How embarrassing, thank god that lot’s over, do we still want Cole?

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I would still take him, he was given no time to show what he could do, but then being Arsenal fans, we already knew what he could do, thank goodness we didn’t want Upson or Terry eh!

We are now being linked to another 18 year old starlet Christian Eriksen from Ajax, are Ajax to Arsenal what we are to Barca? Another thing the world cup has shown us is we don’t need Robert Green, but I would have some of those Gerries, especially Ozil, I would buy him and Gourcuff and sell Cesc, I think if we did that and fast, we may have the answer to our Fabregas problems.

One can never tell too much from a world cup about how bad players are, often top players look crap at world cups, look at the teams on their way home, France, USA, England, Nigeria and Italy, they can’t all be bad can they,  what you can take from a world cup though is the good ones will generally get better.

Germany showed us how a team of youngsters can impress, they all fought for everything, but then they blended it with older and wiser players, look at Klose, 32 and he would’ve be out of our door two years ago, but he shredded us, maybe we should take something from the game and implement it ourselves, I thought they were fab, forget the goal that wasn’t, they would have won regardless, they did to England what the mancs and chavs do to us on a regular basis, they scrapped, overpowered and stuffed us.

Maybe now Wenger will return home and get on with the serious business called Arsenal, you know, what he’s really paid for. It’s only 3 weeks before pre season starts and we should have our new team in place raring to go by then, if they aren’t then that would be a mistake for the 6th summer running, I am backing Arsene to put that right this term.

I don’t want Cesc for ‘one more season’ all that will do is make him richer, what we need is players in place that see their long term futures at our great club, if Barca won’t stump up the money, whack him on the transfer list, someone will pay and he will know there is no way back for him, strip him of the captaincy as well, he’ll go then.

If on the other hand he wants to stay, then say that and stay for a few more years. I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you? What’s the point in signing a 15 year old only to see him leaving at 23, when he’s come good? Other players that may join the leaving list are Vela, Eduardo, Eboue and Diaby. Diaby has such talent but as you’ve seen at the world cup, he can’t do it consistently, so sometimes you have to admit you need to think of the team and not your experiment Arsene, let’s have a team in place that wants to play for the club, can play for the club, and has a chance to compete on all fronts.


We have waited for Gilbert and Simpson to come good, they clearly are on their way out now, so we need to take a long hard look at the others and be honest, if they aren’t going to make it then get shot of them, we have Randall, Barazite, Fabianski, Hoyte that have all flattered to deceive, we have Wilshere, JET and Lansbury that look like they’ll be great players, so stop messing around with all these 16 year old starlets and play those we have, if not, save the money and bring in a few Joe Cole’s, or dare I say it an Ozil and a Gourcuff.

Have a fun filled week grovers, at least the world cup is out of the way and we can get back to our favourite team, the Arsenal, well them and Holland anyway!

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  1. CedarBayDave

    We need to sack up and spend on a world class player like this. No one we currently have fits the bill. We will not win big things without it. It is not a guarantee that you will win silverware, but it is pretty much a guarantee that you won’t without this player.

    Ramsey may be this guy in a few years, but I am over the waiting game.

  2. RayGooner


    Games Played: 114
    Games Won: 81
    Games Drawn: 26
    Games Lost: 7 (West Ham 0-1, Hull 1-2, Aston Villa 0-2, Man United 1-3, Chelsea 1-4, Chelsea 0-3, Man United 1-3)


    van Persie – 33
    Adebayor – 26
    Fàbregas – 25
    Bendtner – 22
    Gallas – 10
    Diaby – 10
    Gilberto – 9
    Rosický – 9
    Walcott – 9
    Arshavin – 9
    Eduardo – 8
    Nasri – 8
    Henry – 7
    Eboué – 7
    Vela – 7
    Denìlson – 6
    Vermaelen – 5
    Flamini – 4
    Hleb – 4
    Touré – 4
    Baptista – 4
    Senderos – 2
    Simpson – 2
    Ramsey – 2
    Ljungberg – 1
    J. Hoyte – 1
    Aliadière – 1
    Wilshere – 1
    Silvestre – 1
    Watt – 1
    Mérida – 1

  3. SUGA3


    I think you have missed ‘quite a’ there (as in ‘quite a few’)…

    Theo constantly failed to beat his man throughout the last season – if he focused on playing instead of shooting dumb as fuck commercials (‘to be feared’, my arse) and writing kiddie books, he would be a decent player, but this season he was guttershyte…

  4. RayGooner

    We have been raped by the BIG teams at the Emirates in the last 2 seasons…

    Man Utd, Chelsea & Barca were the obvious ones…
    Our 2-2 vs Barca was a flattering result to be honest…

  5. Marko

    What is this fantasy football? Gourcuff and Ozil? Why not add in Sneijder and we’re sorted. Nah seriously though I’d prefer we got Ozil than Gourcuff. I don’t want Gourcuff the same as I don’t want Joe Cole. Aim higher, instead of Cole why not Hazard or Elia or Sanchez.

  6. Stu

    It was down to Bendtner too. Assist and set up the penalty for Cesc to win. Theo did very well though, they couldnt handle his pace.

  7. CedarBayDave

    I just get frustrated when we pass on players like Robben last year, which we could afford, and then sit and watch him take a team on his back to the CL final.

    If we can get a true game changer, we must do it.

  8. RayGooner

    Actually the biggest part in that 2-2 was Almunia (can’t believe i said this), Barca should have been 3 or 4 up in the first 15 minutes…

  9. CedarBayDave

    Robben v Walcott – you choose who will bring home trophies, not that we could not have had them both with some work.

    Now, let’s not make the same mistake with Özil or Hazard.

  10. RayGooner

    Just an interesting stat for tonight’s game:

    Robinho has scored 6 times for Brazil when playing against Chile…

  11. SUGA3


    don’t hold your breath – no classy player wants to do a Fabregas and do the donkey work for twats like some I don’t even care to name…

    besides, as long as Wenger is in charge, we won’t spend anything near what is required to get either of them…

  12. Pedro

    Gareth Southgate just owned the MOTD studio…

    Money doesn’t equate to skill
    The England players aren’t the best
    How about blaming the players?

    Superb… I didn’t know he had it in him!

  13. SUGA3


    AW himself said that we can’t afford maybe 10 players in the world, I don’t think Robben is in the world’s top 10 moneywise, is he?

    unless you dare to question what Our Glorious Leader says 😆

  14. Marko

    HE has to say that SUGA3, he can hardly say “these fuckers on the board won’t gimme any money the tight gits”. We could probably afford him now cause it’s been a couple years and we’ve steadily paid off most our debt and are just waiting to be taken over. Love the fall out from England being knocked out cause they’re pure shite. People leaving comments on Sky Text about blaming foreigners in the premiership and now Fab is saying the players are too tired and they need a winter break. Bollocks. Games in the winter are a tradition and all the major countries have basically played the same games. Look at Messi he’s played more games than most and he’s been impressive. Excuses excuses.

  15. SUGA3

    well, you have to spend about this much to get top players – not counting the likes of greasy laduboy et al…

    unless we start spending this kind of money on players that are worth it, we will not win shit, simple as…

  16. SUGA3

    fact is, he can spend if he wants to – we have paid off £130M last year and for what? to invest it into another idiotic bricks and mortar project? fuck off…

  17. Marko

    Hey I haven’t a clue either I’m just saying you believe what you want to believe. I believe why would a manager care about spending other peoples money on signing players. A while back didn’t Wenger come out and say something about the reports about him having loads of money weren’t true, I think it was after Fizman came out and said he had so much money to spend. It’s all spin. But who’s spin do you believe.

  18. Stu

    Bastos, like Maicon, is given a lot of freedom down the flanks for Brazil because they have Gilberto and Melo covering their runs forward.

  19. SUGA3

    I believe in balance sheets (published for everyone to see), I believe in ambition being the telling difference between success and the failure and I believe in what I see with my own eyes – Wenger has lost it big time, persisting with shit players and giving them payrises so that no fucker would go anywhere near them…

    I don’t believe in ‘quality and mental strength’ and I don’t believe in excuses not to buy players we desperately need…

    I don’t believe in any spin, it’s my trade 😉

  20. Stu

    What with Cesars shorts? They are miles too big and his shirt is the same. Surely them being that big would be very restricting.

  21. SUGA3


    yep, Gilberto it is…

    should have been made captain after Henry left for two reasons:

    – massive respect amongst players
    – setting up good example to show that it pays to be a loyal servant

  22. Stu

    Yeah Gilberto definately deserved the armband. He must have been distraught when Gallas was given it so he would stay on. Even the season Henry was supposed to be club Captain Gilberto was really the skipper because he wore it more.

  23. SUGA3

    I always liked Gilberto – no nonsense and understated: to use the automotive metaphor, a Volvo, not a fucking Alfa, which we have in abundance with Alfa-like results…

  24. SUGA3

    Alfa – good looking, flashy but defect-prone as fuck 😉

    Volvo (well, back in the days anyway) – solid, strong and reliable…

  25. Stu

    Kaka booked for absolutely nothing and Lucio denied a latant penalty. How can fifa be happy with the standard of refereeing is beyond me.

  26. Pat

    Webb having a good game I think. The best big name referee there based on the games I’ve seen. The lesser known referees have been the best though, during the opening week of the WC.

    Juan goal

  27. Stu

    That wouldnt get them more goals incesc. Huntelaar might score more than VP given the same chances but VP is much better for the team than Huntelaar and will always start ahead of him.

  28. Pat

    incesc, what are you on? Whenever RVP OR Huntelaar play, they get no supply. Sneijder is very selfish and plays his own game with Robben and that is exactly why Brazil will thump Holland.

  29. BillikenGooner

    That’s what I hate about Brazil:

    Announcer: “..and Brazil hasn’t even been playing all that well to this point.”

  30. incesc

    huntelaar is more likely to finish off a half chance imo

    rvp is too desperate to get it on his left foot all the time like he used to be. Needs to relax.

  31. Stu

    Yeah incesc but that doesnt mean that Holland would score more goals with Huntelaar instead. VP scores and creates for the others. Huntelaar, while he might carry more of a goal threat than VP, wouldnt offer nearly as much in terms of team play.

  32. Pat

    RVP never shifts to his left anymore if he gets a chance. His best chances have been when he shot with his right, even his goal was with his right.

  33. incesc

    its like seedorf said before the game today.

    The dutch arent mad about van persie yet, as he doesnt get the goals.

    1 goal in 4 games

    frustrating player

  34. Yon

    Brazil are laying down the law! The common trend amongst winning teams…. a solid goal keeper, solid back 4 with attacking full backs. 2 defensive midfielders as the pivot of the entire team. Two attacking wingers/forwards/aiding in defending. A playmaker (#10) and a consistent and persistent goal scorer. If you look at this Brazil side and compare them with the Inter Milan team that won the Champions League you will see great similarities. Also very similar to the Barca side that won it a year ago and the United side that won it before them and AC Milan that won it before them.

    Its a common trend that we must advance to. A variation of the 4-2-3-1/4-3-3.

  35. Stu

    But that response by Seedorf was to a question along the lines of “Is he rated up there with the dutch legends”. It doesnt mean they dont rate him. He is a world class player, Huntelaar is just a top class finisher.

  36. Stu

    He’s a top class finisher and even that is debateable because his record in Holland was pbviously in a weak league and apparently the majority of his goals were against weak teams in big wins at Real.

  37. Pat

    Barca nowhere near similar to Inter, Brazil, etc. Barca didn’t have a good defense at all, but they scored tons.

    What a stupid statement. Where the hell do people come up with this crap?

  38. zeus


    Also similar to the barca side that won it a year ago?

    What are you smoking. They couldn’t be more different.
    They are a hard team to break down though, with great counter attacking, strong set piece team and individuals capable of a single moment of magic.

    But as a team, they are no where near where the Germans or Argentines are in terms of the way the game is played.

    They are like United, under the cosh, then score 2. Pffff. Don’t want to be bad minded, but I just don’t like them. Up Messidona.

  39. Pat

    Choy, the way he played in 08/09 and the way he started 09/10 suggests he was becoming a good goalscorer and he only just started playing lone CF!

    Rooney was NEVER considered a good goalscorer and look how many he scored this season!! Rooney is actually a very poor finisher

  40. zeus

    RVP is out of line there. Just saw what he did. Would love to see him try that with Van Haal.

    Robben tried that in the United game and he was sorted out right there and then.

    That disrespectful, PERIOD. Arsenal player or not, that awful behaviour.

  41. BillikenGooner

    I think the Dutch need Mourinho to coach them and get Lucio to switch sides… then maybe they could pull an “Inter” on Brazil.

    Otherwise, they had better put away their chances early or we’ll see exactly what just happened to Chile.
    Holland poking, proding but eventually having a couple go the other way.

  42. zeus


    He questioned his substitution in a very animated way when he reached the touchline. There was no ambiguity to what he seemed agitated about.

    The coach has said that he ‘is absolutely not angry at Robin’ though.

    Still don’t like to see that sort of thing.

  43. zeus

    BREAKING NEWS: Benfica’s Angel Di Maria joins Real Madrid in £20m, six-year deal.

    I’m so pissed at this.
    1. He should have joined us in 2007.
    2. He is just gonna bench and waste his career at that club.

  44. Pat

    Choy, he played a lot as a winger/supporting striker. Just recently he started playing CF and his record has been good since then.

  45. Stu

    Completely agree on VP Pat. His record overall isnt that great but it shouldnt be forgotten than he was a sub for the first 2 seasons he was here and injuries took their toll on the other parts. But since being moved to CF over the last 2 seasons he has shown that he can score regularly when fit.

  46. gambon

    This Brazil team is the model of modern football.

    Very strong defensively, marauding full backs, twin DMs to cover for them, and great forwards.

    Basically a collective defensive team, with outstanding attacking individuals.

  47. SUGA3

    well, Di Maria is ‘no better than we already have’…

    and when he pisses all over La Liga next season, AW will come out with ‘we almost got him for £5.31 and a bag of Skittles in 2007’ bollocks…

  48. zeus


    Are you only saying that because Brazil are beating a very beatable Chile side.

    Lets see how they do against Holland/Spain/Argentina/Germany first.

    I know you don’t win a world cup by accident, but I hopee their type of football isn’t triumphant at this tournament. I honestly do.

  49. zeus


    Read your first line and was preparing to virtually wash your mouth out with soap.

    Don’t think he will get playing time though, unfortunately, because he is VERy good. Better than his displays so far in South Africa.

    We are gonna need him for Germany.

  50. Stu

    How the fuck did they get him for so little though? 20m is barely even half of what he was rumoured to be costing. After his goal in the Olympics i remember there being a 50m price tag but up by Benfica.

  51. reggie 57

    Looks like wenger made a ricket letting gilberto go!! only the best DM in the world cup but then again Arsene Knows!!

  52. SUGA3


    it was a tongue firmly in cheek kind of statement 😆

    fuck me sideways, are we REALLY getting excited with Koscielny being ALLOWED to talk to us?

  53. Stu

    Whys that Gambon? Because he looks good for a defensive team with usually 4 back defending at all times, even when in possession?

  54. Stu

    Koscielny only being allowed to talk to us now? After about 3 weeks or him being strongly linked with us and Lorient talking about our bid. If it takes that long to get to talk to a player i cant imagine how long more its gonna take to thrash out a deal.. No wonder we rarely sign anyone, we are so slow to negotiate it probably turns them off a move.

  55. Pat

    I don’t think we can complain about Gilberto being sold. Some people have bad memory. He was shite in his last season with us. PL is too fast for him, but he’s still good enough for international football

  56. zeus

    Brazil are great on the counter with individual magic, thats all. Plus good set piece takers.


    Gilberto was on his last legs, the slow pace of Int. Footy is showing him in a good light, but as has been said, Wenger is a mug for replacing him with Denilson, who is shockingly slower than a 33 year old at 21.

  57. Pedro

    Pat, he was shite because he hardly got a sniff all year… he fucked being the captain of the copa america champions… it was never the same again. He was arguably our best player the year before…

  58. zeus


    Since I like the old school style that the Argentines play with (though I’m a youngn) I can’t agree.

    There still must be a place in the game for a Fabregas, Xavi, Pirlo, Riquelme Veron, Zidane types.

  59. gambon

    Losing Gilberto wasnt a problem, losing Flamini wasnt a problem, losing Diarra wasnt a problem.

    Losing all 3 within 6 months and replacing them with Denilson & Song was professional negligence.

  60. Pat

    Best player when we were very poor. Fact is, he was shite in his last season and was rightfully sold. He’d struggle in the PL right now. Only thing I’m disappointed with it that Wenger didn’t replace him. Wouldn’t switch Song for him now.

  61. reggie 57

    Good enough for international football but shit in the premier league? thats a new one on me oh well must be going senile what with only supporting the club for 45 years!!

  62. zeus


    I hope the Dutch can do Brazil, but I don’t think they can break down that back line. At least they are not as gung ho in the attack, there is some efficiency and balance in their game.

    The weak link in that side though surely is bastos he will come up against Robben and hopefully he has a blinder.

    RVP is do a fucking sensational goal too, its been what, 3 years vs Charlton Athletic with the first time volley from Eboue cross.

  63. Pat

    I think RVP can have a great game against Lucio, who is a very poor 1v1 defender.

    Juan isn’t too good individually either(remember RVP embarrassing him in the CL), but as a unit they’re good.

  64. zeus


    The pace of the game is different in PL. That why Englishmen look world beaters in PL, but technically deficient on the world stage.