Brazil are out, anyone tell me why Denilson wasn’t playing?

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So good news for the Nederlands, they beat Brazil, well done guys, you are my tip, we should be doing some of our recruiting from their team.

I got a chance to see Melo, fabulous through ball to Robinho for their goal and he also scored the first Dutch goal, he would fit perfectly in our team wouldn’t he!

I would like to know why we persist with a player that has never featured in the Brazilian national team, forget the under 17’s, he doesn’t play for the big boys, so why does he play for us?

He may well come good one day, but he hasn’t so far, and he has featured for our team for what, 4 years now, I think it’s crazy that he plays such an important role in our side when he’s not good enough for theirs, and that’s half the reason that Cesc wants out, he can’t diss his mates, but it is obvious he doesn’t think this team is good enough, why doesn’t Wenger.

I would far sooner see players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Lansbury be given more chances, let’s see what would happen to one of them if they got 4 straight years in and around the first team, better still, loan him out to Bolton and bring Wilshere back.

I remember Bentley saying to Wenger play me or let me go, Wenger let him go, 2 years ago Denilson said if he wasn’t played more, he would consider his options in the summer, what happened then? He got more starts the following season, I think it’s one rule for the English kids and another for Johnny Foreigner.

Yesterday I had the first tee time on the West course at Wentworth, I got to the 11 tee and who should step up to the 8th? Yes, you guessed, Theo Walcott.

I said ‘Oi Theo, sack the earrings and start having more shots or I’ll beat you over the head with my new Callaway driver, he said you must be Geoff from Le grove, I said I am, do you read it, he said are you having a laugh? we all do!’

Ok, that didn’t happen, but he was on the 8th tee and I told his group to alternate their shots, one of his group teed off as I was on my downswing, twerp, anyway, we waited until Theo teed off, nice swing Theo, not a big tee shot, but a very nice swing.

I was wondering however why he was on the golf course and not in the gym. I also bet he didn’t play for his round!

We are today being linked with Van Der Vaart, I’d have him, 27 and very clever, and a real mate of Robin’s, we are linked with so many top players these days and to be honest, I would have any of them, my fear is we won’t sign any top players and that would be a shame, however, pre-season is only 2 weeks away and the world cup will be over just before that, by then we should have concluded our transfer dealings, let’s hope we at least have a decent keeper on that list.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Germany.

‘For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament, Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year. Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you’

This sounds to me he’s talking about persevering with the likes of Denilson and Fabianski, well if we had the 3 above players Arsene, I would agree with you, unfortunately Denilson and Fabianski aren’t that good.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy the football!

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  1. Stu

    Yeah defo should have been a pk for the foul on Cesc but that would have been extremely harsh to give a pen immediately after one was saved. And the ref wouldnt have been able to see it anyway.

  2. Swedish Gun

    agree..cesc should have a pen

    but this is hilarious

    great game to watch…go paaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaguay

  3. Swedish Gun


    thats typical of van the man or should we say van the glassman

    break his metarsal and now mby his arm just by throwing himself on the grass…freakin unreal

    injuryprone or what??

    or was this another impact injury….pff

  4. Pat

    Spain much better with Cesc.

    More midfielders leads to more control, so any midfielder they’d put in would help.

    Para player should’ve passed

  5. Swedish Gun

    just making the point that we shouldnt relay on VP for the whole season

    he is not over his injuries if someone thinks that

    he is STILL very injuryprone

  6. A

    because there are injury scares swedish?! good logic there….

    the only injury vp has had in the last year was from a challenge by chiellini that would’ve injured any player in world football in the same way

  7. zeus

    South Americans getting fucked by the Europeans after doing the same to other Euros in the opening rounds.

  8. A

    i don’t agree that his injury against italy had anything to do with being injury prone no….

    he WAS injury prone because he had loads of muscle problems, those seemed to have gone away before chiellini’s challenge, although we won’t know for sure until this season

  9. Swedish Gun

    if your injured you are injured

    if you are injured a lot u are injuryprone

    if it’s a break, muscle, pull or whatever doesn’t matter

  10. Stu

    I dont recall VP ever getting a hamstring strain or any major muscle injuries…not that injuries are something i tent to remember unless they are breaks.

  11. Stu

    You cant classify someone like Cisse as injury prone because he broke his leg twice. Thats just shit luck…not being prone to injuries.

  12. telarse

    Nicholas Cage referred to your butt-hole in “The Rock”

    Can’t remember what he was talkin about but he said
    “…What, in the name of Zeus’s butt-hole…”

    Why your butt-hole?

  13. Pat

    Stu, half the team went to Cardozo when he was balling his eyes out(he’s the one who missed the penalty, which is surely the biggest turing point in the game) and tried comforting him.

    Same goes to Forlan. I read that after the Europa League final he went to the Fulham fans and praised their support and then he shook hands with each and every Fulham player before celebrating with his teammates.

  14. zeus

    Until Messi wins a WC he can’t be compared to Diego IMO. You just can’t.

    This is a man that dragged average teams to the top at the WC and at club level, all the while with mindblowing skills that left people’s jaws on the ground.

    All this while he was HIGh as a fucking kite! Had he been drug free there would be no debate about who was better, Pele or Maradona?

    Its Maradona BTW.

  15. A

    zeus he was also done for performance enhancing drugs as well as coke…. you can’t guarantee without the drugs he would’ve been better

  16. Swedish Gun

    Maradona was a fucking cheater!!!!!
    (gods hand and drugs…nuff said)

    Pele the best player in the world for all times

    no contest

  17. zeus

    Coke fucks you up and he was better than everyone he was playing with by a mile still.


    Can’t agree. My logic, and I know there are faults in it, Pele was in a team of FANTASTIC PLAYERS, take him out and Brazil still wins every WC.

    Take Maradona out of the 86 and 90 teams and they fail supremely.

  18. A

    zeus what about the performance enhancing drugs?! can’t claim that he would’ve been better without them….

  19. zeus

    There are those who say who is the best Pele or Maradona….
    Answer : Alfredo di Stefano. Best of all times.

  20. Stu

    Well your opinion is supremely biased towards anything argentina related zeus so of course you would pick Maradonna over Pele.

  21. zeus


    There is also age bias. When Pele was at his peak I wasn’t even born yet. There are hardly any clips of him either.

  22. sixx pac

    Zidane= best of all time. Ronaldinho from 2002-2006 was the best player to ever grace the planet

  23. zeus


    Best currently playing.


    Zidane is a level or 3 below Maradona, he himself has stated as such ON VIDEO. Youtube it.
    Ronnie could have been, but 2 years at the top doesn’t rank you as the best. During that period he was the best yes.

  24. Swedish Gun

    woaw…It’s so exciting!!!!

    Koscielny is signing!!!!

    we will walk the league next year for sure!!

  25. sixx pac

    Well Zeus Zidane has something that Maradona and Pele dont; humility. Of course he’s gonna say he’s not as good as Pele or Diego. 2 or 3 levels below? Ur mad if u believe that

  26. A

    depends what you mean by worried zeus, they could be pretty strong. If I was a Utd fan I’d be very worried, if the rumours are true and they don’t have money to spend, they can’t rely on Rooney to keep carrying them all next season. Would be very embarrassing if they finished behind City!

  27. zeus


    Poor ole delusional A. Thats it done and dusted. Business closed.1 on a free and 1 purchased. hehe

  28. zeus


    They did gel. They just can’t defend. And Yaya will go a long way to rectifying that for City.

  29. A

    Chamakh and Koscielny in, Schwarzer, one other centre back, and maybe cole to follow – sorted! Then another DM would be a nice bonus

  30. sixx pac

    I believe that even with our squad unchanged from last season we would finish above city. Thankfully that isnt the benchmark, which is why we are improving

  31. A

    No idea what Koscielny is like Stu, and Cole and Chamakh are pretty high profile players. Just because they’re on a free doesn’t make them useless….

    One other centre back to come in too

  32. Stu

    Who said anything about them being useless.

    I just dont think that we should be spending less on 4 players than most teams spend on 1. I mean 13 m for 4 players total is just taking the piss. Good for business but whats the saying? if you spend peanuts you get monkeys..or something like that anyway.

    We have the money why not spend it on world class players.

  33. A

    I think we should be concentrating on who we’re bringing in, and the quality of who we’re bringing in.

    However much money that costs is totally irrelevant.

    How much money did we spend in years prior to the invincibles?!


    Kolo £150k
    Tavlaridis £600k
    Wright £6mil
    Sol Free
    Van Bronckhorst £8.5mil


    Warmuz Free
    Shaaban Free
    Gilberto Silva £4.5mil
    Cygan £2.1mil


    Lupoli ?? Not much
    VP £2.75 mil
    Clichy £250k
    JD Free
    Jens £2mil
    Senderos £2.5mil
    Cesc Free

  34. Stu

    Yes well, we werent one of the richest clubs in the world then were we?? And the need for top quality replacements wasnt so urgent at that time either.

  35. A

    Jens, Sol, Clichy, VP, Cesc, Gilberto were probably the best signings out of that lot, Gilberto, Sol and Jens immediately, for a total of £8.5mil

  36. telarse

    We should be a lot better than last season – Van Persie hopefully fit ’til christmas (maybe even standing up long enough to have an effect on games!) by which time Chamakh will be up to speed.
    Arshavin with a season under his belt playing out of position, Almunia and Fabianski praying for introduction of Jubilani, or whatever the fuck it’s called, to cloak their fuck-ups (ditto RVP for his frees!), a miserable Fabregas or a deliriously happy Diaby to run the show, Theo – nuff said!

    Jokin aside I think we’re good enough with additions of Chamakh and a hopefully big fucker of a centre half.

    I’m giving Denilson a chance – can’t blame him for Wenger’s team selection and that’s our only problem – Wenger’s team selection.

    We’re Gooner’s for life – continue like this and I’m hopin for an early death!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Paulinho

    And most of the players on those lists were garbage and played little part in our success.

    The squad overall back then was much more mature and sturdy and in less need of surgery, just tweaks. This squad needs an overhaul.

  38. Stu

    Yeah they were and the 3 of them came in over 3 different summers. Its not even nearly the same as now, where we need 2 CBs and a goalkeeper and a top class attacking midfielder IF Cesc does leave.

  39. Paulinho

    And we need some frickin central midfielders. It is beyond sickening that we face the possibility of again starting a season with Diaby and Denilson playing integral parts.

    MIDFIELD is our WEAKEST department

  40. A

    In the same period, the three years up to the invincibles, Utd spent


    Steele £500k
    Forlan £6.9mil
    Blanc Free
    Veron £28.1mil
    Carrol £2.5mil
    RVN £19mil


    Ricardo £1.5mil
    Ferdinand £27.6mil


    Heinze £6.9mil
    Ronaldo £12.2 mil
    Saha £12.8mil
    Smith £7mil
    Kleberson £5.9mil
    Howard £2.3mil
    Djemba-Djema £3.5mil
    Bellion £2mil

  41. Stu

    Theres no “only Problem” though is there telarse?

    We have very few defenders at the moment and defending was a massive issue last season and the seasons before that. Its not just having the players back there though. Its about organisation and the team effort.

    Then there are injuries or how about weak mentality (regardless of what Wenger says).

  42. Paulinho

    Just look what a tit Diaby made of himself AGAIN in this world cup. Has his one good ‘novelty’ game but then quickly slips back into zombie mode, seemingly oblivious to the fundamentals required of a central midfielder.

    Look at Khedira, look at Schweinsteiger. Players that actually can grasp the basics before expressing themselves – not the other way round.

  43. Stu

    The invinclibles is just 1 team A. WHat about the last 5 years when united and chelsea won all the titles. I dont see you naming any of the players were were buying then.

  44. A

    Stu we needed a keeper pretty badly when Jens came in, needed a DM when Gilberto came in, and likewise a defender when Sol came in.

    Now we need a keeper and a centre back in the same season, and I expect players to come in to fill those voids.

    Our midfield is strong imo Paulinho, not one of the problems last year. It’s all the defence, keeper, and general depth.

  45. Keyser

    Paulinho – What do you mean by overhaul ? Like a completely new team ?!

    The first team back in the day was Invincible, the squad was strong but not strong enough to hold off what Abramovich threw at Chelsea, which is the difference now, we’ve got a pretty decent team and quite a strong squad, we need a couple of key additions now.

  46. A

    Stu my point was that you don’t have to spend big to win. We won before when everyone else was outspending up by miles.

    Our most successful signings prior to the invincibles cost very little, and Chamakh, Koscielny, Cole, Schwarzer could follow them in a similar vein, becoming very important

  47. Keyser

    Also long time, you should post more. You’d have to be pretty harsh to pick on Diaby considering the shitfest that went on with France.

    He was one of their better players in almost every game, France just didn’t have much of anything going on up front.

  48. telarse


    That’s crap about DiStefano!

    If he was any good there be loads on YouTube and there’s fuckeeng not!!

    You probably think Charlie Chaplin was better than Bob Monkhouse too!

    I looked up Ted Drake and Cliff Bastin too – apparently they weren’t so hot either!

    YouTube doesn’t lie… FACT !

    (Have you noticed how twatting annoying it is when some twat sicks “FACT” on the end of an opinion – or even a fact. Makes me wonder who they’re trying to convince)

  49. Stu

    No you dont have to spend big A, but when you have a fuck load of money to spend then whats the point of sticking to going after cheap players? The best players generally cost the most.

    When we were being outspent but still winning things it was because we already had world class players throughout the team and those coming in (Sol, Gilberto or Jens) they were just minor tweaks to the team. You can throw out as many cheap players as you want, doesnt change the fact that this current team is a far cry from the pre invincibles one.

  50. Paulinho

    Keyser – I think we need five new players. That’s an overhaul in my book. I would still be in favour of it even if it meant we dawdled a bit next season. This ‘youth of 05/06’ are a busted flush.

    A – We’re not compact enough between the lines. Our midfield does not move in tandem with the defence. We lack pace/athleticism on the counter attack/in general(when teams counter us). Look at Denilson not covering Rooney against United at the Emirates. Diaby not tracking back against Wigan for their first goal.

    Defensive malaise throughout the whole team is ENDEMIC.

  51. telarse

    That’s my point – the only problem is Wenger’s team selection.

    He selects players weak in body and mind (and heart for that matter)
    The organ grinder’s the only problem not the monkeys – fucking wee midget capuchin cunts in our team’s case!

  52. Paulinho

    Keyser – I’m trying to give Wenger a chance so I will spare everyone my ire for now (I just know he’s not going to get a central midfielder though)

  53. Keyser

    Paulinho – 5 ? Why ? I think thats partly the reason why we’ve struggled, is because of the constant change, you look at that German team and it’s not just a group thats been thrown together over a few games at the World Cup, they’ve come up through the German Youth system when their FA made a concerted effort about 10 years ago.

    Leow hasn’t changed the team much and has kept faith with the players, just like Van Gaal at Munich when people were wondering about the new signings they’d make he purposely looked into the young players they already had and kept faith with them throughout the criticism.

    The youth of 05/06, people pick on players like Denilson and Diaby and whoever else because they think it’s easy to, it’s not like we’ve put our faith in just those players but people want to ignore that, if we’ve got players like Gibbs and Ramsey and whoever in behind then it can only be a good thing.

  54. Keyser

    Paulinho – Where’s the fun in that ? I suppose we’ve got all season to discuss it though, what sort of midfielder would you want ?!

  55. Paulinho

    Keyser – I would take a central midfielder or two above a goalkeeper. I actually think Almunia is okay and has the fundamentals down, just has the air of calamity about him(which again could be due to the fragility in the rest of the side, Brum goal what was the rest of the team doing?).

    I see what you’re saying about stability but I see blatant flaws in Denilson/Diaby. They should be improving during the season. I certainly don’t expect Diaby to start knowing how to defend properly because he spent a few weeks on a beach.

    If we just get new central midfielder or two along with a central defender then we can see where we are. Ideally though I would like a new left back, two central midfielders, goal keeper, creative wide midfielder.

  56. Stu

    Where the fuck is my comment!!!!! Fuck sake.

    Basically Keyserm i said something like this current team doesnt already have mature, world class players who have already won things and know how its done, so the additions of gilberto, sol and jens were just retouching the team. Not the same as what this team needs.

    Honestly i havent a clue what i said but thats all i can remember.

  57. Keyser

    Paulinho – I always mention stability, because the basics people mention can be drilled into players, but none of ours play regularly enough for them to have the effect we all want to see.

    I wanted a solid defender for next season above all else, I didn’t think the goalkeeper was that bad or that we were going to get one good enough to be able to somehow navigate all the different situations ours have faced over the season.

    Look at Diaby, I don’t know how you’d criticise him for the France display, he kept it neat for the most part, tried to feed balls forward and into the channels but the players around him had no communication or cohesion anywhere.

    I’m not saying he’s going to suddenly become World Class, but for us how many times does he actually play in the same position or with the same players.

    We’ve had no progression in any season of the past 5 because we’ve had to change the team almost every year.

  58. Paulinho

    Keyser – Khedira or someone like him. Not just basing it on the world cup either as he was similarly impressive for Stuttgart as well.

    Stamina, work ethic, explosive when needed, nice touch.

  59. Keyser

    Stu – I’d say you’d have to look how we got those players together in the first place, we never invested heavily in one particular season and brought them all together which is exactly what Chelsea have done (and they had a pretty decent collection of players to begin with), which is what Citeh are doing now aswell.

    If we went out and bought 4-5 World Class players like they’ve done in a season and it didn’t work out what would you do the next year ? Considering it took you 4 years to save up that money in the first place.

    On the other hand we’ve seen that those spending spress aren’t one offs for our rivals.

  60. Keyser

    Yeah, ideally I was thinking 3 athletes with a good touch for next year, Chamakh is supposedly one, I don’t know about Koscileny and would still like a dominant centre back next to Vermaelen, but one for midfield would be nice aswell.

    I don’t think any league can really prepare you the Premiership, and I’d lean towards the French league being closer than the German, I didn’t really see how quick he was playing for Germany ?!

  61. Paulinho

    Khedira is quick enough. I would put him on the Darren Fletcher level in terms of physical capabilities, strong in all areas.

  62. gambon

    I like the look of Khedira, i think he would work well alongside Song.

    Add him to the midfelders wanted list of Toulalan, Melo & Inler.

  63. zeus


    Calm the fuck down. Didn’t I say Maradona was the best ever in my eyes. I’m saying there are those that would have him there as the best ever.

    And the notion that the best is determined by the amount of youtube clips you have is just fuckry. Justin Bieber has a lot of shit on youtube, is he great?

    Di Stefano played in the fucking 50s, I don’t even think they had proper recording instruments in those days. Which is why you take on board the words of former players who played against him. By all account, MANY a player thought highly of him and up there with the ABSOLUTE best if not THE best.

    And there are youtube videos of him BTW.

  64. A

    I dunno reggie, that’s why I ask!

    Yaya would’ve been awesome, but him apart I don’t see any DMs it would be worth signing over Song….

    I wonder if we did sign Jagielka, and that is a big if, he’d play DM at times.

    If only we could make the shock signing of Rodwell!

  65. reggie 57

    Rodwell now you are talking! english big strong boy, i cant see moyes letting him go to be honest!!

  66. zeus


    See what you did there.

    Changing gears, shouldn’t the Arsenal be playing like Germany. Counterattacking but also VERY comfortable in possession as well. You know, the way we played when we were actually competing.

    Why in the world are we playing tiki taka ‘barca-esque’ football again? What was Wenger’s reasoning?

  67. William

    Forget it. Khedira/Ozil is not possible because they’re not French. If French Arsene Wenger will be salivating.

  68. zeus


    Just drawing a parallel. Fuck sake. If you don’t know who Justin is, consider yourself lucky.

  69. Lurch LeRouge

    Alright gents. Kind if missed the game tonight, too drunk and distracted to pay attention. I did catch a glimpse of cesc getting interviewed at the end… Did he perform well?