Almunia is history, Eduardo on the brink, but who is coming in?

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The exclusion of Almunia said it all, 2 months off and he gets a bug, my arse, Wenger saying we don’t yet have a number 1 has to be the biggest put down since Theo getting left out of Capello’s plans, but who will come in?

I said a few posts back that maybe we should have a cheeky bid for Reina, maybe buying Reina would keep cesc happy, it would certainly get him back for the shirt incident, but he has got a long contract with Liverpool, so time will tell. However, don’t hold your breath!

As for the Jagielka bid, Wenger wouldn’t offer £16mil for a short centre back that’s recovering from a cruciate knee ligament problem, well he may buy someone who’s recovering from a cruciate knee ligament and he may buy another short defender, but he wouldn’t spend £16mil on Kaka and Pele, let alone Jagielka, so I think that one is rubbish.

What is clear is we still need a keeper, a centre back and a DM, there’s still plenty of time and my source tells me Wenger has been told to spend money this season, again, time will tell.

Oi Platini you muppet, are you blind, stupid or both? You banned Eduardo based on a TV replay, but…

I find it amazing that all that has gone on with the Cesc saga, all the tapping up and player unsettling that has come from Barcelona, that classless whore from the third world, and UEFA have said nothing, not a word, yet the minute we get a justified penalty against Celtic, Platini bans Eduardo and calls him a cheat, it’s incredible, the hypocrisy of it all. No one can be insolvent unless of course you are Barca, the club that has debt in its DNA.

So I reckon that Cesc will have to do an awful lot of denying to get me feeling as good as I did after he scored against the spuds at home last season.

After Puyol coming out and saying that my team lacked class, because Cesc had the right to play for the best club in the world, just after he was filmed in a Barca shirt, just after his dad said he wanted to play for Barca which was just before he asked Wenger if he could leave.

Now after two presidents from Barca haven’t stopped saying how they will sign him and what, 9 Barca players have said Cesc has Barca DNA or suchlike, well we know that there is at least one Spanish official with Pique’s DNA because he gobbed at him. And Cesc found that really funny, which I found funny because when accused of spitting himself at a hated foe, Phil Brown, Cesc said he would never do such a thing, hmmmm. Not that I blame him for that, it was Phil Brown after all!

So all that and Cesc says nothing, well I have to say, this needs to be some comeback from our talisman to convince me of his love of Arsenal now.

Wenger has said after the Barnet game that Cesc will be captain this season. So that should mean he’s staying and that also means he’ll have to do some denying, I await with baited breath.

After that Barnet game, and I stress, it was only Barnet, I was lifted to see some of the kids have become men, Frimpong, JET and Wilshere looked sharp, Chamakh showed he has what we need but Koscielny looked average at best, yes I know it was only the first game, but I believe we need a monster in there next to Vermaelen otherwise we have no height, for that reason I would like to see Djourou get a run.

Don’t forget, we don’t always beat Barnet. do we? 4 zip was pretty impressive.

So far he’s not done a lot to suggest to Cesc that things will change too much, more of the same old, same old, but I don’t believe it’s over yet, I still think we’ll get Cole, I would like Taylor and I would really like a big strong DM to join us, maybe he sees Nordtveit as a DM, he did well as a right back on Saturday and he can cross a ball, we also seemed to have some height in there which was pleasing and who knows, maybe Diaby can string a few games together, it happened with the Flamster and that surprised many, me included, either way it’s crunch time, I don’t believe even the Arsenal board will allow 7 seasons to go by with nothing but promise, not now we are soon to be the world’s richest club and debt free.

We have to be very careful we don’t lose the youngsters supporting their first team, no kid wants to go to school and have the piss ripped out of them for supporting a team that wins nothing.

Finally the Eduardo to Shakhtar Donetsk  rumours are gathering pace, if it’s true, that’s another £7mil coming in and that makes 6 players gone and 2 in, so we’ll have to go some just to stand still, Eduardo I love you mate and if you go, I’m sorry we couldn’t have said goodbye properly at the home of football, he must however be replaced, and I don’t mean with a £10million wonder kid from Ipswich.

Next up, the money spinning tour to Austria, roll on Wednesday, at least we get to see that pretty new kit again eh!

Have a great day grovers, only 2 weeks to go before the Emirates cup, our Community Shield!

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  1. km

    If we r going to make 2 signing. It should hopefully be a gk and a Dm…which would let Song play as Cb alongside vermin with kos djurou as backup

  2. A

    Jimbo up to his injury Rosicky was at least as good as Cole if not better than he’s ever been in that half season, with Hleb and Cesc tearing the league to shreds

  3. Jimbo

    That was the only period in his whole career at Arsenal he looked even decent, A, no doubt. But he still wasn’t as good as Cole at his best, even then.

  4. gambon

    Id say theyre of similar calibre, but Cole has a few advantages, namely hes younger & better suited to this league.

    He aint much better though, so not signing him isnt something to worry about.

  5. Arsene Nose Best

    Doublegooner says:
    July 19, 2010 at 23:43
    Just arrived back from China tonight, switch on my phone & about 6 messages that Cole has joined the scousers.


    Nothing will change…other than Wenger will again leave this club without any silverware.


  6. Keyser

    Jimbo – What and just have you laugh, throw a few swear words at Rosicky and then cream yourself in superlatives for Cole.

    His whole careers basically a Harry Redknapp interview detailing how he’s a great lad, with loads of potential and any club would be lucky to have him.

    Though Carly Zucker would have been nice to see around the Emirates, I think Rosicky’s wife’s pretty fit to.

  7. Jimbo

    Yeah, sure, that’s his whole career.

    Never mind 3 league titles, 2 FA cups, 2 League cups, and a handful of individual honours. I bet he dreams of swapping shirts with Rosicky one day…

  8. Keyser

    Yeah because he took Chelsea to those titles on his back with his fantastic and vastly superior technique.

  9. Keyser

    Honestly dude, please don’t try and repeat what you do here at any games home and away, I really fear for you.

  10. sir henry norris

    Jimbo and who ever else for thsat matter, Joe Cole is not measurably better than Nasri or indeed Rmmsey. Maybe 3 year a go he was but defo not now. When you weigh up his wages over a 4 year period it still represents a pretty sum. He will do well for Pool and good luck to ’em as long as they finish bellow I’m not bothered.

    Of more concern is the possibility of Cesc handing a transfer request. Everyday there is someone from Barca saying something, even TH14 inadvertently added fuel. whilst Cesc silence is almost defining.

  11. gambon

    Not really, they have

    Santa Cruz

    I dont think Jo’s coming back anytime soon, so they have 5 forwards, like us.

    If they sign anyone they will sell Santa Cruz, and maybe Bellamy as well.

  12. zeus

    Stuttgart president Erwin Staudt: A ‘foreign club’ is interested in Sami Khedira.

    Seems the Madrid is the club in question.

  13. gambon

    Im getting worried we’re gonna do nothing yet again in the transfer market.

    The next 2 weeks will see a lot of deals happen, and if we arent involved you can probably kiss our hopes goodbye.

  14. zeus

    Wenger makes me feel like a pre-teen. (No homo) I’ve been waiting for a quality keeper for so long that now I feel like throwing a temper tantrum so that I can get my way.

  15. Keyser

    I dunno about that, we’ve got ages yet if we’re after big names like Pedro’s saying it’s going to be tricky doing that if teams like Citeh and Real Madrid are still interested.

  16. Ray in SF

    desi gunner running a stack of Wilshere vides

    I like the moment v Chelsea where he takes Terry out

    the kid looks the real deal, I hope we groom him appropriately

  17. Ray in SF

    Marko says:
    July 19, 2010 at 21:41

    Like Bob Dylan says the times they are a changing. And unfortunately these days you have to spend big. In saying that Dortmund are looking for 25 million while Bremen would sell Mertesacker for between 10-15 million and Udinese would sell Zapata for 10-15 million as well and I’d take any of them so I suppose you’re right too.


    I would prefer either Mertesacker or Zapata at 10-15 million over 18 million for Jagielka

    and I would prefer, prefer that we got them both (M & Z)

    Zapata — good cover across the back and Merte — big, solid commanding CB & nice aerial threat from set pieces

    it’s the fact that we could so easily put our defense in order that makes the inevitable disappointment so hard to take

  18. LeProf

    Life goes on post-Cesc, this is how our team would be:


    Granted that 40m Cesc money plus another 40m from Diaby/Denilson/Almunia/Eduardo sale (total 80m), we could bring in Hart, Hangeland, Cahill and Rodwell with even spare change left.


    Hart, Fabsky, Chesney

    Sagna, Eboue, Eastmond, Hangeland, Cahill, Verm, Kos, Gibbs, Clichy, Traore

    Theo, Arshavin, Wilshere, Ramsey, Nasri, Rodwell, Frimpong, Song, Lansbury, Rosicky

    RVP, Chamakh, Bendtner, JET, Simpson

    That’s 28 total players after spending with some new players in.

    Ah, add 1 waterboy Henry. But wait, that’s not include Nordveit, Miguel, Henderson too! So think about it selling Cesc/Diaby/Denilson/Almunia/Eduardo for 80m in total and rebuilt the team, only Wenger would make it difficult when it doesn’t have to. No?

  19. Ray in SF

    Bad, Bad LeProf, I was just about to go to sleep and now I’m running around Fantasy Island

    If Eduardo is only worth 6 M, then Diaby, Denilson & Almunia are not worth 34 M — more like 15 M combined?

    so, with Cesc’s money and 20 M from this year’s kitty that we haven’t spent yet, we would have 80 M

    It’s not my plan A, but, if forced into it, it could be made to work

    10 M for world class GK + 30 M for Mertesacker & Zapata

    that still leaves 40 M to compensate for the loss of Cesc…

    some combination of Gourcuff and/or Khedira and/or Hazard and/or van der Vaart and/or etc.



    van Persie/Hazard/Walcott…Nasri/Rosicky/Ramsey/Wilshere…Arshavin/Gourcuff


    Plus the other youngsters coming through

    Wow, we would have a strong, versatile squad that would be taken seriously

  20. dennisdamenace

    Maybe we should just take the £30m from those gypsies, but on the condition that along with Cesc they HAVE to take Denilson too……as a fucking punishment to the total disrespect they’ve shown our club.

  21. dennisdamenace

    Plus, what difference does it make if they give us £30m or £50m or £70m, little or none will be reivested in the first team squad, it will just go on well deserved improved contracts for serial chokers like Denilson et al….

  22. chippy

    Blimey City in For Drogba that would probably mean Chelsea after Torres the merry go round begins and as per usual we will be playing on the coconut shy whilst every other big club plays on the duck range

  23. chippy

    If we buy and buy well

    1 Arsenal
    2 Chelsea
    3 City
    4 Utd

    If we stay as we are

    1) Chelsea
    2) City
    3) United
    4) Arsenal

  24. Benndevito

    Joe Cole is a done deal, my friend’s uncle’s brother in laws’ sister’s cat’s budgie said so. Really?? So have we loaned him out to Liverpool then have we?? What a joke, I’ll never believe your “sources” ever again.

    Oh yeah – and when exactly is the Gerrard and Rooney “news” hitting the press?? Shouldn’t that have happened yet?

    What a joke.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Le Gaffer has a tendency to start out all huff & puff, but then jelly backs out, i.e the keeper situation/he won’t buy anyone. If he does it with Cesc, i.e caves into those Catalan bastardos, then I will be really annoyed.

  26. chippy

    Bob Wilson in a recent interview said he cannot see Arsenal not buying a new keeper as the club were aware of the fans feelings on the matter, If he dosent buy a Top Class number 1 hes more stubborn than a mule and is becoming detrimental to our chances of winning silverware,

  27. Jaguar

    We dont need a good keeper.Almunia is more than enough.Along with Diaby and Denilson we would compete for the quadruple next season.

  28. Pedro

    Jaguar, trust in the dark side… we’re in the market for some proper players. Even you’d like them.

  29. goonergerry

    Wyatt-Jones- Arsenal do not have 40 million GBP to spend this summer on transfers-we have 35m Euros-and that includes salaries. So you have to take out Chamakh’s 55k/week and Kossy’s 40K (guess)and his 8 mil We are going to pay Arshavin more- and that comes out of the same budget.
    Anyway- we should all become accountants that way we could sit and drool over the balance sheet like the AKB do- rather than watch the team go tits up during the run in due to lack of experience and investment in the team.