, wasn’t he playing left side CB for both Loko and Montpellier? I guess i lie then

  47. DaleDaGooner

    So willi be a 3 way fight between Koscielny, Djourou and Spahic? Frankly, I’d go with Koscielny for the weaker and mid teams and I’d go with this animal against ManUre and Chavs and co, roughen up Rooney and any mug who thinks he is the shiznit.

  48. SUGA3

    I have seen only as much as some international games where I was not particularly interested and I don’t remember him doing anything shocking, so I guess it’s a good thing for a defender if you watch him from this kind of perspective 😉

  49. SUGA3


    I reckon it will be more about rotating players as much as possible – hopefully Wenger knows better than running the players into the ground by now…

  50. Walking Wounded

    Some bloke replying to Arsenal Opinion blog states this…


    (AP- MOLDOVA – Aug 4) Arsenal’s bid to sign the talented Moldovan international goalkeeper Nilain Levroji in a bid to solve their ongoing goalkeeping crisis moved closer last night with the talented stopper flying to London for a medical.
    The 23-year-old from Iskra-Stal Ribnita will join the Gunners in a €5million deal to be completed on Thursday.
    Levroji has played twice for the Moldovan national team but has been rated as one of the top young keepers in European football.
    News of his transfer to Arsenal was confirmed on Moldovan TV yesterday (Sunday).
    Arsenal had been expected to sign Australian international goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer from fellow London team Fulham but the deal has fallen through with the West London club demanding €4million for the 37-year-old.
    Levroji will join fellow Eastern European Emir Spahic at the Emirates Stadium for the new season.
    Arsene Wenger has confirmed he is looking to bring in at least one more defender before the close of the transfer window and reports over the weekend suggested Spahic, 29, was a possible target.
    “The most important thing is that so far the negotiations go as planned and that the transfer could be completed soon,” Spahic told SportSport.ba.

    That sounds in keeping with the close season.

    Talk about doing the barest minimum

  51. robert

    I live in Sweden, and here we have many Bosnians. I asked a friend of mine if he is any good. He said that he was a good, strong centre half. He thinks that he would be a good backup for Arsenal. He is not starting material, but he is a decent defender who can do a good job for us 🙂

  52. Walking Wounded

    Spasic or whatever his name is looks a decent defender and looks to have an Eboue type personality, but please there must be better

  53. Stu

    Why are we after a 23 year old keeper with no experience for 5m yet we arent willing to spend 4m on a proven premiership keeper?

    Surely this season takes priority over the future because we BADLY need to win a trophy.

  54. gunner17

    we must still be pretty broke!

    it’s clear now that the adebayor and toure money went into paying down debts…

    it’s clear that wenger has had about £10m to spend in every window before sales. he blew all his money on kos, now he has to do the rest of his business with the eduardo cash.


  55. SUGA3


    second that – the last thing we need is another 23 y.o. GK – if he comes, Szczesny will be off in a snap…

    lad has the ambition to become our no.1 in a season, maximum two…

  56. Walking Wounded

    As fans, if the board had been honest with us and told us that we didn’t have much money then we may believe that Wenger has been shrewd, but all we’ve heard this summer is how financially secure we are.

    I am close to the switch boys, I am sensing that I may no longer affiliate to the AKBs

  57. SUGA3


    we are not broke, our debt is more than manageable…

    this is unless we are getting ready for this Queensland Road bollocks – I heard it’s a bone for Islington Council to allow us to extend ES to 80K, which is supposedly a quite straightforward buliding project…

  58. DaleDaGooner

    WW, wow, sooooo?? 😎 we are shopping at the bargain mall now, the goal keeper is 23 why not just play Szczesny, Sounds Like Fabianksi all over again. Fabs was supposed to be the next shite after a couple of games before joining us…..all sounds like a rushed affair to me.

  59. denis

    So i have said “koscielny is the best defender in europe France ???!!!”
    And well to me Spahic, and also Mbia would be great for arsenal…
    But if you watch the video… you ll hear that they began by “Emir Spahic the best defender in Ligue 1”

  60. TOM TOM

    I’m getting so angry with this shit,it seems that our squad is actually getting weaker because of the players we let go and we only signed crap.

  61. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah, when we signed Koscielny, i heard he was supposed to be one of the best, no one mentioned Spastic was also amongst the best…so we have 2 best Ligue 1 defenders, NICE!

  62. SUGA3


    God and my Polish Gooner mates are my witness that my reaction to the first ‘Fabianski to Arsenal’ rumour was ‘no, no, fuck no!’

    having watched him play for Legia, I can tell you that he has not improved one bit and – more likely than not – never will…

    still the same second string Polish uni pushover mentality…

  63. A

    Anyone else make it to Borehamwood, interesting game, although not THAT interesting. Was Wenger actually there, couldn’t see him anywhere?

  64. TOM TOM

    Szczesny is gonna be a great keeper? What bullshit,it will take years for him to gain experience and going by our last few keepers our coaching staff must be made up of circus clowns

  65. Stu

    Suga, whats this about increasing the capacity to 80k? Was always interested in the possibility of it (seeing as 60k is pretty small in terms of super clubs). Any more info on this?

  66. Stu

    Tomtom, is this the first you’re hearing of Chesney? its pretty much accepted arsenal wide that he is going to be fantastic.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    I wouldn’t say we are worse off from last season, if anything (if we keep Fabregas) we are pretty much the same, the new lads would have to prove they are diamonds in the rough. Gallas is good, but at his tail end, and did not last all season, Silvestre was shite, Senderos played only one game and i can’t say he was really with us, Campbell didn’t even start the season with us and when he did join we lost some games, so no tears there, Eduardo, bless him, and i like the bloke, rarely banged in, i reckon Chamakh will more than duplicate his goals or even more. So we are back to square one. Wenger has tossed a hail mary hopefully Spahic or Kozzer becomes world class overnight, and if Levroji (Lev) is coming in, hopefully he is better than Almunia and Fabianski…but i doubt that. Looks like Almunia for number one, Szczesny out on loan, perhaps Mannone out on loan as well.

  68. SUGA3


    what you’re missing about Szczesny is that his old man was a GK and a pretty good one at that…

    Wojtek must have trained with him ever since it made any sense, plus he is lightyears ahead Almunia and Fabianski talent wise…

    one more year out on loan would do, that’s why signing Schwarzer as player/coach would make a lot of sense – thing is, Hughes will not do business with AW, so it’s a non starter now…

  69. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA3, I believe you on Flappy, but our fearless leader said he will be world class, I think he starts the season while Lev (i hope he isn’t Fabianski’s twin) sits on the bench. I have a feeling ALmunia is off, his demeanor after the Celtics game, he just seemed pissed and angry. He lifted the trophy sarcastically and when he did hi interview…well we all know what the clown said, and after that just tossed the medal, and i know it wasn’t because the defense was shambolic again, but cause the reporter str8 told him we were looking for another GK….

  70. gooner

    He’s right footed but seems comfortable with his left? Couldnt really tell the difference in the clips ive seen, but from some of his touches and how he moves the ball before the pass, id be inclined to say saphic is right footed

  71. TOM TOM

    Fabianski turned out to be brilliant,I cant wait to see an even less experienced young Polish goalkeeper come in and learn his trade. Fuck,how much longer is this shit gonna go on for?

  72. DaleDaGooner

    tOM tOM, WHETHER YOU ACCEPT OR NOT Chesny is future number one, i don’t even know why we are buying this Lev guy, but lie someone rightly said, we need competition, if Lev is really coming then Szczesny should welcome the competition the other clowns (except Mannone) are no threat to his reign as Arsenal’s number 1, it’s the unknown that threatens him…

  73. incesc

    “The team is better than last year ! We need just a good GK and a real DM to get the best team of the EPL”

    no way is it better

    we have a disgruntled captain, we lost an international centre back, fabianski looks to be our number 1 and the squad (that last year had to forfeit the cups due t obeing to crap) is down on numbers.

    tell me how its better?

  74. SUGA3


    what I have read is that the stadium was supposed to have 80K capacity, but the council said we would have to ‘do something for the community’, hence this QR project, which will have much lower profile than the Highbury Square…

    the stadium itself has been built to make the extension possible and relatively easy…

    this one was posted on 606:

    ‘The stadium can be expanded and will, it is only a matter of time. This was a pre-required specification of the design to allow it to be future-proof. It was originally designed to be an 80,000 seater stadium with a retractable roof, but because of Islington council objection and time to build as well as cost, it is now at 60,000 capacity. Let us be honest, it is a good jump in size from 38,000 as Highbury was.

    The area around the pitch can be utilised for seating if needed and would provide up to 5,000 more seats. For new stadium regulations, this area is required to be free of seating however. This is a good thing as stadiums that will be selected for the 2018 World Cup have to adhere to this rule, eg Wembly as another stadium.

    Regarding expanding the stadium, there are a few simple ways this can be done. Emirates Stadium is a four-tiered design, simply adding an extra tier(just like the overlapping tier between the first and second tier) will add the capacity required or simply to keep adding steps to the original stadium as it is, ie increase the steps from the back row.

    There are approximately 1,000 seats in the last row of the stadium. If you take an extra 10 steps, then that would be 10,000 seats. Another factor to look at is the height of the stadium. Rules in building it were it had to be of a maximum height, which it is below now anyway as the stadium was built below ground level.

    Getting back to the maximum capacity, it would take 40 steps to add 40,000 seats (This is a conservative estimate) and bring the total capacity to over 100,000.

    The roof will need to be removed and a new roof replacing it, but as you can see it is not a nightmare architectually speaking.’

  75. Tariq

    Well one good thing I could say about this Spahic fella is that I’ve actually heard of him before! I saw him play with Bosnia a few times, but I wasn’t paying attention much but I can’t remember anything out the ordinary. I also decided to ask a french friend of mine (seems like many ppl are doing that as well) about him. He told me he doesn’t know a great deal about him but he said he saw him play a few games and looked pretty good and that he has heard good things about him. I asked him about Koscielny a while back but he didn’t have a clue about him lol!

  76. SUGA3


    Fabianski turned out to be brilliant? you’re kidding, right?

    Szczesny has natural cocky attitude, which tends to make good GKs great, simple as…

    he even said in an interview for some Polish paper how he could not understand why he was not being selected ahead of Fabianski who is simply pants…

  77. denis

    Gallas lost his football, just look how hernandez kicked his ass in the WC.
    And i think fabregas ll have a great season because he knows it’s his last one for arsenal.
    And thanks to chamakh, we won’t see again arshavin as a central forward !
    Regarding GK, i have said that we need a new goalie and a defensive midfielder… and the team ll be ready !
    Just my opinion !!

  78. Stu

    Thanks Suga, thats exactly what i wanted to know (without having to go into too much detail). Interesting that we have the potential to make the stadium into upwards of 100k seater…if ticket demand goes that high.

    I thinl TomTom was being sarcastic with the Fabianski comment too.

  79. incesc

    gallas lost his football?

    what does that mean?

    he played well until he got injured last year and cb is a position where you need experience.

    if we relaced him with an international with champions league experience ok, but we are replacing him with 1 of 3 unknown quanities by the looks of it.

    bendtner and rvp arent going to be fit for the start of the season, so we only have one fit striker. sound familiar?

    what if chamakh gets injured, we have to play arshavin centre forward vs liverpool…

    our midfield bar cesc is weak and shit, no experience or quality has been added.

    its pathetic, no way are we stronger.

  80. DaleDaGooner

    incesc, jokingly, if we sign Spahic, he will count as an international centerback, Fabianski CAN’T be number 1, the squad will augment good youth players like JET, Frimpong, Wilshere, Eastmond etc, don’t forget ALL teams have to adhere to the HG+25+U21 rule, other than our El Capitano, I think we need to wait and see if the tactics changes, We never had a personnel issue, it was all a tactics and management issue. Rotation is a hard thing to do if you are Wenger, changing and switching up styles is a hard thing to do when you play top opponents, over relying on certain personnel is a problem, at the end they wore down. So if our glorious leader can just leave his ego and switch things up tactically from opponent to opponent, we will be fine, otherwise even if we sign Mertesacker, Zapata, Buffon, Lucio etc, it will still remain the same.

  81. incesc

    the squad will augment good youth players like JET, Frimpong, Wilshere, Eastmond etc

    how is adding youth players to the worlds most inexperiences squad going to help?

  82. DaleDaGooner

    Vela will heavily feature as a striker this year, I think, Walnut looks to be everywhere and wants to prove a point. JET will be used as a striker from the wings, We should be fine….if we consider coming 3rd or 4th as our glorious leader plans…

  83. incesc

    So if our glorious leader can just leave his ego and switch things up tactically from opponent to opponent, we will be fine, otherwise even if we sign Mertesacker, Zapata, Buffon, Lucio etc, it will still remain the same.

    i dont buy this either.

    we dont win games as we have shit players. With world class players wenger has proved he can go a season unbeaten. the reason we lose is because we have awful keepers, a lazy, lightweight and average midfield, and now we have got weaker at centre back.

  84. gnarleygeorge9

    Youth is great for the future, but just won’t stand up over 38 games in 2010/11.

    Youth are unbeatable at abusing people in blog world over 38 games coz they can hide behind a facade, but find themselves out of their depth when competing against hard bodied seasoned campaigners on the footie field over 38 games, where they have to actually be accountable. Basically its called being wet behind the ears.

    Make no mistake, if Arsene Wenger does not stiffen up his defence/defensive midfield, The Arsenal trend of going trophyless will continue this season. We saw a preview to that when the upstart kids spat the dummy against that non League team. And, to the youth of blog world, there ain’t a damn thing some of your costic comments can do about it. And I don’t care either.

  85. DaleDaGooner

    Hey, Incesc, Man Shitty added all the experience, but guess what, they won’t gel, Real Madrid added all sorts of fire power, they still won shite all!

  86. A

    incesc if we’d had one fit striker rather than none for the majority of last season we could well have still been in with a shout come the end of the season.

    I much prefer the look of the squad this year to last year. The central forward is absolutely integral to our system, and we’ve now got three options there, potentially four if you count JET, although I’d say three still at this stage.

    As long as we sign a decent centre back we’ve then got four players who could play and do a good job there, rather than two, and then backup who should only be used if there is a disaster, which their ultimately would be!

    Fabianski > Almunia, and I’d be happier with him starting than the spaniard, but I still think we’ll sign Schwarzer

    Wellington Silva coming in in January could be a nice boost, and a real impact sub.

    It just depends on injuries though whether the squad is stronger in other areas, it’s a big boost that Nasri, Theo, Rosicky, Vela, Gibbs, Wilshere are all back and have had a good pre season, but VP, Cesc, Song, Diaby, Denilson havn’t, and I really hope that doesn’t have a lasting affect on their fitness.

  87. incesc

    man shitty are a bunch of arseholes stockpiling players for a rich twat to wank himself to bed over. They can buy all the mercenaries they want.

    we are a football club with a rich history and a decent set up, that needs investment to push on.

  88. denis

    To me Gallas doesn’t have the international level ! Look, nobody wants him !
    And what to do about Bendtner and RVP injuries ? Buy new forwards ?! Im not sure RVP is injured, i think he wants more holidays !!! He ll be there for Lvpool !!
    Regarding our midfield, Song and Nasri are not shit ! You can’t say that ! But i recognized we need A DM à la Yaya Touré !

  89. DaleDaGooner

    A….I got wet and stopped reading your comment when you mentioned Wellington Silva…we haven’t officially claimed him…but boy, do i hope he gets a work permit and is allowed to play as an impact sub from January. Boy is class!!!

  90. SUGA3


    signing someone like Spahic could be the step towards it, IMO…

    he does not look like he would take shit from anybody and Russian league is pretty tough too!

  91. incesc


    if rvp stays fit and bentdners mysterious groin gets better before spring 2011 the strikers are better i agree. But wenger took a gamble last season and it wouldnt take much to improve on having rvp as our only decent striker last year.

  92. A

    Dale I’m pretty sure we just aren’t allowed to sign him until January, and there is post-dated paperwork there. Work permit isn’t an issue, he’ll get one easy!

    Were you there tonight then? Looked pretty special to me, even if a bit lightwight. With that quick feet and just that quick in general he should get away with it though, at least as an impact sub until he gets the bulk to start

  93. incesc

    nasri seems a luxury player to me.

    fantastic talent, i hope he cements a place in the team and really shines.

    be good if he could tackle so we could play him in midfield with cesc and song as he has far more of a brain than diaby.

  94. DaleDaGooner

    To be honest, as word on the Spahic grows like a wild flower a la Arshavin, Vermaelen, Chamakh and Koscielny, i am pleased if he was the second to last piece of business we do, I like having the 3 untried defenders, like a present, one of them will come good, i won’t bet my cookie on Djourou though. We just need a steady, quality hand at goalie…

  95. Pat

    Losing Senderos and Silvestre does not make us any weaker. Djourou is better than both of them and we’ve got him back.

    Losing Campbell is the biggest blow imo. For all of his experience, Gallas makes too many fucking errors, more than the inexperienced players. He can fuck right off, no one wants him right now which shows us how much he’s actually rated.

    Up front we’re stronger than we were and even in midfield we’re better with the addition of Wilshere, a fit Nasri, and Frimpong. Hell, even Theo had an injury-free preseason, which is very important in how a player performs during the season.

    Rather Frimpong than Denilson. Chamakh is better than Bendtner.

  96. SUGA3

    besides, you don’t see that many players from Eastern Europe plying their trade in ‘better’ leagues, the ones from former Yugoslavia countries had it the toughest due to the small fact of having a mini WWII there in the 90s…

  97. A

    I don’t see that happening incesc, Diaby gives us athleticism that we lack without him in the side. Even when he’s not playing well he gives us balance in those regards. I could see Nasri playing though when he isn’t fit, and before Cesc is fit too.

    Wouldn’t say he’s a luxury player though, last season his pre season was fucked up by Diaby after a very promising first year, and after that he never seemed to get fully fit. Now he looks really sharp and on the ball, ready to step up to the next level as we expected him to do last season.

  98. SUGA3


    no way Djourou is better than Senderos – same type of carthorse, but Sendy is stronger, more intelligent and less injury prone…

    I am expecting Big Phil to cause us a bit of a headache the next time we play Fulham…

  99. incesc

    how can you say gallas makes more errors than the inexperienced players who havent played yet?

    djourou is an absolute liability, i would bet my house on him spending a lot of next season injured.

  100. Pat

    If Yugoslavia had stayed as a single country, they’d be top 3 favorites fro the WC and EURO every time imo. Technique, physicality, intelligence, they have it all.

  101. DaleDaGooner

    incesc, so you don’t like the Iniesta-Xavi type of combo the Cuntalonians present? I think Nasri-Fbregas is what we need with crazy defender like Spahic and a playing CB in Vermaelen(Kozzr and Vermaelen at too similar) More goals (than pointless crossing) from Clichy and Sagna, an improved Song and a good student in Frimpong (gosh i rate this kid than Denilson, he can tackle and has a nice touch, he isn’t afraid to pass forward!!) And Wilshere getting games a la Fabregas when Vieira was moaning about moving on.

  102. incesc

    but does diaby really give us athleticsim or is he just tall?

    most of the time he shuffles around doing turns and little dribbles into no where before looking up and not knowing what to do.

  103. incesc

    “incesc, so you don’t like the Iniesta-Xavi type of combo the Cuntalonians present?”

    yeah i can see nasri and cesc doing that especially at home, not in away games but i think they need a flamini behind them or a toure, not song who does a good job but is not energetic enough.

  104. Pat

    I said Gallas makes more/the same amount errors than inexperienced players, not our new signings so the argument that he should be replaced with experience shouldn’t be thrown out there b/c Gallas had plenty of it…but it sure as hell didn’t show.

    Well then you should bet your house on Gallas getting injured for half a season as well because thats all he’s been good for since joining us.

  105. DaleDaGooner

    In that case, I’d like to see Nasri-Fabregas combo with Vermaelen behind them, IMO, i think Veramelen can be a very good DM.

  106. incesc

    we desperately need vermalaen in defence dale.

    a player with his determination would be good, we need to stop song from smoking weed before games.

  107. DaleDaGooner

    Lets face it, Gallas was not all that for us, we got duped in that deal, he was error prone, he was disruptive in the dressing room, he was a bad captain, and he played half a season usually….he had his games, but since we got him, we were nearly’s

  108. A

    Yeah I did Dan, basically just to see Wellington Silva! Was worth it, even without any goals, just to see the sort of player he is.

  109. Stu

    Not sure Vermaelen has good enough technique to be a DM. Not fast enough on the ball and he is probably too 1 footed as well.

    Nordveit is a no for DM too. He played there for Nurenburg and apparently didnt do too well. Right back should be his spot until he is ready for CB.