One hand on the trophy but will the other Arsenal player make it tonight? And what happened to the Israeli wonderboy?

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And I’m talking Schweinsteiger or Ozil, not Fabregas, after his behaviour I don’t want Spain to win Jack shite, I used to like Spain, but after his display of treachery and all those slimebags begging him to leave the Arsenal, I don’t ever want to see him with the captains armband on again.

When I say treachery, I don’t mean the fact he’s asked to leave, that could galvanise Wenger into doing something, it’s the fact he’s asked to leave with 5 years left on his contract, and whilst he’s the captain of Arsenal, he didn’t object to increasing his contract for more money when he did, did he? Barca won’t break the bank for Cesc, ha, ha, they already broke the bank, they are insolvent, tossers!

First of all well done to Robin and my tip for the World cup, Holland. It’s incredible that he has played more straight games for Holland than he’s ever managed for Arsenal, is this the new fit all the time Robin? We can only hope.

Barca are losing patience with Arsenal because we aren’t prepared to let him go for nothing, how rich is that! They should be done for tapping up our player, by now he must have developed Stockholm syndrome. Rossel has said it’s now or never, well what about we already told you no, you thicko. What part of no did you not understand? So let’s take that as a never. Give the captaincy to Robin or Vermaelen and let Cesc stew for a while.

He can’t go unpunished for what he has done, we know he has done it and even the most diehardindenialCesc lover can’t say he didn’t, and yes, that is a word.

So we’ve lost Campbell, Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos. We’ve bought Koscielny, you can’t count Djourou as we’ve had him for 5 years or so and he’ll be injured before the end of July. So four first teamers out, one in, typical Arsenal, but they do need cash for all the new and improved Club level bits. So don’t be too harsh!

Do we need to sign new players though? As having Djourou, Wilshere, Rosicky, Eduardo and Ramsey back will be like having 5 new signings.

What happened to the new Messi we were going to sign from Barca on a free, the kid from the West bank, or wherever he came from, that’s all gone quiet now hasn’t it?

Who comes first boys, your club, or your country? I think I know the answer to that one.

Bendtner, although he turned up and played bravely for Denmark is now injured and out for a spell, maybe another operation, so it could be a long spell. Ramsey is recovering from a broken leg so we are in the usual position of being light and injured early doors.

We know that during the season Robin, Diaby, Djourou, Almunia, Denilson, Clichy, Arshavin, Cesc, Theo, Bendtner and Nasri will all be long term injured, so perhaps before we get to May and bemoan our atrocious luck, maybe we should at least buy as many players as we lose.

So work that one out, that lot above are almost an entire first team!

I still believe that Arsene will surprise us, and yes I know we say that every season, but we can only hope the Cesc debacle will finally prompt him to doing something, it would be strange though if we had our two best players both lining up to play each other in the World Cup final wouldn’t it!

Have a great day grovers, it will soon be at an end, we can start thinking about pre-season, and hope like hell we have a team that can compete.

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  1. Clacko the gooner

    Looks like Arsenal could have a big say at this world cup in the end. After all we did teach Gio all he knows.

  2. Mayank

    Barca have taken out another loan to keep functioning. I hope this isn’t another ‘soft’ loan. Surely even the friendly Spanish banks will be looking out for their future over Barca’s. Especially with the way the Spanish economy is.

  3. Sach

    Would love to c ozil in an arsenal shirt but can’t c it happening! U never kno robin might actually play in more games than ever this year! But watching his performances for holland he will need to re-produce some of the form we’ve seen in the past!

  4. Geoff

    We should sign Ozil now, before we sell Cesc and every cunt holds us to ransom, also it send Cesc a big fuck you message.

  5. goonermichael

    I am so with you on Cesc Geoff. I’d rather he went. I’ll support the Germans for the first time tonight.

  6. Mayank

    “So we’ve lost Campbell, Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos. So four first teamers out.”

    Surely only Gallas and Sol can be considered first teamers. Silv is an emergency option and Sendy isn’t even a squad player.
    We’ve bought Kostly and are in for another CB, isn’t that 2 out and 2 in.

    I wonder if we’ll buy for the bench or let the 2 fight it out.

  7. Mayank

    Even if everyone didn’t hate Spain for the obvious reasons surely they’d support Germany for the football they’ve brought to the tournie.

  8. Geoff

    Mayank, what makes you think that we are in for another centre back?

    Senderos was a first teamer and so was Silvestre, they were like Randall or Barazite were they?

  9. kiwigooner

    i rekon da verminator shud be da new skipper.
    what team has an injury prone striker as a captain?

  10. Geoff

    Michael at 21 compared to Cesc’s 23 I think Ozil is better, and they way he plays will be better for our team.

  11. Clacko the gooner

    Rocky, i agree with you there. Although if we can’t get Bastian i would happily settle for Ozil 🙂

  12. kingsley

    do you think we are in for seggesson guys? I would hate to see him go to the spuds or liverpool.

  13. Rocky7

    And sell fabregas to anyone other than barca, give Valencia a call, they have some cash after selling silva and villa. 40m to Valencia of not sell him to the spuds. May aswell , shame he is just a moneygrabbing lightweight not much differant to ade. And we wonder why we gave won nothing in 5 years. :-/

  14. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Top post Geoff, I’d love to sign one of those German players. Hard working and efficient… I’ve been reading about this Tasci guy this morning… so I sense we’re lining someone up from that neck of the woods!

    I think Wenger is going to surprise us and I’m pretty certain he’ll sign a centre back or a DM and move Song back.

  15. Mayank


    How was Sendy a first teamer?

    Silv was cover for LB and emergency cover for CB.

    Getting rid of Silv(crap), Sol(fitness) and Gallas(injuries/attitude) and getting Koslty + another defender doesn’t improve us?

    We’d have Verm, Kos, X and JD. That’s 4 CBs as many as you can have in a 25 man squad. Not counting Song who can provide emergency cover.

  16. Rocky7

    We need players that want to play for us. We are the mighty arsenal, the arsenal was here long before any of us , wenger and the board. What would herbet chapman be making of this nonsense. A player , wearing the captains armband, being paid millions, adored by the fans, even tho we have won jack shit ??? And he still not happy. I understand why he wants to but, like geoff pointed out. Fab why not do the right thing and Decline the contract extension? . Surely we should be putting in clauses that shut the agents up and grabbing back our signing on fees.

  17. Rocky7

    Kiwi Gooner – so are barca , man utd and Liverpool, but it don’t stop them paying millions for talent.

  18. Jammathon

    Sorry, did I miss something? When has Cesc been quoted as saying he wants to leave? He’s only ever stated his commitment here. Papers speculating as to his intentions are not quotes.

  19. Queen of Suburbia

    I said the other night, i reckon he’ll sign another £10m level CB. Then he’ll have 4 youngish talents competing for two spots rather than have a top name overshadowing the other three (ala Gallas).

    Hopefully this will better balance us at the back.

    Tasci fits that profile quite well.

  20. Pedro

    Jammathon, don’t be so naive.

    You’ve missed something if you think Cesc’s behaviour has been captain like over the last 2 months.

  21. Queen of Suburbia

    Jammathon – I think its a bit niaive to imagine that none of these stories are leaking out without Cesc or his representatives in full alignment.

    Do you really think Cesc’s dad would go in the radio saying his son wants to join Barca and potentially cause him problems in his job if Cesc was not aware?

  22. A

    Yeah he does QOS, but I’d still rather three younger centre backs with one more experienced one that they can learn off.

    I guess if we get Schwarzer then he can do all the organising and help out the defenders who will be 12-14 years younger!

  23. ade

    Cesc might be a lot of things, but money grabbing isn’t one of them! lets do a test- pick on of the ff as ur striker – torres, drogba, rooney, villa, ibrahi, benzema, higuan, tevez, eto, milito, pato, huntelaar, even kalou n adebitch or chamakh?

    lets try another- van dersar, cech, pepe, gomez(current/last season form) hart, given, brad, valdez, ceasar, casi, or schwarz, as ur keeper?

    Sorry, can’t be angry with cesc same way I couldnt be angry with henry! at least cesc has history with barca, whats henry’s excuse?

    Lets call it what it is instead of being blinded by emotion. Do agree about him losing the band though!

  24. Queen of Suburbia

    I know what you are saying A…i’m just speculating really but i do wonder if there is a suspicion at the club that having Gallas actually unbalanced the back four a bit?

    Sort of like everybody looked to him rather than there being more collective responsibility?

  25. Pedro

    Ade, you’re more angry with Thierry who gave us a golden era in Arsenal’s history and pretty much the best years… over Cesc, who has managed an FA Cup?

    That is a bizarre thing to say…

  26. Dublin gunner!!

    Hey geoff great post mate!! And Pedro cheers for accepting me on face book!! Just back from holidays, was just wondering any news on Joe Cole?? And I would love if the vermaelen was our leader!! And buy ozil and put pressure on cesc for his position!!

  27. Mayank

    We could keep Sol as a player-coach. Verm said he admired him.

    That said removing Henry as the dominant figure in attack improved our attack so maybe the young blood can do the same for the defence.

  28. Pedro

    Choy, that’s if we’re in for him and that’s if Wenger is choosing to play him at centre back.

    LK has the number 6 shirt… he’ll be first team.

  29. chippy

    To answer your question on the last post hes the guy that ran the emirates cup last season he can play either centrally or in my view his best position on the wing hes got pace tenacity and can cross a ball would be perfect at Arsenal in my view,

  30. Rocky7

    Jammathon. The reason cesc hasn’t said a word is because of the money . Sure a written transfer request means they lose a big payout. He signed a 5 year contract last year. Probably with a signing fee running onto the millions ontop of his 100k a week.

  31. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, van bommel looked class again last night, he’d be perfect for us… not scared of any challenge good engine and plenty of experience

  32. mkv

    to me Cesc is a goner,i dont want to see him in any Arsenal shirt again becoz its clear his heart is with Barca now but if Barca really want the ferrari they shld show us the money,at the moment it seems they can only afford a scooter

  33. A

    QOS I’d agree about gallas, but I’m not sure it’s because he was more proven etc than the rest, it’s because he was a bit of a dick!

    Someone experienced, who would chat to the youngsters, help them out etc, rather than a Gallas who was a loner, sulker, and wouldn’t even let anyone sit next to him on the team coach, would do us some good imo….

    Still, if Sol agreed to stay as 5th choice, and maybe help out with coaching a bit that would be fine.

  34. choy

    Pedro.. I think the man from Stuttgart, who is part of the German NT will start before LK from Lorient who hasn’t won a cap yet..

  35. A

    QOS because he isn’t THAT desperate to go! If he was he’d hand in a transfer request, but he’s perfectly happy to stay, and will give his all and lead us to the title when he does stay!

  36. Arsenal Tom

    cesc wants to leave so he can win trophies and play with all his mates. he hasn’t handed in a transfer request because he knows we dont want to let him go and doesn’t want to look like a cunt

  37. A

    Choy I don’t think there will be any automatic preference, whoever else we get in with Koscielny will compete with him, JD, and Vermy.

  38. choy

    Yes A, I am just glad that we’re going after another CB.

    Wenger was in France last night working as co-commentator on TF1’s coverage of the first World Cup semi-final between the Netherlands and Uruguay. The Gunners coach confirmed to colleagues off-camera that the Koscielny deal was done and dusted.

    David Astorga, a well-known face to viewers of weekly programme Telefoot and viewers of TF1’s coverage of the France national side, confirmed the news on his Twitter page last night.

    “Info Arsene. The transfer of Koscielny from Lorient to Arsenal will be announced tomorrow,” he wrote.

    Koscielny, who was playing for second-tier French outfit Tours just a year ago, believes that his move to the Premier League can put him in contention for a place in Laurent Blanc’s new-look France line-up.

  39. kiwigooner

    sure he want to play wid his mates and get a few winners medals but he also wants a bigger salary

  40. GoonerT1m

    Good luck to holland..can’t believe I will cheering for Germany tonight…..Cesc what have you done!

  41. Matt

    So we’ve paid £10 million for a mostly unheard of centre bac who is not going to be first choice. Is that good business? I guess time will tell.

  42. Dublin gunner!!

    Funny thing about cesc is he is saying now that all he wants to do is play football !! Well why the f@@k do u want to go to barca??! You thick!! U will only end up on the bench!! Stupid footballers more money that brains

  43. Arsenal Tom

    dan gosling is on a free cos everton fucked up, he’s crocked at the moment but well worth a punt!!

  44. woody

    Arsenal Tom don’t think he would last long in Premiership with our refs,only stayed on the pitch because its a showpiece world cup,saw a tackle last night that should have been a straight red.
    I think he would be constantly carded.

  45. DeiseGooner

    Would we be happy with this for our central defensive area – its doable anyways

    Jakielka (DM cover too)
    Djourou (DM cover too)

  46. Brian

    the strangest will not happen as spain will fall to the germans. lovely to have RvP in the final though and he should be given the armband. hope he can win it and come back uninjured and on a high.

  47. Dale

    Morning Gooners, from the states. I’ve lost it all for Cesc, like someone said, i don’t even see him as a Gunner less our captain. Surely someone else deserves the arm band now. But i reckon Arsene will kiss his backside still. And when is the old git coming back to set the house in order? Surely Koscielny should have been dusted and done. Any truth on Tasci? At least we are geting guys who are desperate to be Gunners. Tasci’s agent said he’d rather be a Gunner than a spud, so he is welcomed, but Stuttgart will be holding all the cards. Anyone think we will return for talks with Everton on Jagielka? good player but another injury prone player? I reckon if we sold that catalan, Wenger won’t be replacing unless we are in shambles, as it looks when he is out injured. With Lansbury, WIlshere and JET wanting first team, do ya’ll think we won’t even bother to replace Cesc?

  48. M H

    A few weeks ago we were not faulting Cesc for wanting to leave, now we’re all turning against him calling him a money grabbing twunt?! Is it Cesc’s fault that the Board cannot match his ambition? Our response to our failures last season is to try and sign Joe Cole? Really?! We’re fucked.

  49. kiwigooner

    lol maybe cesc has a reasonable excuse for the way hes been expressing his love for fcuking cunts barcalona. it wud be kinda hard to keep quite wid da lyks of villa, xavi, inista, puyol and pique pressuring him to join

  50. Confidentgoner

    I see RVP as a weakness rather than an asset to the Dutch team, based on his WC performance. IS it any wonder that we are underperforming? Get a real striker and not some soft poodle! Get Schwaseinger, Ozil. Germany for final and to win the WC!

  51. Brian

    i think Ozil is light weight and wont survive the flying tackles in the premier league. and what happened to Joe?

  52. Geoff

    Brian, it’s a done deal, as for Ozil, he survived playing England’s tough guys, and looked awesome.

  53. Jaygooner

    Have I missed something? I am scouring everything related to Cesc and cannot see anything other than what we have all known since he signed as a 16 year old. Yeah sure of course he will return to Barca, at some point, but on Arsenal terms, not his, not Rosell, not those pricks at Barca, or those pricks in the media. He remains Captain of Arsenal Football Club and that man will honour the Club and the fans by giving his utmost until he eventually leaves. Cesc has tremendous love and respect for this Mighty Club. It is a pity heads have been turned by the constant barrage of “cesc to Barca” bullshit that the media, particularly the British media, has been feeding us since the season end. I will defend Cesc based on his statement that he would leave his future in his managers hands. Wenger stated unequivocally that Fabregas was integral to the development of the team and NOT for sale. The way Wenger worded that statement was pure class. It told Cesc what his future was and it was intended to placate us, the fans. Maybe some of us are hard of hearing,

  54. ade

    No, Pedro. not angry, simply saying if henry, our greatest player can, why can’t cesc! and they both have the same excuse, they want to win something.

  55. Matt

    If Cesc was to go, I would rather see Honda coming in then Ozil.

    If we got Ozil all we would do is develop him for another couple of years only for Barca to come in and do the usual.

  56. gambon

    I think its a bit silly when people suggest world class players couldnt handle the premier league.

    Pires was a pansy when he joined!

  57. Dale

    M H, yeah we can’t blame him, but FFS his a captain, i expect RvP and Arshavin behave how he is, even the loud Ruski hasn’t said much anymore since his mis-quotes were published. Of course we are all scuffed about Arsene and the board. They tell us we got money to spend in matching Chelski, but we are signing Koscielny and haven’t addressed much needed areas. I still reckon we could use Joe Cole, maybe not as much as he’d like, but he could bring a winning mentality to the youngings, I’m sure Wilshere and Lans would like to learn a thing or 2 from him.

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    Jay – I think you have missed something. You need to look at what people close to cesc are saying as well.

    Do you honestly think that they are saying it all without his knowledge?

  59. Arsenal Tom

    A, and another for the quotas… he’s very highly rated i think, there’d probably be allot more talk about him if they didn’t have rodwell

  60. LeProf

    Sneidjer, Ozil, Schweinsteiger, Robben – world’s best midfield now. At least GBP100m to transfer and cost twice on 5 years wages combined. So its GBP300m cost for 5 years of trebles but revenue to the club is GBP1 Billion along the way. Sadly our Theo, Song, Cesc, Nasri midfield remain a fat hope indeed.

  61. Pedro

    Ade, that’s a pretty shit way to look at the situation?

    You’re justifying our 22 year old captain leaving because our greatest player ever left at 29?

  62. Brian


    Whatever angle u look at it, cesc is part of the problem. part of our failure is not because of lack of signings. it is because we have players who cannot give their all for the shirt – diaby, denilson to name a few. if we had players who showed the passion Vermy showed in his first season, or even campbell, we would have been far. and guess who has something to do with that? THE CAPTAIN and also the coach.
    He has been at Arsenal for like 7 season. He knows how arsenal works and he is in a better position to know if we are adding. Why did he extend his contract if the reason he is leaving is lack of signings?
    We dont care who it is we just want our club to be respected. He is a captain for crying out loud and no matter how many times he is linked with other teams, he should come out clean for the fans who pay his salary. has he done that? u have the answer.
    we are not mad he is going – no player is tattooed to the arsenal. infact even tattoos can be removed with laser. it is the way this whole saga is unveiling and the fact that he is our captain.
    he doesnt deserve the armband.

  63. Matt

    AT Ha ha!

    In all seriousness though, am I the only one who thinks that Arsenal are becoming a stepping stone for players. The good ones stay for a couple of years and then have their head turned by a ‘bigger’ club. The mediocre ones stay because they dont get a better offer and they know their position is secure almost regardless of how many bad games they have.

  64. gambon


    Get your head out of the sand mate. Cesc wants to leave, and has asked to leave.

    Hoping he stays is admirable, thinking he deosnt want to go is akin to putting your fingers in your ears and going “la la la I cant hear you”.

  65. IvoryGoonz

    Looks to me like another year repaying the debt in priority, and only chasing CL qualif.
    Hopefully at this rate, 4 more years and the debt will be repaid, giving no more excuses to the board and AW to not spend money…

  66. Pedro

    QoS, it’s lawyer logic kicking in…

    Circumstantial evidence goes out of the window… they need a direct confession.

    Witnesses, family, Barca management are all lying… while little old Cesc sits in his hotel room playing nintendo Wii…


    Cesc know’s the drill and he’s playing the game…

  67. Socrates

    if we strip Cesc of the captancy if he stays we will have killed his spirit, don’t get me wrong I think Cesc should be punished in some way for his behaviour towards the greatest football club in the world but that would cause more harm to the team as a whole, maybe stick him with the stiffs for a while!!

  68. gambon


    Theres no more debt to repay early.

    Just the “mortgage” on the stadium, and we wont pay a penny of that back early.

    Its fair to say we are swimming in money, whether we spend it is a different matter.

  69. Brian


    The worst tackers didnt make it to the world cup – people like Shawcross. In the world cup people like to be on their best behaviour. Even Mascherano tried alot. Melo tried too although he blew it in his last game. So he hasnt seen any tackles yet. It will be a baptism of fire if he ever comes to the Premier league. Its not that i dont want him, he just reminds me of Eduardo.

  70. Mayank

    I don’t get why people embellish facts to denigrate our club.

    “Sadly our Theo, Song, Cesc, Nasri midfield remain a fat hope indeed.”

    Along with Geoff calling Sendy (2 CC games and half a season on loan) a first teamer.

    Our MF as of now is Arsh, Cesc, Song, Diaby, Chamakh.

    Anything to have a dig.

  71. Arsenal Tom

    matt, absolutely mate! we are in what id say is the 2nd teir of big clubs…

    top boys…

    man utd

    next level

    AC milan

    players will look at us and the teams in the top bracket and will think they have a far better chance of trophies at those clubs compared to us. we’re still a big club but not one of the biggest in the world

  72. Pedro

    Mayank, Senderos had been at the heart of our defence for our greatest ever defensive run!

    He wasn’t in the first team by the end, but you can’t deny that he was once part of the plans.

    I still believe Wenger rates Big Phil over JD.

  73. gambon


    Yeah we do lose players to bigger clubs. But the answer isnt to start buying inferior players, the answer is to become a bigger club.

    Re-structure the wages so we can pay the big players more, and win trophies.

    If Arsenal had won the PL the last 3 years, and the CL twice in 5 years, everyone in europe would be talking about how they want to play for us.

  74. Pedro

    … and you’ve just decided what you think the midfield will be. You have no basis for that… it’s just your preference.

  75. Gooner4Life10

    I see no difference between CESC and HLEB to be honest . Cesc Is no angel at all. And why was he kissing the badge that game against Blackburn when he knew that he lives barca.

  76. Jaygooner

    Queen of Suburbia
    Throughout the World Cup, he has only talked about Spain and the World Cup. His “friends” are part of an orchestrated attempt to get Cesc on the cheap. Until Cesc himself comes out with the “more than a joke” Barca DNA blah blah blah, I defend him. Just my stance, but please don’t turn on a player who has done so much for this Mighty Club.

  77. N21 TONE

    Great to find an Arsenal blog site with people who actually talk about the team! Agree with the blog on Cesc but I think because them BarcaBastards can’t afford him, we are gonna end up with one disgruntled player!

  78. Pedro

    Jay, what has he done for the club?

    If they are Cesc’s friends and they are saying those things, he should firstly bollock them, then deny the stories in the media.

    Like he used to.

  79. Gooner Webbo

    I’m with you Geoff Germany for me and f&@k Pique and rest of Barca players! I say buy Ozil (even though I think we’ll miss out) hold on to Cesc and hold them to ransom on price!! When is Wenger going announce his defensive signings?? Prior to world cup AW? obviously not, guess that means we’ll miss out on top quality again!! Anyway give RVP squad number 10 and make him skipper! I for one don’t want to see Cesc wearing our shirt if he has no commitment!!

  80. ade

    Lets look at it this way
    1- they both captains
    2- both aching for barca
    3 – both got serious pay jumps (henry got some serious pay for staying 1 more year)
    4- both have issues with not winning trophies
    5. Cesc loved barca first, b4 he met arsenal, henry didnt.

    Yes cesc is younger but he has been here almost as long has henry spent with us- so really i can.

    And like henry, he realises there isn’t much change on the horizon, and promises keep getting borken.

    So forgive me, but beyond age, actually think cesc as greater reason to move than henry!

  81. N21 TONE

    Pedro – Liam Brady was a lot younger than 29 when he left – he was our greatest player by a mile…..

  82. Brian


    Look at the long term. He will be an example to the others. It will teach Barca that we mean business and he will be cut down to size. That will even motivate the players more coz they will know that if they fail to measure up or take the club for granted their asses will be kicked.

    Would u rather we let cesc feel all good and nice ad hold us ransom or he feels what he wants and then set the record straight and get the above mentioned merits?

  83. Pedro

    N21, welcome to Le Grove.

    I never got to see Liam Brady… so I can’t pass judgement.

    My favourite player in my living memory was Bobby Pires… but Thierry was probably the most successful for the goals and the trophies.

  84. Dale

    Hey why are we even talking about Ozil when he has clearly stated he likes ManUre or Chelski for their trophies? I reckon we look else where, is Lansbury going to be any good?

  85. Mayank

    But we’d lost him Pedro, much before we sold him. That’s why we brought in Verm. Later we didn’t even rely on him as cover and got Sol.
    If you’re counting Sendy as a first teamer then Sol can’t be one.
    We’ve lost 2 first teamers Gallas and Sol and one emergency cover (behind JD, Sol even Song) Silv.
    We’ll be getting in another CB or keeping Sol.

  86. Queen of Suburbia

    jay – he turned on me first.

    He pissed off to Barca when he got injured. He then answered a planted question about joining Barca to start the ball rolling.

    It is an orchestrated campaign of which Cesc is part. Does you dad comment on your career without you knowing about it? Does he go on the radio telling the world you’d rather be in another job? Of course not.

    Cesc knows exactly what is going on.

  87. Matt


    I’m not suggesting we buy inferior players, although my post about Ozil might have given that impression. I want Arsenal to sign nothing other than the very best. But like you say, attracting the very best is one thing and that is very difficult for a club who hasnt one anythign for five years. If you do manage to attract the very best then keeping them is an even bigger challenge, and again unless you are winning things, they are always going to look elsewhere.

    We all know the days of loyalty and sentimentality in football are gone so we can never expect a player to stay simply because they love the club. It is about two things now, money and winning. Do you think Cesc would be harping on about going back to Barca if they were a mid table side?

  88. Pedro

    Mayank, we’ve lost Senderos, Silvestre and Gallas. We’ve got two recognised CB’s because you can’t count JD in my eyes. He’s probably got about a 30% chance of staying fit for any decent amount of time this season.

  89. Pedro

    I notice Jammathon didn’t come back… that probably means he’s busy compiling a post about how judgemental we’ve all been and that he backs Cesc 100%.

  90. Jaygooner

    he is pissed of denying the shit day after day after day, A bit like The Mighty Arsenal. One statement, basically fuck off barca and do not come back. Wenger, one statement, NOT for sale. There is no reason to repeat it ad infinitum.

  91. Brian

    if my memory serves me right, part of the reason henry left was his divorce. his wife had been given custody and it was traumatic for him. Is cesc divorcing his playstation? coz thats the thing he seems to be so much attached to and it is in England with him.

  92. Pedro

    Jay, really, sounds like you’re speculating there.

    How pissed off can you get saying, ‘the stories aren’t true’.

    It’s not that hard is it? Especially when you’re asked every press conference.

    I don’t know why I’m debating the point with you… because I know if you’ve got a grain of logic, you wouldn’t believe what you’re saying.

  93. gambon

    Jaygooner, youre a bit deluded fella.

    So, lets get this right;

    – Laporta is lying
    – Beguristain is lying
    – Rosell is lying
    – Pique is lying
    – Messi is lying
    – Pedro (not our Pedro) is lying
    – Xavi is lying
    – Puyol is lying
    – Keown is lying
    – Carlotta Fabregas is lying
    – Fabregas father is lying

    – Jay gooner knows the truth

    Yet Cesc has not thought it would be an idea to come out and deny that he wants to leave in the 6 weeks that these stories have been running????

    I want Cesc to stay, and think he will for a year as Barca havent got the £££, so im in no ‘Doompit’ – however the idea that he doesnt want to go is a non-issue, everyone knows he wants to go.

  94. Jay-Jay

    Good post.

    I’m glad to see not all Gooners are essebtially praying for him to stay. I love the guy – he’s brilliant and always has been for us, but after this summer he has to go and we shouldn’t get anything but full price from those unscrupulous bastards over in Catalonia.

    If the can’t stump up the full price then they can give us someone of real value from their squad as well and the pitance they’ve already offered. If they can’t then they should remember the statement we’ve made and fuck off into the night.

  95. Mayank

    Then we should sell JD and get someone else. We can’t have more than 4 CB + 1 emergency cover (Sol or Song) in a 25 man squad. To ask for replacements for Sendy and Silv by calling them first team is just a set up to bash the club.
    Who wouldn’t be happy with 2 new CBs. Maybe their quality is a concern but surely we won’t go and buy 4 CBs plus the 2 we have.

  96. A

    QOS they won’t be working with a football yet I’d imagine, so we can wait a while until we discover who he’ll be taking out!

  97. Arsenal Tom

    cesc said “i have not said i will definitely leave arsenal” or words to that effect.

    that to me translates as “i would like to leave, but now it might not happen”

  98. Queen of Suburbia

    Jay no-one is denying that the Arsenal statement was a thing of beauty but unless Cesc comes out and says “I want to stay at Arsenal, anything else you hear is uninformed specualtion”

    Then A) The campaign to get to Barca continues and
    B) The suspicion that Cesc is an active participant in it lingers.

    Think of it another way. If you are waiting to hear Cesc say “I want to leave” in the media before you condemn him, how many times does that actually happen?

  99. Brian


    If he CARED, he would have told those players to refrain from saying that if they were lying and he want infact using them. He is with them in SA as they say that.

    He would have told them to respect his status at the club and the club in particular.

    But he isnt. What does that tell u?

  100. Matt

    Maybe Cesc realises that by staying quiet and allowing all these other people to come out and say how much Cesc wants to come to Barca, he is essentially handing in a transfer request withough actually having to do it and lose the 10%.

    What he is doing, or rather not doing, is making his position at Arsenal, and certainly as captain untenable. Surely Wenger must know this and realise he has to sell. Which in turn puts the ball firmly in Barca’s court when it comes to negotiating a fee.

  101. Jaygooner

    Queen of Suburbia
    that only takes us back to the day Cesc signed for Arsenal, at 16 years of age. It was always going to be the case that Cesc would return to his home. My argument is that he will do it with style, with Arsenal fans cheering him at The Emirates on any return. Cesc has a fair bit of Arsenal DNA in him you know and we do things with class,angel.