Arsenal linked to a defender who ticks all the boxes…

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Another quick post from me as I’m visiting a company who sell wholesale electrical fittings… yep, trust those b*stards to be located in Wrexham…!

On with the post…

We’ve been tenuously linked with Algerian superstar, Madjid Bougherra, for about £5 million. He managed to keep England at bay the other night with ease and to be fair, he did have a blinder. Can you buy a player based on one game? Of course not, unless they are Freddie Ljungberg! Is his agent using Arsenal to push the value of his player up… highly likely. So probably not the best story to report on. However, it’s a more interesting story than the Cesc one doing the rounds and if we bought him, turned him into a success and Madrid came knocking, I could bust out this headline.

Madjid to Madrid

Wouldn’t that be a cool headline?

One player whose name has been bandied about for two years is Subotic. Apparently he could be on the way out of Dortmund for a massive fee this summer. That massive fee should be enough to cancel his transfer to us, however, if Manchester United can afford to be in the running, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be. The guy is a bit of  a beast and young enough to represent value for money, I don’t think the giant defender will have too many issues in the air either and he has a good grasp of the English language. We’ll wait and see on that one…

Arsene Wenger has been cracking more jokes than Emmanuel Eboue at an open mic this week… he’s been joking about England fans falling asleep and Peter Crouch being very tall… however, he was in no mood to joke when it came to questions about his captain!

This annoys me a little touch… why isn’t Wenger backing Cesc to stay 100%? Is he thinking about the bigger picture… about what he could do to his squad with £40million? Or has he run out of material when it comes to his own players? Who knows… but I’d prefer him to retort to that type of question with witty one liners about us signing Messi for £5 million.

So, it’s my birthday today and I thought I’d take some time out to thank you guys!

Another year has passed and according to the statistics, our daily following has grown another 30%. Is that down to the superior writing Geoff and I put together on a daily basis… or is it because the community created over here is so superior to any other site?

I’m going with the latter (Although if you’d like to disagree, please feel free)!

Le Grove is the place to thrash out all things Arsenal in a respectful manner and I can’t thank you all enough for allowing that to happen… the comments section here is the exception, not the rule. Over the last year we’ve seen sites pop up off the back of Le Grove and we’ve seen sites try to capture traffic by stalking us in a very public way… both are extremely complimentary and what I find really fascinating when I tell people I write for Le Grove is that they all have their favourite characters from the comments section.

So basically, this is a big fat thank you for continuing to accept that the best way to talk about football is the way you’d talk about it with your friends down the pub and for continuing to come by everyday!

Long may all that nonsense continue and long may our love for the club supercede the powers that be!

It’s been a great crack and if I was feeling emotional, I might have left you with a joke and a cyber voucher for a crate of Peroni. Sadly, we still haven’t set up that sort of advertising deal with Peroni and my jokes make people sad.

Anyway, have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Couldn’t resist:

My granddad has just been told he has arthritis in both his wrists, so we’ve nicknamed him Anelka.

Useless w*nker.

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  1. Arsene Nose Best

    after what that cunt did the other day,he would make us a laughing stock even more,he’s going to get so much abuse next season……

  2. ethangunner

    great .. i thought after seeing that clumsy mistake by green , i thought any prospective buyer would be turned well off ..

    wenger must have been watching on and said i want me some of that !

    with this SUPPOSED war-chest we have ,i thought we could easily get someone in for 10 – 15 mil .. TOP CLASS …

    ive got to say i think green keeps ok for the League however .. , he might not be cut out for the pressures of the international stage .. obviously .

    but id still prefer him over Schwarzenegger .

    what happened to the Italian no. 2 ?

    also this

    is there a walk out on the cards ?

  3. ethangunner

    looks like the Frenches and and Spanish are downing tools , spitting dummies out ..

    i think we will have a new squad this season ..
    gallas – clichy – senderos -merida -cesc – sol

    i thought we were supposed to be adding to the squad ?
    not losing more of them :)?

  4. ethangunner


    no doubt with that clown in the squad ..

    great tackler from time to time , but far too anonymous 80 % of the time on the pitch to be classed as an international !

  5. ethangunner

    im shocked he has played both games .. they must really be lacking quality the french ..

    well you know what they say, when the french do bad so do Arsenal 🙂

    well apart from Albanian born narsi and sagna soon there wont be many left ..

    they all are dummy spitting as we speak and wanting to club hop ..

    clichy – fishhead – gallas ..

  6. Rohan

    bullshite , overall Diaby has probably been their best player over the 2 games.
    Diaby isn’t shit, far from it. He’s just inconsistent. On song, he is absolutely world class as we saw in a 2 month period this season.

  7. ethangunner


    you marmite defender , give it up !

    you haven’t been a fan long enough to remember winning anyhow !

    if your happy with that caliber of player then you must be content with 4th fucking spot each season , and no silverware for 6 years (or half your life 🙂 )

  8. ethangunner

    you have to remember this is FOOTBALL – not football manager .. there isnt prizes to drag some player up from being crap to average ..

    you dont get medals for that .

    you get medals when your Argentina or the Dutch and have fucking quality ..


  9. ethangunner

    diaby seems to play better in the central role , but even then he goes missing alot !

    hey i like diaby the best out of the mar-mites .
    and he almost converted me with 2 awesome games on the trot .. especially his tackles on Birmingham ? Blackburn of them ..

    i think he took 2 of em out on stretchers or something like that ..

    but then he faded back into his anonymous role and pretty much ended his season on that note .

  10. ethangunner

    jack – vela (maybe if he doesnt walk also ) ramsey wellington and nasri theo .. will keep them out alot this season ..

    the marmites will spin around and the cream will rise to the top , and marmite to the bottom 🙂

  11. Rohan

    I’d love it we got Vertonghen. I asked a Dutch mate of my dad and he told me he’s the real deal and if anything, rates him higher than the Verminator himself.

  12. angeausarsenal

    WHo else reckons Cesc looked pissed off last night.
    he needs to work on his diving if he wants to make it into that team.

  13. Rohan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they told him something like you won’t play for Spain unless you sign for Barcelona.
    Stupid fucking cunts.

    Also, Senderos is now part of both defences that hold the record for the most minutes played without conceding a goal in both the Champions League and World Cup

  14. Jaguar

    Rohan says:
    June 22, 2010 at 06:52
    bullshite , overall Diaby has probably been their best player over the 2 games.
    Diaby isn’t shit, far from it. He’s just inconsistent. On song, he is absolutely world class as we saw in a 2 month period this season.

    Are you sure you were watching that clown called Abou Diaby,who plays for France.He was decent against Uruguay,and was opened up by Mexico,as I predicted it .
    Diaby should be kicked out,if we want to win anything next season.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    Haven’t the rest of the French team dropped their bundle. Wouldn’t that have an effect on the result against Mexico, or was it all Diaby’s fault 😉

  16. Jaguar

    The rest of the Arsenal players in the French team had decent games,but the retard Diaby was selected not on merit.

  17. gambon

    Ill take Gourcuff any day of the week.

    Only a retard would form his opinions based on 2 international games.

  18. ethangunner

    the retard Diaby was selected not on merit.

    it was based on LOOKS 🙂

    man i should play for England 🙂

  19. ethangunner

    Only a retard would form his opinions based on 2 international games.

    wenger only saw green once 🙂

  20. dantheman

    Wengers going to buy 1 more player, a defender. And if the planets align and the moon is just right… he might buy a keeper.

    Cesc deal will the same as Henrys… just stay one more year while Ramsey or Nasri step up then he can go.

    Campbell will stay, then according to Wenger, we don’t need anyone else.

    Simple as that, talking about who we should get, who we’re interested in, is a WASTE of time…

    Wenger has said the defense was the biggest problem. And he only brought Chamack ‘cos RVP always gets injured.

    I thought you all would of known this by now. He’s been doing it for 7 years.

    Sorry lads but thats how our club “rolls” whether we like it or not.