Cesc valued at £8.8million?

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Sorry folks, not in the real world of football… in the Metro’s new Fantasy football game! Yep, the game where even Barcelona could compete financially!

The last 3 years have seen us use the Budweiser sponsored Premier League Fantasy game… this year we fancied a change and lucky for us the Metro have been in touch with promises of a better game and a prize more befitting of Le Groves prestigious followers!

Here are the details!

The game has a Championship Manager-inspired interface and a number of innovative features including:

  • Live-updated scoring, so you can track how your team is doing while matches are being played
  • Both public and (fully customizable) private leagues so you can take on the world or just your friends
  • Opportunities to win weekly jackpots in our brand new 5-a-side game (pick 5 players with an unlimited budget and the highest scoring team wins their manager a minimum of £1000)
  • iPhone and iPad applications to track and manage your team over the course of the season
  • Opportunities to win big by betting against your friends and blog buddies, or backing yourself for the trophy!
  • The chance to win an exclusive Le Grove first prize!

Team page

I feel we’ve negotiated a pretty good deal with them too! Le Grove is the only Arsenal blog they are setting a league up for this year, so we can all unite and make sure our club comes out with the highest points total… plus, first prize this year is a fantastic brand new Apple ipad! A big thanks for the Editors at the Metro for signing that off… originally the offer was an nerdbox360!

Bigger than an iphone, smaller than a mac book.

The chaps over at Tatty Nut Nut are also going to donate 2 hand painted t-shirts to the runners up!

Last year we managed to accrue nigh on a 1000 punters using just the promise of beer… so I’m figuring this year we should be able to hopefully exceed that total!

Make sure you get all your buddies to enter the league, the more the merrier! I’d say pound for pound, the Le Grove fantasy league is the most competitive blog league on the web (Our league finished 66th out of 90,000 leagues last year), so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a superstar of the Fantasy Football world… put mouse where your hand is and sign up to our FREE league and make that ipad yours!


1. Click: ‘Fantasy Football’

2. Select your team and confirm

3. Register your details

4. Click join a mini league:

5. Enter the following details

League Name: Le Grove Premiership
PIN: 8001936

Get joining! After you’ve done that, head back to todays post for more comment section banter!

P.S. Just so you know, no fee was taken by the authors of Le Grove… we’re still keeping it real.


Metro newspaper’s fantasy football game already has live-updated scoring; now you can manage your team live from the terraces with the release of custom-made apps for both the Apple iPhone and iPad.

The fantasy football app, which is due to go live on the Apple app store in the next couple of days, boasts a scaled down version of the desktop game’s Championship Manager inspired interface and allows players to manage all their substitutions, transfers, and formation changes on the go. Armchair managers will also be able to see how they’re doing in the mini-leagues they’ve entered and leave notes for their friends on league messageboards.

The app also displays the live updated scoring system which has already proven so popular with Metro fantasy football managers and which allows players to influence their success in real time as games happen.

Metro’s free fantasy football game is one of the most popular in the UK with well over 110,000 players and the top manager earning a prize of £15,000 (and over £1,000 up for grabs every week in the 5-a-side side-game). The Premier League incarnation builds on the massive success of the Metro Fantasy Football World Cup game which also drew thousands of players from across the UK.

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  1. Rohan

    A nerdbox 360???? Take that back Pedro, that’s almost as bad as you hating on Snow Patrol FFS.

    To be fair, I’d rather an iPad coz I already have an Xbox..muhahaha.

  2. Pedro

    Bob, do you mean you want to change the players or set up a new name?

    You can change your players in the transfer bit… not sure how you set up a new name… but you can run multiple teams by the looks of things.

  3. Pedro

    The goon, register a fake English one (pick a UK company). Their league doesn’t give cash prizes outside the UK.

    The ipad is open to everyone.

  4. Nick

    Afternooooooooon Grovers long time no waffle i have been told we are on the verge of signing phill jagiekla, terms agreed and he is pushing to come just in last throws of negotiating with Everton.

  5. A

    I fear you’ve heard wrong Nick – rumours on Everton blogs that he’s done his knee again and will be having surgery tomorrow….

  6. kc

    Hey what’s a post code? Here in the States we have zip codes, but its invalid every time I enter it. Won’t let me register.

  7. Caribkid

    I am trying to sign up for the Metro Fantasy League, but it is not accepting my postal code which is 30331-9425 as per the USA.

    Does anyone know how to get around that problem?

    It would be sorely appreciated.

  8. LeProf

    Just spoof any UK address, postcode and it’s done. Pick a team name like…Bustcelona FC…Relegated Spuds…Manure Utd…15 players for GBP100m budget…max 4 players from one team only…one transfer plus free 5 transfers but forfeited if not used…enjoy folks!

  9. charliegeorge

    Hi Pedro

    Not too good for us overseas folk. Tried registering but won’t accept a postcode. What’s a good fake one?


  10. gnarleygeorge9


    The Metro doesn’t pay cash prizes outside of the UK. & iphone isn’t as good as HTC so no point in joining.

  11. Socrates

    its not the prize that really matters as its not that much anyway gnarley….Its playing and winning!!!

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    😳 thanx 6pac. Got my pad mixed up with my phone there


    But I’d already got my team into the other fantasy grove, now I have to do it again. As far as winning is concerned, I would trade winning the fantasy footie for the Gooners winning the real league. & when i say real league i don’t mean that comp full of bankrupt spanish clubs 😆 Chamoneeeeeeeee!!

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    …….unless you are one of those who carries a “man bag” 🙁 Bloody hell,how poofy are they. I bet Ipads are popular with Spud fans then. Actually i bet pads are popular with them, fullstop 😆 Pack of shielas

  14. Rohan

    From the Royal mail:
    How should an address be laid out on an envelope?
    A correct address is made up of the following elements, in this order:
    number and street name, e.g. 3 High St
    locality name (optional), e.g. Hedge End
    town (please print in capitals), e.g. SOUTHAMPTON
    postcode (please print in capitals, in full, and on a separate line), e.g. SO31 4NG
    county (optional. You do not need to include a County name if the Town and Postcode are used)

    Just use their example. Worked for me. 😀

  15. Pedro

    Morning all,

    Use a fake postcode to join as the ipad is a Le Grove prize.

    The chances of winning a cash prize are pretty remote anyway!