Brazil are out, anyone tell me why Denilson wasn’t playing?

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So good news for the Nederlands, they beat Brazil, well done guys, you are my tip, we should be doing some of our recruiting from their team.

I got a chance to see Melo, fabulous through ball to Robinho for their goal and he also scored the first Dutch goal, he would fit perfectly in our team wouldn’t he!

I would like to know why we persist with a player that has never featured in the Brazilian national team, forget the under 17’s, he doesn’t play for the big boys, so why does he play for us?

He may well come good one day, but he hasn’t so far, and he has featured for our team for what, 4 years now, I think it’s crazy that he plays such an important role in our side when he’s not good enough for theirs, and that’s half the reason that Cesc wants out, he can’t diss his mates, but it is obvious he doesn’t think this team is good enough, why doesn’t Wenger.

I would far sooner see players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Lansbury be given more chances, let’s see what would happen to one of them if they got 4 straight years in and around the first team, better still, loan him out to Bolton and bring Wilshere back.

I remember Bentley saying to Wenger play me or let me go, Wenger let him go, 2 years ago Denilson said if he wasn’t played more, he would consider his options in the summer, what happened then? He got more starts the following season, I think it’s one rule for the English kids and another for Johnny Foreigner.

Yesterday I had the first tee time on the West course at Wentworth, I got to the 11 tee and who should step up to the 8th? Yes, you guessed, Theo Walcott.

I said ‘Oi Theo, sack the earrings and start having more shots or I’ll beat you over the head with my new Callaway driver, he said you must be Geoff from Le grove, I said I am, do you read it, he said are you having a laugh? we all do!’

Ok, that didn’t happen, but he was on the 8th tee and I told his group to alternate their shots, one of his group teed off as I was on my downswing, twerp, anyway, we waited until Theo teed off, nice swing Theo, not a big tee shot, but a very nice swing.

I was wondering however why he was on the golf course and not in the gym. I also bet he didn’t play for his round!

We are today being linked with Van Der Vaart, I’d have him, 27 and very clever, and a real mate of Robin’s, we are linked with so many top players these days and to be honest, I would have any of them, my fear is we won’t sign any top players and that would be a shame, however, pre-season is only 2 weeks away and the world cup will be over just before that, by then we should have concluded our transfer dealings, let’s hope we at least have a decent keeper on that list.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Germany.

‘For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament, Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year. Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you’

This sounds to me he’s talking about persevering with the likes of Denilson and Fabianski, well if we had the 3 above players Arsene, I would agree with you, unfortunately Denilson and Fabianski aren’t that good.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy the football!

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  1. David

    reggie 57 says:
    July 3, 2010 at 23:36
    Shouldnt we be looking at someone better than song!!

    A says:
    July 3, 2010 at 23:39
    Like who reggie?


    Gokhan Inler, Van Bommel, Any one of the Diarra’s,
    M. perriera, De Jong,

  2. BillikenGooner

    Any chance Wenger just signs the whole German international squad?

    They sure do like to push the ball.

  3. Robinho

    Bentley went out and did really well. Is he still playing? What a convenient argument. Bentley is a nobody because all the issues are in his brain. BTW, did anyone see Baptista in brazil squad? Baptista is in and Ronaldinho is out. Baptista must be better than Ronaldinho!!! Welcome to crapologic!