England star to the Arse… + How are you feeling about things?

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So after a baseless Joe Cole to Manchester United story in the Sun yesterday, the Guardian have kindly cleared up that the skint ones from up North have no interest in signing him.

I believe we’re back in the game.

Funny how many people came here yesterday to gloat he wasn’t coming to Arsenal? Why would you gloat about losing out on a good player? Very odd…

Just as a side note, I’m still hearing very positive things about the move… it’s a done deal providing Madrid or someone of that ilk don’t gazump us.

Yesterdays World Cup games ended in a bit of a horror show for Arsenal players old, new and linked. Diaby was partly responsible for the first goal after Hugo Lloris comically flapped at a cross… our man was beaten in the air at the back post which was particularly shoddy. Later on, he failed to track and Clichy couldn’t do anything to stop South Africa bundling the ball into the net. Diaby was particularly awful for France, which was disappointing, but not surprising. He can pop up with a good game every now and then, but showing any sort of consistency seems to be an impossible hurdle for my ex-best friend to jump.

Still… watching France go out was fun. I hope Platini was watching.

Later in the evening, we were served up Bolton like performance from Greece. They were man handling Messi in very rough and ready fashion and I personally thought Argentina were shown up defensively. I’m rarely impressed by Aguerro. I know he is a youtube god, but whenever I’ve watched him live it’s always been a bit deflating. The Argies eventually found a way round the Greeks and took the win.

Nigerian striker Yakubu was guilty of a miss that would have made Ade blush against South Korea… and as a result, they’re out!

The World Cup continues to disappoint, my imagination is still waiting to be captured, however, England are playing tonight… I’m sure Slovenia can turn it on and inject a bit of excitement!

Jokes aside, listening to the press on the radio this morning was comical. They’re now talking about Roy Hodgson like he’s the answer! Why not give Capello a chance before you start talking about the next manager you want to build up and demolish? I’m staggered that some writers can condone Terry’s behaviour as acceptable because he was right… when is it ever right to stage a power grab during a world cup that alienates half the team? Capello has managed superior players, won more trophies and has more intelligence than all our boys combined. The players should let him get on with and concentrate on playing like a team instead of bitching like a group of girls.

I think we’ll do alright in this world cup, despite the mess we’re in.

Arsenal still haven’t confirmed the Franco/Pole deal yet, if we do and our summer transfers looked like this, how would you feel?


  • Chamakh
  • J.Cole
  • Koscielny
  • Rob Green


  • Merida
  • Silvestre
  • Sol Campbell
  • Almunia (Assume he’ll be on his way if we’ve already bid for Schwarzer)

Yep… we’d be back where we started again. I don’t want to start complaining before pre-season has started, but I can see the above outcome happening.

Would the above scenario be enough to over turn Chelsea, Man U and Barca? Would those players send shockwaves round europe and signal our intent? Would they make 33,000 gooners feel good about handing over £66million of their hard earned to watch Arsenal compete in 2 trophies again… because if we don’t increase the depth of our squad, I’m pretty sure that’s all we’ll be competing for again.

I just don’t feel like there’s any intent from Wenger to sort out the squad this summer. I’m not denying the quality of Cole and Chamakh… but is that what we need? Or do we need to buy a proper keeper and a world class defender who will be ready from the off?

A better question… would we have signed Joe Cole and Chamakh if they were up for full price? If you were a top class football manager, would you be signing an unknown quantity to plug your defensive ills when you’re supposed to be under pressure?

Like I said… I don’t want to start the moaning early, but it’s not like Wenger doesn’t have previous when it comes to broken transfer promises. I thought we were 3 players short last season, that’d mean we’d need to sign 7 to get back on track.

I’d say that scenario is about as likely as my girlfriend believing me when I tell her I only use the in-private browser function when I’m shopping for her ‘birthday gifts’ online.

Call me old fashioned, but when your team has had a shocking end of season like our one has, perhaps you should be spending a little less time commentating in South Africa and a little more time doing some deals. You know… in the same way that if you’ve made a few mistakes at work, you cut down on the lunch time boozing for a few weeks…

Our season finished on the 9th May, Wenger had 25 days off (standard in the UK) before the World Cup started. Now he’s in South Africa on a paid up shin dig when for me, he should be sorting our club out.

Does it matter that other clubs haven’t done much business yet? Can’t we set our own rules? What happened to getting our business done early?

Maybe there are some other major club European managers doing the same thing and I’m not aware of them… and hey, I wouldn’t mind if I had any faith he’d come back and hit the ground running… but by then it’ll be all about the pre-season, then it’ll be about the new signings we already have, then it’ll be about the growth of the players, then world cup inflation will have scuppered at least 3 moves he’ll tell us fell through in 5 years time… then he’ll be satisfied with his squad and he’ll tell us God came to him in a dream and told him Denilson was the man to lead the title charge… then we’ll be fu*ked.

The joys of being a Gooner eh?!

Come on Ennnnngerrrrrland!

P.S. Heard on the grapevine that we should expect Aaron Ramsey firing on all cylinders by October… it’s lovely getting a new signing when the window is shut!

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  1. gazzap

    Inler’s agent is saying that there is interest from ‘england’ again. that could be Arsenal. It must be a big club because he is a top player. It could be Man City though. but he is the sort of player we have needed for years. Wenger should pay what he is worth. If its £15m then fine, just spend what it takes.

    Man City surely need to start watching their spending with the upcoming rules around finance. I know people say their owner will just gift them £10m or something, but I think if that happens, they should be done for fraud and docked massive points. You have to play by the rules.

  2. E12 GUNNER



  3. A.F.C. LAMBO

    You know that. Fuck em all ,PADDYS THE JOCKS AND THE WELSH (BAAAh) WE ARE THE ENGLISH . Its only banter but you got to be in it to win it … lmfao

  4. A.F.C. LAMBO

    Stuy (paddy spud)
    Just ad luk at your 18.19
    SORRY .. cant do it . Its one of them that only you irish boys can do .Enjoy . no football ?? TH14 The gov

  5. Mayank

    Lambo, why don’t you start your own site where you can sit and slag all the nationalities you can think of. Or are the SS not taking in new members.

  6. Marko

    England getting knocked out the next round by the Germans still looks likely. And regards the post I’d find it hard to believe that Koscielny would be the only defensive signing this summer, it’d leave us with him, Vermaelen and Djourou and thats it. Bartley will be loaned out, Ayling too, Nordtveit will be carling cup this season. It’s likely another defensive midfielder like Melo or Inler might still come and then you could add Song to defensive cover or Vertonghan joining as defensive/DM cover. I dunno. I think once the World Cup is over wait about a week and then watch everyone get busy.

  7. Marko

    McInroe went off watched the football, ran a few errands came back and they were still playing. Hilarious stuff really. It’s like superman is fighting superman.

  8. incesc

    germany and england are pretty evenly matched i reckon, altho they do have klose to come back. We have carra to come back tho as well


  9. Marko

    Nah 15-22 million pounds would be enough. When you consider he joined Werder for free after his contract expired and he’s only been there about 2 seasons.

  10. incesc


    le donk and scor zay zee was really funny

    paddy considine is hilarious in it, if you like shane meadows check it out

  11. Marko

    Not really Incesc, England were so shite in their first 2 games and while they were massively better against Slovenia they still only won by one goal and played the last 15 minutes with 5 in midfield and were holding on, not in much danger though. Whereas Germany were impressive in their first game, good in their second and should of won but for a poor red card and Podolski missing numerous chances and a penalty. By all accounts Germany are the favourites, their midfield is much better (on performances so far) and they’ve more a goal threat. Their defense can be gotten at though.

  12. Pat

    Australia were fucking battered 1st half. Feel sorry for the Serbs. The superior team undeservedly losing

  13. Marko

    It’s in black and white yeah? No I’ll check it out cause I like Meadows and I think Paddy Considine is the British DeNiro

  14. zeus


    Shows up in which big games? I think the record speaks foe itself. It won’t even go to penalties.

  15. Keyser

    There are no real dominan teams in this World Cup, all of them have weaknesses or rely more on organisation than real talent, England if they sort themselves out could go quite far.

  16. Marko

    NAh it’s the Argies to lose, Holland, Brazil and Spain are in with a shout too. England haven’t a ghost

  17. Pat

    Every keeper linked with us plays like shit. For the Germans’ sake, hopefully Neaur won’t be linked with us!

  18. zeus

    Argentina will just outscore the opposition. Brazil has fooled many with their training cones display vs IV into thinking they are a good team. They are not.

    Holland, lets just wait and see. Spain maybe.

  19. Marko

    That Handanovic guy from Udinese looked really impressive. But I’d still like Frey. MAybe we could take Inler from Udinese or Sanchez. Anyway later fellers

  20. Samir

    Lets get Ozil….

    ..Chamakh–Van Persie–Arshavin…..

    That team could do wonders…..
    Joe Cole-Free

  21. Supergunner07

    Marko says:
    June 23, 2010 at 21:12

    A spill from Scharwerzer. No thanks. That Krasic fella has been really shit so far.

    Krasic isnt all that as you said BUT he only plays 2nd striker for CSKA where his ball-striking can be effective

  22. BillikenGooner

    Ozil’s price goes up by a couple mil per match, so he will only be in City or Chelsea Zone by the end of the WC.

  23. sol

    Samir – 100% agree with that team. Vetonghen can play DM as well if we need back up to Song or if we need 2 x DM then slot in Koscielny in defence.
    My only worry is Arsenal’s curse with GK’s

    Schwarzer, Lloris and Green all awesome last season. Arsenal get linked with all 3 then they all have a fucking nightmare in the World Cup. What is with that HAHAHAHA

  24. sol

    True QOS but Green’s mistake and Shwarzers today aren’t ball related… it’s just not doing the basics, believe me I’m a GK and the technique of both mistakes were amateur.

    Anyway, anyone is better than what we have in all honesty…………..

  25. incesc

    ended 59 – 59 in the last set, went on for 10 hours and is the longest game in tennis history.

    and its set to resume tomorrow

  26. IvoryGoonz

    @Dutch gunner: how about sharing with us some of your wonderful ideas to improve Arsenal? Or maybe we are just all too stupid and you don’t want to share them with a bunch of chimps… Or maybe you don’t have any?
    Ease up boy.
    The future is bright, it’s Oranje.
    (remote hope a bit of white and green too, who knows, maybe Didier Drogba can manage 9 goals…)

  27. Gooby

    fabregas is miles ahead of ozil imo.

    inhler should be our priority he has all the attributes to play alongside cesc or in the holding role

  28. incesc

    from what ive seen and what we all know of fabregas hes in the top 3 creative midfielders in the world.

    Cant be replaced.

  29. B.B.K

    that geriatric cunt really does write a load of bollocks on untold bollocks blog,that old cunt should just stick his feet up in some old peoples home and die,what a cunt he truly is.

  30. incesc

    ima geek when it comes to arsenal i like reading stuff about us on the net buut i have never yet finished an untold article. Fcuking boring cunts

  31. ethangunner

    didnt like capello’s tactics

    too negative ..

    take off shrek -defoe ….

    i agree with joe cole coming on , but not for shrek ..

    shows you the depth you lack when you dont include theo!

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    How is it that Kewell gets a red, & the German Captain gets nothing for exactly, I repeat exactly the same thing.

    Anyway, great effort by The Oz.

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Plus, I’ve got to give it to the USA. They, like us, have had appalling decisions work against them & they top their group. Well done USA 🙂

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    When we have 11 v 11, we can beat anyone.

    As for England V Germany next. Shrek will start scoring. Its just the sort of scenario Capello loves.

    & the big mouth Kaiser Beckenbauer may have his comments about England come home to bomb him 😆

  35. ethangunner

    germans ,

    should of done the job properly in 1944 :), it would of saved 10 years of my life 🙂

    and would also get us automatically into the top 8 🙂

  36. gnarleygeorge9


    She’s a desperate labor appointment, & will be voted out in 2 months 😆

    While on PMs, hows your latest budget gone. Massive cuts in govt spending I hear. You poms will be back to jellied eels & fish & chips for dinner. No wonder so many are baling out of your bankrupt shores & coming here to the land of plenty.

  37. chozzer

    I’ve only just realised, that if England beat the Jarmans, it’s the Argies in the quarters.

    If the team can’t get up for those games, then they never will.

    GG9, we can’t afford fish and chips…..more like bread and gruel.

  38. Rohan

    I don’t know, not that I think about it, England imo IF and ONLY IF Rooney is on fire, can defeat the Germans.

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    I was going to back England over the Germans, but after incest’s comments about our brave boyz 🙂 I’ve switched.

    Lets Go Fritzy! Lets Go!!

  40. Rohan

    I rated Serbia so highly before the tournament..underacheivers.
    How a team with the likes of Vidic, Ivanovic, Subotic, Krasic, Stankovic, Zigic and Pantelic didn’t go through is beyond me. FFS, they ruined my whole fantasy prediction chart.

  41. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I think luck was against u guys,ghana were the only african team left with a chance in final 16,and a WC -last 16 in africa without a african team in final 16 would have been odd…

    maybe that spirit played a role on u guys going out…on GD

  42. angeausarsenal

    Surprised Ghana didn’t get a penalty last night,
    Morning/evening all , shit ball, shit referees, shit results from shit coaches and c**ty players,

  43. angeausarsenal

    Sab, thanks for the sympathy, but”odd” is not what I’d call it, “rigged ” by FIFA more like.

  44. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    u guys welcome..

    Really strange is shit refrees are there for Big teams too..but somehow most times smaller emerging teams end up getting screwed by shit refreeing more often than not..

  45. chippy

    Why is it that when we get seriously linked to a keeper ie Rob Green and Schwarzer they then proceed to make themselves look like incompetent fools 🙂 What a fuck up last night for serbias goal lol

    But hey in our own leaders imortal words we will be re assured by the signings we make That joke should be on Sickpedia, 🙂

  46. ikon

    i really think Ozil would be the heavy cash that anyone spends on him. Real conviction in his runs and shots and pretty much everything he does.

  47. gazzap

    England would have played Uruguary or Korea after Ghana if they had scored one more goal. And solvenia were shite. That will come back to kill England. So its Germans then Argies. we wont win the world cup but it’ll be fun trying.