Akinfeev offers himself, Jagielka’s back and Real join the pack of rabid dogs from Spain.

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First things first, Igor Akinfeev has told Andre Arshavin he wants to join next years Champions league and EPL double winners Arsenal, Andre has recommended him to the boss, which means that he also thinks we need a new keeper.

Is he what we need, or do we need Stekelenburg, Schwarzer or Hart? My personal choice would be Joe Hart, though Akinfeev is not huge, he is very Given(ish) and only 24 and Stekelenburg played in the World Cup finals so is confident as well as good. Tough call.

What we are all in agreement on, is that we need someone and apart from Chezzer, we have no one at the Arsenal that can improve our goals conceded stats.

It seems we are going to up our Jagielka bid to £15mil, I would have scoffed at that in the past with Wenger and his purse, but after seeing him pay £10mil for Koscielny, £15mil for Jagielka wouldn’t surprise me.

Madrid are joining the hunt for Cesc it appears, I would prefer to keep Cesc, but not just for a year, and if that’s what’s on the table we should sell him, and not for the silly amount of £30mil, that’s what jughead (Milner) is going for.

Just because that’s all Barca want to pay, doesn’t mean that’s what he’s worth, offer him for Messi, or strip him of the armband and sell him to the highest bidder, that’s if he still wants to go that is, but if my information of yesterday is true, he’s going no-where. TIME TO SPEAK CESC!

What is interesting is apparently Andres Iniesta said that the Arsenal fans are dear to Cesc’s heart and he wants to win the title for them with Arsenal before he leaves, Cesc, if you truly said that, then tell us, we would understand, stay with us until we win the league, ha, ha the way we spend money, you could see out your whole career here! (Kidding)

I’m getting the feeling the new DM is going to be between Eastmond and Frimpong, and no new monster is coming in, disappointing, but I was impressed with Frimpong, no such much with Eastmond, but he did look good in cameos last season, let them fight it out and give Song some competition next season if you won’t buy someone.

There were a lot of rumours doing the blog yesterday about Denilson, I hope they are true, because although he had a great 2008 he went south in 2009, me, I’m fed up with waiting, just like Cesc is. Bring Frimpong or Eastmond in to fight it out with Song, Denilson’s had way too many chances. WAY TOO MANY. Do you hear me Arsene???

Enjoy Sunday grovers, there’s the Grand Prix to take your mind off the lack of football, Tuesday we begin, then it’s the Emirates Cup.

Interestingly Andy Gray said in the Sky Sports magazine, that he thinks if Chamakh brings what he thinks he can to the table, he expects us to push all the way this season.


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  1. Marko

    I’m getting sick of this Remy situation, he wants to play for us but it seems West Ham are the only ones to want him bad enough. The fella could easily play on the right of a front 3.

  2. A

    No Marko, the rule is “home-grown”, not “plays for the English National Team”.

    “The definition of home grown is trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody in the English and Welsh professional system.

  3. kev

    dunno man! its a grey area – hes canadian basically but his father is english and his mother is welsh so he had the pick of 3 countries. he chose england as his international team but his whole club career has been spent in canada and germany. i thought a homegrown player is someone who has come through the ranks at an english club or at least one that was bought before he turned 18

  4. A

    He’ll be counting himself lucky he isn’t then Marko!

    Sooooo, Schwarzer, Sol, and one of Zapata/Subotic/Cahill/Hangeland signed tomorrow, along with De Rossi coming in in exchange for Denilson?

  5. gambon

    Dont think DeRossi is realistic.

    Would be happy with Sol, Jagielka and somewhat happy with Schwartzer.

    As for a tough Midfielder, im not even sure we’ll sign one.

  6. Marko

    DeRossi isn’t even that good though. Sol, Mertesacker and Schwartzer or Frey would do me nicely. Inler and Hazard too or I’ll kill.

  7. Ray in SF

    I think it would be good for Cesc to stay, even if it was clearly only for another year

    if that were the case then spend next Summer’s fee for Cesc on his replacement now

    if you take the jilted lover thing out of the equation it is better to have Ozil or Gourcuff (or whoever you think is the man to replace Cesc) integrate into the system this year without pressure to provide quality coverage when Cesc gets injured and then when he leaves?

  8. CedarBayDave

    I too am all for Cesc staying, even if it was for one year. His price will probably go up and we will have his services for the year.

    This whole sell him because he loves someone else thing seems a bit like a teenage girls way of thinking.

  9. LeProf

    Yay! Sell Cesc to Real, its genius and madness all in one! We get the money and piss Barca like never before!

  10. sixx pac

    how the fuck can Iniesta say one more year. Is cesc gonna stay in Spain and refuse to go back to London

  11. Stu

    Cant we just buy Gourcuff AND have Wilshere. Thats of course if/when Cesc leaves. Gourcuff and Wilshere together in a midfield 3 wouldnt be a bad thing.

  12. Ray in SF


    Iniesta? because it was in his script

    they spin the bottle choose a ‘mouthpiece’ to speak for Cesc and then the random phrase generator selects the script for the day

    “Cesc has barca DNA”
    “give him to us”
    “he’s only on loan”
    “one more year”
    “treat Arsenal with respect” (rfr)

    last phrase optional for when we play “good barca c*nt: bad barca c*nt”

  13. Ray in SF

    I think Gourcuff would look very good in an Arsenal shirt, not only would he help us get the best out of Chamakh, he would contribute loads

    I would be happy if Cesc stays, but we have to be realistic and plan for his departure, the same as we should for every other first team player

  14. Stu

    Wilshere has been playing the CM role so far in pre season. IM not even sure that he WILL be Cescs replacement if he continues playing there.

    Im not comparing the players but it is similar to how Schweinstiger went from an AM to the CM he is now for Bayern and Germany.

    I wonder, if Wilshere doesnt go out on loan, where he will be used next season.

  15. leon


    from what i have seen of wilshire he seams to be a versitile player can play pretty much anywere in attacking position on both wings and centrally but he will be behind a few players aa risicky nasri.i would not seeing a bit more landsbury as well somehow i get feeling that jet landsbury and wilshire might go out on loan one more year

  16. Honest Bill

    I hope we keep Wilshere. It’s time we started developing him and integrating him slowly into the first team. Besides which, i think he’s ready and will contribute quite a lot to our campaign.

  17. Moray

    Geoff, I am on a business trip to Shanghai, and le-grove seems to blocked in mainland China. Have you been planning seditious activities to overthrow the regime? Or perhaps it is simply picking up the word “Arse” from the site…

    By the way, since when was it okay for players from other teams to break the news to us (Iniesta) that our captain will not be leaving…?We really need to go on the attack more. We are an old fashioned club in a modern marketplace.

    Also, I was playing Football Manager the other day and found a great player I think we should buy…haha

  18. Yon

    GIBBS, WILSHERE, LANDSBURY, NORDVEIT, FRIMPONG, JET, SCHEZNY, EASTMOND are the players I expect to integrate into the team over the next season or so.

    Ramsey and Vela are already in.

  19. zeus

    CedarBayDave says:
    July 25, 2010 at 23:24
    I too am all for Cesc staying, even if it was for one year. His price will probably go up and we will have his services for the year.

    This whole sell him because he loves someone else thing seems a bit like a teenage girls way of thinking.

    Jesus!!!!. Finally someone with a grown-up point of view on things. He loves barca, so what. He only grew up there, all his childhood and life long friends are there. His family and girlfriend is there. They are the best team on the planet currently and they are winning things. Who wouldn’t want to go back there?

    If we really want a shot at ANY title next season, CESC IS CENTRAL TO THAT. Without him WE HAVE NO CHANCE.(Yes, I know, with him we haven’t won anything either, but when we have come close he was a very big part of that).

    And could the childish reactionary behaviour stop as well. Cesc has only spoke ONCE on the issue which was at the start of the world cup. He has said nothing otherwise. Everyone else seems to take it up on themselves to speak on his behalf. Pique Xavi et al.

    Madrid is in the chase? Why wouldn’t they be? But have they made an offer? No. Till then why get up in arms?

  20. Geoff

    Moray, be careful out there, I think because we don’t tow the company line we may be deemed subversive in Maoland!

  21. charliegeorge


    Read the same thing. All it needs now is for Cesc to hand in that transfer request, code for a big slap in the face to Wenker’s project-disaster! So it probably won’t happen; Wenker will save face by relenting to Barcelona, like he always does. Forty big ones should just about get the deal done, my own personal view from day one.

  22. Moray

    smk123, it is a bit like deciding in principal what you would do with Megan Fox if you had her back to your place…

    It seems we are alwars looking over our shoulder about transfer buyout legislation, however as Fab is under 26, I don’t think that implies here. Ditto the queastion of freedom of mobility of employment, as Fab wouldn’t go down that route.

    As a club, we never get our succession planning right – it always seems to be a huge last-minute problem when one of our players chooses to leave. At least now we get a year to groom an understudy: hopefully Rambo can come back from injury and do the business, or else we bring Ozil in.

    Does anyone think there is much chance of changing from this ridiculous 4-3-3 system?

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    What sort of crap are Barcalonely/manipulated media on about now. I won’t give the shit site any kudos by naming where I saw this, but apparently

    “Fabregas is due to return to London ahead of Arsenal’s official pre-season photo session on Thursday, and he will have face-to–face talks with Wenger about his future and the much-touted move to Barcelona.

    The player has reportedly agreed to sign a five-year deal starting at €7 million per season with Barcelona”.

    Wouldn’t that breach the already 5 year contract he has with The Arsenal. God there are some dickheads about 😉