Song going for a Song, Babel on the radar and Nikki B get’s the boot, just not the one he wanted!

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Well, well, well, at last an offer for Alex Song, Galatasaray have come in with a £4million bid, I have always maintained that you can always see what a player is worth with who out there wants him, and what they want him for.

Now Barca coming in for Cesc at £29million is as silly a bid as I have ever seen, but for Galatasaray to bid £4million for Alex Song is that as silly? And if it is, that shows quite a gulf between the worth of those two players in the silly bid transfer market.

There’s no chance of Wenger selling Song Frank, but then there was no way I saw Wenger selling Cesc, so watch this space.

Babel wants out of Liverpool and we need a winger, is he good enough? I know a number of you think he’s rubbish, but so was Henry when he was at Juve, maybe Wenger could turn him into a player, I wouldn’t be upset, but I also wouldn’t be thrilled, but based on recent Wenger signings, he would almost be considered a Galactico.

So he won’t be coming!

I would also have Phil Jagielka from Everton, he is premiership quality and he would slot in nicely alongside Djourou or Vermaelen, regardless of what foot he kicks with, we seem to be obsessed with having too many left footed players, what difference does that make anyway, when most of our team has always been right footed.

Jagielka can also play as a defensive midfielder but is only 5’11” and I would like a big player in there for crosses, but if he’s all that’s on offer, I would prefer him to someone I haven’t seen, and maybe Wenger sees him as a DM.

Finally Nikki B didn’t get the golden boot, he and his mates got the ordinary boot, as a result he comes home early and should be fit for pre season training, Italy out as well, it would make my day if Spain got beaten by Chile, then the Cesc issue can finally be sorted.

Enjoy the games today Grovers, it will soon all be over and we’ll get our lives back. I know, abit BP’ish but it is the way I feel!

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  1. Rohan

    Across Africa, which has six teams in the World Cup, there’s widespread solidarity – due in part to pride that the continent is hosting the tournament for the first time.

    In Uganda, though, there’s been an unexpected hitch – some parents have prevented their children from watching matches on TV when Cameroon competes because the name of one of its players, Emana, is a sexually explicit obscenity in Luganda, one of Uganda’s main languages.

    “I would rather miss watching the match than being embarrassed before my children,” said 57-year-old Aziz Kato.

  2. Arsene Nose Best

    drogba will still mug off our muggy defence,wenger hasn’t got a clue how to play him,he could be 50 and still make us look like cunts.

  3. Stu

    Vela should be coming home now, or since the first game when he got injured. Fucking mexico! All they do is tire Vela out or get him injured.

  4. Stu

    Its gotta be the second one Dave. If he wasnt recovered he wouldn’t have played in their pre WC warm up games or in the game against Honduras.

  5. Stu

    Its not really that ANB, Del Bosque prefers to play 2 DMs as a double pivot. I guess Cesc is too attack minded. Its bullshit anyway, Cesc should still be starting because Busquets is crap.

  6. Stu

    Cesc should definately be taking note. The Spain midfield is the Barca midfield. He wont be a starter at Barca, no matter what anyone thinks. Its why Barca dont want to pay what he’s actually worth because they dont see him as a starter.

    It still doesnt account for why they think they can get Cesc for 30m when they are selling Toure for the same price, a player they dont even want.

  7. Lou

    If what I read is true Barcelona are highly unlikely to stump up £35million for Cesc because they simply don’t have it. The press claim that £10 million plus is still owed for Henry/Hleb. They will want credit and to pay off the money over 4 or 5 years. I would have thought that the disrespectful way they have been acting recently would make Arsenal want to play hardball. Why not suggest that Cesc is £55 million plus the monies outstanding will also be required, making about the same amount they paid for Ibrahimovich. Oh, I forgot, they haven’t paid for him either. Mas que un club? Oh yes. The way they carry on financially makes them more like a charity and the trophies are currently being paid for by the clubs they owe money to.

  8. zeus

    Thats because there is barely any miles on the bastard choy.

    He came to the sport very late. Professionally late anyway.

  9. tunde

    hello everyone promises to be a spectacle but i’m tipping spain to beat chile and come top of their group thereby avoiding brazil for now, however if you ask me who i think will win this cup i’lld say argentina,brazil,holland,spain,germany in that order…

  10. Stu

    Busquets = prick!

    I wonder how many players he has gotten booked in the last year? It must be more than anyone else anyway.

  11. Stu

    Who doesnt Gooby. He is easily my most hated footballer. For all the playacting he does i hope he gets a bad injury and everyone just thinks he is taking the piss again and leave him there.

  12. Stu

    I hate that in such a big match the difference is made by a keepers poor attempt at playing sweeper. Cant take away from Villas strike but for fuck sake, why did the keeper even give him the chance, should have cleared it into row Z.

  13. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    This useless refree is the SAME refree who Sent off Tim cahill of australia for a NO red card…

    no doubt he sent off again controversially a chilean player…when he wasnt even looking at what was happening to torres

  14. Gooby

    torres went down, the defender behind him didn’t touch him he was just running and was booked.

    the ref gave the goal to iniesta and sent off the chile player

  15. Pat

    The whole Spanish team is a fucking disgrace. I’d be tempted to break a few legs and then they’ll have a reason to stay down.

  16. Gooby

    like drogba would have said: it is a fucking disgrace.

    chile is clearly the better team, the cunts didn’t have the ball for 25 min

  17. Pat

    Portugal are very strong atm. They’d beat Spain imo.

    18 games unbeaten, 22 clean sheets in 26 games. 3 goals conceded in last 18 games.

    United had a great defensive record using Queiroz’s tactics as well. Hmm.

  18. BillikenGooner

    I think it’s time for me to want Chile to employ the Hack-A-Spaniard technique for the second half.

  19. BillikenGooner

    Chile’s coach needs to tell them:

    “Since you are getting cards for practically nothing, at least do something to deserve it. Leave a mark.”

  20. Gooby

    reggie they are and busquets always comes telling the ref to book, i hope that cunt shuts his big dirty mouse.fucking cunt.

    busquets dived, torres clearly dived it was fucking obvious

    Busquets would get rapped in the prem, they would tear him a new one

  21. Pat

    Villa has not been any better than the likes of Vittek in this WC. Sorry, but we have players capable of shooting into an open net too, so take it easy. It was a gift

  22. zeus

    First half thoughts on Spain v Chile.

    Chile had them on the back foot for a good spell.The keeper should be shot for that calamitous error. If you come THAT FAR off your line, KICK IT OUT OF TOUCH YOU MUG.

    Torres is slightly above good. Give me Aguero anyday. And yes I know he was injured for most of the year, but to fail to score in the entire WC qualifying campaign when even Fab4 was scoring is unbelievable.

    Chile can beat Brazil. They only finished a point behind Brazil in qualifying and I believe they beat them twice during the qualifying as well. Not sure.

  23. BillikenGooner

    zeus, that’s if Chile doesn’t have to field their back-up squad with the way the ref is handing out cards.

  24. Gooby

    Pat if the swiss pass instead of this awesome chile team it would piss me off.

    chile deseve it more than the cunts and swiss because they play wonderful football

  25. reggie 57

    They are cheating fuckers though especially busquets!! no morals in their behaviour must be a spanish trait!!

  26. nishanth

    If matias fernandez had played spain would have struggled even more in that first half. He got booked for absolutely no reason in that games against the switzerland.

  27. Pat

    Sanchez is a very good player.

    Honduras miss the best chance of the game, Suazo. He played for Inter before and actually scored a great header against Arsenal in a friendly. Now he missed a glorious chance with his head

  28. zeus

    Love the commentary of Dave Woods, but he just couldn’t help himself with the Fab4 ‘maybe to Barcelona’ comment.

  29. Gooby

    Love the commentary of Dave Woods, but he just couldn’t help himself with the Fab4 ‘maybe to Barcelona’ comment.

    same here too, they can’t help it. and the fuckers even said fab4 is a barca trainee

  30. Pat

    Damn it!

    Benaglio keeps Switzerland in the World Cup! Honduras break from the corner, Suazo slips in Alvarez he curls his effort towards the top corner. Benaglio produces an excellent save to deny him. The corner is taken short and comes to nothing.

  31. Pat

    Now the Swiss are looking more dangerous.

    Spain putting on 21 yr old Martinez?!?! Risky or smart?

    Personally I rate him higher than Gerrard and Lampard already

  32. zeus


    Hehehe. Barca. The Madristas would be upset at that.

    I would start crying if Dave Woods said ‘EEEzGot Yellow Boots On!’.

  33. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    chile and spain just playing according 2 swiss game… is so BORING..spain and chile the last 10 mins..

    anyways..spain somehow out next round..we have divers like ronaldo to outdive spain..

  34. rtist

    brilliant set-up by FIFA: have a mexican referee in a match between S. American team and Spain..a country that Mexico has always been in awe of re: football…

  35. skandibird

    Evening Boys; I am SO fed up with the Fab saga. Can’t believe he even wants to leave and play in a League where there are poss. 4/5 top teams, with the rest equal to our Championship. Does he really want to trapes around various ‘hick towns’ in Espana (Spain) in a country where supporters on the norm do not travel, stadiums half filled? Is that the kind of ‘silver wear’ he wants to win? And as for Pepe G, with rumours about him coming to AFC next season when AW steps down, which manager will he play for then? I am totally disappointed in him, and I hope he will be very very HAPPY in Barcelona, while we (AFC) win trophies galore (without him). Will he be sitting in his Casa (house) and drinking Cerveza (beer) and wonder what could have been had stayed? Yep, I reckon so!!!

  36. izham


    that’s gold..can’t stop cracking up watching eboue’s expression

    best world cup snippets i’ve seen so far..

  37. zeus


    We would all love that. But……
    1. Arsene is signing an extension, he goes nowhere (un)fortunately.

  38. BillikenGooner

    So who are people’s picks for the Final Four… err.. don’t want to get sued by the NCAA… for the semi’s?

    My head says:

    Uruguay v Brazil and Argentina v Spain

    Heart says:

    U.S.A. v Netherlands and Germany v … ugh… hard to pick from those 4… I guess Portugal.

  39. BillikenGooner


    I liked Portugal back in the Figo days. CR kind of makes it hard for me to want them to do too well. F__ Spaelona.

    Is it bad that I’m so sick of Brazil doing well, that I just want them out a.s.a.p.?
    Give us someone new for a change.

  40. zeus

    No its not Billie. Chile could do them, but with so many useles yellow cards just now it makes matters a bit tricky.

    Brazil always seem to do well without really being very good.

    Its ahrd to say tey don’t deserve it, cuz you don’t win any tournie by accident, I just don’t think they deserve it though. heh.

    They are WELL DRILLED though. Solid at the back, with individual moments of brilliance fom Maicon, Kaka, Alves, Robinho to get them out of jail. All while playing somewhat boring football.

    Someone just do them, PLEASE.

  41. Sami

    hi,I have been a reader of legrove for quite some time I just want to say that I live in Lebanon and wenger was on al-jazeera sport and when they asked him about cesc’s future he did not answer and said that that he(wenger)is going to it is obvious that cesc is leaving or else wenger would have said something about it

  42. KM

    Thank god Chile are through! For me they are the most fearless & explosive team who play gr8 attacking football.They were all over Spain in the 1st 25mins,however although they lack the quality that Spain possess their swashbuckling style is breathtaking – particularly their quick combination with gr8 wingplay.I thought Spain looked too one-paced without Navas,that is their biggest flaw imo,they try to fit their best players in the team (like Holland & England) rather than gel the best team (like Brazil & Germany). I’m happy that the Swiss are out because i dnt want to watch defensive football,its fucking awful! A player who is getting better & better with each viewing is the right winger Alexis Sanchez – he is DYNAMITE! He’s quick,strong & harrasses the opposition for the ball,a gr8 dribbler and imo he’s got more talent and potential than Walcott who doesn’t know what to do in tight spaces or against a full back who reads him. Wenger once said that he’d buy a player if he was better than the option he had.Sanchez is miles ahead of Walcott and in 2yrs will be light yrs ahead of him. I would love to see this lad playing for Arsenal nxt season! 😉

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    Blimey, I see The Kaiser is retreating from his earlier gaff. Old Franzie has gifted England some proper amo to fire back @ the Krauts. The Kaiser may be one big sour Kraut if England dump his mob out of the comp 😆

    Ok Chippy, this relates to your 1st post 😆 Phuck, you’ve gotta love the Poms 😎

  44. ethangunner

    jay your gonna have to stop getting half cut on the weekends 🙂

    or should i say stop getting shit faced and end up on Le grove ..

    dont you know any nice brothels ?