How embarrassing, thank god that lot’s over, do we still want Cole?

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I would still take him, he was given no time to show what he could do, but then being Arsenal fans, we already knew what he could do, thank goodness we didn’t want Upson or Terry eh!

We are now being linked to another 18 year old starlet Christian Eriksen from Ajax, are Ajax to Arsenal what we are to Barca? Another thing the world cup has shown us is we don’t need Robert Green, but I would have some of those Gerries, especially Ozil, I would buy him and Gourcuff and sell Cesc, I think if we did that and fast, we may have the answer to our Fabregas problems.

One can never tell too much from a world cup about how bad players are, often top players look crap at world cups, look at the teams on their way home, France, USA, England, Nigeria and Italy, they can’t all be bad can they, Β what you can take from a world cup though is the good ones will generally get better.

Germany showed us how a team of youngsters can impress, they all fought for everything, but then they blended it with older and wiser players, look at Klose, 32 and he would’ve be out of our door two years ago, but he shredded us, maybe we should take something from the game and implement it ourselves, I thought they were fab, forget the goal that wasn’t, they would have won regardless, they did to England what the mancs and chavs do to us on a regular basis, they scrapped, overpowered and stuffed us.

Maybe now Wenger will return home and get on with the serious business called Arsenal, you know, what he’s really paid for. It’s only 3 weeks before pre season starts and we should have our new team in place raring to go by then, if they aren’t then that would be a mistake for the 6th summer running, I am backing Arsene to put that right this term.

I don’t want Cesc for ‘one more season’ all that will do is make him richer, what we need is players in place that see their long term futures at our great club, if Barca won’t stump up the money, whack him on the transfer list, someone will pay and he will know there is no way back for him, strip him of the captaincy as well, he’ll go then.

If on the other hand he wants to stay, then say that and stay for a few more years. I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you? What’s the point in signing a 15 year old only to see him leaving at 23, when he’s come good? Other players that may join the leaving list are Vela, Eduardo, Eboue and Diaby. Diaby has such talent but as you’ve seen at the world cup, he can’t do it consistently, so sometimes you have to admit you need to think of the team and not your experiment Arsene, let’s have a team in place that wants to play for the club, can play for the club, and has a chance to compete on all fronts.


We have waited for Gilbert and Simpson to come good, they clearly are on their way out now, so we need to take a long hard look at the others and be honest, if they aren’t going to make it then get shot of them, we have Randall, Barazite, Fabianski, Hoyte that have all flattered to deceive, we have Wilshere, JET and Lansbury that look like they’ll be great players, so stop messing around with all these 16 year old starlets and play those we have, if not, save the money and bring in a few Joe Cole’s, or dare I say it an Ozil and a Gourcuff.

Have a fun filled week grovers, at least the world cup is out of the way and we can get back to our favourite team, the Arsenal, well them and Holland anyway!

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  1. Stu

    I dunno zeus, his goal at the grove against Liverpool last season was fairly sensational. Not as spectacular as the volley but few goals are.

  2. Samir


    Next season’s back 5?
    Would you be happy with that? I wouldn’t…..
    Is Koscielny any better than Gallas or Campbell?

  3. Stu

    I dont mean that Gilberto failed but he probably isnt good enough to play there now Pedro, having no pace would be a major problem.

  4. Pedro

    Pat… if you’re better than Lucio… you get munched. I fear for RVP’s brittle bones if that’s the case…

  5. reggie 57

    The point im trying to make is you get the younger players to do gilbertos running for him? you know its a thing called expierence something the current team goes not have… Just a guess!!

  6. Pedro

    Stu, Song has no pace! The same for Denilson!

    It’s a problem…but more so becuase they don’t have half the positioning sense Bert has…

    Makelele played successfully for the Chav’s till he was 35…

  7. Stu

    Koscielny may not be a better individual defender than Gallas or Sol but we need an organiser to fix the defence. No point having 4 good individuals in defence. Teams have shown that defending is about being a good unit rather than good players.

  8. Pat

    I thought RVP’s goal away against Fulham was sensational as it was very simple, but very difficult at the same time.

    The pass from Cesc, the beautiful cushioned 1st touch and the excellent right footed finish.

    Thought the assist to Cesc against Wolves was a thing of beauty as well; the layoff was flawless and much harder than it looked.

  9. incesc

    if gilberto wins 2 world cups thats pretty special.

    especially for someone who played his best years at arsenal.


  10. Stu

    Yeah Denilson has no pace and he is shit. Song on the other hand, i dont think he is fast but when he gets into a stride he isnt too slow.

  11. zeus


    I hope your wrong. I REALLY HOPE YOUR WRONG. hehe.

    I just don’t like them first of all, and their footy sucks for the most part.

    Bielsa is a mad man with his 3-3-1-3 formation. But after using it with success over a few years it makes no sense to change it to something unfamiliar for one game I suppose.

    Messidona better wake the F*ck up.

  12. Pat

    Lucio can only take out RVP a few times. Hope there is a card happy ref because Lucio gets away with far too much, just like Samuel.

    CHelsea were robbed a few penalties in the CL against these mugs who were well beaten and illegally brought down the likes of Drogba and Kalou.

  13. Keyser

    Gilberto was a Legend, but at 32-33 he just wasn’t going to be able to play week in week out, and took the best option for himself, 2 year contract, playing for a team in a far lesser league where he’d get to play regularly.

    Losing Diarra or Flamini, people might have a point, but their individual cases to.

  14. Pedro

    I read an article from some guy who is on my twitter feed… he slated Melo saying he’d be deployed as an auxiliary midfielder.

    What the fuck?

    I asked him how he knew this… he said he studies football.

    Studies football!

    What the fuck!

  15. Keyser

    I think the World Cups been far different from what you get in the Premiership they don’t let many fouls go unpunished here.

  16. Pedro

    Keyser, I don’t really buy this 2 year contract argument… he’s not earning Β£40 a week looking for a pension… he’s been earning super money for 10 years, he could have stayed on with us even if it was just for experience purposes.

    Players leaving will always be individual cases… you don’t let a player leave if there is a chance the other one is on his way.

    Wenger should have loaned him to Pompey and he shouldn’t have worried about not getting his Β£3.5million back… that was such a dumb move. He was never going to not get his money back on Diarra…

  17. Pedro

    Keyser, Graham Poll said this morning that the refs have let far too many bad tackles go by without punishment…

  18. Pedro

    Stu, he makes some outlandish statements about formations and such.

    He was saying basically Melo wouldn’t work for us becuase he’s just a tough tackling midfielder with a lot of aggression and drive…. errrr?

  19. zeus


    Not exactly inciteful there. Plus the pace is slower so you can see, you know, ACTUAL TECHNIQUE. Something you more or less rarely see in the Prem.

    Would the FA water down the PL a little so as to foster more Scholes type players, or so that a Messi type could be nutured there, I doubt it.

  20. Pedro

    Gambon, just so you know… you’re comment about professional negligence is going down a treat on twitter.

  21. zeus

    Pfffffff. Coming from a man that gave 3 yellolw cards to one player in one game, and one that gave a red card before proceeding to show a yellow, I wouldn’t put much credence on what Graham Poll has to say.

  22. Stu

    Yeah Pedro, thats pretty much fact. Whats this guys name. I read that on Arsenal Column which basically said he failed at Juve because they are trying to play him as an orthodox DM but he is, as that guy said, an auxiliary midfielder. He needs Gilberto, or whoever, sitting in front of the defence while he does the retrieving.

  23. Pedro

    Zeus, the FA are doing loads to encourage technique… you see it all over the country.

    We’ll have caught up in 10 years… maybe sooner judging by the kids coming through for us.

  24. Keyser

    Pedro – So you think he was forced out ? I think he chose whatever option was best for him, he could have stayed around for experience sakes if HE wanted to, I just don’t think he did, and I’m sure he’s happy in Greece.

    Diarra didn’t really do anything to suggest he was going to be good for us and wanted more game-time based on trust, Flamini earned the right to play and then fucked us over.

    Who knows what goes through these footballers heads.

    Did Graham Poll compare it to the Premiership ? Because they’ve given some very harsh cards out at the World Cup and seem to be on top of things generally.

  25. Pedro

    That’s the one Stu!

    He’s failed at Juve becuase they’ve had poor management, their players are two old and the club is in a shambles!

    I think Jag said he made the most tackles in Serie A last year? Pretty good going… I’m sure Wenger is looking at him for a reason.

  26. Pedro

    Graham Poll was just asked what he thought of the reffing… he said technically it’s poor because so many nasty challenges have gone unpunished… but for flow, it’s been great.

    Diarra showed plenty at Chelsea and France to show he was better than Pompey. There was always a great chance Flamini was going to go… we should have planned for that and maybe assessed how we treated him in the build up to that debacle.

    If we offered him a one year deal, it didn’t show much respect for a great servant of the club in my opinion… especially considering the fact we gave Silvestre a two year deal.

  27. Keyser

    zeus – Inciteful ? heh, most of this is obvious, it’s a collection of some of the best players in World football, it’s in FIFA’s interests to eliminate the chaff who rely on brute strength.

    The FA have something that sells, they wouldn’t want to change it if it can be helped, the amount of money involved in todays game and the sort of changes we’d like to see would have a marked effect on the game.

  28. Stu

    I dont think its just down to the management but surely that has played its part. Its basically the same with Diego. They expect him to play a traditional AM role but he is a between the lines player who just roams around imfluencing things. Juve want Melo and Diego to play differently to what made them but them in the first place.

  29. zeus


    Speaking of blatter, didn’t they find him and his predecessor accepting bribes with bank accounts proof. WTH happened to that?

  30. Keyser

    Pedro – I think there’s been some challenges that have gone unpunished, but nothing like you see in the Premiership, some of the Red cards handed out have been poor and it seems to point to over-zelous officiating, where officials from soo many different countries are trying to apply the rules as FIFA want them interpreted.

    I think he wanted ragular game-time, and considering the pace of the game here, he probably made the best choice for himself.

    Forget this respect thing, Bergkamp took a paycut to stay another year, it works both ways, I honestly don’t think we force any of these players out, even Ashley Cole said he didn’t blame Wenger.

  31. Man

    I’ve been bigging up Ramirez since the Confed cup…I would still pick him over Melo. He was pivotal in successfull Benfica side that also includes the best left back in the tournament so far, Caentrarrooooooooo

  32. Keyser

    Pedro – Yeah, the thing is you’d only be able to tell if you watched the Premiership regularly throughout the years.

  33. Pedro

    Goonerman, you can get corporate for Β£60!

    Keyser, we should accomodate players who’ve served us well… not bin them of off at the first chance. You’ve got to value a player… offering them half their salary is a bit insulting when you see what we give some of our more average players…

  34. zeus


    What exactly are the Fa doing? I don’t live in England, so I can’t see.

    And even so, the question remains, if the Prem is so 100mph no time on the ball ‘get up em’, wouldn’t it defeat the purpose of whatever they are doing at the grassroots level.

    Outside of Wilshere and a few in our academy and Rodwell( who is a defender) I don’t know of what the FA is doing.

  35. Pedro

    Zeus, ain’t nowt wrong with the pace. That pace is the reason our teams have done so well in Europe recently. When Klinsman took over at Bayern he was asked what they needed to do to get back to the top and compete with the prem… he said something like,

    ‘The average time spent on the ball is 4 second, in the Germany, it is 6… we need to lose the two seconds’

    The FA over have reduced the size of kids pitches, made the goals smaller and decreased the size of the teams to encourage technical ability. I also think they went crazy signing up coaches to do their badges.

    This takes the emphasis off large players bulldozing their way through the formative years to a certain degree and focuses on short passing over long ball…

  36. Stu

    Doesnt youth scouting start at about 7 or8? So even if the FA started something 5 years ago its still likely to be about another 10 years before the teams in the prem/england team see any sort of benefit from it.

    I mean we started fixing the academy when Wenger came in and we are only seeing the players that started in it coming into the team now like Wilshere et al.

  37. zeus

    This is from Tim Vickery, a writer and analyst I respect to the fullest. It will probably come out a little choppy.

    “The 2010 model might not be the easiest Brazil side to love but it is one of the hardest to beat. Well balanced, physically and mentally strong, sure of what it is doing and blessed with deadlock-breaking moments of individual magic, Dunga’s team will take some stopping.

    This is hardly a surprise. In South Africa, Brazil are reproducing the form that lead them, along with Spain, to be considered pre-tournament favourites.


    Pedro, this part applies to my question I think.

    “Players like Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Alexis Sanchez of Chile or Uruguay’s Luis Suarez are part of the continent’s footballing essence, with a low centre of gravity and full of tricks they can pull off at pace.

    Many in the European game lament the decline of informal street, park and wasteland football, which they blame for the absence of this type of player. Indeed, the European national teams seem full of stale academy products, technically competent but without the spark that cannot be taught, the spontaneous generation of ideas that comes from imagination.

    Messi, Sanchez, Suarez – they all have this. They grew up with informal football. Their time with European clubs has given them the rest. Argentina’s 1986 centre forward Jorge Valdano once described Messi as a synthesis of street football in his homeland and the Barcelona academy – an excellent observation.

  38. Pedro

    Zeus, not sure I’d agree with that… Messi is a freak of nature… there will never be loads of them about regardless of how much street football gets played.

  39. Stu

    4 seconds in the prem which has an abundance of foreigners and the top sides have even more. COmpared to Germany, where there is a greater percentage of germans.

    My point being, probably awfully made, that Germans spend an average of 6 seconds on the ball but Englishmen arent the ones spending 4 seconds on the ball..its mostly foreigners.

    Fuck that doesnt look like it makes any sense but im not changing it.

  40. zeus


    As long as Big Sam is still around getting praise, he and his crony impersonators will coach any good values that kids learn at the grass root level.

    Here is to England producing better coaches though.

  41. zeus


    It probably came out a bit choppy. But overall I think his point stands, obviously Messi is in a category of one, but the likes of Sanchez and Aguero and the like, all seem to come from South American backgrounds.

  42. Pedro

    Stu, so it’s not a Premiership issue… we shouldn’t lower the standard of the league to accomodate average English players.

    Not that they are average.

    Steven Gerrard, Rooney, A.Cole, J.Cole, Lampard, J.Terry and Milner are not average players…

  43. Stu

    Agreed Zeus. No matter what is done with youth football managers like Tony Pulis and Sam Alardyle being praised for their “football” will always undo any good work at the youth level.

  44. Stu

    Nor should the standard be lowered Pedro. I would much rather watch foreigners dominate the prem than average englishmen getting games because of being english.

    Hopefully though once the grass roots thing really takes over the prem will see a better standard of englishmen.

  45. Stu

    I had an interesting convo with a friend the other day. I mentioned that premiership greats arent seen as great outside the prem and wont be remembered as great.

    Just an example but Lampard, how often do you think someone who doesnt always watch chelsea say he is world class?? I bet not that often. Yet inside the prem he is seen as world class. Not the best example obviously but its all I got right now. Shearer too. One of the top scorers in england but i doubt many even know who he is outside england.

    Compared to players like Zidane, Raul and others who are known as worldclass both in their league and outside of it. Obviously though Arsenal players are the exceptions. πŸ˜‰

  46. zeus

    Thats very Italian. (hope thats not racist sounding)

    The Beckham shot ruined it for me though, nothing against him personally, just thought he is a bit of a circus act that only distracts things.

  47. zeus

    Very right Stu.

    Roy Keane, siad it, none of them are world class essentially, I’m paraphrasing. They are just good players.

    Think some of that stems from people looking down on the PL until recent years. No one really wanted to go to England until in became a cash cow.

  48. Stu

    Im very suprised that Beckham was included at all. I mean isnt he retired from int football? And Capello dropped him when he was manager of real.

    Maybe its because Beckham showed a lot of professionalism even though he was dropped.

  49. zeus


    This was a bit of a rite up on the Argie v Germ game back in March that gives me a little confidence for Argentina for Saturday. Tim Vickery again……

    ‘And bearing in mind their problems in qualifying, Argentina can feel as ecstatic as the Germans at getting their campaign off to a winning start. And therein could lie the danger.

    So far, Maradona has had a good year – and the tide started to turn when his side won 1-0 away to Germany at the start of March.

    Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller, tormentors of Australia’s flat back line, made little impression in a match where the Germans could only manage one shot on target.

    Maradona was delighted. Shoring up the defence had been his priority. In a bid for solidity, he had gone with a back four essentially made up of four centre backs (Nicolas Otamendi, Martin De Michelis, Walter Samuel and Gabriel Heinze) and a team set up for the counter-attack.

  50. Pedro

    Stu… come on… your mate is talking bollocks.

    Bergkamp, Thierry, Cantona, Scholes, Zola, Pires, Freddie, PV04, Drogba, Rooney, RvN

  51. Stu

    Left wing seems the logical choice.
    Diarra Alonso
    Ronaldo kaka Di Maria

    Unless they buy someone else or im forgetting someone they already have then i assume thats what they will play…if Di Maria will even play at all.

  52. Gooby


    well, Di Maria is β€˜no better than we already have’…

    and when he pisses all over La Liga next season, AW will come out with β€˜we almost got him for Β£5.31 and a bag of Skittles in 2007β€² bollocks…



  53. Gooby

    brazil vs holland will be the most boring game ever they care about defending.

    RvP to piss all over lucio and juan, they can’t cope with him and robben

  54. zeus


    Scholes? Really? Even Cantona? I agree with Stu. Outside the Prem, these guys are hardly renowned, but like I said, its mostly due to people looking down on the Pl until recent times.

    Even in the late 90s people looked down on the league and saw it as inferior.

    Scholes shouldn’t be on that list though. Good surely, renowned, surely not.

  55. SUGA3


    we will not win shit unless we stop this square peg round hole bullshit…

    AA is about a classic no.10, not a wide forward…

  56. Kreshnik

    Fuck this Brazilian team, not even close to the legends of past. Cattenacio with much better attackers. Hit em on the break was all it was. All that said though they are so fucking hard to break it’s unbelievable.
    I love Holland but don’t see how even RVP, Robben and Sneider can break them, especially seeing their egos getting the better of them again today. Fucked UP

  57. choy

    Wenger is not going to change the formation now is he?

    The attacking players pretty much have a free role anyway.. its only when they defend that they have to maintain their positions.

  58. choy

    Oh you guys want Ozil to start week in week out?

    He’s going to get hammered by the defenders.. and it’ll take him at least a couple of seasons to come good!

  59. Gooby

    I reckon that gerrard would be at the same level in spain for example.

    He has an essential quality to play there, he is a top top diver.

    this is a useless debate, most top players in the pem would do well in other leagues, they have few qualities others don’t. The English team performances isn’t related to the league level it is more of a team problems, bad selection, combination, tactics and poor understanding. England have to build a competitive squad mixing youth with experience, power with technique and ship out the shite bags like glenn johnsson(fucking crap player), terry, heskey, upson, carrick, berry, SWP

  60. km

    brazil to beat Netherlands – my prediction!

    Kaka was brilliant today – he makes the hard things look soooo easy.

    Fabiano without doubt is one of the worlds best strikers

    Bastos has shocked me! he was brilliant today. Defensively he was top notch he kept Sanchez who has been a livewire this worldcup really quiet and attacking wise he was also brilliant.

    Wenger missed a trick there imo, Lyon have got one of the world’s best left backs around

  61. km

    Wenger needs to get Ozil because Fabregas doesn’t want to stay so why the fuck keep a player whose heart is not going to be in it?


    we could get keep Fabregas till nxt smmer and sell him and get Ozil on a free like we got Chamakh.


    we should get him now because the boy is jsut brilliant!

  62. km

    The Dutch lacked urgency today….they were not playing at full throttle….they were not hungry enough. The brazilians imo have more desire and urgency to their play and are v.clinical. This will be a tough match imo and might be a drag with both sides playing with caution

  63. km

    kaka needs to be carefully he’s on another yellow. if he gets another one he misses the nxt round if they go through

  64. Stu

    Wenger didnt miss a trick with Bastos because he aint a left back. He is a wide atatacker for Lyon and was for his club before that.

  65. A

    Yeah km, they could be strong, although hopefully it’ll take some time for them to gel! spurs are gonna be strong too if they have signed cavani and kjaer they might actually push for something.

    Could be a quality title battle though!

    city need to buy a top quality forward or two, and centre back, and they’re looking very impressive

  66. Walking Wounded

    Cavani has looked shit this World Cup. The next Andrea Silenzi.

    Kjaer would be perfect for us, especially if Bendtner has done his job this World Cup and tapped him up along with Christian Eriksen.

  67. Walking Wounded

    Fuck me depress me more, next you’ll say we will be signing that Rooney (more donkey then Shrek)

  68. Tariq

    Lol! I personally think it’s a joke. I doubt he likes football, but I think it was a big windup. In all seriousness though, I’ve seen people talk a lot of shit about other stuff similar to him, and are 100% genuine! Stu…maybe his mom should’ve just swallowed him πŸ˜€

  69. LeProf

    Arsenal 2010/2011 should be:
    Ven der Wiel – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Arshavin – Cesc – Song – Nasri
    RVP – Chamakh

    Out /(In):
    Almunia / (Joe Hart)
    Gallas / (Koscielny)
    Sagna / (Gregory Van Der Wiel)
    Clichy/ (Gibbs, promoted)
    Silvestre / (Gary Cahill AND Simon Kjer)
    Sol / (Majid Bougherra)
    Denilson / (Wilshere, promoted)
    Eduardo / (JET, promoted)
    Rosicky / (Henri Lansbury, promoted or Mezut Ozil new arrival)

    If Cesc goes, replacement is – Mezut Ozil / Thomas Muller / Wesley Sneijer / Rafael Van der Vaart or simply put Jack Wilshere back from Bolton. Jack Wilshere = Cesc replacement? If Wilshere promoted then snap up another youngster Jack Rodwell (Everton) and Arsenal midfield duo is what Xavi-Iniesta did in Barcelona.

    Arsenal 2011/2012 team ought to be:
    Van der Wiel – Cahill – Kos – Gibbs
    Ozil – Wilshere- Rodwell – Lansbury
    JET – Bendtner

    Last by not least,


  70. Stel

    The Sun reports that Arsenal have finally got their man in the shape of centre-back Laurent Koscielny. The 24-year-old Frenchman will join the Gunners from Lorient in a deal worth Β£8.5m after the London’s club initial bid of Β£8m was rejected earlier in the month. “The clubs have a deal in principle and an announcement should be made in the next few days,” a Lorient insider told the paper. The 6ft 1in Koscielny is seen by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger as a replacement for William Gallas, the sulky Frenchman having been released by the club for his outrageous wage demands.

    Meanwhile several media sources report that Wenger – still in South Africa commentating for French TV – has his heart set on German midfielder Piotr Trochowski. Though the 26-year-old midfielder hasn’t been a regular starter in the German side, he’s highly rated by manager Joachim Low particularly for his versatility. Trochowski started his career at Bayern Munich but has spent the last five years at Hamburg, and apparently he’s wondering if it’s not time he was moving on to pastures new. Wenger is said to be lining up a Β£13m bid for the Polish-born star with a view to wrapping up the deal in South Africa.

  71. Rohan

    JET up front?? hahaha, that guy is highly overrated imo…the only reason he did well at U18 level was because of his relative physicality.

  72. goonergerry

    Cescs agent is Darren Dein. Does anyone think that he is likely to be a friend of the Board at Arsenal ?- given how his Dad was white anted? If he put in a transfer request on behalf of Cesc-how would it be received?- does anyone think the Board would advertise the fact? They will have no bargaining position if they did that. Everything points to Cesc really wanting to go-from Wenger cutting short his holiday after one day, Cescs dad saying Arsenal should let him go to Cesc himself stating at every opportunity he wants to play for Barca now. I am sure that upper most in his mind- is wanting to avoid an Adebayor situation.