Shambolic defensive display proves we’ve regressed where it counts

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Apparently the spam filter went into over drive yesterday and the abuse was aimed at me for taking on the greatest fans in Europe.

Is it just me or does every team outside the M25 have the ‘worlds greatest fans’? Celtic apparently have a following 15x larger than Arsenal blah blah blah… well, just to set the record straight, I think Denilson’s statistics carry more credibility than that pearler.

Arsenal managed 30,000 fans for a Youth cup final… Celtic couldn’t even muster 15,000 for an important league game last year because they lost in the cup the game before! The Celtic season ticket adverts flashing up on the hoardings weren’t lost on me either…  Click here to read more about the greatest fans since Newcastle started losing.

Just for your information, the abuse stopped at 1622. Hmmm?

Arsenal announced before the kick off that they’d raised £818,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. A staggering amount of money, congratulations Arsenal, congratulations Sky for making the link between the hospital having young people in it and Arsenal liking young players. Genius.


Sagna  Verm JD Clichy


Wilshere                               Rosicky

Theo    JET    Vela

The line up was youthful. JET, Wilshere, Frimpong and Vela were all given the chance to fire their way into Wenger’s first team plans this season. Wenger confirmed that Diaby is yet again injured and if the gossip is to be believed, he pulled up 10 minutes into his first training session back. What a joke. I know you can’t blame the players for having faulty genetics… but jeez, this guy is supposed to be a starter for us this year!

Frimpong started the first move of the game dispossessing Celtic within Minutes, Jack played Walcott in at the back post who found no one in the 6 yard box with his cross.

Arsenal were zipping the ball around at a staggering pace, they made their possession count when Jack played Theo into acres of space, the winger slotted across the face of goal (I’d say it was a cross) and Vela held his line perfectly to bundle the goal in off the post. A blistering opening 2 minutes.

Bar a shoddy pass, Frimpong picked up where he left off yesterday, breaking up play and keeping it simple. The last time a Brazilian went AWOL from pre-season Flamini took his chance to steal his first team place.

Vermaelen took the opportunity to show us he can shoot better than Kolo ever could when he let rip from 35 yards. The keeper could do no better than parry it, Walcott wasn’t tall enough to return the header goal bound.

The north of the border crew opened us up with a great through ball, lucky for us Murphy had been taking finishing lessons off future Arsenal Legend Mark Randall yesterday.

Celtic were showing signs of menace and if it weren’t for a superbly timed tackle by Clichy, we may have been in trouble. Arsenal’s midfield were causing bottlenecks which was causing confusion.

Rosicky did well out wide and saw JET’s run early, the giant Englishman went for the audacious chip but was denied by a block. Pretty much the only spark of excitement we saw from him today. Chance lost… I’d imagine he’ll be off to Blackpool.

Jack Wilshere had a deflected shot tipped over the bar. The Young Englishman then smashed a Rosicky corner on the volley at the Celtic goal. An amazing strike, so unlucky!

Sagna  was played in at the edge of the 18 yard line and something more unusual than a £20million Arsenal signing happened… he fired it in the bottom right and put us 2-0 up! Superb stuff! It was a shame for the Celtic keeper, he was doing well up until that point.

The second half started with the introduction of Nasri and Chamakh. It took all of five minutes for the super slim Frenchman to slip a powerful shot under the Celtic keeper. Another Theo assist, another great bit of composure from a player rejected by France. Rumours are he had a bust up with Eboue after the match… I’ve heard that our Ivorian isn’t universally loved in the dressing room… he’s a bit of an irritant apparently.

Jack gave away a penalty when he took down a Celtic man in our box. The Greek embarrassingly flew his dead ball over the bar. Was it a bad penalty or was it Manuel’s close season dalliance into the dark arts of mind control that sent it over? Only Arsene will know. Jack will be pleased to have gotten away with that.

Big Al was forced into action minutes later and pulled off a great save. Our defence was taking a bettering and after we failed to react quickest to a dodgy deflection, we conceded our 2nd of the tournament. Disappointing that we couldn’t manage a clean sheet against the worst Celtic team for a decade. Worrying that conceding late has become a problem.

It got worse though, JD had to slice over the bar to snuff out more Celtic danger. He was then muscled off the ball which allowed them  in with a header that Almunia had to scramble to tip over. Nervy stuff and very worrying.

Theo was played in by Arshavin late on, he had all the time in the world to pick out one of two players or shoot… he decided none of those options suited and passed it into empty space. This poor decision making continued for the remainder of the game. When the pressure is on, he loses his head and he is so far away from being a finisher I find it criminal people suggest he play through the middle.

Kozzer did his level best to undo all the good of yesterday when he slid over the ball allowing Celtic through on goal. Almunia to the rescue again.

Celtic breached our backline one more time catching Kozzer out of position, they played a simple ball across the box and banged it in for a second. Awful defending and a sure sign that we’ve regressed defensively since last season.

It really was a diabolical end to the Emirates Cup and a sure sign we need reinforcements. We simply cannot go into the season as it stands and expect to overhaul Chelsea.

Lifting the Emirates Cup, if I’m honest, felt a touch embarrassing. Why? Well, deep down, I know Wenger is going to label it silverware later on in the season when the pressure is on. You know, along with that 3rd place trophy we like to compete for.

Arsenal controlled the pace of the game but we showed a worrying tendency to switch off . My biggest fear about preseason is that it’s been geared around showing off our fantastic attacking football which we knew about already. The keepers haven’t really been tested nor has the defence. If we plan to use JD or Koscielny as leading men this year, we’ll be exposed. Neither is ready.

Wenger said that our players don’t have the mental ability to see out a game which is a startling admission 2 weeks before the start of a season but an accurate one. I’ve heard that he is fully aware of the fragilities in his squad. He’s not deluding himself that they are all world beaters. Well, if that’s the case, what’s going on? Why are you talking about your ‘top goalkeepers’? Why haven’t we sorted our centre backs? Weren’t we supposed to be set for the Emirates Cup?

The boss has ruled out purchasing a midfielder this window. I revealed a couple of weeks ago that we enquired after a top defensive midfielder. So that means Frimpong has done enough, which is fine. He looks like a £10million signing, he holds his own in the middle. I can’t name many DM’s who don’t make silly fouls and bad passes every now and then, so I’ll ignore the flaws. Ask a Scouser who holds a season their opinion on Mascharano…

Too many people on the web are resigning themselves to the fact Almunia isn’t actually that bad and he played well yesterday. Well, he is a professional goalkeeper, so games like that can happen. His problem is that he doesn’t have the mental strength to deal with high pressure games. That won’t change and a supposedly solid twenty minutes where he conceded two won’t convince me otherwise.

If the squad stays the same Wenger will be taking an ill-conceived gamble on the most pivotal season of the last ten years. His future, Cesc’s future and the reputation of our club as a big time player depends on the outcome of this year.

So far, it doesn’t feel like the club have accepted any of these realities… complacency is the elephant in the room and the only people who can see it are the fans…

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  1. choy

    TIE, he’s already gone in his mind.

    I would rather we just sold him.

    He’ll probably be gone next summer anyway…

  2. incesc

    we have loads of money and pay out loads on money on wages.

    thing is we pay the wrong fucking players all the cash.

    we should be paying out 80 thousand a week on a decent midfielders wages instead of on diaby and denislons.

  3. SUGA3


    it’s called ‘investment’, which once made will most likely reap benefits for a few years to come…

    spending £30-40M would not turn us into Leeds, imagine what that would buy us with AW being a shrewd negotiator he is…

  4. choy

    Well Incesc, what about Shitty’s midfielders then?

    They didn’t even get to 4th and they’re being paid triple of what diaby and denilson earn!

  5. Ray in SF

    @ red arse, sorry stepped away from ‘pooter for a while, but I have been going to iraqigoals and when veetel is an option, I take it

    missed most of the pre-season because ATVO wasn’t working, caught the Barnet game but there were no feeds available for the other games, hence the veetel


    and the pictures of ‘tubby’ Sol in his ‘unflattering’ kit. I think we all could have told him that the Newcastle kit would not be very flattering.

  6. gambon

    £40m is the minimum we should be spending considring the under investment in recent years, the financial situation at the club, and the £30m profit we made last summer.

  7. BillikenGooner

    Hank Scorpio would buy Arsenal and one day we’d show up and there’d be an extra tier on the Emirates.

    No questions asked.

  8. gambon


    If man city improve as much as they did last season, and we also do, they will finish comfortably above us next season.

  9. SUGA3


    if they had a proper manager from the start it would most probably end up a tad different…

    at Blackburn, his biggest challenge was Bentley, at City he had the likes of Tevez and Robinho…

  10. choy

    I do think that our wage bill is high, and that is not due to individual salaries, but rather the number of players, coaching staff and all the other people!

  11. SUGA3


    do we need ‘numbers’? the last season’s run-in showed that these numbers are about as useful as chocolate teapot…

    I mean, Silvestre on 50K?

    and why pay for the coaching staff that is clearly incapable of teaching basics?

  12. zee

    “Manuel did very well today and (Lukasz) Fabianski did well yesterday (against AC Milan), and (Wojciech) Szczesny and (Vito) Mannone did well in the other games pre-season as well.

    “We have quality goalkeepers, we know that,”

    arsene you need a bottle of GBL

  13. G STAR

    Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart claims Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and England boss Fabio Capello were forced to turn down the chance to coach the Spanish giants.

    Barca have been frustrated this summer by the desire of Wenger and Arsenal to hold on to their want-away captain Cesc Fabregas.

    And Gaspart insists it was much the same back in 2001, when he tried to lure Wenger and Capello to Camp Nou following the dismissal of Llorenc Serra Ferrer and prior to the permanent appointment of interim coach Carles Rexach.

    The ex-Barca chief claims both Wenger and Capello wanted to take over but were prevented from doing so by their clubs, with Wenger going on to lead the Gunners to the double in 2001/02.

    Paris meeting
    “When I was president, in agreement with Rexach, when Serra Ferrer left we negotiated with Arsene Wenger and Fabio Capello to coach Barca,” Gaspart told Com Radio.

    “I met Wenger in Paris. He wanted to come to Barca but Arsenal didn’t let him. The Arsenal chairman ordered him to fulfil his contract.

    “Capello also wanted to come, but they (Roma) didn’t let him either.”

    Fabregas spent six years in Barca’s youth team before joining Arsenal in 2003 and although the 23-year-old has expressed his desire to rejoin the Catalan outfit, he has five years remaining on his contract with the Gunners.

    The English club have already turned down a £30million bid for the Spain midfielder, with the transfer saga having run all summer.

    Rosell fear
    Departed president Joan Laporta has left Sandro Rosell to continue Barca’s bid to sign Fabregas.

    And Gaspart believes the new chief has nothing to fear, saying an agreement can be struck with Wenger if Rosell travels to meet him.

    “My advice, and that’s what I’ve told him, is that this will end by catching the plane to London and sitting down face to face with Wenger,” he added.

    “Not by telephone, not with intermediaries – this has to be resolved with a meeting in person.

    “Rosell must not be scared. If he fails, the whole world will understand, but no-one will be able to say that he didn’t try until the end. This fear that he is going to fail – he shouldn’t have it.

    “It’s very difficult for Arsenal to want to keep a player who doesn’t want to stay.

    “The English are very English, very hard at the time of negotiating. Moreover, Mr Wenger, as a good Frenchman, knows how to play his cards.

    “I have seen him in negotiations and he has ended up selling. You have to meet him face to face to know if he is bluffing.”

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I HOPE WENGER ISNT BLUFFING

  14. zee

    anyone know – is saturday’s game part of the Fabianski/Szczesny deal? ie a small amount of money, a bag of peanuts and we’ll throw in a friendly?

  15. incesc

    couldnt give a fuck about city choy.

    we arent broke we should be paying all our hard earned cash out to top quality players and not to a load of injury prone average ones.

  16. incesc

    i must say tho the transfer market is all a bit of a sham.

    everyone is broke and waiting for other teams to show their cards. All the business will be done last minute, i cant work out why the transfer window has to be so long. Why not make it 3 weeks in the middle of the summer, so teams do their business and start the season ready to go…

  17. zee

    so torres is back with liverpool today – why weren’t cesc and rvp? even for light training? over three weeks since the final.

  18. Keyser

    You should give a fuck because that’s exactly who we’re competing against.

    Essien and Yaya Toure are two of the World’s best players, they went to Chelsea and Citeh repsectively and that’s what we compete against.

    Who’s the 3rd World’s best Defensive midfielder ? and then how many other clubs can give as good an offer as we can to them ?!

    That’s just the comeptitive market we work in. No matter what we spend, we’re going to need some luck next year.

  19. zee

    incesc regardless of card showing we shoulda done it by now, liverpool and blackburn away before the end of the month, really don’t want anything other than a ‘0’ in the L column by sept 1.

  20. Keyser

    Zee – I think they’re back in a day or two. Liverpool have qualifiers I think and Torres’s injury needs to be assessed anyway.

  21. incesc

    i just dont give a fuck keyser.

    if we spent our money on good players and not kids we would win the league, no matter what city do next season.

    half of their team are mercenaries with massive egos, i think mancini hasnt got a chance of keeping them all happy.

  22. zee

    be interesting to see if torres plays in the europa league, esp with this supposed takeover looming. dont rush back nando til after we’ve dicked you.

  23. gambon


    I think its ridiculous that we are nearly at the start of the season without many signings, that were desperately needed.

    Especially the keeper situation. Its been obvious for a long time that we need a new keeper, we have a huge scouting team, yet 10 weeks since the season finished we still have the clowns.

    If reports are to be believed we havent signed Schwartzer due to £1.5m gap in the valuation.

  24. Keyser

    incesc – You do a little, come on, you’re commenting on it, just a tad right ?!

    If we want the absolute top quality players then you have to accept who we’re competing against for their signatures. That’s just the reality of it.

    Football’s full of mercenaries.

  25. zee

    allardyce will be rubbing his hands that we aint got a keeper in, and we’ll concede to one of the predictable incessant balls into the mixer.

  26. incesc

    city dont need a keeper do they, nor do barce, chelsea, madrid.

    why cant we go and buy one? We arent competing with anyone.

    whats the point in worrying about city when we refuse to spend any cash on massive problem area’s. THere are tons of good keepers and centre backs out there, city cant buy them all.

  27. incesc

    bearing in mind we have 40 million from last summer and all the profits from last season we should be able to buy any keeper in the world, bar 1 or 2.

  28. Pedro

    I’ve written a post tomorrow… I’m not sure whether people will say it’s racist… decisions decisions!

  29. Arsene Wenger

    Billiken Gooner, how do you know this information on the re-signing of Mikael Silvestre, now his value will surely go up.

  30. Pedro

    G-Star… with your sources, I’m sure you already know!

    Gambon, I’m pretty sure it’s no more racist than calling Spain a 3rd world country.

    Fuck it… if people get arsey they can deal with it…

  31. Queen of suburbia

    Sometimes I think people can have only been supporting arsenal for a short time, all this talk of x superstar this and y superstar that. It just isn’t and hasn’t ever been the arsenal way.

  32. Arsene Wenger

    I agree Queen of Surbubia, some of these fans are absolutely shocking, in England people think by spending you will win trophie, but it isn’t true, look at Real Madrid.

    I also like to point that we were are more experienced than last year, and we will win a trophy.

  33. incesc


    thierry, bergkamp, and vieira are all superstars in the football world and they were arsenal through and through

  34. Maciek

    Pedro mate, but I don’t know.

    Please give me any hint, about thesse players.


    I just want to see quality players.

  35. Arsene Wenger

    Our lineup against Liverpool is as follows:


    Van Perise

  36. MatthewT

    I think the facts are these

    1) we must have a transfer budget in excess of £30,000,000 due to the toure and ade sales last season. This should be the very minimum there is to spend.

    2) there are players out there that are available for £30,000,000 or less that are better than the players we have.

    3) the squad we have isn’t good enough to win the premier league or the champions league, i base this on last seasons form and its basicly the same squad.

    If these three points are taken into account the only explanation as to why we have not bought any players is that the manager/board have a totally different set of values than the fans.

    The fans want the club to be successful and win things and they want the club to show ambition, if board and the manager do not share these values then they should leave ASAP because we will not win another thing until they do.


  37. Pedro

    G-Star, don’t start play the switching names game… it irritates everyone.

    QoS, signing superstars isn’t really what people are looking for… we’re looking for nearly men. Like Bobby P, Overmars, Freddie, Thierry Henry, Arshavin, Sol Campbell…

    That’s the Arsenal way.

    Nice to see you back btw!

  38. Queen of suburbia

    Cheers pedro. Been reading the posts but my access has been limited to my iPhone and it’s just such a pain with all the scrolling!

    Incesc the players you named, we turned into superstars rather than they already were except maybe Dennis. I agree with pedro that what we want is guys ready to make the step from decent to great, that’s the arsenal way. What I find most worrying is that so far this summer we are set to save money and be in the black concerning transfer and wage dealings again. I find that astonishing.

  39. JJ

    I just don’t understand Wenger… A couple of key signings last January and we could have pushed on for the title. He gambled and lost. As each day goes buy it looks more likely he will repeat the gamble and we all know what the outcome will be… Well, everyone but him.

    So frustrating… 2.5 CB’s with 2 weeks to go. Ridiculous.

  40. BillikenGooner

    Don’t forget that the fleeting acknowledgment of the need for ‘experience’, but we are back to the “ready to step-up” youngsters again.

  41. incesc

    i guess wenger is still pinning his hopes that the improvement will come from within and players improving rather than spending, but the squad was so thin last year we couldnt even compete in the cups…

    its madness

  42. choy

    Chelsea are in the final stages of a agreeing a fee of around £18million with Benfica as Carlo Ancelotti continues to put his team through their pre-season paces in Germany.

  43. BillikenGooner

    Is Merida going to get a lot of PT or a starting spot with Atletico Madrid?

    I can’t become a Real Madrid fan so maybe can hope for Atletico to pull some surprises.

  44. choy

    Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira has admitted the Portuguese champions are already planning for life without midfielder Ramires as Chelsea edged closer to a deal for the Brazil international.

  45. Stu

    Fuck sake. Here we are with Frimpong as our new midfielder and Chelsea are off buying Ramires, a full brazilian international and title winner with Benfica.

    I thought the chavs were broke ffs.

  46. Stu

    He’s more of a defensive player incesc…certainly more defensive than Theo. I dont know about his club position but for Brazil he usually had to cover Maicons forward runs so thats what im basing this opinion on.

  47. wattsy65

    Still some of us awake, just seen the sickening antics of Cesc on Sky Sports, no guessing this will be the topic of conversation tomorrow. For those of us who love this club, it was disgraceful, there is obviously nothing he will not do in order to get his way. I’ve been a Gooner since 1950 and there are not many instances where I’ve been so sad and angry at the same time.Why is he still on holiday, according to Wenger he needs more rest, fuckin disgrace.

    Have now got to try and get to sleep.

    Night all

  48. alex

    He’s not crying about those images, he’s crying for his grandfather, who was born at Arenys, his hometown, which was giving him honors for being a world champion and died a while ago.

  49. arsenal4ever

    so Pedro you know something? Pls give us a hint. We are waiting for class signings. I like the look of Koz and especially from Chamakhattack but these players are not enough!! Will we get finally Schwarzer? Arsenal Insider blog said if Fulham names a new manager Schwarzer will be announced. Any truth in it.


    keep up the good work pedro and geoff

  50. Lou

    To make the same mistakes several years running is really, really dumb. But there is still the best part of a month to go. Nevertheless the buys, if they do materialise, will be reactive rather than proactive. It is long past the time that a really ambitious plan should have been hatched. I also have a nasty feeling about the continuation of the Cesc thing and fear the slightly pungent smell of disappointment might be contagious.

  51. arsenal4ever

    stu agree with you but frimpong will be our essien. ffs we need now great players. hope pedro is right and we required about really class players. A GK and CB would do it for me. But I am afraid for GK 🙁

  52. Stu

    I dont know why Cesc was crying there so i’ll reserve jusgement on it for now. But im getting fucking tired of this whole thing still going on. If Cesc has time t go to presentations and shit then he has time to come out and tell us either way whats going on.

    He was always quick to come out in the past when he was linked with Barca, which makes we believe that he had asked to go and Wenger wont allow it (which surely has to be credit to Wenger). Either make him commit or tell him to fuck off to the highest bidder because its getting ridiculous that the fans are being left in the dark like this over the future of the club captain and out best player.

  53. incesc

    He was probably crying as loads of people have turned up to basically worship him after he cemented his place in spanish football history by setting up the winning goal in a world cup final…

    emotional stuff for a good lad like cesc.

    he should be enjoying it (tears of joy)

  54. zeus


    I used to take the opposite view to your comment, but I relent. This is annoying as fook now.

    He needs to just make a statement through the .com and be done with it. I don’t hate him because thats what the bottom feeding cunts at barca want, and I won’t give them the satisfaction, but his inaction speaks volumes at this point.
    Just say your piece and stay or go away. This story is lame and boring to the extent I think its sapping my strength.

    I would rather Rory Delhap throw life at me than read anything more about this.

  55. incesc

    hes just enjoying his holiday, wait for the 5th for his statement.

    probably just trying to ignore the whole shitstorm thats happened this summer.

    or praying barce stump up before he has to come back and speak.

  56. Stu

    I tried not to be too bothered by his inaction too Zeus, by thinking that he was with Spain and half the cunting Barca team so couldnt alienate himself by saying he wasnt leaving for Barca. But he isnt with those cunts anymore so i now dont see whats stopping him from speaking. Its not like he cant take 5 minutes out of his month long holiday to keep the fans, who he supposedly loves and respects, informed.

  57. charliegeorge

    People aren’t necessarily asking for superstars, but that doesn’t mean that Arsenal have not spent big money in the past. Astute purchases are obviously better. Here’s a sprinkling of names.

    Alan Ball
    Peter Marinello
    Pat Jennings
    Brian Talbot
    Alan Sunderland
    Malcolm McDonald
    Charlie Nicholas
    David Seaman
    Anders Limpar
    Clive Allen (dnp, intent was evident)
    Kenny Samson
    Ian Wright
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Robert Pires
    Sol Campbell
    Jose Antonio Reyes

    Obviously, no Maradonas, but you can’t say Arsenal have historically not spent money. That’s an out-and-out falsehood!!

  58. zeus

    Billie gooner

    I have to take the plunge and go against better reasoning. Hala Madrid all the way!!

    I fully detest all that is Cunta FC, I’ll look forward to watching Madrid beat them into submission.

    Hope Mourinho has sharpened his wits as well because I want him to act like an even bigger asshole than we’ve known him to be and back it up by winning. He is a special one I’m told.

    Pissed that I missed the 20/1 odds that Madrid will finish the league season undefeated at home. The bastards cut it to 7/1 odds. You know they aren’t gonna lose at home under him, you just know it.

  59. MickyDidIt89

    Morning all.
    A great CB and a great GK, about three miracles with injuries and I reckon very maybe! Big asks all around, but still possible.

  60. charliegeorge

    Not a snowflakes chance in hell, Micky. Can’t people see the fact that Basil’s lavishing gold on himself at the expense of the club, the club who MADE him!

    Please, Micky, a dose of reality needed there mate.

  61. Rohan

    If atleast 4 of Cesc, RvP, Song, Arshavin, Vermaelen can stay fir for the WHOLE season playing 40+ games we’re in with a chance of winning every fucking thing…

  62. Rohan

    Today’s the day we’re supposed to be signing Moldovan goalkeeping prodigy Nilain Levroji ( the man who’s come out of nowhere ) and the day after we’ll be unveiling Mertesacker.

  63. tonyadamsisgod

    Campbell on Wenger/Arsenal:

    “I was made an offer for another year, but the manager had a certain budget to spend on wages and a month had gone by and nothing had moved on, so that was it.”

    Just shows how Wenger is slowly squeezing the lie out of this club!! Wont give a proven, experienced player a decent wage but will give JET enough that he can afford to go out and by £100k Mercs!! Fucking idiot!!

    Morning all…..

  64. tonyadamsisgod

    Rohan – Maybe he’s not going to make any more signings, stay one more year, earn lots of cash and then fuck off whilst blaming the fans!

    I know which one is more likely…….

  65. MickyDidIt89

    CharlieGeorge and TAIG,
    You may well both be right, and certainly history is on your side, but I remain, vainly perhaps, an optimist until the Fat Bird has Sung (close of window). If no change, then I shall join you.

  66. Dave T

    How does it show Wenger is squeezing the life out of the club? What wages was Cambell asking for? Do you know? No of course you dont. was his wage demends reasonable for a player of his age and ability? we dont know. cambell shows no animosity towards Wenger, does not sound like he thought he was being unfairly treated or disrespected in anyway. re jet being able to afforda Merc. well do the maths, if he is on ten grand a week he could afford a Merc after a few months, No one knows what his wages are, people pick numbers to fit thier bias. maybe he is on 100 gran d a week, maybe he is on 2 grand we dont know as they dont publish it. Nor do the players. there are a number of people inmy st driving posh cars none of them are on mega money they finance it, Maybe JET did that, maybe it was loaned to him, maybe its sponsored who knows but to use it as an argument against Wenger is just silly.

  67. gambon

    Fuck me, what on earth is Wenger doing to the club.

    How can we have a limited wages budget when we’ve let Gallas & Silvestre go on combines £130k pw?

    Do you think UTD or Chelsea wouls struggle to get someone onto the wage bill?

  68. gambon

    DAVE T

    You may as well have just said “Arsene Knows Best” rather than typing out a big rant, cos thats what you were saying.

  69. Rohan

    I’m giving Wenger the whole of this season to show me. I’m not going to criticize him on account of the respect I have for him until then. I do believe he does know what he’s doing.

    Ye know, I agree with Dave T kinda re JET. Maybe he isn’t the sort to save up or anything, he prolly spent his whole wage package toward the Merc. Wouldn’t put it past him frankly. Maybe he comes from a rich family or something???

  70. Rohan

    If he earns 10k a week, he could easily buy a top of the line Merc in a little less than 6 months FFS. And he prolly earns less than 10k. That’s the standard rate for all youth prodigies at the age of 18/19.

  71. Socrates

    Dunno if i can put much importance to the car, Diouf is shit and palys for a shit club but drives a 400k car…

  72. gambon

    Not at Arsenal Rohan.

    How do you think we have a £120m wage bill, but no-one on huge money.

    Wenger has said before that he doesnt want the top & bottom earners to be too far apart, so players like JET, Traore etc must be on silly money.

  73. gambon


    Diouf has been on big money in this country for 8 years, and wouldve picked up numerous signing on fees.

    Comparing him to JET is ridiculous.

  74. Rohan

    Silly money as in??? I sincerely doubt even Wilshere/Ramsey are more than 15-20k.
    Even Rosicky is on 30k odd. Our better players like Nasri Clichy Vermaelen are prolly not over 50k. RvP, Cesc, Arshavin are the real high earners in the 80k 100k range.
    I also thought the wage bill was huge because the sheer number of staff, players etc. is larger????

  75. Jaguar

    Campbell wasnt given a better contract because the greedy bastard W*n*er wanted to save his bonuses.Fucking mug.

  76. Socrates

    Gambon, times have changed, kids get big money off of potential only and not what they can do on the pitch, its the reality of today’s football world and its not only Arsenal who are doing it. What you are basically saying is that JET/Traore would not be able to command the same wages they currently have at another club which I do not think is correct.

    We hold a lot of young taalent and have to pay well to maintain it!!

  77. charliegeorge

    This is just getting ridiculous now. The old goat is preoccupied with the price of everything and the value of nothing. What did fans do to deserve this? Might as well hibernate until someone drags him kicking and screaming from behind his altar.

  78. gambon


    JET couldnt get anywhere near what we’re paying him elsewhere.

    We are the financial dopers at youth level.

    Why do you think Ramsey signed for us???…ill tell you why, since we signed him 2 years ago we’ve given him an improved contract twice.

    3 different contracts in 2 years.

  79. Jaguar

    Charliegeorge,the bastard never talks about the exorbitant wages he is in,for destroying a club’s winning chances,and using the club as a platform to implement his crazy obsessions.

  80. Dave T

    gambon, thanks for the thoughtful well argued and insightful responce. I am now much better informed and will of course accept all that you say as clearly your arguments, intelect and general world wide knowledge outweigh mine.

  81. charliegeorge


    We only need to pay them what they’re worth, which for most is sweet FA. People need to realise, if they haven’t already, that we’re talking about a chardonnay socialist. He’s wickedly good at keeping transfer funds to a minimum, except his own salary – on top of which he earns bonuses. This is the position of Arsenal with regard to its ambitions.

  82. charliegeorge


    The man’s the greatest spin doctor of our time, bar absolutely none.

    Perhaps he’s under the misapprehension that if he wins the league on the cheap, he’ll somehow manage a gong from the Queen.

    The man must literally be making people ill.