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The warm up to the World Cup final went off with a bang last night. A combination of terrible goalkeeping and some terrific fight back from the Uruguay team led to a pretty spectacular match up. Germany ran out eventual winners with a 3-2 victory, but it was hard to say they deserved it based on the howlers the opposition keeper dropped to let them achieve their 3rd place position.

Why there needs to be a 3rd place decider completely baffles me? It seems like an unnecessary extra game for a position you wouldn’t really brag about. Still, it is what it is and the game showed off the impressive German style once again, it let us see Forlan for the last time bury a superb goal and it showed us what a little bit of fight can do to make up the chasm of quality between 2 teams.

If Arsenal can take some of the Uruguayan spirit into next season, I’d feel a lot better about our chances of winning something.

In Arsenal news it’s all gone rather quiet.

The official paper of PHW has rolled with the Gourcuff to Arsenal story regardless of whether Cesc stays or goes. A bit of a non-starter for me… though the French playmaker oozes quality, it would seem highly unlikely Arsenal would make a move for anyone until Cesc has left. For me that would be a mistake if you could snare someone like Ozil in a cut price deal now.

If Cesc is kicking up this much fuss now, I can’t imagine it’s going to be any easier next summer. Perhaps Arsenal should bite the bullet now. Buy up a replacement, bed him in this year, then we’ll be ready to hit the ground running next summer instead of scrambling around for a player that might not be available.

Arsenal are back to being favourites for the signature for Joe Cole. I’m sure I read somewhere that he’s had a bereavement in his family, hence the lack of noise around his transfer right now. If anything is going to make you think twice about moving away, it’d be that. I’d still really like to see him in the red and white of Arsenal this season and I think it’s an excellent opportunity to acquire a quality player on a free.

Wenger has let his thoughts be known on the collapse of the French team. He believes team collective has been key to the success of the Germany, Netherlands and Spain this world cup. That fits nicely with my thoughts on the matter. People have been bandying about figures about how many Uefa training licenses the English have. Apparently the top teams at this world cup have about 30,000 each, in England, we have 2,000. Well, if 15x the amount of pro licenses gets you a couple of extra victories in a world cup, you have to question how much benefit they offer.We’re still producing top players regardless of our coaching licenses and we’re producing teams that compete at the highest level (Not to mention we’re the number 1 league in the UEFA Coefficients again).

If anything is tactically retarded, it’s the lowly Spanish teams trying to play Barcelona at the passing game. It’s hard to enjoy the Stoke style of football, but if you look at what they do logically, you can’t deny it’s effective. They play  to survive and they wouldn’t do that trying to play Arsenal at one touch football.

For me, people just love to dig England out at any cost. Like the theory about violent challenges only being part of Premiership football. Well, I’ve seen horror challenges from all over Europe this year and I saw a particularly nasty one in the Germany game last night. It’s interesting that certain English people seem to get kicks out of slagging their Country down? I hate that attitude. You should never apologise for your Country. You don’t hear anyone else doing it. I’m sure if other Countries had a media as persistent as ours, we’d find there was plenty of scandal surrounding players of other nationalities. Men will be men wherever they’re from… never forget that when you’re lambasting what our players get up to.

We’ve got a thrilling final to look forward today. My heart is saying Holland, my head is saying Spain. I’m not sure the Dutch defence can hold out against Spain today, but at the same time, I’m interested to see how Spain will cope with the direct counter attacking style of the Dutch. It could be spectacular and to be honest, I can’t see it panning out any other way! Could this be the night Robin Van Persie explodes? Could Cesc get off the bench to make Arsenal fans proud to sing his name again? Tune in tonight to find out!

Right, have a great Sunday, pray for my hangover and get yourself in the comments!

P.S. Guess who said this?

“I was really surprised that Arsenal could be interested in a Lorient player with one season of Ligue 1 football in his legs,”

Me and the Kozzer thinking along the same lines I see!

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  1. Cartman

    Xavi wants to bring World Cup and Arsenal’s Cesc with him to Barcelona!

    xavi ur soooooooooooooooooooooooo gay! im sure u dream of cesc at night, dont ya???

  2. Cartman

    dennisdamenace says:
    July 12, 2010 at 07:58

    Cunts the lot of ‘em…..

    Holland – Cunts for not beating the Spaniards.

    Spain – Cunst for being, diving, corrupt, amoral, thieving bastards.

    Webb – Just a cunt.
    completely agree ddm! 😉