Eduardo in and Eduardo out? Come on Arsenal, let’s get on with it!

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Today sees another keeper enter the fray, this time the Portuguese keeper Eduardo, at 27 though it seems unlikely, I’d have him over what we currently have, but if Wenger’s masterplan is Chezzers, I doubt it will happen.

Eduardo, our injured striker is surrounded by ifs-buts-and maybe’s, though I like him and would be sorry to see him go, but if he is damaged in the head department, then maybe we should say thanks and move on, I really don’t know what the boss is thinking but I would be guided by inside information there.

Harry trying to hi-jack our move for Cole seems funny, last week he was ready to ditch the spuds for the England job, this week he’s back to his smarmy best, make your mind up Harry, England or Spurs! At least our manager puts Arsenal before France.

With the world cup due to end this weekend and pre season around the corner, I would expect things to start happening soon, they have to don’t they if he wants the team in place for the up and coming friendlies, we now have Dagenham to play, good news for our Essex based supporters, but I’m not sure what that will achieve, we would have been better off travelling to the US and earn some money rather than risking injury at places like Dagenham, still what do I know eh?

Cesc still looks like he wants out, so at least by Wednesday we’ll know if one of him or the two Germans will be an Arsenal player, Germany and Spain can’t both go through so either Ozil, Schweinsteiger or Cesc will decide their futures, though I suspect Wenger has his eye on someone we’ve never heard of from the french second division.

I do love the new home kit, I’m not sure about the away one and I really like the return of the clock, so all we need now is some world class players and I’ll be gagging for the season to begin, to be honest I’m gagging anyway, but at least facing the clock will bring back memories of a bygone age when we won things, do you realise that since we’ve been at the Grove, we’ve won zip! Maybe that’s all about to change, apparently Brady says we are interested in a few Germans, let’s hope so eh!

A last word for ex-Brit David Feherty, I watched Justin Rose win another PGA tour event in the USA last night, many of you may know the dim ex-Northern Irish twit has recently become an American, having to listen to him suck up to the US commentators over the last few months made me feel a little sick, but yesterday he took the biscuit, he said as Rose had a putt to win on the 18th, ‘it would be unfair if a redcoat won on July 4th’ what a wa*ker, David turning on your own is as low as it gets, you really are a scumbag, I hope your new masters gave you a pat on the back, I’m sure your relatives think you’re a top man. I particularly admire your new image, you look like a 300lb scarecrow shoved into a laundry bag and tossed into a barrel of monkey spunk.

Have a great day grovers, things should start to happen soon.

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  1. A

    QOS are you named after that website you’re linked to, coincidentally the same name, or do you have something to do with it?

    I’m guessing with the first team returning to training tomorrow, things could start to pick up all over the place transfer wise

  2. Queen of Suburbia

    I got asked to come up with one that was anti-paparazzi by a friend who works in T.V. and gets followed quite a bit.

    Ironically following that we got asked to make a mens one by that Darryn Lyons the guy with the mohawk who goes by the name Mr Paparazzi!

  3. Queen of Suburbia

    25 now i think?

    Its actually not been too bad tbh…most of our business is in the States, i’m not the most attentive to it if i’m honest, it was only ever supposed to be a hobby but it’s ticked over better than i’d hoped.

  4. Jimbo

    Ideal summer:

    Fire Wengker
    Hire Louis van Gaal – 2 yr contract

    Sell: Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo, Flappianski
    Release: Shitvestre, Gallas
    Buy: de Rossi, Cole, Kjaer, Mertesacker, Benzema
    Rip up pre-contract: Koscielny

  5. A

    Was gonna say it looks very professional, how did you get into it?

    Seen alot of Koscielny I take it Jimbo?!

    I’d love Benzema to be fair, absolute class, and wasted at Madrid – bit worried about the prospect of Utd getting him should they manage to flog Berba

  6. A

    Although obviously we’ve got bigger fish to fry than another forward.

    I’m just waiting to see who we go for as the second centre back, once koscielny is in the bag, unless we actually manage to get jagielka

  7. Queen of Suburbia

    I’d have to ask her boyfriend first tbh BBK!

    Actually true story, my mum sent a pic of my sister and I balancing spoons on our noses or something daft to one of those cleaning lady magazines Take A Break i think it was, years ago.

    Some guy then phoned my mums house and pretended to be an old school friend. Being an idiot my mum gave him my phone number and we had six months worth of dodgy phone calls from a call box in Coventry!

  8. A

    Yeah QOS I’d agree, but if they signed Benzema then it would mean Rooney being able to drop deeper and be the creative player, rather than the sole focal point of their attacks, and Benzema is just class in general.

    They could certainly do with an ozil though, or even a joe cole, no idea why they aren’t after him.

    Was I just compared to a dodgy bloke in Coventry making stalkerish phone calls?!

  9. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m a bit of a geek on the quiet A and i’ve always worked in fashion so some sort of fashion web site seemed to be a pretty logical. Working on a redesign at the moment that’ll hopefully be a step on.

  10. A

    So what you’re saying is that you’ve never seen him Jimbo.

    Or have you been scouting Lorient extensively?

  11. Jimbo

    Occasionally, A, not much but occasionally.

    But, being signed by a manager as clueless about defending as Wengker, I don’t have a lot of faith.

  12. Jimbo

    Sure, QoS, players I want to see more of next season:

    Song (yes)
    Bendtner (yes again)
    RvP (for more than three months!)
    Arshavin to stop being a lazy cunt.

  13. Jimbo

    Meh, well you know me QoS, not afraid to be contrary!

    Only thing I’ve seen on here today has been some nonsense about us signing Gerrard.

  14. Queen of Suburbia

    I do know what you mean Stu…it’d be nice just once as an Arsenal fan to hear us announce a top top signing other than Dennis and Overmars, i can’t remember any…we’ve never really been that sort of a club, i guess.

    Still, i think if Wenger is prepared to spend pretty big money for an unproven centre back then he must see something in him.

  15. Queen of Suburbia

    TBF DDM said we’d bid not that we’d definitely sign him as he did with schweinstiger,

    Which basically means we can never prove either way unless of course they do sign.

    I’d be surprised, i must say.

  16. A

    I agree QOS, exactly the same as Vermy.

    I just hope that we do sign someone else too, with maybe a bit more experience.

    Vermy was a hell of a find, but a bit raw still even if exceptionally talented. Wouldn’t be surprised if Koscielny was just the same, and I’d like to see us have something a bit more reliable than raw talent.

  17. Stu

    Definately QoS. Whoever we sign is probably good enough because regardless of peoples opinions of Wenger he does sometimes know what he’s doing, but just once in a while it would be nice having a suprise top quality signing that we have seen perform regularly.

    Agreed A, Koscielny and Vermaelen isnt really enough. We dont know what LK is like as a defender so another one who is more assured, organised and experienced would do no harm.

  18. Stu

    David Luiz doesnt really fall into the “experienced leader” category though. And with the bid that city are rumoured to have put in, we wouldnt be able to compete.

  19. A

    Yeah QOS, that’s how I see it. Sol would come in as number five, otherwise Nordveit would probably be kept around.

    Someone a bit more assured, experienced, and proven sixx pac, not just someone more hyped and better on Football Manager….

  20. sixx pac

    A. How dare u. I dont even play football manager( that much). I have watched Luiz a lot though and he is a very good defender

  21. A

    I don’t deny that Football Manager data is very accurate (I was a researcher for it for a little bit, so it must be….) but we need something more than that, and someone who has been around for a bit longer imo, knows all of the tricks of the trade etc, so that Vermy/koscielny can learn from him

  22. Queen of Suburbia

    I have a hunch he’ll go for 4 similar level defenders perhaps with different attributes and have them fight it out for two spots…a Cahill or Jagielka would fit that description.

  23. A

    That’s my thinking too QOS, having three similarly experienced/quality centre backs who could rotate a bit and compete

  24. Yon

    CAHILL IS SHIT!!!!! The defender responsible for the worst defensive record in the EPL last season.

    If anyone ever mentions his name with Arsenal ever again…. they must be banned from this page. We don’t sign players simply because they are English. SCREW THE OVERRATED ENGLISH!

  25. Paul N

    If you dare take advice from somoene who says Sagna is crap, you will surely go wrong.

    What the hell is going on with some of these folk on here?

  26. el tel

    Morning to Geoff or Pedro.

    Back to work tonight after a holiday in Florida. Not sure you will even read this today or ever but I wanted to add a comment anyway.

    I will upset you Geoff and probably pedders too (see I am at it now) but I was fucking crying with laughter at seeing Lamps JT (always reminds me of a gin and tonic) Stevie G and that fat gypo cunt plus the Spuds get a spanking from the Krauts.

    The media wankers don’t have a clue how to put right this shambles and blame everyone barring the real culprits themselves and the English culture for our shittiness.

    Every time Engerland play I see fighting being spoken about. Fuck the lot of them until they sort it out but they won’t and this country is in the shitter anyway so sorry I couldn’t give a toss.

    On another point and this is just a ridiculous thought. Does anyone not think that Maureen will get rid of Kaka asap? How about swapping Kaka for the china doll and extremely over rated RVP chuck in Clichy too if all I care. Use Kaka as Cescs replacement add Joe Cole the only Engerlander presently in the squad with an ounce of technical ability sign Melo or another DM and a real tasty striker to team up with Chammers.

    Kaka,Benzema,Van the Fart,The Gay Boy,Higuain, Raul. and all the other attacking players at RM must be cacking themselves about finding that they will be playing in defence for the foreseeable future and a few will obviously be surplus to requirements or really unhappy.

    wenger a few weeks back mentioned that RM would be an intgeresting place to be looking.

    Just a dream of mine.

    Kaka would quieten a fair few unhappy Gooners IMO.

    Englands problem imo is as I mentioned earlier the amatuers in the media the thug behaviour of the English and for me the bent Refs who let the Pikey and his Chav mates get away with kicking the crap out of anything with a fraction of technique.

    I got bitter with English football after seeing my two sons who have great technique not get a look in because they didn’t like the agression. Theo Foley liked my sons as he lives a few doors away and watched them play in the street. Theo got them into his Charlton Athletic football schools and they won best player awards but they have no agression and didn’t want that from playing football, they were both skinny little fellas then who have now grown up to be well over 6 foot tall and a bit more agressive. My point is we as a Nation only look at the well developed and bully types at an early age.

    I have started having a weekly kick about with them at the Marshes they are both in their early 20’s now along with some Bulgarian colleagues of mine and a few of their friends we really enjoy playing.

    More people have been coming to our kick abouts recently as it is taking off but a couple of weeks back 3 fellas came along who are mates of my Boss, they support the Shammers and straight away created havoc.

    They played like it was a cup final, going into studs up sliding tackles on 50 year old 16 stone plus fat geezers like myself although I am only 48. The whole thing became less enjoyable as the guys who went there for a kick about were now getting screamed at and a risk of getting injured by these guys.

    I reverted back to the old days and started calming things down and giving back quietly as good as I got but it fucked the whole enjoyment for most of the others.

    Thats where England have got it wrong and the skill level drops. The 3 Shammers guys are actually decent players but the aggression is fucking ridiculous when a 58 year old playing in goal for them gets abuse for letting in a goal. The Old boy who supports Millwall doesn’t go anymore.

    Best League in the World. i don’t think so. Friday night fight night more like.

    I am not a pansy and like Geoff probably did, I played football in Bethnal Green in the 70’s before shin pads with an heavy ball and got kicked to fuck without retaliation I was very skinny and quiet then.

    As I got older I played for my School (South Hackney)with the likes of Mark the Spud Falco and an Arsenal Youth team goalkeeper plus a fella who played for Orient at reserve level and a Dagenham goalkeeper. That wasn’t a terrible level in them old days.

    I came from the Peabody flats off Columbia Rd, Geoff will know this place and although the reputation was poor none of the guys I knew got into trouble.

    we played football whenever possible and played against other teams of mates in that area. We played cricket in the summer and rode around on our Chopper bikes we climbed up anything that was possible to climb. and annoyed the local old folk but we were never in trouble.

    I would like to meet Geoff one day and see if he knows some of the guys I grew up with. I might even know him myself.

    anyway chaps have a great day.

    Hope you read this you two top Gooners.


  27. Jaguar

    Where is Wenger?Is the hypocrite still talking about his favourite shit players instead of doing his duty?Wenger has made us a joke that we cant even sign a shit player called Kosclieny from a shit league.

  28. Jaguar

    Jimbo says:
    July 5, 2010 at 23:29
    Ideal summer:

    Fire Wengker
    Hire Louis van Gaal – 2 yr contract

    Sell: Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo, Flappianski
    Release: Shitvestre, Gallas
    Buy: de Rossi, Cole, Kjaer, Mertesacker, Benzema
    Rip up pre-contract: Koscielny

    Ideal summer
    Most important:Kick the French hypocrite out of our club and hire Leow from Germany
    Release:Shitvestre, Diabolical and Clownmoonia(No sensible person would pay for his retards),Gallas
    Buy:Eduardo/Stekelenburg(GK),Van Der Weil,Yaya,Simon Kjaer,Joe Cole,De Rossi.

    Arsenal for the quadruple next season.

  29. MickyDidIt89

    There is some monster movement in the air, me thinks. Could be Cesc out and new hero in, or Cesc stays because of our new hero (well that and the fact that Barca can’t afford him).

  30. MickyDidIt89

    Suppose City upped their offer to £55m, do we take it (lets assume for the sake of this that all the cash would be invested in our new hero’s)?
    We screw Barca, but our boy ends up with one of our rivals?

  31. DeiseGooner

    Cesc will only be sold to Barca, i reckon thats a given. Will it be this summer? I just dont know. Does Wenger and Gazidas have the balls to keep tellin Barca to suck it? Will Cesc keep quiet and not hand in a transfer request – i reckon thats the clincher. If Cesc asks to be transferred then we might see the club open to bids.

  32. Geoff

    As it happens I did, and will Sabeel!

    Nice post Tel, I totally agree, all the way down to the kicking without shin pads, when I eventually got a pair, they had bamboo in them to absorb the impact, weighed a ton though!

    Micky, he would never go there. Our best bet is to tell him we’re putting him on the market and he is no longer our captain, then see what Madrid do, that will force Barca to pay more, if they don’t, he’ll go to Madrid because he couldn’t come back if he lost the armband.

    Wenger is too gutless to do that though, I just hope like hell he doesn’t give him our transfer budget to him to stay one more year, that would be such a cunt of a thing to do.

  33. Jaguar

    Geoff,it wont happen because Cesc doesnt want to go elsewhere,and Mourinho wouldnt want Cesc either.

  34. Pedro

    Jaguar, your silly nicknames that you give to players really take a lot of credibility away from whatever you’re saying.