Schwarzer to shore us up at the back agreed, but who is Kosienlny?

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I’ve been without an internet connection for a few days Grovers, Spain is such a third world country, one provider for broadband internet, so they do what they want. And they think they can afford our captain, this country is more in the shit that Greece.

Anyway I have been keeping track and reading all Pedro’s posts, so well done for holding the fort!

It looks like Wenger finally has his man in Mark Schwarzer, so I’m also guessing that means the end of Almunia, I really can’t see the point in keeping him, it would be too awkward and absolutely pointless, then he’ll let Fabianski and Chezza fight it out as to who succeeds the 37 year old. That’s good business, if it happens.

I still think we need a big stopper at the back, I would prefer one with EPL experience but I am struggling to get my head round Laurent Kosienlny, I have never seen him, he’s had one good year in a lower league in a team that finished 7th, has this got Pascal Cygan written all over it?

Let’s not kid ourselves the manager has been tracking him for years, he hasn’t, and please don’t say Vermaelen was an unknown, he wasn’t, he was captain of Ajax and he was an international, so he was known, in fact a few people have been coming onto Le Grove claiming we were slagging of the signing of Vermaelen last year. Blog geeks love to make stuff up, I’m waiting for someone to come on and say that we never supported Nik B…or Theo, anyway, here are some snippets about what we said about our Tommy last year.

‘Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need’

June 25th

‘Signing Melo and Vermaelen is a shrewd move as they are older and better than what we currently have, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, we need to keep either Gallas or Kolo’

June 23rd

‘Everything I have seen of Thomas Vermaelen reminds me of Martin Keown and if he turns out to be half the man Keown was then we have done a great bit of business.’

June 20th

Okay, well on that note I’m mostly resting my case on him, but my point about the Lorient defender isn’t whether he’s a great player, it’s that he is a massive risk considering the relative inexperience of Vermaelen in the EPL. I think we should be playing the Belgian next to a battle hardened centre back he can learn from. And a big bugger like Campbell that will knock people over and win the ball in the air, getting the nod from a Grimandi special doesn’t seem enough for me.

I also think we have too many French players.

Just my opinion of course and I’ll happily eat humble pie if he forms the centre back pairing of the century next season!

Well we won last night but Rooney was still rubbish, he really is so over rated, missed a sitter and doesn’t run after the ball. Good finish by Defoe though, and yes I cheered! Don’t forget though, it was only Slovenia, which only has a third of the population of London, the USA won the group (how embarrassing) and next up are the Krauts, so don’t get too carried away.

It won’t be long before the world cup is over and we can get back to being a football team blog again, I think Cesc will stay, but I really don’t want him to stay for one more year with a bumper pay rise, that would be a massive piss take, we did that with Henry and we did it with Ade, all it made us do with Ade was to hate him, don’t do that with Cesc Arsene, sell him for a shed load or keep him, no compromise, that would be weak.

Have a great day Grovers, the sun is shining and we have no injuries!

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  1. charliegeorge

    Not the point BBK. How can you be taken seriously when you can’t even be contacted? He’s there to impart his bullshit, bullshit about a bullshit French team. And that bullshit French team consisted of some of his players; players who he thought “lacked quality.” And people have the temerity to say that no team has signed any players during this World Cup, so why don’t we take a chill pill. Tossers! YaYa Toure for one, you muppets! Cole’s been linked to at least three clubs, Fabregas is desperate to go home and Barca are desperate to get him. Arsenal just chase the dregs, as per fucking usual.

  2. kelsey

    Generally the Europeans have underperformed,and at this moment of time the South Americans hold the upper hand.

    Most impressed with Honda from CSK Moscow.Could well be in demand in the PL.

    Bedntner is still carrying a groin strain, missed a substantial amount of training, so it might be a blessing in disguise that Denmark are out, and one can’t argue that on the night they were second best.

  3. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    U have only urself to blame for Bendys Ouster and bad performance..

    it is your extra Bendy praise curse(like commentators curse)which resulted in poor bendys ouster..
    (in Hindi…Tumney Usko Nazar laga dee 😉 )

  4. MickyDidIt89

    Morning Gnarley: saw you “Fat Duck” comment. Smiley Face. Could have been wasted on here. They are KFC/Submarine munchers!

  5. MickyDidIt89

    Not at all sure why we need to spend big wages on Joe Cole. Mind you, so long as we plug the big gaps as well, then I suppose no harm done. Hangerland and Shwarzer would make sense as they have an understanding already. Madness to let Sol go. Other day Pedro said that we are 4 out and 4 in. I would argue that Merida, Silvestre and Al out makes no difference. Out of all on show at WC, it is Alonso who would make the biggest difference to us imo. So someone as close as poss.
    Rushing this morning, as have so much work to get done everyday, and need to be finished by 3 pm!

  6. MickyDidIt89

    Also, counting on RVP as our only proven striker looks mighty risky. Hoping like hell Chamakh turns out to be TH2.

  7. MickyDidIt89

    Chile to beat Spain tonight? Why not. Switzerland to win also, and Spain go home. Simply cannot wait to beat the Germans.

  8. MickyDidIt89

    My line up for next season

    Sag Hangerland Verm Clichy
    ……Song Alonso(or nearest)
    ..Hazard Chamakh AA

    Based on RVP injured!

  9. ethangunner

    dont worry 6- pac i hold the record !

    the women were looser in the late 80s-90s’

    Rohan says:
    June 25, 2010 at 06:05

    A gent doesn’t kiss and tell.
    your 17 get a grip ! ….

  10. Jaguar

    Yet again,we are linked with shit players like Schwarzer and Rob Green.Wenger might be delighted that they had bad matches so that he can spend less to save his bonuses.

  11. Jaguar

    Yawn,I read that article,and it reminded me of your screen name.What crap?
    Denilson=Diaby=Shit.They can fuck off to some shit French club,where they belong to.