Ozil is better than Cesc \ Real Robin our Dutchman? \ Reserves banished… good

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You might not like the headline, but it’s the picture we have to paint in the blogosphere if we want our Captain to stay. If Barca sign Ozil this summer, that freezes Cesc out of the set up for years to come. The Turk is a cheaper option, he is younger and hopefully he’d do a good enough job for Barca as their back up playmaker to mean Cesc isn’t an option… leaving the Spaniard all to Arsenal… for eternity!


So, if anyone Spanish asks you, Cesc is overrated… Song was the key man last  year, assisting the assister and Mesut Ozil is the man for Barca.

In fact, tell them Ozil is so good, he has his own character in Southpark…




In other news, there are all sorts of fantastic rumours flying around about what the England players have been getting up to in their spare time. If you haven’t heard them, I can tell you one thing, they’re more debauched than a Sunday omnibus of Jeremy Kyle. If true, and I pray the rumours are… expect super knock on effects to some of our rivals! For what it’s worth, I have a buddy who knocks about with an England player who has confirmed that there is an element of truth in the stories… take that with an industrial sized bag of sea salt though.

Sometimes I’m glad Theo Walcott is a geek… right now, the thought of Theo staying in on a Friday night with a box of crayons and a colouring book fills me full of joy.

Young Guns have revealed that Arsenal are ditching the reserve team in favour of arranging friendlies. The best kids will go into the first team squad, the rest will go out on loan.

That’s a good money saving strategy in my opinion for something which seems to offer very little value these days. I hope that players that deserve playing time get it next year. You wonder how long a player like Jack Wilshere is going to sit warming the bench. I’ve heard that people around him have pressed the coaching staff for first team action this year. Fair play if that’s the case… I’d do the same if Denilson was getting the nod ahead of me.

My favourite non-starter for the reserves? Goal scoring sensation, Isaiah Rankin. Who is yours?

Carrying on from yesterdays post, I thought I’d flag a few points about season tickets.

Firstly, if you do the maths, £10k for that WM club works out at around £192 a meal over a 26 game season. I’ve taken ladies out to swanky restaurants before; I’m talking posher than the Mayfair Nando’s here, and I’ve never ended up with a bill that expensive… I can’t imagine the type of person who’d want to get to the ground two hours early for every game for a sit down meal?

I digress…

Geoff has said for a very long time now that seat up take at Arsenal would suffer if they didn’t address the squad issues. We’re not West Ham, you can’t pick up a years subscription to the Arse for £500. I mean, it costs £100 just to join the waiting list. Anyway, the point Geoff made was that being on the waiting list and actually putting your money where you mouth is come crunch time are two entirely different things.

We stated early in June that one Grover had dropped 30,000 places over 4 years. Other sites have claimed this was a lie, well, since then we have had confirmation from a Grover on twitter who has dropped 10,000 places in a season, guest writer Old Bird who has dropped from 39,500 to 15,000 in 4 years and one of our regulars has been offered an additional ticket by Arsenal this summer despite not even being on the waiting list.

Whilst I’m patently aware that this does not mean 30,000 people have handed in their season tickets, it’s a sign of the times that the waiting list is shrinking by 20% a year. Arsenal will always sell season tickets, but they shouldn’t be lured into a false sense of security because people wont pay top prices unless they are seeing top class football. In a climate where corporate excess is seen as vulgar and an economy where we’re supposedly about to lose 600,000 jobs an Arsenal season ticket begins to look like an massive investment that only works one way… becuase the club don’t match your outlay on players or competing on all fronts.

Arsenal beware… a Liverpool like season could cause real problems.

Anyway, we both renewed and we don’t have visions of 7th… but remember the old cliché… complacency killed the golden goose… or something like that?

In transfer news, how would you feel about our summer business if it looked like this?

  • Schwarzer
  • Chamakh
  • Mertesacker
  • Joe Cole
  • Kozzer


Sagna Mertesacker Verminator Clichy

Cesc Song Cole

Chamakh RvP Arshavin

I’d feel pretty special inside. I think those additions really could make a positive impact this year and give the whole squad the lift we need after a bit of a catastrophic end of season collapse. People talk about most of the above not being experienced winners, well, before we won our first title of the decade, we signed players like Freddie, Gio, Franny, R.Wright and Sol Campbell… they weren’t winners in the Premier League sense but they were quality.

The above players, bar Kozzer who I know nothing about, seem to have quality written all over them.

There are some interesting stories floating around this morning. One of the is that Rosicky has received interest from German clubs. If he was to be sold, that could make the Joe Cole capture look a little less frivolous. On the Englishman, apparently Milan have denied an interest and his agent has said he wants to go to a club with Champions League football in England. I’ve heard from people all over the place he’s going to sign for us, but you never know what a stupid signing on fee can do to a players decision making skills. It’s interesting that he wants a central role… I’m not sure he’d get that with us or Spurs.

A nasty story that has sprung from Spain is that Robin Van Persie has managed to sneak onto Jose Mourinho’s transfer list. A story that I imagine holds up considering the special ones admiration for our man when he was in Italy.

When I was at school, if you were called special, it normally meant you were a touch retarded. I find it amazing that Mourinho has built a brand off the back of what is essentially a back handed insult…

Jokes aside, Robin is Mr Arsenal for me these days, I hope he builds on his status as a fan favourite this season with an injury free, goal scoring, assist making, title winning season.

I’m starting to feel a lot more positive about the outcome of our summer and I’m hoping we’ll start seeing some transfer action over the next couple of weeks!

See you in the comments!

P.S. Found this picture of Chamakh practising with Song’s imaginary friend… he looks good, doesn’t he (Chamakh, not Songs friend)?!

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  1. A

    Stu it was a definite goal, prevented by deliberate handball.

    Whether or not they got a pen it was unbelievable cheating

  2. GoonerJohn

    although it lacked class, suarez is the hero tonight, i feel for Ghana but what he did is quite shocking and hilarious.

    anyway i think uruguay truly deserve to play the semis

  3. Stu

    Eamon “the cunt” Dumphy still going on about Henrys hand ball and what could have been for Ireland. Sick to fuck of people always going on about it.

  4. This is England

    A good day of sport drama all the way, best thing is the ols sweaty sock out of Wimbledon.

  5. A

    It was a goal, until cheating. Just because the player got punished for the cheating, and they got a chance from the pen, it isn’t the equivalent of it being a goal and their being in the semi final, which is what would have happened without the cheating

  6. Stu

    He stopped the goal but he also gave away a penalty. If Gyan had scored then nothing would have been made of the hand ball.

  7. A

    exactly stu, he stopped the goal by cheating. if it wasn’t for the cheating ghana would be in the semi

  8. Stu

    Suarez took a chance and it payed off. I have no sympathy for Ghana. They had 25 shots and lost the shoot out. I wasnt paying attention but heard that Uruguay were denied a pk earlier in extra time.

  9. Man

    nooooooooooooo if Gyan scored Ghana would have been in the final. Suarez was punished, he was sent off! I was supporting Ghana btw

  10. Stu

    People didnt call Kewell a cheat when he handled on the line against, of all teams, Ghana. Why? Because Gyan scored the pk that time. Its not Suarezs fault that Gyan choked.

  11. zeus

    Gyan can’t sleep tonight. That ‘Baggio’ moment will replay over and over agin in his mind even when he gets senile.

  12. WB

    For me suarez is a hero no doubt.
    he put his world cup dreams on hold to give his country a chance, he should be rewarded with a medal.

  13. Stu

    I wouldnt go as far as giving him a medal WB but he will get praise for self sacrifice for the god of the team, no doubt.

  14. A

    took a chance?!

    suarez cheated, plain and simple, there’s nothing more to it.

    if suarez hadn’t cheated, ghana would be in the semi, that’s it

  15. Stu

    He hardly cheated deliberatle though A. As alex says, it was an instinctive reaction. He acted without thinking because it was saving his team from world cup elimination. I would have done the same and you certainly cant say you wouldnt have either.

  16. Kevin

    Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the greater good. He put his reputation on the line for his country. If he did that for ajax in the champions league final agasinst Arsenal then he should be butchered. But its the world cup, and you have to be prepared to do anything…anything.

  17. Pat

    Holland will fucking destroy this pathetic team. Ghana toyed with them. It was boys against men and the boys got very lucky. We may see a win by a margin of 2-3+ goals between these 2.

    Uruguay are lucky to be at the WC and lucky to progress to the semis.

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    I know you dont want reminding stu but seeing Henry cheat and benefit from it can’t have made you think his actions were justifiable? Surely??

  19. incesc


    Suarez handled but it was so quick it was pure instinct.

    its horrible for ghana but thats football.

    he will be a hero in uruguay and a villian everywhere else

  20. Stu

    I dunno Pat, didnt Uruguay beat both Argentina and Brazil in qualifying? Or was that another south american team at the world cup?

    I obviously hope the Netherlands win though.

  21. Keyser

    Pure instinct ? You wouldn’t have jumped at it with your head ?!

    Suarez is a little cheating gimp, he took the punishment as laid out by the rules and both teams step onto the field knowing and accepting them.

    Still fucking harsh though, but Ghana had plenty of chances throughout the game, hopefully Holland will batter them in the semi.

  22. Stu

    I dont need reminding Lurch but Henry wasnt punished when he cheated and his cheating put his team in the lead. Not the same as Suarez at all who was desperate for his team not to lose and was punished by being sent off.

  23. incesc

    if it means an arsenal player plays in the final im glad uruguay got through.

    they are more beatable than ghana for holland.

    rvp the main striker in the biggest game in the world


  24. incesc

    it was instinct keyser

    he didnt have enough time to speal to both guys on his shoulders…

    his whole mind was on keeping it out.

    doesnt make it right, it was a horrible way for his team to go through

  25. Pat

    Uruguay lost away to both Argentina and Brazil(4-0) and they lost both home games against those 2 as well.

  26. Lurch LeRouge

    That’s too fine a line of distinction IMO. Henry equally did everything in his power to win. All I’m saying is signing off on an action like that is below the line.

  27. Pat

    Lodeiro tried scoring with his hand in extra time and that wasn’t punished either. He stuck out his hand but missed the ball on a cross. It was obvious what he was trying to do.

    Uruguay is a scummy team and I wish them the absolute worst with injuries, goalscoring, conceding, everything football related.

  28. Keyser

    incesc – I don’t think it’s that easy to tell, it’s the last few seconds of extra-time he could just have easily stood there before the free-kick was taken and decided he wasn’t letting the ball in, in any way shape or form.

  29. Keyser

    Yeah, especially with the altitude, it’s surprising Bolivia didn’t make it considering they annihlated Argentina.

  30. Stu

    Why does high altitude only affect some teams and not others? One of the excuses for england was the altitude making their players tired but the teams they played against didnt seem affected by it.

  31. choy

    Suarez took one for his country.

    It was instinctive, he’s not a defender !

    He’ll hardly be thinking.. “‘A,’ might label me a cheat!”

    He got a red card and Ghana who I do feel sorry for got a PK in return.

    Its all about taking your chances and Uruguay took theirs!

  32. Lurch LeRouge

    Mental excuse Stu. The lions were held and beaten by players with bucket loads more desire.

  33. Keyser

    Stu – The Bolivian venue’s are at very high altitude, some of the South American countries have asked some of the games be played at neutral venue’s instead.

    When you’re Argentina, and a significant proportion of your players play in European Leagues which are a lot closer to Sea Level, it’s harder to acclimatise over a few days or so.

    Though no-ones completely sure how much it affects you and obviously it’ll affect different teams differently because of how they play aswell as where.

    England I think played at 3 seperate Venues in South Africa, they spent 3 weeks training and living at one of them that was either at Altitude or closer to Sea level.

    If you’re acclimatised to it, then if you suddenly change and go and play 90 minutes at another altitude it’s likely that it will affect you.

    USA and Algeria were probably based at different places, but the only game England won was the one which was played at the stadium that was closest to where they were based.

  34. zeus


    What a silly question. Of course he is gonna put his weight behind a fellow African side, the ONLY African side left in the competition and representing the continent.

    And don’t even bother drawing parallels with other continents, its not the same.

  35. SA Gooner

    You dont understand Stu, the atmosphere in this country is unbelievable. Everyone was supporting Ghana as the last African hope and you just get absorbed in it. PLus the way they went out was as cruel as anything I could possibly imagine…

  36. zeus


    Calm down. Its a nasty way to win and I feel it for the Africans, but we all know the rules from the beginning of the game.

    Unless we are gonna come up with some ‘goal-tending’ rule, it is what it is. He made a mistake and rightly got punished, Gyan should have buried it.

    I feel sorry for him.

  37. Lurch LeRouge

    Training in Austria and rustenburg gave them loads of time to acclimatise. It takes 10 days. They got held by Algeria at sea level in cape town, which means their muscles would have been oxygen rich and at top condition. There’s no excuse, they didn’t want it badly enough.

  38. zeus

    SA Gooner

    I feel it for you, but I could think of worse ways to go out.

    Feel it even more for Gyan. Its a moment he will never live down within himself.

  39. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – It’s the theory put forward by Souness, just repeating it.

    I haven’t looked into it much, and yeah they’d be oxygen rich, but it’d still be change from what they’re used to, though they are professional athletes at the end of the day.

    Why 10 days ?! Is that specific to athletes or even footballers in particular ?!

  40. SA Gooner

    he’ll get the tiniest consolation from burying the best penalty in the shoot out but you could see he was absolutely inconsolable afterwards…

  41. zeus

    Sa Gooner

    Yeah. Must hurt like hell for him. With virtually the last kick of the game he could have sent them through.

    Although I’m backing Argentina to win, I have to say I would pull for the Africans were they to make it to the final. Gutted for them.

  42. Lurch LeRouge

    10 days is the time the specialist team contracted by the FA to prepare the squad. It’s apparently the same team that consults for the British Olympic teams.

    a good london based friend of mine cycles through the alps for charity every year and she has to train at altitude for about 2 weeks to get competitive, she’s not a pro athelete.

  43. Bob John

    Appiah was offside when the ball was 1st flicked on. He then got a shot in which Suarez cleared so should have been a free-kick to Uruguay. Sick of the way ITV have fawned over the African countries throughout the tournament. Patronising bunch of wankers. Childs, Townsend, Tyldesley, Drury, Champion. Bunch of Mancs, Brummies and Plastic Paddies. Not forgetting Craig Burley who never misses a chance to dig out RVP. They make Mick McCarty sound intelligent!!

  44. incesc


    alonso, xavi and iniesta all have a stomach bug and wont play tomorrow.

    reina, marchena and abiol to fill in

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    Not sure, but I heard it. My fave was his response after his co commentator was purring about the possession a team was maintaining and he chimed in with ‘it’s worthless if it doesn’t result with a bulge in the net’. Gold.

  46. Lurch LeRouge

    Mick macks never wrong. Plays boring football but he’s a pretty hard nut. Gets results with little funding. Told Keano where to step off. Gem.

  47. incesc

    been thinking about holland

    there defence is pretty solid with the 2 centre mids hanging back.

    they need to really work out their forward play.

    if someone convinces robben if he passes to rvp he might be able to run on and get it back in a better position, they might get somewhere.

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    I see Ghana got their 3rd penalty from a red card, but not even FIFA could put the ball in from the spot for them 😆

  49. Lurch LeRouge

    I don’t know man, brazils defence has been the most solid of the tourney and they still unlocked it. Admitedly sneider and robben need to learn to pass, but kuyt and van the man have been doing the right thing I think.

    If anything I’d maybe bench kyut and play affelay left and stretch them with pace, robben ain’t that fast and his hammy could twang so he needs to be careful.

  50. incesc


    i hope your right mate

    and rvp scores 5 goals in the final!!

    theyre in the final surely

    but are they better than england?

    no way

    england till i die!!!


  51. Lurch LeRouge

    Yup george that’s my ticket, with holland doing it.

    As a skip, what’s your take on the schwarzer malarkey? I’m not so sure…

  52. Lurch LeRouge

    Who knows, it’s still just talk. I’ve just never rated him that highly over the years of playing for the roos and I thought you might have an opinion.

  53. gnarleygeorge9


    my opinion on Schwarzer is that if The Arsenal had have signed him when he wanted out from ‘Boro 3 years ago, The Arsenal would have 14 Titles now. But now he is almost 38 years old, who knows.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    Fulham went a long way in the Europa Cup on the back of maybe, & in no particular order Hangeland, Schwarzer, Zamora & late comer Dempsey.

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    The last I heard, ethan “Jacky Chan” Gunner was boarding a plane for Canada to collect some winnings.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    I’m not ageist when it comes to keepers so not concerned on that front. It’s the big stage thing that I’m yet to be convinced about. Time will tell I guess.

  57. incesc


    you think youve got a pretty face

    but the rest of you is out of place


  58. gnarleygeorge9

    To be honest Lurch, I’m not convinced due to the age factor, but if he can write kids footie books, maybe he can help nurcher those kids in mens bodies Flapianski and/or Mamone along 🙂

  59. incesc

    if schwarzer signed 3 years ago, The Arsenal would have 14 Titles now.

    now theres some logic i can drink to.

    someone was saying schwarzer was german earlier…

    wanna find him and pound him??

  60. Lurch LeRouge

    I said he was a german as ozil is Turkish. I was on a wind up with A. He snaps at everything.

  61. incesc

    A and Keyser

    would argue that their mums had cocks if they could prove it with stats and good debating technique

  62. Lurch LeRouge

    He and theo will monopolise the kids footy books Market. Perhaps that’s the global expansion Ivan has in mind, spare us having to tour Asia and the US in offseason.

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah from my brief time on here keyser doesn’t argue for the sake of it. Whereas A… OMG. He’s quite entertaining tho.

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    I’m no akb but I’m no jag either. Wenger has his myopia and altruism. Their economic traits after all and he’s the professor… What gets my goat tho is his insistence of trying to outplay teams that are clearly superior and refusing to adjust tactics ingame.