How embarrassing, thank god that lot’s over, do we still want Cole?

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I would still take him, he was given no time to show what he could do, but then being Arsenal fans, we already knew what he could do, thank goodness we didn’t want Upson or Terry eh!

We are now being linked to another 18 year old starlet Christian Eriksen from Ajax, are Ajax to Arsenal what we are to Barca? Another thing the world cup has shown us is we don’t need Robert Green, but I would have some of those Gerries, especially Ozil, I would buy him and Gourcuff and sell Cesc, I think if we did that and fast, we may have the answer to our Fabregas problems.

One can never tell too much from a world cup about how bad players are, often top players look crap at world cups, look at the teams on their way home, France, USA, England, Nigeria and Italy, they can’t all be bad can they,  what you can take from a world cup though is the good ones will generally get better.

Germany showed us how a team of youngsters can impress, they all fought for everything, but then they blended it with older and wiser players, look at Klose, 32 and he would’ve be out of our door two years ago, but he shredded us, maybe we should take something from the game and implement it ourselves, I thought they were fab, forget the goal that wasn’t, they would have won regardless, they did to England what the mancs and chavs do to us on a regular basis, they scrapped, overpowered and stuffed us.

Maybe now Wenger will return home and get on with the serious business called Arsenal, you know, what he’s really paid for. It’s only 3 weeks before pre season starts and we should have our new team in place raring to go by then, if they aren’t then that would be a mistake for the 6th summer running, I am backing Arsene to put that right this term.

I don’t want Cesc for ‘one more season’ all that will do is make him richer, what we need is players in place that see their long term futures at our great club, if Barca won’t stump up the money, whack him on the transfer list, someone will pay and he will know there is no way back for him, strip him of the captaincy as well, he’ll go then.

If on the other hand he wants to stay, then say that and stay for a few more years. I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you? What’s the point in signing a 15 year old only to see him leaving at 23, when he’s come good? Other players that may join the leaving list are Vela, Eduardo, Eboue and Diaby. Diaby has such talent but as you’ve seen at the world cup, he can’t do it consistently, so sometimes you have to admit you need to think of the team and not your experiment Arsene, let’s have a team in place that wants to play for the club, can play for the club, and has a chance to compete on all fronts.


We have waited for Gilbert and Simpson to come good, they clearly are on their way out now, so we need to take a long hard look at the others and be honest, if they aren’t going to make it then get shot of them, we have Randall, Barazite, Fabianski, Hoyte that have all flattered to deceive, we have Wilshere, JET and Lansbury that look like they’ll be great players, so stop messing around with all these 16 year old starlets and play those we have, if not, save the money and bring in a few Joe Cole’s, or dare I say it an Ozil and a Gourcuff.

Have a fun filled week grovers, at least the world cup is out of the way and we can get back to our favourite team, the Arsenal, well them and Holland anyway!

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  1. Keyser

    The dutch have got several ego’s playing up front they just haven’t clicked, individually some of the best talent in the world, but they could be making soo much more of it.

    It destroyed the french and there was one point where Sneijder had 4-5 players running to his right free and in space and he decided to take the shot on himself.

    If they get past the selfish side, they’ll probably get to the final.

  2. Pedro

    Keyser, you throw injuries out there like other teams don’t get them… Drogba missed games for Chelsea when he went to Africa and they still scored more goals than us.

    You’re also making out the striker issue was one that we had no control over…

  3. Stu

    Kuyt has heart but as a footballer he is fucking shit. He probably doesnt even know he has a left foot he uses it so rarely.

  4. Tariq

    Holland look like they’re just literally walking through these games. They barely even get into 3rd gear, but the defence does look shaky though. RVP looked a bit lazy today, not sure if it was because lack of service or what, but so far this tournament he doesn’t look like a happy man. Seedorf is a classy guy…it’s a good thing it wasn’t me because I’d have told them a few words or two.

  5. terry

    im going mad as for a matter of fact our squad sucks i keep posting transfer wish list is bcoz the only solution to our problem is to get rid of all the shit players and get quality players in the squad…

    every time i see us play manu or chelsea or manu or barca or even city or villa …

    im not confident that we will win…..

    bcoz we dont have the right balance in our teams….

    how on earth are we going to win against barca if we cannot win against city fearlessly…..

    we were the most feared team in the league… now we fear other teams…..

    others have improved but we havent at the same pace…

    we all moan bcoz we want our club to win trophies and thats the reason we are here discussing this as well….

    all i care abt is us winning…….

  6. incesc

    kuyt busts his gut for the team more than a few arsenal players i could mention.

    people say yes to babel and no to kuyt…

    people say yes to kocheisny and no to kyut….

    just saying


  7. Keyser

    Pedro – No Pedro, I throw it out there as something to consider, and if you want to ignore it then thats fine, but it won’t give you any sort of accurate viewpoint.

    Two seasons ago we played Chelsea away we beat them 2-1, we had Adebayor up front annd Van Persie, they were missing Drogba. The return game was a lot different and we started out well but ended up losing 4-1.

    How do you not consider who was playing for those specific games ? Or is everything equal throughout the premiership ?!

  8. Stu

    People say no to Babel and Kuyt. One is shit and the other is a cunt. You decide which is which, or even both. One has dived against us and the other has gotten away with a blatent foul in the box.

  9. Rohan

    I blame PES. Apparently the new version has a button/action whereby you can dive if you time it right.
    What kind of message does that send out to kids??? Stupid fucking cunts.

  10. Rohan

    How does anyone know if Koscielny is shite ffs? For all you know, he probably is world class and could be the find of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised. Look at Vermy.

  11. choy

    Vermy just scored more goals than toure.

    We didn’t improve defensively!

    I think we conceded the same amount of goals!

  12. Pedro

    Keyser, becuase the at the end of the Premiership season… it’s about where you finish. No one cares about how badly your squad was assembled… generally, the best prepared win out.

    We went into the season with a squad that didn’t have the depth to win the league… and we were deservedly beaten by a better Chelsea team.

    Considering the 10million excuses as to why that happened doesn’t make any difference… in the cold light of day, we weren’t good enough and I highly doubt we’d have been good enough with our entire first team out.

  13. Queen of Suburbia

    Nobody does Rohan, but why let the facts get in the way of another grand opportunity to bash the club?

    Its the hot summer game, slag off not only our players, the board and the manager but take a pop of anybody even remotely linked with us as well. Sort of like warming up, for when they actually do become an Arsenal player.

  14. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    There you go again making wild statements. Our defense has been ok only slighty worse than Uniteds and Chelseas. Arsene has however identified the fact that the defense needs improving, what Arsene sees, that no other manager in the world does, is that you can address problems relating to defense and attack totally independantly of each other, its like American football.

    I am not concerned with our offense as we have signed a proven goal getter for free.

    I am not concerned with our defense as I am sure Arsene will spend money bringing in only the best.

    My main concern is our special teams.

  15. Rohan

    I can’t think of too many world class proven CB’s who would be available to be honest…
    Chiellini is dogshite…

  16. Keyser

    Pedro – Why is everything that you don’t agree with an excuse ? But when you write your blog, you’re giving valid reasons ?!

    So basically who cares why ? Lets just have a massive moanfest and stamp our feet till it changes.

  17. Pedro

    QoS, getting on your high horse a bit there. Why is it not acceptable to talk about the impending signing of an unknown French player who is about to assume the role of number 2 defender in the club?

    Gallas can’t be relied upon… that’d tell me that signing a very good back up would have been an good idea last summer. Not relying on Silvestre or Sol Campbell being good for 2 games a week.

  18. gambon


    He could turn out to be unbelievable, and in some way the fact that he is so little known makes me think there must be something there.

    But lets get it right, we need to improve dramatically defensivley, not just fill a hole left by Gallas, we need to bring someone better in.

    Now Koscielny, a 24 year old bean pole, who 1 year ago was playing in the french div 2, which is the equivalent of League one, who has never been capped and no one else is after.

    Does that sound like the vast improvement on Gallas we need?

    I have no idea, but im definately not convinced.

  19. Queen of Suburbia

    Talking about him, i have 0 problem with Pedro, calling him shite and using him as a stick with which to beat the club with when nobody has seen him play more than a handful of times is just pathetic. There is a big difference between conversation and just flat out whining.

  20. Pedro

    Keyser, becuase the facts are that we were comprehensively beaten by Chelsea and Man Utd.

    You can dress it up however you want (which you always do) but the the facts are, we weren’t good enough…

    Now my beef is that despite knowing we’re not good enough defensively, we’re shipping out a world cup / prem winning defender for an unknown French / Pole with one seasons worth of Ligue 1 experience.

    Could be a master stroke… could be Pascal Cygan Mk II

  21. incesc

    lets fuck the defence and buy some great forwards.

    back to the days when middlesborough scoure 3 we score 5!

    what a game that was.

  22. Pedro

    QoS, back in the old days, I’d be more than happy to back whoever Wenger signed. However, like Gambon pointed out… we need better than Gallas and we shouldn’t be taking a massive risk on a pivotal season.

  23. Keyser

    Pedro – Heh, who’s being bitchy now.

    Like you say we didn’t have enough depth, we’ve added Chamkah, which can only be a good thing, Koscielny should come in and we’ll have Djourou fit, which we didn’t have all last season. There’s still time after that for another player or two aswell.

  24. Pedro

    QoS, Wenger wouldn’t spend £10mill on a second choice defender.

    I don’t think JD is rated and I don’t think he can stay fit for more than 5 minutes.

  25. Queen of Suburbia

    There is an argument incesc that if we took more of our chances, we could concede at the rate we currently do and still win the league. Sometimes we are sooo wasteful and we do create an amazing number of chances.

  26. Rohan

    Why not give him a chance then? I don’t see the point of bashing him now and calling him shite…It’s almost like some WANT Wenger to buy flops…
    Yes, we’re not good enough defensively but imo it has more to do with our team defending as a whole and not to do with individuals. The only glaring individual mistakes that were made by our goalkeepers…

    I also do expect Koscielny to be a top player not only because we are persistently chasing him and are ready to shell out quite a bit for an unknown but also that Lorient don’t seem tha happy to let him go which leads me to believe that he is very highly rated by those in the know.

  27. Pedro

    I’m not being bitch Keyser… but that’s what you do… ask loads of questions that for me, just amount to excuses.

    So you’d be happy going into the new season with JD (The RVP of defence), Vermalen (Loads of heart but a lack of dicipline) and a one season wonder from a mid-table French team?

  28. Pedro

    Rohan, why not shut the blog down for the summer then? Or is that what a blog is for… thrashing out what we think of potential signings and leavers etc…

    I’d say our shite defence last season was all about individual errors.

  29. Rohan

    Gallas hasn’t left yet, Pedro. I fully expect to buy another CB if Gallas defo leaves and I suspect Wenger is on the case already.
    Didn’t Wenger say that he defo would strengthen the defence..and don’t come back to me with the oft-said statement that you can’t trust what he says.

  30. Rohan

    eh,Pedro…Thrashing out what we think of potential signings as you put it is a fair bit far from calling him shite don’t you think?

  31. Pedro

    Rohan, have you read any indications that he is staying and yes, he did say he’d strengthen the defence… that’s what we’ve been talking about for the last 15 posts…

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    I think the collective strength of the unit is the important factor in defense Pedro, not the solely individuals…take some of the performances we’ve seen at this world cup…are the Japanese defenders individually as good as Gallas? Nope, but collectively they’ve defended better.

    I think we’ve relied on too much on Gallas defensively and that having players of a more equal stature may well improve the collective performance.

  33. choy

    We’ve had a bid rejected for Jagielka.. so I do think we’re in for another CB as well considering that we’ve effectively signed LK.

  34. Pedro

    QoS, how do you create a decent collective defence?

    You drill them… or you buy world class defenders.

    We don’t appear to be doing either.

  35. Keyser

    Pedro – Of course you are, as if you dont dress things things up to suit your own argument or whatever stance the blog or Geoff wants to take.

    I’ve never talked about being happy, and I said there’s still more than enough time for other players.

    What I wanted most was a solid defender to bring in, inspite of Gallas or with him aswell. We’ll see if Koscielny is that, or if we’re looking for others aswell.

  36. Rohan

    incesc says:
    June 28, 2010 at 17:07
    kuyt busts his gut for the team more than a few arsenal players i could mention.

    people say yes to babel and no to kuyt…

    people say yes to kocheisny and no to kyut….

    just saying

  37. Pedro

    Keyser, I never try and persuade people to agree with me… what a hideous accusation.

    On that note… I’m off… catch you all later!

  38. Rohan

    Really, Pedro? as in statistics??…
    I’m pretty geeky, being an electrical engineering major so I think i can handle the math..
    Am in the middle of selecting courses for uni and wanted to choose a diff elective

  39. Mayank

    He isn’t 4th I’m sure if fit he’d figure ahead of Silv and Sol. I like JD but he doesn’t seem sly enough to be a top, top CB.

  40. Mayank

    I’ve always liked psychology but never studied it. I’m sure if I did I’d hate it. I think Pedro must’ve been joking, why would maths figure in psycho?

  41. incesc

    its always unknowns with us.

    we dont know if jd is good enough or can stay fit, we dont know if kochiesny is good enough, we are arsenal, one of the biggest clubs in the world, lets get in proven quality

  42. Geoff

    Ha, ha Pedro, you’ve been battling alone, Rohan, the fact that we’ve been chasing the FrancoPole means fuck all, we chased Stepanovs as well, if you think he’s good because his team don’t want him to go, you are as deluded as Keyser, they are holding out for more money, if you understood business, and not maths, you’d know that.

    And that my friend is what experience brings, well that and wealth.

    Keyser just likes to argue with whatever the going subject is, tune in after we lose to find that out.

  43. zeus

    Are we back to just bemoaning Arsenal now that the world cup isover for some?

    And when is this Koscielny deal going to get announced.ANSWER THE PHONE WENGER.

  44. incesc

    i enjoyed keowns commentary style today, very cutting.

    He sounds like he wouldnt accept 2nd best which is the way he played.

    i think he will end up a better manager than adams.

  45. A

    Geoff we didn’t chase Stepanovs, a good comparison would be cygan….

    though that was a bit out of the blue actually

    the closest comparison would be vermaelen

  46. Henristic

    Wenger certainly doesn’t seem to be doing enough to improve our defense even though he constantly highlights it as one of the main cause for our under-par performance

  47. A

    david they were both released a good week or two ago, similar time to cole and ballack being released by chelsea

  48. Henristic

    He may yet surprise us all with some blitz signings before the season starts, but what are the chances of that happening?

  49. Mayank

    I know A, just saying he’d be ahead of silv and Sol they were so he’d be first choice after Gallas goes.

    Incesc who do you think is good well known defender that is good enough and available.

  50. Henristic

    Koscielny is definitely a big risk, especially if AW is planning to play him as first choice with Vermaelen.

  51. A

    I’ve got no opinion at all David as I’ve never seen him, pretty much identical apprehensiveness as with the Vermaelen signing!

    Not really gambon, very similar age, very similar price, and followed in a very similar age.

    Although I applaud the poles thing, very punny

  52. Henristic

    Except for the odd youth signing, It’s looking very much like the days of a surprise signings for arsenal is gone. The selling club will almost always leak to the media, or the player himself will give an interview etc

  53. Mayank

    Henristic does any club have surprise signings anymore? The last one was Robinho and he was surprised by it too so it can’t count.

  54. Rohan

    They just look good because of the system they play in, David. They would get found out in the system and high line that we play with.

  55. BillikenGooner

    Chamakh will be our “reinforcement” up top signing.
    Koscielny will be our defensive reinforcement signing.
    Sol or Silvestre will quietly get another year.
    Cole will be our “EPL experienced” signing.
    If no Schwarzer, then Fabianski or Almunia will get a vote of confidence here soon from Wenger and no change made in goal.

    All in all, Arsene will feel like he’s done cartwheels this summer compared to most years.

  56. Stu

    Koscielny may very well be the best defender in france. If we are willing to bid up to 10m for him and Lorient are still reluctant to sell him at that price then there must be something about him.

  57. sir henry norris

    Hen, Wenger may not be doing enough to improve the defense but he has done something he has bid to improve the first line of defense with a bid for Fulham keeper (rejected) and the Lorient central defender. Not the exotic signing we have all been mooting but aye he is trying?

  58. Stu

    The bid we made for Schwarzer is a bit stupid imo. We obviously made a bid that wasnt enough and because it was refused it seems that we have just left it there. It stinks of the club again now wanting to spend. I mean if he is good enough for us to bid then surely he is someone we want and someone we should be bidding enough to sign.

  59. Mayank

    Lorient were promoted this year and conceded 42 goals. Marseille conceded 36.

    I guess they did well defensively.

  60. A

    Huh Stu, we made another bid just a couple of days ago, and Fulham are signing either James or Green as I heard it to replace him.

    There were even rumours schwarzer was at the training ground today

  61. gambon

    Theres too much smoke around the Schwartzer thing for it not to be true, so we may aswell accept he’ll be our new keeper.

    Im fairly happy with it, hes not the best but hes pretty reliable, and he speaks to his CBs a lot.

    It also works well with Szczesny close to the first team, and the price means we can really splash out on CBs and a DM, and if we’re lucky a new LB.

  62. BillikenGooner

    We’ve had the bad habit in the past few seasons of making a bid and thinking the target is going to jump through hoops to make it happen.
    Smalling is another example of our still being in the mindset that other clubs should feel honored that we are talking to them while another club gets it done.

    I’m sure in November we will hear some story about how we were ‘close’ to signing, or whatnot, someone like Silva or Ozil but it just didn’t work out. (ie. we dallied over an extra 3-5million and United/Chelsea/City/Madrid/etc just coughed up what was asked)

  63. Mayank

    It’s funny I haven’t even noticed Schwarzer in all his PL years. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We all noticed Van Der Sar when he single handedly stopped the invincibles playing for Fulham.

  64. gambon


    We have quantity there but not quality.

    I know we have 3 players there, but none of them are anywhere near Cole, Evra, Sagna level.

  65. Stu

    Smalling can fuck off. He only moved to united, not because we were fussy over the fee, but because Fergie was so desperate not to lose out to Wenger again he way overpaid.

  66. David

    A says:
    June 28, 2010 at 18:23
    gambon left back is probably out of the eleven positions the one least likely to have anyone brought in!


    I know which is sad. I like the look of that Mexican LB. He’s like the Mexican Dani Alves.

  67. Mayank

    A lot of us wanted to sign Smalling for 10m on the basis that we bid for him. How much better is a defender who doesn’t get a game for Fulham than Kostly?

  68. Stu

    Gibbs has a fair chance of being that good Gambon. Traore definately has the physical attributes to be as good, shame he is an awful defender atm.

  69. A

    Clichy isn’t far away gambon, and Gibbs would be really pushing him if he hadn’t had the injury he did, and possibly even displacing him if Clichy hadn’t found any form. I still rate Traore quite highly too.

    Cole and Evra are the best two left backs in the world, along with Lahm, but after them there’s noone I’d want us to sign ahead of what we have at the club.

    Gibbs this season should really come through and either become number one, or push Clichy to get the best out of him.

  70. gambon

    Koscielny is likely better than Smalling.

    Its irrelevant though, Utd dont need to improve their defence, we do massively.

  71. Mayank

    Cole is the best LB in the world IMO. Evra had a better season than Gael but both are not too different ability-wise. Evra has much more experience.

  72. gambon

    I agree about Gibbs, but he needs a good LB to learn from, he currently has no-one to learn the defensive side from.

  73. Baafuor from Ghana

    I am really proud to be a Ghanaian!!!And as for England I always knew they were a bunch of over-hyped and over-rated players.I hope those hypocrite journalists will see the light.If they don’t then it will always be the same.And u guys what do u think about Vincent Kompany?I think he is really good and might be available.

  74. David

    Cole is a scoring threat.

    Clichy needed two or three deflections for his only Arsenal goal.

    And he can create assists when he feels like working hard.

  75. Keyser

    We don’t need to massively improve, we need one solid centre-back partner for Vermaelen and to refine the discipline of the team, especially in transition.

    With a good proportion of the squad getting through the whole of our pre-season we should start quite well.

    Clichy was probably better than Evra two years ago, and both Evra and Cole aren’t that far ahead.

    I’d say Gibbs has more going forward then any of them, if he sorts it out defensively he’d be one of the best round left-backs around.

  76. RayGooner

    just to point out….there is a left back that’s miles better than all mentioned above…

    Michel Bastos!!!!

  77. CedarBayDave

    How about signing at least one player that will run at a defense with power when the chips are down. Eboué and Ashavin are all we have that try it, but they have major limitations.

  78. choy

    Ray G.. they have beaten them recently.

    Chile’s attacking play is fantastic.. its a pity they give a lot of fouls and collect cards in the process.


    eboue has limitations andrey doesnt
    know what your saying though
    theo is just a 100metre sprinter