Promises Broken? / Strip him of the Captaincy / Defender deal?

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Around this time last year I remember walking down Pennard Hill at Glastonbury when a girl flew out of a tent off her face on everything and told us all that MJ was dead, this was a moment of great hilarity as the guy I was walking with had recently lashed out about a grand for tickets to his o2 gig in the hope the hope of flogging them to pay of some unsightly credit card bills.

Oh and we laughed!

Something that weighed more heavily on my mind than the pop music tragedy was whether Arsenal would sign the right amount of players to compete. Actually, come to think of it, I think I’ve been wondering the same thing for the last 5 summers?

I also wondered how awkward it would have been had MJ been a Hammers fan… Imagine him having to sing ‘ I’m forever blowing bubbles’… the last thing Jacko would have needed was more allegations about his private life.

So the reason I bring the question up is that Felipe Melo has now hit the main stream in a big way. He binned us off last year for the Old Lady, it all went terribly wrong for him there and plenty of blog geeks came running over to Le Grove to tell us how stupid we were for suggesting Melo was a good idea. Well, people of no Brazilian faith, guess who has come good? Felipe Melo is receiving rave reviews as the tough tackling enforcer for Brazil and even worse for my disposition, Gooner legend Gilberto is also playing really well!

‘Oh but his legs were gone’

Were they gone? Or is that just something Arsenal fans tell themselves to make players like Denilson (Who is so painfully slow at 21) seem like an acceptable choice. Gilberto loved Arsenal and he clearly could have still been doing a fantastic job for us. That’s part of our problem, once a player gets past 30, we have no time for them whatsoever.

Why hasn’t this Sol Campbell deal been sorted out yet? Surely one of our best players of the past 6 months should have put pen to paper by now? Why is there no update from Arsenal on that subject?

Where is our new Polish defender Kolossus (We’ve got to start figuring out nick names)? I thought we were promised a signing by Friday? What could possibly be holding up the deal. It’s not like we’re trying to buy from a European powerhouse here.

Everything with Arsenal takes an age to agree. What happened to the days when Freddie Ljungberg would have a fantastic game against England, the next week, he’d be ours? All this farting about is so frustrating.

It’s interesting that this time last year, we were talking about making the type of signings that would make Cesc want to stay with the club. Well, now we’re a year on and we’ve not made those signings and guess what? Our captain no longer wants to be at our club.

You can get all lawyerish on me and point to the fact that there are no quotes, but by doing that, you’re only lying to yourself… like the bloke who says his girlfriend would never cheat because she is special.

The Spaniard isn’t stupid. He doesn’t go out to Spainish band camp and tell all his mates about how amazing the Arsenal squad are. I also don’t think too many of the other Spanish players ask where Almunia is when Cesc checks in, or try to confirm if Eboue really does have super powers, or if he has met Songs imaginary friend in the flesh.

He’s watched a lack of investment year after year and he knows he’s probably going to get more of the same this summer. If you needed confirmation about his desire to leave, check back through the archives to see how rapidly he has denied stories about his departure over the past 3  years… then overlay those time scales onto this summer.

So that begs the question…

Do we want Cesc as our Captain next year if he’s prepared to treat the fans in this way? Are you happy to know that the man representing our club as the on pitch leader has been thinking about other clubs in a quite perverse way this summer? I don’t think I am… why am I thinking along these lines?

Well the club captain should be Mr Arsenal, 100% commitment to the cause and the other players should want to follow his lead. What have the youngsters seen from Cesc? Well, when you get good enough at 22, you try and engineer a move away from the club.

That’s not good enough.

Who could takeover? How about a real on pitch leader like Thomas Vermaelen? How about someone who has never spoken about returning to his boyhood club like Robin Van Persie? At a push, if he’d shown good enough form over the last year, I’d even go as far as saying Gael Clichy. I think those three already have a passion and love for the club to rival Cesc’s, especially this summer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to see him go… but this is Arsenal, the greatest club on the planet with the greatest fans and no one is bigger than that, not Thierry, not Paddy, not Bobby, not Adams and certainly not a captain who has lifted the grand total of zero silverware for us… always remember that.

See you in the comments Grovers!

P.S. I was disgusted to see Torres diving to get a man sent off last night. I’m not surprised though, the Spanish have less moral fibre than the nonce wing at Broadmoor. I felt sorry for Chile until they realised they were going through and struck a non-verbal agreement with Spain not to play the last 20 minutes of the game. Disgusting to watch and worthy of a FIFA investigation in my eyes…

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  1. MickyDidIt89

    Twitter is strictly for girls and homosexuals, so maybe the stories about Cesc and Xavi are true.

  2. KM

    two games last 16 games 2day….none of which are really attractive imo. If only the draw was different and Portugal and Chile played against USA & Korea

    I’v been watching Ronaldo and i’v come to the conclusion that he chokes against the big teams & doesn’t have the intelligence of players such as Xavi/Fabregas/Messi/Arshavin – he was avg. against Brazil. Lucio had him in his pocket – you could see Ronaldo was cheesed off because he kept kicking the air in frustration each time Lucio nicked the ball from him.

    Ronaldo is an explosive player we all know that but he cant do the business against the best teams/players. He’s got a gr8 shot on him and has good heading and has amazing pace to beat his man but he’s not v.good in tight spaces/dribbling and can’t beat his man without using his pace. He’s also not good at controlling/dictating a match which all gr8 players have been able to do.

  3. MickyDidIt89

    Ray: on a serious note, I think it is because there is every chance RVP will not make a full season, and in any case, every team should have two class strikers. I also imagine, that like TH, it will take Chamakh a while to settle in. I am very optimistic about him.

  4. timao

    Pedro – i’m not tarring anyone with anything. just because i choose not to jump on someone else’s bandwagon doesn’t mean i’m in denial. and if i use evidence to support my point of view it doesn’t mean i’m being laywerish. you voice your opinion that cesc wants to leave. i voice mine that he doesn’t. thats’s what this blog is for i thought? no tar involved.

  5. KM

    So Wenger wants to keep Fabregas but the player wants to go – hmmmm – sounds like its going to end in tears

  6. RayGooner

    Cesc can never say he’s staying at Arsenal when he’s in the middle of the World Cup, cause if he did, all his spanish team-mates (at least the Barca ones) will be on his case all the time, bugging him, disrupting him, trying to convince him to go to their beloved club!
    That would be too disrupting for him and it would lose his concentration for the games….
    Come middle of July when he’s back in London (with no Barca friends in sight, he can make his pressconference and say: “I’m staying at Arsenal!”

  7. Pedro

    ‘no amount of rational debate can affect the compulsive obsessive mindset’

    Sounds like you’re telling me that anyone who doesn’t agree with you has a compulsive obsessive mindset?

    Everyone is entitled to their opininon, but insulting them becuase they don’t share yours is a bit harsh.

    Micky, we’re on twitter… it’s only to keep up with the Jones’s though!

    On that note… I’m off out to enjoy the sunshine!

    Have a good one Grovers!

  8. RayGooner


    I know you’re right but i’d like to see both van Persie & Chamakh on the pitch at the same time, and i’m having problem seeing where they’ll play and in what formation…

  9. MickyDidIt89

    Wetsuits and boards loaded. Its off to take on the Atlantic.

    Pedro: please can we have plenty of cheesy German SUN style puns in the post tomorrow.
    Right..Goering, Goering, Gone!!

  10. Chippy

    Cretins to kind a word :))

    Wed just landed in Vegas For a stag do turned our mobiles on and then all got the same message from home pretty much along the lines of what you fuckers been upto you’ve only just got stateside and an American icon is dead :)) Must add the locals were not that happy with our total dis interest of a dead alleged paedo,

    Regards Ozil I’m under the impression he’s only got a year left on his contract so he holds all the aces,

  11. RayGooner

    This season should be time for some changes, not only new players but also new tactics (going back to 4-4-2 maybe?)

    But for that to happen, we need more additions…


  12. RayGooner

    On a different note:

    I’m surprised Chelsea hasn’t done anything on the buying front yet…

    They released 3 players (Cole, Belletti & Ballack) and sold a fringe player (Stoch) but has yet to sign someone…

    Of course they will, and i imagine it’ll be some massive players (Money-wise)…

  13. terry

    we have a 40m tarsfer budget…
    plus sell diaby, denielson, rosicky, eddy, traore, simpson, randall. for a total of 30m atleast.
    total= 70m.
    get melo (15m), gourcuff(21.5m)(he has a release cluse in his contract worht 21.5m), M.diarra(loan) (midfield sorted out)
    midfield: fab, melo, gourcuff, song, nasri, M.diarra, ramsay, lansbury.
    total: 36.5m
    get kjaer (12m), laurent(8m).

    cb: vermy, kjaer, djouru, laurent.
    def sorted out
    total: 20m

    sell almunia and fabianski for a total of 4m and get sorenson for 6m

    total: 62.50m
    we have: 74.00m
    tatal left: 11.50m

    now even if gourcuff or melo or kjaer would cost us two or four million more we can still sfford them.

    this team would definately challange any world class team and there is no ways cecs would so no play in this team….


    sgana kjaer vermy clichy

    melo fab gourcuff

    RVP chamak arshavin

    back up team:


    eboue laurent djouru gibbs

    song nasri/ramsay m.diarra/lansbury

    walcott nikki b vela/wilshare

    our back up team looks classy as well and this is very much possible and totally in our budget.

  14. RayGooner


    all over, just do some diggin’, then some typin’ then some savin’ and then i’m set!

  15. timao

    Pedro – at the risk of seeming laywerish, compulsive obsessive behaviour is driven by unfounded or needless anxiety. if your only reason for thinking cesc wants to leave arsenal is that he hasn’t recently said he doesn’t (during a world cup finals tournament), then i call that an unfounded anxiety. i’m not casting nasturtiums. i am simply am trying to be reassuring.

  16. RayGooner

    For great stats:

    and of course…

  17. RayGooner

    Cesc came on for Torres after about an hour had been played…

    He should get used to that (playing the last 25-30 minutes or so) if he goes to Barca….

  18. Gooner4Life10

    Correct me if im wrong but i’ve never heard you say anything positive about arsenal, do you support Arsenal?

  19. RayGooner

    why you say so choy?

    apart from this last season with Juventus Melo has been outstanding!
    He was outstanding in Fiorentina and he is outstanding in Brazil!

  20. KM


    i thought Fabregas played some gr8 passes to Villa – quaaliteee!

    i think Barca will try this system:




    if its not working…bring on Pedro on the Left flank and either sub Iniesta/Cesc/Xavi

  21. KM


    i like Melo, i think he’s aggressive and a dirty player which is what we need and he can play a bit too. Wouldn’t mind him/Inler/Toulalan alongside Song

  22. A

    Cesc isn’t going to Barca this summer, so they won’t be playing that this season….

    Their midfield is already set, a front three of

    Messi Ibrahimovic Villa

    is scary, and swap Ibra with Torres and it’s probably scarier still. Pedro and Bojan in reserve too

  23. choy

    Ray G… He could play alongside Song in a twin DM system.

    But he can’t do it all alone and needs someone else beside him.

    I’d take Song over him anyday.

    However, if it was a choice between Melo, Diaby and Denilson for the vacant midfield slot alongside Cesc and Song.. It’d be Melo

  24. nishanth

    Myles Palmer has fucked up again.According to him Millar scored for chile in the second half to make the score 1-1. Its a bit like how he was impressed by vermaelen in euro 2008!!!

  25. Keyser

    Melo’s been decent this World Cup, he hasn’t been anything special, he hasn’t dominated the midfield or opposing players he’s just looked busy really.

    Dunga’s set Brazil up quite defensively, but when you’ve got Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano up front with the pace and verve of their full backs they are quick and incisive on the attack.

    Yesterday’s Brazil-Portugal game was one of the dullest I’ve ever watched and Melo had more chance of being sent off then doing anything productive.

    If you want someone quicker than Song, then Melo’s a good replacement, but Gilberto at 33 odd is still the Classy one of the pair.

  26. KM


    not sure if thats going to happen because they’v got Pedro as well. I think a lot depends on how much they get for Toure and if they can get rid of Ibra

  27. nishanth

    Except city i can’t think of any other club who are ready to pay crazy money for ibra. They will get around 25-30 for yaya.

  28. SA Gooner

    Morning all

    I personally think a Song – Melo partnership would work wonders to stabilize the team… but I just don’t see Wenger buying a midfielder… unless its a central defender who can play def-mid if needed (like Vertonghen of Ajax).

    In his mind he still has Cesc, Song, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey and even Nasri to fit into midfield and his introduction of Lansbury on the final day of the season indicates that he’s looking to the academy for this area of the team rather than giving himself selection headaches by buying another midfielder…

    But that’s just me…

  29. Gooby

    braca may bring through another young midfielder next year so cesc wouldn’t have any place left.

    anyway, cesc is not a barca trainee, all the stupid journalist are saying this to point at the cuntish boyhood dreams

  30. Roy

    Afternoon. I’ve been saying since May if he wants out but stays it’s unfathomable he could stay captain. I was abused by all and sundry, “look at what happened to Gallas” “it will further undermine his position at the club” etc etc.
    For me it’s simple, no players bigger than a club, I’d rather spurs finished above us with us playing a team that WANTS to play for Arsenal, than continually be forced to watch the likes of Denilson ponce about the park.
    On another note, since when have obscure players turned down a move to Arsenal? Seems every other day some obscure teenage prodigy is saying no thanks, I’d rather stay at random fc!

  31. incesc


    we picked him from a pretty decent sao paulo team that just won the copa libertadores…

    found that out on wikipedia the other day


    denilson grew up in the favuelas, gangstaa

  32. Gooner P

    For me as much xavi goes on about Cesc’s DNA, They dont seem to gel together, I think Cesc will realise it wont be the time to leave. Especially after he hasnt started 1 game at WC

  33. Keith

    I think it’s obvious wenger isn’t going to sign the players we all want!!we wanted the future England number 1 instead we are getting the retiring Australian number 1!!! And we want to defenders and I bet mr smug wenger will say we resigned sol there’s 1 and djourou is an other am sick of this we constantly get told we have all this money well spend it!!!!!! We are turning into a joke!!!!!! As for cesc get him on the first plane to Spain give wilshire his chance!!!!!

  34. IvoryGoonz

    morning grovers (or almost)
    Just would like to share one thought:
    if Arsenal had had as many titles as Barca did in the last five years, do you think Fabregas would like to go back to Barca?
    If Fab stays one more year, he’d surely want insurance from Wenger that the team will get titles.
    Signings of Arshavin and Chamakh where nice, though Arshavin disappointed at some stages, and I badly hope that Chamakh partnered with Van Persie will work out… Hope that’s just a matter of time for Arshavin, but with his comments on Barca, I’m not too sure he’s the right player.
    AW must build a strong team spirit and with Fab’s talks, not too sure it will bring the best out of him either.
    We cruely miss Gilberto Silva. What a player.
    Finally with the amount of players we have playing at ST/FC position, I hope AW either plays 4-3-3 or sells some ST now. Otherwise there will be again player unhappy at lack of playtime. So who would you sell if AW wanted to stick to 4-4-2 ?
    Saying Van Persie and Chamakh as our main, who for cover?
    Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, Walcott.
    I’d rather sell Eduardo and Vela and get Huntelaar.
    Eduardo has had a hard time recovering from his injuries and still looks as if he won’t recover.
    Vela is likely to have the same problems of travel as a lot of international south Americans playing in europe.
    That would leave us with Van Persie and Huntelaar upfront, with Chamakh and Bendtner for cover. I’d say that’s decent enough.

  35. Roy

    Denilson owes us more after every season. If I was that young and got outpaced by a ref I’d seriously reconsider my career.
    Maybe all that money in his pockets slowed him down….

  36. A

    Ivory what do you mean stick to 4-4-2? We’ve not played 4-4-2 for 18 months, we’re very much 4-3-3 now, and that isn’t gonna change….

  37. A

    Also Huntelaar isn’t good enough to play for us, doesn’t suit our style of play and would be behind VP, Bendtner, and CHamakh

  38. IvoryGoonz

    And for Clichy captain… A left/right back or a wing back is never a good choice.
    It has to be a central position who has a good view of the game. Either a CB, a DM, or an MC.
    Could go as far as AMC. But not a striker.
    That’s why I’d rule out Clichy. (same as Evra never stood a real chance as Captain of France)
    Toulalan would seem a good choice here in my opinion, although I really like M’Bia – maybe too many French names?
    Anyhow, we’ll see soon if AW wants to really improve the squad and get a title.

  39. bade the gooner

    well mates our club dealing with transfers like shit!!! Remember we lost so many good players because of the turtle way of completing transfers. at least we lost Smalling to mancs, whom would have been perfect cover for mighty vermaelen & another decent cb.
    i hope at least aw will send our so called two leading goalkeepers packing soon & get shwartzer & bring in sczcny as a second goal keeper & turn him to the no 1 in 1-2 years times

  40. Adam

    If Cesc stays (and he will) he is our captain. I don’t get how you can say that he should be out just because he wants the same thing we all want – signings who will win us the league.

    He hasn’t said he’s going, maybe he wants to stay but feels he’ll have to go if no signings are made.

    Using your cheating girlfriend analogy – if you refuse to bang your hot girlfriend, she’ll fuck off with your best mate, but if she loves you, she’ll give you plenty of time & pleadings to change your mind and give her one before she gets so frustrated she has to cheat. Hell thats not even cheating.

    I hope he continues pretending he wants to leave until Wenger gets us the players we need. Then he can stop.

  41. E4 Paul

    Strange how all the spanish Barca players currently at the world cup have all at some stage spoken about how nice it would be for Cesc to join them yet remain silent about the same player being in the starting eleven for the national side!!!

    Perhaps Cesc should look at that at think twice before commiting to a team where he would not automatically be first choice.

  42. leon

    this is were i have to disagree with this post once players reach 30 there offerd 1 year contracts and i dont see what is wroung with schols giggs ect have been on 1 year contrats for the past 3-4 years,i dont understand why gilberto did not sign a one deal and see how it goes after that what is so wroung with that

  43. leon

    adam there fear chance cesc wont but as with spain he be nothing than squad player and there very good top class midfielders out there so i dont think it would kill arsenal by any means.

    i hope to see melo type player come to the team,delinson is not the worst player i ever seen but i dont think he arsenal standard player.but all round i dont see midfield is position needs major investment just one more experienced player there.

    either way no one player is bigger than club but route problem is players like giggs and scholes who will stay one club for whole career well those players are dieing breed.

  44. SharkeySure

    I’m a poster child

    Gilberto is not good enough for Arsenal in his current physical state. His last few games in England told that to anyone who had eyes.

    If Arsenal did not say there was going to be a new signing yesterday, then they cannot be criticised for not signing one.

    Melo to me does not look like a good player. Subbed before the half yesterday for being out of control !!

    I’m a poster boy who hopefully is allowed to diasagree with the post.

    Lets see how this pans out. Back later

  45. Rohan

    Hey Sharkey! Long time no see…

    I don’t rate Melo though..he’s just not good enough imo…If we’re looking for an energetic defensive midfielder, we needn’t look beyond Toulalan and Inler..
    Having said that, I don’t think we’ll buy a pure DM, maybe someone like Vertonghen who can play at CB also…

  46. Stu

    Afternoon, any good arsenal news doing the rounds? Been playing fifa all day on the xbox, i fucking hate it but am still adicted..cnut!

    Spanish Bastards!!

  47. Stu

    We need a DM who can play with Song but also instead of him if Song ever gets injured or is missing. Prefetably someone fast because we dont have much speed in midfield.

  48. leon

    stu the problem is there not to may out there who are as good as essian that should must be the benchmark,as good song is in my view he stillhas way to go get become as good him if wenger does bring someone i just hope they are not african

  49. Rohan

    You hate the XBox?? If you do, then you suck.
    Do ye have XBox Live then? What’s your gamertag then?
    Can’t wait to pawn you. 😀

  50. Stu

    Yeah im shit at it. I have an excuse though, its not my xbox, its a friends who I guilted into giving it to me for a week.

  51. SUGA3

    ‘afternoon y’all 😉

    IMO if Cesc continues with this silence bollocks, he should be stripped of captaincy – it’s about time Wenger got his head out of his arse and started rating the following:

    – the role of a captain
    – the role of defence
    – impact that a quality GK has
    – having a balanced team instead of one consisting of bazillion attacking midfielders, no wingers and no proper CF

    fuck me, how he is allowed to waste the time working on the side for some poxy French TV is beyond me – last time I checked, Arsenal Football Charity was his primary employer and not addressing burning issues smacks of negligence…

    IMO, he should be given time to complete the whole transfer business before the Emirates Cup and booted out if he fails…

  52. SUGA3

    well, actually, make it mid July – that would leave a month before the start of the season for the new manager to sign the players he wanted…

  53. Rohan

    Japan and Korea have been very impressive this WC. Defo better than the African teams.. Can’t see them winning though..They lack a truly WC center forward.

  54. SA Gooner

    As a South African, I’m just wondering what the general impression internationally had been about SA’s hosting of the world cup.

    Is the British press finally admitting it’s been a success or are they still making up stories.


  55. Stu

    I dont know about anyone else SA gooner but i dont think its been hosted well. My only reason though is that i hate the vuvuzelas. You would need to ask someone actually at the world cup though.

    What a fucking cracker!!!!

  56. izzo

    Ok so now Suarez’s stock will rise!!! I laugh at some of you who didn’t think he was good enough for the epl or Arsenal. Pure class!

  57. CedarBayDave

    In the states the coverage has been mostly positive. The only issues reported negatively have been less than full stadiums, some of the pitches have torn up easily and a few robberies mentioned.

    I would say 90-95% positive reporting here, but our news is generally that way about events like the world cup and olympics.

  58. Tariq

    Suarez scores goals for fun. Great shot. How much did he score last season for Ajax? Was it like 49 or something?

  59. SUGA3

    well, even fucking Spuds are touring USA to raise cash and their profile – where do we go? to play the new stadium opening game against Legia fucking Warsaw?

    fucking please (and I am Polish)…

  60. Dave

    Who was Arsenal’s top scorer last season?
    Who said “Leave it to Wenger” FULL STOP
    I check the football not the BLAH BLAH every year.
    Who’s got all the money now and about 30 players comin through?

    What really does me in, is WHERE IS THE SUPPORT? You call yourself supporters of Arsenal and you moaned all season. You’re turning into Roy Keanes’ prawn sandwich eating twats. We came third last season and we NEVER used a first eleven who are still seriously improving. NOW GET EXCITED because the future is OURS. Oh, and for the Diaby moaners, his first touch and turn and strength when he runs is a bitch to play against. Support him, and he’ll get the confidence to come through as a great player this season. ENJOY IT FOR ONCE!

  61. SA Gooner

    I don’t know why there are so many empty seats to be honest. Apparently 98% of tickets were sold so that’s a bit of a mystery… In this last game those empty seats were because it was raining so hard so everyone moved up to stand rather than get drenched

  62. Stu

    I dont get it either SUGA. Wenger picked remote countries like Austria because they are apparently the best place to prepare the squad. Well clearly it isnt working so i dont see why we cant tour asia or America. I never harms any other teams preperation does it.

  63. gambon


    Ive never understood wengers obsession with going to remote mountains in austria. How can it be good preparation to beat part time teams 8-0?!

    Surely playing Inter in New York would be way more beneficial, and obv lucrative.

    Maybe wenger wants privacy so he can order the players to get naked and run around in the woods “bonding”.

    If he tried it in times square i reckon soneone would notice!!!

  64. Arse&Nose

    spain are cuntish sly cheating bastards
    i really want them to be knocked out. I had a soft spot for them because of Cesc and Reyes but it disgusts me to see them play now. Busquets is the biggest diver of the all,.

  65. Stu

    I love how people think that criticising a player on a blog will somehow drain all of their confidence and make them shit.

  66. Rohan

    I still don’t know who I’m going to support from Portugal and Spain. Both are full of greasy, cuntish, pasty fucking diving bastards….

  67. goonerT1m

    just came back from new york, they have a new stadium, soccer is getting much bigger over there now, austria?, sums it up really, so the manager can cycle around and gets some fresh air.

  68. SUGA3



    – once again, we shat ourselves at the business end of the season, despite having theoretically the easiest run-in and allegedly ‘quality’, ‘mental strength’ and other bollocks like ‘strength in depth’
    – Diaby plays one brilliant game, three shit ones then gets injured: works like clockwork, not good enough for the team with title ambitions
    – every Tom, Dick and Harry can see what the deficiencies of our squad are: current and former players, fans, pundits, other teams’ managers

    I am trying to enjoy it, but the games like Wigan and ridiculous decisions made by OGL squeeze joy life out of me, simple as…

  69. Stu

    “10. From egor5
    Andrey, how does it feel to score a goal?
    Arshavin: Well, let’s say, it’s like having an ice-cream.

    Then I guess Emile Heskey must be lactose intolerant. ZING!”

    This isnt even that funny but the Zing part made me laugh..dunno why.

  70. Stu

    What the cunt! Youtube have a new thing, a button with a soccer ball on it (I say soccer ball because it looks like what the americans use in films) and when you press it the fucking vuvuzela noise comes on. 😡

  71. IvoryGoonz

    A: I meant i’d prefer him to stick to a 4-4-2 rather than a 4-3-3, and that we would have too many ST as 4-4-2.
    If it’s to keep a 4-3-3 we’d also need proper wingers.

  72. nishanth

    Annan is a solid player. We were linked with him at the beginning of 2008-2008 season if i remember properly.

  73. reggie 57

    Annan is a solid player. We were linked with him at the beginning of 2008-2008 season

    What player are we not linked too which never happens ?

  74. Simon

    Cesc needs to be stripped of the armband. End of question. Robin should be our new captain with Clichy as the vice captain. in my View Robin shuld have been made captain after Gallas anyway.

    Cesc has really messed things up this summer. And its kind of to late to repair things. I never tought Id say this but i actually think he needs to go, We dont need a want-away in the dressing room. I hate to say that, I used to love the man.

  75. Stu

    Gallas should have never been made captain in the first place. An ex chav captaining the mighty ARSENAL! Bullshit!!

    Senderos should have been captain!

  76. GoonerJohn

    What about vermaelen? Though he hasn’t been at arsenal for a long time, he’s a true leader on the pitch

  77. leon

    i realy like annon the only reason why would not go for him is not because he is not good but loosing him to african nations but thats only 1 month so that no real reason wenger i think will for a player like him

  78. Stu

    Vermaelen is too young imo. I know he is 24 but he isnt experienced at the top level for long enough. He needs to focus on improving his own game before he can be captain imo.

  79. incesc

    theres no captains at arsenal

    i tried to argue arshavins case but noone like it.

    rvp is a disabled striker how can he be captain?

    if wenger made a good enough team for fabs to play with he could have captained arsenal for years. He is this teams leader.


    wenger will just make almunia captain and trot out the old bollocks that everyone is a captain…

  80. Stu

    Unfortunately i agree incesc. We have noone who is an obvious choice. Wengers comment about everyone being captain r whatever he said is totally backwards.

    We have noone good enough to be captain, thus everyone is equal in terms of captaincy. It should be the opposite with having a team of leaders and just 1 of them wearing the armband.

    That probably doesnt make sense but i dont give a shit.