The worst fans in the world…

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This mornings post has been inspired by the numerous people who rolled onto Le Grove stomping their cyber feet yesterday making comments surrounding they type of fans Arsenal have.

Here is an authors impression of how one of them looked.

‘What is Cesc going to think when he reads stuff like this, fans like you lot don’t deserve Cesc’

Now, I want to address that type of attitude because I truly believe that Arsenal have some of the greatest fans on earth, despite the protestations of a few on the web who constantly want to tell us that everyone outside Arsenal thinks they’re moaners (

Not true.

Liverpool, Man United, Spurs, West Ham… even Newcastle all have the same problem. Everyone moans, it’s a right of passage as a football fan and I’m pretty sure it’s gone on for all of time. Anyone who says it hasn’t is a liar and a thief.

I sat in a cab with a Geordie cab drive in Newcastle a few weeks ago and he told me that he felt 90% of Newcastle fans have been so unhappy for the last ten years, he wondered why they even attended matches. My old boss is a bin dipper season ticket holder. He said bar the massive games, the atmosphere around the stadium has been so poor he finds it embarrassing to attend matches. My West Ham chums constantly p*ss and moan their way through the season regardless of how well or poorly they are doing!

So… everyone does it. Fact.

If you couldn’t have a rational conversation about the good and bad in your club, no one would talk to you because you’d be boring. You know, that same boring you get with super religious people or ultra-Patriots.

So how do players feel about the fans?

Well, the greatest player in Premiership is Thierry Henry. He left Arsenal 4 years ago and he hasn’t stopped talking about us since. He loves the fans, he loves the clubs and he loved his time there. He came back last season to say thanks to the fans for the good times. Patrick Vieira adored having his name sung by the fans week in week out… he’d stop mid-match to clap us! Bobby Pires recently said,

“It shows how great the Arsenal fans are and that they don’t forget their former players. I was really touched and moved by their ovation and the fact that they were singing my name.”

Even Emmanuel Eboue has nice things to say about us!

‘They sing my name when I play and that makes me feel really happy. I say thank you to the fans for coming to support us’

That’s great becuase it means our support is valued. Martin Keown once said if the fans are on your back, you’ve got to look at yourself, address the problems and fight for their respect.

Bang on the money Martin. Adoration isn’t a right, it’s something you’ve got to earn. Something I know most Arsenal player are patently aware of. In the grand scheme of things, having your own song would probably be worth more to most players than a £20k pay rise.

That’s why it really gets my goat when people slag Arsenal fans off.

So what could be classed as a poor fan?

Well how about the Nice  fans who spat a Loic Remy after a bad run of form recently? Or how about the Torino fans who attacked their players in Turin in January? Or the Athletico fans who managed to get their club a European ban for racist chants? The Juve fans who attacked the Milan bus? The Barca fans who attacked Jose (Ok, we’ve all dreamed of that)?

I mean even if you wanted to ignore the extremes, when was the last time you saw English fans waving a white hanky in protest at a player or performance they didn’t like? That’s what the Italians and the Spanish do. How many players stay long enough at these so called mega clubs to get their own chants? How many fans would finance get well soon banners for their young injured superstar? How many clubs have 4287 blogs dedicated to their cause?

How many fans adore their players from all clubs as much as the English (and followers of their respective clubs)! Well… as far as I can see… no one. We’ve got the best fans in the world bar none and I don’t think too many players, managers or outsiders would disagree.

So why if the fans of the mega clubs are so bad do all the players flock to play for them?

Are we shooting ourselves in the foot with our loving approach to football? Do nice fans finish last? Should we take a leaf out of Madrid’s book and boo Cesc like they booed Ronaldo after he innocently said he wouldn’t rule out playing for Barcelona? What do you think their fans would do if Higauin got caught wearing a Manchester United shirt?

They’d probably lynch him.

Now, I’m not suggesting we change the way we are for a second. I’d hate to go to the ground and pull out a white snotty handkerchief on Arsene Wenger for 5 seasons without a trophy.

All I’m saying is I find it incredibly annoying listening to certain sections of our fanbase slagging off the support the players get. They have it easy compared to most other clubs in the world and they should be honoured to play in front of us which many of them confess to after they head to pastures new or retire.

Cesc, you’ll never find love from the Barca fans like you’ve had from us. Sure they’ve got a big fake pair of boobs, collagen injected lips and faux Louis Vuitton bag… but face it son, it’s all been bought on credit and it’s all going to look like a big saggy, ugly mistake in a few years time.

See you in the comments, I’m off to the butchers to find a suitable pigs head to throw at Cesc in the Emirates Cup*!

Geoff is back tomorrow, I’ve heard he’s developed an American accent to fit in over there… don’t mention it when he comes on later!


P.S. View here to see the sort of classy act Barca players are. Stick a Spanish footballer under the microscope as intensely as you do an English player and you’ll find out they’re all the same…

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  1. Wenger the liar

    Steve Bould is a classic exmaple of an intelligent footballer who through his reading of the game didnt need to be lightning quick.

    Steve Bould was the fucking daddy.

    Plus he mastered the near post flick on to such an extent he once scored two in one fucking game.

    Fucking daddy.

  2. MickyDidIt89

    QoS: I think Sol was massive and I love all the fist pumping. I certainly think his experience could be a big influence on both Vermy, Djouru and Kos. Hope he stays.

  3. BillikenGooner


    Yes… yes they are.

    That Piqgay and Ibra picture from yesterday was disturbing enough.

  4. Wenger the liar

    Honestly I though Syvelstre had left for the Mongolian league or something.

    If we have Almunia in goal and Syvelstre in the squad for the first game at Anfield I would love to see the Disciples of Wenger defend that shit.

  5. David


    Sol was better than ok.

    He played like a legend.

    That signing proved that our problem lies 90% with the goal keeping.

    That shouldve been a revelation and eye opener..someone big and tall and strong with pace who can defend.

  6. David

    Wenger the liar says:
    July 14, 2010 at 17:04
    LOL @ Gambon

    I bet you mowbango can trap a ball better than theo


    Theo traps balls brilliantly. I think you meant Bendtner.

  7. MickyDidIt89

    QoS: I do know what you are on about, however, don’t we the supporters miss the gnashing teeth of Big Tone?

  8. A

    WTL Silvestre was released a month ago along with Gallas and Gilbert

    Sol wasn’t released, but isn’t at pre season training as his contract has expired, yesterday he was jogging around Battersea Park sort of area!

    I would’ve assumed that we might’ve just had him train with us anyway whilst he makes his mind up, but I guess that would be a bit weird

  9. Wenger the liar

    Mickydidit –

    What about Keown jumping on horse face and then the whole team as one standing firm.

    That shit was unity and team spirit, we miss that.

  10. David

    By “alot of goals”

    What do you mean QOS?

    You know Campbell only started playing for us by early March

  11. Wenger the liar

    A –

    Yeah mate because we allow people like beckham to train with us. Also you would think if we wanted him to stay on it would give us the upper hand to have him around.

  12. David

    Sorry his first game for us was at Porto which was late Febuary

    You cant pinpoint a game where we shipped goals and Sol was at fault.

    Almost always it was the keeper.

    Case in point the Porto Game.

  13. MickyDidIt89

    WTL..happy days. On a serious note, most successful teams have a “Mr Club”. Gerrard, Terry, Maldini etc as titles and cups are won/lost in those games when heads drop. Mr Adams never let that happen.

  14. A

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking WTL, as he only signed for us after we were nice letting him train in December despite having no interest in re-signing him at that point!

    I guess it would be a bit dodgy if he’s giving everyone equal consideration, if he was training with us. Still won’t leave him that fit just jogging round a park

  15. Chris Beef

    agree MickyDidIt89 and David – thought sol was immense when he came back. Much better than i thought. Man of the match on a few occassions…

  16. Wenger the liar

    Micky –

    Reading Adams autobiography and the way he used to blast players is pretty insightful.

    You can imagine a 25 year old adams blasting quite a few of our players now, I just dont see Cesc telling Arshavin to put more effort in – although I might be wrong.

  17. David

    End of the season Sol was playing every other game. Could hardly keep up with the pace at the end of the season.

    Thats not to say he was wank its just saying he is Old.

    And where did we ship goals end of the season?

    Wigan Athletic?

    Again the Keeper. Or lack thereof.

    And towards the end of the season…when we played Tottenham and Blackburn

    We had the ever elegant astute signing of the decade i.e Silvestre.

  18. Veston Pance

    Hello to all, hey Pedro,can’t seem to join the fantasy footy, is it me or is the code wrong? Oh! and just to add my ‘appeth to the Fab debate,I think it’s obvious he’s spent his summer holidays mixing with the wrong crowd with a lack of adult supervision,too many late nights and too much blue pop!When he comes back he should be made to sit on the naughty step (bench) for a bit an think about just what he’s done and why he was made class prefect!

  19. David

    but Vermy next to Silveste and you have ugly c8nts like Gareth “only a face a mother could love” Bale look like Maradona.

    Hardly Sol’s fault.

  20. JJ

    I just saw an interview with Iniesta. It seems to me that he and his Barca teammates are a little jealous of Cesc. He talked about how it is well known that Cesc wants to join Barca and how Cesc would help strengthen their team. It was nothing specific about what he said but I got the feeling that they are a little jealous of the attention Cesc gets becuase he is only 23 and captain of such an admired club.

    It made me wonder whether he just wants Cesc to “fall in line” with all the other “junior” members of the team. It sounded like Iniesta thinks that Cesc would be good “back-up” for Xabi or himself and should not be given all this extra attention. I realize this is a strange view given all Iniesta has achieved but when you are big dog and someone is stealing your limelight, you may end up doing/saying strange things.

    Just my opinion but it was a sense I got from the interview…

  21. eastcamp

    Just in.
    Saw the ‘spitting video’.
    Those players are pissed, OK.
    But really, really disappointing to see Cesc behave like this. This is much worse than the shirt prank.
    RVP or TV for captain !!

  22. MickyDidIt89

    Pedro: Could we have a day where straight reds are issued for anyone using the name of that City which is the capital of a region of Spain. Not only am I sick of giving them air time, but I am off to that region for two weeks on friday!!

  23. Pat

    I’d fucking love it if we signed Zapata. The past 2-3 summers thats the young defender I’ve wanted most. He is a beast and thats just what we need.

  24. zeus


    Its a few posts above mine. Essentially ‘don’t ask me anything. He is an Arsenal player. Ask Arsene Wenger. That is not my business.’

  25. zeus


    I hear Cuntalonia is a beautiful city. Everyone should still be buzzing after the WC victory.

    Just avoid CuntaFc if possible.

  26. MickyDidIt89

    Mike: we will be up in the Pyrenees, so I will be keeping a low profile, but in principal, of course!

  27. MickyDidIt89

    Zeus: that’s much, much better. Although up in the mountains, it is still Cuntalonia and they only speak Cuntalan.

  28. JJ

    Zeus, I must be blind… I can’t find it. What number post was it? Either way, nice one Pep!

    I have been one of those who has said that Cesc does not need to come out and say anything but if his “quote” today about “what will be will be” is correct then I don’t like the tone…

    Cesc – Please just confirm that you are staying so that we can move on…

  29. Veston Pance

    Cheers Pedro, Tommy V. for the captains armband,Cesc has let down the club the fans and himself.Feel so efin’ gutted after singing his praises(and rightfully so) last season,now all this Barca shit! Time to get shot I think. Bastian Schweinsteiger anybody?

  30. Pedro

    Oh bollocks, I accidentally posted my fantasy grove post early…

    Oh well… join up, it’ll improve you sex life!

  31. Pat

    Or maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t want to disappoint his Barca buddies and he’ll talk once he comes back from Spain.

  32. incesc

    And it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on…


    fat little bastard with a shit haircut, if he wasnt a footballer head probably have to marry a blind, rabid dog. Ugly fucker

  33. kev

    itll sort itself out in the end – the only thing id be worried about is cesc having a poor season and his value plummeting. all this bullshit speculation could have an effect on his performances

  34. incesc

    ive been saying keep him all summer but they do a really good job at wearing you down.

    Now i’d sell him just to stop having to hear about it every day.

  35. kev

    ya know – the will he wont he crap and the stream of twats from barca telling him to “come home”. if his head isnt firmly screwed on then he might not be fully focused on what really matters – us! i dont think hell leave us now but i really wouldnt be surprised if he had a big dip in form next season

  36. kev

    i actually cant believe england rose in the world rankings. was the world cup not taken into account? france are in 21st but looking at some of the teams behind them they should be in about 34th. gabon are in 34th? that cant be right surely

  37. TOM TOM

    We signed Steve Bruce and Alan Hanson,makes as much sense as signing Mark Schwarzer. Maybe Nigel Winterburn and Lee Dixon can make a comeback,cant be any worse than our current wing backs

  38. Mr B

    “During the season, Campbell was partnered at the back by either Tony Adams or Martin Keown.”

    So why cannt we have two CBs who can both head and tackle???

  39. charybdis1966

    The guy on Alan Davies’ clip – the Wallander episode he refers to – well guys no need to worry.Jussi the dog survives and all is ok by the end.

    I hope they make a 3rd series – as for Brannagh, don’t make any more !

  40. zeus


    Glad to know people on here listen to rap music. The other day, they were posting videos of Nirvana and Kings of Leon (some of their material I like) and God knows who else.


  41. thaatarsenalguy

    please dont get into a hip jop convo without posting a roots song


  42. zeus


    Name me one rapper, ONE, to have 2 albums and demands the same acclaim as the best to ever do it.

    Pac was good, but he wasn’t a patch on Biggie.

  43. SUGA3


    IMO Biggie’s lyrics are nowhere near Pac’s…

    and I recommend Gangstarr, Jazzmataz and other Guru’s stuff…

    however, de gustibus non est disputandum 😉

  44. Stu

    Awful news that SUGA. Cant believe we still havent signed a fucking keeper. I doubt we will even sign anyone know because its so late.

    Whats also shocking is that nearly 600 people liked that article just saying who was available.

    I’ve always been annoyed that there is no “dislike” button. I bet they dislike would nearly always outnumber the like.

  45. SUGA3


    I am genuinely worried – Wenger knows Al shits himself during games and so does Fabianski…

    and now we have got shot of experienced defenders – bizarre way of addressing the problem of conceding too many goals if you ask me…

  46. Stu

    As am I SUGA. There is no logical reason to stick with Almunia in goal. He proved last season that he, along with Fabianski, cant be relied on to win us games when we are under intense pressure from the oppo.

  47. Lurch LeRouge


    A little tune from the godfather of rap for ya.

  48. MickyDidIt89

    I would like to remind all Grovers that neither Geoff nor Pedro have agreed to my request to Red Card card anyone who mentions either our captain or a city/team in northern Spain for one day.

  49. MickyDidIt89

    Is it true that a team in northern Spain have borrowed cash to pay wages? That would be more than relatively amuzing.

  50. tonyadamsisgod

    Micky – I like the quietness. Its how Wenger does his transfers…..Nasri, Arshavin etc. That’s why I still think Joe Cole will be on his way to The Emirates. Did you see the story about us being in for whichever keeper City don’t want to keep! It would most likely be given I guess but you never know maybe we could steal Hart! Champions League football is a tempting carrot after all!! For me they are the 2 best GK’s in the league!!

  51. Lurch LeRouge

    Morning TAIG.

    Starting to think Mat Upson has our DNA. Not my first choice but he’d do a job, and English.

  52. Geoff

    Morning all, Micky, if I did that I would have to red card myself straight off today, I agree with you however and I have attempted to offer my advice to Arsene and the club today!

    Tony, I talk about that too.

  53. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Great post Geoff, good to have you back!

    I’d much rather have Schwarzer in goal becuase he is very tall, very solid and very cheap.

    I’m all about cheap.

    Though I disagree with A… I think Shay is a superb keeper, I just don’t think he’s £10million better than the Auzzie.

    I’m staggered by how many people defend Cesc with comments like,

    ‘He left to join a club he should never have joined, so we should be thankful’

    What a load of fucking bollocks some people talk…

  54. FredIsDead

    Loved the post. Chuckled and did the plastic surgery paragraph twice.

    Thank you Pedro.
    Fred. Bombay.