Ozil is for sale Ivan, go and buy him. He’ll take away any pain.

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Werder Bremen have said they would consider selling Mesut Ozil after he flat out refused to increase the length of his contract, the one that only has 12 months to run. So I think that we should trump all the other suitors and get him signed up now.

We have the money, he’ll always have a sell on value at more than we pay for him, he’s not a flash in the pan as he was promising at the under 21 Euros and has developed massively since then, so it’s win, win.

Should we allow Cesc to move we can cover the cost and have change left over, would we be saying goodbye to our Spaniard by doing it? No way, we stand a better chance of him staying if we sign Ozil.

Make no mistake, someone will buy him so why not us? We kick off against Barnet on Saturday and I for one can’t wait, I hope we debut the new kit, but as Barnet play in Orange and the new kit doesn’t come out till the 29th don’t hold your breath.

The new kit is the best one we’ve had since Wenger joined us, so that to me is as exciting as the new signings, maybe more so as I can’t wear Chamakh or Koscielny but I can wear the new shirt.

The other thing that would make me happy would be to see Iniesta, Xabi, Pique, Busquets, Messi, Puyol and Rosell all put on charges of tapping up our players and sent to Devils Island to serve their 45 year sentences, I would also like us to put in a bid for Reina so we can pay him back for putting a Barca shirt on our captain and then stick the sucker in the reserves for the season, in chains and a hair shirt.

Hodgson has publicly come out and said he’ll struggle to hold on to his stars, so maybe a cheeky biid for Javier Mascerano is on the cards, who knows eh?

I hope we put more than the usual suspects out for the Barnet game, normally he’ll put in the ex-injured players like Rosicky and the fringees like Randall, I hope we see more of the first team, with players like Jackie boy on show, the latest rumour is Cahill in and Wilshere out on loan, hmmm, would you?

I still believe we need EPL quality at the back, but still no movement from the boss, he did say he wants his squad in place and in time for the pre-season, so maybe today will see some activity, I hope so, I need cheering up!

I would still like to bring in players like Toulalon and Gourcuff but I think Wenger has discounted that, and as I have said before we probably have enough Frenchmen, Nasri has that glint in his eye in training, I’m hoping he will bring to the table what we all hoped for, I think he’s a class act and will prove to be that big player we hoped he would be.

I think it’s too early for our young defenders, Bartley may step up but I haven’t seen much of him, JET may do as well but ditto, and Barazite could be the winger we needed, sometimes the youngsters just turn the mental and physical corner in the summer lay-off, I hope so, that would give us something to smile about other than the new kit.

Yesterday I spoke to a staff member of Arsenal football club, we had a nice long chat and he shared many of my concerns, he said that the board finally realise we need to do more in the market and to keep the faith, he is also considering contributing to the odd post as a ghost writer, so watch this space, maybe next season we really will have inside information.

I didn’t tell him which blog I wrote save to say many consider us the only blog out there that challenges what goes on, so if he reads this, he’ll know who we are! More importantly he’ll know who I am, so if I suddenly get banned, we’ll know he was a Trojan horse, if I don’t, next season could be interesting.

Come on Arsenal, only today left to meet the Barnet deadline, give us something more to smile about.

I think we’ll win the league, the ECL, the League and FA Cup double and yes, the Emirates Cup, the one we all covet so much.

I really think we’ll sign the players we need to do it, a final word for Koscielny, we don’t need you to work like a dog, just a top, top centre back, and if the boss thinks you’re the one, I’ll be cheering you on from the off.

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow is the start of our destiny!

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  1. gambon

    Highbury square shows what money grabbing cunts they all are.

    They were offered Β£50m by a developer and took the greedy option cios they wanted more.

  2. SUGA3

    and oh, Dein wanted outside investment, which was the reason for getting shot of him, now Kroenke is the largest shareholder, funny that…

  3. incesc


    what arsenal have done around the emirates has transformed the area quite a bit. It could reap benefits in the long run especially if the area becomes as sort after as they hope.

    Angel down the road and islington in general is one of the most expensive areas to live in london so if they keep building property it could be a great little earner…

    whether they invest the money in the team is another thing

  4. BillikenGooner


    It was my contribution to the “video game rumors”.

    Unfortunately, Barca won’t buy my pixelated Fabregas for that amount of money either.

  5. gambon


    His agent denied it. Wenger wants to go with the 2 clowns, cos buying a keeper would be admitting all the fans were right all alopng (apart from Keyser).

  6. Keyser

    Billiken – Was thinking you’ve got Robben, Toulalan and then Aiden McGeady ? How much are Barca willing to pay for him ?!

  7. Marko

    His agent said no contact but yet. I’d give my left nut for his signature. And my right for Mertesacker/Tasci/Zapata or Inler.

  8. SUGA3


    by the time it brings profits, we may be left with a bunch of Denilsons, diminishing fanbase, no CL fiitball and half empty stadium, no?

    Spuds in Top 4 was unthinkable and Shitty were laughing stock for ages, right?

    ManYoo will stay the superpower they are and so will Chavs…

    yet we once again go to play pre season in fucking Austria against some shit teams – even Spuds go to USA!

  9. ethangunner

    we stand a better chance of him staying if we sign Ozil.

    Make no mistake, someone will buy him so why not us?

    i would be in SHOCK if we got close to anyone of that caliber this season ….

    this war chest crap has got to stop !
    i dont think wenger has ever came close to signing someone for 20 mil + … he would be all that, plus a bit more after the WC !

  10. incesc

    yeah we built the stadium but didnt really do much work on the mentality side.

    this team needs some superstars to be the huge side they want it to be.

    our only superstar wants out…

    city will dominate football for the next 10 years, look how quickly chelsea rose to a huge player in the game

  11. JJ

    Just catching up…
    Incesc – I agree that Wenger has exceeded expectations with this group of players and tight budget. Let’s hope he brings in some real quality now that he (apparently) has money. After he goes (if ever) I also like Hiddink.
    Gambon – Paul Ince? You lot some street-cred with that one πŸ™‚
    Stu – I also prefer to keep Wenger, bring in a strong/vocal/defensive #2 that Wenger will listen to AND get Dein back!
    RT.Z – I freakin’ hate you! Got me all excited about De Rossi and Xabi… then reality set in.

  12. BillikenGooner

    They are trying to “Rosell” me and I can’t get it to give me more than 40mil for him. (he’s the highest rated guy in the game after 3 seasons with him)

  13. SUGA3

    and ‘funnily’ enough it’s the Shitty and fucking Spuds that will reap benefits from Henry’s first games for NYRB…

    wait, wasn’t our very own chairman a bigwig in the MLS? don’t we have a marketing team full of Yanks? am I missing something here?

  14. Stu

    Fuck knows why we never take advantage of the money that can be made from such a pre season tour SUGA. Apparently Austria is better for preperations but ffs, we havent been winning anything as of late.. a bit of change couldnt hurt.

  15. gambon

    Aparantley Chelsea made Β£7.5m from their tour last year.

    The thing is all that stuff is pointless for us, we are already minted, yet we dont spend our money anyway!

  16. Arsene Nose Best

    Arsenal will sign Keisuke Honda from CSKA before the start of the season for Β£13,000,000, watch this space

  17. BillikenGooner


    Since Henry signed a 2 year deal, maybe the Red Bulls in the Emirates Cup next season?

    Though Kroenke might not go for it since he owns the Colorado team.

  18. gambon

    I really cant see how playing shitty hungarian teams can be good preparation.

    Its like Amir Khan preparing for a fight by sparring with a 7 year old girl.

    If we just did a US/Asia tour then the emirates cup, that would make us Β£10m pa, before the season even starts.

    Add Β£10m of the vast money we generate and we have Β£20m net spend pa, which is a significant amount of money to spend.

  19. SUGA3


    that’s not my point – if Gazidis can’t convince Wenger that it would be beneficial in the long term to gain advantage in his own backyard, he is useless…

  20. David

    Im American and I cant tell you right now that most Americans are fair weather supporters…in other words they only support who is winning.

    Most of only know David Beckam (*heavy sigh*) and the Brazilian team.

    The rest know Utd cuz they win.

  21. Arsene Nose Best

    wengers the one holding us back,he’s done great things for the club,no doubt but his time is up.,one more season of his shit then i hope he goes,he can also take the majority of shit we have got now with him.

  22. David

    Gambon you never know.

    Its like how we tonked that team from Asia like 9 nil and then started the season scoring 6 against everton.

    Although…we won by 9-1…

    The one goal being that Almunia kicked the fucking ball into his own net.

    Whod have thought that that would set the standard for the rest of the season.

  23. SUGA3


    no one of them will be sold, as no one else will pay the silly wages they’re on…

    having the likes of Denilson and Fabianski tied up on long term contracts is just holding this club over the barrel IMO – it’s not like Cuntalona will be tapping them up, is it?

  24. David

    As i said…we know the Brazilian team.

    Youd be surprised how many people became City fans once they signed Robinho

  25. SUGA3


    as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day – but it’s not the best idea to sit tight, time to grab the fucking spade and start digging for the foundations…

  26. A

    Stu I’d guess if they’re wanting to play them behind closed doors there’s a very limited chance of them then showing them on TV?

    Dunno though, it’s a bit of a weird one, though I do wonder if we ever were pulling out of the reserve league, or people just misunderstood, jumped the gun, and are now covering their bases by saying it was just us changing our mind!

  27. SUGA3


    ressies games are not shown on ATVO since Sol’s ‘debut’, remember?

    so, playing the games behind closed doors seems like logical ‘next step’, no?

  28. A

    Nowt to do with Sol’s playing SUGA, it was well before that that they stopped showing them live.

    Does seem a bit odd, the need for secrecy etc. I guess it gives more room to play trialists etc

  29. Stu

    Having gone on arsenal shopping online im now undecided on which shirt, if either, i want for this season. Since the pre match shirt was posted on here i kind of prefer that to the actual match day kits (thanks btw suga!)

  30. David

    Someone shouldve told em that Denilson was Brazilian. I have to keep reminding meself that as well.

    Im trying to order this Arsenal TV shyte online and this USA website is messing with me…Anyone on this side of the planet have any luck?

  31. gambon

    I think the team for tomorrow (first half) will be;


    Eastmond Djourou Vermaelen Gibbs

    Lansbury Nasri JET

    Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin

  32. SUGA3


    I know it had nothing to do with Sol, but this game was actually the first ressies game not aired on ATVO – I even remember writing a blog article about it πŸ˜‰


    no probs, it looks badass, no?

  33. A

    oh ok SUGA, you mean the highlights?

    They stopped showing them live early in the season, if they ever did last season? I’m sure they must have, as I only got ATVO to watch them!

  34. A

    gambon team wise i’m going for first half –


    lansbury koscielny vermy gibbs

    nasri eastmond rosicky

    theo chamakh arshavin

    second half


    nordveit jd miquel traore

    henderson frimpong wilshere

    barazite JET eduardo

  35. SUGA3

    no, I actually meant the live games – I remember coming home from work and tuning in just to see the banner saying that extended highlights will be available on the following day or something…

    I was pretty pissed off, as I did not check Arse.com website for some time and I was on my way to East London anyway a few hours later πŸ˜‰

  36. A

    Yeah Stu, Lansbury has played right back before, think it was last pre season possible.

    JET played as a target man for Doncaster a bit, although he could be in midfield, with eduardo through the middle, and Wilshere wide

  37. SUGA3


    to be honest, I reckon JW out wide is a waste – he has such a killer pass on him, he should be practising playing in Cesc’s role…

    as for Lansbury, well, he is better in midfield IMO…

  38. A

    yeah i agree about lansbury suga, but could just see him playing there as we’re struggling for right backs. either him, nordveit, jd or eastmond

  39. SUGA3

    Eastmond all the way for me out of this lot, as long as he in not too adventurous…

    as for Nortdtveit, didn’t he play DM @ Nurnberg?

  40. A

    I dunno SUGA, that means we’re lacking a DM, as there are only two, him and Frimpong, so I expect him to start there for the first team, then Frimpong for the second.

    I’d have Lansbury over him at right back anyways, he was terrible there for the u18s….

    Nordveit played right back, centre back, and dm whilst on loan apparently, bit of a utility player

  41. SUGA3

    I don’t know about that, Eastmond always struck me as a tidy player, then again, maybe there was a reason for moving him from RB to DM?

  42. A

    Because he just wasn’t a great right back SUGA! Wenger said something about his not having the pace.

    In that u18 team he was one of just 2-3 players I wrote off as not having a chance of making it, but the move to DM totally transformed him

  43. gambon

    Frimpong is pretty box to box, but will certainly be a DM.

    He is really highly rated but everytime ive seen him he looks distinctly average, nowhere near Le Coq.

  44. A

    Yeah Stu, although I’d be happy for Coquelin and/or Lansbury to play there as utility players who have the ability to play in a few positions. There is no single outstanding young natural right back though

    Yeah a DM Swedish, but an athletic one rather than a sitter, not very good passer of the ball at all, but solid, strong and quick, not sure he’ll make it.

  45. Stu

    I know he is young and yet to make any sort of impression in the first team but surely a valuation of 200k is a little low, no?

  46. Stu

    Yeah i suppose so. Still, if he does end up not being good enough and leaves i hope arsenal put one of those lucrative sell on clauses(i think thats what they’re called) in the contract.

  47. A

    Don’t agree with that at all incesc, imo Lauren was one player massively underrated in the invincibles.

    Generally solid and reliable defensively and going forward it was just like having another attacking player, he had the same level of intelligence as the attacking players in that he could participate in all the attacks, had the vision etc

  48. Stu

    WHAT!!! INcesc you’re fucking crazy! Lauren was a fantastic right back imo. Calm with the ball and a very good tackler and pacey…what else do you need in a right back?

  49. Arsene Nose Best

    you can’t diss ralph like that,he was quality for us,the goal he scored against the chavs was quality.

  50. Swedish Gun

    i will tell you what we need!!

    a good goalie: Neuer/Adler

    defence sux so:

    swap clichy for melo
    buy zapata and verthongen = versatile

    told you earlier swap Eduardo/Vela for Honda

    now…with some tactics applied we will beat ANY team


    Zapata Djourou Verthongen Vermaelen
    ———Song –Melo————–

    we match them in strength, heigth and smash them with quality!!

    Fulham, Wolves, Blackpool and DERBY at home:

    Eboue Zapata Vermaelen Gibbs

    Vs top teams and CL?:

    Sagna Zapata Verthongen Vermaelen

    Damn….look at them options depending on the game

    If we buy theese peeps NOW…..we donT have to spend for years to come bar cesc if he leaves next year


  51. SUGA3

    Vermaelen was not too impressive playing LB, he even said it himself…

    don’t try to fix what’s not broken..

    I’m off, nite all πŸ˜‰

  52. LeProf


    That’s the only effective midfield for Cesc. Understandbly to replace Flamini/Helb with Denilson/Diaby perhaps the biggest reason why Cesc bent his frustration by kicking the Barca penalty till his leg broken.

    Worth the GBP60m from Cesc sale but still keeping Diaby/Denilson and without proper Cesc replacement (Gourcuff maybe)?

    Either Wenger sell all of them rebuild totally new midfield or sell only Diaby/Denilson.

    For the past 3 years (post Helb, Flamini days) it was these two players that keep on fucking our midfield – Diaby and Denilson.

    Watching Denilson simply give up the fight running halfway letting the ball gone past Almunia…Diaby headed own goal to Manure…priceless junk…!

    Now even Kevin Doyle worth GBP50m so what would our black Dutch total footbal maestro Eboue worth then?

    Looks like more new reinforcement from Wenger so pray hard that BOTH Kos and Verm NOT INJURED.

    Very sad Wenger. Selling Diaby, Denilson for new defender, midfielder simply a no brainer yet Wenger stood by these two fools.

    Martin Keown, how lovely that hump over Nistelroy’s shoulder after missing the sitter..Ljungberg your flame red mohican hair spray inspire the whole guys in the bar sporting the same hair too..Viera how about squeezing Keano neck again…Henry would you spit your hatred gut all over Spuds stadium again…Tony Adams you make Bruno Alves now like a noob…Wiltordddd goal against Manure leaving Bartez holding his pant and screaming like a girl…Ray Parlour well he is 1000 million times better looking than Dirk Kuyt…And Pires that tiny goatee oh not suitable for meaty Nasri face…AHHH!!!GOOD OL DAYS ARSENAL!!!