Possible new signing details…

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Arsenal are potentially in for Emir Spahic. Goonertalk have unearthed a story suggesting talks are going well with Arsenal.

I’d prefer to put this out there now because I don’t want to kick off tomorrow in a bad mood by talking about the worst piece of transfer gossip since Geoff thought the Silvestre story was a joke a couple of years ago.

Key Stats

  • Bosnian Captain
  • 29 years old
  • Averaged 14.8 games per season since 2006 (this includes internationals).
  • Has made around the same amount of first team appearances as Denilson has to date
  • Weight: 77kg, a whopping 2kg more than Kozzer
  • Height: 6ft
  • Career highlights: Finding a club willing to give him a full season in the first team at the age of 28.
  • Web Myth: That he got in the French team of the year.
  • Exciting video? Here he is slapping a German.

Compelling stuff eh? We’re after a player who will definitely be fresh on account of being a full-time bench warmer for 80% of his career.

So there you have it, a rumour that makes far more sense than Mertesacker and one that feels me full of dread. It’s incredible that his name has never been mentioned in the comments section of Le Grove. Someone always knows about a top player and I don’t think many have escaped analysis here at Le Grove.

Here’s hoping that turd from Man United is trying to merk all the Gooners on the web with this little horror story…

Pray to the footballing gods this isn’t Wenger’s idea of showing ambition in the transfer market…

Catch you tomorrow morning.

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  1. johnny nobody

    Comment on Gooner Talk about Spahic:

    I’m a PSG fan and I follow the Ligue 1 a lot.

    Montpellier were an average team last year and were relegation contenders until they bought Spahic. Their defense became one of the better in the league.

    They missed out on the Champions League by just a few points.

    So to those who wonder if he can make a difference, well he did with Montpellier. I don’t know how much of a difference he can make with a huge club like yours, but he definitely made a crap team one of the best in France.

    I remember that he scored a goal against us in the last minute…

    His pros:
    -One of the best leaders I’ve seen. I was in the Parc des Princes in the first rows and with all the noise, you could hear him yell at his wingers who weren’t tracking back. He has a lot of authority and knows how to help others.

    -Is one of the most physical players I’ve seen. The guy will break your legs if it can get him the ball or stop you score. He sacrifices his body for the good of the team. I heard that he played a game for Bosnia in the WC qualifiers injured and scored the first goal. Apparently it inspired his teammates who won 7-0.

    -Has some pace left, even if he’s 30. He’s physical enough for the English league since he’s decent in the air and is fearless. Sometimes too much.

    -Apparently he’s a great guy and plays with heart.

    His Cons:

    -Has a short temper… He explodes a lot. He recieved a few red cards in the season. He can be dangerous. Then again, this is not good in France, but apparently it’s important in England… I don’t think that he’s the kind of player to get a red when it’s not important, but he doesn’t care about the health of opponents.

    -Never played at a big stage. Lokomotiv Moscow, Montpellier…Then again, Lokomotiv Moscow payed huge wages to their players, so I guess that’s why he didn’t leave. I don’t think that he’s the kind of guy to who it’s really important to play in a huge club, I just think that he wants to play…

    -He’s 29. Even if it’s a good age for a defender, I don’t think that he’ll stay in Arsenal for a long time. He can provide experience and push those 19 year old ladies who don’t know how to play with heart for their club.

    All in all, I think that he was one of the most underrated players I’ve seen in a while. It will be a good signing.

  2. silent stan

    would be a typical AW shit signing. the front line CBs will get injured and we will end up with stepanovs mark 2

  3. dean

    I saw this story on news now the other day and just ignored it and i suggest you and everyone else does…why OH why would it make any sence in signing this player..

  4. maninwhite

    Do You really think that Wenger is after Mertesacker? I’ll tell You, he’s not. We bought Koscielny for more than 10 mln, because he will play as first choice CB alongside Veramelen. Wenger is now after CB nr 3-4. I don’t think Per would like to be the bench warmer.

  5. Scorpion

    Bosnia are not a decent side.

    They are an average side with a good striker
    But they do push goodd teams and make life difficult for them. Especially they are difficult to score against. It is mostly in their home fixtures though

  6. Arsene Nose Best

    arsene makes very few mistakes,what like the last 5 years of winning fuck all,yeah, very few mistakes..

  7. AdiGunner

    Well given that he is Bosnia’s Captain and 29, isnt he the experienced signing we’re looking for? Maybe we shud give him a chance if he arrives, eh. Wats the point in havin a go at him without knowin anythin bout him

  8. Red Arse


    A number of us discussed this late yesterday on Le Grove. You had probably gone to bed by then! 🙂

    Someone thought it was Sapphic Greek poetry, I thought it was a Phyrric decision by Mr Wenger, if true.

    Absolutely bloody appalling. Oh I forgot, the negotiations have gone well because ……… he’s dirt cheap.

    A top, top player? No, it will be a sickening body blow!

  9. ed

    montpellier signed him only after watching videos of him, since then he’s been named as one of the signings of the season in the french league, it’d be nice to have an international captain on our team. i dunno if he’s any good but it would be a typical wenger signing wouldn’t it.

  10. Tarik

    Bosnia is a great national team and Emir Spahic is one of the best defenders in Europe. Those who refuse to acknowledge it are seriously ignorant people who know nothing about football and like to judge teams and players based on their names.

  11. gunnerfan

    dont know where u get ur stats mate. u r way off target. he has played 97 games since 2006 (not including internationals) for lokomotiv and montpellier. that is an avg of 24 games per season. last season he played 32. also, he can play a max of 30 games in the russian league (16 teams). lot better than the 14 you suggest. with internationals it would be more.
    i would rather take the opinion of a montpellier fan rather than you who has never seen him play. i am sure you are one of those who would have said “TV, Who?” and “Koscienly, Who?”. TV was player of the season last year and Laurent looks pretty good in the few games he has played in.

  12. Dave

    You dont expect our tight stubborn twat of a manager to sign anyone well known. This unknown CH is cheap and no one else wants him. Ideal to feed Wengers ego in his quest to prove the world wrong and him right. The sooner he gets out of Arsenal FC the better and we can move on.

  13. Pedro

    Gunnerfan, my stats are from ESPN… they’re never far off.

    Lets just say yours are right… you think 24 games per season is an average worth correcting me over? Robin Van Persie averages more games.

    You’d rather take the verdict of a Montpellier fan than a person who has watched world class football week in week out for the whole of Wenger’s reign… and obviously the 8 years prior to Wenger?

    Suit yourself…

    Btw… I’m still asking questions about Kozzer and his ability to cope in our league.

  14. Danish Gooner

    Hahahah it is official,Arsenal are now a scrapheap for dodgy no good players,splendid Mr.Wenger !!!!

  15. The Ruler

    If he’s a good player and adds squad depth I’m all for it, more captains would be a welcome addition too.

  16. drona

    cool it lads, we have hardly confirmed the signing and he has even been transfer linked on arsenal.com, wonder what is the strike rate of transfer link on .con

  17. kev

    i give up trying to second guess our manager. hes going to do things on the cheap no matter what he does so whats the point complaining? its gonna be the same until he leaves

  18. DaleDaGooner

    It’s not what we want, but it would almost be true. I can’t see Wenger signing Koscielny for 10m early on and then sign the first teamer late on, I doubt Mertesacker or Tasci or Zapata would be signed. This guy sounds like he wouldn’t mind coming of the bench or be what Sol was for us. Djourou would resume Silvestre’s role as number 4 CB. while this Spahic, with all his leadership and aggressiveness take on number 3 role. Face it, the plan was Koscielny +Vermaelen all along. I just Hope we keep Nordtveit around.

  19. martie

    Typical wenger, he either signs 15 year olds, which he loses after not winnign anything, or he signs bench warmers or 30+ year old CB, that sit on the becnh twiddling their thumbs. I personally think wenger has lost all sense of reality tbh.

  20. neville d

    this is a top blog first comment i think . keep it up mate.
    i think this guy could be strong everything i have seen from him is great,strong,angry and no pussy boy just what we need

  21. reggie 57

    sack him now cos he dont know what he’s doing take him to broadmoor with the rest of the roll&butter’s!!!!

  22. Red Arse


    This is Stepanov in disguise.

    I hope the optimists on here are right. But why can’t he be a normal manager and go for a top class well known top international signing, instead of all this cheap,and nasty stuff?

    Be honest, how many of you had heard of this bloke before last Sunday? Yeah, thought so.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    But it has to be annoying and it has to be clear as day light that the problem is WENGER and not necessarily the board. He is too stubborn and loves to show that he found so and so and turned them from nothing to something, his pet-projects aren’t winning us anything. The baord may not release money, but it is Wenger’s duty to use the money he is provided or tell the board off if they are not helping his cause. It’s not the Boards fault that Wenger has no plan B tactics and stubbornly uses the same tactics over and over (playing Fabianski even when Allardyce predicted he was Arsenal’s weak link) Or him stubbornly playing an under strength team against a full 1st team Man City, facing the reality that CL is not winnable. I would have concentrated on winning the FA or CC to boost the squads confidence, instead he feeds the squad false hope, same as he does beginning\end of every season “we will sign 2-3 top quality players” I guess his idea of top quality players are ones Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Chelsea and so on are not looking at. How Everton and lower teams find solid English defenders that turn out worthing over the odds and Mr. Wenger is busy burying his nose in the lower French leagues is beyond rationale. No doubt Wenger has no ambition to win, it is plain to see in his tactics, planning and prep.

  24. Red Arse

    We were all drooling/hoping for Mertsacker/Subotic, but the moment I heard the rumour of Saphdick I knew, just knew the £2m ace would be the one.

    I’m thinking of asking our new 17 year old Japanese trialist Myachi (?) how to commit Sepuku! 🙁

  25. freddie8

    Cool it guys
    After wathing koscielny play I’m willing to give anyone a second chance
    And pedro, I’d rather take the opinion of someone who watches the french league week in week out
    Let’s give the lad a chance, and let’s not forget that this is just a rumour..

  26. DaleDaGooner

    I heard this is a fall back on if he does not get Mertesacker. I guess that means if Bremen does not accept his peanuts and sweets, he’ll say, we tried to sign top class, but it was not financial quality.

  27. freddie8

    Lol!!! Saphdick!! Hahaha I knew long ago that wenger was not going to sign a well known player
    The trend of the past few years should have made that obvious

    Btw RA is sepuku the japanese belly-cutting thingy

  28. Red Arse

    For anyone who thinks it matters, I am not an AKB, neither am I a Doomsayer who disrespects Arsene so terribly.

    But Wenger makes it v. difficult to like/understand him.

    Frankly, I am now and have always been an ARSENAL fan. This loyalty/love for the Club/team is above any player or manager.

    I won’t change ….. ever!

  29. gooner

    Lets not be too harsh…

    Who of you had heard of Vidic before he joined Utd? 5mil from russia? From the Balkans…Fuck off he will be shit.

    Vidic is THE BEST defender in the premier league and he is a dirty dirty bastard

    Now wouldnt you want a player like that in the team? Lets give him a chance. He wouldn’t be young enough to stifle koz and nordveit, but he is old enough to get the best years out of him.

    I havent seen him play, but judging that PSG fans view earlier, he sounds alright. Sure Wenger has made some bad signings in the past, but also how many gems has he plucked out of nowhere. You can also bet that Boro Piromac has a hand in this.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    Oh, well, lets not get our panties in a bunch, but i really seriously doubt we are signing a Subotic, Cahill, Zapata, Tasci or Mertesacker, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This is as good as it gets Emir Spazic, it’s the usual.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Red Arse, i’m with you, Fuck it1 lets cheer if we sign Spazic, if he comes good, we’ll all be singing his praises and still giving Wenger stick for not signing any quality players.

  32. Red Arse


    Keep being positive. It helps. 🙂

    Wenger has never been able to spot/buy a decent CB until TV, (Sol was a freebie), so it’s odds on this is another Stepanov/Senderos, unfortunately.

    Promised us a Kyoto steak, gets us a steak and kidney pie!

    Sorry for being so down but I hoped for so much more! 🙁

  33. patthegooner

    Can’t say I am going to get over excited by this signing, but I guess with Boro Primorac at the club, we will know all about this bloke.

    Hardly smacks of an ambitious club trying to make headway in the title race. Lets just hope he is more Vermaelen and Sagna than Stepanovs!!!!!

    I also hope we are not spending a lot on him.

  34. talia helena

    Again, just like with every Cesc story over the last few months Arsenal fans fall hook-line and fish-in-a-barrel for each and every word.

    Are you lot really from the same species? Do you never learn?

    You’re making Arsenal supporters look like a laughing stock prone to anything said by anyone.

    On balance, we must be the thickest fans in the league.

    Please tell me there are people out there with some perspective?

  35. Phil

    OK, what about this theory: he’s not going to be anywhere near the starting 11, he’s just there to rough up our players in training (without injuring them), toughen them up a bit. Make sense now?

  36. Red Arse


    Go on insult us why don’t you?

    You seem to be claiming to be a superior intelligence,far far above us lowly despondent shits.

    Please be so gracious as to give us more of your gilded words. No … don’t bother, sod off.

    Hi Rico! 🙂

  37. ade

    I’d actually pick this guy over a lot of the names mentioned. I have seen him play. however, if the option is per…. thats a no brainer. I like the fact that he is old and is used to pressure (yes- playing for locomotiv is a lot of pressure even if its not in the biggest league).

    however, why oh why do we need to replace silvestre when we should be looking for a kolo? this guy is a replacement for silvestre!

  38. rico

    Hi reggie, i know naff all about him other than he is nearly 30, cheap and probably worse than Senderos….

    Maybe he will be a gem, but he certainly isn’t Mertsacker or Cahill, I just bloomin hope he is Silvestre’s replacement and Mertsacker still gets signed on Thursday…. or was it meant to be today 🙁

  39. kc

    In reality we do need to add 2 more CB’s to be up to par. Maybe this isn’t the big defensive signing but rather another backup like Koscielny. I’m too optimistic I know but Gallas, Campbell, Senderos, and Silvestre have all left with only Kos coming in so far. Fingers Crossed but I think I’m right.

  40. Red Arse

    I wasn’t being sarky, Gooner. I really could do with more positive souls like you.

    My hope filled bubble has burst. 🙂

  41. The Law

    @ Reggie 57, Danish, and the rest of your ilk, kindly go give a shotgun a blowjob and spare us your inane, childish, prattling.

  42. Homer

    This is likely some crazy story w/o a grain o truth.

    But what if its true. Its not like Arsenal has ever signed a CB in the latter part of his career as cover and to serve as a grey beard in the locker room. That would be unheard of.

    god but you people are hilarious!

  43. SFOGooner

    Spahic whoever he is can’t be worse than silvestre ..
    So why does it matter?

    We should worrying about is kozzer as good as gallas?

  44. goonermichael

    he sounds like a nasty cunt. Just what we need imo. Someone to scare the shit out of cunts like roney

  45. Erichero

    Captain of Bosnia. Yet another captain “signed” by Wenger – looks to me like he’s intent on getting some more spirit and spine into the club, especially with Sol signing elsewhere.

    Assuming he’s decent, which by several accounts from visitors on GoonerTalk appears to be the case, it looks like Wenger wants an older head to backup the growth of the three youngsters.

  46. piken79

    we are probably the worst fans when it comes to trusting out manager decisions. Its hilarious how everyone seems to know a good defender or football, I think most fans are looking for a big name signing that makes a statement to the rest of the league. Well, its never going to happen. I will take whoever the manager gets.

  47. Gunnernet

    Most of the time we hear a story about a transfer and we hope it is true and wait for the final confirmation at official site.. This time otherwise i cant even think refresh my Arsenal.com..WTF..From Per Mertesacker and G Cahill to who??? If its true and we dont buy a proper defender then buy buy new season, bb Cesk and maybe bb Arsene..

  48. leon

    if this story is true it may be the case he a replacement for sole and wenger is looking another top defender,i realy dont understand the big negativity,i have read somemany comments that this team needs an experienced top cb and leader the rest cbs are very young an experienced is whats needed have evon seen this guy player before and already saying crap signing it would be

  49. The Law

    You’ve never seen the guy play, you know absolutely nothing about him, but you’re so quick to condemn him and say he’s rubbish.

    I would have loved to hear what you had to say when Wenger signed a failed winger from Juventus named Thierry Henry. It would probably have been along the lines of “Another French kid” “Who is he ffs?” “Wenger get us some quality”.


  50. gooner

    What is this obsession with Cahil? He is overrated and inflated because he is English.

    I bet this new guy is better than Cahil

  51. Maciek

    Song is average, Vermalen needs decent partner and our gk’s are a;; crap. We are koke of a side.

    We will end up outside the top 4.

    Maybe we will be sold and PHW and Wenger and other just go away.

  52. Gunnernet

    @ Law. This guy is 29 years old…And he played a good season for Montpelier and not for Juventus of 98 of Del Piero and Trezegeut for Christ sake..TH14 came at 21..Are u kidding yourself? We need a class-defender and The Bosnian isnt simply the answer..

  53. The Law

    Enlighten? You? I apologise. I forgot that when you wrestle with a pig, you get dirty, and the pig has fun.

    Enjoy your misery. I guess it’s all you have.

  54. Arse&Nose©

    Anyone got a link to the Borehamwood vs Arsenal xi game?

    Apparently Randall scored from 40 yards out.

  55. Patt

    Thank goodness. That would be 4 cbs in the team and all of them are ten times better than Sylvestre. Happy days. Now get a good keeper and we’ll be sorted.

  56. leon

    meciek i feel song is a quite a bit better than average thats to start with wenger has laredy stated that he is looking for least 1 cb most likely 2,this back line needs experienced backup and i think thats exacly what he will be,so far we have tv dj new boy all around 23-24 so any experienced leader in the team like younger sole cambell is very much needed . all i am saying is try to be bit patient you dont evon no if he is still going buy another cb which i think he will,it seems to me there far to many asumtions been made

  57. Red Arse

    Reggie, Rico,

    Don’t bother with “Law”, who the Fcuk does this Johnny Come Lately think he is?

    Suddenly he, and the other one, think our opinions don’t count. The fascists re still among us!

  58. Red Arse

    Law you shouldn’t put youself down like that.

    Nobody said you are a pig ……. but you know yourself better than we do so ……..

    You intellectuals, eh?

  59. Marko

    Cahill is average at best. Jesus years ago we’d of been delighted to be signing a 29 year old from Bosnia. And maybe Wenger feels the 29 year old lump is a better option than Metersacker at 25 or Tasci at 22/23 or Zapata at 23/24 cause Vermaelen at 24 is the senior in our current backline. Kos is 23 and Djourou is what 22/23.

  60. DaleDaGooner

    I doubt he’ll be like Silvestre or Senderos, But he isn’t what will inspire us to win trophies, As good as TV5 is, he couldn’t inspire us to constant victory, Fabregas can’t inspire us to victory alone. The guy may be good for us, but it is Wengers tactics and stubborn nature that is shite!

  61. Red Arse

    Nite Rico, tomorow! 😉

    Goonerman, Spectrum will kill you for pinching his bloody epithet, and we might lend a hand. 🙂

  62. Red Arse

    You have got that right DaleDG. You are not often wrong.

    See you guys tomorrow. 🙂 Well not the fascists or the faux intellectuals, ……. obviously!

  63. Red Arse


    Spectrum is a nice guy, but he finishes all his posts with that rust bucket stuff, and drives us regulars potty with it. 🙂

  64. leon

    at 30 i think if this stor y is true he would most likely be backup and wenger is stiill looking for main starter but because of way he has done business in the past fans are very sceptical and i understand that.not realy sure am mixed feelings on the issue because i know the new boy is very good and just needs time and we haveplayers like nordviet who could be backup as wellbut at the same time a top defender could on the cards but with wenger you dont know,so i am hoping if evon this story is true wenger still goes top defender because it looks to me as if this player will used as backup at 30 wenger would usualy go for some 25-27 as a starter

  65. talia helena

    Dear Red Arse,

    When will people like you get it into your thick heads almost everything you’ve read this summer is made up bollocks. And yet time after time you react as if it’s true.

    Emir Spahic? WTFK?

    If I penned an article saying that Silvestre might actually re-sign for us half of you would be having heart attacks. Even though it’d be a bollocks made-up rumour and nothing but.

    I used to blame the scurvy media and mean-spirited bloggers desperate for website hits, but the problem isn’t with them – it’s with “those that never learn” – it’s with the readership.

    As I say it makes us look like a laughing stock.

    And where exactly do I mention “lowly despondent shits” … Where did that extrapolate from? Methinks, you invent too much.

  66. patthegooner


    I think it is because if you read up on the article linked from Bosnia, there is supposedly a quote from the player saying that negotiations to sign him are ongoing.

    If you read this blog regularly you will see that we usually rubbish the majority of rumours and speculation as they are just that…….bullshit

    However in this instance it looks like the report has a little bit more substance, so I think Gooner blogs are perfectly justified in printing the story.

  67. CasRex

    Honestly, we don’t want Mertesacker. High as a pine, but mutch too slow. Give this Emir Spahic guy a chance if he comes. For all we know, he could be the monster we’re in need of. The CB that punishes opponents that dare to break our legs. You break one of ours, I’ll break five of yours. A player like that will be MORE than welcome at Ashburton. Haven’t seen one like that in our shirt since the days of the Grimster, really…

  68. leon

    i could be completly wroung but i think wenger wants 5cbs so is this story is true he will be mostlikly a direst replcement for sole and is still looking for younger top defender

  69. Gooner P

    Its a signing for FFS…. Who was Petit when he came to arsenal.. It didnt matter!! As he turned in to a great player. Give the guy a chance. I would like to have seen us sign Subotic and Adler. But if Spahic comes in and does a job then great. I could see him starting ahead of Koz. As you can clearly see he is going to be class, but will need 6 months

  70. Victorvosseu.NIGERIA

    If he can teach cecs a lesson, i mean vicible lesson that will be nice, so no news about Goal keeper? Wenger is a joke……

  71. CanGunn444

    First off, I have no idea who this man is… Saphic…
    I’ve said it on this site before that I prefer to be an optimist and that AW does make it hard but a couple quick points:
    1. Still just a rumour
    2. How many world-class CBs have changed teams this summer?
    3. How many of you had heard of Vidic, Hangeland or even Cahill before they made names for themselves?
    4. How many people on this site called for players like Cana and Veloso for years due to pure hype?
    Cana is out of favor at Sunderland and Veloso signed with Genoa in the Seria A- hardly a super power
    Very rarely does hype translate into anything more than just hype…

    We are short at CB, the manager knows, agents and journos around the world know, plenty of stories will come up..

    Saphic may turn out to be shit, same as Kozzer (who by the way was bought for an Undisclosed Amount, which is the way AW likes to roll) or maybe he turns into Vidic, an angry Bosnian beast…

    Give the man a chance though…

  72. John

    I’ve never heard of him but we need a rugged no nonsense centre half that can get stuck into the opposition… like they do to us.

    We also need a talker/screamer who we give a team mate a addressing down when they arent picking up on corners or tracking back to help the team defend.

    In other words a warrior aka a roy keane someone who can pick us up out of the shit and make us battle when needed.

    Arsenal can play football we all know this most of the time they overplay the ball…. what they lack is the fight and if he can bring some of those qualties then why not.

  73. BOOZY

    I JUST CHECKED THIS GUY OUT, AND HE IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. This wenger is a maverick, really, i dont know how he does it.

  74. kev

    being optimistic and then being continually let down is an absolute killer though. i was optimistic for a long time but wenger and his crap has worn me down. cana was never out of favour – most sunderland fans took to him straight away and he did a great job for them in mid and as a cb. i never heard any hype about him either. hes gone to galatasary now

  75. arsene knows

    i have been going since 1967 home and away… these blogs are always fun and interesting, amazing some of the negative shit full of ignorance, arsene has famously said ‘i dont buy stars, i make them’, we have moved ground to the best in the world, built the best training ground in the world (i was there last year, its incredible), we play the best football bar one club 500 million in debt, we are a few players short of winning it with a team that cost zero when you match buys to sells… this man is a fucking genius!

    as was chapman and bertie mee as was george graham until he got caught with his hand in the till…

    but arsene is the best football manager of all time

    tons of others, remind me of em all..

    got the most out of berkgkamp, adams, cole and tons of others

    get a fucking grip and support this amazing man and this amazing club…

    we will win the league this season
    arsene knows (my banner!)

  76. Gooby

    Lyon have mensah back from loan and i believe cissocko can play CB. they also have cleber anderson who may move and doesn’t play much because he is crap