Gilles Grimandi is Arsenal’s new manager, official!

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I always liked him, especially when he walloped Diego Simeone when we beat Inter Milan in the Champions league all those years ago, I met him and Patrick Vieira when I had a box and he really is a nice guy.

I got an inkling that he could be Arsene’s successor when he became a scout for us in France, but he now seems not only to be our only scout, but he seems to actually pick the team, so on that basis, and the same way that I said Kosienly had signed for Arsenal and will play in the number 6 shirt 2 days before Arsenal did, I am now predicting he will not only be our next manager, he really in truth already is.

Our 2 signings so far are both French and both unknown, yes I hear you say Chamakh is Morrocan, but he was born in France and has lived in France his whole life, so he’s French, no one has heard of Kosienly but he has been our number one target since the window opened, I don’t care what he’s like, buying a player who has played in a crap league for one season doesn’t do it for me. I hope you are special Laurent, because our next season hinges on how good you are, we’ve gone from Gallas and Campbell to you. Time will tell.

Bankrupt Barca are offering £30 million for a rub-a-dub, I can’t believe they can afford even that, £30 million for someone who didn’t even make 3rd sub yesterday, how funny is that, we are coveting someone who isn’t good enough to make third sub for the Spanish team. I did a straw poll on who still wants him in the boozer last night, no one, not one supporter in the pub wanted to keep Cesc and every sod was supporting the Germans, ha, ha, that’s a first, see what you’ve done for your country Cesc? No one wants you anymore and no one likes Spain.

I read we may be interested in Karim Benzema, that would be nice, I do like him, and the way we are going, we will have a team of Arabs before too long, Nasri, Chamakh and Karim Benzema, what happened to Ben Arfa, anyone?

I still like Schweinstieger and Ozil, maybe their price has gone down since last night, who knows! But all I kept hearing was Meretsacker’s name, he really was everywhere last night, but you could see how they missed Mueller, he does remind me of Randall, I would love it if Randall ended up like him, but we all know that won’t happen, maybe it’s time to have a clear out, maybe with this 25 man squad thing we can earn some money, pick up some bargains from Man City and Madrid and challenge for the title, I was pleased to see Wilshere in the training pictures, maybe we’ll finally keep him, I have a feeling that him, Gibbs and Lansbury may get a chance under Capello this season, so maybe we’ll be saved by project youth after all!

For those on here that maintain that because they never heard Cesc say he wants a move, he didn’t say it, wake up, he did, there’s no way back from that Cesc, well not and stay captain, I would be devastated if our manager kept him for one more season by throwing our hard earned at him, that would be the cowards way out and serve no purpose, Cesc has always maintained he wants to go back to Barca, screw him, he has a 5 year contract, strip him of the captaincy and whack him on the market, he won’t come back if he loses the armband and he will go to anyone that stumps up the cash.

Learn from the Ade debacle, Arsene, we are Arsenal fans and if someone doesn’t want us, then we sure as hell don’t want them.

Letting this Cesc situation fester is the equivalent of subbing the sub in the Wigan game, when that happened, Eboue got badly booed, allowing this situation to go on has just made the fans angrier and angrier, so you are either a very shrewd man, or a very naive one, my money’s on shrewd, do the right thing Arsene, Cesc has shown a complete lack of loyalty asking for a move when captain and under a 5 year contract, he has disrespected the loyal fans by saying nothing, when all around him have and frankly for someone who’s as injury prone as he is, I’d take the money and buy someone really good, they are out there. Put Fabregas on the market and end this fiasco.

Here’s a dose of reality for you boss, if your head is still in the real world, your 23 year old prodigy earns £120k a week, add sponsorship deals to that, it’s probably more like £250k a week, I’ll bet the average fan singing his name from the terraces earns no more than £15k  a year, a year! Now think about that before you think about rewarding his disloyalty with even more money.

Have a nice day Grovers, we’ll have to wait until the weekend to sell him, but at least come Monday we can move on with our lives.I wonder who Grimandi has up his sleeve next, let’s hope it’s a German!

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  1. Geoff

    Trev if you’re still there you were moderated because you are a cunt.

    I’m just kidding! All new people go in, or people with new ip’s, you are now free to blog.

  2. Galviniho

    Chamakh is no unknown as Juve, Liverpool and Bayern wanted him. He has done consistently well in the past 3 years and I think will be a good signing.

    I do however, think we have a few too many french based players in the team.

  3. RedTrev

    ‘Trev if you’re still there you were moderated because you are a cunt’

    Geoff, that just had me in stiches, ha ha ha, good work

  4. Mark C

    Interesting post – Grimaldi was an average player. I dont get why we keep buying french players, – how much would have Cahill cost from Bolton?

    If Barca dont have any money – why should we sell him to Barca for 30 mill – I am sure City would pay us 100 mill or something like that.

    The average Arsenal fan earns more than 15k a year. How can someone afford to pay 1k a year to go to all of the home games (this is without transport, food and other stuff you pick up on match day.

    I would say 10 years ago, the average salary might have been in that bracket – but the average Arsenal fan, would be taking home a small wedge maybe 40k.

    This is not even looking at the 7000 premium seats !!!

    Mertersecker seems a great defender – he has coped with Rooney, Villa and Messi – again this is a player we should be going for.

  5. Jimbo

    Chamakh is ok, but nothing really too special.

    Koscielny is crap. Wengker’s bought another Cygan, I reckon, except this time there’s no safety net in the Wengker masterplan.

  6. gambon

    Maybe we should keep Cesc cos he’s better than anyone who could replace him???

    Id rather come 1st with Cesc, than 2nd without him.

  7. Galviniho

    Kos is not rubbish. Just because British Journos don’t scout players and no nothing does not mean Wenger doesn’t. If we scouted him it would have been about 30 times and looking at him in training.

  8. Chappers

    I´m just happy we´ve signed someone. 2 signings already, that´s one more than last summer!!!!

    Hopefully we´ll buy another couple and ozil as the cherry on the cake…

  9. RedTrev

    Gambon, It wont work that way, as soon as we have a bad game it could get nasty from all sides. Personally I dont want anyone around the youngsters who isnt committed. Its gutting but thats how football is now unfortunately

  10. Geoff

    Trev, welcome mate!

    Mark, I think you may be surprised how much people earn. I sit in the premium seat but the people around don’t earn £40k a year, anyway don’t nit pick.

    Gambon we’ve had him for a long time and won fuck all.

  11. gambon


    I think the idea that we scout these players 30 times is a myth, no sorry, a lie.

    If so then explain Cygan, Stepanovs, Almunia, Fabianski, Jeffers???

  12. dean

    I think steve bould could be the next gaffer there is arsenal in his blood and he Knows the run of the club…any one with me?

  13. GARY C

    So Kos is “mentally strong”. Well lets see how “mentally strong” he is when Kevin Davies has smacked him in the mouth for the umpteeth time

  14. Geoff

    Galvinho, no one said he was rubbish, just a risk, scouting someone for a year playing for a shit side, in a shit league and paying £10mil for him is a strange one.

    Thanks Sabeel, I think Gambon is in love with Cesc.

  15. Galviniho

    Gambon, players sometimes just don’t perform at a big club and some thye take a punt. Lets face it Almunia and Fab were second choice goalies, Jeffers, Cygan and Stepanovs were squad players.

    Did you hear of Anelka, Garde, Vieira, Petit, Clichy and others before they arrived?

  16. Mark C

    on a different note, does anyone think Wenger is going to change formattion this year?

    I can see us going to a 4 2 3 1 formattion.

    New Keeper

    Sagna New CB TV Clichy

    Melo Song

    RVP Cesc Arshavin


  17. gambon


    Weve won fuck all cos hes head & shoulders better than his team-mates, if they were all on his level we’d win everything.


    So should we sell Ramsey, hes a UTD fan?

    Should we sell Eboue, he keeps on talking about leaving?

    And Arshavin, he wants to play for Barca?

    Definately sell Armand Traore, hes a PSG fan?

    Bendter has to go, he wants to play for barca or Real?

  18. Galviniho

    Geoff, so we should pay £20m on Gary Cahill who is not an England international and England are shite?

    Here’s a thought, did anyone here of Vidic before he arrived in England? or Ivanovic.

  19. FAHAD

    I read sumwea that barca are skint and that they failed to pay their players and they had to take a loan from their bank.. is tis true any one?????

  20. Jimbo

    Galvinho – you think other clubs allow scouts into their training sessions? Are you serious?

    No, I haven’t seen THAT much of Koscielny, but what I have seen suggests that he’s a poor marker, he’s got Cygan-esque pace, and he’s fairly weak.

  21. gazzap

    Arsenal badly need a proven premier league defender and keeper. Relying on this koscienly could come back and bite us hard. Not saying he’s shit, just its a risk.

    Geoff, I dont think its time to slate Cesc yet. If he leaves then fine go to town on him, but for now he is an Arsenal player and Barca dont look like making a proper bid for him. He will probably be an Arsenal player next season, and one of our best players, so I am not sure its a good idea to give up on the guy.

  22. A

    I agree Geoff, it is a big risk, but there must be something that Wenger’s seen there for him to be willing to spend £10 mil or a bit under on a centre back who’s a risk, just like he did with Vermy.

    I also expect another £10 mil defender to come in, similar age, similar level, then those three can all compete, along with JD

  23. Jimbo

    And how many ‘open sessions’ do you think a club holds?

    I’ll give you a clue – not many.

    You’re just making this up…

  24. Jimmy

    Cesc bashing isn’t neccessary, the bloke has played with his heart on his sleeve for Arsenal but has seen the commitment he has shown and what the rest of his teammates have shown or cannot show through lack of ability. Is it disloyal to ask the manager what is happening with the club? Where it is going and if things do not improve to potentially leave?

    I think and hope that his show of despondency with his reported actions will be the spark to make Wenger invest in a few more quality players and to keep the experience we have mainly Campbell.

    He evidently wants what is best for his career and who can blame him, if he has aired his views that he wants to win trophies hopefully le boss listens up!

  25. OxfordGooner

    Great read Geoff, I can’t believe this cesc shit is still going on. Maybe AW thinks he can still talk him round… I wonder what it is about a financially and morally bankrupt team that can’t pay it’s staff that attracts Cesc so much – perhaps he has had so much of our money out of us he doesn’t need money from barcacunts?!

    I wish this could all be sorted once & for all, I wonder though that if Cesc comes out on Monday & says all this is bullshit & he remains committed to the mighty Arsenal how many gooners will be able to believe him and what it would take to redeem himself under those circumstances??!!

    Have a great day grovers, here’s to a Dutch win on Sunday ;o)

  26. Richaldo

    Giles for manager!!!!

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My best memory: taking out Davids in the first game at the Emirates: fucking magic : )

  27. Gbenga

    @Gambon, with those five , i will mention over twenty that came right. Get over all this, its becoming a broken disc. 5 bad buys out of over forty is a very good percentage. And if you remember, Cygan was best defender in French league the season before Arsenal bought him………

    Cahill performed for a Bolton team that struggled against relegation while Kolcieny was a mainstay in a Lorient team that came 7th in the French league, but to you, he is unknown. Then saying he had only played a season of top flight football is all rubbish, because HART, your love child had only played a season of top flight too…….

    Give the guy a chance please…..

  28. Geoff

    Galvinho I don’t see your point, who had heard of Ronaldo before he went to ManU or Beckham, Scholes and Giggs?

    We have a team of unknowns, that’s why we’ve won fuck all.

    Gambon, the point is Ramsey could have played for ManU he didn’t because he chose us, Cesc has said since day one he’ll go to back Barca, the point is, he asked for a move whilst captain and with a 5 year contract, that’s a cuntish thing to do in my book.

    He signed a long contract for the money, it suited him, now it doesn’t.

  29. Rowan

    I know that everyone now does not want cesc to stay but really he has not done anything that no other player or person would do if they had a cance to play for a club they supported all there life atleast he has not handed in a transfer request. The last thing I wont to say is that I hope no one boes him if he stays for another season because he is still a quality player which ever way you look at it and really need to get behind the team this year and not make players feel bad which has happened in the past making players not play to there best beacuse it will only hurt us, although fab wants to go if he has to stay he will still play to his best because he loves football and wants to win.

  30. km

    morning bitches ! 😉

    Spain v Holland final

    i want to see a brilliant game but would like the Dutch at the end – is that fair enough? 😉

  31. Jimbo

    I know for a fact that you cannot just turn up at Colney and watch the team train. I suggest you go and find that out for yourself, if you’ve got a Monday monrning to waste.

    In Spain, some of the clubs occasionally hold ‘open’ training sessions in front of fans, but they’re very rare, and certainly not open to having hundreds of scouts turn up to cherry pick players. In France and Germany, also very rare.

    Stop making things up.

    Arsenal’s 40+ goal defence will be 45-50 goals next season with this chump.

  32. Brian

    Hope RvP wins the damn world cup and puts us all out of this misery of spain winning and giving more reason for barca to gloat

  33. Mada

    You seem to forget we were saying “Wenger who?” “Vieira who?” before they joined and Henry and Bergkamp had had crap seasons before joining, so i wouldn’t be too harsh on Koscielny yet – got to give him a chance.

    To be fair, Wenger’s foreign central defensive purchases in the past haven’t been too great, but we will see!

    Oh, and i once emailed Grimandi and he replied!

  34. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, glad to see the end of the kos saga, hopefully the next one wont drag on as much and wenger needs to get himself back to blighty sharpish and get busy

  35. km

    i feel that we’r going to do some good transfers this summer. i can feel it in my bones 😉





  36. jozza

    Now this is where you jimbo are wrong that is what happend to fabregas he was young and barca didn’t give him a chance and have you given koscielny a chance what if he become the greastest defender of arsenal ever then will you say, and whoever wrote this article are you on crack , Fabregas controls arsenals midfield he didnt make 3rd sub because he was injured the match before so he will probably feature in the final , and look who fabregas has to compete against to get into first team Xavi and Iniesta

  37. Galviniho

    Geoff, football is a different era now when we won it and had the invincibles and that is what Arsenal fans don’t realise, I mean can we pay £220k a week to a standard midfielder like yaya toure? Its crazy. Man Utd now struggle to compete.

    You come on here and run through names picked up from poor journo stories and say Arsenal should have this player, that player and while I agree we need some experience players, some players nowadays are fleecing clubs.

    Football in England is sinking lower and lower due to money and it is one of the main reasons the national team is garbage.

    Arsenal will do well next year, trust the team.

  38. gambon


    Is that actually Keyser??

    Vidic was highly rated, he was part of the best defence in international football, they conceded 1 goal in WC2006 qualification.

  39. km


    how can u say already that KOS is going to be a shit CB when u haven’t even seen him play on a regular basis?!?

    I’v got a feeling that he’s going to be our 3rd choice CB not TV’s partner. I think Wenger might/should get 1 more experienced CB to partner TV

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    Mornin grovers!

    Top post Geoff. Been consulting the octopussy again I see. 😀 think I’d favour the guardiola, call me a glory hunter then go on.

    Righto, onto our next signing! Desperately under muscled and trophyless youth team seeks raoull moat DM lookalike for a 5 year romantic entanglement. That should get the offers flooding in.

    So Schwarzkopf looks a crock, failed a medical by the sounds of it. Phew, bullet dodged. Time to get serious and fetch Reina, he must be bored in that locker room with all those unintelligible northerners!

  41. Queen of Suburbia

    Jimbo – Actually pace is one the Koss’s key assets.

    No one is buying that little line.

    He’s also right footed, but plays on the left for Lorient. Can play anywhere across the four though.

    Its a signing for depth.

  42. uba

    I just have to day this. I’m have read your blog fromt the very first day. Then you have wit, where optimistic and very thoughtful. I still think the name is brilliant. Le- for french, grove- arsenal. Brilliant stuff. Buy recently you have become so negative, there is nothing up in your post that was positive. You bashed the new signing, the youth system ,french players, arabs, and arsenal players. Not trying to stereotype, bout have that american/british attitude that I believe has some racist context to it. I am not calling you a racist, I dont know you personally, but some of your comments on the french and african players gets to alot of people. And then you praise your english boys in the team, just like you did with walcott and now you bash on him too. Just keep faith, if Wenger leaves, who will replace him .Everyone is quick to sack the boss, but who will continue in his place with the same knowledge, expertise and CONTACTS in football, no one.

  43. gazzap

    Spain will win the WC, its obvious, the Dutch dont have a chance. But i’d love the dutch to win. I only give Holland a one in five chance of winning.

  44. 78692

    Kop, Arsenal ‘n Spurs want SWPBy ANTONY KASTRINAKIS

    Published: Today
    Add a comment (45
    ARSENAL are battling against Liverpool and Tottenham to sign Shaun Wright-Philips.
    They want him for a cut-price £6million.

    The England winger has been talking to the Gunners for some time and they are favourites to nab him.

    But his wages are a sticking point.

    Wright-Phillips is looking to leave Eastlands and City will let him go for a reduced fee to get him off their wage bill.

    Phillips, 28, is keen for a move and his decision will come down to the financial package either of the three premier League clubs are able to put together.

    He has two years left on his contract at City where he earns £60k a week.

    Last season he became disillusioned over the club’s failure to offer him improved terms and fell out of favour with boss Roberto Mancini.

    Wright-Phillips came on as a sub twice in the last World Cup but failed to shine.

    Cash-strapped Liverpool are also sniffing around and new boss Roy Hodgson is looking to see if the Reds can put together a package to lure Phillips.

    Tottenham are also keen but have a strict wage structure and boss Harry Redknapp would struggle to improve on what Wright-Phillips is already earning at City

    Read more:


  45. Geoff

    Mark, no I would stick him on the transfer list and get what I could.

    Welcome to the 4 new guys, you are free to blog!

    Someone just called me a bitter cunt, ha, ha, well he got that right.

  46. Aakhyan Vaidya

    y shuld Fabregas hav to say anything. This is happening every season. I see no reason y he shuld talk. He has said time and time again the he is nt leaving Arsenal(aleast this season). N the only player better than Fabregas is Xavi. So if we wanna sell him. Mayb hav a st. swap with him. But i like the Gilles Grimandi part

  47. David Green

    We had the same thing happen with Vieira every summer but for some reason I never really held it against him and was gutted when he left. We’ve won nothing since.

    Cesc was absolutely immense last season and was let down by shoddy defence, GK esp. I think all of us felt let down so why should he be any different? If his talks with Arsene about the “future” result in us getting the players that we need then he should be applauded not derided. IMO. 🙂

  48. chippy

    That post will have certainly lit the torchpaper !!!

    Wheres Sabeel with a Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

  49. Bob N7

    Will you just lose a little bit of your angst about Cesc. Yeah I’ve got mates who want to see the back of him but I just think they are assuming(they may be right) that the money for Cesc won’t be spent. This I can understand is annoying and frustrating but why blame Cesc.
    Ball park figure, Arsenal have paid him maybe 15m over the 6yrs he’s been with us- if we get say £40m it doesn’t take a genius to see that not only has he given us 6 years fantastic service but the club will profit substantially when he leaves. He also has REPEATEDLY shown respect and love for the club. Him wanting to go to Barca at some time has NEVER been in dispute. There is a possibility(I’ve hoped/believed this all summer) that he will stay one more year and I for one will be cheering him every home match.
    To those people who are down on Cesc- cheer up and smell the roses. Find someone else to pour your bile over – Adebayor, Terry…..

  50. km

    Re. Cesc’s situation

    He must be really pissed off sitting on the bench throughout the world cup – is that how he wants to spend nxt season? coming off the bench for Barca? that’s bullshit and i wouldn’t stand for it.

    Also how thick is Fabregas? Barca are bankrupt bitch!!
    They’r on their way to becoming the next Valencia 😉

  51. Jimbo

    Jozza – I had heard of Koscielny before he signed for ARsenal. He was playing in France, not Azerbaijan, and he was playing in a first team there, not the 2nd string U18s.

    I’ve seen him, he (and Lorient’s whole defence) were pretty mediocre all year.

  52. Geoff

    Uba, I didn’t bash the new signing, I said it was a risk, I didn’t bash Arabs, in England we have something called a sense of humour, I never bash Theo, I love him, I’m negative because we spend no money and unlike you I pay a lot to watch my team and finally, of course I’m a racist. Who isn’t.

  53. chippy

    Oh and for what its worth if Cesc goes this summer thats another year in transition so we can all wave goodbye to next season as the whole side is built around him,

  54. A

    In Italy you can just turn up and watch training a fair bit.

    Arsenal hold open sessions for scouts now and then, though mainly for the kids so that scouts of championship/league one clubs can scout potential loanees, or players who are being released.

    Doubt you’d be able to see anything if you just wandered down to the training ground though

  55. Geoff

    Bob don’t apologise for him, he’s an Arsenal player for fucks sake, we didn’t loan him from Barca!

  56. gambon


    2nd best defence in Ligue1

    It, and he, cant have been that bad.

    I agree with everyone that says its a risk, but how many people moan that Arsene is a tight cunt, and he is, which means logic dictates this guy must have something that Arsene is willing to pay £10m for.

    Judge him in may 🙂

  57. RedTrev

    Gambon, The cesc thing is different, he’s now openly said he wants to leave. Would you honestly accept him as your captain now? And if he was stripped of the captaincy do you think he would just get on with it and give his all? Come on mate, realistically speaking Fabregas’ time is up. If we dont move on it’ll drag out and hurt us more, lets just get rid of him and move on, as the cliche’ goes – no ones bigger then the team

  58. gambon

    “if wenger leaves who will replace him”

    I HATE it when people say this. Its like saying “if i sell my Ford Mondeo what on earth am i gonna replace it with”

  59. uba

    “unlike you I pay alot to watch my team play”..

    If I calculate the cost of travelling from San Francsico to London twice a month to see Arsenal, with Club level tickets, I pretty sure I pay alot more than you do to see the Arsenal. I also happen to own stocks in Arsenal Plc. Dont be too quick to assume things Sir. And I did not call you a racist, that would be crude.

  60. Geoff

    uba, then my apologies, but I also own shares in Arsenal, so don’t be quick to judge, I didn’t say you said I was a racist, I just told you I was.

  61. 78692

    Guys, how come Barca have become bankrupt all of a sudden?At one time they used to be so rich that they PAID Unicef their shirt sponsers instead of receiving money from them!!

  62. Taxi for Wenger

    30 mill for cesc too right can’t wait to see the back of him trying hard not to swear now ……fucking cunt !

  63. Victorvosseun

    Nice article. Watching spain vs germany yesterday is unbelievable for me to see germany knock out. I know B.GOOK will not be pleased with the out come, even though me, because i hate favouritea. Geof i think wenger should go for ozil. Have a nice day groovers.

  64. SUGA3

    morning y’all 😉

    good read Geoff – truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

    IMO, as Cesc didn’t do diddly squat to eny the rumours, there is no way he should remain our captain – bad example, really…

    as Barcelona are skint, we should just put him in the open market and sell him like cattle, simple as…

  65. Lurch LeRouge

    I’ll take a ‘risk’ that is a hungry tenacious character and quick learner who respects arsenal as the pinnacle over an experienced journeyman who just plays for a paycheque any day.

  66. 78692

    Taxi for Wenger

    £30 Millioni for Fabregas?..are you taking the piss?

    Barca have just sold Toure for £27 Million quid and you think that that cunt Fabregas is worth ONLY £30 million?!?!

  67. Hatta

    Assuming schwarzer is already on his way, i would sign up Campbell for 1 more year to be our 4th central defender. 5th defender can go to bartley. I would also get Keisuke Honda, given that Rosicky and Theo may be in and out due to injuries again. I would loan out Eduardo to let him get back his confidence in a slower paced league, and see how he does before deciding to keep him for the season after next. Our defensive midfield will stay as Song, Diaby, Denilson and Eastmond. I would like to add to that but I don’t think wenger would anyway :p

  68. SUGA3


    to be honest, there is nothing wrong with having a few mercenaries in the team: they were winning wars back in the days, and they are pricey for a reason…

    it’s all about being a bit ruthless with them – a bully only respects another bully, that’s why AW struggles to keep players with a bit edgy character straight, no?

  69. km

    i dnt think Barca can afford the £50m asking price Arsenal want. They are skint and hence why they are making all this fuss that ‘Cesc is worth £30m not £50m’

    The problem is this – do we keep a half-hearted Cesc because Barca can’t pay £50m or do we take the £30m and maybe a player off them? The only player i would have off them is Hleb but then even he ain’t worth that much

  70. A

    78692 it’s other people saying we should sell for £30 mil, there isn’t a chance Wenger or the club would accept such a pitiful amount!

    Cesc will still be at the club, and still be our captain, and I’m delighted about that!

    Hatta I don’t think Sol could be 4th choice, if he stays he would have to be 5th choice, or maybe playing ahead of JD sometimes, but not relied upon as one of the main four.

  71. dean

    Does anyone think ozil reminds you of kaka I think we should strike while the iron is hot…
    oh ye Cesc will stay for one or two more years so lay off him we will all be back in love with him by the end of september………..

  72. SUGA3


    Schweinsteiger? he can play there and is versatile enough to play further aback…

    fuck me, even Diaby on form would thrive there…

    like I said: such show of unloyalty can’t go unpunished and selling him for whatever Barca has to offer is out of the question as well…

  73. Big Dave

    Arsenal + SWP = No chance.

    Let’s all larf @ Barca, let’s all larf @ Barca la la la…….

    Can our new signing smack Drogba up

  74. Jimbo

    QoS, I havent’ seen him that much – 4-5 times, max, and most of those times he didn’t stand out.

    And Lorient did NOT have the 2nd best defence in Ligue 1 last season, they were 9th-10th ish…

  75. Taxi for Wenger

    Darren Gough on talkshite yesterday. “don’t like the Spanish cos of their work ethic and bullfighting… Classic!!!!

  76. SUGA3

    if we were to show Barca a finger and sell him for £50M to, say, Inter, it would be killing two birds with one stone: a message would be sent out that AFC in nobody’s bitch, whether it is their star player or ‘the best club in the world’…

    sadly, no fucker at Arse has any cojones to do that…

  77. Grimandi

    I disagree with the idea that if a player comes from lesser league he’s going to be rubish!

    I think most Grovers were saying the same thing about Tommy V last year, except Pedders and Geof ofcourse!

  78. Queen of Suburbia

    The Sol thing is interesting.

    In the cold light of day, you could argue that we were not especially more resiliant when he played.

    Don’t get me wrong, i loved having him here, but obectively i think it was more about his attitude, the tub thumping, fist waving celebrations than the way he was playing.

  79. Chipo

    ” Jimbo says:
    July 8, 2010 at 09:08
    Chamakh is ok, but nothing really too special.

    Koscielny is crap. Wengker’s bought another Cygan”

    Bet you said exactly the same thing about Vermaelen and Sagna didn’t you?

    Pathetic. They are ARSENAL PLAYERS now. Get behind them!

  80. BY71

    I, for one, want to keep Cesc.

    As for why there has been a ground swell of opinion against Fabregas …

    Barcelona have administered a campaign precisely to that effect. The media – scumbags that they are – have embraced the campaign. And all-too-many bloggers have gone with the result.

    It’s been like watching a bunch of racists with white gowns and pointy hats lynch someone and then say afterwards “well he should have said something, shouldn’t he”?

    If a few more Arsenal supporters understood the word “loyalty” then they wouldn’t cite it so much in their ill-substantiated conclusions.

    The problem is it seems loyalty to them is inveterately one sided. And that’s just lazy.

  81. Lurch LeRouge

    Completely agree Suga. But you qualified my thought. AWs not a confrontational leader he’s leader by technical example. Gallas is a merc, it was a mistake to shaft toure and gilberto for him.

  82. Julian


    can someone explain this to me? The only explanation I can come up with, if its true, is that AW wants to move Theo into the centre (striker) this season. Is Theo the replacemnet for Eduardo? Thoughts please… oh, and if the response could not include “SWP is shit, Wenger is a cunt, blah blah blah” that would be welcome.

  83. gambon

    We had to fight to keep Vieira year after year, and he was pretty fucking immense.

    Cesc clearly doesnt have a long term future here, but with all the changes that are taking place already, the last thing we can afford is to lose our only world class player.

    We basically have 4 optioons;

    1) Keep Cesc
    2) Replace Cesc with Ozil
    3) Replace Cesc with Gourcuff
    4) Sell Cesc, replace internally

    4 doesnt bare thinking about. Id be happy with 2 & 3 but the fact is option 1 is our best option for the 10/11 season.

  84. dean

    I think we need the dein back he seemed the only one with cojones………
    and espiecally not uncle sam what does he do again

  85. gambon


    Take your head out of the sand, and that analagy is fucking ridiculous.

    Cesc wants to leave you muppet.

  86. Bob N7

    Geoff, I’m not an apologist for Cesc. I’m an Arsenal fan. My hero Liam Brady left at 24/25 for at the time a measly £500,000 (the max allowed at the time between Euro countries). Arsenal lost their heartbeat and received a relative pittance. Brady wasn’t castigated-this was an Irishman, an Arsenal youth player going off to pastures new. I only mention this because I see parallels and I feel that Cesc will be leaving us better off than Brady did. Both will be remembered fondly by the majority of Arsenal fans. Players come and go…..
    Incidentally, this argument that somehow because Cesc has still 5 yrs left of a contract and by not honouring he in some way is disloyal is specious and spurious. Would you have been happier if he had only 1/2 years left on his contract? Would this make it easier for you to accept? By having a longer contract Arsenal are in a better bargaining position to get more money. As I’m sure you’ll agree getting more money is not a bad thing.
    Come on you Reds!

  87. SUGA3


    fuck me, he will go where he is sold – remember Alchy selling Stam to AC ‘like cattle’?

    these were Stam’s own words…


    being the club’s captain requires loyalty, not some badge kissing bollocks…

    on the other hand, AW shouldn’t have made him captain in the first place, really…

    Cesc really gave his all this season, as if he wanted to see if the shit shower around him will or will not fuck it up, which they did in disgraceful manner…

  88. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Great post Geoff! My feelings on Cesc excactly! Overated cunt, in my eyes now. What will we do though if he scores a hat-trick on opening day of season? Pesonally i’d sell him and go and buy Aguero, now that is a class player who is quicker and stronger than Cesc and beats players for fun. Imagine him given the free role Cesc has had?

  89. gambon

    You cant just sell Cesc wherever cos he doesnt want to join Inter, AC, Man City, Chelsea etc.

    Its Barca or nothing.

  90. hitman

    Uba – Wenger used to be a great manager. But he has been dire for the last 6 years. Thats 6 long and unsuccesful years. How much longer do you want the current situation to continue. I think like Capello he is a manager with ideas from another era. He has not adapted to the changes in football. Frankly he is now a liability. He is also a liar which is the main reason I have gone off him.
    As for the French & African Cliques in our squad – they are a massive problem as they have no fight and no bottle, not mentally strong. They also individually lack quality. Not the kind of players who will win you trophies. Thats not being racist – just an observation. Its not their fault they are not fit to wear the shirt but the fault of those who recruit them.

  91. SUGA3

    Bob N7,

    yes, it would be more acceptable with 1/2 season left on the contract – he just accepted a fat payrise and a bonus, now he just keeps his gob shut not to lose any of it…

  92. Taxi for Wenger

    Ramsey should replace cesc seem to remember he chose Arsenal over Manure 30 40 50 mill who cares just get rid as for a great did u see Brady play that’s what u call a great player!

  93. A

    Yeah SUGA3, because he wanted to flog him.

    We don’t want to sell Cesc, DEFINITELY don’t want to sell him

    Cesc gave his all last season, but likes the look of what the club he’s supported all his life are doing and would like to be part of it, but if that isn’t possible he’ll give his all for us this season just as he did last season.

  94. Geoff

    Bob, Cesc still has 5 years left on his contract, Liam didn’t, also Cesc is captain, it’s disloyal.

    I remember Brady going and I was gutted, I didn’t begrudge him though for the reason above.

    I hated Stapelton though.

  95. GunnerShabz

    simon kjaer is going to wolfsburg for £10m and we got an unproven defender for a similar amount.

    i dont understand wenger sometimes

  96. gambon

    Taxi for Wenger

    Yeah Ramsey should replace him, if we wanna come 6th next season.

    Cant understand why people moan that Wenger doesnt win trophies, but want to weaken our team at the same time, thereby guaranteeing the drought continues.

  97. Hatta

    i understand what you mean by campbell should not be 4th choice. I had a few concerns about that as well. But if wenger tells campbell he will be 5th, he won’t stay for sure. And that means signing another defender who is willing to be 4th choice. He probably will be older, like mikael silvestre when we signed him, who is at the end of his career and past his best, to want to be 4th choice. But i can’t see wenger signing another defender like that. Unless we promote bartley to 4th, n someone else 5th. But bartley has no PL or CL experience n is a bigger risk than campbell in my humble opinion. What do u think? 🙂