Schwarzer to shore us up at the back agreed, but who is Kosienlny?

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I’ve been without an internet connection for a few days Grovers, Spain is such a third world country, one provider for broadband internet, so they do what they want. And they think they can afford our captain, this country is more in the shit that Greece.

Anyway I have been keeping track and reading all Pedro’s posts, so well done for holding the fort!

It looks like Wenger finally has his man in Mark Schwarzer, so I’m also guessing that means the end of Almunia, I really can’t see the point in keeping him, it would be too awkward and absolutely pointless, then he’ll let Fabianski and Chezza fight it out as to who succeeds the 37 year old. That’s good business, if it happens.

I still think we need a big stopper at the back, I would prefer one with EPL experience but I am struggling to get my head round Laurent Kosienlny, I have never seen him, he’s had one good year in a lower league in a team that finished 7th, has this got Pascal Cygan written all over it?

Let’s not kid ourselves the manager has been tracking him for years, he hasn’t, and please don’t say Vermaelen was an unknown, he wasn’t, he was captain of Ajax and he was an international, so he was known, in fact a few people have been coming onto Le Grove claiming we were slagging of the signing of Vermaelen last year. Blog geeks love to make stuff up, I’m waiting for someone to come on and say that we never supported Nik B…or Theo, anyway, here are some snippets about what we said about our Tommy last year.

‘Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need’

June 25th

‘Signing Melo and Vermaelen is a shrewd move as they are older and better than what we currently have, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, we need to keep either Gallas or Kolo’

June 23rd

‘Everything I have seen of Thomas Vermaelen reminds me of Martin Keown and if he turns out to be half the man Keown was then we have done a great bit of business.’

June 20th

Okay, well on that note I’m mostly resting my case on him, but my point about the Lorient defender isn’t whether he’s a great player, it’s that he is a massive risk considering the relative inexperience of Vermaelen in the EPL. I think we should be playing the Belgian next to a battle hardened centre back he can learn from. And a big bugger like Campbell that will knock people over and win the ball in the air, getting the nod from a Grimandi special doesn’t seem enough for me.

I also think we have too many French players.

Just my opinion of course and I’ll happily eat humble pie if he forms the centre back pairing of the century next season!

Well we won last night but Rooney was still rubbish, he really is so over rated, missed a sitter and doesn’t run after the ball. Good finish by Defoe though, and yes I cheered! Don’t forget though, it was only Slovenia, which only has a third of the population of London, the USA won the group (how embarrassing) and next up are the Krauts, so don’t get too carried away.

It won’t be long before the world cup is over and we can get back to being a football team blog again, I think Cesc will stay, but I really don’t want him to stay for one more year with a bumper pay rise, that would be a massive piss take, we did that with Henry and we did it with Ade, all it made us do with Ade was to hate him, don’t do that with Cesc Arsene, sell him for a shed load or keep him, no compromise, that would be weak.

Have a great day Grovers, the sun is shining and we have no injuries!

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  1. zeus


    Hell no.

    Especially with a young defence which will seem to be TV5 and Koscielny both 24, relatively young.

    We need LOTS of experience between the sticks. Sebastien Frey may be a fatty but thats what diets are for.

  2. JamaicanGunner

    lol @ zeus. So you are comfortable with Schwarzer between the sticks?

    All least he has some good experience in top flight football.

    Tell me this, who would you rather in goal Schwarzer, Green or Hart?

    I know its just a games but in Football Manager, I have Neur

    Strikers – RVP, Rooney(last yr in contract worth 7mil), Dzeko ….

  3. A

    I’d have Schwarzer over all three of those Jamaican.

    Neuer I don’t know enough about, and no idea how he’d adapt to the prem

  4. JamaicanGunner


    Well, I see that boss has got his wish for Schwarzer. Im wondering how the folks at Fulham are talking it.

    Joe Cole

    So what who is your preferred choice for DM?

    I think it full time Couquelin gets a promotion to the first time, do u agree?

  5. Rohan

    This tennis game is just fucking ridiculous. Surely they’re doing it on purpose. They’re now placing bets on it reaching 100 games all.

  6. Pedro

    Schwarzer works for me… he’s a quality keeper, he’ll hold the fort for 2 years, then Chezzers will step up.

    Done and dusted.

  7. A

    He’s not ready yet Jamaican, and has just signed on with Lorient for a year on loan.

    Song is a quality DM, although I would prefer better back up for him, and I’d like another centre back on top of Koscielny….

    You missed out chamakh from the ins

  8. Pedro

    Jamaican… the last thing we need is Coquelin in the middle!

    He was diabolical when he played last year… well off what is needed.

  9. A

    I’d call that a massive exageration pedro, diabolical!?

    he was nervous at right back, but he’s still a massive prospect.

    After a year in ligue 1 he could come back a quality player

  10. KM


    Slovakia on fire!

    thats a gr8 achievement for a small nation like Slovakia to beat the world cup holders!

  11. Pedro

    A, you think Joe Hart and Fabianski are on the same level… talking to me about exaggerations? How bloody dare you!

    He was absolutely shite when he played!

    I can’t remember the game, but I remember writing about it.

    He should not be anywhere near our first team next year.

  12. JamaicanGunner


    Well at least the boss has the keeper he wants, I wonder how the folks at Fulham are taking it?

    We just need a DM of steele

  13. JamaicanGunner

    I think justice was served here today. Does anyone remember when the Italian forward dive against Australia in Germany and they went on to win the World Cup. Now they are going home, can never forgive them for that.

  14. eastcamp

    Results like Slovakia-Italy prove it’s not the big names that count but the right mentality, team spirit, strategy, balance, etc.. !!!

  15. Gooner

    ”Results like Slovakia-Italy prove it’s not the big names that count but the right mentality, team spirit, strategy, balance, etc.. !!!”

    Which is exactly why zee GERMANS will win on Sunday

  16. Pedro

    Gooner, the world wants to see England lose… which is why we won’t… I can’t wait to rub everyone’s nose in it when we do them!

  17. Tariq

    France and Italy were both finalists in 2006 and this year both of them are eliminated and last in their groups!

  18. Gooner

    I have had money on Germany finishing higher than England at this world cup from before the tournament began. Correct me if Im wrong, but the only time England finished above the Germans in the world cup was when we beat them in the Final in ’66

  19. BillikenGooner

    So far one half of the draw has:

    S. Korea
    and now Slovakia

    If Portugal can beat Brazil, everyone’s new favorites, the Dutch, could have a clear path to the Finals.

  20. incesc

    Took them 10 hours but that never ending tennis game is over.

    Isner wins a 70-68 tie break.


  21. A

    Pedro it was at right back though, and he was very nervous early on, was the stoke game i’m pretty sure.

    fabianski to go on loan next season and he’ll prove he’s as good as hart….

  22. Jay20h

    Well done to the Slovakians! Italy are a poor side.

    Think that Iaquinta is shocking, along with di natale. Dont know why he didnt put on Cameronesi.


  23. Rohan

    I’m going to put money on England winning on penalties. It has to happen at some point doesn’t it?? 😀

  24. incesc

    what good would a loan move do for fabianski, he needs to be sold asap.

    he is the worst keeper to ever play in the premier league.

  25. Pedro

    A, I’m not saying he’s a crap player and that’s it… all I’m saying is he’s not ready to take over the holding midfield role.

    I’m sure he’ll be a superb player in a couple of years.

  26. A

    lol incesc

    I agree entirely Pedro, nowhere near good enough to play as our dm yet. Hopefully he’ll really bulk up and improve at lorient, and star in the u19s

  27. gambon


    I know a fair bit about the game, for example I would never claim that Denilson is better than Xabi Alonso…

  28. A

    lol, neither would i gambon.

    you can’t have watched a great deal of football if you genuinly believe fabianski to be the worst keeper even in the prem, let alone at other levels, although football fans do love some great exageration

  29. leon

    alot fans think fabianki should sold i dont agree although he not yet ready to be numbe2 1 keeper at 25 i would to keen to give up on him yet i think wenger has alot very young keepers and the fact he has gone for very experienced fulham keeper tells he not willing give up his keepers at all.hopefully what will happen manone goes out on loan almunia is pushed down number 2 and fabianki 3 or goes out on loan because i think almunia is a very good number 2

  30. incesc

    beckenbauer is a dickhead

    germany are shit, england are unbeaten this world cup and will still be on monday morning


  31. Mayank

    Sorry A went off to see the match. Turned out to be a cracker!

    So we’re well in the requirements. Good to see. Wonder if the Joe Cole signing has been for this reason.

    Incesc, the HG rule is not to promote English youth it’s to promote clubs to develop youth. To promote English youth would be against the Euro trade laws right?

    The USA beat France in a test match. LOL.

  32. Mayank

    Pedro how can you expect non-English Arsenal fans to root for England when most English Arsenal fans aren’t able to.

  33. Mayank

    We’ve always known he wants to go back home he’s always said that. But officially asking it is very dis-respectful.

  34. Cayndeh

    I think fabianski should go out on loan to a bottom of the premier league table club given a season to prove his worth. new keeper as number 1. Almunia can stay as back up or we sell and let chesney or vito play no 2 and get a little top flight experience. Vito looked better than fab or al when he was covering (he made mistakes but so did the others)

  35. leon

    i see joe cole and risicky is very similer players both have had alot injury problems but both in my very classy players i still think this team could with all out winger but maybe he intends to use velalot more this comming season. i think wenger is still holding hopes to keeping solewhich why he has not signed another defender,if he sole does decide to move on i thinkwenger will going a very experienced utility player.Koscielny isnot a rookie by any means at 24 and looks to be top signing.

  36. Mayank

    Sam, England have the better team on paper. Much better. If they can get their act together they can win by a good margin.

  37. Pedro

    Mayank, did I say I wanted all you bastard foreigners to root for the greatest country on earth?


    Is this Hamsik the guy people have been banging on about on here?

    Can we write off Chiellini now?

  38. Pedro

    Sam, it’s not an insult on English people, it’s an insult on Arsenal.

    We don’t have any English players… why would you like Chavs, spuds and Mancs?

  39. Pedro

    Alex, I don’t think Nik B will ever be a 30 goal a season striker. He’ll be a 17 goal / 10 assists type if he peaks…

    I maybe wrong though…

  40. Gooby

    bendy defo has sense for the goal, he has better goal ratio than RvP, somebody came up with the stats on le grove. he has awesome stats and i believe he can be a great goal scorer

  41. Stu

    Pedro, far be it for me to question your wisdom but Bendtner is a 17goal/10 assist kind of sriker right now. At his peak he will be a 25 goals 20 assists kind of striker 😉

  42. Pedro

    Stu, he doesn’t get 10 assists…

    I don’t see his goals ever going higher than 17ish… I thought in his best year he got 15?

    Don’t talk to me about Bendtner love… I started this whole thing years ago…

    It’s the music equivalent of Rohan telling me he’s discovered an unknown band called Snow Patrol

  43. Stu

    Ah digital TV, is that what its called Pedro?

    Its not fair though, i used to have all the channels, now all i have is shit cable. SO now i have the denmark match on rte and bbc just because thats the most important match! CNUT!

    And Bendtner is defo a 17/10 striker now imo. He missed a good chunk of the season and when he played through the middle he comfortable got more than 10 goals and with a full season he would have easily gotten 10 assists.
    You cant claim to start his following and not know how good he is. 😯

  44. Pedro

    Stu, I’ve moved on from Nik… he was so last years charity case, I’m shortlisting next years candidate… I was thinking about Randall?

  45. Stu

    Dont you bloody dare Pedro! If you start a randall love in then i fear for your mental state (and safety). You will have lost it.

  46. Pedro

    Sorenson is now off the keeper list… what a shocking effort he made at keeping Honda’s freekick out…

  47. Stu

    There are keepers out there who havent made mistakes…yet. I wont name them because that seems to be a curse on the keepers.