Gilles Grimandi is Arsenal’s new manager, official!

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I always liked him, especially when he walloped Diego Simeone when we beat Inter Milan in the Champions league all those years ago, I met him and Patrick Vieira when I had a box and he really is a nice guy.

I got an inkling that he could be Arsene’s successor when he became a scout for us in France, but he now seems not only to be our only scout, but he seems to actually pick the team, so on that basis, and the same way that I said Kosienly had signed for Arsenal and will play in the number 6 shirt 2 days before Arsenal did, I am now predicting he will not only be our next manager, he really in truth already is.

Our 2 signings so far are both French and both unknown, yes I hear you say Chamakh is Morrocan, but he was born in France and has lived in France his whole life, so he’s French, no one has heard of Kosienly but he has been our number one target since the window opened, I don’t care what he’s like, buying a player who has played in a crap league for one season doesn’t do it for me. I hope you are special Laurent, because our next season hinges on how good you are, we’ve gone from Gallas and Campbell to you. Time will tell.

Bankrupt Barca are offering £30 million for a rub-a-dub, I can’t believe they can afford even that, £30 million for someone who didn’t even make 3rd sub yesterday, how funny is that, we are coveting someone who isn’t good enough to make third sub for the Spanish team. I did a straw poll on who still wants him in the boozer last night, no one, not one supporter in the pub wanted to keep Cesc and every sod was supporting the Germans, ha, ha, that’s a first, see what you’ve done for your country Cesc? No one wants you anymore and no one likes Spain.

I read we may be interested in Karim Benzema, that would be nice, I do like him, and the way we are going, we will have a team of Arabs before too long, Nasri, Chamakh and Karim Benzema, what happened to Ben Arfa, anyone?

I still like Schweinstieger and Ozil, maybe their price has gone down since last night, who knows! But all I kept hearing was Meretsacker’s name, he really was everywhere last night, but you could see how they missed Mueller, he does remind me of Randall, I would love it if Randall ended up like him, but we all know that won’t happen, maybe it’s time to have a clear out, maybe with this 25 man squad thing we can earn some money, pick up some bargains from Man City and Madrid and challenge for the title, I was pleased to see Wilshere in the training pictures, maybe we’ll finally keep him, I have a feeling that him, Gibbs and Lansbury may get a chance under Capello this season, so maybe we’ll be saved by project youth after all!

For those on here that maintain that because they never heard Cesc say he wants a move, he didn’t say it, wake up, he did, there’s no way back from that Cesc, well not and stay captain, I would be devastated if our manager kept him for one more season by throwing our hard earned at him, that would be the cowards way out and serve no purpose, Cesc has always maintained he wants to go back to Barca, screw him, he has a 5 year contract, strip him of the captaincy and whack him on the market, he won’t come back if he loses the armband and he will go to anyone that stumps up the cash.

Learn from the Ade debacle, Arsene, we are Arsenal fans and if someone doesn’t want us, then we sure as hell don’t want them.

Letting this Cesc situation fester is the equivalent of subbing the sub in the Wigan game, when that happened, Eboue got badly booed, allowing this situation to go on has just made the fans angrier and angrier, so you are either a very shrewd man, or a very naive one, my money’s on shrewd, do the right thing Arsene, Cesc has shown a complete lack of loyalty asking for a move when captain and under a 5 year contract, he has disrespected the loyal fans by saying nothing, when all around him have and frankly for someone who’s as injury prone as he is, I’d take the money and buy someone really good, they are out there. Put Fabregas on the market and end this fiasco.

Here’s a dose of reality for you boss, if your head is still in the real world, your 23 year old prodigy earns £120k a week, add sponsorship deals to that, it’s probably more like £250k a week, I’ll bet the average fan singing his name from the terraces earns no more than £15k  a year, a year! Now think about that before you think about rewarding his disloyalty with even more money.

Have a nice day Grovers, we’ll have to wait until the weekend to sell him, but at least come Monday we can move on with our lives.I wonder who Grimandi has up his sleeve next, let’s hope it’s a German!

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  1. darrenchallis

    I find it hard to believe that a team like Bordeaux would not sell a player who would be worthless in six months for £10 million. or even £6 Million for that matter. Its not like Flamini when everyone at the club stupidly thought he was going to stay. They knew he was defo going.

  2. A

    Bordeaux wouldn’t even sell him in January at all because of being in the champs league, they obviously just were more fussed about having him than the money, unless someone had offered silly money

  3. samflu

    If Melo comes could Song primarily be used as a CB?

    Sagna Song Vermaelen Salcido
    Melo Schweinsteiger
    Chamakh Cesc Arshavin

  4. A

    Nah samflu, both Melo and Schweinsteiger are secondary DMs if they play that role, they’d need to play alongside Song, certainly in the bigger games

  5. choy

    Who the fack is going to score at Anfield if we sell Arsh?

    I hope its all bollocks..

    Arshavin is a class act and should in all probability end his career here.

    Imagine our attacking without Arsh and Cesc!

  6. tomb

    Schweinsteiger would be immense for us, what a name on the team sheet, Just his name would scare the shit out of any team.

  7. ethangunner

    Pedro says:
    July 8, 2010 at 12:55

    Ethan, I backed them yesterday… I hate the Spanish now… bastards, the lot of them! 😉
    i did say to sell him last year because we will never see the best of him here …

    ho hum. .. …

    i cant fault your patriotism ..
    but its hard for me to feel the same , i always thought we were on a hiding to nothing once he said he wants to return one day to barca . !

    so what do we do????? make him captain 🙂 !?

    brilliant 🙂

  8. Pete

    What a strange logic, you’re not impressed that Koscieny has only played one season in Ligue 1, yet you like Mueller who was playing in the third tier in Germany only a year ago, you’re also surprised Fabregas is worth so much although he’s not a Spain first pick, but you’d be happy t s

  9. Arsenal Tom

    gambon, the only way would be if he wanted to try a different league, we’re not a bigger club thats for sure.

  10. Gunners The Stunners

    Arsenal Football Club would like to clarify that quotes attributed to Arsène Wenger today in a Kenyan newspaper are not correct. Arsène Wenger did not grant a one-on-one interview to the newspaper and have kindly asked all media not to attribute any quotes from this source to him.

  11. DeiseGooner

    personally i dont think wel get either Schweinsteiger or Ozil or that AA23 will leave.

    We might Gary Cahill or maybe Tasci though

  12. Pedro

    Gunner Pete, Thomas Mueller has represented Germany from under 16 upwards and has played for Bayern since 2000… He’s also just had a stunning world cup and played for the Champions League finalists.

    Are Bayern 3rd rate?

  13. ethangunner

    pedro ,
    no point to back the germans ,
    neuer is not crazy and old 🙂

    wenger wont be interested in any of them ..

    too $pricey$

    personally i would have muller and the turkish gigolo , even neuer ! but im sure wenger wont stand a chance in any sort of bidding scenario with the above .

    bring on the talented unknowns by the truck load !

  14. DeiseGooner

    Mueller is younger, played in the champions league and was picked for his country in the world cup though Pete – not that i rate Mueller all that much to be honest

  15. victorvosseun

    Let sign Diego forlan. Now portuguse keeper eduardo is out of hands, let sigh nigeria stopper VINCENT ENYEAMA. Let us retain arshavin, well cecs may go. Mr wenger 5years experiment that could not yield a spoon still gives me corncern. Why are we not sign high rank players? Like torres,forlan,ozil….or are we having financial problem. NOTE! Barcelona is having the same thing, still they’re still after muppet cecs.

  16. Pedro

    Ethan… Ozil has a year left to go on his deal, so we might be able to get him.

    Though Cesc would have to leave first… which wouldn’t be good. Ozil is good, but we’d have to wait a year for him to bed in etc…

  17. Kazeem

    I agree with you that that Boy should be striped off the band and sell him to whoever that is interested. Good one!

  18. A

    no way we’d sign a keeper who would go off to the african nations victor, and enyeama wouldn’t be good in the prem anyways, too small and not very commanding

  19. Matt

    No way Schweinsteiger is coming to Arsenal – as much as I would love to be proved wrong.

    And if you look at it logically, why would he leave Bayern to come to us?

    He is playing for the team he supported as a boy, in his homeland, who happen to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe, have just won the double, and were runners up in the CL.

    Apart from money – and i am not sure we would pay any more than Bayern do – why would be move?

  20. victorvosseun

    What is the essence of retaining alumubasket called arsenal goal keeper? Offload him to Enyimba of aba. We want total changes in our football approach……..sign OZIL.

  21. Matt

    You could argue that the Champions League is a top league A…. and he didn’t do too bad in that…

  22. choy

    Top League?

    hehe.. he was in the CL final A.. thats as top a top club can get!

    Why would he wanna get battered in the PL!

  23. A

    champions league is a top competition in europe, but he’s still playing in the bundesliga, which is a second rate league

  24. A

    Not that many Matt….

    If you just list the quality of players in the prem and la liga, compared to the bundesliga, it’s not comparable.

    Bayern have alot of money and top quality players, but that’s about it

  25. eastcamp

    The Bundesliga is the ‘new Premier League’.
    Germany is where the money is and in a few years time all the best players will play there (like they did before in Serie A and EPL) !

  26. Arsenal Tom

    fulham in talks with hull about boaz myhill apparently.

    sounds like the schwarzer deal should be soon

  27. Matt

    I doubt there are that many less, if any, ‘top players’ in the Bundesliga than there is in the PL A.

    Depends if you believe the hype in the British Press about the golden generation of English players we have.

  28. DeiseGooner

    still totally underwhelmed by schwarzer to be honest i would rather a younger hungrier player ready to make his name

  29. Mark C

    Raoul Moat Jokes

    Newcastle Utd are close to signing Raoul Moat…he is the only Geordie to have 3 shots on target and is wanted all over Europe

    Police offfer £10,000 reward for info on Raoul Moat. If not caught by next Tuesday it goes up to £20,000…making it a Raoul over

    Why did Raoul Moat hand-write his 49 page threat letter? Because he hates PCs

  30. A

    Really Matt, you look outside of Bayern and reckon there are as many top quality players at Schalke, Bremen, Leverkusen, Dortmund Stuttgart as there are at Utd, us, Spuds, City, Liverpool?

    You can see from how German teams do in Europe compared to English teams in general to see the gulf in quality.

    Bayern apart obviously

  31. finestcuts

    I think getting a big fat cheque for Arshavin and re-investing in Keisuke Honda would be Wenger’s idea of good business 🙂

  32. A

    Also what on earth does it have to do with the ridiculous “golden generation” or the quality of English players. The reason the prem is up as the best alongside spain is because of all the foreign players, the drogbas, van persies, torres, cesc, arshavin etc etc

  33. A

    Deise we’ve got more than enough young and hungry players throughout the side – imo what we need is some stability, and someone who isn’t still trying to prove himself, still learning.

    Just a calm head who has been there for years and will help the younguns through

  34. finestcuts

    I want Holland to win the WC, but it is amazing how Spain have got to the final with an out of form Torres, and Holland without many RVP goals.

    I was in Rotterdam a few days ago, because of all the Feyenord shit he has lots of enemies there….he is best of staying at Arsenal……if he had any other manager apart from Wenger he could have ended up on the scrap of players who have potential and never made it.

  35. Matt

    You may be right A, but I wouldn’t say the gap is big enough to suggest the Bundesliga is second rate.

    I don’t watch enough German games to know about every team’s players, but there is without doubt quality there.

    And you also have to bear in mind that their clubs aren’t all either pretty much bankrupt or reliant on sugar daddies to bring in those ‘top’ players…

  36. DeiseGooner

    well Schalke have Neuer & Metzelder either of whome wed take. Bremen has Ozil. Leverkusen have friedrich and Adler. Dortmund has Subotic..etc

  37. gambon


    I was kidding.

    I meant to say, there arent any black keepers that i rate out there, but i made it look like i have a problem with black keepers.

  38. finestcuts

    A and N, I think what he means is… me one world class black keeper… will struggle to think of one. So if you want world class, you go for Euro keepers at the moment. I dunno why there aren’t many top quality black keepers about or why there aren’t any black swimmers….just the way it is…..just like a white man will never win the 100m, just the way it is.

  39. A

    Yeah Matt I’m not talking about that, but just in terms of overall quality, the prem and la liga are at a higher level than the rest of the world, even if the gap is closing.

  40. A

    Dida was one of the best in the world for a while finest, I rate Mandanda highly but he isn’t world class.

  41. finestcuts

    I think it could be the way that goalkeepers are perceived in different cultures. For example, in the former Eastern bloc, you will find the GK treated as THE most important player in the game…..whereas for example in park football, you might plonk someone in between the sticks because they aren’t very good at running,passing etc.
    And it’s no surprise you find many great goalkeepers from Eastern Europe, because the position is of such high esteem.

  42. RockyPires

    Frey for me in goals please otherwise the Russian dude would be good. Stenkleburger of Hooland is a fine keeper but can he shaky.

    For the other CB Cahill has EPL experience and should be a top target, Tosci has Champs Lge. experience and World Cup pedigree so either of them would be excellent as no.1 CB alongside TV but feel we wont get any of them as AW rate Kos TV and JD20 and will but a second rate guy to have 4 plus Song for CB’s.

    Cesc for me is literally a gooner so best snap up somebody, we have enough “creative” players so a Kederia or that type would be best.

    On the number situation if RVP goes for 10 we should give Wilhere 11 but I think that no. will be for Joe Cole.

  43. Nick

    Lame argument. He was injured. And didn’t you notice that Spain picked it up in the QF when he came on?

    What may be true is that Cesc is not immune from the “disease” that afflicts players who spend a long time at Arsenal, to wit: they never do as well when they leave.

    As for “disloyalty”, who cares? I care if he doesn’t play to his utmost, but there are few players less likely to do that than Cesc, if any.

    Imagine if Cesc was sold for the 30 mil you think is fine, and did well at Barca…I know where the vile epithets about Arsene having lost it would be strongest and least rational.

    As for France being a source of players, its a better source than England, wouldn’t you say? Are there more than half a dozen Englishmen who could play the Arsenal style? I doubt it. Too bad some nitwit decided long ago that of all the nations on earth, one and only one would be allowed to call its provinces “nations” and thus gain four places in international competition. Maybe if you played as the UK, with players such as Ramsey and Giggs and other Scots, Welsh, and NIreishmen available to you, you might be able to compete with countries with larger, better trained association football players — like Uruguay, Paraguay, Holland, etc. Oh wait, maybe its not just about population.

    Less than one week to go with the nonsense that is the world cup — fixed as surely as you can say Three Lions — then we can go back to the real game.

  44. A

    Cana sold to Galatasaray for £5 mil.

    Why didn’t we sign him?! Oh yeah – because he isn’t very good….

  45. A

    lol gambon, and no he isn’t either imo, I’d rather have Denilson that Cana, not that that’s saying much.

  46. Mayank

    Are you stupid A, haven’t you seen his YT Vid? lol

    I’m actaully guilty of posting that here a few times.

    Gambon, stop being thick, of course Denilson is better than Cesc.

  47. Mayank

    WTL try talking about other things. Your moniker suggests you don’t like Wenger.

    It’s like Metal bands writing songs about how great metal is.

    A bit pointless.

  48. Wenger the liar


    I dont think Wengers ego is really the problem, someone mentioned it before and I am just joking now.

    People on this site love to try and tell others what to do.

    I will do as I please, thanks.

  49. Wenger the liar

    I have a theory on Black Keepers, but im leaving the office now so tomorrow.

    Cheers Mayank

  50. Mayank

    I’m not telling you what to do. If I post I love Wenger or thing to that effect here all day long, I wouldn’t get offended by a little light-hearted reproach.

    It’s not like I’m telling you to put down that needle and do something with your life.

  51. goonerT1m

    i think that is what AW will ultimately be remembered for…. he made average players good, good players great, and great players….leave.

  52. JJ

    Not sure why Geoff keeps ripping on Cesc. Cesc is dissolutioned with the performance and signings of the team over the past 5 years just like everyone else. I put his talk of Barca down to a youth and naivety. He signed his contract extension when the team was on the up and I believe he wouldn’t be having his head turned if we had some good buys and were performing like Champions.

    The fact that he is not being featured in the national team is down to a proven combination of Xavi and Iniesta (plus the training knock Cesc picked up). That does not mean that Cesc isn’t world class.

    Btw – Being an optimist doesn’t make you an AKB 🙂

  53. Mayank

    ‘Cause they were a major part of building the Stadium the bust is in? No matter what Wenger does from now on he would always be the manager who took Arsenal to the Grove.

  54. BillikenGooner

    Webb? Really?

    Hmmm…. so now I think the match comes down to Van Bommel and De Jong being able to hack the Spanish midfiled into submission to stop them setting up at the top of the box or out wide.

    Or Webb will want to be the star of the match and will send Van Bommel off in the 15th minute.

  55. RT.Z

    Brazil star Felipe Melo has gone into hiding to avoid furious fans blaming him for his country’s early exit at the World Cup.

    More StoriesAgent: No offers yet for Fabiano
    Premier League pre-season fixtures
    Wenger: Van Persie key for Dutch
    Gallery: Singin’ in the Spain
    The Juventus midfielder flew to Brazil before pre-season starts in Italy, but instead of returning home he shut himself off with his family in a rented house in the resort of Buzios to get away from the abuse of fans and media.

    The 27-year-old needed an armed guard on his arrival back at Rio de Janeiro airport when thousands of angry fans surged towards the Brazil team to voice their displeasure at a disappointing World Cup.

    Melo was sent off for an impetuous foul during Brazil’s 2-1 quarter-final defeat by the Netherlands, and had earlier been awarded an own goal.

    The goal was later credited to Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder, but Melo is still regarded as a villain throughout the football-mad country.

    It marks the end of a nightmare season for Melo, who disappointed at Juve after his £21 million move to the Turin giants last summer.

  56. This is England

    Just read the post,sorry dont agree not all Gooners want Cesc to leave.I watched him early days in the reserves and his first team debut at highbury,absolute class.Hope he stays.

  57. RT.Z,19528,11095_6252549,00.html

    Arsenal defender Sol Campbell is in talks with Sunderland over a potential move, according to Sky Sources.

    The veteran centre-back spent the second half of last season at the Emirates club, marking his second stint with the Gunners, but the short-term contract runs out this summer.

    Now a free agent, 35-year-old Campbell has already been linked with moves to Newcastle and Celtic.

    But Sky Sources understands the former England international could make a switch to the Stadium of Light after entering discussions with the Black Cats.

  58. RT.Z

    English referee Howard Webb has been chosen to officiate Sunday’s World Cup final between Holland and Spain.

    The 38-year-old whistler will take control of the clash in Soccer City at the weekend, becoming the first Englishman to referee the final since Jack Taylor in 1974.

    He has had a flawless tournament so far and now has the chance to prove his worth on the world’s biggest stage.

    Webb will be joined by assistants Darren Cann and Michael Mullarkey in Johannesburg, who have also impressed this summer.

    The Rotherham-born official has refereed three World Cup matches in South Africa and has yet to award a red card or a penalty.

    He handled Spain’s 1-0 loss to Switzerland and then won praise for controlling a dramatic end to Slovakia’s 3-2 win that eliminated defending champions Italy.

    He also refereed Brazil’s 3-0 second-round victory against Chile, where assistant Mullarkey was praised for his decision to allow Luis Fabiano’s goal to stand while Chile defenders were claiming offside.

    Webb and his team will top off an outstanding season after they also refereed the UEFA Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich back in May.,27032,12098_6252498,00.html

  59. goonermichael

    Webb is the first Englishman to referee the final since Jack Taylor in 1974.

    He has refereed three World Cup matches in South Africa and has neither shown a red card nor awarded a penalty.

    That’s because none of them were Arsenal games

  60. BillikenGooner


    might SAF have it out for the Dutch after Sneijder reportedly snubbed United or will he try to show just how powerful he is at getting results no matter how?

    The fix is in!

    I just don’t know which way.

  61. zeus

    Hahahahaha. WHAT. A. FARCE. How badly could he fuck up? Septic Blatter and his idiots friends are really trying to go out with a bang.

  62. BillikenGooner

    At least we know the broadcasters will be happy…

    They will get an extra 7 minutes of play if the game is close.

  63. Big Dave

    Bastian Schweinsteiger (25) is not for sale. The chairman of Bayern Munich, Karl Heinz Rummenigge declared to the German press: “Nor Barcelona, neither Real Madrid called us for the player. And even if they will make a bid, we are not disposed to yield him. Is the same for other players. We are a good club and we don’t need to sell our champions”.

  64. NJGooner

    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas

  65. NJGooner


    what most saddens me about this whole Cesc saga, with the constant media reports, comments from barca players is that it is designed to force our hand.. and you’re playing right into it!! your reaction is exactly what barca want.. you should be ashamed for writing what you did about fabregas, you have an important position in the arsenal blogosphere and should not be prone to such fits of idiocy.

  66. RT.Z

    Arsenal In

    Schwarzer #1
    Tasci #13
    Chamakh #29
    Koscielny #6
    Ozil #11

    Arsenal Out

    Fabregas £40 million – Barcelona
    Gallas Free – Left the Club
    Silvestre Free – Left the Club
    Eduardo £7 million – European club
    Senderos Free – Fulham
    Almunia – £4 million