We didn’t get Cole, but got Cesc on loan, we should be grateful, after all, we are only Arsenal.

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So that’s the story for today, we didn’t get Cole, even though he preferred us to Liverpool, why? Well because we got Cesc, and according to Xabi, we only have him on loan until he goes to them next season.

As a massive club like Barca, we should be grateful, one day we’ll be a big club like them, I applaud the tough stance taken by the boss, but only if he continues that for at least another 3 years, and only if Arsenal report them to the authorities for this disgraceful behaviour.

I hope that the boss has now learned his lesson not to poach young stars from bigger clubs that will always want to go back to where they came from when they get good, how many times does it have to happen before we finally learn?

Let’s get players in that want to make a career here, players that aren’t injury prone and maybe players that are ready to play from the off. Why is it that youngsters like Messi never want to leave? What is it about Arsenal that has seen a plethora of talent leave the club at the rate it does, sure the Mancs had Ronaldo, and they fell out with Beckham, but us, we had Vieira, Henry, Hleb, Merida, Mendez, Stepanovs, Overmars, Petit, Anelka, Flamini and now Cesc.

I wish they would tell us why they all wanted out, maybe we can learn from it. Gerrard, as much as I dislike him, and Terry, at least they stay. Blimey, we can’t even sign a 37 year old ordinary keeper from Fulham, what is it with us?

Let’s just hope they at least give Wilshere a run out, he is better than all of those I just named in my book, and he’s English, let him loose this season, pretend he’s Denilson. I think he and Ramsey will be immense, but if we added some real quality like Ozil and Schweinsteiger we wouldn’t miss the bigger players because those guys would destroy other teams.

Stop messing with average defenders and bring in some real quality at the back, George Graham built from the back and pound for pound, in the time he was in charge probably was more successful than Mr Wenger, I’d like to see those stats, RAY, DO YOUR STUFF!

Tonight sees us return to action at our money spinning training camp, tonight sees the formation of our starting line up beginning to emerge, I would like to see more of Djourou, he may be the lump we need to deal with free kicks and corners, Koscielny may have something too, so I would like to see him in action, as would Nordtveit. Maybe he sees Nordveit as a right back and Koscielny as a DM who knows what he has in mind, tonight should be fun though an I for one can’t wait.

But Arsene, please do something about Barca and their shameless pursuit of a player you have said is not for sale, either that or sell him to the highest bidder.

Or maybe even tell Cesc to say something to his adoring public, we still all love him, but patience is running thin, don’t let another Ade develop, that would be horrible. Or horriblus anus, oops, sorry Ade you horriblus anus.

Perhaps Cesc as our captain should come out and tell Xabi and his mates to stop talking on his behalf, that would be better and would put it to bed for good, what do you think?

Have a great day grovers, tonight we may see the away kit!

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  1. Arsene Nose Best

    A says:
    July 21, 2010 at 22:10
    I have heard rumours about Bendy to be fair, would be pretty annoying if it was true.

    Why would it?

  2. alex

    bendy ain’t retiring any time soon, he hasn’t achieved his goal of becoming the worlds best striker yet 😀

  3. zeus


    Spot on. The fact that when we have injury problems we turn to Denilson, a player who can’t run and can’t pass forward is depressing. I suppose its not his fault that he got picked. But there were times when playing it was like we were playing with 10 men.

  4. alex

    denilson has “groin injury”

    wenger interview should be on tomorrow, interesting to hear what he says about Eddie leaving

  5. gambon

    So it seems a few papers are running the Almunia out – Schwartzer in stories.

    They should fetch similar prices, so are we actually gonna spend any money this year?

    £40m on a DM and CB would be nice.

  6. Roy

    I’m not doubting Flappy can save a shot, it’s the resulting corner that comes in that terrifies me! The boy can’t catch a ball to save his life! If were not buying a keeper (which is retarded) we should put chesney in goal. Can’t do any worse than flappy at the end if last season.
    I’ll never accept flappy as arsenal number 1!!

  7. Stu

    We should only buy keepers with massive hands from now on. It will make catching the ball so much easier and if they flap at it them they might create a strong enough gust of wind to move the ball anyway. So giant handed keeper it is..agreed? Good!

  8. BillikenGooner

    Maybe we can swap Denilson for Melo.

    I wouldn’t be too displeased with a
    Cesc-Melo-Song middle 3. (prefer others though)

    Plus, we’d still have Diaby to take over every few matches when Melo is serving his red cards.

  9. incesc

    i dont know if melo is that much better is he?

    at least he might kick a few people, him and nasri could be spiky little hardnuts for us.

  10. BillikenGooner

    I don’t know exactly how much better he is, but even if he is a headcase at times, I’d prefer a guy who cracks the Brazilian national teams starting 11 over a guy who probably wouldn’t get recognized by their coaches.

  11. Stu

    No no no Gambon. Thats pointless. We need substance in the gloves, not small hands in big gloves! Thats like crusty wearing clown shoes for fun when we all know its Side Show Bob that has the big flippers!

  12. Big Dave

    Eduardo signed his new contract in November, now sold just shows that contracts mean nothing these days in football

  13. Stu

    Him signing a contrac extension doesnt mean much imo. Maybe he did want to stay but because of both his performances in the second half of the season AND Chamakhs arrival he probably asked to go and Wenger agreed.

  14. Stu

    Im hoping we buy Stekelenburg, or Neuer, or Adler* or a top class defender and maybe a DM.

    *provided he is recovered from surgery.

  15. gambon


    Dream on mate, it’ll be Schwartzer & Diakhate.

    Another transfer market profit and a real chance of falling out of the top 4.

    Yet again Arsene has played the “i have money and will spend” card just at renewal time.

  16. Maciek

    Gambon, spot on mate.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if we don’t sign anybody.

    Another year, and another profit in the transfer market.

  17. AA23

    And that post from Raygooner at 17:27 is something else.
    Are you the same bloke? or are all “Rays” mental stat merchants?

  18. LeProf


    Cesc, Theo, Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Eduardo

    Neur, Hart, Cahill, Rodwell, Hangeland, Ozil

    The rest of the team members are maintained. Notable promotions are: JET, Frimpong, Lansbury, Nordveit and Wilshere.

    Now we got defensive midfield duo (Song-Frimpong) as our makeshift Khedira-Schweinsteiger, who shall cover and future backup for Song-Frimpong? What if Kos-Verm both injured?

    If we got Neur and Hart, solved our GK problem with Mannone and Fabsky stand by.

    Strikers and midfield trio formation also not much a problem but still decently covered.

    If Frimpong fully promoted then our midfield core of Song-Frimpong-Nasri is simply tough unit and rock solid so that’s where our team being built around. Arshavin and Rosicky is our striker-midfield link feeding both pass and cover for Chamakh and RVP. But then a cover for each Song-Frimpong-Nasri still required at any time. That’s our team foundation first and foremost. Only then Wilshere with a solid midfield unit can command a call to replace Cesc. The midfield’s final cut should be:
    Our strikers shall focus more on SCORING with passes, assists in big supply from a settled/solid/confident/composed midfield and not be made worried to cover for midfield instead(not their job anyway!)

    Therefore, a new goalie and two extra cover fullbacks definitely a must-buy priority now. We got Eboue-Sagna-Coquelin covered for RB, Clichy-Gibbs-Traore covered for LB but not as yet for CBs.

    Would our Arsenal gone bust just to buy new goalie and fullbacks cover? Nope at all but Barca would gone bust just to nip one Cesc from us at all cost.

  19. zeus

    Yeah, lets play a stringbean alongside Tv5. And an 18 year old with 2 pre-season games against non opposition is the perfect answer for the box to box mid we’ve been looking for.

    Fuck Clichy as well, lets play Gibbs, he is better anyway.

    And lets not play Fab4 at all, the dirty bastard. He is our best player by a mile, but he has to be taught lesson the cunt.


  20. iamgooner

    we shouldnt swap clichy for melo

    we shouldnt swap denilson for melo

    correct me if im wrong but swapping a player wouldnt work i swear our squad was too think last year, and its got smaller this year..

    just buy him and keep the others

    Arsenal play 433 now.. and it works! we tear apart the average teams, but when we come up against the big teams it fails..

    if we stick with 433 we need to adopt brazils system of two defensive midfielders.. gilberto & melo..

    imagine: ____MELO____FABREGAS____SONG____

    THAT WOULD stop the rooneys and drogbas

  21. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all…

    I guarantee after last nights murmurings from our dick head manager that Mark Schwarzer will be the only player we sign before the window slams shut! He clearly wants Campbell to stay and he’d much rather than than having to spend actual money on a player! Our team will look some thing like this:


    Sagna – Campbell – Vermaelen – Clichy

    Nasri – Song – Rosicky

    van Persie – Chamakh – Arshavin

    And the why the fuck does Denilson get a million chances to prove himself in the first team yet Wilshere is told he’s on trial! For fuck sake!

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has pleaded for understanding from fans over Cesc Fabregas’ potential return to Barcelona.

    Potential return to Barcelona? Cesc Fabregas still has 5 years on his contract to serve. Emotion doesn’t come into it. Cesc you signed a contract, honour it!!!

  23. dennisdamenace

    Bentner to retire???? Happy fucking days, i might pop out and celebrate with a few cheekies, good riddance to bad rubbish….

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Are footballers that removed from reality now that they feel they can just swan about doing what they want, being above the law?

  25. gnarleygeorge9


    Whats this about Schwarzer then? If he signs, thee could be more Australian starters than English @ The Arsenal. PMSL

  26. dennisdamenace

    Seriously, how much more can Wenger squeeze out of this club? The only ‘asset’ left after Fab4 fucks off will be RvP, so if my timetable guess is right, AW’s got one more year to offload Fab4 and RvP to secure another financial bonus before the last year of his contract runs out and he can walk away blaming everyone else for the on-field failures, but bigging himself up for making the club untold money, while conveniently keeping quiet about how much he made out of the scam……

    Up The Arse!

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    According to reports in several Spanish media outlets, Arsenal are now prepared to sit down with Barcelona to talk about a possible transfer for Cesc Fabregas .

    The saga appeared to be nearing an end last weekend when Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger emphatically stated, “I fully expect Cesc to be an Arsenal player this season. He is our captain and we want to keep him and that is why we didn’t listen to any offers. We do not just give in because somebody wants somebody from us.”

    However, several Spanish dailies and radio station Ona FM report this morning that the situation has changed. Some report that Arsenal’s change of heart is down to Barcelona president Sandro Rosell’s diplomacy and persistence.

    Meanwhile daily newspaper Mundo Deportivo reports that Fabregas himself has once again insisted to Wenger on his determination to move to the Nou Camp which has softened the Gunners’ intransigence.

    If he goes, then Arsene Wenger is a jelly back, end of 😆

  28. dennisdamenace

    You know it’s hilarious, losing ‘players’ like Senderos and Silvestre actually strengthens our squad……sooooooo losing dogshit like Denilson should make us fucking champions!!!

  29. Geoff

    Jaguar, Wenger is already lining up his next pat on the back by selling more than he buys.

    Prepare for another winless season.

  30. Jaguar

    True Geoff.After the barren seasons,Wenger will fuck off to some French club,blaming the fans for his failure.Fucking mug.