Promises Broken? / Strip him of the Captaincy / Defender deal?

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Around this time last year I remember walking down Pennard Hill at Glastonbury when a girl flew out of a tent off her face on everything and told us all that MJ was dead, this was a moment of great hilarity as the guy I was walking with had recently lashed out about a grand for tickets to his o2 gig in the hope the hope of flogging them to pay of some unsightly credit card bills.

Oh and we laughed!

Something that weighed more heavily on my mind than the pop music tragedy was whether Arsenal would sign the right amount of players to compete. Actually, come to think of it, I think I’ve been wondering the same thing for the last 5 summers?

I also wondered how awkward it would have been had MJ been a Hammers fan… Imagine him having to sing ‘ I’m forever blowing bubbles’… the last thing Jacko would have needed was more allegations about his private life.

So the reason I bring the question up is that Felipe Melo has now hit the main stream in a big way. He binned us off last year for the Old Lady, it all went terribly wrong for him there and plenty of blog geeks came running over to Le Grove to tell us how stupid we were for suggesting Melo was a good idea. Well, people of no Brazilian faith, guess who has come good? Felipe Melo is receiving rave reviews as the tough tackling enforcer for Brazil and even worse for my disposition, Gooner legend Gilberto is also playing really well!

‘Oh but his legs were gone’

Were they gone? Or is that just something Arsenal fans tell themselves to make players like Denilson (Who is so painfully slow at 21) seem like an acceptable choice. Gilberto loved Arsenal and he clearly could have still been doing a fantastic job for us. That’s part of our problem, once a player gets past 30, we have no time for them whatsoever.

Why hasn’t this Sol Campbell deal been sorted out yet? Surely one of our best players of the past 6 months should have put pen to paper by now? Why is there no update from Arsenal on that subject?

Where is our new Polish defender Kolossus (We’ve got to start figuring out nick names)? I thought we were promised a signing by Friday? What could possibly be holding up the deal. It’s not like we’re trying to buy from a European powerhouse here.

Everything with Arsenal takes an age to agree. What happened to the days when Freddie Ljungberg would have a fantastic game against England, the next week, he’d be ours? All this farting about is so frustrating.

It’s interesting that this time last year, we were talking about making the type of signings that would make Cesc want to stay with the club. Well, now we’re a year on and we’ve not made those signings and guess what? Our captain no longer wants to be at our club.

You can get all lawyerish on me and point to the fact that there are no quotes, but by doing that, you’re only lying to yourself… like the bloke who says his girlfriend would never cheat because she is special.

The Spaniard isn’t stupid. He doesn’t go out to Spainish band camp and tell all his mates about how amazing the Arsenal squad are. I also don’t think too many of the other Spanish players ask where Almunia is when Cesc checks in, or try to confirm if Eboue really does have super powers, or if he has met Songs imaginary friend in the flesh.

He’s watched a lack of investment year after year and he knows he’s probably going to get more of the same this summer. If you needed confirmation about his desire to leave, check back through the archives to see how rapidly he has denied stories about his departure over the past 3  years… then overlay those time scales onto this summer.

So that begs the question…

Do we want Cesc as our Captain next year if he’s prepared to treat the fans in this way? Are you happy to know that the man representing our club as the on pitch leader has been thinking about other clubs in a quite perverse way this summer? I don’t think I am… why am I thinking along these lines?

Well the club captain should be Mr Arsenal, 100% commitment to the cause and the other players should want to follow his lead. What have the youngsters seen from Cesc? Well, when you get good enough at 22, you try and engineer a move away from the club.

That’s not good enough.

Who could takeover? How about a real on pitch leader like Thomas Vermaelen? How about someone who has never spoken about returning to his boyhood club like Robin Van Persie? At a push, if he’d shown good enough form over the last year, I’d even go as far as saying Gael Clichy. I think those three already have a passion and love for the club to rival Cesc’s, especially this summer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to see him go… but this is Arsenal, the greatest club on the planet with the greatest fans and no one is bigger than that, not Thierry, not Paddy, not Bobby, not Adams and certainly not a captain who has lifted the grand total of zero silverware for us… always remember that.

See you in the comments Grovers!

P.S. I was disgusted to see Torres diving to get a man sent off last night. I’m not surprised though, the Spanish have less moral fibre than the nonce wing at Broadmoor. I felt sorry for Chile until they realised they were going through and struck a non-verbal agreement with Spain not to play the last 20 minutes of the game. Disgusting to watch and worthy of a FIFA investigation in my eyes…

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  1. A

    Sol hasn’t been sorted because he has an offer of a contract, but hasn’t decided whether to take it or not yet….

  2. ArsenalDK

    nobody is bigger than the club itself! But if Fab leaves, will Wenger reinvest? And I mean reinvest in QUALITY?

  3. Taxi for Wenger

    Can’t wait to see the back of Cesc he said he wants to go if not bench him for a year..time to move on

  4. Brian

    ”Now don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to see him go… but this is Arsenal, the greatest club on the planet with the greatest fans and no one is bigger than that, not Thierry, not Paddy, not Bobby, not Adams and certainly not a captain who has lifted the grand total of zero silverware for us… always remember that”.

    thats the best thing that u have ever written and i had said the same earlier.

    absolutely no one is bigger than the club and the captain is the epitome of loyalty. Cesc doesnt deserve whether he stays or goes.

    Vermaelen or RvP will do it for me. No offence but Clichy does not look like a leader. i dont want to look at the number of years u have done at this gr8 club but rather the ability u have to keep the fire burning and thsoe two have.

    a leader is known in times of a crisis and when we are gunning for victory, when we are behind and when referees are against us is when the true characters of RvP and Vermaelen can be seen. the way they urge the other players to increase the work rate and u can see them visibly annoyed and even wanting to retalliate! thats what i call captain material.

    these two guys have always admired arsenal since they were kids so thats an added incentive. Cesc never admired arsenal. we just saved his career and we were his stepping stone. if he can rise above this transfer rumours and set the record straight, then he will be a legend.

    dont you just love Gilberto?.

    Gr8 gr8 post. Arsenal is the gr8st club on planet EARTH!

  5. A

    No way Cesc is going, so you won’t see the back of him.

    He’ll be our captain this season, and lead us to glory….

  6. Pedro

    A, when people say we moderate anyone who disagrees with the authors opinion… you are the poster child of why that’s not true.

    Morning everyone!

    Does the last 16 start today?

  7. Efosa

    How can you compare Van persie wanting to go to Feyenoord with Fabregas going to Barca?

    Barca are a much bigger club, with more history, they are the best team in the world. If Van persie went to Feyenoord it would be a massive step down but if Fabregas went to Barca it would be a step up.

  8. A

    Because he wasn’t one of the top players in the world then, and was more likely to come through earlier under Wenger, and at Arsenal Sam.

  9. MickyDidIt89

    Pedro: “does the last 16 start today?”. Precisely where have you been for the past two weeks. Lost in a cultural vacumm called Devon???

  10. Pedro

    Sam, it could be argued that he didn’t take a step down when he joined Arsenal… that was the invincibles era…

    If he goes to Barca, there is no guarantee that the club will dominate like they have… we all saw how quickly Rijkaard’s team fell apart…

  11. Taxi for Wenger

    A…. Do you think it’s fitting to have a captain who wants away Gilberto was captain material Cesc not a leader never will be nice one La Senile !

  12. Pedro

    Micky, I’ve got to that stage of Patriotism where the sight of another Country playing makes me vomit 😉

  13. Gary Reynolds

    Another thing – you jump on the bandwagon regarding Cesc’s comments. The idiotic media has told you that he said he wants to go to Barcacnts. I do not believe that is what he said. They ask a loaded question and he gives a reply which is then twisted to suit their sick agenda. Playing into the hands of the cntalans. Please wait until the season is over and see what happens.

  14. Gooner from Sydney

    Usually a big reader of this blog, but the MJ thing was low, big fan of both The Arsenal and MJ, so i was a little disapointed… But otherwise I hope we can sign someone soon, Konscielny is in the bag, hopefully we got J Cole, seems less likely by the day

  15. MickyDidIt89

    A captain needs to shout, gurn, clench fists and generally show gritted teeth, so I think I would have to go with Verm. However, I’m sure it will be Cesc next season, as for starters, I don’t think Barca can afford to make an acceptable offer, but also for a player they really don’t need, YET.

  16. Pedro

    Gary… you’re in denial.

    If Cesc wanted to clear up his future, he’d have given a quote to The media isn’t sick at all…

    Gooner Sydney, everyone liked MJ… doesn’t mean he’s above jokes.

  17. A

    Pedro I really can’t see that happening, Barca this season are going to be absolutely amazing, and if I was Cesc I’d want to be part of it. Imagine if they get Torres as well, scary….

    TFW it isn’t ideal, but he isn’t desperate to leave, hasn’t kicked up a fuss, said anything about wanting to leave publically, nor handed in a transfer request. Wenger has said there’s no chance of us selling him, and he’s fine with that.

    Stripping him of the captaincy would isolate him, make him feel unwelcome, and destroy team unity and spirit, it would be a massive error imo.

  18. Pedro

    A… it didn’t isolate Gallas.

    I know what you’re saying about Barca… but look what happened to Spain against Switzerland… this is like the Galacticos all over again… I hope at least!

  19. Taxi for Wenger

    Brian I’d take him myself mate room for 5 … Cesc. Clownmunia..Flappy Diabolical and Denilshite got that off me chest. Morning all!

  20. Big Dave

    So it looks like we are getting the Fulham keeper/ polish/french defender Kol something. But no Nat King Joe Cole

  21. Brian

    Gary, we understand what u r saying but a captain of a club cannot stand by and watch as lies are peddled against him. if there wasnt an ounce of truth, then he would have atleast said something to dispel the rumours. i dont care if he needs to say that 159 times. he is captain ffs!

  22. A

    Gallas was different, he was slagging off the team in the press, and his teammates had turned against him.

    I’d be very surprised if Cesc didn’t have the backing of the squad, but if he didn’t, or started complaining publically or handed in a transfer request then he should be stripped of it

  23. KM

    Thank god Chile are through! For me they are the most fearless & explosive team who play gr8 attacking football.They were all over Spain in the 1st 25mins,however although they lack the quality that Spain possess their swashbuckling style is breathtaking – particularly their quick combination with gr8 wingplay.I thought Spain looked too one-paced without Navas,that is their biggest flaw imo,they try to fit their best players in the team (like Holland & England) rather than gel the best team (like Brazil & Germany). I’m happy that the Swiss are out because i dnt want to watch defensive football,its fucking awful! A player who is getting better & better with each viewing is the right winger Alexis Sanchez – he is DYNAMITE! He’s quick,strong & harrasses the opposition for the ball,a gr8 dribbler and imo he’s got more talent and potential than Walcott who doesn’t know what to do in tight spaces or against a full back who reads him. Wenger once said that he’d buy a player if he was better than the option he had.Sanchez is miles ahead of Walcott and in 2yrs will be light yrs ahead of him. I would love to see this lad playing for Arsenal nxt season! 🙂

  24. KM

    Fabregas was sublime when he came on last night. his passing was point like a laser!

    If he goes he will be missed bigtime!!

    David Villa the best striker in the world? – definately

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Great post Pedro

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thing the swift signing of Gilberto after the 2002 WC was the last of its kind by Le Prof.

  26. Brian

    how fantastic is it going to be when the (sic) self proclaimed special one aka maureen is going to be the main rival? if he cant start a match ahead of pedro (they dont play in the same position but still) and what about stripping him of the captaincy for him to toe the line serve as an example to others? show him that he didnt make arsenal but rather arsenal made him?

  27. Jimmy

    A transfer i’d prefer is David James instead of Mark Schwarzer. At least by the looks of it and in recent years he can cope with the pressure. Especially if he is only going to be a stopgap for Chesny by the looks of it.

  28. Highbury_Ghost

    Great line ‘ Spainish have less moral fibre than a nonce wing at Broadmoor’
    good blog mate

  29. E4 Paul

    Efosa, Barcelona a step up? Pffff… Our club is steeped in great tradition, great history, has morals, conducts its business professionally, is known for how well they treat players from past and present etc, etc, etc.

    Barcelona are reliant on favours from a couple of banks to remain solvent, conducts its business through the media in order to acquire players, is in a poorer league where they have only one club to compete against, discard previous employees as if they were dirt on their shoes.

    If that’s what Cesc wants, then I can only say adios!

  30. MickyDidIt89

    So Arsenal are in a battle for Ozil with City, Chelsae, Utd and Barca. Sorry, I can see only one loser in that one!

  31. A

    Brian he knows Arsenal and Arsene were the making of him, and he wouldn’t consider himself bigger than the club either.

    Someone wanting to go home isn’t some sort of ridiculous, arrogant, or unreasonable thing to want to do.

    He’s done absolutely nothing wrong, so there’s nothing to punish him for, to “serve as an example for others”

  32. KM

    some gr8 matches nxt week:

    Brazil v Chile

    Portugal v Spain


    i dnt think Portugal will get past Spain. Chile might give Brazil a fright but it all depends on whether they can convert their chances.

  33. Pedro

    E4, well said mate… Barca treat the players like shite unless they’re a star… even if they are a star, they still get booed.

    We’ve got a fantastic club and it saddens me when people see Barca as a better club… other than their footballing level at the moment.

  34. KM

    Ozil’s dream club is Barca but surely they can’t afford to buy Villa, Cesc & Ozil??? However Ozil’s contract is going to expire in a years time so they could get him on the cheap. But if Cesc goes i’d love us to have him in the middle –ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉

  35. A

    Pedro I’m not sure many people would see Barca as a better club in terms of the way they do their business?

  36. MickyDidIt89

    Change of tack. Watching Spain last night, I thought their shirts would make a great away strip. Blue, with yellow and red trim. What made me really angry was seeing their national emblem, and it made me think of how Arsenal sold their soul when they got rid of ours and replaced it with the hideous thing you see at the top of this page.
    Have a great day all.
    Oh and thanks for post, as usual, Pedro.

  37. KM

    wheenever i see Xavi play now, i think ‘what a cunt’! he’s a gr8 footballer but his comments have pissed me off bigtime!

  38. Pedro

    A… but it’s not just about business is it? It’s how they treat their players, their shit box stadium, the fact Spain as a country is completly fucked, the Spanish tax system not favouring footballers anymore…

    I’d stay in England, we’ve got Nando’s and a binge drinking culture to rival the best.

  39. Rohan

    Alright since we’re on for MJ jokes, how about this for a Wacko Jacko special?

    What’s blue and sticks out of Michael Jackson’s bed?
    – Billy’s Jeans.

    😀 😀 😀

  40. DeiseGooner

    “So Arsenal are in a battle for Ozil with City, Chelsae, Utd and Barca. Sorry, I can see only one loser in that one!”

    Well i can see 4 as only 1 can sign him ! 5 if he satys where he is, which he will do! 🙂

    Offer made to Sol, hes getting married, he says hel speak with Wenger after world cup – its just how its panning out.

    Sol is waiting to see who we sign and if hel be 4th choice or 5th. If we get 2 centrehalves hes off imo.

  41. MickyDidIt89

    Eboue: you don’t know that. All he has ever said publically, is that one day he would like to return to his home club. He is only 22.
    Ok, bye.

  42. KM


    but that game is this sunday, not nxt week 😉

    However this game will a cracker hopefully. Go Ozil!

  43. Rohan

    I’m going with England to win on penalties… 😀 😀
    It has to happen at some point doesn’t it???

  44. KM

    DeiseGooner says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:12
    “So Arsenal are in a battle for Ozil with City, Chelsae, Utd and Barca. Sorry, I can see only one loser in that one!”

    Well i can see 4 as only 1 can sign him ! 5 if he satys where he is, which he will do!


    😉 lol Desi

  45. Brian

    Did he just wake and realised that he wanted to go home? Why did he sign a contract extension not even the original contract – an extension! he surely must have known that he wanted to go home. heres the thing – we are not opposed to him going back home. it is the way he leaves that matters to some of us gooners. we dont want people undermining the arsenal name. i would tell u this A. if u r a captain of a club and u r grateful for what they have dont for u and have fans that completely adore u, then u will want to go with some decorum. he would have asked barcelona to clean up their act and carry out this transfer in a better way but this way it comes out like he’s in cahoots with them! thats not the behaviour of someone who is grateful.

  46. RayGooner

    Great post Pedro!

    But i have to disagree with the part of Chile & Spain (not) playing the last 20 minutes…

    Switzerland had their faith in their own hands if they had beaten Honduras by 2-0…

    They didn’t and that’s their lost…

    If you are playing to get through (like Chile) and know the result of the other game and know you’re through, every team in the world would have done the same…

    It’s not nice, but hey, at least they (Chile & Spain) played a great game for 70 minutes, and Chile came back from 2-0 down to 2-1 with 10 men…

    Chile for me, has been the most positive surprise in the tournament so far (when speaking of attractive football)…

  47. Rohan

    The guitar solo toward the end in this clip is eppiiicccc!!!

  48. BOOZY

    I’d love to sell him, and take the cash, but i have options.

    1.keep him for one more season- he looses his starting shirt- we see how life would be without him- if it turns out well- we sell him to real madrid.


    2. We sell him to real madrid- either way barca doesn’t get him- and all that cesc dna would just blow up in thier face.

    3. if wenger doesnt have the balls to hold up barca- then we get their defender whose name i cant spell, and yaya + 15mil.


    Take MANURE for ex- ronaldo was coming from a phenominal season- single handely won them the champions and english title- madrid came knocking-but fergie told madrid and ronaldo to fuck off and come back next season, just enough for him to win them another league title- next season, the rest is history- they got the biggest payday on a single player in history.


    And yes cesc stays or not, RVP SHOULD BE CAPTAIN NEXT SEASON.

  49. Brian

    Chile beat Brazil in the qualifiers and they will do it again. if the referee had not fucked up that game, they might have given spain a spanking!
    chile is a team to look out for. i hope they appeal for the red card and torres is given a fine coz that was simulation!

  50. KM

    Ozil’s grandmother has passed away…that will surely affect him – it could dampen his mood/spur him on

  51. Rohan

    Up to the half hour mark and for a period in the second half, Chile were arguably the better side, no..
    Spain are nowhere near the invincible team they’re made out to be. Sergio Ramos is extremely suspect at RB and I’m not a big fan of Puyol…Lack of goals from midfield will also hurt them when they come against a world class defence… The only goal scoring midfielder they have in Fabregas is on the bench.

  52. RayGooner

    I have a gut feeling that we’re gonna sign a defender next week…
    But it’s not gonna be Koscielny….
    It’s gonna be someone we’ve never thought about, Top quality, playing in the World Cup…
    We might sign Koscielny too of course but i get the feeling Wenger wants to announce them both at the same time, that’s why the Koscielny deal has taken so long…

    Call me optimistic, but i really have a gut feeling about this…

  53. Gunneroo

    this is Arsenal, the greatest club on the planet with the greatest fans and no one is bigger than that, not Thierry, not Paddy, not Bobby, not Adams and certainly not a captain who has lifted the grand total of zero silverware for us… always remember that.
    Well said, but by revoking the captaincy off him, we’re pretty much telling him to go to barca.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    Ozil to barca, then Cesc stays.

    IMO Barca are in actual fact voyeurs of the PL. But as they are heading the same way as their nations economy, broke, they won’t be able to compete with rich English clubs for players like Ozil. In all probability, the reason they are chasing Cesc so hard now is because they think they can get him on the cheap.

    Barca are on the doorstep of decline IMO, next 2 years will see them pull their heads in 😛

  55. Rohan

    I’d give RvP the armband imo..He’s the perfect choice imo..World class player, lifts player around him not only on the field but seems like a leader of men, someone who knows what it means to have one of the most prestigious posts in English football…
    Not to mention, RvP can be a nasty mean fucking bastard when needed.

  56. KM


    true, that was not a foul in a million yrs, the ref fucked up bigtime but Estrada was playing like a madman in that game – mistiming tackles and hacking players down…so that weighed against him. However i hope the red card is overturned. I also hope that we bring in video replay like cricket because we have so many crazy decisions which are unfair and wreck the outcome of the game

  57. Waz

    Completely agree about questions around Cesc’s loyalty and maturity/role model in being captain, I think he has a lot to learn.

    But, lets not use Cesc as an excuse to hide the fact that the team has been underinvested in, our whole defence has left pretty much and we have no replacement, CB partnerships take time!

    Im not calling for football manager type stars but we need depth, experience and a bit of quality and that doesnt always have to cost the earth!

    I think Cesc is possibly as disappointed as we all are that we are so close, such potential but we dont complete the gaps, Silvestre was a joke, Almunia just doesnt have the talent and our squad is thin due to us being injury prone.

    The youngsters need to win now to develop to the next level, even if the league cup we just need a win and Arsene to bring players in where we have gaps, the money is there and other teams manage to find bargains.

  58. Rohan

    Video review and appealing in-game would slow down the game. What I’d do is have post-game review of dives, nasty challenges etc. whereby players are punished. What this would do is discourage divers and the like. I don’t see why they don’t implement it.

  59. KM


    i’v become a huge fan of the Chilean style of football.. its just amazing to watch…they only know one way to play and that is attack. And unlike Arsenal they have a cutting edge which we desperately need. Our speed outlet is Walcott who is muppet..imagine if we had Sanchez on the right – DAMNNNNN!!!!

  60. Rohan

    Would you keep a limit on the number of appeals then?? I don’t know, but I think it would take away from the game. Assuming there were 6 appeals in a game which is a moderate estimate it would add around 15-20 minutes….
    Goal-line instances are a different matter though..Technology does need to come into place for that.

  61. KM

    looks like Hodgson is off to L’pool. Imo he’s a gr8 manager and he might turn l’pool around on a limited budget. he’s the kind of manager who makes the most of his pennies

  62. Brian

    whats ur prediction for that match? and is it just me or are brazil becoming crap nowadays? their football is not what it used to be (beautiful and free flowing) hat off to chile.

  63. Brian

    and what language do the Chileans speak? is it Chillish or Chile? I want to bring the angle that the mexican referee favoured the spanish coz the mexicans and spanish people speak almost the same language. they should have had an english referee.

  64. KM


    Bastos is a leftback

    However i’d love us to get either Ozil/Elia for the left flank. Arshavin & Ozil can share duties/swap positions from left to centre during a match. Or if not Ozil just stick Elia on the left wing and he will tear up the Premiership with his pace and tricks

  65. RayGooner

    Sanchez——-van Persie—–Arshavin


  66. RayGooner

    I know Bastos is a left back, but he could just as easily be playing left-wing though…(and he has done that too)

  67. Kipmonster

    I find it hard to be angry with Fabregas wanting to leave with persistent NON top class signings every year & the obvious weaknesses in the team NOT being remedied. BUT I have to say that Fabregas signed a contract extension just a year ago for a big rise & a whopping £4 million signing on fee. IF he so desperately wants a move then he should hand back a huge chunk of that signing on fee if he has any decency.
    I’m well & truly fed up with Arsenal’s transfer policy / conduct of transfers & information to fans. The consistent NO signing of established Star names. Signings made are nearly always like pulling teeth. The Arshavin signing being a typical example & the excitement for fans is crushed. Furthermore it is tedious & disrespectful to fans that nearly every transfer fee iro ‘INS’ & ‘OUTS’ is stated as ‘UNDISCLOSED’. In these days of suspicions regarding payments surrounding transfers in the game, such information should disclosed publicly. Even when Arsenal agree contract extensions with players, it is disclosed as being ‘On a Long Term contract’.

  68. Rohan

    – Just 58% of midfielders manage to convert spot-kicks in shoot-outs
    – The older a player is, the less likely he will score – with only a 71% success rate in the over 28s
    – Left footed players only convert 50% compared to 69% for right footed players
    – Goalkeepers wearing red jerseys have never saved a penalty at a World Cup whereas those wearing green save the most!

  69. Rohan

    “In FIFA World Cup™ penalty shoot-outs, only 40% of takers score if their team’s Finals survival depends on it. Whereas when a player’s spot-kick can win the game for his team he has a 92% chance of scoring.”
    Strikers convert 74% of penalties, defenders convert 69% and midfielders convert 58% in FIFA World Cup penalty shoot-outs
    * 85% of players under 23 score their penalty, 78% of 23 to 28 year olds convert their kicks and 71% of over 28’s score their penalty in a FIFA World Cup
    * Save percentage by colour: green 38%, black 35%, blue 31%, grey 28%, yellow 24%, purple 18%, orange 14%, red 0% in a FIFA World Cup

    Germany’s Manuel Neuer has saved four of his last 10 penalties with two saves occurring when he remained dead central between the sticks. England’s Frank Lampard generally aims for the right hand post converting four of his last ten in that direction. Interestingly, the two spot-kicks the Chelsea player failed to convert were both aimed towards the same right hand side.

  70. RayGooner

    Reina (£15M)
    van der Wiel (£10M)
    Lúcio (£12M)
    Bastos (£12M)
    Melo (£15M)
    Gourcuff (£22M)
    Özil (£18M)
    Sanchez (£12M)
    TOTAL: £116M.

    If we sold these players:
    Cesc (£60M)
    Denìlson (£8M)
    Eduardo (£10M)
    Traoré (£3M)
    Fabianski (£2M)
    Randall (£1M)
    Simpson (£2M)
    TOTAL £86M.

    Then we’d have to put up £30M. (or around £30-35M, depending on the fees)

    And that’s about what we have i guess…

  71. finestcuts

    Cesc is a top class captain, he leads by providing assists and scoring goals, the highest tally in the Premier League when he was fit. The captaincy has brought out the very best in his game, his progress can be partly attributed to him being given the responsibility of being captain. He has to play at his best to be the shining example. He has done. He has hasd to partner up with Denilson, Diaby and Song. Neither Diaby nor Song had good performances in the world cup. Song some good ones for us, and some very mediocre ones, sameas Diaby. Point being, we lack a quality central midfielder to partner up with Cesc.

    Cesc is a great player, a great captain, some of our troops are below the quality we could feasibly classify as “top” or “world class” if you prefer. That Japanese defender that completely tracked Bentdner out of the game impressed me, I’d have him in a flash….hard working, good passing, defends intelligently.

    I am sure we will get a defender, we just have to wait and see. Hopefully the club want to buy more than one first team player although Joe Cole would be great as an attacking midfielder, great competition for Nasri and Rosicky. Mini Zidane (Nasri) is not a very good Fab replacement and hardly scores any goals………..he’s a bit of a Hleb wannabe meaning we’ve taken a step back in that department. GIlberto shows what we’ve been missing…..a quality defensive midfielder!!! FFS all this farting about with Denilson when we could have had the invisible wall. GIlberto + Fabregas was meant to be the future before Flamini stepped in. But it shows us what we need. Most world class central midfielders are at the world cup, Wenger should get one and ditch the underperformers.

  72. freddieb

    Lets get rid of cesc and move on. It’s all so tiresome. Take the money and spend it on something different, something with more grit something that will make us proud, ‘cos that’s what we deserve! COME ON ARGENTINA!!!!

  73. KM

    Brazil play simple and direct football. they may be boring in some periods of the game but they’r set up to play on the counter. From what i’v seen of them since last year they’v got 7 players who defend or are part of the defensive system and they left Kaka and Robhino & Fabiano just stay upfront and do what they want. Kaka imo is brilliant for Brazil…..he’s not like Zidane, however he keeps the team ticking, whenever a player is looking to pass in the 2nd half of the pitch he’s there, wanting the ball and as soon as he gets it, Brazil are off again to attack.

    Imo if a team marks Kaka out of the game, they’l win the game, because he is the brain of the team… Baptista was shite against Portugal, he was the replacement for Kaka. He may have brawn but doesn’t possess the intelligence of Kaka. Robhino has pace and explosive play and the link up play between Kaka and Robhino is telepathic/supernatural imo.

    Brazil are better than Spain imo because they can play ugly/attacking and beat the defensive teams. They’v got better individual skill than Spanish players and can take on a player rather than pass sideways like Spain do in the penalty box (case study – kaka’s pass to Fabiano for that cracking rifled goal against Ivory coast)

  74. B.B.K

    joe cole to spurs is probably about right,why would he want to come to arsenal with hardly any english players about.

  75. Brian

    so that he can be one of the many few (yeah right)
    check out gibbs, wilshere, eastmond, JET, walcott and him! he will want the attention coz some of the above players are for the future.

    arsenal will have the highest number of players in the 2014 world cup with all the above players in it. watch this space.

  76. MickyDidIt89

    Rohan: love the stats! Has a GK in a red jersey ever faced pens in a WC? Bet the same applies to GK’s in Zebra print!!

  77. B.B.K

    brian,when i say english players i mean ones he won’t have to strike up a relationship with,he would be more comfortable being around the tottenham contingent then our’s because he knows them better plus arry will be a pull aswell from his whammers days.

  78. This is England

    Hope Cesc stays,if not Verm or RVP for captain.Still reckon Joe Cole will come to us,things looking good for our great club.

  79. ublogg2

    cesc is leaving. I follow him on twitter @Cesc_F_4 and on thursday he tweeted he was leaving for barcelona and he will be updating his fans on his website, right afterwards he de – activated the account.

    Sad, but he rly is leaving and I for one am happy its now rather than later. Hopefully, Wenger will replace him adequately.

  80. MickyDidIt89

    Talking of which, what are the rules on GK wear. Maybe complete cammouflage. That way the pen. taker wouldn’t have a clue where the GK was standing.

  81. timao

    hilarious! all these people with concrete opinions about cesc fabregas – either he’s going to leave or better still he “wants” to leave. without getting lawyerish (no amount of rational debate can affect the compulsive obsessive mindset) just try to remember he is trying to win a world cup and is entitled to focus on that monumental task to the exclusion of all else for the time being. especially by refusing to discuss his future at arsenal, because once that starts he will be bombarded with it by catalan journos at every opportunity. in this case, cesc’s Silence is Golden. also note that wenger told french journalists yesterday: “fabgregas is not for sale at any price.”

  82. KM

    I’d love Joe Cole to Arsenal because we need a few English players in the team, 2nd he is r.talented… he’s got gr8 attacking ability – he’d get into the brazilian squad for defo! 😉 Can play LW & AM. And he’s a player in his prime

  83. Pedro

    Timao, you’re in denial… it’s an obsessive mindset that you refuse to accept the truth in pretty much any Arsenal circumstance you don’t like.

    Nothing closes a case quicker than a comment like,

    ‘My future is with Arsenal’

  84. RayGooner

    If Cesc leaves, i also thank him for the times at Arsenal, but i don’t wish him well in Barcelona, i just can’t wish anyone well in that club…

  85. Chippy

    Not everyone likes or loves MJ the man was a walking talking circus freak who no doubt would have one day finally received time for his love of children Not bothered one bit that he finally pegged it.

    Don’t blame cesc one bit for wanting to go home we are not as competitive as Barca in any shape or form and for as long as the penny pinching goes on this will remain the case,

    They win titles and cups and yet still try and sign the best in villa etc wevwin fuck all and are linked with 37 year old goal keepers and French mid table centrebacks

  86. RayGooner

    I’m just curious on how van Persie & Chamakh can play together in a 4-3-3?

    They are both central strikers…

    In a 4-4-2 i think they would fit together, but that requires 2 GOOD wingers, and we have ZIP in that position…

  87. KM

    if Cesc leaves i hope we revert to a 4-4-2, this 4-3-3 is fukking annoying! Simply because we dnt have the players for it.

  88. timao

    Pedro – if you really think that would be the end of it you are in denial about the working of the sports media. You don’t think the spanish press would have something to say about that? It would create a totally unwanted distraction.

  89. KM


    I think Chamakh will be competing with Walcott for the RW slot. i really hope that this season Walcott becomes the player that Wenger wants him to be, because most of the fans think he’s a waste of space! If Walcott shows no improvement then imo he should be shipped out

  90. Pedro

    Timao, I know exactly how the media work and I know the difference between a player who is going to stay and a player who wants to go.

    You can’t educate me or anyone else by tarring us with some sort of sheep mentality.

    We’ve all been around long enough to know the difference this season.

    You can deny it all you like, it doesn’t change the fact that Cesc has never had a problem denying stories in the past.

    If he came out and denied it, the Spanish media would have nothing, Barca would have nothing and we’d all be happy our captain had shown us some respect.

  91. RayGooner

    It will of course be as usual, Wenger will be using players in their un-natural positions….
    Either van Persie or Chamakh will play on the wing…

  92. RayGooner

    Chamakh’s best quality is in front of goal, good with his head (and feets), he’s definitly NOT a winger!

  93. timao

    FC Barcelona: TF1 confirms the refusal to Fabregas, Wenger

    During the meeting between Spain and Chile, the two consultants TF1, Jean Michel and Christian Jean Pierre Larqué have confirmed a direct conversations they had with Arsene Wenger in person regarding the future of Cesc Fabregas.

    The speeches of the two speaker was clear. Arsene Wenger will not separate from Cesc Fabregas this season regardless of the amount proposed. FC Barcelona has offered 42 million euros for the Spain international is not expected to find the answer to their request.

    Recall that Arsene Wenger is a consultant for Team France on TF1.

  94. ublogg2


    duhhh… yeaaa?! …the last time i checked all it takes is just a click to follow someone on twitter. nothing rocket science about it, maybe you should try it sometime 🙂

  95. RayGooner

    Of course you can also play with the 2 full-backs as wingers when attacking, but that would mean we need full-backs that can cross the ball, (Sagna & Clichy can’t) van der Wiel & Bastos CAN!!

  96. Pedro

    Timao, a confirmed chat two TV presenters have had with Wenger with no quotes?

    You’re as bad as the Spanish media!

    The post isn’t about whether Cesc stays or goes… it’s about his actions this summer. They aren’t those of a committed Captain.