One hand on the trophy but will the other Arsenal player make it tonight? And what happened to the Israeli wonderboy?

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And I’m talking Schweinsteiger or Ozil, not Fabregas, after his behaviour I don’t want Spain to win Jack shite, I used to like Spain, but after his display of treachery and all those slimebags begging him to leave the Arsenal, I don’t ever want to see him with the captains armband on again.

When I say treachery, I don’t mean the fact he’s asked to leave, that could galvanise Wenger into doing something, it’s the fact he’s asked to leave with 5 years left on his contract, and whilst he’s the captain of Arsenal, he didn’t object to increasing his contract for more money when he did, did he? Barca won’t break the bank for Cesc, ha, ha, they already broke the bank, they are insolvent, tossers!

First of all well done to Robin and my tip for the World cup, Holland. It’s incredible that he has played more straight games for Holland than he’s ever managed for Arsenal, is this the new fit all the time Robin? We can only hope.

Barca are losing patience with Arsenal because we aren’t prepared to let him go for nothing, how rich is that! They should be done for tapping up our player, by now he must have developed Stockholm syndrome. Rossel has said it’s now or never, well what about we already told you no, you thicko. What part of no did you not understand? So let’s take that as a never. Give the captaincy to Robin or Vermaelen and let Cesc stew for a while.

He can’t go unpunished for what he has done, we know he has done it and even the most diehardindenialCesc lover can’t say he didn’t, and yes, that is a word.

So we’ve lost Campbell, Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos. We’ve bought Koscielny, you can’t count Djourou as we’ve had him for 5 years or so and he’ll be injured before the end of July. So four first teamers out, one in, typical Arsenal, but they do need cash for all the new and improved Club level bits. So don’t be too harsh!

Do we need to sign new players though? As having Djourou, Wilshere, Rosicky, Eduardo and Ramsey back will be like having 5 new signings.

What happened to the new Messi we were going to sign from Barca on a free, the kid from the West bank, or wherever he came from, that’s all gone quiet now hasn’t it?

Who comes first boys, your club, or your country? I think I know the answer to that one.

Bendtner, although he turned up and played bravely for Denmark is now injured and out for a spell, maybe another operation, so it could be a long spell. Ramsey is recovering from a broken leg so we are in the usual position of being light and injured early doors.

We know that during the season Robin, Diaby, Djourou, Almunia, Denilson, Clichy, Arshavin, Cesc, Theo, Bendtner and Nasri will all be long term injured, so perhaps before we get to May and bemoan our atrocious luck, maybe we should at least buy as many players as we lose.

So work that one out, that lot above are almost an entire first team!

I still believe that Arsene will surprise us, and yes I know we say that every season, but we can only hope the Cesc debacle will finally prompt him to doing something, it would be strange though if we had our two best players both lining up to play each other in the World Cup final wouldn’t it!

Have a great day grovers, it will soon be at an end, we can start thinking about pre-season, and hope like hell we have a team that can compete.

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  1. This is England

    Lets hope the fans get behind Koss straight away.I remember some on here slating Verm at the pre season friendly at Barnet last year.

  2. Jimbo

    Stupid Germans.

    Don’t they know they should be passing the ball sideways on the halfway line? No wonder they’re losing!!!

  3. SUGA3

    frankly, it looked like Arse game against Barca, minus the equaliser – Spaniards attacking in packs, suffocating ze Germans and anticipating every ball…

    can’t see Oranje beating this lot 🙁

  4. zeus

    Germany are as they are. With/(out) Muller, makes no difference. The previous scores flattered. England and Argentina had shit defenses and of course it played into their counterattacking hands that they scored early in both games.

  5. zeus

    Don’t think it was ever in question that Fabregas is far superior to Ozil.

    What part of Cesc is a once in a generation type of player do some fail to understand. hehe.

  6. Telarse

    I’m pretty pissed off – say they can’t put “Van Persie False 9” on my new jersey… I ask you!!

  7. Honest Bill

    Has anyone heard about this Wenger interview, in which he supposedly said that Almunia gets too nervous and we will be making an announcement about the goalkeeping situation after the world cup?

  8. Honest Bill

    Just on one of the Arsenal news feeds. can’t remember what site.. I’d check for you but my net is going slow as fuck

  9. km

    feeling sorry for Germany

    gotto to say they plsyed fearlessly like Young lions and were overall the best attacking team in the tournie. imo they were a bit young to beat an experienced Spain side. I hope the Dutch beat Spain on sunday

  10. km

    Kos looks good in the video clip

    his recovery, tackling and his passing is good for a CB

    i wonder if he will be Vermin’s partner or the 3rd CB?

  11. Maciek

    If we do sign Khedira and someone like Inler plus Casc stays( or Ozil is signed as his replacement) and Cole arrives with this Eduardo-gk, I will be happy.

  12. Stu

    That interview is definately fake.
    “Wenger” mentions nCesc in Spains midfield, Gallas ‘likely’ to leave (which we all know he is gone) and the stupid question the guy asks “why do you like blacks so much”.

  13. alex

    Hes been a consistent keeper over the years, he’s only needed for a season or 2 until Chezzer becomes no.1. there isn’t many other keepers with prem experience that we could get that are the age of shwarzer. only other option would be jaaskaleinen.

  14. Telarse

    Remember Geoff or Pedro suggesting “Thunderstruck” in place of “The Wonder of You” (Which is remarkably suitable for how we often play i.e. cuddly but shite!) Team should “come out” ,but not in a gay way, to Tower of Strength by The Mission (12″ Version) Powerful tune and groovy but appropriate lyrics.
    ACLF has kicked this off again.

  15. A

    schwarzer had probably his best ever season last year, and his strengths are exactly where we’re lacking.

    If we get him he’d be an ideal signing

  16. Jimbo

    Probably his best ever season A?

    You’re just making this shit up as you go along, aren’t you. Even Fulham fans think he was better 2 years ago.

  17. Jimbo

    And no idea what’s ‘ideal’ about Schwarzer – he’s an old, mediocre keeper, who belong in mid-table.

    Typical unambitious signing from out cheapskate cunt of a manager. Wenger needs to fuck right off.

  18. A

    Well one year ago he was fulhams player of the season, last year he got to the uefa cup final and got player of the month (for the prem) in feb, so it’s debatable whether he was better one year ago, or last season.

    Either way he’s one of the best in the league at commanding his area and dealing with set pieces/crosses, which is probably our biggest weakness

  19. Jimbo

    It’s not really debatable.

    Go to any Fulham forum, they’ll tell you Schwarzer was better two years ago.

    And he’s bang fucking average at controlling his area – how many balls dropped over his head at the World Cup, were you even watching?

  20. Keyser

    That was for Jimbo.

    A – Why have you decided Schwarzer’s going to be the one ?! I haven’t seen much around that we don’t normally get with any player that we’re linked with.

    Not to bothered about Goalie to be honest.

  21. A

    fulham fans voted him their best player one year ago, so i doubt that they’d say he was better two year ago, when he was playing for middlesbrough.

    hodgson said that he brought great stability and calmness and that it took alot of pressure away from the defence the fact that they knew when a cross or set piece came into the box, schwarzer would just deal with it

  22. A

    Keyser mainly from Hodgson kissing his arse in terms of being a calming influence, great organiser, and great at dealing with set pieces/crosses.

    Imagine someone who could organise the defence, and when blackburn/stoke pumped long balls in at the end of games, we wouldn’t shit ourselves, because we’d have a 6’5 keeper who’d just pluck the ball out of the air!

  23. Jimbo

    Two years ago was his first season at Fulham.

    Yes, Keyser, I’d love Joe Hart. A genuinely talented somebody, unlike the bargain basement nobodies that Wengker seems obsessed with this summer.

    Either way, this season will, thank fuck, be Wengker’s last, and we can finally dispose of the cunt next summer, hopefully taking his stinking fucking statue with him.

  24. Jimbo

    And sure, let’s give O’Neill a go.

    Anything to get rid of the festering sore on the face of our great club that is the Alsatian fucking deviant Wengker.

  25. Jimbo

    Lol – A obviously hasn’t actually seen much of Schwarzer then, staring up at crosses like they’re the moon.

    Just keep making it up – these fairytales are hilarious!

  26. Keyser

    We don’t really shit ourselves because of that, it’s a lack of familiarity and continuity throughout the side.

    It’s like Vermaelen being criticised for going walk-a-about from defence, he generally does that when he doesn’t have Gallas next to him, because after playing 30 odd games in a row with him and in his first season with us he knew he had to be the one to take charge in defence.

    Schwarzer might help, but then so could many things, having Chamakh, Bendtner and Van Persie back on corners, and free-kicks would help. We’d have players like Diaby and Song to.

  27. A

    Hodgson said that Schwarzer is the best keeper he’s every coached at dealing with crosses, and that it’s a great relief knowing that when a ball goes into the box he’ll deal with it.

    You obviously know better than him though Jimbo, seeing as you’ve seen him make a mistake in the world cup, he obviously does that every match.

    He’s only had two seasons at Fulham, this season, and last season. His first season was 08/09

  28. Jimbo

    Still got Wengker, still going to fail.

    Budget signings won’t change that.

    Sack Wengker, save the club.

  29. Jimbo

    Of course Hodgson praises him, he’s his fucking keeper. If he could sign a half decent keeper for Fulham, he’d have done it in a shot, but they’re a two-bit club playing in front of a tiny crowd of neutrals, of course they’re not going to get top players.

    Schwarzer is the best Fulham can do, and it’s the best that an unambitious cunt like Wengker will aim for.

    A proper manager, at a proper club, wouldn’t give two seconds thought to Schwarzer.

    “He’s only had two seasons at Fulham, this season, and last season. His first season was 08/09”

    Don’t be a mug – learn to read.

  30. A

    Anyone that says they’d like O’Neil at the helm just illustrates how little they know about football.

    Keyser I don’t agree – when we’re defending a lead the entire team looks soooooooo nervous with everything that goes on, especially long blackburn like balls in to the box, like the goal against Birmingham.

    A keeper who will just pluck the ball out of the air, and/or organise the defence, taking the pressure off the rest of the team, would make a HUGE difference imo

  31. Keyser

    Jimbo – Why is he genuinely talented and a somebody ? Thing is if amongst all the bollocks you post on here, when you actually deem to show yourself, you had something worthwhile to say it might not be soo bad.

    I honestly can’t fathom how someone can be soo consumed with hate, is that really what old age does to people ? What ?! I’m not even taking the piss.

  32. A

    Also with Vermy, he did that whether it was gallas or whoever else next to him, it’s just because he’s still learning.

    Against Everton is was Gallas next to him, and he made the exact same error he did against Barca….

  33. Jimbo

    Why is he genuinely talented Keyser? I know you’re one of those who usually doesn’t bother to watch football before making up your opinions, but seriously, this should be obvious.

    He was in the PFA team of the year, Mark Schwarzer was were he belongs – at a backwater mid-table club.

  34. Jimbo

    A – I want anyone at the helm that’s not Wengker, so long as they’re not given the same no-pressure, free-reign over the club that our deluded frog cunt of a manager’s been given.

  35. Keyser

    A – Take the goal against Birmingham, firstly it was offside or it should have been because thats the only reason Sagna made the interception, secondly the ball rebounded off Phillips from Sagna’s clearance and looped in over Almunia.

    The thing is we haven’t seen enough of any team we put out in recent seasons to know whether that was a freak accident or something they genuinely just aren’t good enough to control.

    Two seasons ago, we had little height in defence, or even in midfield, yet Almunia was consistent and we were very good defensively.

    Part of that was down to how good our ball retention was, but at the same time it’s also the last chance we got to see a consistenct team-sheet be put out week after week.

  36. Jimbo

    LOL A – surprised you’ve got the balls to say that, given that you’re the worst of the lot! I’ve never seen anyone so fast and loose with the facts as you!

  37. Keyser

    Jimbo – See, pissy little insults, he’s playing for Birmingham, he doesn’t get a look in for Citeh or even England, despite both being pretty shite defensively, England all round. He’s young, unproven, but just happens to be English.

    Thats your idea of Ambition and signing a ‘Somebody’, I have no dislike of Hart, but by your own reasoning, he’s someone you’d be frothing in the mouth at.

    It doesn’t seem like you watch much either.

  38. Jimbo

    I’d rather give Dodgy manuel another season than waste time and money on Schwarzer. He’s bang-average. He’s no better at controlling his box, he’s made mistakes in big games (though not as many), he’s a worse shot-stopper, and his judgement of crosses is awful.

    Almunia is better than Schwarzer – and there aren’t many keepers of whom you can say that.

  39. Jimbo

    And yet he’s in the PFA team of the season Keyser, go figure, and Schwarzer is where? Even someone who doesn’t watch the game like yourself should be able to deduce something from that?

    Did I say ‘frothing at the mouth’ for Hart? Or is that just another one of those little fantasies of yours? He’s a good keeper, and lot better than what we’ve got, or what we might be signing if we’re daft enough to sign Schwarzer.

  40. Jimbo

    Balls / bottle / gumption / brass neck – a few phrases to help you figure out what I mean, I know basic comprehension is a little tough for you Keyser…

  41. Keyser

    Jimbo – Mate, he had a good season for Birmingham, it wouldn’t really be ambitious or a ‘Somebody’, again you’re talking bollocks.

  42. Jimbo

    I cannot wait to hear the roasting average cunts like Koscielny, Schwarzer, Denilson, Diaby etc etc etc are going to get from the fans this year.

    I reckon this is going to be the season that the match-going fans finally lose patience and respect for Wengker altogether. Painful as our season will be, that alone might make it worth it.

  43. Jimbo

    What is a ‘somebody’ Keyser?

    You seem so fucking caught up on this particular word, I’d like to know what you mean by it.

    I was just referring to a quality player who will make a difference, potentially for years to come. You seem to have this big grand definition, that only you understand – perhaps you can explain?

    Also, I don’t see why playing for Birmingham is a black mark against Hart, yet playing for small clubs his whole career is not a black mark against Schwarzer? And Birmingham finished higher than Fulham last season anyway.

  44. Jimbo

    Actually, save your breath – I’m going to bed. Too much energy wasted on cuntbag Wengker for one day.

    That twat will get his come-uppance this season, I only pray he’s driven out in disgrace and sacked before Christmas, but I know our spineless board wouldn’t have the bottle. He should take his slimy statue and shove it up his fucking arse.

  45. Keyser

    Jimbo – Don’t be a dopey twat, all you do is spew bile on here, for someone who likes to dish out insults why don’t you piece together an opinion that could perhaps promote further discussion.

    Think about it, you’re taking the piss out of the idea Schwarzer could be used as someone with experience, a stop-gap, while we bring through some of the talented younger goalies we have.

    Talking about how Wenger should show some ambition and buy a ‘Somebody’ then mention Joe Hart ? He’s had a semi-decent season for Birmingham, he’s got barely any experience, isn’t even the first choice at the club he should be playing for and can’t get into an England team, that plays David James in front of him and before Green.

  46. Jimbo


    Again Keyser, he was named in the PFA team of the year – he was a lot better than ‘Semi Decent’. Capello (and apparently you) are the only people in the country who seem to think that Hart had a worse season than James or Green (the latter being the most error-prone player in the country statistically!), but he bodged his selection, apparently favouring ‘experience’ over form or fitness.

    And what the hell is this ‘stop gap’ idea supposed to be? Sczesney (or however you spell it) had one ‘semi decent’ season at Brentford, and suddenly we’re buying budget ‘stop gaps’ so he can faff about and follow in Flappianski’s footsteps?

    Here’s an idea – how about we make players ACTUALLY prove themselves before building the future around them? Sign a proper keeper now, and hey, if we have any keepers in the future who come good, we can make a decision then as to which to sell.

    Schwarzer is a stupid idea because he’s not a great keeper, who’s basically being hyped by a couple of AKB’s simply because he’s been linked with Arsenal. He’s a bang-average keeper, and has been his whole career. We’re just signing him now (maybe) because Wengker obviously has no intention of doing a proper job, as usual.

  47. Jimbo

    Right, that really is bedtime.

    I’m grumpy today. Maybe tomorrow will be better and we’ll actually (magically) do something impressive in the transfer market? Surely we can’t do any worse…

  48. Jimbo

    Oh, and if you want to know why I don’t rate Koscielny, watch this:

    He gives the ball away, then gets completely raped for the first goal, completely loses his man for the second, gets nowhere near the third, and is asleep for the fourth.

    I probably saw him 4-5 times last season, but this is easily the most memorably bad performance.

    He’s going to get raped in this league.

  49. Keyser

    Jimbo – Apprently me what ? Why not take some of your own advice and read what people write, or how about just read what you, yourself, have written and see if it makes sense.

    Hart’s played all season for Birmingham, even if he had a good season for them, what relevance does that for teams that are challenging for titles or playing in the Champions League ?!

    He doesn’t get picked over Given at Citeh, he’s 23 odd and has barely any experience, maybe thats why he wasn’t picked to play for his own team or England for that matter.

    Is that so hard to fathom ? What I don’t get is that after bitching about the idea of Schwarzer being brought in for his epxerience and slating him, your idea of ‘Ambition’ and a ‘Somebody’ is Joe Hart.

  50. Jimbo

    And Schwarzer’s experience is what?

    Mediocrity and a few years in the UEFA cup? Well prepared for a Champions League club? Yeah, ok…

    Hart seems like he has a good temperament about him – sure, he might break down and not make it, but then so might Schwarzer, who, after all, has looked pretty poor on the biggest stage.

    Hart has more talent, and a much brighter future.

  51. Jimbo

    It’s kind of like bringing in Silvestre for ‘experience’ – experience isn’t worth a great deal if you can’t back it up with ability.

  52. Keyser

    Jimbo – I have nothing against Hart, just don’t get how you can slate one and then promote the other, Hart’s done basically fuck all, yeah he’s young, but so was Fabianksi, who’s been poor dealing with far higher pressures than Hart’s ever been used to.

    I don’t really want Schwarzer, but then I’m not the one talking about ambition, Hart would nowhere near epitomise that.

    Schwarzer’s looked poor on the big stage ? The point is what Stage had Hart been on ?!

  53. Keyser

    Exactly, Koscileny hasn’t played for us, and we’re a far better team then Lorient would have put up against the previous years French Champions.

    If you want to rip apart players that haven’t played for us, it’s all too fucking easy, fact is you have no idea how he’d turn out for us, about as much as I do with Hart.

  54. Jimbo

    So signing the best keeper in the league last season wouldn’t show some ambition? I don’t get your logic, really.

    And why can I NOT rate one more highly than the other? Schwarzer’s been in this league for a long, long time, I think it’s fairly easy to form an opinion of him, no? As for Hart, obviously I’ve seen a lot less – however how is it impossible to form an opinion?

  55. Jimbo

    I have no idea what that means – just going on those clips (not the whole match), those are examples of bad individual defending. You could have Paolo Maldini (of 7 years ago) beside you, but if you get that far from the man you’re supposed to be marking, you’re not doing a great job.

  56. Keyser

    Jimbo – The best keeper in the Premiership ? Playing for Birmingham ?! Give it a rest.

    I’m not saying you can’t rate one more than the other, I asked you for your opinion, it’s just not based on much, logical or otherwise and if I wanted to pick it apart like you were, it’s pretty easy.

    I wouldn’t really want either at the club.

  57. Keyser

    Dude, if that’s all you’re going on for Koscielny, I’d save it, until at least after you’ve watched him in pre-season.

  58. Jimbo

    The best keeper in the Premiership last year – at least according to the PFA.

    My opinion is based upon a couple of years watching Joe Hart, and over a decade watching Mark Scwharzer. Maybe I can’t reel off their Championship Manager stats, but I can be pretty confident that Schwarzer has little to offer a top club, now or ever. Hart is a quality player for the future, and your pathetic attempts to cast aspersions on him simply based upon the club he plays for mean absolutely nothing.

  59. Jimbo

    It’s not all I’m going on – I have that whole game saved on my hard-drive. I’m just linking you to a clip, to give you a flavour, because I can’t upload a 60meg file and expect you to watch the damn thing.

    As I said (and you didn’t bother to read – as usual), I saw Koscielny (and Lorient) 5ish times last season. I wasn’t looking out for him, and didn’t pay him much attention in most of those games, but the only times he ever stood out to me were when he was making fuck-ups similar to those you’ll see in that video.

  60. Jimbo

    And I’m surprised you’re not astounded that we’ve been stupid enough to sign Koscielny. After all, if you’re going to criticise Hart simply because he’s got no experience at the top and plays for a small club, how much worse is it that we’ve signed this Centre Back???

  61. Keyser

    Alright I’m guessing you’re tired now, because you’ve gone back to silly insults. So I think it’s better to leave it.

    I’m not casting asperisions on him, if you’re going to slate Schwarzer, who’s got far more experience than Hart, who’s team went to last seasons Uefa Cup final then there’s almost fuck all Hart’s got going for him either.

    I’ve watched both regularly, Hart hasn’t really stood out, and both have had decent games during the past season, just one has a ton of experience more than the other.

    Again, wouldn’t want either at the club.

  62. Keyser

    I’m not criticising Hart, that’s all there is to it, he’s played for Birmingham all year, a mid-table team that was safe from relegation about half-way through the season and had nothing to play for.

    There’s no bending of the truth there, Given plays before Hart in the Citeh line-up, Green and James got in before him in the England one, he’s 23 or something and doesn’t have much experience.

    Thats not a criticism thats just fact, Schwarzer at least has a ton more experience and dealt with quite a hefty amount more pressure of being in a team trying to go as far as they could in the Europa Cup.

  63. LeProf

    Dan Gosling and Joe Cole on a free! Get Joe Hart, Jack Rodwell and Gary Cahill so that’s done our team with trebles for 5 years!

  64. David


    I might not like Wenger and his obsession with bargains but some of these comments are just bang out of order.

  65. David

    Yes..Id like a WC keeper and would love for him to make long term signings instead of basment bargains like Silveste and Sol and getting everything thats on a free.

    But fack sake dude…thats stuff is extreme.

  66. ethangunner

    Schwarzer has gone down hill the past 3 or 4 seasons .
    you only need to follow the national team to see the slip in form ..

    but lets face it .. we’ve only signed 2 … and got twice as many leaving AGAIN !

    and 1 was on a free .
    the lack of ambition is incredible .
    so is my lack of enthusiasm to write about our team recently ..

    its so visibly clear the club hammers out BULLSHIT each season about war chests etc , in order to fill the seats .. nothing more

    i cannot see any change in tactics or liberation in the spending department with regard to transfers .

    its like pissing into the wind …
    and most cunts are buying into it again i see …

  67. Stel

    This is Arsenes & Arsenal’s last chance… this season.. I cant even justify my obsession to my gf lol 6 years she says with nothing… she plays netball ffs and picks our inadequacies…