Schwarzer to shore us up at the back agreed, but who is Kosienlny?

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I’ve been without an internet connection for a few days Grovers, Spain is such a third world country, one provider for broadband internet, so they do what they want. And they think they can afford our captain, this country is more in the shit that Greece.

Anyway I have been keeping track and reading all Pedro’s posts, so well done for holding the fort!

It looks like Wenger finally has his man in Mark Schwarzer, so I’m also guessing that means the end of Almunia, I really can’t see the point in keeping him, it would be too awkward and absolutely pointless, then he’ll let Fabianski and Chezza fight it out as to who succeeds the 37 year old. That’s good business, if it happens.

I still think we need a big stopper at the back, I would prefer one with EPL experience but I am struggling to get my head round Laurent Kosienlny, I have never seen him, he’s had one good year in a lower league in a team that finished 7th, has this got Pascal Cygan written all over it?

Let’s not kid ourselves the manager has been tracking him for years, he hasn’t, and please don’t say Vermaelen was an unknown, he wasn’t, he was captain of Ajax and he was an international, so he was known, in fact a few people have been coming onto Le Grove claiming we were slagging of the signing of Vermaelen last year. Blog geeks love to make stuff up, I’m waiting for someone to come on and say that we never supported Nik B…or Theo, anyway, here are some snippets about what we said about our Tommy last year.

‘Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need’

June 25th

‘Signing Melo and Vermaelen is a shrewd move as they are older and better than what we currently have, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, we need to keep either Gallas or Kolo’

June 23rd

‘Everything I have seen of Thomas Vermaelen reminds me of Martin Keown and if he turns out to be half the man Keown was then we have done a great bit of business.’

June 20th

Okay, well on that note I’m mostly resting my case on him, but my point about the Lorient defender isn’t whether he’s a great player, it’s that he is a massive risk considering the relative inexperience of Vermaelen in the EPL. I think we should be playing the Belgian next to a battle hardened centre back he can learn from. And a big bugger like Campbell that will knock people over and win the ball in the air, getting the nod from a Grimandi special doesn’t seem enough for me.

I also think we have too many French players.

Just my opinion of course and I’ll happily eat humble pie if he forms the centre back pairing of the century next season!

Well we won last night but Rooney was still rubbish, he really is so over rated, missed a sitter and doesn’t run after the ball. Good finish by Defoe though, and yes I cheered! Don’t forget though, it was only Slovenia, which only has a third of the population of London, the USA won the group (how embarrassing) and next up are the Krauts, so don’t get too carried away.

It won’t be long before the world cup is over and we can get back to being a football team blog again, I think Cesc will stay, but I really don’t want him to stay for one more year with a bumper pay rise, that would be a massive piss take, we did that with Henry and we did it with Ade, all it made us do with Ade was to hate him, don’t do that with Cesc Arsene, sell him for a shed load or keep him, no compromise, that would be weak.

Have a great day Grovers, the sun is shining and we have no injuries!

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  1. sol

    I live in Valencia, and can name ONO, TELEFONICA, TELETEC, MOVISTAR and VODAFONE as internet providers. Not exactly one is it???

    Agreed on Koscielny… Although it would be bearable if we also got Jagielka or Vertonghen.

  2. telarse

    Morning G-man et al (not the waiter!)
    In my capacity as an Irihh type person I beg that you advise Pedro in the correct use of the term “crack” or, as it is correctly spelt (and looks cooler when used), “craic”.
    One doesn’t have “a great crack/craic” one has “great crack/craic”.
    Here endeth the lesson.

    PS I thought Green was a done deal!

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    I know you cant judge a player quickly but schwarzer made some bad gaffs yesterday. I think I’d still favour Lloris.

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    There’s also talk of vertongen.

    We should also be considering Stephen ireland to for the mid.

  5. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t think anyone was suggesting that Geoff and Pedro were slagging off Tommy V yesterday.

    There were loads of bloggers giving it the “he’s not tall enough” last year though.

  6. Gooner

    schwarzer dropped an almunia yesterday, is he what we need? will chesny really be the answer?

    whats wrong with the italian keeper? If hes good enough to be an understudy to gigi buffon, hes definitely better than what we have!

  7. Geoff

    Sol, Movistar own Telefonica and my security camera link means I need a fixed ip address, so yes, there is only one.

    And it cost 120€ a month, if you know of another email me, I would be delighted to spend less with more choice.

    Glad to see you are reading though.

  8. Gunners The Stunners


    If Cesc helps the teams win treble or EPL & CL double in the coming season, I won’t mind him leaving cos Barca aren’t gonna win anything next season as the Special 1 will be managing Real Madrid and they will win la liga…

  9. aam

    there are lots of players linked with us already
    madjid bougherra
    who else?
    i meant, apart from konsienlny, who else did we bid?

  10. Big Dave

    Barca want Mata for 20 mill eu and Torres 38mill

    Tying to flog Ibra but yet wont pay over the odds for Cesc, bunch of C**t.

  11. A

    I’d say what’s wrong with Mannone is that he isn’t very good gooneroo….

    aam if there is a rumour it doesn’t mean that we’ve bid….

    we certainly won’t have bidded for all those players, koscielny is the only one we definitely have.

  12. Daxxjoker

    Exactly.And in a few years – you will be asking – who is Arsenal ?! ?! ?!
    Wenger will,by then,shred all the good stuff he’s done for the club and his own name.
    To that dude from Valencia – man,you have not a clue about football.First of all,Arsene won’t shell out 15mill for Jag to be his 3rd choice CD.He can not play in the first 11 with THE VERMINATOR because they are both left-footed.
    And Vertonghen is barely good enough for Ajax.So no = we won’t sign him.
    As for Schwarzer – that only goes to show everyone that we are again becoming a small football club.
    A great joke for ManUtd,Chelsea,Barca,Inter and others to enjoy.
    We are becoming english AC Milan.The diff is – we are not buying only 30+ year olds – we are buting 22- year olds.And unlike them,we do not have a superb past to show off.

  13. Queen of Suburbia

    There are that many Geoff? I don’t get that…whats the point of leaving a comment on a site that never shows it?

    They must be having a running argument with you in their head!

  14. Mark C

    Geoff – who is the big defender we should bring in?

    Only one I would consider is Hangerland.

    Otherwise the other Ajax defender, Kjaer or this french guy.

  15. brdgunner

    I do have my reservations about the defender. I would really like a brain at the back. Maybe without Gallas in the side Tomas will call the line like he showed signs of early on. However, he did stop and personally I think we need some to command the defence. Call the line etc.

    Schwarzer would be perfect. I disagree about Almunia though. I would keep him and loan out both Fabianski and Chesney. If they both get a full season at no lower than a championship club we could judge them better.

    Whatever happens I dont think our signings are done with these two. I expect a couple more. This is still only 10m or so for 3 players.


  16. Gunneroo

    If ur good enough, ur tall enough.

    If cesc does leave us, that leaves only Fernando torres apart of the main portion of the Spanish national squad playing outside the la liga. They’ll end up like England and Italy i.e 1 dimensional!

  17. LeProf

    Kos would be a good buy but we still need another two maybe Cahill, Subotic, Mertesacker, Bougherra, Vertoghen, van der Wiel, Kjer. Schwarzer fine too but Joe Hart is a must buy surely and maybe Sorensen fit the bill nicely, shame and a waste at Stoke btw. Hugo Lloris well, the Richard Keys look-alike? Nah.

  18. A

    So keeper wise if we get schwarzer is it going to be schwarzer number one with almunia back up, fabianski and szczesny on loan, or will we sell almunia?

  19. ArsenalKenya

    We should get Jagielka plus the Koschiit..guy and then we will be sorted. Shwarzer is a done deal because many players who had trust in Roy Hodgson will want to move to other clubs or move with him.

    Mesut Ozil looks good but is no where near Cesc just as Ces is no where near Xavi…

    So if Cesc is reading this let him know he is gonna ROT on his idol’s bench at Barca for two full seasons aka Hleb, Flamini etc..

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    I presumed we’d sell Almunia A. He’s the only one that would probably command a fee on the back of his Champs League Barca first leg. They’ll be some Spanish 2nd Division club daft enough!

  21. gambon

    Im pretty sure Fabianski will stay, Almunia will probably go.

    The other possibility is Almunia as no. 2 with Fab & Tec 9 on loan.

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    That Jabulani ball is a prick for keepers. Its doing Mark Schwarzers head in, let me tell you. But on the flip side, David Beckham would never have had a professional career if it had been invented in his heyday. It won’t bend.

  23. Gooner

    Agreed. Cesc will just stunt his impressive development by warming a seat on barca’s bench for when xavi gets tired

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Gooners put your trust in Schwarzer, he will be a great stop gap, if signed. But I’m biased 🙂

  25. A

    I dunno QOS, as back-ups go Almunia would be decent enough, and I still think if Fabianski went on loan to a bottom half of the prem team, where he played week in week out and grew in confidence, making loads of saves and being hyped up as so many of those keepers are he could come back a very good player for us.

    Szczesny too needs game time as well so if both of them go on loan then it’s almunia or mannone as number two.

    I’d keep almunia for a year and see where we are in 12 months in terms of fabianski and szczesny performances on loan

  26. chippy

    Those big summer signigs will be rolling in who would have thought wed be in the Market for such top top quality players such as a 37 year old Schwarzer and the Baresi re incarnate koscielny,

    Oh my how the worlds footballing elite must be shaken to their very foundations at this news 🙂

    Surely we could go an even cheaper route by persuading Bob Wilson to come out of retirement and pay good old Gus Ceasers return Airfare from hong kong !!

  27. Gunneroo

    Mannone is a very good prospect. He plays a role with the youth Italian set-up and that game against a strong fulham proves that he has what it takes IMO.

  28. Queen of Suburbia

    I assume Szczesny will go out on loan again A? with Schwarzer number one, fabianski number 2 and Mannone hanging on as number 3 given that he’s a home grown as well.

    For all his faults, i still think Fabianski has better potential than Almunia. If he can get himself right in the head, he’s got all the tools. He pulls off saves that Almunia wouldn’t get near.

  29. Man

    Schwarzer makes one big mistake a match…Sorenson is a lot more consistent, would cost about the same too

  30. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    Just a couple of thoughts on Koscielny, and I know nothing about him…

    Gary Cahill is a non-international defender with one decent season at the top level and …

    With Domenech in charge of France, is the fact that he hasn’t been selected for the national team an indicator of how good a player is?

    Schwarzer will be a decent signing, I mean how different is he to Van Der Sar, except VDS has played behind better defences throughout his career.

  31. Gunneroo

    I too think schwarzer will be what I news and I’m not biased…oh wait, I’m also Aussie. It was a valiant effort from the lads, if only the labor party had the same loyalty and heart 🙂

    I guarentee u schwazer won’t be beaten from half-way as sorenson was.

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    What is the ratio of foreign to French players like in the French league? Is it similar to the premiership?

    If there are more French players in that league, it might explain one of the reasons that Koscielny is not in the French squad. Not to mention he’s an Aries.

  33. gambon


    Ive been told by a colleague that Koscielny is a good player, although very under the radar, even a lot of frenchmen know little about him.

    However i think he will be a bit short at the level we’re at, id be shocked if he was as good as Gallas, which means we will probably be a bit weaker in the CB position.

    If thats the case we literally cant win the league.

  34. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t mind even if Schwarzer drops the odd clanger here and there – as long as he doesn’t look like he’s on the verge of doing so everytime the opposition have got the ball, then he’ll be an improvement on the current position.

  35. A

    Gunneroo I don’t rate him at all, he just never showed anything in the reserves that would make me think he’d ever have the concentration, judgement, or consistency to play at the top level. Although all that improves with experience there were just too many clangers in the reserves for me.

    He was very good against Fulham, but any keeper has wonder games. If he ends up being a regular prem standard keeper then he will have done very well imo, but I think championship sort of level is more likely. Certainly not good enough for us imo….

    QOS I agree, but Fabianski is at an age where he needs to play, and especially at a stage in his career where he needs to. The only way he’ll get his head sorted is by playing regularly, as Gomes did with spuds, though it’ll be better for him to do so on loan rather than making the mistakes with us!

  36. Geoff

    QoS, strange aren’t they? An d they read the blog!

    Mark, I quite like Le profs list. However, Wenger like to sign players on the cheap or young and that’s why Cesc wants out, you would think he would learn by now wouldn’t you?

  37. Walking Wounded

    I still think Koscielny will be perfect for us this coming season as a back up CB with Vermaelen and AN Toher or Djourou, but we’ve been so long without Djourou, I’ve kind of forgotten if he can play.

  38. A

    For our requirements, dealing with set pieces etc Schwarzer is much more suited imo.

    Sorensen is ok, but he’s helped massively in that regard by being surrounded by giants. He’s not a big commanding keeper, whereas Schwarzer is, although he wouldn’t make as many spectacular saves

  39. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    2 words… Gary Cahill 😉

    As for schwarzter he’s having a ‘mare world cup.. That little pat out into the six yard box had fabianski and almunia stamped all over it…

    Keepers have been pretty useless at this WC.. It seems even the best are a little flaptastic…

    WW = Van Der sar also played for ajax and juventus and at the top, top level and went to utd at 33…

    Why take a 37 y/o who’s actually not that good.. I don’t want to hear stop gaps for fabianski and szchesny.. Facts are Fabianski isn’t going to ever be good ebnough for a club like us and if szchesny is that good then he should play (wenger’s words in previous days).. But he isn’t, so there in lies the problem!!!

    We can’t start the season with almunia or fabianski as no.1 they’ll be “panic on the streets of london”.. We’ll finish in the top 6, win f-all and still plead with our manager not to go by doing a little march around islington for winning sweet fa incase some of the critisism he gets means he threatens to leave 🙄

  40. DeiseGooner

    It seems Wenger has faith that Fabz will make it….Mannone did ok in a few games then dropped a clanger in another = par for course for young keeper….Chesney looks the most gifted of the 3 but also hes the youngest.

    I think time has/is running out on Almunia. It looks to me that Fabz head isnt in it for the big time, maybe send on loan to get confidence?? I cant really comment on Mannone too much as ive only seen limited games of his. Theres a big leap from 1st division to premier league bur Chesney does look to have all the tools in the box for the job…but lets not burden him too early.

    Therefore the best course of action in a development sence is to get a 2 season stopgap keeper.


    I say, we have spent the last 6 seasons waiting for players to develop. Some have come along nicely and others havent. Its obvious to all we need top class keeper. If the others are good enough they will make it. Whats wrong with having 3 keepers capable of being a first choice keeper?? Competition keeps you sharp.


    Fuck Fuck Almunia, sell him.. fuck Schwarzer i dont want a stopgap.. fuck babbysitting Fabz, hes what 25 now?, send him on loan and if he gets his head right he may make it, if not sell .. give Vito his shot as no2.. loan Chesney to chakpionship club for season……and BUY a first choice keeper…. Akinfeev will do for me

  41. A

    gambon if he’s not quite as good as gallas, but still good, and plays the whole season, then we’ll definitely concede less goals….

    It’s also down to the keeper and rest of the team how many goals we concede, not just that one position.

  42. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    A – I’d prefer sorenson if it came down to it… Stoke have big lumps at the back and they must practice their set pieces umpteen times as it’s all they’ve got in the locker…

  43. Geoff

    I don’t want Schwarzer but I’d have him over Almunia, but then I wouldn’t have had Almunia in the first place, Wenger’s stinginess has cost us for years.

  44. gambon


    I agree its a team effort, but at the level we’re at we arent gonna improve without very very good players?

    Is Koscielny one of the worlds best CB’s? Im not so sure, and i think we need to be signing the best out there.

  45. Man

    QOS, I just hope Schwarzer isn’t just a marginal improvement on Almunia after which we then find ourselves complaining again next season. I hope our Aussie fans aren’t just beeing overly patriotic though…
    I would like to know who Wenger defers to in picking goalies as he is on record saying picking a goalkeeper isn’t his strongest point and readily seeks advice in that area

  46. Queen of Suburbia

    gambon – i agree that if we concede as many goals next season, we’ll not win the league BUT its not quite as straightforward as replace Gallas with Djourou and we’ll be for sure weaker.

    Sometimes it can be one of those the whole equals more than the sum of its parts type deals if you follow me.

    A better keeper and two decent centrebacks playing well together may very well be better than a useless keeper behind an aging world class centre back and a decent centre purely because of the dynamics of the three.

  47. A

    RCLS I don’t get what practicing the set pieces has to do with it?

    Schwarzer is a big keeper, and very good at dealing with crosses and set pieces.

    Sorensen is an average to slightly below average sized keeper, who is a good shot stopper, but not particularly commanding, although it doesn’t matter because of the protection he gets from the rest of the team.

  48. Gunneroo

    Oh no she ditn’t just come up with another comeback.

    That’s ur opinion and ur entitled to it. IMO, if we can give him as much playtime as we did fabianski, Mannone will be an exceptional GK.

  49. Arsene Nose Best

    poor signing geoff,if he starts next to vern be sure to concede even more goals next season.

  50. A

    gambon imo it’s the team that need to improve as a whole defensively and that’s what will make a much bigger difference than any individual player, regardless of how good he is.

    The number of goals we conceded because of individual errors is what cost us.

    Whoever we brought in alongside vermy that isn’t going to prevent diaby’s own goal, almunia’s ridiculousness, arshavin not bothering following his men, clichy crazyness etc etc

    I agree we need someone very good in there, but it’s as a unit that we need to make the biggest improvement, and a general team maturity/consistency

  51. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    David Silva is shitting himself… City have had a bid accepted but his agent is making up stories chelsea and others are interested.. No they’re not 😆

  52. Queen of Suburbia

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time BBK came on to the blog, it started playing “bring me sunshine” or something like that!

    Are you sure he’s coming in as a first choice starter BBK?

  53. chippy

    Maybe we could sign Dino Zoff as a stopgap,

    For Fucks Sake we are The Arsenal not some mickey mouse championship side that needs to get by with buying 37 year old goalkeepers,

  54. DeiseGooner

    QoS – but only if that whole has been drilled in the art if a defensive unit – GET KEOWN BACK NOW – OR PROMOTE BOULD – defening well isnt anti-football Arsene. If you dont like it get someone in who does.

    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Clichy

    any one of Manonne/Fabz/Chesney???
    Eboue Djourou Kos Gibbs

  55. Goona

    No! No! No! with a capital N Arsene do not sign this keeper if you’ve really got the money like you’re supposed to have please spend a lot of it on the most important position on the pitch.Splash out on a younger decent keeper with experience it’ll be the best thing for Arsenal Football Club in the long run but once again you’re going for a cheapie. Sure you’ve pulled it off in the past but if we are to believe that this signing may happen this time your judgement is very poor indeed. No! No! No! with a capital N Arsene!!!!.

  56. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    A – It has quiet alot to do with it actually… Outside the top 6 teams in the premiership it’s all long balls, free kicks, corners and throws are just thrown into the mixer with the hope of an outcome, tactis are based get in their faces, make it difficult etc…

    Sorenson deals with this type of tactics all day, every day..

    I’m not putting him forward as an ideal target, just a prefered option to schwarzer..

    One of our managers main problems is that he seems to think that if we play the better football we will win.. That should be the case, but this is the premiership it isn’t true..

    Unless we can get a goalkeeper who can organize and dominate a penalty box and a centre half who is no frills and all commitment and aerial dominace we stand a better chance of a premier league title.

  57. gambon


    Yeah absolutely its the team that has to improve defensively rather than any one player/position.

    I just think its unlikely that Koscielny will be THAT good. I think he would be the perfect squad player.

    Us, UTD & Chelsea are all pretty much the same in terms of quality going forward, so whoever defends best is gonna have a huge advantage in the PL.

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m not sure about this whole get Keown in rallying cry…i mean it probably can’t hurt…but then we’ve got Sol around who wants to go into coaching and can surely drill a defense as well as Keown…do we actually need keown?

  59. Mayank

    What’s everyone’s fascination with Cahill, is he this years Hangerland?
    Almunia in his 2009 form is better than Schwarzer IMO.

  60. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ll say it again:-

    Put your trust in Schwarzer, if signed. For him to play for The Arsenal would be like a Chef getting a gig @ the Fat Duck Restaurant. He has been @ the sharp end of Fulhams success in Europe, & a holding year @ The Arsenal will complete the man.

    He won’t let you down!!!

  61. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    gambon – That’s not true! Unlike united and chelsea we do not have a 25 goal a season striker.

  62. A

    Sorry RCLS I just don’t get how that makes any sense.

    Because of the nature of his team, Sorensen DOESN’T have to deal with that, as he would with us.

    He was at Villa for a long while, and was a pretty flappy keeper there.

    He’s not that tall, and just wouldn’t be commanding for someone like us, because he doesn’t have that in his locker.

    He’s great for Stoke, because the defenders deal with all the set pieces and crosses, so he just has to be a shot stopper, but with us it would be the absolute opposite, and it just wouldn’t work.

    Schwarzer is 6’5″, and one of the best in the league at commanding his area and dealing with crosses and set pieces. Hodgson described him as the best keeper he’d coached at dealing with crosses

  63. Walking Wounded

    Have we been rumoured to be after Handanovic in the past.

    He was excellent last night and at 6’5″ and 27 years old, would be a decent signing.

    But age isn’t as important for goalkeepers, as long as he is fit.

    Christ! England are pinning their hopes on a 40 year old (again), though Shilton in 1990 was embarrassing in that penalty shoot out

  64. A

    “Our defence is getting stronger with every game, but we also have Mark, who is a dominant character and gives the defenders confidence. When balls are thrown high and wildly into our penalty box they know he is going to come and get them.”

    Can’t find the exact quote about him saying he’s the best at dealing with crosses etc, but he’s said stuff like that quite a bit.

  65. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keeping Campbell makes no sense.. It’s just an impassioned cry from some of the faithful because we’ve got no centre halves..

    Why are we going to give 50k a week to a player who has no pace, can’t turn or play 2 games in a week..

    We had silvestre doing the whole mentoring roll for the kids, play a few C.Cup games job last season.. It’s a waste of 50g and a 1st team squad place..

    Reeks of going backwards and being cheap..

  66. Gooby

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    June 24, 2010 at 10:17
    Seriously Gooby??

    yes, i am sure for guily, but pires is still a doubt. Domenech never chose his player for talent, just personal issues

  67. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    A – I’m not arguing the qualites of schwartzer and sorenson. I feel like a fan of wolves. They are both not good enough to play for us. Wenger hs turned us into a transfer laughing stock.

  68. Mayank

    No need to play Sol 50k. I’ll be surprised if we give him that much. He’s a good influence on Verm and most importantly he’ll keep some continuity at the back.

  69. Gunneroo

    No ANB, I’m civilized which is more than I can say about u.
    Goonerooney??? Did you come up with that amateur comeback all by urself or did u need help???

  70. A

    RCLS there’s no way Sol would be given £50k a week….

    I’d keep him around absolutely, the passion and experience in the dressing room would be great, but he couldn’t be one of the four centre backs, he’d have to be a 5th, a bonus if you will.

  71. Man

    …whilst I agree that it is the team tactical approach that has to improve, in fact I have ben saying so for a while, doing so requires the right type of players.

    It is conceivable that Kosienlny may be more useful in this sense, especially considering our style of play, than say Hangerlaand. With him and TV being of a similar age the motivation appears to be to build a long term partnership at the back.
    Personally, I’d prefer an experienced CB who is about 28/29…

  72. A

    RCLS I agree that neither are top quality, but schwarzer’s strengths, and one area in which he is top quality is where we are weakest. Although it obviously means compromising on other areas.

    Though Utd do that – VDS is far from a great shot stopper or very athletic these days, but organises the defence well enough and that’s all they need!

  73. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    gooby 😆

    Apparently capello has had them doing it in the training camp in austria…

    I don’t think it will go to penos.. England 1-0

  74. KM

    Some crazy stuff happening in the transfer market atm

    City are in talks with David Silva – should we be scared?

    They’v signed boateng

    Yaya nearly….

    Silva – the problem is that there’s no other clubs who will cough up for him/need a player like him. He’d be gr8 at ManU playing as the AM but the Mancs are skint.
    Real Madrid have already bought DiMaria.

    He would’v loved to go to Barca imo, join up with his Spanish team mates…Are these rumours true that Barca are after Mata & Torres???

  75. nigerian gunner

    if our defence gets better/improved,schwarzer is far better than almunia and flapianski…if you get schwarzer for less than 4mill and get a dm or another defender for 12mill…i think its better than getting only lloris/buffon for that makes it

    schwarzer 3.5mill

    Another defender or DM that can play as back up in defence 12mill

    kolchielsny 8mill

    joe cole free

    chamack free.
    i think we are sorted with that

  76. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    A – VDS was a good pick up for United but he has been a 5/6 season investment.. Schwazrter is what, a 1 or 2?

    That’s 1 season to bed in and second season syndrome.. A bit dodge if you ask me!

    But if i am honest.. No keeper whatsoever stands out at current for me..

    Buffon is ideal but a bit of an injury hazard (he’ll fit right in), Lloris is o.k but french 🙄 Neuer is probably too young and akinfeev is shite everytime i’ve seen him for 90 minutes..

  77. chippy

    Sol would not stay for less than 50k,

    He was a good signing last year and exacly what we needed at that point but his best days are long gone,

    He had the added motivation of trying to force himself into a worldcup squad at the backend of last year and that helped keep him focussed and gave him an aim without that and with the prospect of sitting on the bench you will find hes not so eager to stay in my view,

  78. A

    Yeah rcls but i want to win things NOW, so 1 or 2 years is fine for me, and by then Fabianski or Szczesny may have gone on loan and gotten the required experience/consistency, or there may be some other wonder keeper having appeared, or someone like joe hart having proved himself, so that we can sign someone top top quality then!

    I agree about Buffon, I was desperate for us to sign him at the start of the summer, but now he’s basically totally fucked, having an operation after the world cup etc, I hope we steer clear!

  79. DeiseGooner

    I dont think you can under estimate what a Keown can bring to the team. Just look at the run to the champions league final a few seasons back – it was Keown drilling a back 4 that consisted of Senderos and Flamini at left back. Thats what defensive unit drilling can achieve – record making games with a clean sheet – Surely a defense with Sagna Vermaelen and Clichy coached properly can be as solid

  80. Gooby

    just get nueur! this guy is freaking class.

    i like clint dempsey by the the way, he is a top player.

    we should get inhler too, big talent

  81. A

    chippy there’s absolutely no chance that sol was on 50k before, or would be offered 50k now by anyone.

    The fact that he’s listening to celtic pretty much shows that. There’s no way they’d pay him anywhere close to that much.

  82. Queen of Suburbia

    Just don’t think his pace is too bad RCLS.

    I agree whoever said that he’d probably be 2nd choice rightsided Centreback – i’d be ok with that, he seems to help inspire those around him rather than say a willy gallas who appears to sulk whenever he doesn’t get his own way.

  83. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Youtube like is not to be trusted 😉

    Sol looks very good in that vid…

    But, I reckon he’ll take a 2 year deal at Celtic

  84. KM

    I was v.impressed by the German CB Freidrich last night he was good on the ball and v.intelligent

    Ozil scored a brilliant goal last night, his price is going up and up 😉 He isn’t the finished product yet but he needs to be polished imo

    However i was a bit shocked by his fitness, he was flagging by the 70th minute, he reminded me a bit of Arshavin (strolling around) – yikes!

    I was also impressed by Kevin Prince Boateng, he was really up for it and powerful in midfield – is he a DM? if yes he would come cheap and i’d a rather committed player than a player like Diaby who is inconsistent and is not committed to the cause

    There’s so many players who are shining at the world cup and i’m fearful that the likes of Barca are adding world class players to their squads, whereas we are losing our world class player Cesc !?!

    If we lose Cesc (looks a dead cert) i’d love us to get

    Alexis Sanchez/Hazard for the Right Wing
    Joe Cole on a free
    Ozil/Elia for Left wing
    a mean DM
    2 x CB’s
    classy GK

    yeh baby

    get rid of :