Striker hopes dashed / Englander on his way! / PHW and sandwiches

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So, I leave for a week… come back and the same old same old stories are clogging up newsnow like the Gulf of Mexico oil slick.

So, where are we on Joe Cole?

Right… Peter Hill-Wood knows nothing about the bid.

Grovers, be honest with yourselves, if you were in on a secret, would you share it with Peter Hill-Wood? This is the same man who last week wasn’t aware what our stance on Cesc was.

My guess?

When exciting stuff is being spoken about in the board room, Hill-Wood is sent out to Pret with the sandwich order. In fact, even that would be too much responsibility, he’s probably just told to go and play in the Armoury…

The Le Grove track on this deal? Well, it hasn’t changed since June 2nd when we revealed Arsenal had made an offer for him which was awaiting final approval from Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice. We’ve been in the race from the start regardless of what you read.

The boss has now gone public as well, which might disappoint some of the naysayers…

“I like him (Joe Cole) as a player because when he played against us he always did a lot of damage.

“He can create impact through his creative play. He can dribble, he can pass, he can score goals.”

Why wouldn’t he move to Arsenal? Spurs will struggle in the Champions league next year and are highly doubtful to finish in the top 4 and let’s be honest, who’d live up North anyway! The place is littered with Rooney’s, Neville’s and Adebayor’s… Imagine having to look at one of those guys while you tucked into a Nando’s?

Whatever you think of his injury record, he is a proven winner and he knows how to play in the Premiership. He managed 10 assists and 2 goals in a 22 game season. Compare that to Theo, Nasri or Diaby and quite frankly, it makes his purchase look a no brainer.The fact is, we don’t have too many players like Joe Cole, but we’d like to.

Small players aren’t our problem, crap ones are.

PHW said we’ve put in a bid for Mark Schwarzer but they’ve refused our offer…

“We have made an enquiry for him and they are not prepared to sell him so we have gone away,”

Ok, rule one of negotiation PHW. You don’t simply ‘go away’ after your first offer is refused. Usually, they’re waiting for a better offer… £3,800 for a player might have been a large bid when you were a lad but I’d suggest upping that if you’re serious. I think M. Schwarzer would be a great signing, I hope we get him. By the time he’s finished, we’ll have Chesney chomping at the bit!

Arsene Wenger is 80% certain of keeping Cesc. Already the board and the manager are misaligned. Pretty sure I heard the other week he wasn’t going under any circumstances? He should 100% not be leaving now… especially as Barca are now focused on spending the last of their overdraft on David Silva.

Wigan have slapped a £15million price tag on Roddy-what’s-his-face which they hope will fend off our interest. To be fair, I’d imagine a Tesco’s reduced sticker with 15 pence written on it would have probably done the job. I won’t be losing any sleep over that deal falling by the wayside.

In slightly sadder news, we had another snippet from a reliable Grover last night. Apparently if anyone is going to stay on this summer, it’ll be Silvestre because he’s willing to accept a 1 year deal. Sol Campbell is looking for more and might be too expensive for our board. This seems to have been confirmed by the big man himself…

“Football’s very important to me and I would give Celtic everything if I sign.”

It would be disgraceful if we lost arguably our best performer from the second half of last season over what is likely to be a contract no more expensive than Rosicky’s. We need his experience and leadership skills at the club especially considering the defensive exodus at the club. Keeping Fish Head on for another year shouldn’t even be a consideration. I hope that bit of info is incorrect… I yellow carded the Grover in question regardless.

On another subject, how are people feeling about Jack Wilshere? At the end of last season I felt it might be better for him to go out on loan for another year. Upon reflection, I think he’d be a far better option out wide than Nasri. He has more guts in his left boot than Nasri has in his whole body and given he is 18 years old and he’s been ‘Boltonated’… he could flourish next season.

I read that Mr Ballague has quit the world of tweeting due to abuse from interweb Nazi’s. Now that is a sorry state of affairs isn’t it? The bulk of the article alludes to Liverpool fans being the culprits, which is to be expected. However, if Gooner’s were doing the same thing, I find it a bit shameful… surely we can find better hate targets than an overly imaginative tubby Spaniard?


Anyway, I can assure you that the only person influencing Cesc’s departure will be Darren Dein Cesc. Blaming everyone bar Arsenal for the Cesc situation? Very AKBish…

The World Cup starts today! Bucking Frilliant… feels like this one’s taken an age to come around! The two Gooners to look out for will be Diaby and Vela. Check out Suarez for Uraguay, he’s pretty tasty in front of goal.

South Africa vs. Mexico 11 Jun 3:00pm
Uruguay vs. France 11 Jun 7:30pm

If I get the chance, I’ll give you a little run down of who was hot and who was not tomorrow!

Catch you in the comments!

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  1. Rohan

    When are we going to start calling for Wenger to buy Tshabalala. To be fair, he looked better than Walnutt.

  2. MickyDidIt89

    I do not get all this supporting the Dutch bit. Holland is an utterly pointless country unless you happen to be a druggie, a prostitute or a tulip grower

  3. MickyDidIt89

    Rohan: I suppose I do agree with you somewhat about Toulalan, after all I have been trumpeting him on here for months, its just that I dont get excited by DM’s. Its like socks, you need to buy them, but I would rather be buying a shirt.

  4. MickyDidIt89

    As for Tshabalalalala, virtually every wide player in the tournament is going to look better than Theo!

  5. SUGA3


    Holland happen to be the most developed and no-nonsense society there is, it’s as simple as that…

    quite frankly, it’s quite amazing how much they achieved, given their size…

  6. SUGA3


    well, it’s not like they can do anything about it, is it? besides, you don’t hear about floods or other disasters which could have been caused by that 😉

    as for the druggie/prostitution bit – it’s the way forward to legalise and tax these: more state income, less crime…

    it’s not like anyone stopped either anywhere 😀

  7. Jaguar

    I am back you bitches so diaby had a half decent game against a shit team. Diaby being the best player shows how much shit the french team were.