Firing Capello and losing £8mil is as stupid as extending his contract before the world cup, but…

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For the FA to suggesting that David beckham is the answer is the dumbest thing I have heard in my entire blogging life, nay, my entire life, it’s as far fetched as suggesting that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction.

Before Beckham got involved with the England team, they were in the main, men, and men that died for the cause, remember Terry Butcher and his bleeding bandaged head against Sweden?

Then Beckham came along, got sent off in his first world cup for petulance, jumped out of a tackle in his second against Brazil, and we were winning at the time, but he was more concerned about his haircut, and he played like shite in his last one and cost us any chance of winning by refusing to run the line, I know, I was there.

When people tell me he did his all for England, I laugh, he did his all for himself, and his last 25 caps were the FA, trying to give him the record.

Beckham started the rich boy wag culture and we have suffered ever since, bring in a manager that plays form players, not ones that rely on reputations, bring in a manager that puts the fans first, bring in a manager that laughs at reputations and bring in a manager that has managed at the coal face in England.

For me, give it to Harry, he’s already said he would jump at the chance, how would you feel today if you were a spud, at least our manager turned down the chance to manage France for his club. Harry has already said he’d have it!

However, don’t sack Capello, the FA gave him an extended contract and if we do, it will cost us £8mil, if you’re going to sack anyone, sack the FA that gave it to him.

I had to laugh at Brooking’s comments, he said we were struggling from 11 years old as kids aren’t being taught ball skills, well a mate of mine has offered to start an England academy, where kids go in at 11, they board there, are taught by football professionals (from EPL Academies) as well as being educated, if they don’t turn out to be the next Messi, they will at least turn out well balanced, educated kids that would add to the economy instead of the feral kind we currently turn out, they would trawl from all walks of life, privilage doesn’t come into it, talent does.

I suggested writing to Brooking, they needed £15mil over an 8 year period, you know what Brooking said? He said the FA couldn’t afford to fund it! They could however afford to give Capello an extended contract, pay for Beckham to sit in the dug out showing off his tattoos and send their entourage out to South Africa, first class, go figure, that’s the FA for you.

Okay, that’s enough about England, we have a global audience of Gooners to address, so I will now talk Arsenal.

With YaYa seemingly on his way to Man City, it seems now, that finally the transfer merry go round will begin, De Jong anyone?

It also appears we have finally landed Laurent Kosienlny for Gallas and there were rumours that Kjaer and Balotelli are next up, now that I would have, Joe Cole only wants centre midfield so if that’s the case I would prefer to sign Ozil or Gourcuff if I had to choose. Or both if Cesc goes.

We still need a keeper, but that looks like Schwarzer, frankly a Neuer would do me, but I’m sure he’s too close to Chezza’s age for Wenger to do that, so maybe Schwarzer is the answer, either is better than what we currently have.

If we keep Campbell or sign Kjaer, I think we have enough at the back, but DM is an area we need to strengthen as I don’t think Eastmond is yet ready.

I saw a glimpse of the new kit on a website yesterday and if it’s true, then I like it, I just hope we have hooped socks, white with a red top, or red with a white top.

So with all that little lot am I being greedy? It’s my wish list and if he dips in there, and the kit is right, then I for one will be in happy bunny land.

I so hope that Kosienlny is as good as Wenger seems to think because if we can shore up the back, we can win the lot, if we replace some of the kids we let go with real quality, then we’ll also have the squad we need to compete on all fronts.

Let’s hope so eh? It’s long overdue. have a great day Grovers.

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  1. Mayank

    So is the new FIFA policy to cut out diving to not show them or talk about them? Getting a player sent off by play acting IMO is as bad as a two footed, studs up tackle.

  2. CedarBayDave

    Well, we have to players left in the final eight teams. That is not so good.

    I guess the good news is the worst injury Cesc could get is a splinter in his arse.

  3. stonroy

    Yeah Gambon but is he a premiership veteran? If Roy Hodgson is out the door I would go in and nip Hangeland

  4. chozzer

    SUGA, so you think….

    gambon says:
    June 29, 2010 at 20:53

    2 years ago he said he wants to join Arsenal, Arsene said no, no, no!

    80+ goals in his last 110 games.

    Good call Wenker.

    ….was backed up by the Telegraph article?!!!!!!!

  5. MickyDidIt89

    Stonroy: seeing as Hodgson is a Gooner, I’m rather hoping he flog Hangerland to us for a fiver before he takes the England job!

  6. Keyser

    Heh, I was just going to leave it, me and gambon already have a very stormy relationship based on mostly love.

  7. Mayank

    How’s Mick McCarthy for the England job? Does well with limited resources and is headstrong enough to deal with the petulance.

  8. SUGA3


    Villa’s openly voiced desire to join our great club was backed by the source…

    Wenger later said he was not interested – can’t be arsed to look for quotes 😉

    as for ‘Wenker’ bit – scroll up, you will see that I don’t condone that…


    if we land koceilny, schwarzer, j.cole, chamakh
    and lose eduardo, gallas, sol, silvestre and probably almunia

    who will be happy with that

  10. David

    Well it was supposed to be..

    Bendtner The Fairy…But i quite like that one you came up with better.


  11. Dutchman

    There is one thing i can’t understand! Tottenham has really silly money if you look at us but they are spending millions andwe are spending nothing!!! How the fuck can this??? TWO WORDS: ARSENE WENGER!!!

  12. gambon


    No, would rather we signed a tough tackling MF than Cole, and another CB as well.

    Schwartzer, Koscielny, AN OTHER CB, Melo & Chamakh would do me.

  13. SUGA3


    not happy – lightweight as fuck at the back, need one or two more CBs if they all leave and a monster DM on top of that…

    could do without Cole…

  14. gambon


    Have Spurs even spent anything yet?

    But yes, we should certainly be spending more than that bunch of twats.

  15. Dutchman

    Mark gooner, we will sign another CB if soll leaves! I’am sure of that if not, I’am going to cry!! That would be unbelievable and another thing where you can see that wenger totally lost it! But he would not be that stupid, would he?

  16. David

    Im pretty sure this was the timeline.

    1. Ade Acted like a c8nt.

    2. Season finishes no trophies.

    3. Spain win Euro’s

    4. Cesc calls for Wenger to Sign Villa

    5. Valencia declare theyre broke.

    6. Villa says he wants to join the Arse.

    7. OGL says what Anelka said to Domenech

  17. MickyDidIt89

    MarkG; losing Sol, no. Signing the others yes, BUT. I still don’t see the point in Cole, when we have far greater needs in other departments. Free, he may be, but he will still soak up wages.

    Gambon: agree, I think Honda would be far more useful than Cole for starters.

  18. Dutchman

    How can you win a leageu with Vermaelen,Koscielny and Djourou, Nordveit and Bartley???? And wenger said experience???!! Surely we have to buy one other CB!!

  19. Dutchman

    Mayank, please stop that sugar father shit! We earn maybe 100 million more that tottenham each year! We are the facking 3rd valuable club of the world and the fourth richest club of the world!! How can we not spend and not be after big players???

  20. Mayank

    But we don’t have a guy that signs blank cheques do we?

    I don’t want to get into a financial discussion that ends with ‘Well everyone else who’s cool is doing it’. That’s how I took up cocaine.

  21. Dutchman

    Mayank but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend we have loads of money. I do not say that i want to spend 45m on a player just 15 million for a Kjear or zapata is enough for me! And that money do we have!

  22. MickyDidIt89

    Right lads. This bloody site has taken me from my labours yet again. Have a good night all. Good night.

  23. Stu

    I’ll be happy with the signing of Koscielny if he helps calm the defence down. We concede stupid goals because the defence panics and makes mistakes. We need organisation much much more than we need a big name or well known defender.

  24. Stu

    Of course it doesnt matter who we sign for defence if we still have Al or Fab playing in goal because they scare the shit out of our defenders and dont organise the defence like a top keeper should do.

    Communication and organisation is key.

  25. gambon


    We need a top top class player beside Vermaelen, whether hes well known or not.

    Is Koscielny that player?? I dont know, but id be surprised if he was right away.

  26. Stu

    Yeah my thoughs exactly Gambon. The name or status of any incoming player isnt that important, especially for defence. As long as he gels well with the others and can organise well then thats all that matters.

    I too have reservations about Koscielny because apart from his inexperience at the top level, he might not be that leader that we need. I also dont know what languages he speaks/has in common with the other defenders, so communications may be difficult starting off (while he learns english).

  27. Keyser

    Stu – It’s hardly surprising considering the amount of change and inconsistency we’ve had over the past couple of years.

    Most of the squad should be back for pre-season and we should be able to work on the organisation and communication within the team for once with many of them fit and raring to go.

    Depending on how much extra time players like Clichy, Sgana and Ebway are given, at least Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs and the likes will be there already.

  28. Stu

    WHo says Koscielny is going to be a back up BBK? Also, what does the price matter as long as he is right for what we need.

  29. Stu

    Well none of those players should be getting to much extra time off Keyser. How long is a players holiday generally? France and Ivory coast were knocked out early so they should be back fairly early.

    I agree otherwise though. Pre season should get that stuff sorted…provided we dont get injuries like usual.

  30. B.B.K

    why because we are wasting 8 million on a back up defender when that money could be used on a far better player.

  31. gambon

    The day we start spending fairly big money on back up players and finally buy a £20m player is the day we have realistic league ambitions again.

    I dont think Koscielny is a back up though.

  32. mike__

    if they dont adjust the coaching style/set up then we could sign the best defender in the world which would improve our defence, but after a while the lack of focus in training on the art of defending will have a impact on that singings own performances on the pitch.
    his natural ability will only carry him so far…maybe i am on my own on this but part of me thinks this about sagna and he is a decent example, he had a great first season & now he has dipped below that level. you could argue it was a one/first season wonder type of deal or you could look at it that arsenals style of training has taken away some of the attributes he had that made us sign him in the first place.

  33. B.B.K

    right for what we need stu,that fucking 8 million is going on some shit player to be a fucking back up defender,i swear down wenger needs fucking help if he brings him in as a back up.

  34. Stu

    Again BBK, what gives you the idea that he is coming in as a back up defender? And even if he is, 8m isnt very much considering the wealth of the club.

    I mean Vidic cost £7m and he is a starter. Whos to say 8m Koscielny wont be as good?

  35. Stu

    Ah BBK, but what proof do you have? Who can honestly say that they knew about Vidic before united were after him?

    If Koscielny is good enough then paying 8m is fine by me. Its better than signing noone.

  36. Keyser

    BBK – What are you on about ? If he’s a back-up because we’ve got another defender lined up, how is that a bad thing ?!

    If he’s a quality firct hoice player like Vermaelen then you couldn’t really complain either ?!

  37. mike__

    well didnt wenger bid 11 mill for smalling? would he of been an auto 1st choice or a back up /rotate player.
    also fulham would of wanted at least 8 mill for hangeland last summer and we already had gallas and vermaelen… so technically someone would of been the ‘back up’

  38. B.B.K

    stu lets see then if vern and kocielny can forge a partnership for us to dominate and win a shit load of trophy’s and see if he can be as good as vidic.

  39. Gooner4Life10

    BBK you are so NEGATIVE !
    Verm is a good CB and as for Kocienly give him a chance and complain after you see him play. At least we are getting someone.

  40. B.B.K

    because signing a defender from a club like cska will have more credibility then someone coming from lorient,ok the age thing i will let slide as vidic was 24 when he moved and so is this kocielny guy

  41. B.B.K

    as i say stu lets see if he does come in as first choice him and vern can forge a solid partnership for us to dominate how united have done and win everything in sight,we will then see if he can be as good as vidic.

  42. gambon

    The thing is Vidic and Ferdinand compliment each other really well.

    Vermaelen & Koscielny seem very similar. Both 6 foot roughly, both quick and good on the ball.

    What we really need is someone with the dominant characteristics that Sol used to give us.

  43. Stu

    Thats no way to compare. So if we dont win everything with Koscielny then it means he isnt as good as Vidic? Bullshit!

    Vidic came into an almost finished team. Arsenal still need a GK, maybe another defender along with Koscielny and a midfielder or two depending on who goes.

    As for the clubs. Well generally speaking, someone at a midtable-ish club in one of the top 5 leagues in europe is more proven than someone in a top team in russia. In my opinion of course.

  44. Stu

    Agreed Gambon. No point having 2 of the same next to eachother. We need someone to calm Vermaelen down and keep him in place, not someone to do the same as him.

  45. Keyser

    Vidic and Ferdiand sat behind 2 defensive mdifielders in a team that was set-up to be quick and incisive on the counter attack.

    They had the World’s best player at the other end flanked by two very hard working talented strikers who cost 30million a piece.

  46. B.B.K

    of course you can say that stu,vidic came in and and formed a solid partnership with rio and they went on to dominate,lets see if our 2 can do the same.

  47. Keyser

    Stu – Why does Vermaelen need to calm down ?!

    I think someone similar to Vermaelen would be ideal, he probably just needs to be slightly bigger to deal with the more physical strikers.

    The best thing about Sol and Toure was that they were both supremely quick, even at 35 odd Sol’s as quick as most, he just doesn’t have the agility he used to have back in the day.

  48. Keyser

    BBK – Yeah you can say that, if everything else in our team is the same as that United team or similar, it wasn’t like Vidic suddenly came in and was soo good that he made everyone else look better than they actually were.

  49. Stu

    I mean calm down as in mot rush to close down an opponent and leave a huge gap in behind like he did twice against Barca and agains Everton when Pienaar scored. Might be other examples but thats all i’ve got for now.

  50. Stu

    BBK, its not comparable in the least.

    Its like when Lucio joined Inter last summer. He didnt win them the treble. They won it because they had Sneijder, Milito, Cambiasso, Samuel, Julio Cesar etc etc

  51. Keyser

    He didn’t do it when Pienaar scored, I think it was more the partner he had with him when we played Barcelona, Song in the second half and Silvestre in the second leg, he just tried to take too much on and lost out.

    If Koscielny’s quick, then he should be good for us, especially if he’s got the other defensive qualities Vermaelen has.

  52. Stu

    Who bbk? Lucio? Of course he was in their defence, but he was just 1 part of it. They didnt win the treble just because he signed. It was a collective thing. Just like united winning things with Vidic in defence was a collective thing and just like if we are to win anything with Koscielny in defence it will be a collective thing.

  53. Keyser

    BBK – What do you mean ? Look at the teams United and Inter had, they weren’t teams who were falling apart or ramshackle before Vidic and Lucio turned up, those two were like the last couple of pieces, Vidic came earlier than that.

    Both teams were built up over several years, think about how long ago Fergie bought Rooney and Ferdinand before Vidic came along.

    Or how long players like Samuel and Cambiasso have been at the club.

  54. Stu

    Im pretty sure he did Keyser. Maybe it was a different goal but i remember him running towards the ball to close a pass down but instead the ball was played over/around him straight to Pienaar who had the whole half to himself unmarked.

  55. B.B.K

    ok.ok keyser when do you think it will all come together and we finally win something again,because i can’t see it happening with players like chamakh and kocielny,forget the digs just answer the question please???????

  56. Stu

    Ok so i over emphasised on Vermaelens mistake but it was still foolish to close down a player than Fat Ponce was already running at. He went towards the ball carrier and left Pienaar free to run into the half unopposed. He should have stayed more central to give himself more options rather than rushing to close a player down who was totally alone with no forward pass available.

  57. B.B.K

    ok keyser so when do you think it will all come together and we finally win something again,because i can’t see it happening with signings like chamakh and kocielny????????

  58. Keyser

    BBK – There are no digs, when you continually say everything’s shite, why do you get upset when people don’t know if you’re serious or not ?!

    Think about it, Bordeaux and Chamakh got to a Champions League quarter-final, yet you say why did we buy him for, you slate Koscileny and then rave on about Vidic.

    I can’t say when we’ll win something next, I hope it’ll be next season. You moan because you say Koscielny’s not good enough and then seem to be upset because he m ight be a back-up ? That’d mean we’d have an even better player to be first choice in front of him.

  59. Keyser

    Stu – I think it was from a corner, you see Denilson go down and he leaves Pienaar free, Everton broke quickly and Ebway tries to hold Cahill ? I think up, and it’s Nasri who should have tracked Pienaar, but I think he thought Denilson must have had him and went to help out Ebway.

    By the time he realised there was no-one there it was too late, I think you’ve got the Vermaelen thing wrong in that instance.

  60. Keyser

    BBK – Fuck me, then why the hell didn’t you just say that to begin with ?! I still think that’d be a very unlikely.

  61. gambon


    It was exactly the same as Mullers goal the other day.

    We were drawing 1-1 with 10 plus IT to go, its schoolboy stuff, but typical of us and our awful defence.

  62. gambon


    Its typical in that we concede goals that no other top team do, even Brentford dont make basic mistakes like that.

    Fergie, Ancelotti & Mourinho wouldve been pissing themselves watching that, wondering how Wenger earns as much as them.

    Look between 3 & 6 seconds on your little clip, its embarassing how they get the basics wrong.

    Fergie worked all this out 15 years ago, Wenger still hasnt, says a lot about the 2 of them;

    “I remember playing Juve in the mid-1990s…We get a throw-in near the corner flag. Gary Neville takes the throw and Alen Boksic goes up the other end and scores…That was it, one-nil and that was all they needed. We learned from that…Italians don’t get caught on counter attacks like that. We had to learn to do the same.”

  63. gambon

    Not sure if thats good or bad.

    He’ll settle them down and get the basics right, but i dont know that hes the man to win them the 2 big trophies.

  64. Keyser

    gambon – Dude, I was talking in relation to the clip.

    Saying other teams don’t do that is compelte rubbish, watch N’gog’s goal against United, Tevez scoring against Chelsea at the Bridge.

    I asked you why and how we’d correct it. Think about it, it’s transition defence, saying Wenger can’t do it is bollocks because he has done it, and probably as good if not better than almost any team around.

    We’ve had a great defence in the past, even better still because we were one of the best attacking teams around.

    Thats just how it is and you have to look at why it’s different now, that clip for one isn’t typical because you can clearly see Denilson go down and then try to get back to his feet, it’s not every game where we’ll be asked to chase the game and not every goal we concede will be under those conditions. Look at the team we put out that day and how many consecutive games they would have together and how many they had after that game.

    We’ve been poor in transition, in the way we track back while we’re being counter-attacked and how we deal with it, the thing is thats not just to do with the defence, it’s the whole team and how we deal with different situations.

  65. gambon


    And the biggest problem is Wenger just isnt the man to turn us around defensively.

    He inherited a great defence, but has always struggled to build his own strong defences.

    Last year he said we need to improve the defence….it got worse.

    This year hes saying we need to improve the defence….is anyone actually expecting him to do that??!!

    We need to improve enoumously defensively to realistically win the PL next year. Over the last 6 years the winning team has conceded 23 goals on average, and never more than 32…which highlights what we will have to do.

    We conceded 41 last year, and weve lost Gallas already. You cant underestimate how much defensive work we will have to do to have any chance of the league.

    When you consider we have a manager that is clueless about, and detests defence, its worrying.

  66. Keyser

    gambon – Again, the facts just don’t back up your argument, why do people say he inherited a great defence ? By the players own admission he extended almost all of their careers, they were a good well trained unit, but they were nowhere near a unit that would win us things on it’s own.

    Look at te 98 year and what actually got us through it, how bad we started off and how many points behind we were by Christmas.

    Mate, you come up with all these statments, and I know you hate being questioned, but they’re just wrong.

    The best team and defence we had under Wenger was almost of his own creation, forget the Mourinho, Ferbie thing, they set up very defensive teams, for exorbitant amounts of money, with exceptional attacking individuals up front and deep squads, we had a great defence despite being compared to Brazil at times.

    Saying Wenger isn’t the man is complete rubbish, instead you should be wondering what’s changed now instead.

    In the last 6 years the team thats won the league is generally the one with the deepest or most talented squad, it’s also why English teams have done soo well in Europe overall, and soo many at the same time.

    What do we actually have to correct ? and what things held up last year from correcting the defence ? Or would help us in the next ?!

  67. Gooby

    everybody is unhappy with koscinley because he is not well know and not over hyped.

    did you watch kjaer in the WC, i found him terrible no clue about positioning.

    most people throw names based on footie manager or media hype and that’s not the way players should be signed.

    £8m for him is too much though Lorient’s annual budget is €30m, that is fucking low, and is one of the smallest budget of their league, still they finished 7th with goucuff’s daddy at helm

  68. Keyser

    BBK – Know what, I apologise, if all you were doing is playing Devil’s Advocate, giving us something talk about I thank You, all we really want to do is kill some time talking about a team and a sport we love.

  69. ethangunner


    there was reasons for all of them being picked ..

    senderos’s because his failures were just as much by the clubs actions (or NO-actions) as his own .sort of career suicide on record 🙂 . and initially was
    pumped up to be the next adams or some such …

    and pennant because he was the richest transfer (and still is apparently ) for a 16 year old ..of 2 mil in the EPL.

  70. B.B.K

    keyser,no need to apologise,at the end of the day we all want what is best for the club some get more frustrated then others im the latter,i should choose my words more carefully in future.

  71. ethangunner

    blogging is to express yourself .. its a a new age BBK !

    if you have to act like you do in real life where the fun is there in that ? your anonymous here !


  72. Stu

    I dont agree with Senderos being on that list. If anything his best displays at arsenal were when he was younger, so that list you read doesnt reflect it. I wouldnt necessarily classify Pennant as a fuck up either. He didnt cut it at arsenal but he was pretty good at Brum and got himself a move to Liverpool because of it, even on the periphery of the england team for a short while.

    In terms of expectation them maybe they should be on a disappointment list but i dont think they are necessarily fuck ups…certainly not the worst (granted i dont remember every kid that turned out shit).

  73. ethangunner

    Stu says:
    June 30, 2010 at 01:19

    I dont agree with Senderos being on that list.
    i agree with senders being on the list , 100%
    we couldnt even sell the lad in the end ..
    if that isnt a flop i dont know what you call it ?!

    i will also add, we probably did it to him !..
    ill be interested to see how he does at fulham ..
    i think he will turn into a good player ..

    it will prove that wenger fucks up more talent than he creates… IMO !

    jack – stunted
    vela – stunted
    theo – initially stunted and forced into a differing position .

    He took a punt on bitchslap ! ? why ?
    i think it shows us he is only human ..
    i think its always been a safer bet to get established talent …