So Cesc has finally spoken and we will do better than last year.

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Been there, heard all this before and now it’s beginning to worry me. Cesc tells the world Arsene Wenger is like his dad, great, I would like it if he was like his football manager, that might be more fitting.

He must be the tenth player to say Wenger is like his dad, what are we, an orphanage or a football club?

It hasn’t done us much good has it, I mean we haven’t won much on the back of that have we.

Cesc Fabregas should want to be here because he’s an Arsenal player, not because Wenger is the second most important dad he has. So what does that mean then, all our players will walk away if Wenger goes?

This really is becoming a club where the most important person is the manager, what happened to the club being bigger than anyone?

So let’s look at who we’ve signed and who we’ve let go. Let me begin this by saying that Arsene identified that defence was his priority, we’ve conceded way too many goals he said, since then, we have let go of 4 centre backs (2 top ones) and signed one (complete unknown). And we are going to finish above 3rd this season, err, how’s that then?

And don’t say Djourou, he’s a perma-crock.

I assume Chamakh replaced Ade, so no change there, perhaps we didn’t earn enough last year, perhaps when Wenger finally said he could compete with Chelsea, he meant because they haven’t spent much either.

Ok bitch over, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday, at least we get to see some football.

I do think we look good all over the pitch but we have significantly weakened the defence, whichever way I look at it, it’s weaker, I really can’t see how the boss thinks we’ll finish higher than last season with the same keepers and a far worse by miles defence.

And if he is to buy a couple before the season starts, how will they bed in? To save a few quid in purchases to cost us the league yet again, I feel we have been here before, I know we’ve been here before, if someone out there can explain how we are stronger than last season, I would love to know. Defence wise I mean.

Have a nice day Grovers, you never know…

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  1. Keyser

    Bentley ? But he was a dick who though he should be getting games in front of Bergkamp and Pires or Ljungberg, because ? Wellbecause he’s Bentley.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Merida didn’t just leave he wanted some solid promises, and Wenger could promise him game time…by the way why is Kerea Gilbert still on the books?? his 22\23 and still in the reserves???

  3. Keyser

    David – That’s rubbish, he had chances, he played well in some games, did nothing in others, Ramsey did that aswell, but he stuck at it and it worked out for him, he’s not the finished product, but he seems to have built up some consistency, Merida never did that, he didn’t want to stick around to find out, so off he went.

  4. Stu

    I dont think its right to say Merida always played exceptional when given a chance. Assuming thats who you meant and not Vela, although the same would apply to him.

    Also, thats generally how you pick a team. Whoever is doing best in training, how else are you supposed to know whos fit and ready? Being able to handle the pressure of actually playing is a whole different matter though.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    David, good one, Keyser OGL believes FABIANSKI is god! Do you? He is getting games ahead of Mannone who has not lost a game, how many games did OGL’s favorite goal keeper loose for us??? It’s hard for us fans to believe OGL gets it right with player selection, He sees them on the training pitch, we see them when show cased, and Merida didn’t get too many showcasing, the little he got, we liked him.

  6. Stu

    Merida neither succeeded nor did he fail in the prem. Why? Because he didnt try. He could have definately stayed and forced his way into the team but at the first sign of a way out to an easier league he jumped ship.

    He is nothing as far as the prem is concerned because he didnt even try.

  7. David

    Kids i dont know we certainly lost Bischoff. Which was such a tragedy. He was supposed to come in for Rosicky. Oh well.

    On a more serious note…we lost Matt Upson, Diarra, Andy Cole,

  8. DaleDaGooner

    …I’m not saying Merida is as good as Fabregas, and I am not saying he is better, BUT in reality and to be fair, I think Merida, Wilshere and Ramsey were on par…simple, but one got more game time to progress than the others.

  9. Stu

    Yeah Dale, because that one is better or more ready at the time. Wilshere wasnt ready and Ramsey took his chances better than Merida.

  10. Keyser

    incesc – If he’s still trying at 25 then he’s not very good.

    Fabregas left Barcelona to get games, he made it, Merida’s unlucky that he had someone as young as Fabregas or Nasri, or Walcott, whoever in front of him while he was trying to get games.

    If it works out better him for at Atletico than fine, but there’s only soo much you can do.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    We lost Eduardo, and OGL is saying he won’t replace him, so WTF is Jay Simpson?? Chopped liver, he won’t start many games, but he could have at least did a thing or two for us, I mean WTF has Walcott really shown with all the games he gets? Jay Simpson isn’t the shiniest tool in the drawer, but he scores when he is given a chance to.

  12. Stu

    Because i just did Incesc.

    He wasnt in the first team long enough to either fail or succees so i consider him a non start.

    Surely to fail he would have had to played semi regularly.

    4 starts, 4 subs last season and 8 as an un used sub. He left without giving it much of a go IMO>

  13. David

    Consistency Keyser?

    When was the last time Merida played and he was wank?

    Im not saying that he hasnt played shite he certainly has but as far as overall performance is concerned im pretty sure Merida edges out Ramsey in the games theyve played.

    Ramsey would come on when we’ve already whipped the floor with a comfortable 2 or 3 goal lead anyways its not like he was starting all the time ffs.

    Even with a 5 or 6 goal lead Merida still sits on the bench.

    ALl youth players are inconsistent. Agreed but i have to point fingers at the manager if a player feels he’s done a cracking job in one game and doesnt get another game till the end of the season.

  14. Keyser

    DaleDaGooner – That’s life though, there’s no conspiracy, not everyone can make it if we’d never signed Fabregas, and a couple of years later instead we bought Merida, he’d probably get far more game-time to see if it did work out for him, but it didn’t work out like that.

    What do you think happened here exactly ? Wenger gave Ramsey more games to piss you off ?!

    If Wilshire’s good enough he’ll force his way into the team, if not then as long as the teams doing well, I don’t see a problem.

  15. Stu

    Sorry Dale but no, Eduardo is neither a kid nor lost. He was sold because he wasnt good enough and wanted to leave because he knew he wasnt good enough to start.

    Also, Jay Simpson is shit. He does score but not against quality opposition. He isnt even good enough to be tried in the first team.

  16. David


    Which is why I keep telling yee about Jay Simpson…Give the lad a chance…He scores goals ffs!

  17. DaleDaGooner

    We are going into the season with a lot of uncertainties and i know we won’t sign much, so i direct my focus on the youngsters Wenger harps on about, I’d rather we keep the ones that can come in, INSTEAD OF MOANING ABOUT HOW THE 25 MAN RULE IS A DISASTER..good gawd! I expect Man City to moan about that, not Wenger, isn’t this what he is building??? I mean they aren’t restricting the HG players to English only! We have a lot of young players, English, French and all who can be showcased, or is Wenger afraid his project will be exposed as a fraud?

  18. Keyser

    David – Against West Ham in the FA Cup, there’s other games aswell, but both Wilshire and Merida struggled to impose themselves.

    Funnily enough in the same game Vela and Ramsey did quite well.

  19. David

    Come on STU!!!

    Simpson is shite because he doesnt score against quality opposition?

    Well that means Bendy is shite by your standards then.

    Because he only scored 1 goal in the 15 he had the season before last.

    Glad we’ve got that finally sorted ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Stu

    Merida had a total of 7 starts 9 sub and 13 as an un used sub for us over the last 3 years.
    Fact is that he wasnt being used and was surplus to requirements, he thought this too and left when he got the chance. Cant we just leave it at that?

  21. DaleDaGooner

    And Keyser and Stu what about Barazite, he’s cacka too? 20 year old tall and athletic, please say he isn’t good enough and you have just nullified Wenger’s great music of we bring young players along.

  22. David

    Incesc come on!

    You cant be serious? 10 times?

    Have you seen Merida play?

    The passing and movement and the dribbling to his game?

    Not to talk about those ridiculous screamers.

    Id say they pretty close with Merida just about beating him in terms of share quality.

  23. Keyser

    DaleDaGooner – What are you talking about ? How about you go read his reasons for why he thinks the things he does.

    If you impose restrictions on the amount of players you can have from certain countries, or that come through your Youth System, think about it, what does it mean ?!

    Instead of talented kids playing reguarly and comepting against each other, some simply don’t get the chance because we don’t have space, or some do get the chance simply because the of the country they are born in.

    You’ve just spent the last hour or so arguing about how these talented players aren’t being given a chance, if we’d had to impose the rules earlier, Merida would probably never have been bought.

  24. David


    Im quite alright thanks.

    Im just saying. Everytime Simpson represents the first team.

    He scores. Not bad for a supposed Championship player.

  25. Stu

    Dont know what you’re on about there David. WHo does Simpson score against? He has scored 3 against Barnet and 2 in the CC. How many seasons was that over? He is shit.

    As for Bendtner, he scores consistently against all levels of opposition…but they are only tap ins and they dont count obviously. (S)

  26. DaleDaGooner

    I think you guys are just upset Merida left and said he loves Athletico, me, I call a spade a spade, friggin Bendtner, Song were bedded in no matter how cack they were and they came good, still with flaws, I fink Merida would have been attracted to rotating mop ups with Ramsey…like David said, how many games was Merida getting splinters on the bench where we were shining the floor with the opp, while Ramsey consistenly got mop up games.

  27. incesc

    btw david

    to change the subject from youth team players who are irrelevant to our season.

    how did you get on with that flash job you got a few weeks ago?


  28. David

    Funnily enough…

    AS soon as Wenger replaced simpson with Bendy in the CC. We crashed out of it.

    Id have no doubts we’d have won by 5 or 6 goals if we started with Simpson.

    Bendy gave us part 1 of his embarrassing misses

  29. Keyser

    Ah fucking hell, no matter how long winded or how far the conversation starts away from the topic of Bendtner, you two always go back to him.

  30. Stu

    Barazite? WHy bring him up? He’s never even played in the first team because he isnt good enough? Its as simple as that.
    You cant expect every youth to be brilliant and make it in the first team…most of them dont even make it to the first team.

    Yeah David, simpson scores when he plays because its always against shit oppo.

  31. David


    I gave up dude. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I got busy with trying to figure out html code for a slider that shows texts.

    Right now im working on some fancy drop down menu’s.

    Im looking to translate this stuff to start up a company.

  32. A

    Simpson is the Muamba of the Arsenal youth team striker.

    Had the physical attributes which resulted in his getting a pro contract after coming through the youths, but was never going to be good enough in terms of intelligence or technique to play for us.

    At best he’ll end up an 8-10 goal a season prem player

  33. Keyser

    DaleDaGooner – I think you’re upset or frustrated about our current situation, me, I try to see the sense in things and for me Merida just didn’t cut it.

    You can’t have it both ways, what do you want Wenger to do exactly ?!

    Merida did have chances, he showed some promise in some, he didn’t do much in others, Wenger wanted him around, but Merida found hismelf a better option elsewhere. There doesn’t seem much else to it really.

  34. David

    You can only score against who you play against. Its not his fault Wenger doesnt play him…which brings us back to the Merida argument.

    At the end of the day. Wenger doesnt put his faith in the youth like we are led to believe.

    You play the one that scores goals.

    I think Burnley could be considered shite opposition…we shouldve walked that game.

    But if you are shite because you only score against shite opposition.

    Then my God…How shite do you have to be if you cant score against shite opposition?

    The answer is Nicklas Bendtner.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Keyser, but we hardly buy older ready players, so i reckon the 25 man rule allows under 21 in abundance, Am i missing something here?? Wenger= rarely buys quality experience = HARPs ON ABOUT youth players = RARELY plays all the stock pile of youths he acquires instead of the experienced players

    I mean before the rule, he didn’t use the opportunity anyway, he ran the club pretty much in the 25 man rule. Other teams may have a problem, but i don’t see the problem for him, why is he moaning, this was tailor made for him, 8 HG players (which he has) 16 senior players (we’ve shed does over time and failed o replace) unlimited under 21, which includes 21 year olds like Wilshere, Ramsey et al) what is he maoning about, Mental Strength that he is going to sign tonight??

  36. DaleDaGooner

    oh i see, we won’t be able to loan out our surplus reserve players to other teams that might have their 25 in place. Or the fact that he yanked them off the Reserve league…

  37. Stu

    You always go on about how Bendtner lost us that match against Burnley David. What you seem to be conviently leaving out is that Vela also had 4 shots (which i think were 1v1s) and didnt score. I think Randall had a very good chance to and missed. Thats 5 goals right there…why dont you ever mention those?

    Bendtner only had 3 shots. If anything Velas misses cost us that game.

  38. David


    Where the hell have you been sir!

    Come on the blog more often and speak some sense to these lost sheep ffs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. David

    Bendtner had 5 misses.

    Vela had 3.

    those “shots” were tapin in’s.

    It also depends…when you are crossed a ball into empty space and are 1-1 with the keeper and are so shite you miscontrol a simple pass that the keeper collects off your feet.

    You cant call it a shot.

  40. David

    Stats are always deceptive

    But anyone with half a decent memory will remember that Bendy had the lion share of the chances.

  41. DaleDaGooner

    My goodness, Stu and Keyser, are you for Wengers project or you just love the man so much that you contradict what he is building for us??? Tell me, You say Barazit is not good enough, then why do we still have him? Why is Kerea Gilbert still there? And like DAVID HAS BEEN SAYING, how can a player prove themselves against big opp if they don’t even smell the pitch? If Bendtner, Fabianski, Diaby and Denilson can be shoved down our throats as quality, then why can’t Jay Simpson, he can’t do any worse than Bendy missing sitters after sitters, and Barazite can’t be less technical than Walcott, can he?

  42. Stu

    Well i’ll have to take your word for it (reluctantly) David but i dont remember the match all too well. All i remember if Rodgers being shit, Randall annoying he fuck out of me (as usual) and the whole attack missing a bunch of chances. Jensen was just played the game of his career that night.

  43. Stu

    Dale, no i dont love any man. I just see that youth development isnt an exact science and you cant expect them all to be good enough. Thats why you develope so many with the hope that your work will pay off and you will get a few world class ones.

    And please, for the sake of sanity, throw a few paragraphs in there somewhere rather than a block of drivle.

  44. incesc


    you gave up like merida??


    html is fuking boring but im an animator and there is no fucking work at all.

    get into banking, they give you a pay off even when you lose everyones money

  45. DaleDaGooner

    David, i lie in waiting i watch Keyser and Stu talk, today i decided to challenge them…I don’t hate Wenger, but this season, I’VE HAD A ENOUGH!!! He sat on his fingers in SA while Koscielny was peeing on himself wondering if he’d be a gunner, and he is still sitting on his hands not signing a friggin goal keeper and CB to partner Vermaelen.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    Stu, forgive my grammar, but it’s just a blog, and i’m sure you are smart enough to get my point\drivel

  47. Keyser

    DaleDaGooner – You’re just moaning randomly now, not all players can be given a chance, and if you think Simpson should be given more of a chance then Bendtner, then there must be something dodgy going on with you and David.

  48. sixx pac

    Um I dont see how anyone can compare Bendtner and Simpson. One is a very technical striker. A full international and leader of his national team.

    The other is a striker that will NEVER be a full internatonal for a shite national team

  49. DaleDaGooner

    I mentioned TODAY, in todays current situation, EDUARDO= gone, Jay = available and deserves to show case his stuff, especially when he only has 12 months left…yes not all players can be given a chance, but some shouldn’t get as much as they do despite being cack!

  50. incesc

    its so laughable we are arguing about merida and simpson

    2 players never to make a mark on our first team

    our reserves are fine for fucks sake

    we need first team players

    we need a thierry,a vieira and a seaman. Not simpson and merida

  51. DaleDaGooner

    Everytime Bendtner and Jay spear head the attack, Jay has outscored Bendtner, I’m sorry, being a full international means cack.

  52. DaleDaGooner

    incesc, you are missing the piss here, WE WILL NOT SIGN A ready made Thierry, not a Vieira or a Seaman, so best to look at this project we have in place the last 5 years…

  53. incesc

    “I donโ€™t hate Wenger, but this season, Iโ€™VE HAD A ENOUGH!!! He sat on his fingers in SA while Koscielny was peeing on himself wondering if heโ€™d be a gunner, and he is still sitting on his hands not signing a friggin goal keeper and CB to partner Vermaelen.”

    fucking, motherfucking, cunting, so true its unbelievable.

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Besides, Keyser, how many games do you think we’ll get out of Bendtner and RvP this season? just guess? like roughly? I mean Bendtner is good, he is improving, but with his uncertain hernia issue (and these are career threatening injuries)

  55. Stu

    HAHAHA Dale, you seem to be of the warped opinion tat i am some massive Wenger fan who thinks he can do no wrong.

    Maybe is you had been on this blog a little longer you would have realised i use to be against him for the most part but i have just melowed a bit and realise that most of what he has done is for the better.

    Thats not to say i agree in any way with his approach to defence and such.

    ALSO! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Simpson outscore Bendtner? Simpson has 2, count them, TWO goals for arsenal and it was in the carling cup. Bendtner has more than 30 goals and prbably close to the same nimber in assists for us. You are clearly clueless on this particular subject.

  56. Keyser

    Who cares dude, there’s Chamakh now, then we can give Vela some more oppurtunities ? Wouldn’t you lot all like that ?!

  57. incesc


    i love bednter

    i just got back from aus and nz aftet 2 years and saw my first arse game in ages at a reasonablt time.

    spurs were all over us and nikki b was brought on as a sub on a corner. He rose like hercules and smashed the bal in the net, mayhem in my parents lounge ensued. legend forever more!!!!!

  58. Keyser

    I’m asking Pedro to check all of your IP’s tomorrow, it always ends up on the topic of Bendtner in these late night discussion’s.

  59. DaleDaGooner

    Anyone know that Arsene was offered Drogba and he passed on him, Ibrahimovic was at Highbury signing his papers and Wenger wanted a tryout first or he should go back, ended up signing Francis Jeffers for double what Ibra was going to cost.

  60. incesc


    “Besides, Keyser, how many games do you think weโ€™ll get out of Bendtner and RvP this season? just guess? like roughly? I mean Bendtner is good, he is improving, but with his uncertain hernia issue (and these are career threatening injuries)”

    i agree


    bendtner is good back up but when we definately know rvp will be out hes not good enough,

    all my money is on chamakh. lets fucking pray he can do it

  61. DaleDaGooner

    Stu, see, I said, WHEN THEY PLAYED TOGETHER, get it, lik on the same team against the same opponents???

  62. incesc

    Anyone know that Arsene was offered Drogba and he passed on him, Ibrahimovic was at Highbury signing his papers and Wenger wanted a tryout first or he should go back, ended up signing Francis Jeffers for double what Ibra was going to cost.

    its true


    but wenger deliverd henry so he has this last year

  63. Stu

    Keyser, only 1 IP address will show up and its Davids. He brought him up (this time anyway).

    Dale, you are just looking for reasons to criticise Wenger now. How about talking about all his great signings rather than the ones he missed out on for differing reasons.

    Whats wrong with wanting a youth to have a small trial before signing him for biggist money? We didnt sign Ibra because he thought he was too good to be tested before being signed.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    sixx pacc..LOL, I can rely on Bent getting me goals, I LOVE that we have v. Persie, he is god when he is on his shite, BUT he has never been there when it counts the most, so I’ll take 20+ goals from Bent in Arsenal (he would get good service from midfield, not the shitty stuff he got with the spuds)

  65. David


    Can you do make a beautiful woman with a sexy hour glass figure long hair and with owlish eyes?

    It can be a cartoon. And I can pay with paypal

  66. David

    Ok its my fault this time.

    But every time i seem to give credit to the Arsenal uknowns and they are called shite for the exact same reasons Bendy is shite it really revs me up.

    Simpson doesnt score against top opposition.

    Neither did Bendy the season before last!

    1 in 15.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    Wenger gets it right when he isn’t stubborn, but gets it wrong when Le Ego steps in, it’s like he wants to do it his way, even if it defies logic or if it is simplistic enough, I admired the man up until last season, My eyes are opened this season, he isn’t helping us, tired of being the butt of jokes cause come January all our strikers are out and we can’t find one target man in the open market and we can’t throw JET, or any of the younglings upfront, instead we force a moaning Russian to play a position he hates playing

  68. Stu

    I would take VP ahead of Darren Bent every fucking time. VP is world class and if not for his injuries would be arguably the best in the world.

    Bent only offered finishing. With the way we play and especially our formation Bent would make us shit.

  69. David

    Actually can you teach me how to make an animation like that.

    I need to learn how to make logo’s.

    One or 2 illustrations…and i’ll float on my own.

  70. incesc


    love to mate, ive done some work for adult channels before ๐Ÿ™‚

    i mostly work on kids animation right now if you see my my showreel, but its all the same…

    you can see my stuff at jclarke dot co dot uk

    just email me what you want

  71. incesc

    sixx pac

    my line of work is so fucked and redundant in this fucking recession i saw an advert on gumtree for extras in adult films the other day and considered it.

    no lies.

    i just dont want people to see my nipples!!!

  72. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, guys, I gotta roll, i promise to be on here more often, maybe i won’t be as grumpy by next week, when we are well sorted and have our 25 in place.

  73. David

    I was looking back at the comments from the burnley game…and wow…even Rohan was slatting bendy.

    He must have been that shite

  74. Stu

    While you’re looking back David, check out after the wolves match when Bendy scored the late winner. I seem to vaguely remember you saying you would never slag him again. Didnt keep your word. tut tut ๐Ÿ˜†

  75. David


    I confess I did. And im ashamed of meself. Honestly its not that Bendy is a bad kid…im sure there are reasons why he gets caught with his pants down and shagging everybody’s daughter while crashing Aston Martins and telling the whole world he’s the best in the world in 2 years time well sorry 1 years time and talking about a dream move to Barca.

    It was in the heat of the moment.

    Its like me calling Bendy a cunt. I dont really mean it…really. He is a poor footballer imo tho.

    But i was celebrating like a mad man when he scored…particularly against Barca after Theo nearly cocked that pass up.

  76. Stu

    David, i know you mean well and so do i in my “dislike” of Theo so thats something we have in common. May be the only thing.

    Thats a shocking confession by you. Never thought you would accept Theos pass was below par…or should that be above par?

    Anyway, its after 3am here. Im off to sleep. Night

  77. incesc

    yeah i have paypal but email me what you need and we can go from there.

    it would be a pleasure to work with a true gooner!

  78. Pat

    This Javier Hernandez kid, or Chicharito, is really fucking good. Had a great world cup, scored on his United debut, and scored AGAINST United today with a nice goal outside the box (played 1 half for Chivas and 1 half for United). Pretty sure he was MOTM too.

    And we get Vela…

  79. A

    Vel > Hernandez comfortably imo, and in the opinion of the Mexican FA. The only reason he got near the team in the World Cup was Vela’s injury, and Vela is a year younger. He had a nice finish in pre season, and scored a good goal at the world cup, we’ll see how he does when he gets into real competition

  80. Jay Oz

    its ok..i think its 2am sydney time…
    will they be showing live anywhere…on a online stream at least?

  81. A

    It’s on sky sports Jay, so can you get sky sports in oz, or would there be an equivalent channel that has the rights?

    as it’s on sky sports that would usually mean that there would be a decent stream, have a look at that website later

  82. Yon


    VELA is better than Hernandez! A year younger but it comes down to staying fit. The reasons Hernandez got games in the world cup was because Vela was injured. When Vela is fit and assuming Wenger gives him game time… he will be big for us this season.