Good move Arsenal, probably our only world class move this summer.

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Yes I’m talking about the clock, still at least we’ll know what the time is!

Some reports suggest that Joe Cole is on his way, and in order to balance the books we’ll need to sell Rosicky and Eduardo. What claptrap, Gallas has gone, Senderos has gone, Merida has gone, Simpson and Silvestre are going, blimey if that hasn’t cut the wage bill, I don’t know what will.

Rosicky would be a stupid sale, he is as good as Cole so it makes no point, as proved by yesterdays injury scare to Robin, he is made of glass and whilst fantastic, he will be out for long periods next season, of that there is no doubt.

Which is why Joe Cole is such a good buy, he can take it in turns to be on the treatment table with the other fragile players in the team, Cesc, Eduardo, Rosicky, Walcott, Diaby, Denilson and Robin.

So, the clock is going back in the South bank, and they are reintroducing the North Bank, that’s good, it may bring some of the old songs back, and I can feel I am back in the old North bank Highbury!

I also read that we are thinking about a part ex with Juve for Melo and Clichy, no, not they pay us, we pay them, ha, ha, we aren’t that stupid surely? No thanks, I’ll keep Gael thanks.

Gaff strewn Clichy or Gaff strewn Melo plus cash??? That’s a no brainer, and I really like Clichy.

Only Uruguay  left from South America and no one left from Africa, get in there Europe! I watched the Germans destroy Argentina, Germany my tip (in that game) were awesome, it was worth it to watch fat boy cheat Maradona’s face! I will stick by Holland though as they are still my tip for the trophy.

It was great to see such free flowing football with great finishing, Arsene maybe you should go shopping there instead of your favoured France.

That Mueller bloke was how I was hoping Randall would go, sadly he hasn’t moved in the 3 years I’ve watched him, it’s a shame Arsene wasn’t watching the under 21’s last year, all this mob were there on show.

That for me is why you have reserves, so you can pick your first team from them, natural progression, England don’t and we don’t, still after watching this world cup, and in particular the Germans, maybe things will change and Arsenal will go back to buying top players and not furniture for the new stadium. Don’t hold your breath though.

Anyone notice the empty seats yesterday? What a shambles.

Have a great day Grovers, the sun is shining and the world cup will soon be at an end.

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  1. Erichero

    Wenger did say at the end of the season that he won’t necessarily buy a keeper, I’m sure I can dig the quote up somewhere.

  2. A

    Oh yeah Erichero, whilst the season was still ongoing, I wouldn’t read much into that.

    I’m pretty certain he’ll sign a keeper, and most likely Schwarzer now, hopefully in the next few days

  3. Stu

    The WC shouldnt hinder talking with agents so setting up transfers shouldnt be a problem. Its just a matter of waiting for the player to return so they can sign on the dotted line.

    Di Maria signed for real despite being at the WC (i assume he didnt actually sign but everything was agreed).

  4. A

    I would erichero, just reliable, proven, and experienced. Would mean the rest of the team could play without always worrying or being put under pressure by keeper error, and would also make a massive difference when the team is absolutely shitting itself and panicing towards the end of games with long balls being hoofed into the box

  5. Willo

    There used to be a gay nightclub in Amsterdam called ‘Jimbo’s’ I was a member of. It was decked out in Cocker*ls, all over place. I expect that is where Gambon and Geoff met because someone tried to set them up.

    Thanks god they are smarter than me!

    How Gambon has the audacity to say ‘We’ when he refers to OUR beloved team makes me want to hug him.

    ! don’t know football and I certainly don’t understand Arsenal.

  6. ethangunner

    schwazer is fine ,

    he’s far better than getting kicked in the cods ! but if the club showed ambition they would get neuer or hart or someone who can impose presence and have a future at the club , Aren’t we fucking done with BAD AID FIXES ?

    there is no guarantee any one of our youth goalies will make the grade .EVER. but im sure thats what wenger is banking on ..

  7. Geoff

    Willo, you are a strange one, we are all Arsenal fans on here and don’t care which way you lean.

    You should keep that sort of thing to yourself.

  8. Damian

    Ethangunner doesn,t bringing in Silvestre on a free tell u that there has been no money Wenger has had 15M a year 4 the last 5 this is the first year that he has a bit

  9. LeProf

    Germany currently using 4-2-3-1 formation:

    Lahm – Mertesacker – Friedrich – Boeteng
    Khedira – Schweinsteiger
    Mueller – Ozil – Podolski

    Unfortunately our 4-2-3-1 quite lame, eh?

    Sagna/Eboue – Gallas/Campbell – Vermster/Fishead – Clichy/Gibbs
    Song – Diaby
    Walcott – Cesc/Denilson – Arshavin/Nasri

    Ah…how lovely if our 2010/2011 Arsenal 4-2-3-1:

    (Van Der Wiel)/Eboue – (Mertesacker)/Djourou – Vermster/(Cahill) – (Kos)/Gibbs
    Song – Cesc
    Walcott/(Ozil) – Wilshere/(Rodwell) – Nasri/Arshavin

    (New) – Neur-18m, Hart-12m, Mertersacker-17m, Kos-8m, Cahill-12m, Ozil-17m, Rodwell-16m, Chamakh-free. Total is GBP100m.

    Come on Wenger, GBP100m once and for all is a guaranteed treble for 5 years running! 5 years of trebles = GBP 1 billion profits to Arsenal from GBP100m investment! Which druglord can make such a dope, Maradona?

  10. drogistin

    It seems its for all england a bit difficult this summer 😆
    We kicked your white “asses” away from the worldfootballleadingship:lol:

    anyhow… nice greetz from germany 🙂

  11. MickyDidIt89

    When does the window close?
    Geoff: I would give Willo a very wide berth if I were you!
    I have rearranged my shopping list, with GK and CB as standard (keep Sol) and I have elevated a striker above my usual Toulalans and Hazards. Had we scored five’ish more goals in the right games, we would be Champions. Every team should have two great strikers, and RVP will be injured. Its simply madness to suppose otherwise.


  12. MickyDidIt89

    Ok, so Fabiano was the first name I plucked out of the air, but Torres. Is he going to stay at Anfield? Can’t see him going to Barca or Madrid, Chelsea or Utd. Lets hope City do their business quickly as they could hijack pretty much any move.

  13. gambon

    Oh Willo

    Youre a silly fucker aint ya.

    You come on here to slag me off but reveal that youre a faggot.

    Nice one. I assume youre long gone now, probably sucking a cock.

  14. Pedro

    So we might be interested in this Eduardo keeper?

    He looked fantastic when I watched him.

    I still think Neuer looks the most solid keeper at this world cup.

  15. Sam

    Even Braga know that we need a keeper and they offer us Eduardo 🙂

    And if he has a buy out clause, why would Braga worry about where Eduardo is going ?

  16. rich

    Melo is a friggin animal-just the sort of bully we need patroling the midfield. Don’t care if he gets a few red cards this season. PV4 got his share of reds didn’t he?