Gilles Grimandi is Arsenal’s new manager, official!

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I always liked him, especially when he walloped Diego Simeone when we beat Inter Milan in the Champions league all those years ago, I met him and Patrick Vieira when I had a box and he really is a nice guy.

I got an inkling that he could be Arsene’s successor when he became a scout for us in France, but he now seems not only to be our only scout, but he seems to actually pick the team, so on that basis, and the same way that I said Kosienly had signed for Arsenal and will play in the number 6 shirt 2 days before Arsenal did, I am now predicting he will not only be our next manager, he really in truth already is.

Our 2 signings so far are both French and both unknown, yes I hear you say Chamakh is Morrocan, but he was born in France and has lived in France his whole life, so he’s French, no one has heard of Kosienly but he has been our number one target since the window opened, I don’t care what he’s like, buying a player who has played in a crap league for one season doesn’t do it for me. I hope you are special Laurent, because our next season hinges on how good you are, we’ve gone from Gallas and Campbell to you. Time will tell.

Bankrupt Barca are offering £30 million for a rub-a-dub, I can’t believe they can afford even that, £30 million for someone who didn’t even make 3rd sub yesterday, how funny is that, we are coveting someone who isn’t good enough to make third sub for the Spanish team. I did a straw poll on who still wants him in the boozer last night, no one, not one supporter in the pub wanted to keep Cesc and every sod was supporting the Germans, ha, ha, that’s a first, see what you’ve done for your country Cesc? No one wants you anymore and no one likes Spain.

I read we may be interested in Karim Benzema, that would be nice, I do like him, and the way we are going, we will have a team of Arabs before too long, Nasri, Chamakh and Karim Benzema, what happened to Ben Arfa, anyone?

I still like Schweinstieger and Ozil, maybe their price has gone down since last night, who knows! But all I kept hearing was Meretsacker’s name, he really was everywhere last night, but you could see how they missed Mueller, he does remind me of Randall, I would love it if Randall ended up like him, but we all know that won’t happen, maybe it’s time to have a clear out, maybe with this 25 man squad thing we can earn some money, pick up some bargains from Man City and Madrid and challenge for the title, I was pleased to see Wilshere in the training pictures, maybe we’ll finally keep him, I have a feeling that him, Gibbs and Lansbury may get a chance under Capello this season, so maybe we’ll be saved by project youth after all!

For those on here that maintain that because they never heard Cesc say he wants a move, he didn’t say it, wake up, he did, there’s no way back from that Cesc, well not and stay captain, I would be devastated if our manager kept him for one more season by throwing our hard earned at him, that would be the cowards way out and serve no purpose, Cesc has always maintained he wants to go back to Barca, screw him, he has a 5 year contract, strip him of the captaincy and whack him on the market, he won’t come back if he loses the armband and he will go to anyone that stumps up the cash.

Learn from the Ade debacle, Arsene, we are Arsenal fans and if someone doesn’t want us, then we sure as hell don’t want them.

Letting this Cesc situation fester is the equivalent of subbing the sub in the Wigan game, when that happened, Eboue got badly booed, allowing this situation to go on has just made the fans angrier and angrier, so you are either a very shrewd man, or a very naive one, my money’s on shrewd, do the right thing Arsene, Cesc has shown a complete lack of loyalty asking for a move when captain and under a 5 year contract, he has disrespected the loyal fans by saying nothing, when all around him have and frankly for someone who’s as injury prone as he is, I’d take the money and buy someone really good, they are out there. Put Fabregas on the market and end this fiasco.

Here’s a dose of reality for you boss, if your head is still in the real world, your 23 year old prodigy earns £120k a week, add sponsorship deals to that, it’s probably more like £250k a week, I’ll bet the average fan singing his name from the terraces earns no more than £15k  a year, a year! Now think about that before you think about rewarding his disloyalty with even more money.

Have a nice day Grovers, we’ll have to wait until the weekend to sell him, but at least come Monday we can move on with our lives.I wonder who Grimandi has up his sleeve next, let’s hope it’s a German!

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  1. dennisdamenace

    Surely with all our ‘new found’ wealth washing around we could pay some mug club to take the twat, i hear Tooting & Mitcham FC are open to a bit o’ bribery….

  2. Morphic

    @ mark C

    Average season ticket holder earns 40k a year???? What fucking planet are you living on son???

  3. goonerT1m

    the club is struggling to get people to renew the boxes. its looking like the stubborn one has been told to sort it out this year, definitely his last season if he fucks up…(obviously this has been put to him in a nicer way) its crunch time at the grove.

  4. goonerT1m

    geoff said he knows some who are not renewing, i know 1 box who are undecided and are saying there is a good chance they wont be renewing, aw was involved in designing the stadium, i am sure he didn’t design so many boxes, only for them to sit empty, i think he has no choice but to bring in some proper talent, should be an exciting few weeks for the fans!!

  5. am

    signing a 10 mil defender who we have never heard of is a major gamble.

    Personaly i would like to have seen that 10 mil put towards siging jagielka or chielini.

    this signing could be the end of Wenger if it fails.

  6. goonerT1m

    i think he will bring in 1 GK, a real defender and a marquee signing, not sure it will be cole, if he can be considered as such! there will be a special signing though, of that i am convinced.

  7. NJGooner

    I love how Le Grove is the home of the “get trophies or fire Wenger” crowd, but also the home of the “Get rid of our best player” crowd.

    I think you guys need to start thinking for yourselves

  8. NJGooner


    had you heard of TV??

    he was playing in a “shit league” before coming to arsenal.. In Arsene we Trust?

    better to doubt him and just double back when he’s right then to have faith though right? thats what true support is all about!!

  9. Northbanker

    Heard that Schwarzer failed a medical! I’m hoping that’s right even though I don’t want to be saddled with Almunia

  10. ethangunner

    Pedro says:
    July 8, 2010 at 15:56

    Ethan… Ozil has a year left to go on his deal, so we might be able to get him.
    do you honestly think wenger has the drive and ambition to get that sort of quality ,irrespective of cost ?

    sure if it was a 1 horse race we MIGHT sign him ..
    but i wouldnt hold your breathe lad !

  11. choy

    Northbanker… it seems he failed the first one but passed the second one!

    Hehe.. he will feel at home with rosicky, rvp all giving him company.

  12. Northbanker

    Well said NJGooner

    Wenger has steered Arsenal thorugh difficult times better than any other manager in the modern game. He has put Arsenal before his pride rather than faltered because of his pride

    He’s made mistakes – who hasn’t? There are players on our books that I wish weren’t there but you have to look at this in the round

    Now thanks to him at a time when football finances are in the sewers Arsenal have a very bright future. Had Chelsea and Man City not ruined football by having more money than sense and grossly inflating the transfer market, i suspect we would have won far more

    Keeping us in the top 4 in the last 5 years has been a phenomenal achievement and sadly one that people will only realise when this is consigned to history

  13. ethangunner

    Keeping us in the top 4 in the last 5 years has been a phenomenal achievement and sadly one that people will only realise when this is consigned to history
    history will only remember trophies ..
    not wanna be’s !

  14. ethangunner


    Keeping us in the top 4 in the last 5 years has been a phenomenal achievement ..

    its not an achievement .. its treading water .

    it depends on how ambitious your own personal drive is 4 your club …

    its perspective …

    and considering where we where 8 years ago ,
    i think treading water is a KIND statement !

  15. Northbanker

    So how do you think sustained success is achieved Ethangunner? In the same way as running any other business. If you really can’t see that then watch Barcelona over the next 2 / 3 years – yes the team may have bags of trophies but they’ve run out of time because you can’t live beyond your means

  16. TOM TOM

    What happens when 37 year old Schwarzer gets injured and Flapianski needs to play a run of ten games. That would mean our season is fucked. When the serious football starts in february our weak players will show they have no bottle. We really need to make some big quality signings and no more potentially decent players that turn out to be crap

  17. incesc

    “What happens when 37 year old Schwarzer gets injured and Flapianski needs to play a run of ten games. That would mean our season is fucked. ”

    great point

    and exactly why i dont want schwarzer

  18. NJGooner

    I think the treading water criticism is a fair one. however, to take that notion, and amplify it to Wenger has failed, sell the lot, bring in only english players, the same blah fucking blah, championship manager stuff that gets spouted on here daily is absurd.

    we have been treading water the last 5 years so that we can explode to the greatest heights this club has ever reached in the next 5-10 years. have a little faith.

    oh and just to be clear, my personal ambitions for my club could not be higher.

  19. TOM TOM

    But why not sign a good keeper that might be able to play 60 games in a season? Schwarzer is very average but as long as he is cheap it will do for Arsene

  20. goonerT1m

    its the same old argument, why not spend a few million more to get the quality player (s) we need, it just makes no sense. sure he has guided the club well, however he created the monster and now the monster needs feeding…..

  21. TOM TOM

    Maybe the redevelopment of highbury is not going well and the new stadium costs too much so we just cant afford good players.

  22. Northbanker

    I agree – Schwarzer is better than Almunia. Wenger’s latest defence of Almunia is that he’s great in training but gets nervous in big games. Precisely why we cannot see him again in an Arsenal jersey.

    If we are to go for a Man city cast off then let’s go for Shay Given. Joe Hart instead would be an immense signing

  23. Stu

    For the record there arent any english players that i want signing for arsenal. Maybe Hart but not right now after just 1 good season for a defensive team.

    The only english players i want at our club are some of the ones already here. Gibbs, Wilshere, Lansbury and some others/

  24. Stu

    Totally inrelated topic here but when was the last time england were in a final? Was it when they won it in 66? Or have them been in another since then…against Germany specifically?

  25. RT.Z

    My Transfer Senses Are Tingling, A New Signing Is Imminent.

    We Have Officially Signed ……………..

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Gunner38

    Northbanker is bang on. Teams like Citheh, Chelski and Barcacunt have ruined football – but judgement day is coming in the shape of Platini’s brainwave of clubs only being allowed to spend what they make from clear profit. This is Arsenal’s holy grail. For years we have pulled in the purse strings and still on occasions been awesome (untouchables) so when everyone plays on a level field we will be on top again. If the French wanker had brought his plan in at the start of 09/10, Chelski and Citeh would have both gone into administration like poor Pompey – instead, their respective sugar daddies payed off huge debts to keep them running. Tossers!

  27. SA Gooner

    Those comments about Almunia were just made up by some Kenyan newspaper, the dotcom has denied that Wenger said it. BTW does anyone know if the comments about a decision being made on the goalkeeping situation were also false or if he really said that! thanks a mil!

  28. TOM TOM

    Yeah,they got to the semi final against Germany in 1990 and thats as close as they came to another final

  29. Stu

    Whatever was in the Kenyan newpaper was just made up. If the GK comments were in there then they are just more bullshit.

  30. RT.Z

    Arsenal 2010 – 2011 Team


    Eastmond Song Vermaelen Gibbs

    Lansbury Ramsey


    Walcott Bendtner Vela

  31. TOM TOM

    Liam Brady is the guest on irish tv this sunday for the final,he usually mentions a few transfer targets so i’ll see what happens.

  32. RT.Z


    Laurent Koscienly. £8m (Done). He will not be in the Starting 11. He will be cover for Vermaelen. He plays just like Vermaelen.

    Gary Cahill. £14m. Partner Vermaelen at the back. Premier league experiance and young.

    Marouane Chamakh. Free Transfer (Done). Arsenal’s new Target man.

    Shawn Wright Phillips. £5m. His not in Mancini’s plans so there looking to sell him quick.

    Joe Cole. Free Transfer. Replacing Rosicky, probably in the starting 11 because he can play on the wings, in the middle and behind the striker.

  33. TOM TOM

    I see Real Madrid have signed De Maria,thouht he was crap at the world cup. I wonder what will happen at right back since they signed Maicon but already have Ramos at right back. Mourinho always makes sure his teams have a strong defence,pity Wenger cant do that. I think Cahill be a good signing for arsenal

  34. Northbanker

    Sorry Stu

    too many blogs ago but if i find it I will post it

    I would definitely go for Hart – he is far and away the best English prospect for No 1. If we did that then I’d be comfortable signing Schwarzer or some other nearly retired keeper as stand by and get rid of our so called top 2.

    Agree with other English talent at the club – in the long run this will stabilise the club so that we aim for max of say 4 overseas players.

    That is the only way we will stop this constant Barca and Real rubbish every close season (unlrss both are bankrupted anyway – which thet will be unless Spanish govt illegally (against EU rules) bales them out.

    Agree Gibbs Wilshire Lansbury and add JET, Bartley, and later Henderson and Afobe and the future’s bright. And of course Ramsey (if Welsh thing ignored)

  35. choy

    For what its worth, I think Schwarzer would be a very good signing, he’s at a similar age when Van der Sar signed for UTD.

    I think if you ask any fulham fan, they will tell you that he is one of their best players!

  36. Stu

    Cahill would definately not make our defence Solid.

    The problem with buying Hart is that in a year or two Chesney will be at the same level that Hart is at right now. Someone in the middle of Hart and Schwarzers ages would be ideal. early to mid thirties would mean we have at least 5 years from the GK and we would be in no hurry to rush Chesney into the first team (when Schwarzer inevitably retires).

  37. TOM TOM

    Whats the story with Chesney? is he really that good? Cant say i’m looking forward to seeing another inexperienced keeper make mistakes

  38. choy

    Where is Ramos going to play then?

    Tom Tom.. Chesney only played half a season, yet won the player of the season for Brentford.

    Its not a lot but still.

  39. SA Gooner

    So in arsenal terms its more of a koscielney (a few days ago) than, say, a joe cole? WTH do Madrid need another world class right back for? Ramos is probably in the top 5 in the world in his position and maicon would probably cost over 25mil!?! Dosent make sense to me… If Maicon was left-footed maybe, but still…

  40. Stu

    Apparently Ramos is going to start at CB which i dont understand because i think he is a shit CB. He is a cunt aswell but thats beside the point.

  41. JJ

    What is the latest on who is going to partner Vermy? I know Koscielny was given #6 but isn’t he left-footed too? Wenger likes the right/left combo for CB’s…

  42. TOM TOM

    Madrid also have three defensive midfielders with Alonso,Drenthe and Diarra, Anyone think Drenthe or Diarra could be a good signing for us? I know Diarra is a wanker but he is a decent player and would make Denilson look like a pigs abortion

  43. Stu

    I dont want Diarra the cunt back but the other one i would welcome aboard (provided he doesnt get injured or go to the acn). As for Drenthe, he is a left winger, forced to play left back at Madrid and has failed miserably there. They literally just bought him because he was Hollands best player in an u21 tournament they won.

  44. Dan,The Gooner.

    that old chestnut hey,he was just misunderstood crap,he was not good enough for us,end of.

  45. TOM TOM

    We really do need a good defensive midfielder,could you blame Cesc for wanting to leave when he has to play alongside Denilson. I really cant see what Wenger sees in him and when i see his name on the team sheet it makes me physically sick

  46. Stu

    Senderos was good enough to be part of 2 teams which hold records for minutes without conceding though. If thats not good enough for arsenal then what is?

  47. BillikenGooner

    I think Wenger ought to wait to see who gets the boot from Real Madrid and City.

    Both probably have some major housecleaning coming up and Bayern and Inter did pretty well with some of Madrid’s castoffs.

  48. JJ

    Dan – Too right! Senderos was shocking… So slow (and dopey looking :))

    Stu – Nothing wrong with having differing opinions. E.g. I don’t agree with all Geoff and Pedro’s Cesc bashing at the moment. You also said “If he has time to say Barca is his home then he has time to say he isnt leaving Arsenal. The WC is no excuse to leave us fans with no definitive answer.”

    I don’t agree. Cesc is better off keeping his mouth shut and concentrating on getting a place in Spains starting 11. The cards will fall as the may on his transfer. Wenger and Cesc are in a no-win situation if they come out and say something definitive at this stage. The opposite can happen and then they will be left looking like fools and liars…

  49. zeus

    Mourinho has already said he thinks Sergio Ramos would be best at CB. Its pretty clear then, bad news for Albiol and Garay, not Ramos.

  50. Stu

    Hello Gambon.

    JJ, Cesc has done plenty of interviews while away with spain and in probably all of them there have been questions about his future and Barca. Its takes 5 seconds to say he wants to be at arsenal as long as he is wanted. That wouldnt distract from his perperation of sitting on the bench. Im sure of it.

  51. incesc

    cesc has acted like a cunt but this team desperately needs him.

    wenger will never go and buy a fabregas class midfielder if he leaves.

    thats why we all need him to stay

  52. JJ

    Stu – What happens if Cesc says I am staying and then Barca offer a ridiculous amount? The Board/Wenger may be inclined to sell and Cesc will be happy to go. It just does not make sense for Cesc to say anything right now.

    Inesc – Agreed. We need him to stay (and be loved for it) because he will be hard to replace… both technically and because he is the heart/linchpin of this squad.

  53. Stu

    Well if that were to happen and Cesc left then because of the board then Cesc wouldnt be hated. But the fact remains that he has yet to deny that he wants to go there.

    And the Gazidis/Wenger have already said that Cesc isnt for sale. We dont need the money, and they dont have it anyway. He isnt leaving this summer imo unless Barca suddenly find a spare 50 or 60m so saying he is staying would do no harm.

    Kaka, after city bid 100m for him, said he wasnt going to leave. A week or so later he left for Madrid. Do you think the fans blame him? It may have been less money but imo it was the boards doing moreso than Kakas.

  54. JJ

    Reggie/Stu – You are walking down the street arm-in-arm with your missus. You notice her eye wondering as Brad Pitt walks past. You say, “what’s up with that?”. She responds, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of him”.

    Has she betrayed you?
    Is she going to leave you?
    Is she dead to you now that she made this comment?
    Sure, if you don’t give her what she wants and on that same day Brad comes-a-knocking, she may leave you… but that does not make it right for every onlooker to slag her off. Just my opinion…

  55. Stu

    Its more like Brad Pitt is her ex and she left him because he didnt love her enough because she was a little fat. I started going out with her, helped her lose that weight and become a super model, all the while loving her more. The Monkey face Pitt comes back saying he has always loved her. If she had a wandering eye and said she wanted to go back to him….

    yeah then she would have betrayed me and would be dead to me.

  56. sashayko

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  57. Telarse

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  58. Mickey

    Like your blog great write up! I’m with you on the Cesc story sell the big headed spastic Spanish! Grass ain’t green outside the Emirates! His captain how out of order is he asking for a transfer? Get Ozil and Muller sell big head please Wenger. He should never wear an Arsenal shirt again!!!

  59. victorvosseun

    Sol up in air: Celtic
    target Campbell has
    talks with Sunderland
    Last updated at 11:47 PM,
    8 Jul 2010
    Celtic’s pursuit of Sol
    Campbell took a new twist
    when the veteran
    defender held talks with
    Sunderland. Sources at the
    Premiership club confirmed
    that the former England
    international had been to
    see the Black Cats’ set-up.
    Poised to marry his
    partner from the North
    East of England on July 17,
    35-year-old Campbell has
    bought a house in
    Northumberland and has
    also spoken with newly-
    promoted Newcastle.
    The latest development will
    heighten fears amongst
    Celtic management that the
    centre-half is using the
    Parkhead club as leverage
    for a final pay-day in
    Sportsmail understands
    that Nottingham Forest
    defender Kelvin Wilson
    has been identified as one
    of Neil Lennon’s next
    signings irrespective of
    where Campbell finishes
    The Midlands club denied
    yesterday that a Celtic bid
    had been tabled. However,
    a £2million deal will be
    funded by the departure of
    Stephen McManus to
    Middlesbrough once a
    wrangle over personal
    terms has been resolved.
    Welsh international Joe
    Ledley, meanwhile, has yet
    to put pen to paper after
    last-minute delays to a
    deal, including the terms of
    a future sell-on fee. The
    23-year-old flew north on
    Wednesday and was
    expected to sign a four-
    year contract following a
    Last night, Celtic sources
    denied there was any hitch
    and insisted a deal was
    still ‘close’. The team fly to
    Philadelphia on Monday for
    their pre-season tour of
    North America and expect
    Ledley to join them there
    on a later flight.
    Hull City’s Jimmy Bullard will
    also pen a 12-month loan
    deal after taking in the
    Scottish Open golf at Loch
    Lomond yesterday. ‘I’m up
    here with my dad and a
    mate, and I’ve also got a
    mate playing in the Open,
    David Lee,’ said the 31-
    year-old. Celtic are also
    keen to offload Georgios
    Samaras soon, with
    Scunthorpe striker Gary
    Hooper lined up as a

  60. djriskygooner

    no mans bigger than Arsenal and if cesc wants to leave, we need to find a balence and a good captain who aint gonna throw the toys from his pram, we need generals not soldiers!!!

  61. ethangunner

    Northbanker says:
    July 8, 2010 at 20:25

    So how do you think sustained success is achieved Ethangunner?

    look at all the other big named clubs over the world , it ain’t rocket science son !

    WIN or live a life of mediocrity .

    and what im pissed more off about is fans who wont man up and face the problems , rather
    give excuses for them !

    cheese blowers !

  62. dennisdamenace

    Sustained success eh………..

    Fucking hell, what are we football supporters or fucking company accountants……..

    Sustained success was what AW achieved in the first half of his tenure……

    Like many people here have said before, you can’t have a open top bus parade to Islington Town Hall to hold aloft a fucking balance sheet…….

  63. dennisdamenace

    Ok, ok the lights are on, but no fecker’s home……

    Get up you lazy mo’fuckers…….

  64. MickyDidIt89

    Marvellous: one more week of WC, some signings, some departures then boogey on up to town to watch the mighty Gunners.
    Oh and a happy friday to anyone out there.

  65. sixx pac

    Who is Laurent Koscielny?
    Eurosport – Thu, 08 Jul 2010 09:29 BST
    So, just who is he? We asked the managing editor of our French website Cedric Roquette for the inside track on the man who will wear number six shirt for the Gunners next season.

    “Koscielny has everything you expect from a defender – except a massive frame,” explained Roquette.

    “He is a fighter and has a never-say-die attitude. He sticks to opposition strikers like glue and is an outstanding header of the ball, at both ends of the pitch.

    “But most importantly, Koscielny is a footballer. He has a great feel for the game and will always look to play his first pass along the ground. Rarely does he go long.

    “But as a Wenger signing, that is hardly surprising.

    “At Lorient, Koscielny played for coach Christian Gourcuff, Yoann’s father and a lover of Arrigo Sacchi’s great Milan side of the 1990s whose ideal was based on passing and never one-on-one situations.

    “Despite a low budget, Gourcuff took his side to seventh place, playing a beautiful style of football with largely unknown, but intelligent and skilful players. Koscielny was one of them.

    “The only question mark over Koscielny is his lack of experience. He has played just one season in Ligue 1. He came from second division Tours, a team he joined when they were in the National (third division) and at a moment when his youth club, Guingamp (second division), did not want to keep him.

    “So you can see, he has come from nowhere in an incredibly short period of time. In May, our German colleagues asked us for a scouting report on a Ligue 1 player who would be good enough for Bayern Munich next season.

    “Koscielny was overlooked because he was considered far too young. But Wenger has made this kind of gamble his trademark.

    “In France, the lack of good young defenders has been a problem for years. But there is a real hope that Koscielny has what it takes to develop under the guidance of Wenger at Arsenal and emerge as an international player of some standing.”

  66. MickyDidIt89

    Oh God, no idea why I said that. Will only start the Cesc thing off. PV4 all over again. Seeing as I raised the topic, I don’t remember people giving TH a particularly hard time and he came over all “give me £200k a week, make me club captain so that I can lead the team out at the shiny new stadium, then let me go to Barca”. Then had a shite season.

  67. dennisdamenace

    Would you say Eurosport are a more ‘say it as it is’ outfit, dare i say it…..factual, unlike MUTV, who are just trailer trash, headline grabbing shizzers?

  68. dennisdamenace

    You know, after recent years, i don’t think i want to see any of our players kissing our badge anymore, it’s a hollow jesture…….the ONLY ones who are entitled to do that (and mean it) are the fans….

    If i see any of our mercenaries doing it from now on i may hurl some verbal abuse in their general direction….

  69. dennisdamenace

    sixx pac’s ‘who is Lauraunt K’ article was presented by Eurosport, so i was asking whether they are an alternative to those Manc loving cunts from Sky, that’s all…………..

  70. MickyDidIt89

    I really hate our badge. Totally sold our soul when we got rid of the real one. Who owns it?

  71. dennisdamenace


    I know it’s not officially Friday until the new post is up, but what the hell……..

    Got to admire Emile Heskey…….he has a disasterous World Cup……comes home, puts on a frock and wins the wome’s title at Wimbledon!!

  72. MickyDidIt89

    There is no arguing with that Dennis!
    As for its not friday until Geoff or Pedro get into town, well wow. Time lords.

  73. sixx pac

    They dont seem to be biased to any team. A few of thier writers like Paul Parker and Murphy( Fulham) obviously have it in for Arsenal. Other than that theyre pretty fair and balanced

  74. MickyDidIt89

    I guess Chelsea will make one or two prestige signings, and Maureen will influence the market with his buy’s for Madrid. I wonder if this effects any of our targets. Any thoughts?

  75. james

    look i still cant believe that you still want english players to be brought in after the example set by the so called cream of the crop at the world cup if they dont have the technical ability to beat usa and algeria then the english boys who didnt get in must be worse ive drawn the conclusion that the real reason theo is not performing for england is because of the rest of the team not being good enough and shrewd enough to spot his runs the only english boys i want at this club are the ones we bring through only they will be good enough to ware the shirt of arsenal (p.s cahill is shit good in the air and thats it otherwise a usless foot swinger like shawcross)

  76. chippy

    Fuck me I should have waited till the new post now youve got me all pissed of already talking about our Disney Logo, utter load of corperate world brand induced piece of shit, Still to this day love the way the board say the fans group choose it, what utter bollocks i seem to recall a whole end singing what the fucking hell is that when it was unveiled wankers !!!

    Ive never brought any shirt or merchandise with that shit creation on it and never will, Even tho the home shirts quite tasty this season if they put our proper badge on it i would even buy it !!

  77. mat

    fools! cesc is our best player.. how about we show some loyalty to him.
    i do understand what you’re saying but for some reason i have unconditional love for him

  78. warehamtn

    ….and that’s the last post i’ll read on le grove til pedro comes back.

    i mean seriously, you sound like a pissed bloke in a pub mate