Ozil is better than Cesc \ Real Robin our Dutchman? \ Reserves banished… good

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You might not like the headline, but it’s the picture we have to paint in the blogosphere if we want our Captain to stay. If Barca sign Ozil this summer, that freezes Cesc out of the set up for years to come. The Turk is a cheaper option, he is younger and hopefully he’d do a good enough job for Barca as their back up playmaker to mean Cesc isn’t an option… leaving the Spaniard all to Arsenal… for eternity!


So, if anyone Spanish asks you, Cesc is overrated… Song was the key man last  year, assisting the assister and Mesut Ozil is the man for Barca.

In fact, tell them Ozil is so good, he has his own character in Southpark…




In other news, there are all sorts of fantastic rumours flying around about what the England players have been getting up to in their spare time. If you haven’t heard them, I can tell you one thing, they’re more debauched than a Sunday omnibus of Jeremy Kyle. If true, and I pray the rumours are… expect super knock on effects to some of our rivals! For what it’s worth, I have a buddy who knocks about with an England player who has confirmed that there is an element of truth in the stories… take that with an industrial sized bag of sea salt though.

Sometimes I’m glad Theo Walcott is a geek… right now, the thought of Theo staying in on a Friday night with a box of crayons and a colouring book fills me full of joy.

Young Guns have revealed that Arsenal are ditching the reserve team in favour of arranging friendlies. The best kids will go into the first team squad, the rest will go out on loan.

That’s a good money saving strategy in my opinion for something which seems to offer very little value these days. I hope that players that deserve playing time get it next year. You wonder how long a player like Jack Wilshere is going to sit warming the bench. I’ve heard that people around him have pressed the coaching staff for first team action this year. Fair play if that’s the case… I’d do the same if Denilson was getting the nod ahead of me.

My favourite non-starter for the reserves? Goal scoring sensation, Isaiah Rankin. Who is yours?

Carrying on from yesterdays post, I thought I’d flag a few points about season tickets.

Firstly, if you do the maths, £10k for that WM club works out at around £192 a meal over a 26 game season. I’ve taken ladies out to swanky restaurants before; I’m talking posher than the Mayfair Nando’s here, and I’ve never ended up with a bill that expensive… I can’t imagine the type of person who’d want to get to the ground two hours early for every game for a sit down meal?

I digress…

Geoff has said for a very long time now that seat up take at Arsenal would suffer if they didn’t address the squad issues. We’re not West Ham, you can’t pick up a years subscription to the Arse for £500. I mean, it costs £100 just to join the waiting list. Anyway, the point Geoff made was that being on the waiting list and actually putting your money where you mouth is come crunch time are two entirely different things.

We stated early in June that one Grover had dropped 30,000 places over 4 years. Other sites have claimed this was a lie, well, since then we have had confirmation from a Grover on twitter who has dropped 10,000 places in a season, guest writer Old Bird who has dropped from 39,500 to 15,000 in 4 years and one of our regulars has been offered an additional ticket by Arsenal this summer despite not even being on the waiting list.

Whilst I’m patently aware that this does not mean 30,000 people have handed in their season tickets, it’s a sign of the times that the waiting list is shrinking by 20% a year. Arsenal will always sell season tickets, but they shouldn’t be lured into a false sense of security because people wont pay top prices unless they are seeing top class football. In a climate where corporate excess is seen as vulgar and an economy where we’re supposedly about to lose 600,000 jobs an Arsenal season ticket begins to look like an massive investment that only works one way… becuase the club don’t match your outlay on players or competing on all fronts.

Arsenal beware… a Liverpool like season could cause real problems.

Anyway, we both renewed and we don’t have visions of 7th… but remember the old cliché… complacency killed the golden goose… or something like that?

In transfer news, how would you feel about our summer business if it looked like this?

  • Schwarzer
  • Chamakh
  • Mertesacker
  • Joe Cole
  • Kozzer


Sagna Mertesacker Verminator Clichy

Cesc Song Cole

Chamakh RvP Arshavin

I’d feel pretty special inside. I think those additions really could make a positive impact this year and give the whole squad the lift we need after a bit of a catastrophic end of season collapse. People talk about most of the above not being experienced winners, well, before we won our first title of the decade, we signed players like Freddie, Gio, Franny, R.Wright and Sol Campbell… they weren’t winners in the Premier League sense but they were quality.

The above players, bar Kozzer who I know nothing about, seem to have quality written all over them.

There are some interesting stories floating around this morning. One of the is that Rosicky has received interest from German clubs. If he was to be sold, that could make the Joe Cole capture look a little less frivolous. On the Englishman, apparently Milan have denied an interest and his agent has said he wants to go to a club with Champions League football in England. I’ve heard from people all over the place he’s going to sign for us, but you never know what a stupid signing on fee can do to a players decision making skills. It’s interesting that he wants a central role… I’m not sure he’d get that with us or Spurs.

A nasty story that has sprung from Spain is that Robin Van Persie has managed to sneak onto Jose Mourinho’s transfer list. A story that I imagine holds up considering the special ones admiration for our man when he was in Italy.

When I was at school, if you were called special, it normally meant you were a touch retarded. I find it amazing that Mourinho has built a brand off the back of what is essentially a back handed insult…

Jokes aside, Robin is Mr Arsenal for me these days, I hope he builds on his status as a fan favourite this season with an injury free, goal scoring, assist making, title winning season.

I’m starting to feel a lot more positive about the outcome of our summer and I’m hoping we’ll start seeing some transfer action over the next couple of weeks!

See you in the comments!

P.S. Found this picture of Chamakh practising with Song’s imaginary friend… he looks good, doesn’t he (Chamakh, not Songs friend)?!

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    Not satisfied with those signings btw. Still need a mad dog in midfield to compete/replace the bilongster.

  2. Mayank

    Great post. Morning all.

    The transfer list minus Joe and Mert plus Lucio will do well. Or any other top, top defender.

    If Sicky can stay fit he can to Joe’s job.

  3. Duke

    Those signings would not make us win the league, but it is more than I expect from Wenger anyway, so yes I would be pleased.

    Top job on the post Pedro. Well done young man.

  4. Matt

    Is everyone really going to be happy with Schwarzer as first choice?

    I realise he is not one for the long term and we are hoping that Chesney is going to be the real deal. But thats a big if and in my opinion, Schwarzer is nowehere near world class. Sure, he’s better than Almunia but John Terry is a better keeper than him!

  5. Gunneroo

    We’ve already got chamkh and kozzer, schwarzer is on the radar and hopefully Cole is on his way. Mertesacker is a top player, but I think we’ll manage without him. A side with them is a trophy winning team.

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    After a post like that I hope pedro gets his work permit and we don’t have to loan him out to Spain again.

  7. DeiseGooner

    Still not keen on the whole Schwarzer shiz i have to say but i doubt Wenger is ready to offload 2 current keepers (Almunia and Fabianski) Only 1 will go (Almunia i reckon/hope/pray) so maybe a stopgap is his thinking. Personally id like to see a proper no1 come in and if Fabz cant cut it so be it. With the reserve team being chopped wel see a whole lot of loan deals for our players.

    Mertesacker – good enough for me. Joe Cole – id rather get a DM and give Jackie Boy his shot. But if we sell on Eduardo or Rosicky id be happy to welcome Joe.

  8. John A

    I have a feeling that The Koss signing will be revealed today. Hope something happens soon, as time is fast running out for Mr Wenger.

  9. Duke

    Oh and who gives a shit about Myles Palmer or that shitty blog about some foot, I hate it when people bring it up and then we spend talking about how shit they are for about two hours.

    When I go to the toilet to take a shit I don’t spend another 2 hours talking about it to the missus.

  10. Rohan

    Bindipping ALERT: You didn’t find that picture of Chamakh now did you, Pedro. Someone else posted it on here last night…
    Great post anyway..I see it’s Kozzer now…pfft..no one took my suggestion of Kosco seriously then??

  11. Mayank

    Haha Gambon, really? Why doesn’t that surprise me.
    He’s got Henry figured out too.
    Don’t you get it, he will write whatever he needs to to get hits. What gets more hits than something like ‘Wenger likes Africans more than the English’

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    I’d rather fabianski gets the boot. almunia turns up when there’s a descent keeper competing with him.

  13. A

    Palmer talks complete and utter bollocks, based on nothing, and usually incorrect information.

    He used to be a good articulate read about arsenal, but it seems his interest waned, but he had to keep writing articules to get hits, to promote his book, so just writes complete bullshit now, often making it controversial or extreme to get interest.

    Matt Schwarzer is better than Almunia, and I don’t see any world class keepers that are available.

    He should bring some stability and organisation at the back, which will make a big difference

  14. KM

    hi guys

    if we get Cole and play him alongside Cesc then we’l need a bigger, more physical and mobile DM than Song because he’s more like a makelele, who was the Godfather of DM play but needed another DM (Viera for France & Essien for Chelsea) ahead of him because of his slow speed. I would then shift Song to CB

    However this J.Cole signing is taking agesssssssssss!
    i’l probably be 80 by the time this deal is announced 😉

    Regarding the reserves i’m glad that we got rid of it because now it means the kids play more games and it allows our kids to get out of their comfort zone at Arsenal and earn their corn and experience the real world where the likes of Kevin Davies/Shawcross reside.

    I think this is a very important change because at present all our kids who have come through the academies (Denilson/Clichy/Senderos/Cesc etc) are too nice and therefore suffer at the hands of the dirty physical teams and once the new kids go out to loan they’l learn how to play dirty and live with the rough tackles. That will help them when they go back to Arsenal

  15. Mayank

    “rocking it up at a Snow Patrol concert”
    I’m not an expert at English but is this what you call an oxymoron?

  16. gambon


    What youre basically saying is:-

    When someone praises Arsenal/Wenger = They know what theyre talking about

    When someone criticises Arsenal/Wenger = They talk utter bollocks.

    Funnily enough people have said the same about people like Wrighty, Merson – who were legends until they spoke out about anything Wenger does wrong.

  17. DeiseGooner

    world class bandied about too often but international class suits me – Akinfeev is surely available no? Like AA23 its time for him to move out from Russia

  18. A

    There’s no way Cole would play in the middle three with cesc there too.

    No gambon not at all. He just says things that are totally incorrect now. He used to be really articulate, informative, and all his articles were well researched.

    Now he’s not interested anymore, so just writes controversial things to get hits, purely to promote his book. He just comes cross like an agry old man.

    Merson was a legend as a player, but has always been retarded as a pundit!

  19. Mayank

    Wrighty telling his ‘son’ to join Chelsea and saying he supports all London clubs had nothing to do with it.

    Criticism is one thing spewing bile is another.

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    I think what A is saying is that.

    When someone who knows what they are talking about praises Aresenal/Wenger = they know what they are talking about.

    When someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about criticises Arsenal/Wenger = They don’t know what they are talking about.

    Hope that helps.

  21. A

    Deise Akinfeev against the likes of Stoke, Blackburn etc would be even more useless than Fabianski/Almunia in terms of flapiness.

  22. Queen of Suburbia

    Basically Palmer wrote a book pretty complementary about Wenger, it didn’t sell very well.

    He spotted that there was a decline of Wenger book to be written at some point, what he writes on the blog now is there to sell his future book.

  23. A

    He writes angry/controversial things, as well as claiming to know that we’ve signed so and so, insider knowledge etc, to get hits to try and sell his book.

    Where are Vieira and Bassong, seeing as we’d definitely signed them?!

  24. A

    Mayank I hope noone. Almunia would be a decent back up this season, and Fabianski and Szczesny would benefit greatly from playing regularly on loan.

  25. gambon



    He wrote a book about the best manager in the world. Said manager lost his marbles and is no longer competitive at the top level, therefore his view on him has changed.

  26. A

    Yeah QOS, I don’t want to give up on Fabianski just yet. Gomes shows perfectly how keepers with potential and talent can come through early horror shows through getting regular game time.

    Almunia would be a pretty decent number two as well

  27. KM

    Re. the Cesc situation i think Barca are skint and will agree a deal with Arsenal that they can have him nxt summer. I think Nasri is the direct replacement for Cesc however he lacks the maturity that Cesc has and really needs to step up a gear and be consistent.

    I really think Wilshere needs another 2years from becoming a good player, atm he is too much of a rookie. I’d say that 1 year loan at Bolton and if he does well again, bring him back and give him 15 sub appearances like we did with Ramsey.

    I also think Lansbury will nail the 2nd spot alongside Song either this season or nxt. he has a maturity about his play that Diaby lacks. Ramsey is out of the picture this season because of his injury but i think its going to be a straight fight between Lansbury & Diaby for the CM spot.

    However a lot depends on whether Lansbury goes on loan again…however if we dnt buy a DM (which we dnt look like doing) then i can see Lansbury staying.

  28. Rohan

    gambon, even you have to admit that coming out with spaz like Wenger is racist and such is just looking for hits and in no way can be respected as an honest journo’s opinion.

  29. Pedro

    Morning all!

    I don’t think Myles is a racist and I have to say, I love reading his stuff. It’s a bit bizarre at times, but people must enjoy reading it becuase everyone talks about it and everyone clicks his links.

    Rohan, I found the picture on Le Grove 😉

    So… a player for the weekend? Maybe a cheeky confirmation of a couple of signings?

    What happened to the traditional press conference to showcase a player? I used to love those!

  30. Mayank

    Gambon why did he ask for a formal apology from Henry. Esp. since he’s not even an Arsenal player. Because he knew his article would pinch Arsenal fans and they’d be compelled to read it. Everyone likes stopping to look at a car crash.

  31. Queen of Suburbia

    gambon – he wrote a book that didn’t sell very well. It was rubbish, i know, i read it.

    He knows full well that peaks follow troughs and vice versa. He rode the peak but he knows the troughs sell better so he wants a piece of that action.

    He’s a shameless parascite.

  32. DeiseGooner

    Why backtrack on Almunia now – hes never been good enough for us – hes had his shot at being no1 and he is plainly not no1 material – why keep him as no 2 if you have no faith in him? Get shot of him, get a proper no1 in – Almunia is the only one of the 4 keepers mentioned that has no development/improvement left

  33. chippy

    For the life of me i still cannot understand why we are prepared to pay upwards of 4million for a 37 year old, Take the bulll by the horns and either
    A) Start Chesney as Number 1 if hes so fucking good like Madrid did with cassilas

    B) Go out and buy a top class Keeper like Nauer or Skeltenburg and if Chesney does turn into a world beater we can sell the previous named for a tidy profit,

    There used to be a time when the club were not afraid of having a little competion between players sadly not now,

  34. gambon


    Yeah the Henry thing was a bit mental & gin fuelled.

    I mean i agree with his thoughts on Wenger and what has happened to Arsenal.

    Everyone writes some stupid shit, apart from gambon!

  35. Mayank

    Chippy both of the options will leave us with a GK trying to adjust to the rigours of the PL. Better to buy a stop gap that’ll slot right in. And since it’s his last chance to play CL. He’ll give it his all and more.

  36. Arsenal Tom

    i think kols will be today.

    any truth to the chat about joe cole being on the arsenal site that was going round yesterday?

  37. gambon

    Nothing beats when Sulzeer came strolling out in his grey suit, when everyone thought it’d be Richard Wright.

  38. A

    Chippy Neuer and Stekelenburg are far from world class keepers, unproven, and would be a big risk.

    Schwarzer makes much more sense, as he’s proven in the prem, exactly what we need in terms of very big and commanding on set pieces, and a good organiser, and knows exactly what to expect.

    You don’t have Stokes and Blackburns who set out to really bully and beat up young keepers in other countries like Spain, so young keepers can come in and be more successful, less pressure etc.

  39. DeiseGooner

    Well Mayank, almunia and Fabz have hardly adjusted to the rigours themselves have they and they have had years – a top keeper is a top keeper

  40. Mayank

    Gambon, the Henry thing was the only proof I needed to decide he’s just another hack. It was just a pisstake on the Arsenal fans who were being targeted after the Eddy/Henry saga.

    That’s how he gets his hits.

  41. chippy

    Not at all the German league is the most similar to ours in Europe and hes been fine, The dutch league although at a slower tempo is also a good breeding ground for Keepers add to that hes looked absolutley fearless coming for crosses at the world cup so would be fine,

    Thats my point as well what is the point in a stop gap ??

    Whos to say the Pole will become a number 1 we could find in 2 seasons time hes still not ready and Shwarzer is past it then what do we do ???

  42. gib

    I’m not sure that Ozil and Cesc can be compared really. I’ve only really seen him play for his national side but his strength seems to be his lateral movement. I’d be intrigued to see whether he is as effective without the license to play in a free role with no real defensive responsibilities. Perhaps he could sit deeper but if he did come in (and I really don’t think he will) I think he’d have to play as part of a very fluid front three. All that is based on the national side and the German U21s last summer. I don’t watch a lot of the Bundesliga so if he plays deeper there and is still effective, feel free to ignore everything I just said.

    Favourite reserve was always Alberto Mendez-Rodriguez. I saw him rip Charlton Reserves to shreds once, beat about four men straight from kick off.

  43. Rohan

    I like Neuer. Just saying..he’d kill Chesney though. I heard he might be going to Bayern though so maybe we can bid for Hans Butt. 😀

  44. chippy

    Those 2 unproven goalkeepers at this world cup have made far less mistakes than your proven PL Keepers in Shwarzer and Sorenson,

  45. Rohan

    My favorite reserve was Jermaine Pennant. I was convinced he’d go on to be the next Diego Maradona.

  46. Lurch LeRouge


    I believe I saw JC on the arsecom. As does sixxpac, but there’s no physical evidence unfortunately. I can only describe the image and if it eventually turns up we will be vindicated. If not, specsavers have my vote.

  47. Mayank

    No two leagues are similar. VDS spent time at Fulham after coming with a good reputation from a big club.
    We don’t have time for anyone to settle down. If we got a top class ‘keeper I wouldn’t be frowning but Schwarzer seems like a low-risk option.

    He won’t win us the PL single-handedly but he won’t be the reason we don’t win it either.

  48. DeiseGooner

    Neuer and Stekelenburg are both better calls than Schwarzer – yes Schwarzer has experienced the premier league but he is on the way out. We need a keeper on the up and both Neuer and Stekelenburg are coming off the back of good seasons for their clubs and a good world cup – they are big boys im sure the would handle it.

  49. gambon

    I think its hard to call Neuer & Stekelenburg a risk as they are good keepers.

    If they are risks then every player in the world is & we shouldnt sign anyone.

    I think Schwartzer is a smart, if underwhelming signing. To be honest im convinced Szczesny will be the top keeper in the league within 3 years so buying a Neuer seems a waste.

  50. gambon


    He wont sit on the bench at Barca, i dont get why people are convincing themselves he will.

    He isnt a Hleb or Flamini, hes one of the very best players in the world.

  51. Doublegooner

    Grovers, I Need your Help;

    Off to Shanghai today & I cant remember how to access Le Grove..

    Any help Please ???

  52. Rohan

    imo, the French league is most similar to the premiership. The German league is somewhere in between the Spanish and the English.
    The Italian is slow and defensive whereas the Dutch league is quick and has shit defenses.

  53. chippy

    See my point to A, Schwarzers made more mistakes than either of the 2 keepers i mentioned at this world cup and that is the biggest stage of all, So i wouldnt be worried about either adjusting to playing in the PL

    Id agree hes a low risk option but for Fucks sake we are The Arsenal we should be striving for the best not low risk options makes us sound as tho we could be fighting a relegation battle,

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    I think chesney is defo capable of number 2 right now. So with schwarzer we can release flap and waiter.

  55. A

    chippy we’ve got no idea how they’d cope in the prem. International football is also very different to the prem.

    They COULD do better, but they are untried, untested, and would be a big risk. We’re not in a position to take risks now, especially not with that position.

    gambon every player signed from outside the prem is a risk. Goalkeeper is the one position that if the risk doesn’t come off, you’re screwed.

  56. Pedro

    Neuer is a top keeper… he’s the right age and he’s doing well for Germany in the world cup.

    All keepers are a risk, I don’t think you can buy a keeper who is risk free… unless you go for Reina, Buffon, Ceasar or Casillas.

  57. DeiseGooner

    Buying a top keeper and having 2 with a 5 year age gap is a waste? Im sorry but that just doesnt make sence. Whats wrong with proper competition? Looks whats happened to Almunia – he was able to man up and at least challenge Lehman for a while (hes failed in my opinion however) but hes reverted since hes seen Fabz cocking it up – no competition, no drive to be better

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    I agree with gambon on that, i was talknig to a Barca fan on twitter the other day, he said most Arsenal fans don’t know how Barca play, but that Fabregas would fit into their side no problem.

  59. Mayank

    Gambon Barca don’t have a place for him atm. Xavi plays deeper and Iniesta runs at players. He’s in direct competition with Xavi for his place. And unfortunately if there’s one player better than Cesc for that position it’s Xavi.
    He will sit on the bech a bit in his fisrt season but he’ll adapt to whatever role the coach gives him. It won’t be as a no. 10 though.

  60. KM

    I think Ozil will be gr8 as the LF in our front 3

    I think nxt year Chamakh will play as the RF with RvP in the middle and Arshavin on the left 😉

  61. Queen of Suburbia

    schwarzer would be a good addition. We lost games directly due to the way we handled corners and the high ball last season. Fix that problem and we conceed less goals and lose less points.

  62. Pedro

    QoS, why would most Arsenal fans not know how Barca play? I watch them a lot… I think lots of football fans do.

  63. A

    chippy didn’t schwarzer make one mistake? Neuer was far from faultless against England, especially with crosses.

    International football is very different from the prem, how on earth do their performances internationally, with schwarzer making any mistakes, have to do with them adapting to the prem?!

    We need a goalkeeper who we know we can rely on, would take no time to adapt, and would be able to organise the defence.

    NOT some young potential keeper.

    A fit Buffon I would’ve taken from outside of the prem, MAYBE Frey, but other than that all the rumoured people would worry me as signings

  64. DeiseGooner

    “We’re not in a position to take risks now” !!

    I say we are. We have been to conservative of late. Wheres the drive to be the best? The squad has become complacent as they all signed long term deals and see themselves as safe. Time to shake it up a little

  65. incesc

    myles isnt even an arsenal fan, he wrote the blog and book as he was excited about wengers emergence in the game and how he changed football over here.

    Its hardly his fault wenger is less exciting these days to write about these days.

    I like his stuff apart from the henry bile.

  66. Pedro

    I think Schwarzer will be fine.

    Why butcher Chezzers career by throwing him in at the deepend?

    Stick him in the team in three years when he’s had a Joe Hart like rise to prominence.

  67. gambon


    I think you are underrating just how good Cesc is, the guy is truely world class, and the best midfielder in the PL by some distance.

    Barca dont really have a number 10, but im guessing Pep wants someone in that role.

    And to be honest, a club thats €450m in debt – spending £45m on a bench player?? Come on.

  68. KM


    i too think that Fabregas will be on the bench if he goes to Barca. Look at the Spanish side its the same there, Xavi & Iniesta. However he will get lots of games because whenever Xavi/Iniesta are injured he will play.

    Also why were Barca saying we won’t pay more than £30m? Imo its because they dnt want to pay £50m for a bench player

  69. A

    Deise the reason we’re in the position we are now is that we’ve taken risk after risk after risk in terms of signings, and banked on potential.

    Goalkeeper is the one position that we can’t afford to take a risk on, if it didn’t pay off it would have an adverse affect on the whole team

  70. Rohan

    If Ibrahimovic does stay, there will defo not be any place for Cesc because if they want to , Villa can play on the left and Iniesta can stay in midfield. Keita offers them another dimension….

  71. chippy

    The pressure is the same and theyve handled it they couldnt do anymore than that,

    Arsenal would be taking a risk tho in signing a 37year old in the most important position on the park as everyone knows when a keeper gets to a certain point and age they decline and decline rapidly like Lehman and Seamen did where as others like Zoff Shilton carry on a little later so in my view thats a massive risk !

    Lifes all about risks and any player you sign is a big risk

  72. Matt

    I think the fact that we have been so starved of signings means we welcome any signing. I know I’m as guilty of it as anyone but that being said, I still find it hard to get excited over Schwarzer.

    What happened to being linked with Hart and Buffon? Now they were names to get excited about.

  73. gambon

    Lol, Lansbury wont get anywhere near a starting place next year.

    People are so overreacting to 20 good minutes against Fulham.

  74. KM


    he’s basically saying that the best teams in England are Chelsea & ManU…so if he did move here it’d be to one of these clubs. He also said that there are 2 top teams in Spain – RM and Barca. However i dnt think he’s going to move to Madrid they’v got a huge squad and have just bought DiMaria who is a left winger.

  75. A

    chippy it isn’t the same at all. Teams like Stoke and Blackburn and the overall intensity of the game isn’t the same in any other league, and certainly not in international football.

    Schwarzer is very experienced, proven that he can deal with the Stokes and Blackburns and overall physicality of the league, and is one of the best in the league in those regards.

    He would come in and be reliable, commanding, and sturdy, if not spectacular. Exactly what our defence and young side need to help them develop

  76. 78692

    KM,good shout @ 10:08 re:Ozil.

    If he moved to the Prem it would be to Utd,Chelsea or City, who would pay him big bucks.

    Apparently Utd had a bid accepted in Jan for him.

    BTW, Aap kitne saal ke ho? 😆

  77. gambon


    The reason youre not getting excited is cos Schwartzer isnt a “marquee” signing, whatever that means.

    Hart is fashionable cos he’s young & English, in reality Schwartzer is at least as good as him.

  78. Mayank

    I’m not under-rating him. They’d be fools not to play him but he won’t usurp Xavi Iniesta in his first season. Iniesta plays a different game anyway. Xavi too. Putting him in Xavi’s position will reduce the possession and keeping him in Iniesta’s position will reduce their directness.

    Also it’s not just about the players it’s about the partnership between these two. It will take time for Cesc to develop the same understanding.

    He’ll eventually become a first teamer but not in his first season.

  79. A

    KM I agree about Lansbury, hope he’ll stay around next year and be back up/rotated with Diaby.

    Really rate him, and if he hadn’t had the injury problems he has I reckon he’d be in the first team make up already

  80. KM


    i said Lansbury will compete with Diaby for the CM role. Diaby is obviously his senior…but as you know a lot can happen in 1 season my friend 😉

  81. chippy

    Whos to say Chesney will be ready in 3 years time tho we could be in exactly this same position then,

    If 2 years ago say, we had signed james say on the promise of Fabianski being ready what the fuck would we do now ??

    Arsenal are the Biggest club in the Capital of one of the worlds best countrys and we are still buying from cost cutters its bollocks,

    We should be aiming to sign the best not fucking stop gaps that may or may not be a safe pair of hands,