How embarrassing, thank god that lot’s over, do we still want Cole?

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I would still take him, he was given no time to show what he could do, but then being Arsenal fans, we already knew what he could do, thank goodness we didn’t want Upson or Terry eh!

We are now being linked to another 18 year old starlet Christian Eriksen from Ajax, are Ajax to Arsenal what we are to Barca? Another thing the world cup has shown us is we don’t need Robert Green, but I would have some of those Gerries, especially Ozil, I would buy him and Gourcuff and sell Cesc, I think if we did that and fast, we may have the answer to our Fabregas problems.

One can never tell too much from a world cup about how bad players are, often top players look crap at world cups, look at the teams on their way home, France, USA, England, Nigeria and Italy, they can’t all be bad can they,  what you can take from a world cup though is the good ones will generally get better.

Germany showed us how a team of youngsters can impress, they all fought for everything, but then they blended it with older and wiser players, look at Klose, 32 and he would’ve be out of our door two years ago, but he shredded us, maybe we should take something from the game and implement it ourselves, I thought they were fab, forget the goal that wasn’t, they would have won regardless, they did to England what the mancs and chavs do to us on a regular basis, they scrapped, overpowered and stuffed us.

Maybe now Wenger will return home and get on with the serious business called Arsenal, you know, what he’s really paid for. It’s only 3 weeks before pre season starts and we should have our new team in place raring to go by then, if they aren’t then that would be a mistake for the 6th summer running, I am backing Arsene to put that right this term.

I don’t want Cesc for ‘one more season’ all that will do is make him richer, what we need is players in place that see their long term futures at our great club, if Barca won’t stump up the money, whack him on the transfer list, someone will pay and he will know there is no way back for him, strip him of the captaincy as well, he’ll go then.

If on the other hand he wants to stay, then say that and stay for a few more years. I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you? What’s the point in signing a 15 year old only to see him leaving at 23, when he’s come good? Other players that may join the leaving list are Vela, Eduardo, Eboue and Diaby. Diaby has such talent but as you’ve seen at the world cup, he can’t do it consistently, so sometimes you have to admit you need to think of the team and not your experiment Arsene, let’s have a team in place that wants to play for the club, can play for the club, and has a chance to compete on all fronts.


We have waited for Gilbert and Simpson to come good, they clearly are on their way out now, so we need to take a long hard look at the others and be honest, if they aren’t going to make it then get shot of them, we have Randall, Barazite, Fabianski, Hoyte that have all flattered to deceive, we have Wilshere, JET and Lansbury that look like they’ll be great players, so stop messing around with all these 16 year old starlets and play those we have, if not, save the money and bring in a few Joe Cole’s, or dare I say it an Ozil and a Gourcuff.

Have a fun filled week grovers, at least the world cup is out of the way and we can get back to our favourite team, the Arsenal, well them and Holland anyway!

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  1. Mark C

    Ozil had great pace for the third goal.

    We should be in for him. I think he is a younger Arshavin in the making, without the attitude.

    Now the World Cup is over for England, we should be able to get Joe Cole, and if Hodgson joins England, Schwarzer and Hangerland could join us as well.

    Diaby can all leave as far as I am concerned.

  2. gambon

    Of course we can get Ozil, we are minted.

    We would only sign him if we are gonna let Cesc go, which will give us £50m to go with the £130m we already have.

    Is £30m out of £180m really that bad? I think not.

  3. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Great post Geoff

    3 weeks from pre-season….we better start working on our team..

    I think becos of Wengers job at french tv is holding up koscielny transfer..blackberry reports remember?

    I dont know how it works with fabregas? Can we sell any player like fabregas,to say a team which fabregas doesnot want to join??

  4. reggie 57

    Just a foot note remember Moritz Voltz one of the first of wengers babes german under 15 captain been released by ipswich speaks volumes for the youth product that we seem to be throwing money away on…

  5. gambon


    No of course we cant, we either sell to Barca or keep him.

    I like the idea of;


    Sagna Friedrich Vermaelen Salcido

    Song Melo

    Hazard Gourcuff Ozil


  6. Gooby

    it’s not because wenger is working as a consultant or commentator that we have less chances of signing

    he would be probably watching all the game anyway

  7. Mark C

    England team for September


    Johnson Jagielka Dawson Cole

    Rodwell Milner


    Walcott Rooney Johnson

    In a couple of years I can see Wilshire replacing Gerrard.

  8. Goonerman

    ‘One can never tell too much from a world cup about how bad players are, often top players look crap at world cups,’ —- Rooney definitely comes to mind.

  9. Brian

    we can at least consider bids to make him and barcelona know that we are not joking and i definitely support fabregas being stripped of the captaincy.

  10. Galviniho

    Ozil will go next season to Real, we won’t get him as his price his too high. I tell you who I would not mind is Schweinsteiger, that guy has an engine and a half.

    The English were terrible and personally I don’t want Joe Cole another overpaid and average English player. We have Wilshere and Ramsey and I am sorry those boys would wipe the floor with all those English midfielders.

    England need to rip up the guide and start again, they could do worse than getting a certain Mr Wenger’s advice. Arsenal’s youth academy will make England a decent national side.

  11. gambon


    I know that wont happen, but the team i just wrote would be better than our current team, simple as that.

    Whats the point in keeping our team as it is and winning nothing again next season.

    Dramatic changes are needed, particularly if we lose Cesc. If we keep him then i suppose we just need a GK, 2x CBs & a DM.

  12. Galviniho

    Geoff/Pedro as for calling for Micah Richards yesterday you are barking mad, that guy is 10 times worse than Glen Johnson who is so bad its untrue.I’d never have that lazy overpaid joke of a footballer Richards at Arsenal.

  13. Gooby

    that’s my point gamon we are not THAT bad, no need to panic imo, we were challenging for the title until we dropped 2 silly point at burms the lost to the cunts down the road.

    All we need is some additions in specific areas, for example with chamakh we can cover RvP better if injured.

    we obviously need 2 CB if the oldies are leaving: koscienly and i’d take jagielka, subotic for example;
    we need a proper midfield enforcer like melo or inhler.

    And if chesney is still not a ready a proper keeper and frey is a very nice choice

  14. gambon

    Im not against Cesc leaving IF we replace him.

    History shows us that Wenger doesnt replace important players, and he hates buying well known players, as he wants the acclaim for discovering a player.

  15. Brian

    i agree with u Galviniho. We wont ever get Oezil. His price has sky rocketed. he will play in the leagues of real madrid unless he wants to play football then he might come to us but it will take wenger alot of prodding. i cant see oezil going to man city however much cash they have.
    but he is a fine player and he plays with such ease its unbelievable. will barca start tapping him up with messi saying how great their partnership will be?

  16. gambon

    Replacing Cesc with Ramsey would be a disaster IMO.

    He is nowhere near as creative, it would set us back 3 years.

  17. Geoff

    Morning all, Madrid, Barca, Chelsea and Man City can’t buy all the players, we could easily get Ozil, easily.

  18. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    My heart doesnt say this but My Mind says let wenger not replace fabregas,in that way, atleast the cost of such an act,COULD REALLY FORCE wenger to do some purchases for 2011 season,else from our transfer target this summer,i dont see wenger has changed his mind on buying other than free cheap players,inspite of having money..

    all good players are costly,wenger just doesnt like to get them…maybe a season finish outside top4 may change that..heart says…this shouldnt happen

  19. Gooby


    do you prefer us finishing outside the top 4 for wenger to learn? that would be a disaster going without champions league money

  20. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Earlier days,when we had experienced players,i used to pray a little less for arsenal..But Nowadays i feel ONLY Prayers will get us some it is very tuf on fans like me…

  21. sir henry norris

    Morning all,

    Ozil only has a year left on his contract so he might not cost as much as you’d expect…………

  22. arsenal4ever

    ozil!!! and of course we could get him. he has only 1 years left on his contract. we should buy him even if cesc stays. barca dont need him!!!

  23. Brian

    it will play out like this – wenger will talk to Oezil and his family and possibly buy them a house in england and take them on holiday then wait for Mesut to run down his contract next year with bremen and come back on a free. in short, he will do a chamakh!

  24. blazer gooner

    1.just a reminder… it’s Klose not Kloser.
    2. Ozil had said Barca is his dream. so my opinion is NO. Arsenal shouldnt buy him. I dont want more Barca sh*t coming in the future

  25. gambon


    Something tells me he wont be a Bremen player by August 31st. Hes the hottest property in world football right now.

  26. gambon


    Barca is every players dream, including the likes of Koscielny & Chamakh, theyre the best team in the world & play the best football.

    So are you saying we shouldnt sign any player??

    If we become the best team in the world we will be every players dream.

    We need to cut out this small club mentality.

  27. Rohan

    German players rarely leave Germany. They’re almost always snapped up by Bayern Munich…
    Ozil is different gravy though. If we were in for him, he might be interested.

  28. Arsenal Tom

    ozil is far too high profile for us. if wenger wanted him and knew how good he was surely he would have made contact before the world cup!

    joe cole says he wants to p[lay centrally next season… thats fabs replacement right there

  29. Brian

    Mesut needs to realise that he is young. if he doesnt look out, he will end up like benzema – in a big club but on the bench. let him come to arsenal and then we will make him twice fabregas and then sell him when he is 27 or 28 to real madrid or barcelona.

  30. gambon

    If we replace £50m Cesc with free Joe Cole Wenger needs shooting!!

    It will be yet another example of Wenger lining his own pocket by selling players.

  31. choy

    Morning all..

    We have enough attacking players…

    Defensive players should be on the agenda.

    Ozil is not going to help us concede less goals!

  32. jack the lad

    Gambon, how the hell can u say ramsey cant replace fabregas! do u kno anything about football?? If he is anything like he was before injury then he will be a hell of a player/more dynamic than fabregas! why are fans complaining about a lack of signings when we possess such quality young players?? I would hate to see Joe Cole come in when we have the ‘next’ gazza/wazza in wilshere!! Just get those defenders and keeper Arsene and we’ll be sweet!!


    Gibbsy Verm Koscielny fella Van de Weil

    Song Diaby

    Nasri Fabregas Wilshere


  33. blazer gooner


    i dont believe in such thing.
    What is Barca is every player’s dream?
    take German players as example, they’d prefer joining Bayern to Barca,definitely.
    what about players who are Arsenal fans? still Barca is their dream?

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    Interesting analysis Geoff. There is no doubt that the group England was in was the weakest of all. USA & England straight out, beaten by Germany & Ghana from our group. We would have belted England, eazzzzzzzzyyyyy, with 11 men on the park 😎

    When is your FA going to piss that has been David Beckham off? Is it any coincidence that once he got involved with the squad, things started to go pearshape.

  35. Rohan

    Look at Muller…He’ll probably never ever leave Bayern Munich…
    Forget this world cup, with the likes of Ozil, Muller, Khedira Boateng and Marin, this German team will dominate for the next 10 years.

  36. gambon


    If we only sign Arsenal fans we will finish in the bottom 5 of the table.

    The idea is ludicrous.

  37. Brian


    we are anything but a small club. its only wenger who is letting us be run over by other clubs. he is told to bend over and he does!

    and how long will barca be peoples dream team when maureen will get at least a double there this season?

    i just pray that maureen stays at real madrid for like 3 seasons and wins trophies and we will see where barca will be.

  38. Rohan

    Are you saying we should only buy players who are Arsenal fans??? That would narrow our pool down to such a great extent.

    95% of players if not all would love to play for Barcelona/Real Madrid because they are both successful teams with a greater prestige than us or any other English team.
    The best possible way would be to start winning again and raise our own profile.

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    Gotta say, my pick 3 months ago, The Argies is looking good. Tevez’s goal was sensational; he’s sensational 🙂

  40. gambon


    At least a double? Are you kidding me?!

    He’s not a god. Its just wishful thinking, as every gooner has thrown their toys out the pram since the pursuit of Cesc and decided they hate everything Barca.

  41. nishanth

    I hope we sign Muller.Until 2009-2010 season he hardly played any games for Bayern. But when he got his chance he slotted in immediately. Too bad we have to play some of our youngsters for atleast 2 years before they atleast become average.

  42. gambon


    They are the best team in the world, they play the best football, they are based in a beautiful city.

    Exactly how can they NOT be everyones dream club??

    Do you think some players out there would rather play for Sheffield Wednesday?

  43. Brian


    have u noticed a trend? the Ghanaian youth team that won the under 20 world cup last year and the German one that won the Euro have incorporated those youngsters and they are having a blast!

  44. gambon

    I def dont think signing Cole should be a priority, but hes certainly better than Walcott, Nasri & Rosicky.

    The fact that he said he wants to play wide means i cant see us signing him, unless to replace Cesc, which would be disgusting, but typical of the way we’re going as a club.

  45. Brian


    please. much as we hate the guy, look at his PAST RECORD! which year since he won the champions league with porto that he has gone without a trophy. and he is going to a real madrid with ronaldo and kaka and add that to the money they are prepared to hand him to spend to whomever he wants. he wants to take maicon and diego milito and he is reportedly after ashley cole and drogba. does that sound like a dream?

    that cant win a double it will win a treble!

  46. gnarleygeorge9


    That counter attacking footy of Germany’s was sensational indeed. They had too much pace.

  47. Doublegooner

    Here here. VG Post.

    Once again, if Wenger fails to strengthen the bleeding obvious.

    Then Au Revoir Arsene.

  48. Big Dave

    Screw England, allways a big let down.

    Terry, Lampard,Gerrard, Rooney, all over hyped.

    Don’t want Cole, let Spuds have him

  49. Queen of Suburbia

    Thats a bit revisionist A&N. Apart from maybe this season, Cole contributed to his winners medals, its a little unfair to suggest otherwise.

    Our side needs depth, as long as it isn’t at the expense of goalkeeper and a decent centre half then i have no problem with us signing Cole.

  50. gambon


    Yeah hes a fantastic manager, but this Barca team in unbelievable.

    Id imagine that over the next few years both teams will pick up trophies, its not a question of one or the other.

    The fact is that anyone who goes to Barca knows they will be amongst the best 2 or 3 clubs in Europe for the forseeable future.

    We dont win anything, and are showing no signs of ambition to turn that around.

  51. realistic tony

    cole has stated that he only will consider playing centre midfield…so thats either song or fabregas will have to make way….and ramsey when hes in contention! cant see it can you?

  52. chibuzor

    I agree with every point in ur post except for Diaby..I think he deserves at least another yr.Cesc hs let us down..we cant love him again..a least not like we used to.

  53. E12


    Dodgy ‘Arry was gloating alot when Defoe got the only goal against the ‘mighty’ Slovenia. He must’ve said “The Tottenham player” about a dozen times in the post match analysis.

    Well ‘Arry, how far did the Yid players take Enger land in the World Cup???

  54. gambon

    Diaby should be a bench player next year. We should be bringing in a much tougher/better player to sit alongside Song.

  55. Arsenal Tom

    melo and song would be perfect. them 2 would give the rest of the team the freedom to go score knowing there wont be much going past them 2

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    Morning. Great post Geoff.

    Agree with it all. I’d still take JC but not I there’s the chance of Ozil. JC is not a Cesc replacement. Ozil could be.

    Can’t see wenger taking on a 28 yr old with prior injury history to replace our central talisman and play 40 games a season. That’s tantamount to professional suicide.

  57. Big Dave

    No more Denilson, Diaby this season or Almunia. We have had years of it and now enough is enough, feed us with quality not bargain basement players.

    Maybe Blackpool will offer us something for them

  58. Arsenal Tom


    “Can’t see wenger taking on a 28 yr old with prior injury history to replace our central talisman and play 40 games a season. That’s tantamount to professional suicide.”

    thats exactely what i expect from wenger. especially as cole has said he wants to play centrally next year

  59. Dutchman

    I really think that cole is cesc replacement for a moment. But next year wilshere or ramsey will play the cesc-role. And the money from cesc sale goes to melo! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!


  60. gambon

    So we sell Cesc for £50m and sign Melo for £15m….yet again making vast transfer window profits.

    Is anyone else getting a bit fed up with our obsession with profits over trophies?!

  61. Lurch LeRouge

    I’d like to think Sol would have been a shite load better than Terry and Upson yesterday. No way he would have let that back 4 get dragged about like they did over and over again.

    Sol has to stay!

  62. Arsenal Tom

    gambon… yeah just a tad mate!

    ces goes for 45m,

    in… chamakh, cole 3m (signing on) kolsisenly 8m, schwarzer 4m

    best part of 30m profit again and we’ve been ‘spoiled’ with 4 new players.

    finish in the top 4 with the “3rd place” trophy wenger invented and start over

  63. gambon


    We should be spending £50m before we get anything for Cesc, not just planning how we spend the Cesc money.

    If we only spend what we recieve yet again then Wenger & the Board should all walk.

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    Wilshere and Ramsey won’t be ruling midfields for another couple of years. Cesc is starting to get injured more and more so we need a creative mid capable of competing now. Who cares If Cesc gets the hump being rotated, it’s not like his ‘loyalty’ deserves any better.

  65. gambon


    I dont think its about money with Sol, he just wants to play every week as he’s close to retirement.

  66. Lurch LeRouge

    True QOS. Not this year perhaps but shouldn’t we be implementing changes now? We rely too much on him as it is.

  67. Arsenal Tom

    gambon, i think its both. my mate uncle works at arsenal and said its down to money. wenger is probably being a tight wad and offering him low money cos he’ll be 3rd or 4th choice and thinks being at arsenal is enough of a reward

  68. E12 GUNNER

    To many people coming here with BULLSHIT transfer news coming from their “SOURCES”. The only source they have is the Nando’s Peri Peri one in the fridge!!

  69. A

    yep gambon i agree, we’d pay more than celtic would anyways.

    if sol goes to celtic then it’s nothing more than his wanting to end his career playing week in week out

  70. E12 GUNNER

    Dodgy ‘Arry was gloating alot when Defoe scored the only goal against the ‘mighty’ Slovenia.He must’ve said ‘the Tottenham player’ about a dozen times in the post match analysis.

    Well ‘Arry, how far did your Tottenham players take England in the World Cup??

  71. Lurch LeRouge

    I’d take flamini back in a heartbeat. It’d do cesc the world of good. Flamini diaby and cesc works.

  72. Arsenal Tom

    A… what makes you think we’d pay more? we dont know what either club has offered him, or what he was getting last year with us

  73. gambon


    Our wage bill would be at least 3 times that of Celtic. Its fair to say our lowest paid player is probably earning as much as their highest.

  74. E12 GUNNER

    I would love it if Wenger bought any player(s) from this list


  75. A

    yeah gambon, their highest paid player is Boruc, on £30-£40k per week depending on varying reports, and they aren’t offering him a new contract when it ends next summer because they can’t afford his wages.

  76. gambon

    Comparison between us & Celtic;



    Arsenal £313m
    Celtic £36m


    Arsenal £70m
    Celtic £1.3m

    I think its fair to say their highest earner is on roughly Wilsheres wages.

  77. Arsenal Tom

    A… well they must be offering something decent or why would he go there? everyone knows its championship football up there so the idea of that doesn’t fly with me, he’d be better going to Newcastle and having another year in the prem if its all about playing the highest level football he can get.

  78. A

    AT he wouldn’t be able to handle playing in the prem, especially not for a side down the bottom.

    Scottish football playing for Celtic, where the much lower intensity would take much less of a tole on his body, would be a place he could handle playing week in week out

  79. Arsenal Tom

    my point isn’t what celtic can or will offer its about how arsenal value him and what we’re offering.

    wenger’s “there’s no news” comment on his contract is identical to what he said for months about gallas and flamini for that matter. if he’s gonna be 4th choice and effectively emergency CB then he’ll be getting paid as one

  80. A

    In Scotland he’d be able to play every week, he’d be a big star, and he’d be playing for the side likely to win the league up there.

    Would certainly be something to think about, he will know that he isn’t physically capable of playing week in week out in the prem.

  81. Stel

    Sol should go to cetic, he has done more than enough for us, he’ll be a super star again and not risk the wrath of legrovers for a series of poor performances

  82. sir henry norris

    Gambon @10.30.

    Ever since Wenger uttered his fondness for J.Cole I fear your scenario come to pass.

    I hate J.Cole…. and if we make a profit in this window and win f’all again then heads must roll…

  83. Arse&Nose©

    Rooney has the biggest EGO in the team, he was the one who wanted Walcott dropped. He is the one who kept nagging the boss to play HESKEY!

  84. Arsenal Tom

    celtic are pretty shit, they sold all their best players to middlesborough last year.

    going there is just a cop out, almost as bad as going to league 2

  85. A

    Not every game AT, he could play occasionally, but certainly wouldn’t be third choice centre back. 4th at best, if not 5th.

    Our lowest paid squad player will be on similar wages to the highest paid player in scottish football though

  86. marzouca

    I think that is where Capello screwed up. He was so afraid to piss Rooney off, that he listened to him, instead of doing his job as a coach. I personally would have played crouch next to rooney. Obviously has the height, the ability to knock down balls and score headers, and he isn’t the clumsiest lad either. Heskey has a decent game on him, but he just doesn’t score. plain and simple. Rooney’s arse should have been benched after the America game.

  87. Arsenal Tom

    A… the wages thing is just speculation mate. we dont know what they’ve offered him just as we dont know what we have. we might have offered 10k and they’ve gone 15k.

    if he’s 4th/5th choice he’ll be getting paid accordingly

  88. tomb

    The pinnacle for most english players is playing in the Champ league and Premier. Country comes a poor 3rd hence no passion. We couldnt have been much worse if we picked a team from Championship player, at least we would have seen some passion instaed of a shrug of the shoulders and a bewildered look.

  89. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    why against flamini….we r yet to hear any rumours linking with any DM,whom we can say,realistically have a chance to come..

    So far as DM is concerned we r left with the usual Song,Denilson

  90. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    Stop accusing Arsene of being a thief. When you say that he is lining his pockets etc you are more or less calling him a thief, stop it!

    Arsene is not a thief, he is just an arrogant twat who is tactically shit and unable to admit to his mistakes.

    “Arsene will spend this year cause this is the first year he has had money” OH HOW WE LAUGHED.

  91. Arsenal Tom

    sabeel. there more chance of a grover playing for arsenal again than flamini. wenger’s too stubborn mate and the new milan coach is a big fan of flamini i think