Song going for a Song, Babel on the radar and Nikki B get’s the boot, just not the one he wanted!

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Well, well, well, at last an offer for Alex Song, Galatasaray have come in with a £4million bid, I have always maintained that you can always see what a player is worth with who out there wants him, and what they want him for.

Now Barca coming in for Cesc at £29million is as silly a bid as I have ever seen, but for Galatasaray to bid £4million for Alex Song is that as silly? And if it is, that shows quite a gulf between the worth of those two players in the silly bid transfer market.

There’s no chance of Wenger selling Song Frank, but then there was no way I saw Wenger selling Cesc, so watch this space.

Babel wants out of Liverpool and we need a winger, is he good enough? I know a number of you think he’s rubbish, but so was Henry when he was at Juve, maybe Wenger could turn him into a player, I wouldn’t be upset, but I also wouldn’t be thrilled, but based on recent Wenger signings, he would almost be considered a Galactico.

So he won’t be coming!

I would also have Phil Jagielka from Everton, he is premiership quality and he would slot in nicely alongside Djourou or Vermaelen, regardless of what foot he kicks with, we seem to be obsessed with having too many left footed players, what difference does that make anyway, when most of our team has always been right footed.

Jagielka can also play as a defensive midfielder but is only 5’11” and I would like a big player in there for crosses, but if he’s all that’s on offer, I would prefer him to someone I haven’t seen, and maybe Wenger sees him as a DM.

Finally Nikki B didn’t get the golden boot, he and his mates got the ordinary boot, as a result he comes home early and should be fit for pre season training, Italy out as well, it would make my day if Spain got beaten by Chile, then the Cesc issue can finally be sorted.

Enjoy the games today Grovers, it will soon all be over and we’ll get our lives back. I know, abit BP’ish but it is the way I feel!

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  1. ethangunner

    and are you sure song wasnt the interest of an Italian club ..

    4 000 000 lira sounds more like his worth 🙂

  2. ethangunner

    6- pac …

    your dreaming ..

    6 = sex or lack of ..

    P- PRICK
    C- Well we all know that one 🙂

  3. ethangunner

    Jay says:
    June 26, 2010 at 02:18

    not the ones i sit with in the pub !

  4. ethangunner

    no 6- pac not ….cute !

    you need to rotate the the ‘T’ and ‘E’

    then swap ‘E’ for a ‘N’ 🙂 then your close !

  5. ethangunner

    and Jay you illiterate fuck ,
    are you Irish ? or African,
    an indian tailor ? 🙂 ?

    well what ever the fuck you are..
    i bet you dont even have a team in the world cup so you can fuck off now 🙂

    and tell every other cunt they are shit when your country is so useless you obviously don’t even want to tell us !

    fuck off hypocrite ,
    get your own team in the WC..
    before you tell others they are shite !

  6. ethangunner

    sixx pac says:
    June 26, 2010 at 04:59

    Cesc will be better than Vieria. He is the most intelligent player i’ve seen since Bergkamp

    is that in all of your vast 4 years of knowledge ?

  7. David

    Really quite on here…how bout we talk about something new and different?

    How shite was Bendtner the other day?

    Useless clown! 😀

  8. David

    Cant Even Spell QUIET FFS!

    The Tap in Midfielder couldnt reconstruct his magic..although to be fair to him since he is a princess…the japs…(who were all half his height) did very well.

  9. A

    As do i nisanth….

    Schwarzer and Kosielny to be completed next week, Chamakh already signed, so we can spend the rest of the summer getting a second centre back, and maybe a DM too. Joe Cole would be a bonus addition

  10. nishanth

    I don’t think we will sign another DM. We need one though. Diaby is not good enough and i surprised that denilson is still at the club. Do you really think that Wenger will sign 5 players???

  11. A

    I dunno nisanth, we may sign a dm/cb, though jagielka is unlikely imo. Diaby isn’t a DM, but is certainly good enough imo, and Denilson is a good squad player….

    Would like another DM with a bit of physicality to provide cover both for Song, and at centre back.

    Generally no, but this year possibly, just because one is left over from last season in chamakh, and centre back signings are enforced because of players leaving

  12. MickyDidIt89

    My theory: Hodgson is a Gooner. Hodgson looks set for Anfield move. Might he do us a favour and flog Schwarzer and Hangerland to us.

  13. nishanth

    Whenever denilson has played he has struggled.How does that make him a good squad player?? Eastmond should be ahead of denilson. Diaby is okay but can he perform consistently?? Injury problems is another issue. I just hope that Ramsey can recover well from the injury.Ramsey is a far better player than Diaby.

  14. MickyDidIt89

    Joe Cole. What’s the point? We need a wide speed merchant. Someone to get a little chalk on his boots. I think Ramsey could become massive this season. Is JW going out on loan again?

  15. A

    That’s just not true nisanth.

    Sometimes he’s played well, occasionally he’s struggled, but people take players like Denilson’s worst game, and claim that that’s how they play every match.

    Diaby was good for 3/4 of the season, then tired towards the end. It was his first full season though, so having completed a full season hopefully he’ll be able to keep the levels of fitness up all next season and really kick on, although I’d like to see ramsey or lansbury rotating with him a bit to give him a breather.

    Eastmond is a weird one, I wonder what’ll happen with him. Might be good to get in another DM, so he can go on loan for a season. It’d do him good to play week in week out.

  16. A

    I dunno Micky, maybe just a straight swap with rosicky to make the home grown regulations more comfortable, and give us some more space in the squad.

    I’d say Vela and Theo provide us with enough pace….

    imo we don’t need anyone going forward, but I wouldn’t reject anyone

  17. MickyDidIt89

    A; last season fell apart when we lost RVP. I now we shipped goals at the other end, but I’m sure AW will tighten up in that department. What worries me is that when RVP gets injured again, we are placing alot of faith in Chamakh, although I happen to think he will be sensational, but it may take a year.

  18. A

    I dunno about that micky. I’d say that it fell apart when we lost gallas more than vp.

    Losing vp AND bendtner for long periods at the same time was ridiculously unlucky, and now we’ve got a third option there with chamakh, we really should be ok.

  19. MickyDidIt89

    A: who would be your first choice DM? Then, who do you think AW would likely sign if he was to get a DM?
    Personally, I don’t think he will sign anyone there. It will be GK, CB, Chamakh and looks like Cole.

  20. Rohan

    I think we’ll get Koscielny and someone who can play both CB and DM.. Vertonghen anyone???

    I’m not that keen on Schwarzer tbh but then again I thought Jermaine Pennant would be the next Maradona. 😀

  21. A

    Micky Song of course, he’s one of the top DMs in the league now, and there are very few I’d swap him for.

    Unless we could sign a yaya of course….

    No idea who to be fair, maybe a young one from France, a sissoko or someone like that

    I dunno, if Wenger does feel like Song will end up as a centre back then I could see someone coming in there, so that Song can provide cover as the 4th centre back.

    Unless he thinks Nodrveit or Bartley are up for it then we’ll definitely sign a second CB, as there’s no way he’d go into the season with three centre backs, or four with Sol and JD two of them

  22. MickyDidIt89

    A: don’t get me wrong, I would never get rid of Song, as I think he will only go on improving. Toulalan, I think can do both jobs, CB and DM, so he would be very typical Wenger signing.

  23. MickyDidIt89

    Rohan: as for Vertongen, I would practically sign him on the strength of his name. V & V at the back! Don’t know anything about him, although heard some good reports.

  24. Gooby

    wenger is signing koscienly, djourou, bartley and norveit are like new signings.

    it is gallas, sivestre, cambell, sendy out and those above in.

    he ont disturb the balance too much