Arsenal sign top centre back, 3rd time lucky? Thierry, thanks for continuing to do the spuds, great, great goal!

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Sol Campbell looks like being the first player in Premiership history to sign three times for the same club, fat boy Bruce looks to have signed equally fat old boy Titus Bramble, which leaves the way clear for Sol to sign for us, that now would explain why Wenger hasn’t yet signed the monster we so need.

Now I wouldn’t use Campbell as back up, I would start him, he will be 36 soon, that’s the same age as Keown, Adams and DB10 were when they retired, so he won’t get better than he is, play him and let the others get better, by Christmas one of the younger ones may be match fit and ready.

It hasn’t been announced on yet but neither was Nasri, Arshavin, Kosclielny, Vermaelen or Chamakh until they had their locker room keys and seat name plaques first. So expect that news before next weekend.

Eduardo has gone and had this to say on the Shakhtar website…

‘I had some very difficult times with my injury, but Arsenal was always there for me – the medical staff, the management, the players and the supporters. Thank you everybody. Although I have now left the club, Arsenal will always be in my heart. I will always look for the Arsenal results and of course, I wish Arsene Wenger and the great players at the club well for next season and the future’

…What a class act you are DuDu, my only regret is I couldn’t show you my appreciation from the terraces and say goodbye properly, my other is I wish the manager would be as ruthless with a few others that share your parentage.

We at Le Grove wish you all the success you deserve in life, Eduardo sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

I had a run in yesterday with a serial AKB who thought it was fine for us to sign and nurture players that always eventually wanted to play for another club, their argument was we’d never sign top players if we wanted loyalty. Hmmm, Chelsea don’t get that problem, Liverpool held onto their stars and Rooney doesn’t bang on about wanting to play for Everton all the time (don’t ask about his DNA!) For me all Cesc has ever felt like is a loanee, so…

Cesc, are you listening? Time to come out and tell that pikey rabble at barca that you are a big boy and they don’t speak for you, you’ll never be loved as you are at Arsenal, you won’t play as much and you won’t be captain.

If you need more advice speak to your mates, who all saw the greener stuff somewhere else, ask them if they did the right thing leaving and if they are happy now.

Flamini, Petit, Henry, Hleb and Senderos. You aren’t stupid, do it now before you make the third biggest mistake of your career, think about it, if Barca are so wonderful, why did you leave in the first place? (The other two mistakes were wearing the barca shirt and laughing at gobbing boy on the bus)

It seems that the reason we didn’t get Schwarzer yet was because we only offered £2mil, come on Ivan, get real, do we really think the answer to our defensive woes can be solved with £2mil? I thought we could now compete with the big boys, show some ambition and buy a keeper that will shore us up at the back and instil some confidence. Stop trying for everything on the cheap.

Eduardo isn’t being replaced, I wonder if he is thinking about using Theo as a front man and pushing JET out wide? Personally I think JET is way too big to be a winger, I can’t work out where to play him yet, he’s like Paddy but with more attacking skills, maybe we should play a 4-4-2 and put him in the middle.

Finally I at least hope we sign a quality DM, I thought DM’s like Melo and Van Bommel gave their teams some steel at the world cup, to be honest, we got pushed around a lot last year by teams because we lacked an enforcer, with players like we have coming through a bit of protection may be just what we need, instead of the 400 new signings I’ve been calling for, maybe these kids can blossom, Nordtveit has caught my eye as has JET, maybe if Arsene spent his dosh on a keeper and a DM then re signing Campbell with be enough, what do you all think?

Finally it was great to see Thierry scoring on his New York Bulls debut against title chasing Spurs, ha, ha TH14, I will always love you!

Enjoy today Grovers only a few more days until we see our team back, maybe Cesc will say something soon and we can all move on.


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  1. incesc

    i’ll leave you with this. theo walcotts take on wing play:


  2. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah Jay I can spare time for the jam. I favour my guitars a little dirtier and faster though it must be said.

  3. Jermaine

    We are losing ground. Out of the top teams, Man U, Chelsea, Spurs, and Man City we won 1 game out of 8. We LOST 6 and had 1 draw. Now we have spent maybe ten million on a question mark CB and got a good free swap Chamack for Eduardo. We’ve lost our senior CB and replaced with ????? yes question marks. How can any right thinking person think we have improved. You want to see improvement, look at Man City, that’s improvement.

  4. Jay

    Jermaine you are correct in what you are saying.Yes look at Man city that is improvemenT! I wish Arsenal could improve as much as us!

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    This Cesc/Barca saga has been pissing me awf. Combine that with Winter, & merger of 2 companies (I have to learn a new system & still do my thing/no work no pay) I have been a bit scratchy on here lately, taking it out on Blightysiders. BUT

    CESC FABREGAS will not be bullied by Barcelona into handing in a written transfer request to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

    Barcelona are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempt to land Fabregas after Arsenal rejected a £30million offer and refused to negotiate.

    Fabregas told Wenger of his desire to quit the Emirates for a return to the Nou Camp in a face-to-face meeting ahead of the World Cup.

    Barca believe a written transfer request may force the Gunners to relent. Despite still wanting to rejoin Barca, however, Fabregas is not willing to show Arsenal any disrespect and believes a written transfer request would be a step too far.

    With it looking increasingly likely he will have to stick with the Gunners for at least another year, sources close to Fabregas have told him not to burn his bridges and make a return to the Emirates for the coming season uncomfortable.

    He is due back at Arsenal next week after being granted extended leave, along with fellow World Cup finalist Robin van Persie. And Wenger has warned that it may take Spain international Fabregas and Holland striker Van Persie until September to start reproducing their best form.

    Wenger, though, believes the omission of Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri from the England and France World Cup squads will work to his side’s advantage.


    Sorry to Geoff & Pedro for my scynical pommy bashing, but now I am fresh & ready for a brand new season.

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    Dave is god. However he should stick to what he does best. And that’s beating the living shot out of pig hide!

  7. Benno

    First Post in a year or so, still been reading and completely agree that AW is in last chance saloon this season. Sceptical we’ll sign anyone else, but hopeful that i’m wrong.

    On a side note, Gnarley ready for the Tigers to get demolished this afternoon?

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    This is Bennos team.

    Q. What do you do for a drowning Collingwood player?

    A. Nothing. You could drag him to the top, but he’ll choke anyway.


    Q. Whats the difference between Collingwood and an arsonist?

    A. An arsonist wouldn’t waste 22 matches.


    Collingwood are bringing out a new bra!

    Plenty of support, soft and no CUP!!!


    Did you hear that the Post Office has had to recall their latest stamps?

    They had pictures of Collingwood players on them. People couldn’t figure out which side to spit on.


    Four surgeons are taking a coffee break. The first one says,

    “Accountants are the best to operate on because when you open them up everything inside them is numbered.”

    The second surgeon says, “Nah, librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order.”

    Third surgeon says, “Try electricians. Everything inside them is colour-coded.”

    The fourth one says, “I prefer Collingwood players. They’re heartless, spineless, gutless and their heads and arses are interchangeable.”


    A man meets a friend and sees that his friend’s car is total write-off and covered with leaves, grass, branches, dirt and blood. He asks his friend “What’s happened to your car ?”

    “Well,” the friend responds, “I ran over Nathan Buckley”.

    “OK,” says the man, “that explains the blood… But what about the leaves, the grass, the branches and the dirt ?”

    “Well, he tried to escape through the park.”


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    A. It could be your bicycle.


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    A. Seven – one to change it, five to moan about it and make excuses and Mick Malthouse to say that if the umpire had done his job in the first place the light bulb would never have gone out.


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    A. Lipstick


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    A. A good start.

  9. Benno

    Gnarley, I’m in the west, I hate the Pies. Unfortunately I still think they’ll spank you this afternoon.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    hellooooooooo6pac. Helloooooooooooooo Cesc. Its good to have you back “on loan”. Braca are broke Cesc. They can’t give you what The Arsenal can, going forward 🙂