Brazil are out, anyone tell me why Denilson wasn’t playing?

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So good news for the Nederlands, they beat Brazil, well done guys, you are my tip, we should be doing some of our recruiting from their team.

I got a chance to see Melo, fabulous through ball to Robinho for their goal and he also scored the first Dutch goal, he would fit perfectly in our team wouldn’t he!

I would like to know why we persist with a player that has never featured in the Brazilian national team, forget the under 17’s, he doesn’t play for the big boys, so why does he play for us?

He may well come good one day, but he hasn’t so far, and he has featured for our team for what, 4 years now, I think it’s crazy that he plays such an important role in our side when he’s not good enough for theirs, and that’s half the reason that Cesc wants out, he can’t diss his mates, but it is obvious he doesn’t think this team is good enough, why doesn’t Wenger.

I would far sooner see players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Lansbury be given more chances, let’s see what would happen to one of them if they got 4 straight years in and around the first team, better still, loan him out to Bolton and bring Wilshere back.

I remember Bentley saying to Wenger play me or let me go, Wenger let him go, 2 years ago Denilson said if he wasn’t played more, he would consider his options in the summer, what happened then? He got more starts the following season, I think it’s one rule for the English kids and another for Johnny Foreigner.

Yesterday I had the first tee time on the West course at Wentworth, I got to the 11 tee and who should step up to the 8th? Yes, you guessed, Theo Walcott.

I said ‘Oi Theo, sack the earrings and start having more shots or I’ll beat you over the head with my new Callaway driver, he said you must be Geoff from Le grove, I said I am, do you read it, he said are you having a laugh? we all do!’

Ok, that didn’t happen, but he was on the 8th tee and I told his group to alternate their shots, one of his group teed off as I was on my downswing, twerp, anyway, we waited until Theo teed off, nice swing Theo, not a big tee shot, but a very nice swing.

I was wondering however why he was on the golf course and not in the gym. I also bet he didn’t play for his round!

We are today being linked with Van Der Vaart, I’d have him, 27 and very clever, and a real mate of Robin’s, we are linked with so many top players these days and to be honest, I would have any of them, my fear is we won’t sign any top players and that would be a shame, however, pre-season is only 2 weeks away and the world cup will be over just before that, by then we should have concluded our transfer dealings, let’s hope we at least have a decent keeper on that list.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Germany.

‘For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament, Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year. Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you’

This sounds to me he’s talking about persevering with the likes of Denilson and Fabianski, well if we had the 3 above players Arsene, I would agree with you, unfortunately Denilson and Fabianski aren’t that good.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy the football!

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  1. insidealbania

    And to answer your question, its because Denilson is not good enough yet. He may one day be good enough to play for Brazil but even when or IF he reaches that top level he will still not be good enough for prem football. He is more suited to play in Italy at a top half club IMO.

  2. SUGA3

    morning 😀

    fucking classic, Geoff, great read…

    I can tell you why he was not playing: because Gilberto and Melo absolutely piss all over him?

  3. NaijaGooner

    Morning guys,Denilson i believe will come good one day.The question is that will he still be with us by then?maybe he would have been chased away to another club by some of our impatient fans.

  4. SUGA3

    great games yesterday, Ghanian coach must get his head checked for not lining up Muntari and KPB to take the second and third pen, or the one in the last minute for that matter…

  5. KM


    what a game last night 😉

    Ghana v Uruguay was the best match of the tournament in terms of Drama and action. Was v.impressed by Annan and once again Kevin Prince Boateng….who i think is a player we need…he’s committed and not afraid to shoot

    Holland v Uruguay in the semi’s

    Uruguay missing Suarez…so on paper it looks like Holland will go through, however what happens on the pitch no-one knows 🙂

  6. stonroy

    Geoff you should have said something to Theo. I’m supposed to meet Paddy in December and believe me I am going to ask him a bunch of questions.

  7. goonermichael

    You’ve confused me with all the golf stuff Geoff. I’ve been to Wentworth. It lookes like legoland

  8. KM

    the penalties were amazing last night but the best was the last one…..that takes balls!!!!! awesome goal by Muntari btw.

    Well done to Ghana for coming so far….it shows what a TEAM can achieve rather than a bunch of overpaid STARS (England)

  9. kenyangooner

    SUGA, muntari had already been subbed-his sub, adiyiah is the one whose header was handled by suarez. kpb missed a pen in the FA finals remember? last night was just fate…

  10. SUGA3

    Capello made the same mistake some other managers did and were promptly reminded that trying to accommodate Stevie Me and Lumpalard never works…

    and he should have dropped Rooney instead of Green after the first game, to give the pikey sack of shit something to prove…

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Very true Geoff

    Denilson & Flapianski aren’t that good.

    & re the post in general, how can anyone question your reasoning. Gilberto given the flick by Arsene & is a regular in the No1 team in the world, Denilson can’t get a gig, Arsene loves him. WTF

  12. KM

    This is England

    I dnt know why but Murray has loser written all over him….he always fails at the last hurdle….esp. against Nadal & Federer when it really matters. Is it a mental issue or he just not as good as them? i think its the latter

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Also, you’ve gotta love RVP, he just wants to do well. I hope the Dutch win now. I reckon he has at least one more goal in him for this tournament.

  14. Ladygooner

    @SUGA- Muntari had been substituted and I think KPB wast to take the last one or had not volunteerd himself. Gyan is their 1st choice pen taker and he’d already scored 2 others in the group stages. The luck wasn’t with them last night. Heartbreaking stuff! But as an African, I’m proud of their efforts. They really salvaged some pride for the continent

  15. Lurch LeRouge


    Surprised you didn’t just holler abuse about his backlift Geoff!

    Seeing melo play ruff gave me a horn, think he was doing a bit of whoring to the prem with those skills. Sign him up Arse.

  16. Rohan

    RvP’s a fucking god..I thought he was their best player after Mark van Bommel..What a proper hard man he is,eh!

    It’s mental, KM..he’s a bit of a choker..He’s beaten them plenty of times in normal tournos.

  17. Rohan

    Melo, please no..He’s an overrated cunt…
    Gilberto Silva was showed up yesterday too…he didn’t have the legs…Mark van Bommel raped him.

  18. KM

    RvP should never EVER take freekicks again – he’s fucking awful – he may sulk but thats fine because he’s never scored for the past few years 😉

  19. melvyn

    Denilson had one good game last year – against Barca – his style suits Spanish football it certainly doesn’t suit Prem League.

    Why is Wilshere being linked with other clubs he is good enough to play and he is to mind the antehisis od Denilson – hardworking skillfull and tough.

    Did Theo get a birdie – then he would be on par Rooney & gerrard !

    I had money on Holland to win world cup on the basis of third time lucky as I backed them in the Cruyff era twice and twice they were runners up – cruyff still remains my favourite player of all time and watching Arsenal beat Ajax 3-0 at Highbury in April 1970 one of my favourite games.

  20. This is England

    KM not sure either but nice to get one back on the Jocks with all their anti English stuff.

  21. SUGA3

    Lady G,

    fair enough about Muntari, but I would not have subbed him, knowing that you may have to take pens and you may need a few players with cooler heads…

    last Urugyayan pen was a pisstake – this is how you score a pen bang in the middle…

    and these two pens they missed were piss weak too – I would have saved one or both myself and I am a fat ponce 😆

  22. KM


    i dnt think Wilshere is ready to play at the highest level yet. We all know he’s got gr8 potential…however i’d rather he plays all season at Bolton and gets that playing time which he will not get at Arsenal, because he’s got so many players ahead of him.

  23. stonroy

    Yeah I agree KM, I think he is a great deal at that price, and an amazing squad player for Chelsea.

  24. Lurch LeRouge

    If you actually watched Nadal beat Murray then it would have been abundantly clear that he was beaten by a superior player. It wasn’t choking at all, Murray played well and served in the 80% region, his tennis would have beaten any one else. Federer is the best player in tennis history and Nadal yesterday played out if his skin to best him. Murray is due some praise for his development over the last couple of years.

  25. Ladygooner

    I really hope Wenger doesn’t buy Melo. Gilberto makes him look good and the guy just loves to push the self-destruct button! He would get sent-off a lot in the premeirship.
    PS- Anyone else think that football should have penalty-goals like rugby has penalty-tries? You could even just book the player the prevents the goal, instead of sending him off but the ref awards the goal. Think of Lehmann in the champs league final

  26. KM

    Harry Redknapp was just on Talkshite and was talking abt Joe Cole…..he said he’s been talking to him and there’s a good chance he might come to Spurs…hmmmmmm

    Meanwhile Wenger has been wanking over Honda. who would you guys prefer out of the two – JC or Honda?

  27. Rohan

    True that Lurch, I quite like Murray, and I think it’s a matter of when not if he’ll win Wimbledon..Most talented player to come out of Great Britain in decades now.

  28. reggie 57

    If that twat cole chooses the spuds over us what does that say about our level of intent and wengers vision …looks like denilson&co are here to stay……

  29. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah rohan he’s a straight shooter – speaks his mind, said a few stupid things when he was 18 but show me a man that hasn’t. He’ll come good.

  30. KM


    Would you agree that Murray will never have the same talent/ability as Federer/Nadal. I think he is playing at his maximum ability, he can obviously learn more with experience but i think ability wise he is at his max

  31. Ladygooner

    @SUGA- Hahaha! They really were bad penalties, especially Mensah’s. I must say, I thought the Uruguay keeper Muslera moved well for the penalties. He moved very late, meaning he went the right way each time and meaning that Ghanain players’ placement had to be spot on to beat him.
    I actually thought that Kingson made the last uruguay penalty looked much better than it was. He was moving way to early

  32. Goonerman

    AW – ‘When it does not work, everyone kills you’ – thats the same in every walk of life so stop moaning AW!!!!!!!!!

  33. woody

    That Van Persie attitude started to show through again,”light blue touch paper stand 10 yards” its only a matter of time before he does something silly again,and those free kicks?.

  34. KM

    Spurs have Modric as well and he also plays in the centre AND JC has said he wants to play central. I wonder how Arry will accomodate both…?

  35. SUGA3


    don’t think so – he will sign a few ‘just the job’ kind of players to plug the gaps, and we will start about as short as we did a year ago…

    by the way: I like the look of new kits, enough of this Charlton bollocks…

  36. KM

    i’v been reading a lot of ‘insider information’ from some of the grovers on here who have had some info from a ‘source’ abt Joe Cole & Cesc fabregas transfers. So far nothing has happening – its looking like bullshit

  37. insidealbania

    If Joe Cole chooses the spuds over us, then it shows more about him and his ambition, rather then us.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all…..

    I wasn’t going to say anything but now that the story has been leaked (in Kenya) and will be in the papers tomorrow no doubt….Jose Mourinho is staying at my Family’s (in law) resort!! I’ve asked my brother in law to see if he can get any gossip about anything out of him but he told me to fuck off which is fair enough!! If I was there I’d definitely be asking him to come to The Emirates!!

  39. KM

    we should get rid of Rosicky and bring in Honda – that’l be brilliant because Honda can also play a number of positions. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Arsenal 😉

  40. Rohan

    We don’t really need Joe Cole now do we…he’s a tad overrated too imho..I wouldn’t be too pissed if we don’t get him…
    I hear Kosco is the next big thing.

  41. KM

    Do u guys think defensive duo of Diaby/Lansbury & Song will be enough to steady our midfield against Chelsea/City/ManU?

  42. SUGA3

    we need one more CB, and a DM, Denilson should be sent out on loan or flogged for £3.27 and a bag of Skittles…

    and if we don’t sign a GK, Wenger has lost it…

  43. KM

    Wenger shares his thoughts on Argentina v Germany

    Manager Arsène Wenger says that it will be a difficult match to call when footballing giants Argentina and Germany play against each other today.

    The Frenchman has been impressed with the younger German generation, saying that they are a side more content with ‘keeping and passing’ the ball, but likened Maradona’s Argentina to being ‘killers’.

    It’s important then, according to the boss, that Germany don’t make any mistakes.

    Wenger said: “Argentina look to have a powerful striking force which takes advantage of every mistake their opponents make. It looks like they are more a killing side than a playing side.

    “Germany, however, are a playing side – a team that try to play the ball at every single moment.

    “Argentina are a side that looks to kill you if you make a single mistake with the three strikers they have – Higuain, Tevez and Messi.”

    The Frenchman also praised German manager Joachim Loew’s for putting his faith in the younger players of his country.

    The Germans have showed that they are content with keeping the ball but are also quick on the counterattack, as England found out in their 4-1 demolition in the second round of the tournament.

    Wenger added: “Germany have a good generation.

    “For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament – [Bastian] Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year.

    “Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you.”

  44. SUGA3

    Wenger is missing one key point here – it’s not about playing the new generation for the sake of it, it’s about playing them on merit…

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    I’m thinking if we were really in for JC it would have happened by now. We’re waiting to see how the Cesc saga pans out on that one. So yeah he’s off to the spuds, modric will get the shaft you watch.

    As for Murray KM, no there’s room for development definitely. His consistency has come on leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. Remember he’s not a power player, he’s a touch player who mixes up his game – it’s a style that attains perfection in time. The clocks ticking though. He should start hitting his prime now. He didn’t drop a set before playing Nadal. Federer is 29 and will start to lose consistency and that should open the door for him a little, but berdych is hot on his heals. Nadal took more risk yesterday and that was the difference, the tie came down to about 5 or 6 points. Otherwise they were pretty even.

  46. Dave

    Because there is a lot to Denilson’s game. He is one of the most intelligent young readers of the game and best interceptors. His weakness is his lack of physical presence, but that isn’t a;ways needed especially in European games where for instance he intervened well against Barcelona even though Messi messed us up. His game takes longer to develop and he has his place. Almunia, Senderos, gallas, Sylvestra are the ones that rightly had to go. You’ve gotta start looking at why Arsene keeps certain players… he’s not an idiot you know. germany beat England because they played as a unit, even though england had better individual players. This is how Arsenal will beat teams with more money – by nuturing a core squad from young together. Now he’s buying the key players this summer to whoop ass. It took a few years but it was the ONLY way to become the best team in the world. We came third last season with plenty injuries. From this season on we start to dominate AGAIN but we have a new stadium, half the real estate of Highbury and about thirty Arsenal style trained youths ready to slot in. Everyone else is in dept, (Barcelona can’t afford Cesc) and we are now SITTING PRETTY.Chelsea deffence is slowing down, Liverpool look fucked, Man U can’t afford shit, and Man City need more time to adapt. This is the best squad yet. Time to big up the gooners again, because we will kick butt now for years to come. I remember Arsenal and English football before Wenger… WAKE UP look what happenned in the world cup, who’s successful and who’s shite now, and who are the more entertaining sides???

  47. KM


    my pick for DM would be Gokhan Inler however he’s interested in moving.

    Btw i have been r.impressed by Kevin Prince Boateng in this worldcup…..he’s a bit like Tim Cahill…doesn’t have outrageous talent but has lots of heart and is aggressive and goes for goal. What position does Boateng play?

  48. Lurch LeRouge

    Yank trash suga!
    They do sound awesome tho fella, too futuristic for my faggie cafe racer inclinations.

  49. Rohan

    I like Denilson and think he’ll come good for us. imo, he was our best player in the second half against Barca..He kept it simple and was outstanding…I just think he might be better suited to the spanish liga..He is well worth keeping for another season or 2.

  50. SUGA3


    Denilson may have what it takes to play in Europe, but is not suited to Prem…

    if he takes a lot of time to develop, may he take his time somewhere else, as you can’t even drop the fucker to ressies after these have been disbanded…

  51. reggie 57

    Dave good effort there mate but havnt we heard all this before? ageing chavs fucked mancs blah blah until he signs the ready made players we need this team will always under achieve…….

  52. KM


    i think Federer is near his end and i agree he has been the best tennis player ever. i just love watching this guy…he’s like the Zidane of tennis…a genius

    Nadal is a player whose game is based on his superhuman strength and running…however his knees are fucked and i dnt see him ruling the game for long. Maybe it is time for a new generation to come in. Murray to me looks like an upgraded version of Henman

  53. goonermichael

    Images of Ashley Cole laughing heartily on the way home become more than an inopportune photograph, they’re seen as a two fingers to the world. Because you remember this is the same individual who posted a message on his BlackBerry before the tournament saying how much he ‘hated’ England ‘and the f***ing people’. The laugh doesn’t just look tactless after that; it smacks of a malign glee.

    Pure fucking scum. Die you cunt

  54. Lurch LeRouge


    He reminds you of henman because that’s the style the LTA push English youth to play. So the comparisons will continue. He will better Henman I have no doubt he had something like 12 aces to Nadals 1 yesterday. No way henman had an arsenal like that (see what I did there) also mentally he is loads stronger and bloodyminded, his regretable youthful comments about England affirm this.

  55. DeiseGooner

    that stoke article is a piss take the site auther is using for hits on his site and ads – some people just cant take a joke :)And Arsenalfans online are a right touchy bunch…..

  56. SUGA3


    fuck him, that way it’s even more despicable, if someone does it for hits and ads it’s called trolling and whoring 😆

  57. KM

    just read that Northyblog

    what a fukking wanker! seems like a BNP member 😉

    loved the comments from Arsenal fans though

  58. Ben

    It definitely will be a good season man city are buying players like sweets! good players as well, Maybe champions? I was impressed with Annan last night is he younger than song? Great back up anyway.

  59. Rohan

    Murray is already twice the player Henman is..Henman was very one-dimensional player..
    Murray is more of a continental player in his style. Anyway, he isn’t a product of the English LTA..his mom runs a tennis academy…

  60. DeiseGooner

    aye SUGA but it was quite a funny read. He seems to know good footie and see the outdated tactics used by a lot of clubs for what they are. Hes just a Stoke fan born so its not his fault ha ha 🙂

  61. KM


    this is what is so fucked up abt England and English football. They have no morals/ethics/intelligence…its all about money

  62. Lurch LeRouge


    I’m sure you feel the same way about George Graham then, our erstwhile ex scottish manager?


  63. KM


    Murray is a better player than Henman

    the reason why i said that Murray is an upgraded version of Henman is because the Scot manages to get through to the semi’s regularly and fail whereas Henman hardly every got to the semi’s 😉

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    Erm no Rohan. Brad Gilbert at what £3 million a year wasn’t paid for by his moms tennis academy.

  65. Lurch LeRouge

    Lol suga. I read that as of to bang a nurse!

    Yup Tonys got a lot to answer for, shame they didn’t pick up on his winning ways.

  66. 78692

    Morning Guys

    What do you think of Muslera the Uruguayan keeper?

    Salaam KM

    Yaar mein aap ka parsoo ka mutlab nahi sum jah ‘aur sunaoo’

  67. A

    Does anyone know of Arsenal TV coming back?

    Scrolling through the telephone numbers on sky there’s a phone number there, but when rung it says that the number can’t be recognised

  68. DeiseGooner

    Dont know A but if it does they need to shake it up a helluva lot. And what with the reserves gone theres less certainty on what games they can show outside of the first team delayed ones

  69. A

    Well I’d assume if Arsenal TV was back, rather than the watered down ATVO, surely the reserve games would be back, even if there are only friendlies, and maybe the youths too

  70. charliegeorge

    Now Basil wants to compare his motley lot with the three mentioned players: Ozil, Shweinsteiger, Mueller. Compare apple to apples, you plonker! You can only dream of grooming the likes of those players. You failed because you and your scouting network failed; because you have persisted with shite for too long. Do me a favour and stay in South Africa.

  71. kc

    No No No No No No!! Melo is trouble! He did what he always does yesterday, threw one beautiful ball for a goal then made Twice as many mistakes to cost his Country the game and the Cup. Melo had a shit year for Juve as well. Denilson isn’t better but Melo isn’t for us!

  72. terry

    i think u guys are out of ur head what do u mean by saying denielosn is suited for the spanish leageue….
    he will suck in any league if he does not improve his work rate….
    he can pass well, shoot well, intercept passes well, tackle well…
    but what he lacks is work rate
    he does not track back very well…(very similar to what barry did against germany)
    he acts like a lazy cunt…..

    if he improves this aspect of his game he will become a very good player

  73. GoonerJohn

    Honda anytime over JC, you imagine the sale shirt at Japan and the larger fan base??? lol i am i thinking like Le prof?

  74. enniscorthy...gooner

    Was the post about tennis or am I just gettin confused fuck tennis…now who is goin to win today germans or the argies I would well prefer the germans to win because for me (imo) the germans play the best football and sweinsteiger is a beast in the middle but it should be a classic…
    Yes every time I see denilson on our team sheet I weep a little bit he is shite along with about 5 others but we’ll just have to see who steps up to the plate this year like song last year..
    Have a great day people

  75. Geoff

    I think you must be getting confused, I didn’t say a word about tennis.

    I am however glad that Murray lost, I hope that English hating cunt never wins a grand slam.

  76. Erik

    Denilson is the most underrated player to have ever been born… ever, ever, ever!!!

    We keep getting linked to other midfielders who are like 5 years older than him and worse or just slightly better.

    Melo? please… the through ball was good, but Robinho’s run was better… and Red Card + crashing against his own GK conceeding an own goal? If Denilson had done that for us ALL OF YOU WOULD HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE THROUGH BALL TO ROBINHO!

    The problem with Denilson is selective viewing, you all ignore when he does something good and pay more attention when he does something bad.

    You all forget his role too, he is not a Fabregas, he is not a Song, he is somewhere in between and he does that very well, he intercepts more balls than Song and he spreads his passes quicker and more accurate than 95% of the players in the league… thats not me making shit up, thats actual stats.

    His only problem IMO is his Strength and Pace… but then again.. Arsenal are not a side known for their strength…

    For us to go and get a player better than Denilson it would cost £15m plus to get the same efficiency from another player… unfortuantely, because of the reputation you “fans” give him he might be worth less than £6m.

    You guys remember when a large part of you thought that Giberto was shit? and then when he got injured for a while you all noticed how important he was? and then he became an idol out of the sudden?

    Denilson is crap according to most of you but if a player had his same stats and played for lets say Wigan… you would all be begging for Wenger to sign him up.

  77. sixx pac

    The reason Denilson isnt playing for Brazil is the same reason Baptista is playing and not Ronaldinho. Why Grafite is playing and not Pato. Dunga is a twat

  78. gooner-pak

    evening all
    i think barca should be paying us payable of hleb & henry transfer from receipts they got from man citeh and not come with some pathetic price tag for cesc!!

  79. Arsene Nose Best

    Brazil are out, anyone tell me why Denilson wasn’t playing?

    probably because he’s shit.

  80. Rohan

    Well said, Erik. I rate Denilson and he will come good. To compare him to Bentley who was a complete bellend is laughable.

  81. Geoff

    Rohan, he’s been shit since he arrived, that’s why Song looks so good, as far as being a bell end, Denilson’s head spinning is the most bell-endish thing I have ever, ever, ever seen on a football pitch.

  82. Arsene Nose Best

    Dave says:10.19

    why waste your time writing a complete load of bollocks,arsenal won’t be dominating nothing we are on our way down,because wenger refuses to buy the better players we all want and need.

  83. Geoff

    Erik, stats are bollocks, if 50% of your passes go backwards, then they are bound to be completed, shame there aren’t stats where people bottle out of tackles, get skinned or fall flat on their arses, he’d clean up there.

  84. Arsene Nose Best

    insidealbania says:
    July 3, 2010 at 10:06
    If Joe Cole chooses the spuds over us, then it shows more about him and his ambition, rather then us.

    you certainly can’t talk about arsenal and ambition of late,spuds have won something in the past years where we have won fuck all.

  85. sixx pac

    Denilson hasnt been shite since he arrived. I guess thats why after his first full season he was rated at 15 mil. He has very good stats

  86. Geoff

    He won’t go there Arsene Nose, he was from West Ham and they hate Spurs more than we do, same with the chavs, and our kit is the bollocks.

  87. Geoff

    sixx pack, who rated him at £15mil, the same blind man who is wearing a rats arse for a wedding ring?