Brazil are out, anyone tell me why Denilson wasn’t playing?

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So good news for the Nederlands, they beat Brazil, well done guys, you are my tip, we should be doing some of our recruiting from their team.

I got a chance to see Melo, fabulous through ball to Robinho for their goal and he also scored the first Dutch goal, he would fit perfectly in our team wouldn’t he!

I would like to know why we persist with a player that has never featured in the Brazilian national team, forget the under 17’s, he doesn’t play for the big boys, so why does he play for us?

He may well come good one day, but he hasn’t so far, and he has featured for our team for what, 4 years now, I think it’s crazy that he plays such an important role in our side when he’s not good enough for theirs, and that’s half the reason that Cesc wants out, he can’t diss his mates, but it is obvious he doesn’t think this team is good enough, why doesn’t Wenger.

I would far sooner see players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Lansbury be given more chances, let’s see what would happen to one of them if they got 4 straight years in and around the first team, better still, loan him out to Bolton and bring Wilshere back.

I remember Bentley saying to Wenger play me or let me go, Wenger let him go, 2 years ago Denilson said if he wasn’t played more, he would consider his options in the summer, what happened then? He got more starts the following season, I think it’s one rule for the English kids and another for Johnny Foreigner.

Yesterday I had the first tee time on the West course at Wentworth, I got to the 11 tee and who should step up to the 8th? Yes, you guessed, Theo Walcott.

I said ‘Oi Theo, sack the earrings and start having more shots or I’ll beat you over the head with my new Callaway driver, he said you must be Geoff from Le grove, I said I am, do you read it, he said are you having a laugh? we all do!’

Ok, that didn’t happen, but he was on the 8th tee and I told his group to alternate their shots, one of his group teed off as I was on my downswing, twerp, anyway, we waited until Theo teed off, nice swing Theo, not a big tee shot, but a very nice swing.

I was wondering however why he was on the golf course and not in the gym. I also bet he didn’t play for his round!

We are today being linked with Van Der Vaart, I’d have him, 27 and very clever, and a real mate of Robin’s, we are linked with so many top players these days and to be honest, I would have any of them, my fear is we won’t sign any top players and that would be a shame, however, pre-season is only 2 weeks away and the world cup will be over just before that, by then we should have concluded our transfer dealings, let’s hope we at least have a decent keeper on that list.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Germany.

‘For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament, Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year. Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you’

This sounds to me he’s talking about persevering with the likes of Denilson and Fabianski, well if we had the 3 above players Arsene, I would agree with you, unfortunately Denilson and Fabianski aren’t that good.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy the football!

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  1. A

    ah ok, cheers sixx pac. don’t think that’s lorient’s official site but it would fit in with other reports. wonder why it hasn’t been announced

  2. Stu

    Kevin Prince Boateng should be given a medal for injuring Ballack in the fa cup final because if he was fit them imo Germany wouldnt have been as good.

  3. KM

    just my observation but the Argentines team looked too attack heavy whereas the German team is more balanced

  4. Stu

    I actually hate commentators. The RTE ones going on about Muller as if noone knew who he was before the WC and that Van Gaal making him into a winger was a masterstroke. When if they had actually watched the CL they would know that Ribery and RObben played on the wing with Muller at AM/SS.

    I hate when the so called pros know nothing and appear as though they have done no research at all.

  5. Stu

    Stating the obvious KM. Argies are playing 2 strikers, 2 wingers and whatever maxi claims to be. Balance is more than just 5 attackers and 5 defenders.

  6. tomesco

    now somebody find that idiot and tell him how important the defense is.

    I guess he’s in a room dancing on denilson’s guitar crazy rhythms.

  7. Pat

    Stu, Ribery was out for a long time, making only 10 starts in the league and 7 starts in the CL. Robben had 18 starts in the league.

    Muller played on the wings and in the middle. About half and half

  8. Swedish Gun

    very very impressed by the german well oiled machine

    did wenger bring his checkbook??

    i want their goalie neuer

  9. Stu

    True Pat but he was played in the middle when Ribery and Robben was fit. He played on the wing a good bit but not to the extent that the commentators are saying.

  10. Man

    Maradona has paid for his eccentric squad selection…leaving outZanneti, Samuel, Banega, Cambiasso etc.

  11. telarse

    No word from Incesc? I’m worried about him! Anything bad (asphyxiwank-related) happens him it’s on Geoff & Pedro.

  12. Pat

    Maradona didn’t leave out Samuel and he rightfully left out Cambiasso.

    Zanetti and Banega should have been there though

  13. zeus


    Fair play to Germany though, they are in very good form. Lets hope the last 2 results don’t lull them into a sense of misplaced security.

    Maradona OUT!

    Thx, but no thanks.

  14. zeus


    SPOT fucking on. Messi needs to get the ball further up the field, he can’t come into the centre circle for the ball.

    Maxi Rodriguez should not be starting over Veron EVERRRRR. Why was Banega not taken, or even the out of form Fernando Gago.

    As I said, we played them in March and won 1-0 IN GERMANY, their same side, fucking hell, just play back the same side.

    4-4-2. Gutierez, Veron…..

  15. zeus



  16. CedarBayDave

    Ruud Gullit commentating on ESPN in the USA just went off on teams of midgets like “Spain and what Arsene Wenger thinks is the way to play” and said big skilled players will wipe the floor with them like Germany are showing now and Bayern and Inter showed in the champions league.

  17. Scorpion

    Game reminded me of Arsenal v Chelsea of last two or three seasons. Arsenal having alot of posession and toppy tappy passing but Chelsea winning by two or three goals

  18. 78692

    Posted 03/07/10 12:56EmailPrintSave

    Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has confirmed he has held talks with Joe Cole about a move to White Hart Lane.

    Cole is a free agent following the expiration of his contract at Premier League champions Chelsea.

    The 28-year-old is keen to sort out his future in the next few weeks after returning from the World Cup with England.

    Arsenal were thought to be front-runners for Cole, but now Spurs are hoping to beat their arch-rivals to the midfielder’s signature.

    Redknapp is a big fan of Cole having brought him through the youth ranks during his time in charge of West Ham and he believes the playmaker still has a lot to offer.

    “You know he’s got lots of options, I think quite a few clubs want him,” said Redknapp.

    “I had a great relationship with him as a kid; I signed him when he was 11 years of age.

    “As I said before he lived for football, he was the best schoolboy footballer I have ever seen without a doubt.

    “He has still got that enthusiasm I think, but whether there is a chance of getting him, I feel there is a chance.

    “I don’t think it will be easy, but I think we have got as good a chance as anybody.”

  19. jason

    Joseph John “Joe” Cole (born 8 November 1981) is an English footballer who plays in midfield, who plays for Arsenal in the Premier League.

  20. Man

    As good as Joe Cole is he is not a player we need atm. I’d rather we spent that money on a CB, whether it is Gallas, Campbell or anyone else, in addition to Kolscielny

  21. David

    the truth is you dont know how to defend.

    Even Arsenal wouldve done better on that set piece…not saying we wouldnt have conceded but we wouldve missed the ball in less dramatic fasion

  22. zeus

    Arsenal = Argentina. Gutted.

    So its Robin vs Cesc, If cesc gets on the pitch and if Paraguay can do something.

  23. sir henry norris

    how much would Ozil cost with one year on his contract? I’m not the one with a shopping wish list of incomming players, but I really do think we should try to get him. If cesc does not leave this summer he sure will leave next. He he would be an ideal replacement right now.

    Joe f’ing Cole is not the answear he’s a one pace fancy dan with as much penetration as a 102 year old man.

  24. zeus

    Maradona to consider future as Argentina coach after exiting World Cup
    By The Associated Press (CP) – 12 minutes ago

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Diego Maradona says his future as Argentina coach is unclear after the team’s 4-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals.

    Maradona said “I may leave tomorrow” at a news conference after Saturday’s match, but added that “I’ll have to think carefully about it … and talk with my family, and the players. There are many issues here.”

    He also believes that “whoever comes after me” will follow Argentina’s attacking style of play.

    Miroslav Klose scored twice, and Thomas Mueller and Arne Friedrich also added goals as Germany knocked out two-time champion Argentina at Green Point Stadium.

  25. Stu

    LOL Jason. Your foolishness is hillarious! Literally anyone who has access to the internet can change what it says on wiki.

    Ruler, where did you read that?

  26. zeus


    Figures. Kid looks like a winner.

    Anyone with an answer to my question though, if Germany pull it off, would they be the youngest side to do it?

  27. Stu

    Yeah i think so Zeus. They either have the youngest squad or the youngest first team. Either way, if they win it they will set some sort of record.

  28. Stu

    Who’d have thought the best players were interested in trophies. Fuck sake Wenger, look at what you’ve done. Ozil doesnt even consider us when talking about a move to the prem. 🙁

  29. David

    Ozil will be very nice..and it will end this Cesc debacle.

    But for me we need to swap Bendtner with Muller. Asap

  30. Stu

    So of the keepers that have been knocked out already who would people pick for Arsenal? My pick would be Eduardo of Portugal. Didnt really take note of him until he played against Spain (he didnt have much to in the other games i dont think) And apparently he is very consistent for Braga too.

    There you have it again. Eamon “cunt” Dumphy said Villa plays on the left for Valencia anyway (when discussing how Torres and Villa dont really compliment each other). Clearly Dumphy has never watched Valencia play and just made an assumption because Villa drifts left for Spain in this WC.

  31. zeus

    Oh a Ruud Gullit’s comment is garbage as well. I’m sure he was waxing lyrical about Barca a year ago and Spain at the Euros 2 years ago.

    And he will be doing the same if the cunts win the WC.

  32. zeus

    Hope Sergio Batista gets the job and Maradona steps down.

    That defence and goal keeping position needs sorting.

    Ezequiel Garay, the closest thing I can think of to Pique ATM, is one to look forward to, maybe Insua at Liverpool.

    But Heinze and Dimicheles even Burdisso were atrocious.

    Its the Copa america next year in argentina, fucking ‘HOME COURT ADVANTAGE’, if they can’t win there, they will never win another senior top title.

  33. travis

    denilson is the worst player on our team all he does is pass backwards and miss tackles …… any player in the team would be betta in that position even almunia.

  34. zeus

    I would love that. But the JFF is broke, Theo is a decent coach at best, and the Capt. Burrell is more concerned with his own ego it seems.

    We still owe the Engkish FA for the fucking pointless friendly in 2006 where we were hammerred 6-0 by England, with Crouch, Peter fucking Crouch getting a hat-trick I think.

    Jamaican football in shambles.

    We can’t even qualify for the gaol cup.

    But we do have Usain Bolt – TO THE FUCKING WORLD!

  35. Stu

    Cesc still not playing for Spain is a disgrace. They only thing Busquets has that Cesc doesnt is height. I hope this makes Cesc mind up and he stays away from Barca for at least another 5 years.

    If Barca buy Ozil then they have no need for Cesc and apparently they have a lot of very promising midfield youths so maybe they will have no need for him ever.

  36. Stu

    Zeus, Insua? He is fucking shit imo! He is truly a fat ponce and he is very slow and small. Cant imagine why you would want him.

  37. zeus


    Argentina has a dearth of talent in the fullback positions and at keeper. Those are two key areas where they trail Brazil by a mile just as Brazil trails argentina in turning out top quality CM playmakers.

    If not Insua then who. in the central areas, Fazio (Sevilla) and Garay (Real Madrid for now) certainly deserve a look especially the Madrid man.

  38. Stu

    I’ll have to trust your judgement on the others Zeus but not with Insua. He isnt good at all imo. He has a decent touch and ok cross but has no pace or power. I dont know who else there is but i cant imagine why anyone would pick Insua.

  39. zeus

    Angel Di Maria was disappointing too. Never did a thing of note apart from the drive from distance that went wide.

    Seeing Maxi Rodriguez replace Veron makes me wonder why not even Pablo Aimar was taken.

  40. zeus


    I can’t be like that. The only team trhat I don’t l;ike is Brazil, sometimes out of envy sometimes cuz they are just downright shit and undeserving of victory.

    Now I’m just watching. A neutral spectator. I don’t really like spain anymore for obvious reasons, Rvp I would like to see succeed, but I love cheering for the under dogs.

    I’m just neutral now. Can’t be bothered.

  41. zeus

    Just saw the reeplay.

    How balls has Casillas become. Though that wasn’t his fault, but in general, he hasn’t been impressive in some time.

  42. Stu

    Very balls zeus. Even this season against Milan (which is one of the few Madrid matches i watched) Casillas was at fault for 2 of the goals.

  43. Pat

    That was offside. Cardozo jumped for the ball. Paraguay can’t complain imo, but hope they keep it up.

    Cesc will change this game if he comes on, which is why I hope he doesn’t.

  44. zeus

    Paraguay did finish 2nd in the South American Qualifying so they are a good team.


    And if Para. wins, what do I do when they face RVP?

    If you said you could have an all South American final, who would’ve thought you could be talking about Urugauy and Paragauy instead of Argentina and Brazil.

  45. Stu

    If Para win and they face Holland they you obviously support Holland. You dont have to support 1 team and 1 team only. You pick Para over Spain because spain are full of cunts.