Song going for a Song, Babel on the radar and Nikki B get’s the boot, just not the one he wanted!

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Well, well, well, at last an offer for Alex Song, Galatasaray have come in with a £4million bid, I have always maintained that you can always see what a player is worth with who out there wants him, and what they want him for.

Now Barca coming in for Cesc at £29million is as silly a bid as I have ever seen, but for Galatasaray to bid £4million for Alex Song is that as silly? And if it is, that shows quite a gulf between the worth of those two players in the silly bid transfer market.

There’s no chance of Wenger selling Song Frank, but then there was no way I saw Wenger selling Cesc, so watch this space.

Babel wants out of Liverpool and we need a winger, is he good enough? I know a number of you think he’s rubbish, but so was Henry when he was at Juve, maybe Wenger could turn him into a player, I wouldn’t be upset, but I also wouldn’t be thrilled, but based on recent Wenger signings, he would almost be considered a Galactico.

So he won’t be coming!

I would also have Phil Jagielka from Everton, he is premiership quality and he would slot in nicely alongside Djourou or Vermaelen, regardless of what foot he kicks with, we seem to be obsessed with having too many left footed players, what difference does that make anyway, when most of our team has always been right footed.

Jagielka can also play as a defensive midfielder but is only 5’11” and I would like a big player in there for crosses, but if he’s all that’s on offer, I would prefer him to someone I haven’t seen, and maybe Wenger sees him as a DM.

Finally Nikki B didn’t get the golden boot, he and his mates got the ordinary boot, as a result he comes home early and should be fit for pre season training, Italy out as well, it would make my day if Spain got beaten by Chile, then the Cesc issue can finally be sorted.

Enjoy the games today Grovers, it will soon all be over and we’ll get our lives back. I know, abit BP’ish but it is the way I feel!

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  1. jaygooner

    Galatasaray bidding 4 million for Song is a bit like Portsmouth snatching Joe Cole on a free. Total fantasy innit? The valuation is laughable and so was my analogy lol. Btw I am not slagging pompey, I spent two years there the fans are great fun and I am genuinely sad about what twitchy did to them.

  2. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Arsenal Tom says:
    June 25, 2010 at 12:24
    sabeel. LOL… what when they are both having a bad day!? denilson time!

    U OUTDID me too..well done A.Tom 😉

    in that way we have 3 way,where 3 people take there turn /cycles to give us there timely good performance out of there inconsistency performance…

  3. Stu

    Arshavin is too old to make captain anyway. He doesnt have arsenal in his heart and chances are that he will be sold after he passes 30. We need to pick a captain that will be here for the majority of the rest of his career.

  4. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    HTF is arsenal’s performance against madrid our best defensive performance of recent times.. Apparently 4 of our top 5 defensive performances have come under wenger 😆 Arsene tow the line mugs

    Surely it was against parma in the cup winner cup final, by a mile!

  5. incesc

    i wouldnt be upset if rvp got the armband and to see him lift the premiership would be amazing, after all the frustration, he has gone through it all with us…

    but at the same time its more of the same imo…

  6. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’m not jumping on the vermaelen for captain bandwagon.. been here 1 season and it would royally fuck off van persie and clichy (who are the more obvious candidates)

  7. Stu

    Exactly QoS, a striker off his game isnt a big deal but as captain it woulde affect the whole team because forwards are pretty much usually selfish individuals.

    A centre back would fuck a midfielder out of it if they werent pulling their weight because it would affect their ability to defend as a team.

  8. Brian

    the world cup is starting to get better. history has been made! the winners and runners up of the previous world cup have not made it to the second round! waiting for more casualties and more history. Italy made portsmouth look like gods! ( i like portsmouth- they have gr8 players like Boateng)

  9. incesc

    give rvp the armband, he get injured so almunia gets it.

    theres no leadership on the pitch…

    arsh looks uninterested as he out of position and fans are abusing him…


    denilson gets more games then anyone else, cesc wins the champions league at barce…


  10. jaygooner

    Did Cesc Fabgregas move to Barca in the last hour? Total conjecture, Arshavin couldnt captain the youth team, RVP is a gooner, but the Captain WHEN cesc leaves will either be Vermaelen or Ramsey. In my opinion.

  11. chippy

    Power to The People 🙂

    Cannot beleive im actualy looking forward to an England game !! Nothing like a game against the old enemy to get the juices flowing they always remind me of us against the Yids, Good versus Evil and all that 🙂

  12. kirby

    bendtner was poor yesterday keown made a good point saying his career is gonna pass him by.

    I don’t agree with all the people who think bendtner will make it with us and I believe next season will be his last with us…

  13. Pedro

    Chippy… I’m feeling pretty patriotic at the moment… total agression towards anyone who questions my country… how wrong is that?! haha!

  14. chippy

    No point giving it to Clichy he will be off in a season or two, Id probably go with TV as i dont like forwards as captains its got to be a defender or centre mid in my view,

  15. Pedro

    Ballague reckons we’ll beat a very average, slow German side.

    I love that guy more than QoS loves John Cross.

  16. Pedro

    Yellow Card Gooby… no one likes to read about someone going to the beach when they’re stuck in the office.

  17. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I remember Martin Keown’s

    “The centre half has had bendtner on toast all game”


    bendtner really needs to shut the **** up, get his head down and have a seaon with 18g 10ass before he comes out with anymore “top goalscorer at the wc” “best striker in the world” talk

    I Like him, but he makes himself look a right mug sometimes

  18. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    If we keep ozil quiet and stop balls into the box from lahm and podolski for Klose, the germans really don’t offer any threat whatsoever…

  19. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I agree with Pedro…since morning i am in a Review-meeting longer than that epic Isner-Mahut wimbledon match..

    But as i said,i will treat myself to a heavenly deadly chocalate ice-cream If spain crash out..waiting 4 dat..

  20. chippy

    I know mate strange isnt it 🙂 Its the old Island race in us all,
    For all the shit that happens here its still not a bad place to live and after getting rid of that one eyed scottish prick things may even start looking up lol,

    Reckon the thought of a sunday afternoon spent getting drunk whilst watching football also helps the mood, I always need an excuse for Sunday drinking and my lovely countrys now given me one 😉

  21. kirby

    yeah I agree robin, their is confidence and then there is making yourself look stupid. many people love that about bendtner but I don’t because he doesn’t back up anything he says.

  22. incesc

    lets do the good old english premier league trick and smash ozils leg to peices in the first ten minutes. the say whoever did it isnt like that…

  23. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Rooney has got to turn up at some point, Lampard’s due a good game aswell..

    TBH I think we’re going to give zee germans a world of hurt

  24. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    If anyone works in the central london area they have these godiva chocolate ice cream shakes things on regents st.. OMG!!!! YUMMY!

  25. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    incesc – You’d think we’d become a little sick of morrison food and would at least pop into waitrose or the very least sainburys to make some purchases, wouldn’t you?

  26. jaygooner

    If England somehow manage to beat Germany, I will cycle to the moon. Sorry guys but England are not good enough. Yeah they managed to trounce pre tournament favourites Slovenia by a huge score of a goal to nil, but they are up against a decent team now.

  27. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    who doesn’t like chocolate?

    Even diabetics, weird vegans and gym freaks love it 😉

  28. Pedro

    Chippy, spot on there. People slag off England, but it’s a great place to be.

    The conservatives are doing well so far and long may that continue. A family creaming £104k’s worth of benefit to live in Mayfair… what a bunch of cunts Labour were.

    The football team will lift the spirits of the country despite a harsh budget!

    Doesn’t it make you laugh… the middle classes take the biggest hit, yet it’s the benefit seekers and the public sector workers (who think they deserve pay rises despite public sector workers getting freezes and reducdancies) who are doing all the bitching.

    VAT a tax on the poor? Give me a fucking break…

  29. Pedro

    Incesc, someone from the Kiwi Island mailed me in and said he knows a bunch of them and they’re not good enough for the Prem… they’ve just had a great tourno.

    Pretty honest…

  30. incesc

    if hes a 12 foot maori with tatoos all over his face, id buy him to play blackburn away…

    just to stand infront of big sam

  31. Queen of Suburbia

    Don’t usually get into the politics side of this site, but totally agree with Pedro on the VAT issue. VAT is a sales tax, you pay what you can afford to spend. Rich people pay more because they spend more, the poor pay less because they spend less. It puts the choice back in the hands of the individual.

    Don’t want to pay as much tax? Don’t spend as much then.

    If anything its a much fairer tax.

  32. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Dunno about the conservatives and the budget pedro..

    Any1 working/middle class without equity in property gets shafted with the 20% VAT rate…

    The rich have got away with it again under the tories and they haven’t smashed up the benefit system to get lazy fuckers into work nor have they initially done anything to cap the overflow of illegal immigrants either..

    Then theres the public transport costs rising, booze and fags are crack prices and having to work until 70 y/o is outrageous.. Most people don’t even live till 70!

    Not impressed so far..

  33. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Why has Arsene said there’s nothing happening with sol campbell’s contract?

    WE all know he’ll atke a 2 yr deal at celtic..

  34. Pedro

    Well said QoS

    Food and kids clothes aren’t VAT’d… that’s fair.

    If you’re that poor that another 2.5% is going to affect your purchase, maybe you should be thinking about whether you should be purchasing that said product in the first place.

    The whole country should share in the pain. The finance guys sold the mortgages that collapsed the systems… but at the same time, someone bought those mortgages knowing they’d struggle to pay them back. Greed from both sides…

  35. Pedro

    Robin, they’re means testing 3 million, capping housing benefit over 3 years and they’re making a £6billion saving out of it… I don’t think they could have smashed it up over night…

    The super rich are still on the 50% tax rate and the fact of the matter is that the rich are wealth makers… without them, we’d have no private jobs. So it’s a fine balance to strike.

    The banks are getting that additional tax in 2011 as well.

    As for the retiring at 70, well you can retire when you want… you’ve just got to make sure you can afford it.

    Ain’t nowt wrong with that…

  36. Pedro

    I reckon Police should be made to work longer. 50 or whatever it is so young to be retired… I think plenty of coppers would agree…

  37. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Cesc Fabregas has only played 24 minutes of Spain’s first two games in the World Cup so far but he has been using his down-time wisely – by arranging talks with Arsene Wenger, if reports are to be believed.

    Fabregas has apparently reiterated his desire to leave Arsenal to his manager, who is also in South Africa working as a pundit. He has told Wenger that the lure of Barcelona – and all the silverware he is likely to amass – is too strong.

    Barcelona are ready to up their bid to around £35m by the end of June, which will be when Sandro Rossell will be unveiled as the club’s new president.

    And there may be neutrals, stupefied by the way Fabregas’s will-he-won’t-he saga has dragged out over not one but three summers, who will say “just go”.

    Indeed, Arsenal fans may agree that £35m in the coffers when it is still early in the transfer window is not to be sniffed at.

    But Wenger is digging his heels in, which puts him in a difficult position. On one hand his captain has gone to him and told him he wants to leave, even though he has yet to put in a formal transfer request.

    On the other, he faces the prospect of his main man being either unhappy at staying or out of the club altogether, if the Gunners suits go above his head and take the money.

    There is of course the massive cash injection to consider, which Wenger surely will – but his previous sales of star players suggest he only moves men on if they are past their best, not up to his standards or deeply unhappy at the Emirates.

    Take Thierry Henry. His was another transfer story that ran and ran, with the eventual ending of him heading to the Nou Camp. At the time it was surprising, but his form at Barcelona has shown Wenger’s judgment to be right.

    Similarly with Patrick Vieira and his sale to Juventus. He had just won the Gunners an FA Cup, scoring the winning penalty in the shootout, yet Wenger was able to see the big picture and was confident he had seen the best of the Frenchman.

    Then there was Jose Antonio Reyes, who complained of homesickness and a bad relationship with some people at the club, before revealing to the Spanish press that he wanted to get out of London and return home.

    Wenger eventually saw that there was no point in keeping his star – and Reyes’ underwhelming career since has vindicated the manager’s decision in the long run.

    The only star man that Wenger has publicly expressed his regret in letting go was Nicolas Anelka. Sure, his £22.4m transfer fee – a record at the time – helped pay for the swanky London Colney training ground, but it is easy to see what the Gunners could have had, had he stayed on.

    Fabregas has clearly not peaked as Henry and Vieira had done, nor has he explicitly told Wenger he us unhappy at Arsenal, as Reyes and Anelka did. He has merely said he wants to push on in his career.

    It remains to be seen who will relent first – or whether the situation will deteriorate to the extent that Wenger will see losing the player and gaining £35m as preferable to having a resentful, unhappy player as captain.

    The only hope for fans if he does leave is that he turns out to be a Reyes, not an Anelka.

    They keep coming!

  38. Queen of Suburbia

    I read a very interesting wired article on the recession, essentially blaming the IT systems in place in the banks. Basically a sort of human compliance effect – if the computer lets you lend 125% mortages, you lend 125% mortgages.

  39. IvoryGoonz

    Hi Grovers.

    I think I wouldn’t mind Song leaving as long as an experienced international DM comes in.
    M’bia from Marseille maybe…

    But still, £4m is not enough for Song.

    Jagielka wouldn’t be a bad move, but don’t really think AW will go for it.
    I’d still prefer to see Vertonghen to rebuild his partnership with Vermaelen.

    As for the goalkeeper, maybe time to buy Buffon cheap…

    Finally finishe my week. Enjoy the weekend people.

  40. incesc

    police spend half their time round here making sure kids arent being naughty after school.

    make em work till 90!

  41. incesc

    Ivory goonz

    buffon is injured think we need someone to play right away through preseason and get used to the back 4.

  42. Man

    Portugal’s left back has been quite impressive

    Ghana’s holding player, Anan, pretty good too

    Like Honda, good lone striker or support striker but don’t think he is prolific enough

    Why is van der vaart playing instead of Eljiro?

    Slovenia’s goalie has impressed too

  43. incesc

    so eboue needs portugal to lose 4 – 0 while ivory coast win 5 – 0 or hes coming home.

    or something like that…

  44. Pedro

    Ivory, I’d take someone like Yaya and have Song as a centre back long term.

    I like Song, I just think I’d prefer a more dynamic player in the middle.

    Whose the Ghanaian DM who looked quite sharp?

  45. chippy


    Im with you on that im far from being well of but earn enough to pay the bills and have some small luxeries and i couldnt give a fuck about paying a tad more if it means future generations have some sort of future, The way we were going Greece would have looked a stable economy 🙂

    The British nation is unique in this respect. They are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst.

    Jay best get started as its quite a long journey 🙂

    Germany are not the Germany of old and are at a push a decent team as are England, Germany won as many group games as us and looked very very shaky at the back if Rooney finds any semblance of top form he will tear their back 4 to pieces,

  46. jaygooner

    spot on gambon. The banks speculate and gamble recklessly on a daily basis, and still do, knowing that their Government cronies, whichever Tory or Labour, will always bail them out and tax the fuck out of the population. We, the population, do nothing and why? Because too many of us believe the “pain is good” bullshit we get fed. A great comedian Bill Hicks pointed all this out years ago. I hate getting into political issues, cos nobody believes in true Socialism these days. Its an I’m alright Jack world grrrrrrr

  47. IvoryGoonz

    but is his injury serious?
    How long to recover?

    Who would you see in that role?
    If AW still sees potential in Fabianski and Mannone or Czesny (not sure on spelling), then it means a GK who won’t be bothered giving up on either CL, FA cup or Carling (or mix of them) to give them game time… Unless he sends them in loan…

  48. Pedro

    Jay, I understand what you’re saying… but when do the people take a bit of responsibility?

    Maybe running up £40k on my credit cards is dim, maybe taking a mortgage 6x my salary is short sighted, maybe I should only buy what I can afford?

    I admit the banks made it too easy… but as a nation, we can’t all be victims.

    It’s like listening to fat people blame McDonalds for their problems… it’s all about choice and taking responsibility.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    Oh, by the way, I read an article on a French news site quoting Chamakh saying he’d love Gourcuff to join him.
    And that wouldn’t be a bad move wether Cesc goes or not, especially now that Arsenal is linked with Lorient, the club coach being Yohan’s father.

  50. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Te problem with the jabulani ball is that is doesn’t curl in the air.. It’s so round it just goes in the direction where it’s hit with the boot..

  51. IvoryGoonz

    Incesc: they need actually 10 goal difference to qualify directly. If they end up Brazil winning 6-0 an CIV 3-0, then it’s a lucky draw to defines who goes home.

  52. jaygooner

    lol pedro I am certainly an artist (piss) act up a bit but I have always worked. So yeah, I am a proud Socialist, a Union man, I detest injustice and stick up for the underdog. Guess thats why I was one of the few who stuck up for Eboue last year. Keep smiling OOH TO BE A GOONER

  53. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Arsenal look set to lose Cesc Fabregas battle

    Jun 25 2010

    Cesc Fabregas has dropped another clear sign that he wants to quit Arsenal after claiming Barcelona is his real “home.”

    Fabregas has also admitted that Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola is his “idol” as the Spanish giants desperately try to sign the Arsenal captain this summer.

    Barcelona have had a £30m bid knocked back by Arsenal who insist they will not sell but the Spaniards are determined to get their man.

    Fabregas, talking to Spanish radio station ONA FM, said: “I won’t think about anything until after the World Cup.

    “Pep Guardiola was always my idol from when I was little. He played in my position and was an example to me.

    “It won’t be a problem if I return to Barcelona because Barca is my home. The people there are always sensational in the way they treat me.”

    The hacks and bloggers have done into overdrive today 😆

  54. IvoryGoonz

    Could see Song at the back actually already said it somewhere…

    For Ghana’s DM, would that be Kevin-Prince Boateng?

    I actually rate Andre Dede Ayew as well, still very young, Marseille’s youth team product, one of the sons of Abedi Pele… (Jordan his older brother is not bad either)

  55. Pedro

    Jay, next years underdog is going to be Carlos Vela and possible Mark Randall, I trust I’ll have your support?

  56. Stu

    Isnt Jagielka a bit small to be considered? We need height at the back.

    On the other hand he is versatile.Can play DM, CB and in goals.

  57. gambon

    Dont understand why we havent just signed Hangeland to play with TV, i think that’d be a very good partnership.

  58. jaygooner

    It amazes me that, correct me if I am mistaken, the Birmingham Mail (huge readership) is the source of this latest piece of rubbish connecting Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. What is going on? My best guess is that barcacuntulunya have realised that using their favoured media outlets are worried that the FA/UEFA/FIFA have spotted that there might be some tapping up going on lol.

  59. yawn

    Pedro, you really are a tory aren’t you. you had to rely on the libs to get into no.10. even after 13 years of a labour govt your mob still couldn’t get an overall majority. the poor have less disposable income so they spend all of what they earn and have none to save therefore they are taxed more. the middle classes earn more, have more disposable income therefore they don’t spend all what they earn. less tax more saved. i bet you read the daily mail too. the reason families on income support get thousands on housing benefit is because there is no buliding of council/low cost housing. something you can thank that witch thatcher for when she allowed council housing to be sold off. This is supposed to be an arsenal site but you can’t help yourself from bringing your right wing views into this domain.

  60. chippy

    Hangerland is to slow for the high line we play, He looks good for Fulham because they play to his strengths ie sit deep, I bet Senderos has a good season there next year as they defend quite like the Swiss,

  61. IvoryGoonz

    His brother Jordan Ayew is younger sorry, 2 years, just reached 18, and quite a phenomenon too, scored 5 goals in average per game during 203 games between 9 and 15 years old…
    Now 5 ft 11 1/2 in.
    Andre went on loan to Lorient, while Jordan’s first game for Marseille was against Lorient and he scored the equalizer, winning 2-1.

  62. IvoryGoonz

    @Robin: would be surprised if it’s a draw, colonialist against ex-colony… Got few Portuguese friends and knew few Brazilian girls, never liked each other…

  63. Pedro

    Yawn, I would say if you put a gun to my head, I’m a Tory.

    Overall though, the best outcome was the one we got. We’ve got the best of both worlds… a little bit capitalist and a little bit liberal.

    I also question your theory that the middle classes save more… what a load of rubbish! Hardly anyone saves in England, why would you? The interest rates are at virtually zero!

    Do you not think that there is something fundamentally wrong with a country with £104billion worth of welfare? Do you not think there is something wrong with a system that pays more for you to sit on your fat arse than work?

    I do… is that right wing or just logical? Keeping people in poverty shouldn’t be a policy which is what labour did. We need a country of doers who value achievement and hard work.

    For your infomation, I actually read the Independent… cheeky bastard…

  64. Pedro

    … and this is an Arsenal site, but I like talking about beer, Megan Fox, Politics and about England being world cup favourites.

  65. IvoryGoonz

    Come on Cote d’Ivoire!! 2-0. 8 more and you’ll have proven a point.
    You can do it!

    Didier Drogba la lala lalala
    Didier Drogba la lala

  66. chippy

    Cool thought as much as the word dive kept appearing 🙂

    Cheers for the Info got him in my dream team and he hasnt played as of yet !!

  67. ethangunner

    Pedro says:
    June 25, 2010 at 13:00

    Ethan, I hope this guy wasn’t your friend.
    nar,he is a friend of a jordy friend of mine ..
    never met him prior to kick off but he looked at me , all glazed lookin… like some serial killer phys-co (typical spud yob )

    but the bought 2 rounds so the cunt wasnt all bad 🙂

  68. ethangunner

    Pedro says:
    June 25, 2010 at 13:13

    Tell me about it QoS… that’s why I’m single…
    your single because you didnt come to Thailand !
    if you listened to me you would be married already with 2 children on the way 🙂

  69. Arsenal Tom

    randalls mullet is a even worse than his football no wonder he doesn’t get a look in with a barnet like that

  70. IvoryGoonz

    QoS: who would you see as GK?
    And care to post the link of that IT article? I’m a developer/programmer and admin, always annoyed by such nuisance, so quite interested in that topic…

  71. ardentgooner

    Inside news:

    Wenger buying Laurent too keep Lukasz Fabianski happy and stay for a longer time……. 😉

  72. IvoryGoonz

    So many more cards should have gone to Portugal, same as Japan.
    And the game is like over for CIV unless there are 6 more goals between them and Brazil.
    Good thing is all Arsenal players at the WC will be back home early to start the season 😉

  73. IvoryGoonz

    Really surprised that Brazil didn’t try to win it. Guess they want some more fun against each other in the final.

  74. BillikenGooner

    I bet the Dutch aren’t happy Portugal was content to play for the draw.
    Now there is a chance for the Netherlands, Brazil and Spain all in one corner of the bracket.

  75. BillikenGooner

    At least the group of matches, everyone is playing for something, so they should all be going for the win.

  76. Keyser

    Ronaldo’s free-kicks are usually shit with the odd extremly good one in there. He was trying to amke out the one that hit the corner flag was a cross.