Gilles Grimandi is Arsenal’s new manager, official!

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I always liked him, especially when he walloped Diego Simeone when we beat Inter Milan in the Champions league all those years ago, I met him and Patrick Vieira when I had a box and he really is a nice guy.

I got an inkling that he could be Arsene’s successor when he became a scout for us in France, but he now seems not only to be our only scout, but he seems to actually pick the team, so on that basis, and the same way that I said Kosienly had signed for Arsenal and will play in the number 6 shirt 2 days before Arsenal did, I am now predicting he will not only be our next manager, he really in truth already is.

Our 2 signings so far are both French and both unknown, yes I hear you say Chamakh is Morrocan, but he was born in France and has lived in France his whole life, so he’s French, no one has heard of Kosienly but he has been our number one target since the window opened, I don’t care what he’s like, buying a player who has played in a crap league for one season doesn’t do it for me. I hope you are special Laurent, because our next season hinges on how good you are, we’ve gone from Gallas and Campbell to you. Time will tell.

Bankrupt Barca are offering £30 million for a rub-a-dub, I can’t believe they can afford even that, £30 million for someone who didn’t even make 3rd sub yesterday, how funny is that, we are coveting someone who isn’t good enough to make third sub for the Spanish team. I did a straw poll on who still wants him in the boozer last night, no one, not one supporter in the pub wanted to keep Cesc and every sod was supporting the Germans, ha, ha, that’s a first, see what you’ve done for your country Cesc? No one wants you anymore and no one likes Spain.

I read we may be interested in Karim Benzema, that would be nice, I do like him, and the way we are going, we will have a team of Arabs before too long, Nasri, Chamakh and Karim Benzema, what happened to Ben Arfa, anyone?

I still like Schweinstieger and Ozil, maybe their price has gone down since last night, who knows! But all I kept hearing was Meretsacker’s name, he really was everywhere last night, but you could see how they missed Mueller, he does remind me of Randall, I would love it if Randall ended up like him, but we all know that won’t happen, maybe it’s time to have a clear out, maybe with this 25 man squad thing we can earn some money, pick up some bargains from Man City and Madrid and challenge for the title, I was pleased to see Wilshere in the training pictures, maybe we’ll finally keep him, I have a feeling that him, Gibbs and Lansbury may get a chance under Capello this season, so maybe we’ll be saved by project youth after all!

For those on here that maintain that because they never heard Cesc say he wants a move, he didn’t say it, wake up, he did, there’s no way back from that Cesc, well not and stay captain, I would be devastated if our manager kept him for one more season by throwing our hard earned at him, that would be the cowards way out and serve no purpose, Cesc has always maintained he wants to go back to Barca, screw him, he has a 5 year contract, strip him of the captaincy and whack him on the market, he won’t come back if he loses the armband and he will go to anyone that stumps up the cash.

Learn from the Ade debacle, Arsene, we are Arsenal fans and if someone doesn’t want us, then we sure as hell don’t want them.

Letting this Cesc situation fester is the equivalent of subbing the sub in the Wigan game, when that happened, Eboue got badly booed, allowing this situation to go on has just made the fans angrier and angrier, so you are either a very shrewd man, or a very naive one, my money’s on shrewd, do the right thing Arsene, Cesc has shown a complete lack of loyalty asking for a move when captain and under a 5 year contract, he has disrespected the loyal fans by saying nothing, when all around him have and frankly for someone who’s as injury prone as he is, I’d take the money and buy someone really good, they are out there. Put Fabregas on the market and end this fiasco.

Here’s a dose of reality for you boss, if your head is still in the real world, your 23 year old prodigy earns £120k a week, add sponsorship deals to that, it’s probably more like £250k a week, I’ll bet the average fan singing his name from the terraces earns no more than £15k  a year, a year! Now think about that before you think about rewarding his disloyalty with even more money.

Have a nice day Grovers, we’ll have to wait until the weekend to sell him, but at least come Monday we can move on with our lives.I wonder who Grimandi has up his sleeve next, let’s hope it’s a German!

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  1. victorvosseun

    Spain’s victory over
    Germany in the World Cup
    last night will come have no
    surprise to those following
    one of the competition’s most
    successful pundits – for the
    result had already been
    foretold by Paul the Octopus,
    a creature that has achieved
    celebrity status with the
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    Now eyes on final match of
    fifa world cup predation. Octopus pridict holland?

  2. mattafc

    I think some fans are being overly harsh on Cesc, he;s simply leaving his future in the hands of Wenger and will go along with staying or going should Wenger accept an offer. I think the World Cup has been both beneficial and damaging to Cesc chances of staying. He has been surrounded by Barca players all summer who want him at their club. However, Cesc has got a taste of what life will be like at Barca – a bench warmer. He is not the type of player who would enjoy playing that role, and I think this would outweigh his desire to move to Barca just yet. Maybe when Iniesta and Xavi pass their prime he will then move.

  3. Mark C

    wenger saying we need to sign a defensive player could mean a DM or a Keeper as they are defensive roles.

    Has anyone got a link to the quote where Schwarzer is having a medical?

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Keyser – I always go in the hope of seeing the star player we have signed. Will there be one this time around? I hope so……….

  5. Stel

    Why dont we buy Liverpool keep reina mascherano gerard torres babel redevelop anfield and liverfool will be no more…

  6. Ojaimo

    The only explanation I can give for Emma and Victor’s repeated comments is that: they are probably using the same PC to blog and the ‘same auto-poster (trojan – perhaps) virus’ or comment generator in their PC is re-posting their comments. Otherwise it is quite weird!

  7. argie gooner

    Stu, agree with your point. He wouldn’t have got that experience – you are correct.

    But does this mean he is morally obliged to stay at AFC his whole life, even when surrounded by utter dross?

    Sure he’s breaking a contract but who doesn’t? And if he pockets the £x million AFC gave him to extend the contract last year, then Gazidis needs to consider his negotiation skills and put in simple clauses the next time he tries buying loyalty.

  8. Keyser

    taig – I’d go along simply if Van Persie does that skill he did against again Inter again, or Arshavin scores from a ridiculous angle like last year.

  9. A

    babel can fuck off stel but we might as well sign the others, no harm in it….

    i’m looking forward to barnet in 9 days time!

  10. Brian


    I read that they want bidders for him (Melo) but now i dont want him. He will be a liability. He is a walking red card. And if wenger will INDEED buy a keeper, another centre back, take Joe Cole and add them to Chamakh and Kos there aint a smoking chance in hell that he will buy Melo (Unless Melo is offered in exchange for a player he doesnt want or on a free or for like 4m pounds.

  11. Dutchman

    Mark C, he said”Koscielny is very strong and young, so we are in for another defensive player.” He talks about another defender, look what the title is. He surely means defender. And he will sign a CB AND GK, 100% sure.!!

  12. Wenger the liar

    How am I meant to asses a player based on you tube clips alone, has anyone ever bought him on championship manager?


  13. Dutchman

    Brian, we have the money, so why not. I believe in it. YOu disagree but i will think he will suprise us with more than three signings.I do not think it, i’am sure about it.

  14. darrenchallis

    As an Arsenal fan I pre date Wenger’s reign by some twenty odd years. In this time I have watched good and bad, I have watched the boring 1-0’s but enjoyed the winning and suffered the taunting of Spuds at Cup. I have loved Wenger and his choices in the Transfer market at times and have cheered to winning. But somewhere along the line Arsene Wenger has asssumed control over Arsenal football club like he has been voted President and has now decided every aspect of the way the club is run. Its worse than in Spain ( at least they vote for their president). The fact is Fergie is still manager of Man United because he won title’s recently, even he would have probably been put out to pasture if he was in Wenger’s position. We have questioned this and to be honest I still would even if we won a cup this year, I know the market is full of silly money and I know Arsene is too far up is ego to spend twenty mill plus on a player, and I know why……. It’s because he’s scared, spending 10 12 mill on a flop allows him to be sweep away if he fails, but spending 25 mill 30 mill and he will always be in the spotlight unable to be hidden in the reserves of sold at a loss and that would reflect on Mr Arsene Wenger and his legacy.

  15. terry

    waht about sharner from wigan he is a free agent as well and would be a good back up for defence and def midfield….

  16. Stu

    He is not obliged to stay here Argie but after all the club has done for him and the small matter of him being captain and about 99% of our fan base loving him (before this summer) he could have shown a little more respect by saying in public that he has no intention of leaving unless he is unwanted here anymore.

    That wouldnt have been too much to ask for imo.

  17. argie gooner

    But why is he going to say that when his heart isn’t hear anymore? And when he can leave his DNA in Xavi’s mouth every night when he’s living in Barcelona.

    He wants to go. There’s no loyalty in football but the way he is going is much classier than the way Ashley, Flamini, Adebayor et al went…

  18. A

    That wouldn’t be true though Stu.

    If he wants to go back to Barca, he wants to go back to Barca, it doesn’t make him a cunt!

    If he’d said it in public, or had said that it wasn’t true when it was, that would though!

  19. Brian


    Those are not three… they are SIX!

    another CB

    Really? Wenger? Maybe if that interview we read is correct and he wants to usher in another era of invincibles, then it may be true.

    But wenger to sign SIX players at a go? WOW!

  20. Keyser

    There’s Wilshire’s performances aswell, and he should have progressed again this year, maybe some of the younger lot will get a run out to, Gibb’s will be back and fit, I dunno if Ramsey will be there ? But there’s loads to look forward to.

  21. Stu

    I was at the emirates cup the year VP did that against Inter. I went to the wrong fucking day though and only saw Bendtner score against PSG (and miss a pk) and Gavilan score a volley from the narrowest of angles against Inter.

  22. Dutchman

    Brian, chamakh is done, koscielny is done.
    gallas,silvestre,campbell,maybe almunia,merida,maybe eduardo will all leave. We surely need onother CB, we have madea bid for schwarzer so we are in for a GK and all people are telling me that cole is a done deal. And i hope and think that wenger will sign melo but that’s more opinion.

  23. Adam

    Stu, when Wenger makes a signing I haven’t heard of, I call him a genius and say that it’s very likely a brilliant signing.

    Because he is a genius at picking players, just not so good at actually buying them when we needed them.

    And because after watching him buy players like Henry, Pires, Vieira, Van Persie etc for fuck all money, chances are that the guy will be brilliant.

    And like I said (or tried to say), the problem over the last 5 years is the quantity of signings, not the quality. The players he has bought have been great, there’s just not enough of them.

  24. samflu

    Morning Grovers,

    That Wenger “interview” with the Kenyan bloke is the fakest thing I’ve seen since Pamela Anderson’s tits.

  25. Keyser

    darrenchallis – If you actually look at what Fergie was allowed to do and how long he went without a trophy I don’t think you could argue it was much different to the authority Wenger’s been given, expect that was 10 years before Wenger arrived in England.

    It’s not really about being scared, it’s simple statistics and probability, if teams around you buy 5 players worth 25 million a piece, then what’s the probability that the player you buy will be good enough to exceed their influence ?!

  26. Stu

    But this is defenders and GKs Adam. If Wenger was buying a striker then fair enough, its hard not to trust his judgement but Vermaelen aside Wenger has a relatively poor record with defensive players. Dont mention Sol or Gallas because we didnt buy them.

  27. victorvosseun

    you are right, that will be the happiest day for we gooner. We want troughy , enough of this five years failure experiment to lead us to trophyless……..wenger if u a true proff, this season will judge. Try emulate jose morinho any how tactics and add it to ur tactics…….we want trophy, barca play good football, we play good football. Barca win trophies, we are married to trophy drought…..

  28. A

    I dunno about that Stu – it’s because Wenger has never been willing to spend much money on defenders.

    The only times he has, whether wages, quality of player, or transfer fee, it’s been class – Sol, Gallas and Vermy, and now Koscielny.

    Previously it’s been because he’s always prioritied attacking players in terms of the use of the transfer or wage budget

  29. GoonerT1m

    like Geoff said, he is staking his reputation on the signings he makes this summer in defence, in AW own words, the defence has simply been “not good enough” and that is the last 5 seasons… lets hope he sorts it out this time (save judgement til then), its clear we should be awesome going forward.

  30. zee

    gazzetta dello sport claims front page today we’re gonna do a swap deal with juve – clichy for melo

  31. Adam

    But he still signed Sol and Gallas so they can be counted. I reject the notion that he can’t buy top defenders. When we bring in first team defenders, they are good. He’s tried to get away with cheap backups in the past which is why we had Cygan and Stepanovs.

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see him buy another defender as first choice now that he’s got Kos. Logic seems to suggest that its easier to bring in a backup defender when the guy thinks there is no-one in front of him. Also all many of the other players are at the shit world cup.

    And if he buys Schwarzer it’ll be a good signing, he’s a quality keeper, and a steady one which is important.

  32. Wenger the liar

    Defence and attack in football are not two independent parts. Early in the season we had success because we defended are pressed as one.

  33. Stu

    And that would be fine and danday if we had a well organised defence. Everyone knows you dont need big names to have a good defence, its ALL about organisation and understanding each others strengths and weaknesses.

    But Wenger is trying to do the opposite of having no big names and no (i say no but obviously mean poor) organisation.

  34. Stu

    Compared to attacking players keyser. Even you cant deny that we have a much better attack than defence..not even you.

  35. Keyser

    Stu – You’d have to look at why it isn’t organised, it’s hard to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses when you’re playing with different players each week.

    The best thing for us this season will be to start the year with a relatively fit and settled squad, because when we are organised we’re one of the best teams around defensively and offensively.

  36. Adam

    It’s hard to have good defense without a keeper who gives confidence. Also having Denilson in front would scare the shit out of me. If we get a steady keeper and a good DM like Inler or Melo or even some brilliant no-name out of a hat, we’ll let in a lot less goals. hell just getting rid of Silvestre is worth 10 goals a season.

  37. Gooner4Life10

    Wenger seems to like him though, he said he was impressed by Ozil and Dos Santos during the wolrd cup.

  38. Arse&Nose©

    This is the big rumour coming from youngguns :

    “i heard from a trusted and connected arsenal source that shwarzer is there for the taking if we want him. Apparently the delay is due to arshavin. The story is that we want arshavin out – as well as his constant blabbing to the media, he is apparently not well liked in the dressing room. The rumour is that man city want him, and are prepared to offer joe hart in the deal, thats what we’re waiting for before signing shwarzer – make of it what you will.”

  39. Keyser

    Stu – Even me ? I’m surprised you’re not saying it’s all been shite.

    It’s nowhere near poor in comparison, have you actually looked at some of the players we’ve had defensively over the years ? I think people overlook at how solid in defence we’ve been at times under Wenger because we’ve been soo good going forward aswell.

  40. Pedro

    Arse&Nose©, I’ve been told people do like Arshavin… he’s a bit of a piss taker in the changing rooms.

    Mind you, it’d be hard to ignore his work ethic…

  41. Dutchman

    melo for clichy, salcido to arsenal. I’am a PSV fan and i can say that salcido can be sold for 2.5m confirmed by the director, Brands. He is not expensive because he is running out of contract and he doesn’t what to be at PSV anymore.

  42. Wenger the liar

    Upson x
    Grimandi x
    Vivas x
    Luzhny x
    Stepanovs x
    Tavalaridis x
    Richard Wright x
    Cygan x
    Senderos x
    Almunia x
    Troare x
    Fabianski x

    Wenger signings. Ive marked shit buys, IMHO, with an x

  43. Keyser

    Stu – I think it was more down to organisation and having Henry up front than Senderos, though he played well.

  44. Adam

    Wenger the Liar, you are missing a few signings there I think. plus the majority of those were backup players, and how can you say Grimandi was shit? the guy was great for us, we need a player like him now so we can throw him on to kick ass when we play Bolton and Stoke.

  45. darrenchallis

    Campbell and Gallas were gifts. There is ne way on God’s green earth Wenger would have paid the money either would have been worth at the time. So then who do we have in Wengers CB purchase locker well the only one that looks ok is Vermy, so maybe he has learn’t finally how to find a decent CB.

  46. A

    darren wenger did pay massive wages to get sol, just because it was without a transfer fee doesn’t mean that it wasn’t costly, and wenger didn’t have to spend alot.

    The only people that wenger has been prepared to spend on defensively have been sol, gallas, vermy, and now koscielny

  47. Wenger the liar

    I didnt put toure as shit and upson was fucking crap and always injured.

    Adam – I havent missed many mate.

  48. sixx pac

    Doesnt matter if he spent money on them or not. They wouldnt have joined the team if he didnt offer a contract

  49. Rutger

    Cesc is a legend, is it wrong to dream of going home? Surely always been on the cards at some stage. Anyone who stays on the pitch after breaking their leg just so he could get in the way if need be, surely doesn’t deserve to have a word like loyalty thrown in their face by the uninformed! The man is a true proffessional and has always conducted himself as such, benefit of the doubt and a bit of fuckin compassion needed, this is not adebayor this is our captain. As for your pub, assuming these are the same people who have been sending abusive msgs to cescs sister, great idea that, makes phw’s comments fairly small time. Please ask them to get run over or at least do something more productive than knee jerk tabloid reactions that give our club a bad name. Where’s the class gone arsenal?!

  50. Arse&Nose©

    Rutger it is wrong, Cesc needs to grow up

    We all get old and move away from mummy and daddy, Cesc moved away from Barca now has a job to do and needs to ‘man-up’ and face the task.

  51. Pedro

    Rutger, I let your comment on just to show everyone the type of twats we keep off the site.

    I can assure that virtually none of the Grovers have a twitter account and they certainly wouldn’t abuse a football players sister.

    That’s exactly the type of behaviour this site is against. If you’ve noticed, no abuse goes on here… the Grovers would be the last people to do something like that.

    Judging by your pathetic comment, it sounds right up your street…

    Where’s the class gone indeed… you just asked for someone to run over people.

  52. A

    Players extending their contracts is in the best interest of the club regardless of whether the player is going to leave or not, because it increases the transfer fee you’re likely to get….

  53. Stu

    Extending the contract should definately get the club more money but saying you will only leave to 1 club closes the market and drops the price again.

  54. darrenchallis

    A. Wages do not reflect on Wenger’s ego, its Fee’s and he would not have bought Sol and Gallas at the money they would have been worth. So Campbell cost 0 fee and even at £120,000 PW he was cheap, its a bit like he wouldn’t have bought Chamahk for £10 mill and then paid him £60k a week.

    Each player has double cost signing fee and wages. You pay Sol 2 mill signing on instead of 5 mill to another club and £6 miilion over five years.

    The only words Wenger heres are free because free means less risk.

  55. A

    darren you’re really deluded if you actually think wenger buys players because of his ego.

    Wenger has x money to spend on transfers AND wages. Spending £120k per week on wages with no transfer fee is still a massive outlay in terms of the funds he has at his disposal.

  56. Stu

    Look at it this way. If we had bought sol for 20m? and payed him 60k a week that would stil end up costing 35m over 5 years. But 100k a week and no transfer fee only costs 25m over 5 years.

    Saving a good 10m. Imo if it would have cost 20m to buy Sol (it might have been more) but i doubt Wenger would have even considered buying him.

  57. sixx pac

    Darren you do know that Wenger had bid for chamakh last yr right, his club werent prepared to sell

  58. A

    Stu, so £10 mil difference if you don’t count the good £5mil or so signing on fee I’m sure there would have been….

    I agree though, no way he’d have spent £20 mil on him.

  59. gambon

    sixx pac

    Thats not quite right. Bordeaux wanted more, Wenger didnt want to pay more.

    It does worry me that Wenger rated him at no more than £6m, cos we really dont need £6m strikers.

  60. darrenchallis

    A .. maybe ego is wrong, but he believes his own press about buying players cheap and unearting quality and cheap or free fee’s. He has every reason to be proud of some, but it will not work all of the time. He is relying on getting players at a young age or trying to get players to see out their contracts and sign on a free for Arsenal.

    My own delusion will be lifted if Wenger buys a Twenty Five million pound player and without the sale of Cesc. But if Arsenal sell Cesc he will just talk up Denilson as the new Cesc.

  61. A

    gambon he offered more than £6 mil, he offered around £8-£10, and they wanted £15 or so, and Wenger thought he wasn’t worth that BECAUSE of his contract being close to expiry so able to go on a free in a year.

    Obviously he’s not a £6 mil forward, you don’t get voted one of the top four players in the league if you’re a £6 mil player….

  62. A

    gambon Lisandro Lopez won the player of the year award, the other three nominees were Hazard, Niang, and Chamakh

  63. DeiseGooner

    “It does worry me that Wenger rated him at no more than £6m, cos we really dont need £6m strikers.”

    He didnt rate him at 6 mil, but 6 mil to buy out a players 1 season left from the club is acceptable surely?

  64. A

    Really gambon? Seems most of France wouldn’t agree with you there….

    Deise he offered up to £10 mil anyways according to reports….

  65. darrenchallis

    sixx pac a checky offer because Wenger knew we needed a striker last year. and six mill would have been worth it to be still in the running for the title. But no Arsene then tells the player come next season when you are free. Once again a chancer get him last season cheapish and win the league ( Wenger the hero) or get him free (zero). He obviously didn’t value a potential league win at over 6 mill!

  66. sixx pac

    Remember you heard it here first.

    Messut Ozil has signed personal terms with Arsenal, however the agreement between the clubs has not reached yet. Arsenal is offering around 20 million Pounds. Ozil has one year left on his contract, considering that he would leave for free the next season, Bremen Insider has revealed the resistance from Ozil’s agent about renewing the contract. Bremen insider has also revealed about interest from Arsenal however insists the terms have not yet been agreed between the clubs. Bremen seem to be expecting a higher bid for the player and may have it coming at the end of World Cup.

    Ozil has been openly expressing his desire to move to Barcelona by stating them as his childhood dream. Meanwhile Ozil has also showed openness to move to Premiere League in the Media.

    It remains to be seen if Bremen and Arsenal reach an Agreement for the player then whether Fabregas departs or stays for another season.

    Hope Cesc gets to play in the finals and scores a Hat-trick so that his price shoots to Arsene’s expectations and he makes real good profit out of it.

  67. DeiseGooner

    Can chamakh play centrehalf and ‘keeper too darrenchallis ? Because thats where we lost it last season in the run in. Scoring goals wasnt all that much of an issue, conceding the feckers was

  68. darrenchallis

    Deise Gooner I know i was just an example of knowing there is a problem and not trying to solve it, just papering over the cracks. Something Arsene Wenger has been doing for years.

  69. DeiseGooner

    The Kenyan paper has confirmed as false the confirmation from Arsenal that their story is false….

  70. sixx pac

    sixx pac a checky offer because Wenger knew we needed a striker last year. and six mill would have been worth it to be still in the running for the title. But no Arsene then tells the player come next season when you are free. Once again a chancer get him last season cheapish and win the league ( Wenger the hero) or get him free (zero). He obviously didn’t value a potential league win at over 6 mill!

    By darrenchallis on July 8, 2010 at 15:02

    No Darren. He bid like 10 mil and Bordeaux said they would not sell as they were in the CL

  71. Wenger the liar

    Nina bracewell Smith has found a buyer for her shares at £12,500 a pop, shes selling them to Arsenes Ego.

  72. Dutchman

    Apparantly in germany are rumours coming that schweinsteiger is going to London, arsenal or chelsea. If we have to listen to DDM, then we have made a bid for him so….

  73. Chris Beef

    probably already been mentioned by now:

    Arsenal Football Club would like to clarify that quotes attributed to Arsène Wenger today in a Kenyan newspaper are not correct. Arsène Wenger did not grant a one-on-one interview to the newspaper and have kindly asked all media not to attribute any quotes from this source to him.

  74. Arse&Nose©

    Ozil is another benayoun or nasri. Lightweight, flits in and out of the game.

    Schwinestieger is a warrior.