Fantasy Grove – Season III

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It’s that time of the year again!


Le Grove, was the best placed Arsenal blog who entered last year coming in at #66 which was our highest ranking so for! Now we’re gearing up for year 3. We want to be bigger, better and higher scoring than ever and we need you to help us gain Champions league status this year by Breaking into the top 40!

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Click ‘
  2. Sign up to it
  3. Design your team
  4. Join the league by entering this pin into the ‘Join league bit’ ( League Pin 94765-29800)!

Then you are away!

I have no idea what is in it for the winner this year! If there are any businesses out there who have a prize they want to donate, I’ll happily plug your product. I’m pretty sure we had near on 1000 entrants last year, so if you think you’re a dab hand at this malarkey, put your mouse where your hand is and sign up!

Everyone is invited as always, the more the merrier, preferably Arsenal fans thought, I nearly choked on my salt beef sandwich when I found out a Chav won the prize the first year.

This year a Kiwi won it and his prize went out today, which was donated to us by the design genius over at TattyNutNut.

They’ve got a clearance sale going on over there for last seasons Tatty Arsenal shirts. Why not take a look by clicking here!

The Marmite's, still here, still in stock!

I’ll be sending out reminders as the summer goes on, good luck, may the spirit be with you!

Check back at 0900 tomorrow morning for Geoff’s take on the morning’s Arsenal news!

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