Ex Arsenal star Stewart Robson speaks about Cesc’s departure and is Given, a given?

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Morning all! Yes I’m back and straight on the attack!

Let’s start with the ESPN clip that introduces Arsenal TV pundit Stewart Robson an ‘former Arsenal star’ Hmmmm, a bit rich that isn’t it? I remember Stuart Robson making his debut, away to West Ham I think and he was blinding, Aaron Ramsey like, I thought Wow, at 17 we have a top player here, then in no time at all, he wanted out as he didn’t like the way Arsenal played, went to West Ham and spent the rest of his career injured.

(I was gutted Stuart, the same as I was when the bloke you were talking about asked to leave, poacher turned gamekeeper me thinks and the wrong person to ask…   …or is he?)

Then he runs out of money , gets himself a job on Arsenal TV and suddenly he’s an ex Arsenal star commenting on all things Arsenal, I wonder why he didn’t get a job at West Ham as he liked the way they played football so much? Probably because he liked the way Arsenal shell out money.

Anyway his money is on Cesc going to Barca. So after Cesc getting set up in a Barca shirt and being caught on camera laughing at Pique gobbing at one of his own coaches, funnily, on a coach, people are saying the writing is on the wall, I disagree Stuart, I would hardly say he was wearing the shirt, it was pulled over his head, but his army barmies weren’t in there, for me all it shows is that footballers in the main are just not that bright, I don’t think I would find it funny if I saw someone gob at another, but there you go, in Spain that’s probably the equivalent of farting in church when the vicar is talking about sinners.

I want Cesc to stay and see out his contract, if not then strip him of the armband, and whack him on the transfer list, either Barca will find the money, or someone else will, and before anyone says he’ll only go to Barca, bollocks, if he loses the armband and the manager, he’ll go to the highest bidder, the gobbing incident shows you how loyal they are. Just won the world cup and gob at one of your own in front of millions, nice touch that. Classy boys!

Anyway, all the blogs spend way too much time talking about Cesc, we’ll all know soon enough, let’s move on (until the end of this post anyways).

The latest rumour is we’ll be going after Given or Hart as Taylor just signed a new deal with shitty, I would have either, but as you all know I rate Hart, and I think he’ll be the next England keeper, however, Wenger seems to be lining up Chezzer as our next keeper so an injured Given or an ageing Schwarzer seems more likely.

Onto defence, the real issue, much has been written about Kosielny and how he is unknown, well my theory is that he has been signed as back up and the first choice is being lined up  now, I believe Kosielny is a £10mil Red Herring and this whole thing has allowed Wenger to go after his real target, that real target could be Jagielka, EPL proven and if Kosienly works out, could easily switch to DM, his original Sheffield United position, either that or he is going after a monster.

History has shown us time and time again that 4 top centre backs are needed in a season, so £10mil on a back up isn’t a big deal, the Mancs paid three times that a decade ago for Ferdinand (yes I know he wasn’t a back up).

Arsenal need to make us solid at the back, until we do that, we’ll win bugger all, once we’ve done that, then address the other issue, the forwards we have are adequate, Wenger’s starting three options will be Arshavin, Robin and Chamakh, with Bendtner and Eduardo as back up, are our forwards fit enough to do a season? With the record that they have, I think we ought to think again.

Finally back to the issue of our captain. If my wife said to me that although she loved me, she prefers the bloke that lives in Spain, and if it was alright with me she’d go off with him, if however I wasn’t happy with that, I could keep her for another year or so. Well that really isn’t a good basis for trust and a successful marriage is it? I would always be looking over my shoulder. Not to mention I would feel humiliated that she wanted a man other than me, so I’m afraid that would be that.

I hope as a result of this sad and messy affair, it will stop the current obsession of long term contracts, they cost us way too much and do absolutely nothing to gain loyalty or enhance a players sell on value. Learn from it Arsenal. make what you can from Cesc and re-invest the money, my advice? Buy someone first or you’ll be held to ransom.

Isn’t great to have me back! Well done to Pedro filling in for me this past week, although I haven’t be on Le-Grove a great deal, I have been reading and yes, I was entertained, some great holding posts there!

Have a fun filled day grovers, now that Wenger is back maybe things will start to happen!

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  1. Pedro

    Jaguar, I wouldn’t read too much into that.

    He has no more idea than anyone else in the blogosphere, apart from Le Grove when we get info from the guy who gives us the proper inside line.